Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born September 18th, 1996 in Warsaw, Poland. She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 362636 and 130 lbs. Please grab a Monster for Miss Izabela Izycka.


  1. One site listed Izabela’s hometown as Bydgoszcz, so who knows. Warsaw is a lot easier to spell.

  2. Kind of a funny thing with wordpress, I build these posts on another WP site for the media storage, and then copy and paste the content. WP tries to pick a “featured image” for the post after you save it, but since the media is in another folder sometimes you get some random pic from H2.

    After I finished this post I was thinking Izabela has a really unusual mouth, like oversized Heath Ledger Joker lips why so serious. I went back to the dashboard and WP helpfully picked a featured image to use as a poat icon:


  3. Yeah, her lips-to-breast ratio is actually about average.

  4. Models like this frustrate me. All the assets are in place but at no point does she seem happy to be there. Sort of kills the vibe.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Comment by Brother Tim on May 20, 2022 6:34 am
    Models like this frustrate me. All the assets are in place but at no point does she seem happy to be there. Sort of kills the vibe.


    I’m with Tim, you spend all this money trying to look like…a Frankenstein of all the parts men like but you’re not enjoying it.

    I like our huge-boobed BBF’s to be happy in their sluttyness.

    I used the word slut (although I don’t know if she is because I feel as a nation with a 1st Amendment, I can call her anything I like. F U Twitter.

  7. but at no point does she seem happy to be there
    Agree but this is Big BOOB Friday, not Big HAPPY Friday

  8. Agree but this is Big BOOB Friday, not Big HAPPY Friday

    True. But it’s still frustrating.

  9. I Titrate her as a 9/10

    If she smiled she’d get the full 10

    … so to speak

  10. I’m happy it’s Friday.

    She looks pretty to me, but yeah, what Jimbro said about smiling for the full 10.

  11. She has very pretty eyes and an otherwise nice face, but she had to do the lip bloatation? Big turnoff.

    Outstanding boobage tho.

  12. About Hunter’s emails off the Laptop From Hell, that’s been debunked! C’mon, 51 former security and intelligence officials vouched for it as Russian DISINFORMATION!!!

    I saw a story in the NY Post by Miranda Devine that one of Trump’s lawyers is following up on that fiasco. Like everything else nothing will come of it except the further undermining of the credibility of our institutions

  13. Yeah, the closest I could get to a smile is the smirk in the third from last black bikini picture. Also my favorite in the series.

  14. 9/10 would smash. Something about her I don’t like, though.

  15. quick search of the hunter emails…hoo boy

  16. Sobek – Last night’s setlist. So excited – my show is tuesday. I need to go see what Gojira is playing.


    Rocket Skates



    Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

    My Own Summer (Shove It)


    Swerve City

    Digital Bath

    Knife Prty



    Diamond Eyes


    Bloody Cape

    Change (In the House of Flies)



    Engine No. 9
    (with Cypress Hill’s “How I… more )

  17. She looks like a liberal.

  18. “Sobek – Last night’s setlist.”


  19. Right? Gojira’s is just as good.

  20. but she’s from Poland. Pretty sure they deport liberals there.

    Maybe it’s the miserable vibes.

  21. Born in ’96 so really didn’t live through the communism and Solidarność era

  22. If she smiled she’d get the full 10

    … so to speak



  23. House sold in 3 days. Of all the weird things to happen, a recently divorced couple ended up bidding against each other.

    Guess who won?

  24. I sure know who lost…

  25. I’m happy you don’t have the stress of trying to sell your home while moving into a new one. Dicey sometimes.

  26. Really need to add Poland to the travel bucket list. One of a handful of countries I’ve never been to (but want to go).

  27. In Frankfurt today, heading out for some Jagerschnitzel and beer shortly.

  28. Will gay clubs be shut down in the coming monkeypoxalypse, or will they remain open so the disease can spread?

  29. jagerschnitzel is weinerschnitzel basted in Jagermeister?

  30. Jaegerschnitzel is sausage made for and by giant fighting robots.

  31. David Bowie was reportedly an enjoyer of Jaggerschnitzel.

  32. Bowie apparently had an amazing Jaggerschnitzel.

  33. Sobek – Beware from around the start of the tour.

  34. “Jaegerschnitzel is sausage made for and by giant fighting robots.”

    That made me laugh so hard.

  35. “Sobek – Beware from around the start of the tour.”

    Saturday Night Wrist is a really uneven album, but Beware is great. That one and Kimdracula are the best.

    I saw from that set list that they’re doing Rocket Skates and My Own Summer. Those are both banging songs, but I’m a little skeptical that Chino can still explode through the vocals like that, so many years later.

  36. People have said his vocals are sounding great. He’s also only playing guitar on a few songs, so he can concentrate on the vocals.

  37. My own summer 2019.

  38. No matter what you tell yourself … it’s going to be a banging show.

  39. OMG, just watched that one I linked. When he screams and jumps into the crowd at the end I almost lost it. Might been banging my head and …I think I screamed a little.

