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MJ is supposed to stomp this asap –

but i thought i’d irritate you all for a minute or 2

The narrative on Trump is summed up by this piece of shit lede in the gaurdian :

‘Trump’s delivering exactly what they wanted: white male supremacy’    “

and the link:


don’t click on it because  – screw them!

Also this day in history:


Clinton testifies before grand jury





All right muppet – get to stomping
MJ prepping for his thorsday post idea:
Update part II: (updated)
stompday musical selection:

Update II+1






Addicted to this song right now:





  1. http://tinyurl.com/yc4d48rb

  2. SJW’s destroying statues they feel uncomfortable with

    ISIS et al destroying religious icons from any other religion but the pedophile worshippers

    Same or different?

  3. They can go fuck themselves,

  4. That is EXACTLY what I think of, jimbro.

    That and vegans having abortions.

  5. Rain here so internet is spotty. We have two pretty good grocery chains in town, but I don’t know if they’ll have that. Scale, yes, but I’m not sure if it works.

  6. Pretty sure all those teenagers need a scale. For something.

  7. Today’s stomp might be a later night affair.

    I highly encourage CoAlex to pitchstomp for me this morning or afternoon.

  8. GFY,C

    That’s my response to everything these days.

    Go fuck yourself, calmly. I find the calmly really pisses people off. Kind of like when you tell a really upset chick to relax.

    Never in the history of the world has telling a chick to relax worked. It’s always the opposite.

  9. Why not “CALM DOWN!”

  10. Congratulations! This is the dumbest thing you’ll read today.


    And if you haven’t read the ‘Flight 93’ article it extends–poorly, I think–please read it. If you have, re-read it.

  11. blah blah blah left wing = WW2 troops blah blah lefties = 9/11 heroes blah blah

  12. thispost should be turned into a garbage pizza poat of updates –

    everyone should add an update and see where it goes

  13. Jimbro, I’ve repeatedly ranted at the HQ about this sort of thing. The Left is fully explained as Islam without Allah.

  14. Are you white? Of the Caucasian Persuasion? Are you one of those people that think the US is a sovereign nation and that it should control the entry immigrants into the country?

    If you answer YES the above, YOU ARE A WHITE NATIONALIST. And its is now OK for you to be physically attacked.

    * this has been a public service announcement brought to you by “Thisissofuckedup.com

    ** note the meme has changed, its no longer “neo-nazi’s” it’s now “White Nationalists.”

  15. That’s a good idea, Jam. I have some shit I can throw up , but I have PT in a bit, so it will be afternoonish.

  16. I’m honestly not sure how my German and English ancestors got here, though the latter might actually date to before the Declaration. My Irish ancestor was born to Irish Canadians after they immigrated to Newfoundland. The German ancestors were Pennsylvania “Dutch”, so for all I know they came here before Pennsylvania was even a State.

    I’d argue that me and mine deserve some say in who else gets in. We followed the rules and did our part in every war from the Civil onward.

  17. My ancestors almost all got here in the mid 1800’s, and settled in Iowa and Nebraska. None of this shit is my fault, or my families fault.

  18. …familiy’s…

  19. family’s

    (I get to correct the corrector, hmph)

  20. inbred clan’s

  21. It’s all bullshit.

    BLM burning down cities didn’t poll well.
    ANTIFA smashing storefronts and setting cars on fire didn’t poll well.

    Enter “white nationalists”.


  22. News cycles.

    They can GFT indeed.

    This really is how you get more Trump.

  23. Turned on the radio this morning. Kilmeade’s show. He’s got a sub. This is all they’re talking about. Again, Trump supposedly was not adamant enough about denouncing neo-nazis. They don’t like him bringing up the commies. They played clips from Stephen Hayes disdain….read a tweet of Trump going after Miss Lindsay, who I’m guessing said Trump didn’t grovel enough either.

    Two minutes later, I shut if off and said ‘Fuck them all’.

    I’d like to know why even ‘our side’ is purposefully ignoring antifa – the same assholes since Ferguson – and both groups ties to the democrat party and it’s billionaire donors?

