Hello fairies, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born November 15th, 1984 in Bury, Greater Manchester, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom.  34F-25-37, 5’9″ and 140lbs, please tickle your platypus and welcome, Miss Gemma Atkinson!



  2. ¡Excellenté!

    That second picture with the unfortunate idiotic overbite distracted me but she finished strong.

  3. Lovely.

  4. Gemma seems like she’d cook you up some nice fish and chips with malt vinegar.

    She has beautiful skin.


  5. Nice poat, pups, “swinging with big sis” made me lol.

  6. wakey wakey.

    One week until I start panicking that I haven’t started cleaning my house.

  7. It would just be shorter if I listed the seafood I don’t care for – oysters and swordfish – although I still think I just haven’t had it cooked good enough. It’s a tough fish to get right.

  8. Good one.

  9. The Google Play Store just banned the (the alternative to Twitter) app for “Hate Speech” because it doesn’t have a controlling board of SJWs.

    You will not be allowed to de-platform, peasant.

  10. oysters are best raw, with tabasco (or sriracha)

  11. wow, google went full sjw.

  12. If I need hot sauce to eat it, I ain’t eating it.

  13. it’s just an additon. Like limes with good tequila. You don’t need it, it’s just better.

  14. I forgot grouper. What was I thinking?

  15. Did CNN really try to portray the terror attack in Barcelona as a copycat of Charlotsville?

    I can’t believe that’s real.

  16. Living in the midwest, I haven’t been exposed to a lot of seafood variety. I know when I traveled to the east coat and the Gulf, loved everything seafood even more.

  17. That was just Wolf Blitzer pontificating. I’m surprised they don’t make him wear a helmet on cam.

  18. Cavil, I’m reading the morning thread.

    If you’re still looking for a relatively safe place to evac to, you’d be welcome here. Hell, move to Lapeer. Trump won it with like 70% of the vote.

  19. nice tits !!!!!!! pup!

  20. she’s cute

  21. i got all wrapped up in a contractor issue yesterday so wasn’t able to complement c arin on her amazing post update….

  22. nicely done young lady

  23. Thank you Jam!

  24. jay – send him one of these:

  25. Leon, it’s becoming tempting. I have relatives in Wisconsin and Minnesota still, so it’s hardly the far end of nowhere. Plus my current lottery fantasy house is the former Round Island lighthouse in the U.P.

  26. They dropped the price on the first property we bid on to 60k. 19 acres, 10 min from town. If anything goes wrong on the new place, we’re just going to buy it and build a hill.

  27. Won’t you still have water table issues?

  28. A hill that lets us add a septic tank would be the only immediate concern. We live with a high water table here just fine, and if we are building a hill it only makes sense to do so by digging a pond, that’ll help drainage a lot.

  29. I like the pond Car in dug by hand by her house. Good choice.

  30. We’ll need to build a pretty awesome gym and possibly a climbing wall at CSD&IHG Farms.

  31. The pole barn gym will be amazeballs, as will the jungle gym.

  32. Growing up near Cape Cod we were biased toward saltwater fish and mollusks. My thoughts of freshwater fish are “polluted, dirty, swampy”. Probably wrong but I can’t make the mental leap. Don’t like swordfish or shark.

  33. Good thing with you 2, the climbing wall won’t have to be very high.

  34. hehe, jimbro, quit eating bullhead in the summer. Or lake catfish.

  35. I’m a surprisingly good climber. Short guys have to be. It’s the only way to get your cereal bowl in the morning.

  36. Hornpout

  37. Crab.

    Ever have a pile of crab on a steak? It’s the best.

    Better than shrimp omelettes.

  38. The pole barn gym will be amazeballs, as will the jungle gym.
    Can’t wait to see that. I may come to visit you just for a weekend of workouts.

  39. I’ve only ever had crab cakes. Crab on steak sounds great.

  40. What is your beverage of choice, scott?

  41. Stuffed quahogs

    Quahog is a funny word


    Makes me laugh every time. Alright, every so often.

  42. I want this in my yard:
    Rest of the video is meh. Dat jungly gym, doh.

  43. IPA’s….Tito’s.

  44. hop head.

  45. Holy cow. I just read Romney’s reaction to what Trump’s press conference–which I didn’t think was that bad. I have no idea what he’s talking about.

