Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born August 9th, 1994 in Rønne, Bornholm, Denmark. She stands 5′ 9” and measures 352435 and 135 lbs. Please welcome Miss Zienna Eve Sonne Williams.


  1. for pointing out today’s model.

  2. Good morning.
    You may find the boobs amazing but to me her waist is. It’s teensy! 24″ is pretty small. And the fact that she gave an accurate weight is also amazing.

  3. I like her “X Marks The Spots” bathing suit top

  4. I sent the dancing baby gif to the family and so far Paula has liked it. The other two deadbeats will see it when they finally wake teh fuck up

  5. Her teensy waist is all the e

  6. vidence you need that the Wendy’s burgers were just props

  7. Fat fingers and phones are a bad combo.

  8. I’d borrow her chap’s anytime

  9. Another amazingly breastacular job by the friday crew!

  10. Leopard print… does anybody really think that’s a good look? Wiser might be able to pull it off but most mere mortals can’t.

  11. 10/10 would smash. Great smile.

  12. Fun site that serves as a useful reminder that beautiful women weren’t created last week or something

  13. This is completely normal protocol for a president

    I can’t decide if this was an unintentional leak or a planned op to set the stage for Dementia Joe’s planned removal

  14. waze finally caught the car wreck this morning, enabling me to take another route. Only time it’s done this on the morning commute. Usually it doesn’t even blink.

  15. twitter: WTF is wrong with hospitals?

    Baby being denied a transplant because the baby isn’t vaccinated.

  16. Princess Elliot cannot stand rain, and would move

  17. a followup tweet:

    August’s Mom wanted it to be clear that the rest of the Vanderbilt cardiology team has been great to them. She said Dr. Bearl used the phrase “I am mandating” when he made the demand for August to be vaccinated. Using a child’s life to coerce parents is beyond unacceptable!

  18. “Bendy Thumb” Fetish

    New one to me.

    I remain impressed at the sheer number & variety of paraphilias out there.

  19. My dogs lay their ears back when forced to go out and do their business in the rain. Sorry pups, your bathroom is out there

  20. Be darned shame if Dr Bearl got famous.

    Darned shame.

  21. 13k every month. Holy crap, that’s a lot of dough.

  22. Methinks she’s displaying more than her thumbs

  23. She’s making enough to buy a puff piece in NYP.

    It’s not just thumbs

  24. I’ve been hitting the refresh button on the SCOTUS page all morning. First be opinion just hit (it’s a Medicare case written by Kagan, no one cares).

  25. But the breakdown is fun. Kagan, Thomas, Breyer, Sotomayor and Barrett, vs. Kavanaugh, Roberts, Alito and Gorsuch.

  26. The end of an error.

    What’s gonna get burnt down over the weekend?

  27. Now THAT’S an hour glass figure. Good job Pups.

    The summer riots should be extra spicy this year.

  28. Boom, it just hit. Roe is done. Roberts concurred in the judgement only.

  29. Donald John Trump. A philandering real estate developer and reality TV guy from Queens.

    Gave us the SCOTUS that reversed Roe.

  30. so now comes the burning times?

  31. Roberts is such a tool. His concurrence is the first thing I’m reading. He wanted to do a “chip away at the thing” kind of approach.

  32. No one joined Roberts’ concurrence. Sad!

  33. “Bendy Thumb” Fetish
    I have those thumbs. So long suckers.

  34. OMG – RvW.

    DJT, PBUH.

  35. Thomas, again

  36. Trump should now retire from public service and go back to entertainment and business.

    His work is done.

  37. Thomas says that in future cases, they should seek to reconsider all of this court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell.

    The absolute madman.

  38. and someone on twitter saying we owe Roberts an apology. Yeah, no.

  39. Sorry Jay, I was transcribing while you were linking.

    Catholic discord is giddy right now.

  40. Roberts is a vile creature.

  41. no prob, thought you might be translating too! Thomas-ese is quite stunning, and sometimes the deep is confusing

  42. This Roberts concurrence is the saddest thing ever. Nobody loves John.

  43. “The Court’s decision to overrule Roe and Casey is a serious jolt to the legal system – regardless of how you view those cases. A narrower decision rejecting the misguided viability line would be markedly less unsettling, and nothing more is needed to decide this case.”

    Poor, poor Roberts.

  44. so why didn’t he dissent? to give a narrower majority?

    Liar and performer.

  45. My heart rejoices over correcting the roe abomination, now I have to brace for the evil doctrine that will flow unfettered from Albany.
    The death cult there will waste no time in crafting allowances for all manner and timing of abortion and most likely will open the door to infanticide.
    The unelected troll at the head of the table here, is unhinged and too stupid to understand the eternal consequences of her inner rot.

  46. Markos of Daily Kos blaming the justices for this, and the senate of republicans not having enough popular vote gravitas. Selected by a minority!

    Told him to send a thank you note to Harry Reid. He did that.

