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Onomatopoeia vs Phonestheme and links to Synesthesia

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Just another weird partial thought – i assume my meds prolly need to be titrated better.

Twas thinking about borborygmi and had my normal internal chuckle (almost an out-loud tee-hee) about onomatopoeia.

ahemsound of clearing throat
arghexpression of annoyance or frustration
babbleto utter meaningless sounds
barfthe sound of puking
bawlloud cry
brrrsound of shivering
burpexpel gas from the stomach through the mouth
cacklea loud, unpleasant laugh
chompsound of bite or chew
clapthe sound you make when you strike both palms together
growllow rumbling sound
gulpsound of swallowing
harumphexpression of disdain or protest
hahasound of laughter
hee-heehigh-pitched laughter
garglethe act of bubbling liquid in the mouth
grrrsound of anger
humsing with closed lips
hushsound of being quiet or still
munchchew noisily
slamto close violently
screechsharp piercing cry
shushthe sound of silencing someone
shhsound of silencing
smackthe sound when you hit something or someone
tska sound of disapproval
how many are there?

Then i wondered about why some sounds conjure certain pictures/ideas and seems to be universally translatable …

Phonesthemes –

and what about Linguistic Iconicity and Ideophones….

Case in point – Ding Dong

another fine post that went almost nowhere.

Twas never good at languages, but i find it fascinating none the less.



  1. titrate

    A)To determine the concentration of (a solution) by titration or perform the operation of titration.

    2) Friday at H2

  2. I was co-editor of our med school “newspaper” in my second year. It was called Borborygmi. I wonder if they still publish it …

  3. Your mom loves a good Bouba-Kiki

  4. wakey wakey

    I knew Lauraw would “enjoy” or have good insight into my little long thing from yesterday. To have spent all that time writing all that long piece – he’s outraged he couldn’t get his drugs.

    Funny thing is the woman who shared it is a nurse, and last month (or so) she was all over the case of the poor nurse who gave the wrong meds to a patient and killed her.

    I asked my nurse IRL friend about that, and she said – given the facts that SHE read- the woman was criminal negligent. She also said that if her computer goes down – the system of verification – she’ll refuse to give meds unless it’s life and death. And it has happened. She said “I’m not losing my license” over someone in some pain.

    The chick is logically inconsistent (the person who was sympathetic to the drug addict. ) she is a liberal, as if you couldn’t have guessed.

  5. Manipulative. In person, and in the essay.

  6. I like how this article explains that it’s not BIDEN’s fault we’re not drilling more oil in the US. It’s the investors. Damn Wall Street.

    … who are … Biden voters and liberals.

  7. OMG, Lucy broke through the fence to go swimming … and of course didn’t want to come back because – PAIN. Now I just caught her getting into the dog treat bowl.

    I suppose a morning of illicit swimming can tire a puppy out.

  8. From what I read, the $28 million for Formula bill is nothing more than money they’re sending to the FDA.

    But the libs are accusing the few who voted against it as baby killers.

  9. How long until Texas or Alaska declares themselves a “drilling sanctuary state” and just gets away with it or kicks off CW2?

  10. Add Louisiana to that list

  11. We’ll see how long this medical journal keeps it before it is forced to take it down.

  12. If WW3 really does start, I expect that will trigger a whole lot of states to do some shrugging so they can keep from starving.

    Hell, Texas should consider a ‘joint prosperity sphere’ with Mexico.

  13. A)To determine the concentration of (a solution) by titration or perform the operation of titration.
    2) Friday at H2

  14. I don’t think there will be a WW3. Its too early for China, and Russia can’t really mount anything but a nuclear war.

  15. This box is where you tell us how retarded you are:


    I always know when Hotspur is in charge of the comment box. Like the sailors in charge of his mom’s box.


  16. Have you ever been in a good mood, got a lot done, read the news and all of the sudden you want to tell everyone to “eff off you stupid dumbasses?”

    Just me?

  17. I wish jam would stop making up words so he can use all the keys on his keyboard.

  18. I wonder where Scary Poppins will wind up. I know she’ll make a return appearance.

  19. Every once in awhile the news gets into my bubble but when I actually read anything written by ‘journalists’ its ends up being a review of recent tweets or the like.

    All news is basically…omg did you totally hear what he said? OR I’ve done 15 mins of research by looking through my tweets and now I know everything about ______ current thing.

  20. heh, thanks for the monkeypox substack. It was just what I thought it would be. There’s a reason it’s called MONKEYpox.

  21. usually reading the news just causes me to go “really?” with resting bitch face.

  22. MJ, the moment anything nuclear goes off, the press will announce WW3 and it will be on until they say it isn’t. It’ll be the reason everything sucks, the reason for inflation and shortages, the reason we have to outlaw the republican party, etc.

    Will WW3 actually be happening? How the fuck would we even know?