    Am I wrong? Because I didn’t hear Trump say that anyone was right. In fact, it reminded me of something Obama might have said, just not as slick.

    Is it simply that Trump didn’t sound presidential and say things like ‘its time for the past to be bridged to the future with lights of the best and brightest to make a dream for all Americans’?

    Is it because people weren’t coddled and reassured?

    Or is it simply that the establishment are trying to kill this shit in the cradle, especially after Russia! imploded?

    Help a guy out that doesn’t watch much TV or listen to any news.

  46. Romney was a shitty candidate for president. Why do we care about anything that comes out of his Obama dick-sucking mouth?

  47. Mitt wants to run in 2020, that’s what I got from that.

  48. OMG. That would be awesome.

    Having an open primary against Trump would be the best thing for him.

  49. The … chasm … between rich white beta guy Mitt and rich white alpha guy Donald would be an awesome contrast.

  50. They are grasping at straws…….anything to oust him.

    Morning Joe said everyone in his cabinet would be resigning, because if they didn’t they would be associated with a known white supremacist.

  51. At this point I’ve realized it will be like this all the way through Trump’s presidency.

    Russia, NoKo, Nazis, White Supremacists, TBD.

    As long as they can criticize him over something they’re good to go

  52. Barcelona?

    Trump’s fault!

  53. Romney is a globalist asshat who doesn’t want power outside the club.

    Also, would a party in your new structure be pole barn dancing?

  54. They are trying to glorify ANTIFA.

    It’s fun to watch.

  55. She seems nice (tits).

    Geez, it’s like I don’t know any of you people….

  56. Any dance in a pole barn is a pole barn dance. QED.

    I may add a firepole to the hayloft. Because why wouldn’t you?

  57. All that the idiots in the media “know” (aka they’ve been told by others) is that “Fascists are bad”. They haven’t taken the time to look beyond the surface, because they don’t care.

    Conservatives are bad, and Fascists are bad, so anyone who is against fascism must also be against conservatism. Therefore, antifascists must be good.

    It’s science. See how smart they are? //////

  58. Mitt Romney is a scam.

  59. GND and I talked about this for a few mins while making dinner last night.

    We’re simpatico. Trump is dead within the first term. Rather than the shock normally induced by an assassination, the media, dems and GOPe will tell us it was the best outcome.

    They’ll condemn the killer but not the result.

    And then a fucking shit show is going to ensue or America will just lay down.

    I think we’ll lay down.

  60. Pretty sure America rips itself apart if that happens.

    I’ll say fuckittall and identify as a black women and get grants for my pot farm.

  61. BCSD?

    Even better.

  62. I think America will learn its lesson:

    Elect the milquetoast guy.

  63. I think NOT.

  64. “Keep hope alive.”

    i would have liked to have been on that grand jury…….

    DA to jury: any questions before you deliberate?

    juror #28 raises his hand – Why only 4 counts?

  65. I could pass for Europoid Messican if I get a dark enough tan, at least to whites and blacks. It’s not too late to become an illegal alien.

  66. I’m a surprisingly good climber. Short guys have to be. It’s the only way to get your cereal bowl in the morning.


  67. I’m a surprisingly good climber. Short guys have to be. It’s the only way to get your cereal bowl in the morning.

    This is a lie. Leon doesn’t eat cereal.

  68. Well, I’m doubling the eff down. I think Trump has done some really great things for this country and I’m never voting for establishment again. Except for Ted Cruz. Who, by the way, did a nice job when asked about Trump’s presser. He saw what we saw. And he’s really fricken smart. Not the fake, trumped up (heh), affirmative action, “I’m actually fairly stupid and unknowledgeable” smart like Obama was.

  69. I ate cereal when I was 4, and I woke up hours before my mother.

  70. I wake up before your mom too!

  71. Who do I contact to request gluten free, vegan meals at Car in’s house?

  72. Bannon’s out.

  73. I always thought he looks like an unmade bed.

  74. He is a Navy guy, after all.

  75. Reasons I wake up before your mom:

    1) I wear her out
    b) don’t have to pay her

  76. Who do I contact to request gluten free, vegan meals at Car in’s house?

    Moose. He leaves them in the yard.

