Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born June 10th, 2002 in Los Angeles, California. She stands 5′ 4″ and measures 342234 and 110 lbs. Please check id for Miss Katelyn Lordahl AKA KT Lordahl.


  1. Tits on a stick

  2. She appears to be quite attractive and is obviously fit … I’m curious what she looked like before the colossal fun bags were added

  3. And it appears that image search is populated by a lot of skeezy actors who promise to love you long time while giving you a laced drink to lower your defenses and steal your PIN and kidneys

  4. Someone woke up grumpy today.

  5. Do you think in the fourth from last picture, black outfit, she looks like she has man-hands?

  6. wakey wakey

    with her natural hair color … she could be pretty. But she’s aspired to look like everyone else.

  7. Nah, she is super cute and looks like she’d be a terrific sandwich manufacturer but her chesticles seem a little disproportionate compared with the rest of her physique is all I’m saying.

    I’m sure one of her superpowers is the ability to cure grumpiness by simply batting her eyes

  8. Whoa … the aspect ratio is off in that picture!

    Now you’ve made me question everything!

  9. How many cotton plugs are in Pay’s nose RIGHT NOW?!

  10. I’m curious what she looked like before the colossal fun bags were added

    The born, she, and Please gifs are pre-growth spurt.

  11. Feel more better soon Pay!

  12. Thank you … I’ll review them when I return to my desktop. I’m currently supervising important dog related activities

  13. Damn

  14. Zero. they are some sort of dissolving gel packs? He had to stay overnight – which the doctor told me Pay had been informed of – because he uses a cpap machine. Standard. Probably for the best. The tape they used on his eyes scratched his corneas or whatever. Anyway, a day more to recover before he’s got these dogs begging for attention.

    I’m going to leave to get him in a little while. I assume they’ll let him go early (it’s about an hour+away and snowing).

  15. the surgeon was very nice. Conservative too.

  16. Discharge from the hospital almost never happens quickly. If it does you should be thankful.

  17. You guys see the clip of Biden from yesterday? Maga this Maga that.

    Thanks NEVER TRUMPERS. You really picked a winning strategy.

  18. Dissolving gel packs >>> Cotton pledgets

    I wonder if they used cocaine during the procedure. They used to but I’m probably dating myself by mentioning that

  19. Well, it’s a 23 hour hold. So I’m thinking they’ve got a ticking clock.

  20. Yes, they did.

  21. I thought it was just the young doc residents that used cocaine

  22. Glad Pay’s through it and coming home soon. Speedy recovery! No shortage of fuzzy nap-buddies at your home so that will be nice.

  23. I first heard of that in college when I worked in a hospital pharmacy that served the inpatients. One day, soon after I started, I noticed bins of 30 mL vials of whiskey and cans of beer. Back in the day the doctors would prescribe them to keep people from getting the DT’s. When I asked about it I got the “we’ve got cocaine here too” story. Now they use all sorts of benzos for withdrawal rather than the hair of the dog that bit you.

  24. Oh look! Masks don’t work. Who knew?? Except us, for at least 50 years.
    Oh, look! It was made in a lab. Who knew, except everybody?
    Oh look! Natural immunity, a natural phenomenon humans have observed for at least a millennium, is real again! Who knew, except everybody?

    It feels like finally being able to say the sun doesn’t revolve around the planets.

    What’s next? How long can they hold the truth at bay about every other part of this clusterfuck? How many kids are going to be poisoned and maimed so they can go to school?

    Do I actually even want my job back now? I do want the income and the health insurance. Can I actually go back to medicating people, knowing what I know now?

  25. Cocaine is actually a perfect topical painkiller and vasoconstrictor, as I’ve heard it. Great for dental and ENT surgeries. Shame about it also getting you high AF and being highly addictive.

  26. WOW. Wow- wowow. This is craaaaazy. About the 1918 spanish flu. Incredible.

  27. Dear guys, if you date this girl be prepared to fight. She’s going to create situations wherein you have to fight your way out.

  28. The hospital in Vero beach has its own label, mini bottles of gin, vodka, and bourbon. If a patient is 70 and they’ve drunk every night for 50 years they’ve found better outcomes by giving the patients a little of what they want.

  29. car in did you tell the surgeon your kid could do that better? competition breeds excellence

  30. I guess I’m getting jaded. Or maybe just getting old. But this kid does nothing for me. It’s like she’s some type of caricature of what a sexy woman is supposed to look like. Jessica Rabbit or something. Maybe I just need some viagra.

  31. Hey, looky there, another bleached blonde with fake tits.

    /stamps “REJECTED”

    I’m naturally biased against blondes, but this is so basic it’s generic.

