How’s Your Deep Fried Moose Knuckle Treatin ya?


as youse’ll’s are aware – i try to scour teh intertubes for awesome… or something: items to entertain and enlighten.

Today we get to follow up on vomit inducing food items — and i dont mean jay’s scandi-apple-frumundas.

This bit of awesome is Casu Marzu.

Mongolian Boodog:

Now for the flip side of last weeks’ poatation…

Palate Cleanser

Remember – 220F for 20 minutes… you should be good… if you cook with an autoclave.



  1. I’m partial to camel toe over moose knuckle, thank you very much

  2. My dad was a member of this organization

    As an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion he would hold the chalice up to his lips and do a pump fake like he was drinking but never did.

  3. Well here I am. Been up since four.

    Wakey wakey

  4. Masks required but I see a lot of loose shit from the staff in this regard.

  5. It’s incredibly hard to see why healthcare institutions, despite loads of evidence pointing towards their ineffectiveness, still require masks to be worn.

  6. Fun cooking fact: Autoclaves cannot destroy prions.

  7. Jimbro, it’s sheer stubbornness and imposition of will at this point. To a certain amount, it always has been.
    Still waiting for the vaccine thing to drop but I think it will still be a long while. They dropped it for a lot of areas and categories of people in other countries. But the home of the FDA self-enriching conflict-of-interest government employee empire will never allow it to happen unless they are dragged kicking and screaming, probably.

  8. sheer stubbornness and imposition of will
    I hear ya, that’s my conclusion as well since it can’t be based on evidence at this point – probably not at any point – but I could forgive the masks for the first several months during the initial panic.

  9. Carin is probably getting all caught up on the news from the TV playing CNN in the waiting room

  10. I’ve positioned myself so I cannot see any of the tvs.

  11. I’ll be listening ti metal as soon as Pat is prepped and I don’t have to hear them call my name.

  12. In residential psych, there’s a common situation that has to be noticed and called out when it happens, and that is when a patient and a staff member or clinician are at odds about something, and the healthcare worker does not recognize the resident’s rights but starts to seek obedience for its own sake.

    This dynamic needs to be seen and called out, because this is how healthcare workers go from delivering quality care to paternalistically lording over their patients or willfully violating their rights in order to wield and feel personal (sick) power.

    What we have witnessed is this situation enlarged to include all of society.

  13. If this freakin’ N/NW cutting wind will ever let up I could get outside and start clearing garden beds. The temps are fine, it’s just this wind that goes right through me and makes my skin go dry and wretched.

    Best wishes for Pay’s procedure, Carin.

  14. “ESG investing, from the fund managers to the managements of the companies themselves, is almost entirely a giant grift.”

    Further confirmation of what I suspected all along

  15. Why is Pay getting surgery?

  16. you should have shokz headphones, then you would be able to hear

  17. good luck pay!

  18. will crossfit survive without your guidance?

  19. It’s the effect of her absence on Run Club that I fear the most

  20. He’s getting a nose job. Of a sort. All sorts of blockage up there apparently.

    CrossFit today is a partner WOD , so my gym wife is pissed. I sent a run workout for those heartbroken about my absence.


  22. W Family Theater

    Lumps is trying to prepare for the work day without waking her husband.

    Lumps: (emerging from shower) (sudden scream) AAAAIIIGH!!

    (a quiet moment passes.)


    Lumps: (sticks head around bedroom door, observes husband rubbing eyes in bed) Sorry. There’s a huge spider. He ran into the nightlight.

    later, husband emerges and cannot find the spider

    Husband: He’s not in the nightlight. WHY didn’t you kill him?

    Lumps: I had nothing to kill him with! My hairspray was in the downstairs bathroom!

    Husband: You should have killed him.

    Lumps: He ran into the nightlight! I had nothing!


  23. Nothing worse than a tight choana

  24. I checked the union rules and spiders are clearly the husband’s domain. *taps union rules booklet* Right here:

    “The couple work as a team in spider removal. The wife’s role is to serve as the alarm; she shall scream and carry on like a ninny.

    The husband shall then destroy and remove the spider, usually by soiling a magazine or shoe belonging to the wife with spider guts, and that she shall then thoughtlessly chastise him about.”

    All spelled out, right here. Can’t get any more clear.