  77. Those aren’t vegan, since they’re animal products.

  78. Closest you’re gonna get.

  79. Did you say closet? Because that noise in the house isn’t 2 cats, after all.

  80. Today’s model is actually attractive. WTH is going on around here?

  81. Accident, I would guess. Probably won’t happen again.

  82. Yeah, she’s the hottest I’ve seen since I got here.
    And Jimbro needs to get his glasses checked – she’s downright adorable in that 2nd pic.

  83. Yeah, I thought that too.

    I think Jimbro is turning gay.

  84. Maybe he doesn’t like bangs.

    Yep. Gay.

  85. Nice, tomswifty!

  86. She’s no Lindsey Dawn McKenzie

  87. What a shame, Bannon should have stayed.

  88. Ivanka and Kushnar should have less power. Ivanka is a lib.

  89. Very nice gal today, however I. Think she may be a repeat.

  90. I take one week off and the world goes fucking insane.

  91. Are you glad you didn’t have to work through all that crap, or sorry that you missed it?

  92. Little of both. Glad I’ve had a week to think about how I’m gonna handle it. Guaranteed it’s gonna bring the loons from both sides out of the woodwork.

  93. Any chance of doing a remote from Michigan?

  94. Heh.

    I am kind of happy I wasn’t on the air, having to deal with the whack jobs.

    Maybe this will all burn out over the weekend and sanity will return by Monday……


    Yeah, that’ll happen…..

  95. Only racists took the week off. You were probably at Charlotsville then Barcelona.

  96. I hope one of my callers accuses me of taking this week off to be in c’ville

  97. MJ, I got the thing I promised to mail you in an envelope and addressed and ready to go. I just can’t find the energy to go to the post office and mail it.

  98. What time do you start on Monday?

  99. I hope one of my callers accuses me of taking this week off to be in c’ville

    Say you there with a bat beating on the Peace Car with the rest of the communists.

  100. MJ, I got the thing I promised to mail you in an envelope and addressed and ready to go. I just can’t find the energy to go to the post office and mail it.

  101. I just gave away 4 dozen eggs. Feels nice.

  102. The stupid is everywhere:

    Back on at 10:10 this Monday.

  103. >>>>Say you there with a bat beating on the Peace Car with the rest of the communists.

    I was there trying to get everyone to just calm the fuck down already.

  104. In 20 years, it will be easy to deny that slavery existed, or that there was ever a civil war. No trace shall remain.

  105. Funny trick to pull on IFLS(S) types: can you scientifically prove that there was ever a civil war, or slavery?

  106. That works now, by the way. The scientific method doesn’t do dick for historical events, but the average “science lover” has no fucking clue about that.

  107. Leon, during what season did you stop watching Once Upon A Time?

  108. 2nd season. Lost interest, then heard more about the plot after that and really lost interest.

  109. carin – i finally listened to this:
    Highly Suspect – My Name Is Human

    pretty good


    i’ve been relying on all y’all to expand my musical whore-izons…

    not disappointing

    except for 3 pee ohhhh

  110. ok now i’ll read upstream

  111. not much of an “upstream”

  112. y’all have prostate problems?

  113. B-Cav said something that i agreed with…..

  114. but i forgot what it was

  115. leon –
    building a hill makes

    and it’s relatively inexpensive (at least around here)

  116. my advice (5cents Mutha Fungi!!!!)

    ballpark the cost of the mound and present it to the current owners and commence the negotiations from the latest price…

  117. and building the hill is a lot of fun –

    if’n you’re anything like a normal guy, you will build the cost of an excavator and a skid steer into your purchase price… it’s actually cheaper in the long run if you have “plans”

    all real guys need them (want is not an option)

  118. ok

  119. pizza time

  120. Thanks, Jam. I’m sort of hoping the second parcel fails the perc test and the first is still available when it does.

  121. Music-wise, I just picked up a Wagner album, because I’m going to get called Nazi anyhow. May as well enjoy the music.

  122. Jam2 is a man with answers! I love that!

  123. ‘Sup, wagons of jag?

  124. SEAN!!!!

  125. just wanted to say it

  126. testing…new computer

  127. Ok, now I need to get my icon back…all the photos are on the other computer

  128. There we go…

    Now to go and sign in to all the midget lesbian wrestling sites I belong to. I just remember that all the passwords are short



  131. Pups is feelin’ spicy, apparently.

  132. Hi Sean. How are you?

  133. My apologies to Geoff again. One of these days…

  134. I’m doing well, MJ. Sitting here at work listening to late 60’s reggae and dicking around online.

    How are you and GND and the bun in the oven doing?

