1. WTF is up with getting sleep every other day?

  2. Beats me. I’m just glad for the occasional almost normal sleep.

  3. Beats getting it every other hour.

    Listen, I need to talk to the person who puts the punchlines in the wrong pun-dog block.

    It goes in the second block. SECOND.

  4. Gonna be beastly hot today. If I want to pick any lettuce I better do it now.

    BBL to throw a squid at you from my rickshaw.

  5. Beats getting it every other hour.

    This isn’t often enough for your mom, either.

    It goes in the second block. SECOND.

    RIGHT!? Really off-putting when people can’t respect basic social norms and decorum.

  6. Pun Dog laughs at your societal norms and everything else.

  7. WTFITS??

  8. Everybody must be out picking lettuce.

  9. I’m finishing my morning pot of coffee before I go move all the walnut tree remnants to the burn pile and then get the mobile fence out for the minis to start mowing the yard.

  10. Minidonks? Very cool. I have to do my own mowing here in a bit. Its been two weeks, and I’ve got a bunch of what I think are persimmon trees coming up. Can you bonsai persimmon?

  11. Maybe, not my area of ex spurt ease.

    Still only one minidonk, the other ‘mini’ is Ricardo Grande.

  12. All done

  13. The singer for the Cranberries passed away some years back. Very young, sad. Never did hear the cause, but I assume drugs.

    The thing about wasps – it’s the hideous way their back legs just hang down like that. GAH

  14. Did you poop?

  15. Mayflies do that too, Mitch. Gross.

  16. Dog sleeping reality is me. We gave up on Ollie in the crate after a week because it sets off some weird dynamic between the dogs. Lola gets in her crate and then we lure Ollie into his with a treat. Then all hell breaks loose with Lola barking like a crazy bag lady in her crate and Rowan acting like he wants to rip her apart. This goes on for 15 minutes and they settle. So now Ollie remains out of his crate and mimics the dog in the meme with his dead weight on my legs.

  17. Evidently, the Cranberries singer got drunk, passed out in the bathtub and drowned.

  18. 4 poops

  19. Ah, so that’s what it was Pepe. Booze, it’s a lot harder drug than people think it is.

    In other news, a muslim dude shot up a gay bar in Norway. During Pride Month no less! He should have been more respectful and waited for Wrath Month.

    In other other news Germany is shocked that Russia would limit gas supplies to them. It’s going to be a long, cold, hungry winter for a lot of people.

  20. Well, slept almost 3 hours. Weee!
    Will see if I should try to nap later or just go to bed at 7.

  21. Was watching Free form Friday w/Viva and Barnes…America’s Untold Stories on youtubes.
    Love it when Barnes and Groubert start going off with the knowledge. Our LE agencies have a long history of being dirty rotten rat bastards. Around 6 minutes in Barnes start talking about fbi creating boogeymen to keep grifting and the various ties to OK bombing/McVeigh/Garland, etc.

  22. I don’t get the one with the tall girl and the Japanese clerk.

    Several of these went into the dad joke file.

    The hotel we were in last night had a bazillion pride flags. Mini-me wondered out loud how many were required for proper virtue signaling, and Mr. RFH said it’s never enough. At least there weren’t any in the rooms, but they festooned the reception desk, the lobby, the restaurant, and the elevator.

  23. Front yard = mowed

    I’m sorry you are having trouble sleeping besafjjfhodjelnvdkas. Have you tried this:

  24. I don’t get the one with the tall girl and the Japanese clerk.

    Nothing to get, just a giantess shopping. Are the people friendly over there Roamie? Do you tell them y’alls Canadian?

  25. A couple of weeks ago I just found out Netfix had redone Man on Fire but in Italy and with Scott Glenn instead of Denzel. I made it about 10-15 minutes in before I turned it off. I’ll wait for anemic bear’s review.

  26. Why TF would anyone remake that?

  27. I mowed a few sections that had become wheat. I couldn’t finish the walnut branch relocation because the burn pile is already dangerously high. Caught some old galvanized mesh in the lawnmower blade and questioned whether life was really worth it while doing the extraction.

  28. Fire Pit Party at Leon’s Compound.

    Back yard trimmed not completely mowed.

    Lizard count – 0

  29. I may have to douse the whole thing in kerosene/motor oil to get it to burn. I keep trying but it’s just too sparse.

  30. If only you had some way of quickly lighting things on fire.

  31. If only you had some way of quickly lighting things on fire…

    From a distance, even….

  32. You’d be surprised how poorly MPP works for that. Great for flame weeding, but catching even dry wood on fire still takes kindling and a significantly elevated ambient temperature. I couldn’t catch a fallen pine tree on fire that was dry as a desert, and I really tried. Just isn’t sustained enough.

  33. I’ve run over chicken wire with my mower before

    Not a fun experience

  34. I may have to douse the whole thing in kerosene/motor oil to get it to burn. I keep trying but it’s just too sparse.

    *glances at Scott, who is frowning and rubbing his chin in thought*

  35. I already burnt through all the rotten hay I had in failed attempts, so soaking that in hydrocarbons is off the table too.

  36. Everyone here has been really nice. The cab driver this morning was a hoot – big Trump fan, thinks Biden is an idiot, went to Las Vegas before the pandemic, wants to take a month and see a lot more of America. I tipped him well (that and he didn’t pull any shenanigans like driving all over town).