  23. I bet she’ll be around for a long time, which I love.

    She’s essentially a religious zealot. She’s 33 years old and acts like a tween – that’s not likely to change.


    You gotta read what she has on the slide. It’s hilarious. What an expert!

    Use a password manager! Use 2 factor authentication! Check sources!

    LOL – perfect person for her generation.

  25. I’ll lay down $50 she doesn’t have a single memorized phone number.

    $100 says she can’t remember one line of scripture.

  26. I will not participate as the moderator of an all-male panel, or “manel,” and I will seriously reconsider my participation if your organization has any manels on its agenda for the event in question.

    Yeah, she’s definitely all in on the female matriarchy.

  27. She’s giving a presentation in freakin Austria! It’s the embassy in Vienna.

  28. if we were going to go all conspiracy theory, what else came from Austria?

  29. twitter: this is the way

    Fight fire with fire. McKinney, Texas School Board President Amy Dankel has a Civil Rights lawsuit filed against her by Civil Rights attorney Paul Davis.

  30. Marie Antoinette?

  31. “I will not participate as the moderator of an all-male panel, or “manel,” and I will seriously reconsider my participation if your organization has any manels on its agenda for the event in question. If you need references for women experts, please ask, or better yet, consult Women Also Know Stuff, Foreign Policy Interrupted, SheSource, or Google.”

  32. Refresh is a friend

  33. wow, went down a rabbit hole!

    I’m wondering about vaccination. Since I took it, but refuse to get boosted, I should be in a better place than boosted, but not better than unvacc’d. Since I had covid too, I’m wondering about future resistance. Sounds like I’m a bit more likely to contract it again, as opposed to if I never got vaccinated. That spike protein is one tricky mofo, and it’s all due to a HIV sequence inserted into the spike, whether naturally (unlikely) or unnaturally (likely).

  34. and shedding is a thing

    brought about by studies of masking, ironically.

  35. leon, been keeping up with the Chrissie Mayr/Ethan Ralph sitch? I was curious what the hell is going on, but evidently he went Jack Murphy on her podcast?

  36. haha, it was precipitated by a mom joke

  37. Haven’t followed it, sorry. By “go Jack Murphy” do you mean talking about how to be a super-duper alpha male by getting rogered up the squeakhole? Because that’s how I understand that phrase.

  38. no, I mean losing your shit live on a podcast. But yes, that is what he’s famous for, now. It wasn’t at that time though.

  39. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 19, 2022 9:26 am
    youtube: want to watch a meltdown live?



    Jay, I have no idea who that “man” is but his issues are wide and deep.

  40. I’m going to make salmon jerky in my air fryer today?

  41. Ok?

  42. Didn’t mean to end with a question mark?

  43. Oh, shit, here comes the question game.

  44. Carin, I can’t see anything wrong with that vignette of that poor fellow in the hospital. It just seems like he is a blameless angel beset on all sides by bad luck and heartless brutes.
    Seriously, that’s a substance abuser with an ax to grind because he didn’t get the good drugs no matter what kind of show he put up. I doubt greatly that nurses swore at him and called him names or dumped him on the floor. I do believe he probably put himself on the floor and/or did other harmful or theatrical things to himself in the hospital and then blamed the staff.
    Also, nobody gives senna, colace, milk of mag, and mag citrate all together on day 3 of no poop. You give one, wait several hours or overnight for results, then you go to the next most powerful one, wait…etc. You don’t go ahead and put explosives under their butt until days later. Other dramatic exaggerations…”dozens” of IV sticks, etc., that’s a big no-no, if you can’t find a good vessel or get an IV started after a couple tries, you can’t keep poking the patient, you need to escalate it with the doc and get an IV team or another department in there to do it. Protocol depends on the hospital. But dozens…no, massive exaggeration.
    Also, since it happened more than once, he probably was deliberately uncooperative with working with PT and the other clinicians and then falsely blamed them/ his bladder/ the shits for him then missing the appointment. I’ve seen people with control issues do this repeatedly. They want to make the clinicians or therapists wait on them, or come back later. It’s a control game. But these staff don’t have that kind of time in the day. You miss them, frequently there is no coming back today. They didn’t really have much time for you in the first place. Stretched to the max.
    I do believe the part where nurses didn’t tell him about the extra prn pain meds he had available but didn’t know about. Sometimes after an operation, stuff is more or less automatically prescribed that you know is inappropriate for this kind of situation. So yeah, you don’t tell the patient about all the yummy opioids they have available for the asking, until you can get another doc to reevaluate and check the orders. Notice how he knew every med and the dosage. This patient will simply order the entire cocktail and knock himself out when he has the first opportunity. They are at the point where everybody knows who he is, he’s probably a massively self-centered demanding asshole every single trip (substance abusers are frequently like that), and computerized health records make his efforts to scam providers harder and harder. But the hospital people are bad because THIS time is for real!
    Another thing. He writes in a dramatic female voice. High dudgeon. And everybody is so mean to poor little me, an innocent angel. He’s not responsible for anything bad that ever happens to him. And he ‘shuts down’ when he hears all that icky God-talk. Right…the truly disgusting things this guy has very likely done and seen in the course of his addiction, but mention JC and he just can’t EVEN.