  32. I’d have dated her as a B-cupped brunette. I’d have taken her roller skating and miniature golfing and counted myself lucky to get her ice cream after.

    But now? Well, at least there aren’t tattoos.

  33. Classic Cali girl persona. I expect she’s high maintenance, but fun if you have the resources. I approve as a spectator.

  34. I recollect that they used cocaine drops in my daughter’s eyes when we took her for evaluation why her pupils were different sizes. She couldn’t have been more than a year or so old.
    Benign anisochorea (sp?). In other words, that’s just the way they are and we don’t see anything wrong.

  35. Good song, turn it up.

    Hope Pay feels better very soon.

    The tape they used on his eyes scratched his corneas or whatever.

    Whatever they used on me last time left adhesive residue. Eye makeup remover got it off.

  36. After viewing the born, she, and Please gifs I’m happy to report she looked good before her growth spurt. She would have been a possible MMM contender if there was a photo of her doing something sporty but we’d never have seen her on a Friday.

  37. Don’t use eye makeup remover on your corneas, kids.

    They’ll likely do a dye and imaging to see how serious the scratches are and then do antibiotic ointment for a week or two if they aren’t too severe. Possum managed to do that last month with her fingernail when rubbing out her eye boogers.

  38. To be clear, I used it on my eyelids, not my corneas.

  39. belt sander will take it off right quick!

  40. ZUBY:
    So many people have just filled their ‘religion hole’ with political ideology and they don’t realise it.


  41. that’ll buff out

  42. It was really weird, trying to blink with the adhesive gumming things up. I hadn’t run into that before. Makes me wonder if the EPA made them get rid of the good stuff like they have for so many other things. There’s a bulletin from 3M on all the perfluoroalkyl stuff they will no longer be making, and I need to go through it in detail and figure out how that will impact current flight programs, whether to stockpile current items or find alternatives.

  43. something something filled your mom’s ‘religion hole’ something something

    I’ll show myself out

  44. You guys keep picking on this cute kid and Pupster’s gonna have a sadz and then also whack you with a ‘pointy elbows’ meme. Followed by a horrendous whale for next BBF.

    Here, pups.

    + one extra large crunchy liver snap

  45. Speaking of products that worked being pulled from the market …

    I recall when Halon fire suppression systems were used for critical systems where any residue was unacceptable. Industry was forced to abandon it when it became a banned “ozone-depleter” though nothing else tends to work as well.

    Same was true of asbestos gaskets in industrial piping. Nothing else seals as well, but asbestos, so we increase fugitive emissions of all sorts of other chemicals.

  46. glad I cancelled Bon Appetit. They were getting into too many extremely exotic ingredients that didn’t look very good.

  47. Hey, at least I’m clear about my reasons, I have an anti-type.

  48. Several anti-types, really. But this is a major one for me.

  49. Don’t get me wrong, I think Pupster does fine work with the Friday floozies, this one just doesn’t click with me at all. And I’m just feeling a little more assholish than usual today so there’s that.

  50. NAILED IT!


    HotBride and I draw that comparison all of the time.

  51. For Lumpia

    Probably nothing you haven’t seen before but just in case

  52. Have a Super Mario Day!

  53. twitter: house votes 419-0 to declassify all documents on the origins of Covid

    Unanimous? We can’t agree on the time of day!

  54. Mom Jeans
    My son thinks the tooth fairy eats the teeth what kind of fucked up shit is this

  55. They must think it’s a good distraction.

    I’m really curious how a September 2019 “lab leak” in Wuhan was found in sewage from Barcelona in March of 2019. Bet we don’t get that.

  56. Comment by leoncaruthers on March 10, 2023 12:29 pm

    They must think it’s a good distraction.

    I’m really curious how a September 2019 “lab leak” in Wuhan was found in sewage from Barcelona in March of 2019. Bet we don’t get that.
    – – – – – – –
    My guess? It wasn’t. The tests for identifying covid virus have been so much BS. They had tests that were designed to be positive, because they wanted the tally for how many cases there were to be astronomically high. All the better to spread panic and fear and get the peons to obey the lockdowns/mandates.

  57. And what better way to try and draw attention away from Fauci’s gain-of-function research he funded at the Wuhan Institute and support the lie that it was natural.

  58. Will need to go back to previous posts to see what up with Pay.
    But, before they figured out that it was skin cancers up in the back of my dad’s nose causing his nose to hemorrhage, one time they did give him cocaine to stop the bleed. He hated it. Made him feel sick and awful. (Skin cancers up the nose respond quite well to radiation treatments. )

  59. Pay’s got sinus issues, it sounds like. He got a nasal roto-rooter operation.

  60. So I did that thing where I go on Indeed and just search my town to see what people do around here and what I could get for my time if I quit and did some degree of trade school.