  24. And The Guardian? I see them as no different than antifa thugs.

  25. It’s upside down world

  26. Soros funds McCain and Rubio.



  27. It’s not an upside down world. The media and their ‘bosses’ – the oligarchs – are revolting because their (bought and paid for) chosen one lost the election, of which they were sure they had rigged well in her favor. Why the NeverTrumpers on our side are going along with it, I’m not getting. Surely they can’t think she would have been better.

    They – the left in all it’s forms – are going to punish us all for committing the sin of denying their Red Queen. From the media to the community organizer behind the scenes directing the armed factions of the democrat party…the KKK, BLM, and antifa.

  28. F McCain, Romney and Rubio..HARD

  29. Soros funds McCain and Rubio.

    And why many of these assholes are quiet when the commies tear up publicly funded universities.

  30. Romney will never be President. McCain will never be President. Rubio? Weirder things have happened but he will never have my vote.

  31. And even better, mare? Hillary is not your president RIGHT NOW!

    Though who knows what bullshit Soros and co. will pull.

  32. Yeah, I’m still laughing about stupid Hillary.

  33. HA HA HA bing page…..just below the lower right box….there is a penis carved into the beach

  34. Rubio will change parties before he gets nominated for president.

  35. I don’t think McCain wanted to be president. He was practically humping obama’s leg.

  36. HAHAHAHA….scott, there sure is! Bing had to see that.

  37. Notice how this crap happened under McAuliffe’s watch?

    I predicted to Laura that all future rallies will be held where democrats control the police.

    So I looked it up.

    White Nationalist rallies are coming up in

    San Francisco
    Mountain View CA
    Los Angeles
    New York CIty
    Washington DC
    Austin TX


  38. Whatever my in-laws are having for lunch, smells good. Yeah, they eat lunch at 10:30am.

  39. Not Detroit? Shocking. Maybe they’re worried about shoring up Trump support.

  40. Scott, same thing happened with Ferguson and Baltimore. While the mayor in Ferguson didn’t want the riots, our democrat governor, with control over the Nat. Guard, only took one phone call – from Valerie Jarrett – the night the verdict came down and Ferguson burned. His lieutenant gov., the mayor of Ferguson and surrounding cities, the media, all tried to get ahold of him. He was nowhere to be found until 1am when he decided enough had burned to release the Guard from a parking lot right outside the city, he them standing down in.

    Shady shit went down. Everyone thinks deals were made. We don’t know where he was. He’s never had to answer for what he didn’t do. But, he didn’t run again.

    I suspect they are orchestrating all of this crap now.

  41. Boston is shittin’ bricks

  42. they – Obama and Jarrett

  43. I just sent a happy gram to my republican congressman telling him and his party to fuck off. Told him that not only was I not going to vote for them, I was going actively undermine them every chance I got, just like they do this President. Told em I was going to talk shit about them at the VFW, I was going to talk shit about them at the Volunteer Fire Dept. I was going to talk shit about them every morning at the cafe where all the farmers gather before hitting the fields. I also asked that he contact me with the answers to the following:

    After enjoying 6 years of time to come up with a repeal / replacement for Obamacare (like they said they were “working on”) Why did they not have a plan ready when Trump was elected?

    Do we have Freedom of Speech and Peaceable Assembly or not?

    Is it the governments DUTY to protect freedom of speech and assembly?

    Fuck these people is right. Im done with them. WAR!

  44. My congress people did vote to repeal obamacare.

    McConnell needs a kick in the ass. He was recently re-elected, so no hope of primarying him anytime soon. You can’t tell me that man cannot wheel and deal with the holdout senators to get their asses in gear. He is a complete joke.

  45. Thing is, a lot of these assholes probably don’t care if they lose their cushy seat in D.C.. They know they have a job on Wall Street if they get tossed by the peasants.

  46. I hold no delusions about whether they give a shit or not. They’ve shown their position in that regard way too many times. I found it cathartic to a certain degree, and I’ve satisfied my sense of “they cant claim they dont know why.” I’m setting my internal moral stage for later.