  25. It was one of those flat, sideways-oriented ones. Like a tiny dark brown crab. So nasty.

  26. You can barely tell jimbro!

  27. If you do manage to find it you ought to breed it.

    Tiny Dark Brown Crab Spider venom is toxic to slugs.

  28. Too true re: spider removal. I know one couple where the wife (whom I am otherwise afeared of) has to have them called “teddy bears” around her. The husband, no slouch of masculinity, is something of a “spider whisperer” with an impressive record of live relocations of arachnids.

    Me, I just kill ’em on sight, effin’ horrors.

  29. It’s hard to breed spiders. The stud horses all get eaten.

  30. Florida has amended the Union husband/wife rule book (DeSantis kicks ass) to include cockroaches or as we like to call them “palmetto bugs.”

  31. I saw an ENT about 15 years ago because my then Pulmonologist wanted me checked for my nasal airway. I’ve known for years that one of my nostrils was a little narrower than the other and attributed it to getting my nose broken during a HS basketball game. He put the kibbosh on that and said, rather smugly, that it was a rather common developmental anomaly that I should have learned about in med school. It was all I could do not to break his nose.

  32. Right, because his specialty should be far and away the most important thing you learned about in med school.

  33. Yea Pat’s nose is all messed up. His doc was super nice not smug.

  34. I kill them when I see them, but only as a service to the species. Trying to select for ones that are better at stealth.

  35. Miking spiders is challenging too.


  37. Pretty sure that doesn’t work with horses. Only one chamber, can’t vomit, can’t burp. Bloat is pretty close to a death sentence for them.



    Somewhat worse than spiders.

  40. spiders creep me out, but not paralysis creep out. I’m not of the relocation camp either. I know, they eat bugs, but there are more spiders where that one came from. Not to creep anyone out.

  41. aren’t palmetto bugs a bit bigger than cockroaches?

  42. Fun fact: my mom refers to box elder bugs as democrats. she kills them by the hundreds with soap water.

    These are a thing in Iowa, never saw them anywhere else.

  43. It’s incredibly hard to see why healthcare institutions, despite loads of evidence pointing towards their ineffectiveness, still require masks to be worn.
    In a class a few days ago a student in one of my groups summed it up perfectly.

    She told us that she took her 3 year old to the doctor and was happy that the kids were wearing masks. Some other kid was coughing a lot and it made her feel better to know the kid had a mask on.

    Feel better.

    That’s it. And by the way, everyone was about 18 months behind on the actual evidence. But that doesn’t matter. Covid is about politics, not public health.

  44. Heh, clintbird from the top turnbuckle on FB

    Happy National Women’s Day!

  45. But we know that already. Just like we know the vast majority of transwomen are just autogynophiles.

  46. hahahahah I meant milking. I don’t know who mike is but he’s been shafted.

  47. amen to that, MJ. The healthcare one. Haven’t googled the auto thingy yet (yeah, I know it’s manswimmer sex games thing)

  48. *mic check, check

    *going in to mare’s shoe now, lets see what happens


    see, miking spiders isn’t hard! Now lets see what laura does when we put a spider inside a strange bunch of vegetables

  49. Comment by lumps on March 9, 2023 8:39 am

    Somewhat worse than spiders.



  50. I think that some evidence of the rampant autogynephilia is the over-the-top depiction of a female that is adopted by the freak. The more overtly female the bigger the boner.

  51. Concerning the horse testicle video up above: it was a right of passage in the community and culture that I grew up in to eat young bull testicles. Breaded and deep fried if you were civilized, raw if you were a drunken or drugged up semi-outlaw. I managed to escape my youth without consuming any and am now pushing 63 still without consuming any. Im thinking I’ll make it to the grave without having the testicles of another mammal enter my mouth. I wish I could say the same for your mom.

  52. Oh and by the way, the swimmer from Yale was very active on autogyophilia sites. He’s attracted to women, so is a straight man, but wants to have sex with a woman while pretending to be a woman.

  53. Today’s Goldsteins are still Tucker but with a dash of Desantis.

  54. up here they are rocky mountain oysters. what do you texans refer to them as?

  55. geez, the porn these kids need nowadays is getting a lot stronger

  56. is it funny that when MJ said goldsteins the first time I thought of proteinwisdom, not 1984?

  57. geez, there’s a dusting of snow here, and schools are closing.