    I think I’d be able to lock down 40k without school. 50-60k if I got a CDL and didn’t have too many accidents my first year.

  61. SVB just went into receivership. I’m hearing Jim Cramer called it a “buy buy buy!” about a month ago.

    The contra-Cramer ETF must be en fuego today.

  62. you should always listen to Cramer, and do the opposite. It’s uncanny

  63. anyone looking for real estate in North Carolina?

  64. did pay get home?

  65. I had no idea gators were as far north as NC


  67. twitter: anyone need a spotter?

  68. fookin’ scissorin’!

  69. Gavin McInnes on FNT tonight.

  70. Watching golf. Called due to weather. My Wednesday night…I was sleep walking. I got toilet paper from the bathroom and took it to the kitchen. Went back to bed. Had night terrors. We sleep with the bedroom door closed. I was screaming that I couldn’t get out. Dan opened the bedroom door. Decided to sleep on the couch. 🤪👋🏻

  71. Blondes don’t have brunette eyebrows. She’s a brunette stupid enough to let me hit it, +10 bonus points in the year end finals.

  72. Fun morning.
    On the way to work a fucking Mexican kid hit my new (2019) truck I just bought in January. He must have been HAF, it was dark out, looked at the car he was driving then looked at my truck, said “no damage, we cool?”. I proceeded to ask questions and ask take pictures. Yeah, I should have called the police for an accident report but I have to unlock the door at work so everyone else can clock in and get paid. I’m pretty sure this little puke stole moms new car she just bought while she was sleeping, I have a picture of the printed registration the BMV issues to freshly registered vehicles waiting for the heavy, laminated paper registration with a new sticker that comes in the mail.
    I suffered no damage, just paint residue on the corner of the front bumper that I was able to rub off in the work place parking lot thanks to the melting snow.
    Lots more details, but if I go into them I’ll just appear to embrace a truth, White is supreme, Asians are a close second, everything else is participation trophy material.

  73. I’m done with Gavin McInnes. Fuck that guy.

  74. I’m done with Gavin McInnes
    Captain of “The Love Boat”?
    Have you considered how Jay in Ames might feel about this?

  75. Why, what did he do?

  76. Pulled a fake wang out of his pants during FNT livestream and “peed” all over his desk.

    Which would be a funny prank at a party, but it’s basically an instant de-monetization and possibly a channel strike on YT. So risking the paychecks of 7-8 people on a show he asked to appear on. I don’t care what we agree on, he’s a dick.

  77. OK, I seem to remember he has cheesed people off with tasteless pranks before. Jackass move.

    In lighter news:

  78. I need some Mexican Fighting Beagles.

  79. My ex MiL had one. They’re a very energetic breed. Pretty sure they are born on meth.

  80. Yeah, you can tell. It’s in the eyes.

  81. OK, I seem to remember he has cheesed people off with tasteless pranks before. Jackass move.

    takes a long drag on his cigar and puffs “if that’s a disqualifier, then what isn’t”? 1st amendment, right? for all or for none. I’m starting to worry, and I’m heavily armed and lost my 2nd right, which makes me believe I made the correct choice.

  82. I need some Mexican Fighting Beagles.
    Hide the keys to your car. They know you need to sleep, sometime. F’n Mexican kids….

  83. Tasteless pranks have their place, this was the equivalent of taking a public leak on the table at your buddy’s restaurant on a Friday night.

  84. We both love Fr Charles. He’s African. The music sucks. His homilies are great. Fr Tri is amazing. He has contained the music Nazis. He was a hero during COVID. We considered our original Parish, but vaxxed priest had a stroke. African priest that is covering at Fatima, is amazeballs. Parish shopping. Demonic Pope eliminated TLM in the QUE.

  85. Bedroom door open. Dan
    “ I love you, don’t be a freak.” He’s sleeping on the couch.

  86. Gavin also founded the proud boys

  87. I’m blaming the Wells Fargo thing on the latest Windows update. That has fucked over so many things in the lab, we should sue for damages.

  88. Pat is home. Sat in that hospital room until 1:30 and finally the nurse just said she’d get someone to sign the order later. Ugh. Don’t know how he’s doing, because I then had to go to work and he’s hopefully sound asleep.

  89. Glad to hear Pat is home, hope he feels better soon.

  90. Doolittle embraced risky ploys.

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