  40. I gotta watch that agin.

  41. Last meeting of the week, then I can make and eat lunch.

  42. I saw news reports that the Supreme Court has “unscalable” barriers around it now. I was curious about that so I walked over there this morning, and I thought “I could totally scale those.”. Anyone who has run a Spartan race could.

    I didn’t expect to see any crowds there at 9:00 on a Friday morning, and I was right, but the people I did see there a) weren’t happy about the forthcoming Dobbs decision, and b) very clearly will never need abortion access, given their obvious disinterest for the D.

  43. Also, one of them said the justices were cowards for putting up the fences. I thought, but did not say, they were probably not as offended when Biden put up fences around the White House. They did not look like they were in the mood to be DESTROYED by FACTS and LOGIC.

  44. Usually those yelling the loudest are either not interested in the D, unless they’re a guy, or they’re pretty much past the age of worrying about an unwanted pregnancy.

  45. I doubt many at that crowd could scale it, so in that sense it is unscalable.

  46. I wonder if they lock their doors at night. Buncha cowards.

  47. I was curious about that so I walked over there this morning, and I thought “I could totally scale those.”

    Not in that outfit you couldn’t.

  48. Oh man, nerdrotic re-cut the She-Hulk trailer with the Ally McBeal themesong.

  49. “Not in that outfit you couldn’t.”

    Don’t doubt me.

  50. My new profile pic is the stuff.

  51. Disney+ promised investors 240M subscribers by 2024.

    She-Hulk and Miss Marvel ain’t gettin’ ya there.

  52. Oh man, nerdrotic re-cut the She-Hulk trailer with the Ally McBeal themesong.


    tues Critical drinker post is his “review” of this

  53. and nothing will happen to Disney for that, leon

  54. We’ll see, they’re currently at ~137M.

    Eventually, the market for Ally McHulk and Whor will be saturated, assuming it’s not already.

  55. wow, remember the story of the Texas Deputy that sued to get Ivermectin, couldn’t get it, and was basically left for dead in the hospital? Evidently his wife was rubbing the paste version of the medicine on his back when the doctors weren’t looking, on orders of his real doctor. They agreed not to tell anyone until he was out, for fear of hospital reprisals.

    He’s home with his family now.

  56. Lauren Boebert
    It took
    barely 24 hours of becoming a Republican for him to be Me Too’d.

    Do you see the way they play this game now?

  57. credit card for conservatives, coming soon

  58. My new profile pic is the stuff.

  59. Pups, that’s awesome.

  60. This finally happened.

  61. Please pray for the archbishop if you’ve a mind to, the target on his back will be large.

  62. Leon, that’s good to see. Obviously, her true god is abortion, so this won’t help her at all, but it helps the Church’s credibility, I think.

  63. It does. I’d heard rumors that she’d been quietly told not to take communion for quite some time, but a public declaration of such after decades of public work in opposition to Church teaching (and her likely nearing judgement) seems appropriate. It also means no Church burial unless she makes things right before the end.

  64. I also imagine that Bishop Cordileone was getting really, really tired of emails with “when are you going to ex-communicate Nancy?” in them.

  65. that goes back to 2013 and the Vatican

  66. Pelosi’s god is power. Abortion is a means to an end, a tool and a McGuffin to keep the hordes agitated.

  67. You misspelled ‘Moloch’, Tim.

  68. Moloch, Baal, all the same under the hood.

  69. Imgur video with sound:

  70. I had to verify that I was over 18 to watch that one Pups

  71. Hey, Gates, you can take your monkeypox and shove it up your ass.

    And by the way, that’s how you get it. Be immune-compromised like homosexuals with aids and you could be in a world of hurt.

    And, dummies who got boosted, your immune system is weaker than those who didn’t.

    We told you.

  72. Viruses hate the gays and the fatties.

  73. Title 42 stands, for now.
    I have 2 questions, first one, The illegal immigrants for the most part are fleeing what democrats want to do to this country, why are we opposed to future R voters, and why are democrats also in favor of it?
    Second, is there some international treaty or something that prevents us from dredging the Rio Grand making it too deep to wade across?

  74. Viruses hate the gays and the fatties.

    Aids loved the gays. Gay’s donated blood, Ryan White died because of gays. Aids virus was the pox God intended for our modern Sodom & Gammora society.

  75. Shit, I thought I closed that itallic.

  76. Good job, Pup. Another year end contender.

  77. It also means no Church burial unless she makes things right before the end.

    You forget what the thing that is the Pope these days. Pray for the Arch Bishop. Also pray God goes old testament when Nancy comes a knocking.

  78. I think I forgot an is in there, you guys and gals are smart enough to figure it out, I have faith in you…. for some strange reason…

  79. I’ve seen a few mentions of lifting the ban on gay blood donations.

    “Gay Blood”

    Technically, blood donated from men who have sex with men.

    For the sake of equity they’ll allow donations from people who have sex for money, IV drug abusers and people with Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease

  80. … it’s going to be a banging show.