  58. I watched my dad save a couple of bloated calves using a similar technique. But if I remember correctly, his bleed off pipe or whatever you call it was designed to stay inserted in the hole and keep it open until the calf felt good enough to get up and move around. Then, he’d pull it out (whore mouths and shit) and vacate the premises. I don’t remember all the specifics but it has something to do with eating too much live, leafy grass (winter wheat) when the temperature is too cold. You have to drive them out of the wheat patch and supplement their feed with dry hay.

    There’s your ag lesson for the day. You’re welcome.

  59. Eating testicles (from animals) is one of the rare instances where you actually can do the primitive sympathetic magic that garbage like Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on. You really do get some of the T, assuming you don’t overcook them.

    But, I’ll still pass. I considered trying to harvest them from my rams, but I just couldn’t. Felt wasteful to dump those and not kidneys (which are awful and make your sweat stink) but I couldn’t make myself free them for the organ bag.

  60. up here they are rocky mountain oysters. what do you texans refer to them as?


  61. When I interviewed for my fellowship in Denver I went to a Colorado Rockies game with one of the attendings and his wife and kids. He ordered the Rocky Mountain Oysters and a beer. I thought, “When in Rome … “ and got them too. Deep frying almost anything can make it palatable

  62. All organ meat is pet food in my book. I had to eat calf brain and liver as a kid and I fucking hated it. I haven’t eaten either since I left my mama’s table. Heart, kidneys, testicles, tripe, all that shit can go in the dog dish as far as I’m concerned. Hell, I’d rather eat raw vegetables.

  63. They knew I was a Yankee when I asked where the tartar sauce was lol

  64. Tartar or Cocktail on your nuts? There’s a topic for another day.

  65. haha, dad and grandpa would get a batch of brains for eggs. Never liked those, never liked liver. oysters I would eat at the Amvets fry once a year. Like jimbro said, breading covers a lot of flaws.

  66. Comment by Senor Pendejo on March 9, 2023 9:21 am

    All organ meat is pet food in my book.

    – – – – – –

    Agreed. I suspect that part of the reason Mad Cow Disease was such big thing in the UK was because of their penchant for cooking organ meats and brains in various traditional dishes. Which if you think about it, were only traditional because peasant people will eat anything and everything when you are on the verge of starvation all the time.

    I was in Cornwall for work for several months back in the early 1980’s and we often went out to eat steak at local pubs. Apparently that time period and Mad Cow Disease intersected. As a result, the Red Cross said I couldn’t donate blood.

  67. I grew up in the suburbs of chicago. The closest I got to anything organ related was a chicago hot dog.

    No ketchup!

  68. So The Turtle took a spill at a hotel? I see my favorite senator Ernst wishing him a speedy recovery.

  69. on Deace one of the Buy Sell or Hold entries was Kari Lake should move home to Iowa and primary Ernst. I was aroused.

  70. Chaim Topol has passed at age 87. Most know him from Fiddler on the Roof

    I will always remember him as the hero who helped save the human race from slavery under Ming the Merciless.

    He threw himself into this role. His “mind wipe” was how I first learned of the Holocaust.

  71. twitter: FBI caught lying and destroying evidence in court

    Proud Boys are seditious traitors, though!

    No, they were dreamed up by a comedian.

  72. Mad Cow mostly came from supplementing beef feed minerals with bone meal from cows, as I understand it. Cooking organs from non-cannibal cows is generally safe, the problem is feeding cow to cow.

  73. ha, now I’m gonna have Flash! by queen on repeat all day.

  74. that is correct, leon. USDA labs in Ames are a main researcher of this. One of my friends works on it.

  75. “Side note, since I saw people were talking about not drinking earlier…my sponsor celebrated 47 years sober today. He’s been sober sixteen days longer than I’ve been ALIVE.”

    That’s super cool, Sean. Good for him.

  76. I’m mostly okay with rendering what we don’t eat to use for other things, but the Brits were careless (or just ignorant) about where the waste streams were going. Put the same bone meal in flock raiser or dog food and there’s no problem at all.

  77. Montana was really quick to drop mask mandates (and they were loosley enforced when they existed) except for schools, libraries, courthouses, and hospitals. The only place they still exist is hospitals, where visitors still have to mask, but not all of the employees do.

  78. I think the issue of my time in the UK was that nobody knew how Mad Cow was jumping from cows to humans. They suspected how it was spreading cow to cow, which was what Leon described.
    But it was assumed that all UK beef was suspect for having the Mad Cow prions. Any beef consumption was treated as a risk of transmission of the prions to humans. I still don’t know if the Red Cross has lifted their donor ban.