  135. By the way, MJ, I can’t remember if I linked it before, but I really dig this chick in general and this song in particular. You might like her stuff, too:

  136. No he wont.

  137. Well, dang.

  138. blerg

  139. Car in, how many extra teenagers in your house tonight? Round down to the nearest dozen.

  140. Is that German racist talk?

  141. Nein, mein Scottenfuhrer!

  142. Next weekend we’re going to triple the average age of people in Carin’s home.

    Carin, did you start cleaning yet? No pressure.

    *packs three pairs of white gloves*

  143. “German racist” is redundant.

  144. 2 extra teenagers, but another one is expected.

    Lauraw- no. Bring lots of gloves.

  145. Possibly a hazmat suit.

  146. We’re doing really well. 6 weeks.

    At some point the baby will say, ‘Sean’s beard is really crazy.’

    And I’m gonna say, ‘he’s looked weirder.’

  147. What defines a “crazy beard?”
    Asking for a friend myself.

  148. **packs 3 boxes of vinyl gloves, five cannisters of clorox wipes, two spray bottles of 10% bleach solution, a case of paper towels, one giant Windex, several human beings keen on cleaning and sanitizing, and an assortment of small and large bristly cleaning brushes**
    No, just kidding. You’re on your own.

  149. Chi, a “crazy beard” is when the woman spends all his money, calls him up constantly at his boyfriend’s place, has random crying fits, and believes that she can convert him.

  150. This is my beard RIGHT NOW:

  151. This is my beard when it’s crazy:

  152. Pretty sure she’s a repeat. Name is familiar. Howdy rayciss people!

  153. I’m not rayciss. Most of my bigotry is based on religious affiliation.

  154. That osnt reall you Sean… Is it?

    True story:
    I haven’t shaved (or even trimmed) my beard in two years. It’s somewhere between Dan Haggerty & Uncle Si. Not quite to Billy Gibbons/Dusty Hill level yet.
    Everyone hates it. I’ve learned to love it,and have become obstinant about letting it go…

  155. I’m just going to hand everyone a drink first thing, so no one notices my lackluster housekeeping.

  156. I’m still awake because I had to go rescue a kid with a dead battery.

    My life is awesome.

  157. That was indeed really me, circa October of last year. I let mine go for a year without trimming it. I’ve trimmed down a few times since then.

  158. If you’re a Republican…you’re rayciss. *Starts burning more Lincoln busts

  159. I think it’s pretty obvious that the Lincoln busts are being vandalized by racists.


  160. I really want the Natives to go all SJW on the Missions in California. We’ve already had to take away statues and kneel here. Conquistadores made slaves of Natives. Messicans had the peonage system. We can totes burn this MFer down!!!

  161. Yeah, not gonna happen. A lot of those Missions bring in tourist cash.

  162. But the Spanish priests subjugated and made slaves of the Natives. Slavery bad…something something remove and replace

  163. Sweatin’ hard, I didn’t get a shot
    All I did was derp around and get too hot
    Knowin’ all the people walkin’ on my side
    Losin’ all my money and I’m getting tired
    All the women come a-runnin’ like he’s Getty’s son
    Makes you kind of jealous but it sure is fun
    I don’t mind, but he wants my lady too

  164. After this week, consummate LIV…AKA Dan is ready to LIFB and move to Idaho. Oso: You do realize Idaho is where preppers and white supremacists live? Dan: LIFB

  165. Finished one Kurt Schlicter book and halfway through another.

    The best part is the multiple times he makes fun of SJWs, gender pronouns and assorted fuckwittude, but the rest of stuff is pretty good too.

  166. “Comment by Pupster on August 18, 2017 8:50 pm


  167. the header pic is humorous too

  168. Pretty sure she’s a repeat. Name is familiar.

    The only Gemma that has been poated before was Roberta Gemma, an Italian porn star. She may appear again as there are tons of good photos available of Miss Atkinson.


  170. She looked like a first time BBF-er to me. She’s a quality specimen.

  171. “Comment by Pupster on August 19, 2017 6:15 am

    pups on a role –


  172. as a scientist, i concur with the good doktor –

    this chick is a looker

  173. Baby awake since 530am when mom had to go to the base for the Air Show. My stomach always reacts badly to being forced awake. Today already sucks.

