Saturday memes 03-11-23

Let’s see what we have for today.
This is me. “I paid good money for this house, there’d better not be any monsters in it.”

Let’s get the political ones out of the way.


Still seeing way too many $$$ ads.



Good call.


Speaking of low IQ.

Now for some truly Hostage memes.

Mrs. Peel or me?

My kids.


Oh no.


Bodiceripper for sure.


Work on that aim.

Anyone doing handyman work today?

Speaking of fixing things.

Mr. RFH had a hand-me-down station wagon that would fit the bill here.


For MJ.

For me.

For Pupster.

And finally…

Squishy hugs, and y’all have a good day.


  1. Hah, I thought Jimbro’s comment was part of the poat.

  2. I can’t find how to change the line above the comments field. Really sick of Mulvaney, can we please kick him off here.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. I know I’ve changed it in the past, but now I can’t find the setting page for it. So annoying.

  5. When I’ve found it, it’s mostly just been a lucky find.

  6. I’ve been in every WP menu option, I’m about to cut a bitch.

  7. I don’t know where the menu is either. I also don’t know who keeps changing it either but I have my suspicions.

  8. While we’re pondering the Dylan Mulvaney sperm comment I wanted to go back to the taped eye discussion from yesterday. The tape is supposed to PREVENT corneal abrasions in an anesthetized patient who cannot blink or close their eyes completely for the duration of the procedure. For some long procedures they even put in Lacri-lube before taping and use a special mask when they patient is prone to keep pressure off of the eyeballs because pressure combined with deliberate hypotension to decrease bleeding can lead to blindness not just a scratch.

    The tape most often used is something called Hy-tape or just pink tape. Second most common is 3M “clear tape” aka Transpore.

  9. I just took a tour of the dashboard and couldn’t find it. I’ve seen it before but it’s always a surprise when I stumble across it.

    I’m guessing my suspicions as to who the identity of the comment box changer is are the same as Pups.

  10. It’s literally nowhere that it ought to be.

  11. I don’t get the Kmart clock thing.

    This is my first full day of being 74, so maybe that’s it.

  12. It’s literally only available in Classic View.

    Worpress is a fucking shitshow of a company.

  13. Happy Birthday Hotspur? Let’s meet for a cigar at 9:77.

  14. I looked where their own help said it was, and it fucking wasn’t, because regression testing is only for professionals, and they are turd-flinging monkeys.

  15. Thanks Leon.

  16. When I had my cataract thing done they taped a plastic cup with a screen over the eye. Same thing happened. The tape left glue all over the fucking place. I had to use acetone (nail polish remover) to get it off.

    We can cut out a shit cornea and put in a new space age one that twinkles at night, but we can’t invent tape that doesn’t tattoo you for a week.

  17. I’m sorry I didn’t send a card Hotspur, but I got you one of these:

    ^Imgur Link^

  18. I did some research on the whole comment title thing. You may find this helpful.

  19. Happy birthday, Hotspur. And Michael.

  20. The premium tape is reserved for patients who pay the entire bill with cash. Based on your experience I’d wager you went with some plan akin to Obamacare. Better check the warranty on your cornea

  21. If your link doesn’t work on purpose Tim, 1) dick move, and 2) hahahahaaa

  22. Leon, how do you get to classic?

  23. Also happy birthday to Brewfan.

  24. Jesus.

  25. Ack. Badlink was not intended.

  26. There’s a View button, Lumps. Lets you switch to the UI that actually works.

  27. Well SOMEBODY figured it out, so there’s that

  28. Rumor is the unroyals Harry and Megan had most of their money in the SV bank.
    Whoops! WHOOPSIE!

  29. OH NO!

    … anyway.

  30. Just got around to reading that Bon Appetit article. This line is a masterpiece and made me laugh.

    “Later that year, for the June “Pride” edition (which was truly indistinguishable from the other editions), the magazine featured an article titled “I Realized I Was Trans While Making Cheese” and a recipe for “Big Queer Cold Noodles.” Yum?”

    I’ve never subscribed to a cooking magazine but my ex wife used to get Cook’s Illustrated and never read or use it which provides a partial explanation for her being my ex. My current PO Box used to be the local hair studio’s and every now and then magazines meant for them end up in there. I leave the Cosmo, Vanity Fair and Allure magazines on the counter but I’ve grabbed a few cooking magazines over the years and read enough of them to know why I don’t subscribe to them regularly.

  31. Howie Carr was talking about the Silicon Valley Bank thing yesterday and his co-hosts were talking about their local branches which was surprising for me to hear. I had never heard of them before their collapse and just thought of it as in Silicon Valley and perhaps online.

    They have a shitton of locations in MA. I only have a vague idea of how they collapsed based on reading one article. Hopefully this is not the start of a nationwide bank run. If so, it’s been my pleasure to make all y’alls acquaintances.

  32. Comment by lumps on March 10, 2023 8:50 am

    You guys keep picking on this cute kid and Pupster’s gonna have a sadz and then also whack you with a ‘pointy elbows’ meme. Followed by a horrendous whale for next BBF.

    Heh. I guess when you’ve been doing BBF as long as I have you can become predictable. I thought she was a cute kid too, maybe a finalist. *shrugs*

    Next week’s BBF is done. None of you jackholes except lumps deserve what I serve up on Fridays.

    In other Pupster news, the 5-Lined Skinks have awakened from hibernation and are foraging and the other f-word on my porch.