  79. The schools part was a huge sore point for one of my kids. He got jabbed, not because he wanted to, but because he hated the mask so much and the school district said they couldn’t re-open until everyone was vaxxed. Then they said “screw you, kids, we’re keeping the mandate anyway hahaha!” Then the teachers who enforced the mandates complained, so they didn’t have to wear masks, but they still got to enforce it against the kids. Imagine how my son felt about that.

  80. I take desiccated liver pills. No taste but maybe the benefits of liver without eating liver. *shivers*

  81. If I were a young person who’d been lied to and poisoned like that, I might have some thoughts about lamppost decorations for the upcoming Riot Season.

  82. Keeping score:

    Pendejo has not had mammal testicles in his mouth.
    Jimbro is a mammal testical eater.
    The winner?
    Your mom.

  83. Try kidney, mare. It will make you nostalgic and bring a yearning for the pleasing taste, aroma, and texture of liver.

  84. My father use to enjoy cooking liver and onions. My mother would always say, John, just throw away the pan when you’re done.

  85. I haven’t worn a mask anywhere except the doctors office in a year and a half. It seems like a different lifetime ago.

  86. I like to grind liver with a nice, big muscle meat cut, then make something spicy like meatloaf or meatballs. Onions help a lot with “milding” the liver taste, even sweetening it. Sage and fennel are also good spices for it. Dicing up a big head of fennel and reducing it in some butter and then putting that into a liver-heavy meatloaf? Oh man, that’s good stuff.

  87. that’s a danish favorite, leon, leverpostej. liver ground with pork and seasonings.

    I know, made up word, throws more frikadellar and ableskiver at you. In addition to medisterpolse and rullepolse

  88. My mother served liver and onions about once a year while I was growing up. I’m not sure why, because I don’t think anyone in the family particularly cared for the taste. It might be because it was thought to have some special health benefits. High in iron? Such were the 1950’s and 1960’s.

  89. Can’t fool me, Shakespear made up Denmark and Danish for a few of his plays. May as well say it’s from Gondor or Gilead.

  90. Gram for gram, liver is about the most nutritious food you can eat. Iron’s not usually an issue for anyone with red meat in their diet, but there are a dozen other micronutrients that you almost can’t get anywhere else.

  91. I think it’s funny that of all places the Dr’s office still makes you mask up.

  92. I think the doctor’s offices overbought masks to give to patients. They probably store all those masks next to their leeches and tobacco enema equipment.

  93. 0-care ran everyone with any integrity or independent thought out of practice, mare. Glorified technicians and pill dispensers are all that remain save for a few rare exceptions.

  94. Rural, that’s still on the blood donation questionnaire so I’d wager it’s still an exclusion criteria. I’ve heard they’re removing buggery from the exclusion criteria so there’s that.

  95. The closest I got to anything organ related was a chicago hot dog.
    I’ll leave that one for Hotspur

    Your welcome

  96. There should be a pool for guessing when the Red Cross puts Covid mRNA vaccination status on their blood donation questionnaire.
    How much more science has to occur before they acknowledge that is a concern? And how much more flipping of the narrative and media self-forgiveness will have to occur before that science is widely reported, forcing the Red Cross to add that question?

  97. Autogynophelia is so obvious that I’m mad I didn’t figure this out on my own.

    On the other hand, figuring out sexual fetishes is not my strong suit. It’s all acting out abuse/porn addiction to me. It’s sad but I have no patience for the perpetration of more evil.

  98. Hannibal Lector explained it pretty well.

    “He covets”.

  99. Meagain Kelly covering Tucker’s expose brings up different viewpoints. The Federalist’s Emily Jahinsky [sic] definitely brings up different views. None I have problems with, but definitely disagree, re: stolen election. All agree it isn’t an insurrection, but the focus on violence is way different than mine.

  100. So ask yourself one thing: In all the post-broadcast ranting about the Tucker Carlson Menace—and let’s not kid ourselves, he may invade Poland at any moment—how many politicians and media figures have you heard specifically addressing Carlson’s three narrow fact claims about Chansley, Hawley, and Sicknick?

    When someone makes specific claims, and the responses are not specific, the response is not a response. It’s chaff, and it’s meant to cloud the air.