  174. I like
    The cut of her job. Which translates roughly to, “I’d like to watch her take a shower.”

  175. Autocorrect fucked that shit up good. And I didn’t even notice. I must need some sleep.


  177. goomemeh.

    I can’t open that link.

    Saw my brother and his girlfriend yesterday. Apparently they’ve been living together for six months and we’ve never met her. Whatever, dude.

  178. The link was for PG:

  179. Moving my daughter in with the boys right now.

  180. So three kids out of the house? What are you going to do with yourself? Buy more chickens? Get another dog?

  181. she’s shining the place up for when she steals mj’s mini-muppet

  182. She’s only going to college. She says she’s not going to move back but we know how that goes.

  183. Last night at dinner I remarked to HotBride, “Why am I itching all over?”

    When we got home I noticed that my body is covered in a rash. Covered.

    I didn’t do anything weird, or eat anything unusual, so it’s a mystery.

    I still have it today.

    Can you get syphilis from a toilets seat?

  184. Moving my daughter in with the boys right now.


  185. i just took a break from giving the contractor(s) a lesson on how to build shit so it won’t fall down –

    hoo boy, this is gonna be a long project.

    my lovely bride hired these guys to put a new porch on (cuz i’m flat out with other projects) – i kinda figured it was gonna go south.

    the only contractor in the area that i know can be trusted couldn’t take on the job – so the mrs hired the hubby and brother of some chick she works with –

    they showed up in a rusted out prius….

    i got snarly with them 2 nights ago when my porch roof started making noises –
    the fuckers didn’t brace it correctly before they took the posts out –

    4and a half mother fucking inches out of level – i said a whole lot of unkind things….


    cliff notes version:

    99.8% of contractors suck

  186. hotspin – it’s prolly vaginitis

  187. bbl

  188. 99.8% of contractors suck

    Your bride didn’t hire a “contractor”. You get what you pay for.

  189. My dad was telling me about the neighbor in the old neighborhood. She still has a blue tarp on her roof from the hailstorm that happened before Mom died. That was at least 8 years ago. Don’t know if the contractor just never came back (there were a lot of fly-by-night people after that storm and Hurricane Opal) or if she decided the roof repair cost too much.

  190. Gotta be something you ate or otherwise ingested given the whole body reaction. Any trouble breathing, wheezing, SOB?

    Benadryl, EpiPen, IV steroids, chest compressions, ETT


  191. The Poseidon Adventure is on IFC. It’s a bit overcast and rainy. I may stick with it.

  192. Jimbro, it’s weird.

    I had a tuna sandwich for lunch, drank tap water all day like I do every day. HotBride gives me a bunch of supplements to take every morning, so it could be that.

    She didn’t give me anything this morning.

    I did have a little chest uncomfort in the afternoon, but it went away.

    Maybe I have prostate cancer.

  193. I still want to know what’s up with Carin moving her girl in with boys. I don’t like the sound of it.

  194. Hotspur, maybe start from several days before you broke out, and write down everything you can remember about where you went, what you ate, were you in the woods, were you in an enclosed area where you were exposed to bat/bird droppings, if you met any pets, contacted any chemicals, etc.

    Some rashes have a particular identifying appearance and can be from some other systemic illness.

  195. 99.8% of contractors suck

    Preach it!
    And I say this as a guy that has been working for various contractors for over a dozen years now. There’s a reason that I’m trying to get out of the trades…

  196. Niacin supplements can cause flushing but that usually goes away before too long.

    Listen to Laura, she’s studied this stuff more recently than I have!

  197. Was the tuna from China?

  198. How long did you let the tuna sandwich sit in the sun?

  199. Any trouble breathing, wheezing, SOB?

    I read this as son of a bitch instead of shortness of breath. **who sneaked decaf in here?**

  200. Hotspur, I assume Carin is moving her daughter in with the two oldest sons. Not boyfriends or notboyfriends.

  201. HotBride said she gave me niacin. The rash looks closest to the drug allergy in Nurse Lauraw’s link.

    I love having you guys as friends.

  202. Tell Hotbride ‘nice try.’ 😜

  203. Didn’t get the SOB this go ’round …

  204. New poat.

  205. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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