    +2 lizards

    I’m going to have to build some new lizard habitat soon, I want to clean up the junk piles they are living in before they start nesting and laying eggs this year.

  33. Lizard Husbandry 101

  34. Last night, we watched the finale for this season of The Wingfeather Saga on Angel Studios. It’s a kids’ fantasy animated show. The bad guys are lizards, so it ties in with Pupster’s farm. It’s good enough, I’ve ordered the book set and look forward to reading them.

    Angel Studios also does The Chosen and some other shows that are all crowd-funded and so aren’t Hollywood crap. It was refreshing to have an original story.

  35. Someone change the timestamp on the blog?

  36. Great poat, Roamy!

    My favorite was the call to Michael Vick. And that clock…


  37. The other f-word.

    Fracking? It’s like Pups has his own lizard universe.

  38. Lizards are just misunderstood, not inherently evil.

  39. None of you jackholes except lumps deserve what I serve up on Fridays.

  40. Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.

  41. Comment by leoncaruthers on March 12, 2023 12:21 am
    Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.



    But you have to admit, we are jackholes.

  42. Jimbro is a humanitarian.

  43. I’d probably believe anything that guy told me about lobster.

    Lobster tears can cure cancer. Unfortunately lobsters are born stoics who consider emotional displays abhorrent.

  44. “I’d probably believe anything that guy told me about lobster.”


  45. But you have to admit, we are jackholes.

    I don’t need to be reminded. It’s already Lent.

  46. Went to Confession today. It’s odd, I take my usual vices but think nothing of them anymore. I’m trying but I’m weak and I know those are okay so long as I’m at least making some effort. There’s like nothing at all written for despair. There are libraries of books and umptee-thousand websites and whatnot for scrupulosity, but there seems to be a single strategy for fighting despair, with all the weight and depth you might expect from a diversity appointment to DoT. That strategy?


    Oh, okay, well that fixes it. If I ever get through this, I’m writing the definitive go-to book for this shit, because there ain’t one out there or I’d have found it.

  47. Father was slightly more helpful than that today, but there’s just not much out there.

  48. I can’t state with 100% certainty but that lobsterman sounded like a Masshole. They all take the same conservation measures to preserve the fishery.

  49. Leon, despair is a tough nut. You can’t enjoy the good things in your life. Sometimes the only thing that helps is sunny days, hard yard work, and nookie. Wait patiently for Spring, young man.

    If your sleep is shitty, get off the sauce and try my magnesium supplement. It’s the bees’ knees.

  50. Yeah. No sunlight between depression and despair. The day I figured out my real problem was the day I figured out no pill would help me. Fellowship helps. Find voices to crowd out the garbage voices. That’s what helps me.

    Remember, isolation kills. And the Adversary is working overtime to isolate us.

  51. It’s not exactly depression. If things looked bleak but I was confident of an eternal reward and future peace, I would be okay. As it is things are bleak and expect them to only get worse until I die, then much worse, forever.

  52. Having a distraction helps, too. Also to make plans, a design for something to do in the future, whether it is a task or a pleasure, doesn’t matter.

    But before any of that, address your physiological situation. We already know you’re getting no sunshine this time of year in your latitude. Are you sleeping okay? Maybe you need blackout curtains and a white noise machine (I LOVE mine). Are you eating too close to bed time?
    Are you sedentary much of the day? Do you have your computer screen set to switch off the blue light at a reasonable time of the evening?
    Are you frazzled? Do you get any time to sit quietly and collect your thoughts or are you in a whirlwind all day?
    etc. and so forth

  53. Ah, okay, despair, I know. But that eternal salvation part is not my wheelhouse.

  54. You may not be able to see it when you’re feeling badly, but maybe you could get off your own back a bit. I think of you as a capable man, a good provider, with a lovely family and a nice plot of land and good prospects.
    You have a lot of options, and hopefully time to work on the rest of the stuff you’re troubled about.

  55. And you may be a bit of an uncompromising perfectionist.

  56. What’s a sun?

    I’m doing literally everything that should create depression, but it’s a hard spiral to crack. I’ve got no energy to undo it because I’m already doing all of it. Sleep is about the only thing I’m doing right. Completely sedentary at this point. My longest walk is to the garage to check on the birbs.

  57. Reconciliation is my lifeboat. I would deny myself the Eucharist, because I was harder on myself than my confessors. It took awhile.

  58. I average 1 Eucharist every 2 months.

  59. I actually had a confessor tell me to relax about that by telling me that I was “not Nancy Pelosi or anything”. That was pretty fantastic.

  60. Little guys getting wiped out, again.

  61. If you want a real sense of how effed up crypto is, Robux (the in-Universe currency for Roblox) is the most stable and reliable of them by a mile, and kids just use that shit to customize avatards.

  62. We’re parish shopping, again. So far, we are at our geographical parish. Vietnamese priest has reined in most of the nonsense.

  63. Try this, Leon

  64. Happy belated 🎊🎉🎂 Hotspur

  65. The blog clock is fucked.

  66. That or I’m hallucinating.

  67. Someone clicked on the TZ when looking for the comment prompt. I’ll fix it in the morning if no one else does.

  68. Happy 327th birthday, Hotspur. You don’t look a day over 322.

  69. Leon, what do you believe happens after you die? Not just what the Church answer is, but what you personally believe.

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but since you seem to be struggling I’d like to see if I can help you dig.

  70. Deanna enjoys rain puddles.

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