  37. One of the biggest challenges they face is how to handle Northern Ireland post-Brexit. It’s an open border between the two Irelands, which was fine when both were EU. Derry is like 70% Catholic and would probably like to move to the south. Some of the other Northern Ireland cities are very much pro-Union, with big decorations for QE2’s jubilee.

  38. This hotel has some kind of pump on the plumbing, so every time you flush or run water in the sink or shower, it turns on with an incredibly loud WRROONNK! Nothing like announcing to half the hotel that you just took a dump. I can hear the pumps in the other rooms.

  39. Justice Dankula has declared the Itty Bitty Titty Comittee a terrorist organization.


  41. Irish plumbing was an adventure. Just figuring out how to turn on some of the showers was fun.

  42. But, they didn’t have any of the stupid water saving toilets or shower heads. Amazing how much better everything works when it isn’t restricted.

  43. since no one tips in Europe, are you treated like a rock star when it happens?

    or a mental patient?

  44. justice dankula is a treasure

  45. if you want to see a good movie, Father Stu

    sad movie? Father Stu

    uplifting movie? Father Stu

    it’s the quietest movie I’ve ever streamed. maxed out the volume and still couldn’t hear parts. almost like someone didn’t want you to hear it.

  46. Ragnar Wrap-up:

    34 miles. HOT AS HADES. Four poops (previously mentioned). 2 hours of sleep from Friday 5:45 until when we finished around 12 noon on Saturady.

    The two males team mates couldn’t finish. One missed is last leg and the other his last two. The women, of course, completed all their miles.

    It was … really fucking how . I had my first 8miles at 12:30 pm and I saw maybe TWO people actually running on the trail. Everyone else walked. Including me, most of the time. I ran that same trail at 3:30 this morning, and I think I was so messed up from running in the heat (at that points I was about 22 miles in) I was nuasuas the entire time and had to walk. In the dark. And my headlamp started dying around mile two – so I really had no choice but to just walk. So I just make the best of it and power walked. The sun started coming up for the last 45 minuets so I could see finally.

    I was so tired on the drive home I had to take a nap at a gas station. But I’m showered now, things are getting washed, my running stuff is mostly put away.

    It’s like it never happened.


  48. No stains on the skorts I hope

  49. Comment by Jimbro on June 25, 2022 6:14 pm

    — OnlyFans Girls Posting L’s (@OnlyFansPostinL) June 25, 2022

    Sluts irresponsible women that use abortion for birth control hardest hit.

    Funny, I was told that this was a wrenching decision that women make in extreme situations, and that nobody actually uses abortion for birth control.

    Did anybody ask her how many abortions she’s had?

  50. The thought didn’t cross my mind. I did note that her way of thinking, CREAMPIE BAN !!! was some sort of either sacrifice or protest she was making (I didn’t spend too much time analyzing her raison d’etre) and she thought posting it publicly was a good idea.

  51. Paula triaged a patient with a feared allergic reaction from a slug attack.

    These are the people who not only vote for Biden but also listen to Fauci and are planning on their 3rd booster as soon as it is released.

    First of all, slugs move … sluggishly. Next, slugs are herbivores so unless she was wearing a lettuce garment while relatively immobilized on the ground in the early morning hours before the sun got too hot she is probably going to be okay

  52. heh
    Slug attack

  53. When Jam said he was going to post a sad story I had just read this and thought it might be this one. It is tragically sad but it’s also inspiring to think how, despite all the negativity we see and hear about in the world, there are sparks of brilliance out there

  54. Oh no, no porn with internal ejaculations…

    Where’s my tiny violin?

  55. Well shoot, I guess I should start working on that rabbitry.

  56. I had to teach a young associate how to open a combination lock.

  57. Sad.

  58. “Isn’t there, like, an app or something?”

  59. Albuquerque High Schools don’t have lockers. I made fun of Dan having to teach young people how to open combination locks. This past week, it happened to me. Several associates leave their lockers unlocked. They don’t understand how combination locks work.

  60. I fell down a rabbit hole and read some lefty articles about how the woke are wrecking missions and destroying lives in progressive orgs, and also how they are doing that in regular-business corporations too. And in advanced scientific milieus as well, things like cancer research, where we all lose when some brilliant person gets crucified by idiots for no fucking reason.

    I am still failing to understand the power imbalance in which young woke dipshits who were hired ten minutes ago, are wreaking all this havoc upon older connected established people. All they have to do is stand up for themselves and back each other up. But no. The common thread is completely unnecessary cowardice.

  61. Could also be people looking for their chance to earn woke cred by jumping on the bandwagon and burning their old friends.

  62. True Story. I have a tendency to mimic speech patterns of the last person I talked to. I’m currently very Mocha.

  63. Mocha isn’t like the coffee. Specific Hispanic trout mouth translation

  64. I have the same habit. It was hell not to pick up the accent from the Italian bakery I worked at after high school.

  65. Dude. I’m not making fun.

  66. My diamond is small, but perfect. $3000 retrofit on my perfect diamond last Fall. I’ve lost so much weight, my ring is spinning. I can’t wear rings 24/7

  67. Delegates expected radical proposals.

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