    Read the whole thing, very good

  101. Gotta love Robby Starbuck
    I watched the first response and it was good. However, I’d put it a little differently. The areas where most gun homicides occur are run by democrats. Very true. And it’s also true to a degree that those places tend to be softer on crime. But in those places, the people themselves are ok with the murders. They simply don’t care and prefer to keep killing to settle the killing. About 25% of murders result in an arrest in Chicago, for example.

  102. The nationwide murder case closure rate has actually plummeted to 50%, largely driven by places like Chicago, LA, and Baltimore.

  103. Murder killed it.

    Ironic, really.

  104. Had a design review board meeting yesterday via zoom, and the new planning department representative for our board is an obvious chick with a dude haircut – name is Hank. So, when asked to introduce herself she began by saying that for the special needs participants blah blah blah… she went on to describe her appearance – light skin color, dark hair, blue sweater. (yeah, like someone who can’t fucking see is going to tune in to a building design review meeting. And BTW how does a blind person know what the fuck blue is?)

    Of course she added that her pronoun in they. I guess we’re supposed to pretend she’s a dude.

    Fucking narcissist cunt.

  105. Madness should be treated, not indulged.

  106. Problem is, everyone just smiled and nodded. Except me, I just sort of scowled.

    I’m the chair this year so fuck all of them. Kick me off then go fuck yourselves.

  107. Evidently McConnell tripped and fell last night, and is in the hospital.

    I think he has a potato up his ass, but it’s unconfirmed.

  108. Why didn’t you ask why she did all of that? It’s one of my favorite things to do.

    They can’t call you out for being a dick if you’re really sincere. At first, they really try to answer appropriately and as you keep asking questions, it dawns on them but they have to keep being nice.

  109. I mean, Hotspur does live in /near Ann Arbor. He did this to himself/them-self.

  110. My pronouns are now potatohe, potatohis, potatohim.

  111. I mean, Hotspur does live in /near Ann Arbor. He did this to himself/them-self.

    I know, but we’re sort of settled here, and we’re old.

  112. I love that the joint where McConnell tested gravity was a former Trump joint.

  113. I know, but we’re sort of settled here, and we’re old.

    Then find a new and more interesting way to fuck with ’em. They’re obviously a little stupid, so there should be plenty opportunities.

  114. WOO HOO! My birfday presents are here! Behold my beautiful long hard black shaft:

  115. It’s not Hotspur’s fault that the asylums closed and sent the inmates to his town. If we all just retreat every time the communists advance, they’ll just push us into the sea.

  116. I think he has a potato up his ass, but it’s unconfirmed.

    You misspelled pineapple

  117. When I moved to Ann Arbor in ’77, republicans held a majority on city council.

    That has changed. There hasn’t been a republican on council for probably 20 years.

    Back when the first council was sworn in that was all democrat, one of their first accomplishments was designating the republican caucus room as the breast feeding privacy space.

    You probably think I’m making that up.

  118. Some commentor at AoS said it was a shame that Mitch didn’t have a neck to break in a fall, or he might have.

  119. A $500 pool cue? You better start playing for real money.

  120. Told my wife I was going to quit my job and get forklift certified.

    I can’t repeat her exact comments here, but I think she was nervous about being able to keep me loyal with all the wimmenfolk throwing themselves at me if I did that.

    This did nothing whatsoever to discourage me.

  121. I mean, seriously guys. This band is amazing:

  122. […] is eating WHAT? Moose […]

  123. I can’t repeat her exact comments here

    “pussy magnet”

    That’s my guess. Am I right? Close? Warm?


  125. Warm, but her actual description was… graphic. I was shocked.

    Well, not that shocked.

  126. A $500 pool cue? You better start playing for real money.

    Oh no, that’s $500 just for a new front end of the pool cue. The back end of my cue is considerably more expensive than that.

  127. Dang.

  128. HEY y’all. Since the topic de jour is repulsive things you’d never put in your mouth, much less swallow. Why aren’t we including the wanker that keeps hitting your mom?
    Anyone??? Hoosier Daddy?


  130. ChatGPT is going to further destroy search engines. You’ll get a generated article as link 1.

  131. Is this real or just someone making shit up?

  132. Oso,

    Looks like your Collin bet was a good one.

  133. I had a thought about trolling Wiser’s radio station, calling them up tomorrow and asking where’s Wiser.

  134. Danny eagerly responded, “Present!”

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