  47. Renewing my license at the DMV. #

  48. #102. Serving #95 now. Been here a half hour so far.

  49. My problems seem trivial compared with the shit shows most of my fellow citizens are going through. Most of their problems are self induced.

  50. I just renewed my tags this morning. 30 minutes, in and out. The girl even remembered me from eight months ago.

  51. For some reason when I think of John McCain I simultaneously think of the term, “shart diaper”

  52. He’ll be dead soon. Take comfort in that.

  53. my congressman (Steve King) and Senators (Grassley and Joni Ernst) do more to piss off libs than anything I can hope for.

  54. The girl even remembered me from eight months ago.

    Did you hit on her? Why not?

  55. McCain will live on and be reelected at this rate. Deal with the Devil and all.

  56. Jay, we talked about that incident last week, and I heard it from my wife the day it happened.

  57. nuh uh!

  58. The girl even remembered me from eight months ago.
    Did you hit on her? Why not?

    He mustache was darker than mine. Plus, she was at least forty and wearing a ring.

  59. White Nationalist rallies are coming up in
    San Francisco
    Mountain View CA
    Los Angeles
    New York CIty
    Washington DC
    Austin TX

    Gee, I wonder how much the Dems/George Soros/Organizing for America/etc. are paying people to pretend to be “White Nationalists” in each of these Democratic strongholds?

    I guarantee you the KKK/et.al. have nothing to do with STARTING this stuff. Now, someone from the other side might have infiltrated them, but top-down political organization isn’t something that our side is exactly known for….

  60. Like I said, news cycles.

  61. Mr. TiFW’s company is completely overhauling the health insurance benefits package being offered next year. We’ve been with Aetna for YEARS, but the company is no longer offering coverage through them in our zip code.

    So now we get to wade through all of this BS. Thanks, Obama. You shithead.

  62. Oh, my mistake…..San Fran isn’t a white nationalist rally. It’s some sort of christian prayer thingy, put on by a black guy, that was labelled a white hate group by Nancy Pelosi.

  63. Updated this like a bitch

  64. Software Development Process

  65. This poat seems so much better now. I wonder why?

  66. We still need our daily Notaboyfriend update.

  67. Updated this like a bitch

    “…and the joke ends, ‘Why do you ask, Two Cats Fucking in a Closet?'”

  68. No not-a-boyfriend updates today. Yesterday a friend of ERin’s came over and asked me if I “liked” not-a-boyfriend, and I said I didn’t really know him but he seems nice. The friend works with him, and said he’s 1) nice 2) works a lot and 3) talks about Erin ALL THE TIME.

    That’s all I got today.

    Oh, and apparently Not-a-boyfriend’s best friend, (also a friend to erin ), doesn’t know what erin sees in him. “She could do so much better. “

  69. “She could do so much better. “

    Someone like, say, Not-a-boyfriend’s best friend?

  70. That’s what I asked. OH NO – we’re just friends (said my daughter).

    Yea. Maybe on your part.

  71. This other boy sent her a text extolling her virtues about two months back. But, you know, just as friends.

  72. You got an In-Demand daughter, dontcha?

  73. and the joke ends, ‘Why do you ask, Two Cats Fucking in a Closet?’”

    I’m going to make a mix tape for Lapeerpalooza II

  74. She’s nice and cute- and doesn’t dress in a mom approved way all the time. But yes, I know.

    She also isn’t a slut, and there are still some guys who see that as a plus.

  75. She’s a TEASE. not a slut.

  76. She got close to dating that one boy back in December, but he did something to blow it. This guy is doing the opposite of rushing things, and that’s obviously the way to her heart.

  77. Whatever happened to the Russia thing, anyway? Press finally figure out nobody was buying it?

    And this racism thing? How long before they figure out that there are more of us than there are of them?

  78. Teresa…news cycles, that’s why the moron GOP trying to virtue signal trying to alienate Trump will back fire on the dummies.

  79. For some reason when I think of John McCain I simultaneously think of the term, “shart diaper”


    Mare is my spirit animal.