  47. Kavanaugh, concurring:

    “The issue before this Court, however, is not the policy or morality of abortion. The issue before this Court is what the Constitution says about abortion. The Constitution does not take sides on the issue of abortion. The text of the Constitution does not refer to or encompass abortion.”

  48. If you told me ten years ago Donald Fucking Trump would contribute more to the moral renewal of our nation than any other President since Reagan I’d have had you committed.

    Strange angels, indeed.

  49. “Ronald Reagan? The actor!?”

  50. Then there’s super-duper weird fact that Thomas was appointed by Poppy Bush of all people.

    He failed at a lot of things, but knocked that one out of the park.

  51. Of course it’s also quite true that this was inevitable from any honest reading of law and the Constitution. RvW was an abomination on multiple grounds, and now it lies on the same ash heap as Dred Scott–and deservedly so.

  52. Kavanaugh went a bit off the rails at the end, expressing his opinion on a bunch of stuff not related to the case at all.

  53. Churchtop Koreans?

  54. Dr. Shooty McBeardface™
    · 10m
    Boo hoo all those leftist demons who moved to red states to destroy morality there, but now have to move back to blue states so they can continue killing their own children.

  55. John Hayward
    Wonder what they’re writing on the cards telling Joe Biden what to do when he addresses the Supreme Court decision.

  56. I like Shooty’s comment.

  57. Mini-me and I are doing the happy Snoopy dance. Going to have to earmark some $ for the pregnancy resource centers.

  58. Morning procedure notes for Spongebrain Shitpants:

    YOU take shower first, THEN put on clothes.
    YOU put on YOUR socks first, THEN the shoes.

  59. heh, Deace show is ignoring Dobbs at the beginning.

  60. I love that ace is awol today. It’s hilarious.

  61. oh, previously recorded!

  62. maybe he’s just not up yet

  63. heh, just saw the comment box comment

  64. Ace is late because shortages mean finding enough pudding is hard.

  65. youtube: Pelosi throws a fit during post-Roe press conference

    That’s the headline, but I don’t see the fit. What I expected from Pelosi though

  66. Flaming Skull up so he finally rousted himself out of bed.

  67. i’m not understanding the 5-4 6-3 difference

  68. 6-3 was the Mississippi part.

  69. Heh: Ruth Sent Me

  70. Scott’s right. Six justices agree that Mississippi’s law is constitutional. Five agree that Roe and Casey are gone, too.

  71. Oh Jay, that’s amazing!

  72. There’s nothing like eating a good Danish.

    Nice job, Pups!

  73. I just watched a woman on a train shouting at a bunch of children.

  74. For a place called Isle of Man, there are some femmy looking boys here.
    Also they have made the announcement twice over the ferry PA to not let your children run amuck, so that sums up this voyage pretty well.

  75. Also there’s a young lady wrapped up in a Stitch blanket. Will steal for Oso.

  76. Give the song of the day a chance if you like the hard stuff, it’s a banger.

  77. I listened, I liked

    Forgot to mention it because I was gobsmacked by her teensy waist

  78. So many heads aslpoding right now it D.C. Probably sounds like shitloads of firecrackers going off.

  79. The Borg won’t stay on deck 16.

    well said.

  80. twitter: MTG attacked by abortionists

    surprisingly (not) non violent response

  81. Everyone with danger hair has changed their avatars to handmaids tale or put tape on the mouths and snapped a selfie right?

  82. Time to take the Ukraine flags down

  83. Maybe the red handmade outfit could have a little Ukraine patch or something.

  84. The planned parenthood spokesman was so unbelievably gay. Totally weird to hear a gay man talking up abortion.

  85. haha, Crowder broadcast from the Supreme Court, and his reporter was on CNN.

  86. heh, jumping jacks for life!

  87. There’s gonna be a sex strike to protest the overturn of Roe.




  88. I must say, after the way SCOTUS sold out the Constitution over the ACA, them actually torpedoing RvW + Casey was a rather pleasant surprise…

  89. Roamy, Thank you. I have 3 Stitch blankets. Reminded by a priest friend to not gloat, but pray for the 63 million babies. I may be gloating a wee bit.

  90. “Crime rate” is a stupid and misleading statistic for any particular geographical area. If instead of counting crimes per X population, we counted criminals per square mile, a clarifying moment would occur in a lot of very dumb people’s minds.

    …back to your regularly scheduled boobs.

  91. Ah, but then people would notice where the crimes happened, and start asking why it was those places, and then the uncomfortable silences and mental gymnastics begin…

  92. That’d make for a great map lumpinator.

  93. I would guess/bet LE has them.

  94. The babykillers here are scheduling protests in Olympia and Seattle. They are too fookin’ stupid to realize that WA, OR, CA have leagalized abortion. Overturning Roe does nothing here…

  95. Blackmun, Burger, Douglas, Brennan, Stewart, Marshall, Powell.

  96. If Pupster was a baseball player, they’d be checking him for steroids right now. He’s on a hell of a run.

  97. In drug development we use statistical modeling to look for unexpected negative outcomes in phased trials. They basically look like a topo map.
    To further lumps’ idea, it’d be interesting to map crime, abortion and other normally agreed negative social conduct across the nation.