    There’s a South Park episode involving boy bands that supports that observation

  81. That’s totally f***ed up, Jim Bro. I know a guy that works at a funeral home that had to deal with a Creutzfeldt–Jakob victim. He was seriously worried about it. Not just the immediate exposure, but C-J dwells on surfaces for a extremely long time. The usual cleaners don’t work to kill it. That’s one of the few things JNJ mandatory training taught me that was useful to know.

  82. Hey, Gates, you can take your monkeypox and shove it up your ass.

    Better yet, hey Gates, a pox upon your monkey.

  83. National gas price average today: $4.58, when Brandon took office it was $2.39. The trend has been a $.02 increase every Monday night, if the trend continues next week Brandon’s policies will have doubled the price of gas. Nice job asshole, the cost of my paying federal income & FICA taxes have doubled under your guidance in less than 2 years. Could you just have a stroke, die and spare us?

  84. Comment by Jimbro on May 20, 2022 7:02 am
    I Titrate her as a 9/10

    I first read that as if I was in Chemistry class, and was wondering how one would go about ti-trating a person.

    Then I realized you were tit-rating her, and it made a lot more sense.

  85. Jesse Waters is a shit show clown. Why ask a question if you’re gonna keep trying to interrupt the answer with another question? Fuckin ay.

  86. Jesse waters, $ 34 for a plate of chicken wings. Maybe in NYC, I pay $7 at Little Caesers. Get out of NYC, contrary to popular opinion, it’s not the center of the universe.

  87. Watching Star Trek TOS. Scotty is having transporter trouble, beams aboard TWO Captains Kirk. One clearly evil. “The Enemy Within”

  88. Amazing day of golf. I missed the skin between my sock and the Velcro on my Keens on my right foot…sunburn. Sunscreened my five head…forgot my part…ouch.

  89. Bones keeps all the liquor aboard locked up in his office it seems. Evil Kirk wants to put his bone in Yeoman Rand.

  90. PGA is very white. I was the only Mexican on our shuttle. I saw more blacks and Asians than Mexicans. Two groups of Mexicans from San Antonio. 11. Out of 45,000 people, I only counted 11. 2 groups of 5 and me.

  91. Giving them Peanut Butter is next.

  92. Mitch, I was watching Star Trek with you until I got voted down. Mr. RFH and Mini-me are playing a Harry Potter game on the Wii, so I don’t mind.

  93. Star Trek TNG up: Worf has severe indigestion apparently. Enterprise receives a distress call from an unknown centuries-old Earth space vehicle. Alas, from one of the seasons where Wil Wheaton is a space intern. “Up the Long Ladder”

  94. Klingons have a tea ceremony, because of course. The tea is poisonous, because of course.

    Distress call is from lost colony of Irish throwbacks having sun flare problems. 200 people and assorted livestock need rescue.

  95. Is that the one where Riker gets the Irish chick? She talks about washing her feet but says you start at the top and work your way down.

  96. Riker is smitten by colony leader’s sharp tongued daughter. They are going to bury a bone.

    Picard discovers that there is yet another colony.

  97. That’s the one RFH!

  98. Star Wars sux!!!!

  99. Nerds H8 when you conflate their obsession.

  100. Uh oh, second colony is tech advanced, but they are all clones.

    I vaguely remember this one. Clones are genetically degrading or something. Throwbacks & Clones will have to reintegrate. Picard arranges shotgun marriage.

  101. Clones express disgust with sex, requested new DNA, rejected. Clones abduct Riker and Dr. What’s her name, collect new DNA, avoids Geordi though. Racists. Riker and Dr discover plot and murders their growing clones in cold blood. Clonists.

  102. Dan gets a phone call on the 3rd Hole at the PGA. Confirmation about his Colonoscopy. Mine was free. His is $1500 deductible due to family history. Let’s all laugh at Dan

  103. Now up: Star Trek DS9. Dr. Bashir is having lunch with his friend the Cardassian spy. He’s turning 30 and grumpy. Gets propositioned by aggressive alien demanding prohibited medication. Denies and gets assaulted, meds stolen. Knocked unconscious, wakens to empty, wrecked station. “Distant Voices”

  104. Bashir is aging rapidly, and encounters most of the other regular characters, but they are all acting oddly. Discovers he’s in a coma, the station and characters are all aspects of himself. Has hours to live.

  105. Voyager and Enterprise are up next but I never got into those. DS9 was the pinnacle in the various TV series for me, though that episode wasn’t a good one.

  106. Oso,

    Glad you had fun at the PGA. I still haven’t made it to a tour event. We had sectionals for the US open at our course. They took lines on the tee I couldn’t dream of taking. You should’ve had some good golf to watch. It’s always interesting to see them struggle in the wind.

  107. DS9 is where I checked out on Star Trek. I didn’t hate it, I just stopped caring.

  108. Desiring enlightenment, Rodney prayed.

  109. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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