  80. *loves Ca rin’s musical selections*

  81. My genius is not unrecognized by everyone.

  82. The whole “White Nationalist” thing…. Funny how we morphed from “neo-nazi’s” to White Nationalists are the bad ones in the media. Im White and a Nationalist (forgive me, I believe we are sovereign and have a right to control our borders and those that want to pass over them. I also believe that the US has done way more good for this world than any other NATION in HISTORY and I want it to continue to do so as is) does this make me a “white nationalist”? So lets not play into the game of moving the goal posts to encompass other groups. If you dont see whats happening here ……let me clue you in … Trump and ALL of his supporters are evil racists and its ok to attack them.

    I feel bad for those of you that are urban and suburban residents.

    Im waiting for someone to ask the question “Is there a healthy expression or sense of Nationalism” Or are all “Nationalists” evil?

  83. The thing is, there just aren’t that many of “them” – certainly not enough to kill all of us before they are all killed themselves.

    You notice there aren’t any wide shots of the violence – say, pulling back a couple of blocks to show all of the places where violence isn’t happening.

    Kind of like when something bad happens somewhere in Fort Worth – my mom always calls and asks if we are OK. Usually, we aren’t even aware anything is happening unless it’s right outside our door. (In which case, the dogs let us know….)

  84. It looked to me like a couple hundred people.

  85. I can’t tell who is who in the crowds.

  86. And they spent months, I believe, organizing it. That was as big as a group they could ever get. It wasn’t a collection of the nearby racist coming last minute.

  87. What can we burn at Car ins house?

  88. Completely OT, but is there anyone around who’s active in the field of employment law, specifically the state of Illinois? Legit not for me, a buddy of my apparently just got screwed over by his (now former) employer, and needs an assist…

  89. What can we burn at Car ins house?

    Do voodoo dolls as a craft project, sacrifice a rotisserie chicken, and burn shart diapers in effigy.

  90. What can we burn at Car ins house?

    The ladies can burn their bras. Leon can burn his cargo shorts.
    With enough bourbon & Vernor’s, somebody will burn the hamburgers.

  91. Clams. We’re having clams.

  92. Oh yeah. I forgot. Gwyneth Paltrow is bringing the steamer, right?

  93. Just went to bing to search for something. I can’t see the weenis anymore.

  94. What can we burn at Car ins house?

    Clams and phone chargers.

  95. I was in the pool!

  96. *snort*


  97. nice, pups.

  98. Every Gavin McInnes video makes me laugh out loud.

  99. After pups was in the pool

  100. I just figured out how to pasteurize something, so I can carbonate a sweet beverage. Hard lemonade, here I come!

  101. Yeah, Scott and I were laughing about that earlier, Beasn. They hid the wenus.

  102. After pups was in the pool


  103. You can take my life, you can tarnish my legacy… but you cannot take my cargo shorts.

  104. When do we go back to talking about Russia?

  105. After the “antifa” narrative fails.

  106. This is what I sort of love about things right now: the dems, GOPe, media, and fat blue haired losers demanding that you affirm their lies.

    It’s how we got Trump, so I’m cool with it.

  107. In exactly a week we will be near the shores of Lake Erie eating perch.

  108. Gross. I prefer elongated amalgamated fish.

  109. Fishsticks are 96% snouts and lips.

    Look it up.

  110. Fish sticks are just leg meat.

  111. I had a sample of snouts and lips at Costco today. Loved it.

  112. Scott, if you get the opportunity, try walleye. We had dinner in an up north restaurant Sunday night, and they had walleye for a nightly special.

    It was fucking awesome.

  113. They’ll have it. Supposed to be a great fish place in Toledo too.

    We might hit that one for lunch on Friday.

  114. YAY!! I’m having an awesome childhood.

  115. Oy, my kids grew up and moved away and now older ones moved in.


    FIL forgot to take his antibiotic yesterday after supper, so he took it 4 hours later. Without food. It’s the kind you have to take with food. Should have eaten a snack first. Well, it gave him a bellyache, so he didn’t take his morning dose…which he told me when I asked him a few minutes ago if he had taken it this evening. So, while I’m explaining why he got a bellyache, she’s over there chewing his butt out. And..would…not…stop. *sigh*

    Can’t wait for Mr. B. to get back. He has morning duty.