  98. Libs are eating their own again. Lots of left wingers blaming RGB & Obama for the ruthless SCOTUS decision on RvW.

  99. Lumps, I would love to see a map of criminals per square mile. We had a map of registered sex offenders and people were freaking out about how many lived close to schools.

  100. To further lumps’ idea, it’d be interesting to map crime, abortion and other normally agreed negative social conduct across the nation

    I would be very surprised if such a map didn’t directly mimic population density, pointing to what we already know, liberal enclaves ( I.e. urban areas) have the most problems. Not saying liberals caused the problems, but their solutions don’t work. And correcting a bad idea with another bad idea isn’t how problems are solved. Sometimes solutions to problems are painful.

  101. ‘Crime rate’ lets criminals off the hook, rhetorically, and therefore intellectually, to a lot of people. It makes it look like ‘crimes’ are these random events in a population, when actually it’s the same 200 sociopaths, hurting people over and over again.

  102. ^ take their “refund the police” idea. Now they’re running from it like their hair’s on fire.

  103. I was today years old when I learned about this:

  104. Those maps are out there, and are free. I used to use them when I was a consultant.

  105. Lumps, yep. Giuliani proved this as mayor. Here in the Q, our violent criminals have multiple warrants. The El Monte cop killer was a violent felon.

  106. My cousin was paid to go to SF, to study their reduction in crime. I was like “Stop prosecuting crime and you get a reduction in crime, duh. I just saved taxpayers $100,000.” He just won the D rat primary for State AG.

  107. I’ve already seen some screencaps of transwomen lamenting the ruling and actual women telling them to shut up because it’s not even their problem. Then the transphobia slurs fly.

    What a day.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  109. The demon in Pelosi is contorting in rage. Reminds me of the guy in Men in Black whose skin was hanging off his bones.

  110. Gotta laugh at Susan Collins reaction to scotus. 3 of them lied to her when facing nomination. That’s rich. How many times has she lied to get the job? Welcome to DC, toots.

  111. That picture of Nancy, it’s proof no matter how much you spend on plastic surgery, rage will expose the real inner self. Again, welcome to DC, toots.
    Not what you thought it was when Chicago Jesus handed you the big gavel, eh?

  112. Somewhere there’s a beautiful portrait of Nancy that gets prettier every year.

    Wait… that’s not right…


  114. Comedy gold.

  115. He’s got people on twatter who appear to legit believe he’s on SCOTUS and are sending him death threats.

  116. That Dankula stuff was great. Almost makes me wish I was on Twitter today. But if I were, I would be saying some distinctly un-Christian things, so probably for the best.

  117. Don’t poop!

  118. Catholic discord has memes of Biden as a deep-cover Vatican agent tasked with the overturn of Roe and reporting directly to Francis.

    It’s total bullshit but it’s hilarious and I hope it spills over into the leftosphere where at least a few people will buy it.

    If meme magic works, gay marriage is next.

  119. Are we getting close to national divorce? I feel like it may happen in my lifetime. Let’s be clear: they want us silenced, impoverished, utterly crushed and defeated, and oppressed forever, if not dead.

    But I…I do not wish any ill to these people. I want them to go in peace. I don’t want them to be unhappy. I take no pleasure in their howls of psychic pain. They should heal. This is what I want.

  120. Really though, I do shudder to think what they’ll do. I don’t think the left will stop at burning cities. This is a murderous rage and they don’t have any inhibitions or moral brakes.

  121. Same Lumpy, same.

  122. I hope they drop the molotovs on themselves while throwing and save us the trouble of having to fight them.

  123. The planned parenthood cathedrals are holding midnight mass vigils and passing out pride flags free of charge.

  124. heh, but the pride people don’t have to worry about abortion, they can’t conceive. Unless it’s trans, of course

  125. DC police had days off cancelled, they are on 12 hour shifts.

  126. wow, they doxxxed the justices again. DOJ is a joke, as the FBI is too.

  127. They can’t stop blaming Trump either. Pathetic

  128. If the DOJ were (1) smart and (2) doing their fucking jobs, the “doxxing” would be all bait addresses.

  129. Hey man, Biden is president and Catholic, SCOTUS is just doing what they were told…

  130. Let it burn

  131. When is carin shitting herself? That today?

  132. Oy, they started construction next door at 6 am.
    **leaves a squishy hug and a Diet Dr Pepper for Sean**
    ** laughs because once I typed in squishy, the rest was predictive text**

  133. Hey everyone. 8 mile run in a bit.

  134. Drugs enhanced Renee’s productivity.

  135. Susan Collins wasn’t lied to. She just was too stupid to understand what they were telling her.

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