  116. Walleye is good eating. Tastes like cod. Perch never really did much for me, small fillets, a little too fishy for my taste. Put enough lemon and malt vinegar on it and it is fine.

  117. Mmmmm. Snoutlip is the best.

    Is mare coming? To Lapeerpalooza, you pigs.

  118. Didn’t Hotspur bet me that Hillary was going to win?

    I kind of remember that he did. Seems like a good time to pay up in diapers.

  119. I totally believe in Scott’s D🐀 Police theory.

  120. Hey Scott, where did you find that affordable rental car? Everything I look at is more than that.

  121. Scott has a guy. Why don’t you have a guy?

  122. Alamo, booked through Orbitz.

    I have to drive about 20 miles to pick it up.

    Strange thing is that I am picking it up at the airport. In CO we saved about $300 by taking a cab away from the airport.

  123. Fish, ranked by J’Ames

  124. Never had shark.

    Cod? Really? That’s very common around here, although half of it is bacalhau.

  125. Wow. It’s because I did it early, Pupster.

    My $210 rental is $500 today.

  126. Fish ranked by MJ
    Fish Sticks

  127. Fish ranked by Hotspur

    Your Mom
    Your Mom
    Your Mom

  128. sea bass

  129. I can still find economy cars for $232.

  130. I like flaky whitefish, like the racist I am.

    I expected shark to be red like tuna or salmon, but it was Mako, and it was very light and flaky.

  131. I forgot about sea bass and halibut. those are tasty too. Roommate brought some back from an Alaska trip.

  132. See if Thursday – Monday makes a difference. They might jack up weekend rates.

  133. Thanks, J’ames. Makos are now endangered!

  134. Fish, as ranked by Leon:
    Wild-caught salmon

    That’s pretty much it. I don’t really like fish. Lenten Fridays I often just skip eating entirely.

  135. Nobody mentioned trout or catfish?

  136. I used to not like fish. Now I like salmon and halibut.

  137. I just decided the other day that blackened catfish had to be in our wheelhouse.

  138. they are good, but LOTS of bones. Same with freshwater bass.

  139. Depends on the size of the fish and the skills of the person doing the filet work;

  140. Catfish

  141. Mom said you are known for your shrimp

  142. Blackfish kicks ass, but you have to get your own.

  143. Spear fishing is really the only way to get it.

  144. Irony.

  145. My RL last name is perfect for this conversation.

  146. Crazy Bear? Not seeing it.

  147. crappie

  148. Shark is actually really good eatin’
    A very dense meat, much more like beef than your average fish.
    We always cut them into steaks and marinated them. Great on the grill.

  149. Tuna

    Shark is way down at the bottom of my list, smell like piss.

  150. Was going to say AJ but figured I would catch shit from MJ for talking about his sister.

  151. Shun the fish eaters!!! Shun!

  152. lobster
    lobster and crab
    lobster and crab and shrimp
    lobster, crab, shrimp, and oysters
    lobster, crab, shrimp, oysters, and clams
    lobster, crab, shrimp, oysters, clams, and mussels
    lobster, crab, shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels, and smoked salmon
    guys I just started on the true fish, this is gonna take all night let’s just drop it

  153. Shun the bi-valve and crustacean eaters!!! Shun!

  154. Is Laura laying down he law?
    Stop beating the dead seahorse?

  155. Lauraw AKA Bubbaw

  156. Canned salmon
    Canned tuna

    I should probably try some other canned fish, just to see if I can eat it. Mackerel, maybe.

  157. Sardines. Or even better, smoked kippers.

  158. Just gotta keep the Benedryl handy.

  159. You play tricks on my mind
    You’re everywhere but you’re so hard to find
    You’re not derp or sentimental
    You’re so extreme, you can be so temperamental

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