    As I mentioned, my bullshit meter pegged after the first few paragraphs (not luaruw’s, the douchebag’s). One insight that luaraw hit on that I think is worth considering is that it’s written in a female voice, so it may very well be a chick.

  45. mind blown on BBQ video: cholula hot sauce as a binder on pulled pork


  46. And Jam left out:
    and Mare’s favorite:

  47. Incorrect, it’s puke.

  48. And Jam left out:

    …and whatever the official noise for motorboating is.


  50. Feds have little influence over exploration and production of oil and gas in Texas due to owning very little land. Other than military bases, National parks, and wildlife reserves they own nothing. Texas joined the USA as a sovereign nation rather than as a territorial and kept all their public land. UT and TAMU own a shitload of the Permian basin though and that’s almost as bad.

  51. UT and TAMU own a shitload of the Permian basin though and that’s almost as bad.

    Them and what army?

  52. Alaska would be a much bigger deal, ditto any of the western states where the FedGov ‘owns’ giant swaths of land.

  53. Then isn’t the theory right about oil and gas leases, and TX is causing a lot of issues? I would think they would be drilling all they can, if they had the ability.

    My impression from online conversations is that leases are being held up, and the current ones are adjacent to new ones, which are needed to secure funding to explore more.

  54. AK is a whole different ball of string.

  55. hahaha, Kari Lake with a reporter before 2000 Mules

  56. *wonders if car in’s house smells like salmon now

  57. ?

  58. No it smells like fabulosa because I was cleaning.

  59. wait, you clean even when you don’t have company?


  60. It’s weird, I know.

  61. Calm down, Car in. Here’s some metal:

  62. I really need chevelle to go on tour again (right now they’re just doing festivals and opening for other bands).

    This song was magical live when I heard it. It was never one of my favorite songs by them (the Clincher has that title) , but it was amazing that night. It has a pretty long intro … over a minute twenty until you really even get anything. And then it backs down again for another minute or so. It was so building with energy that night.

  63. Evening is great. I’ve owned and worn out every Chevelle album since This Type of Thinking, up to North Corridor. I’m not as familiar with the first two or the last.

    The Clincher blew my freaking mind the first time I heard it. I had no idea it was Chevelle. I had no idea they could sound like that. I’ve been a fan ever since that song. It’s not my favorite anymore – too much competition for that – but there’s a special place in my heart for it.

  64. meh

  65. Comment by lumps on May 19, 2022 8:28 am

    We’ll see how long this medical journal keeps it before it is forced to take it down.
    Long article, interesting but needs my focus at a different time so I saved the link to read later. Printed it too just in case.

  66. The best song on This Type of Thinking is Breach Birth.

  67. Sent the link to a friend who responded later that he liked it. Also that he gave his resignation at work after his vaccine exemption extension was rejected. He was the first guy who got one at the hospital and was a ringleader in the effort. He’s an x-ray tech, young guy in his 30’s, married with a couple of kids. I’ll get him over for a cigar and get the rest of the story.

    My theory is that the hospital granted exemptions initially to avoid a personnel crisis and slowly and methodically made plans to pressure employees into the jab while planning their replacement if they refused. I still cannot believe they’re pushing the mRNA with the data proving it’s ineffective for all but the most elderly and has a rapid decrease in effectiveness.

  68. Breech

  69. For the kind of birth, yes. The name of the song is Breach.

  70. Best song on Vena Sera is a tie between Saferwaters and The Fad, depending on how screamy I feel:

  71. Even if we were sure it worked, the jab is for a variant from 2.5 years ago now. It’d be like getting innoculated for 2019 influenza.

  72. James, that was a good Toby Keith song.

    Wait, Aaron Lewis?

    I’m going to need some time to process this.

  73. This was next in the queue, love the lyrics

  74. even more different, eh?

  75. Carin, that is heartbreaking. I pray that girl finds happiness and contentment.

    What kills me is this, we (well, I for one) just adamantly want surgeons, psychologists, teachers, parents, and friends to wait until a confused person is at least an adult before encouraging any life-altering decisions with regard to gender.

  76. watched it live, jimbro, quite fun. Smiling even after having 2 homers off him

  77. This Type of thinking – Get some.

    Vena Sera – I get it is SO good. Well enough alone though. Love the harmony

    Wonder what’s Next: Forfeit

    North Corridor : Young Wicked

    Sci-Fi Crimes – shameful metaphors

    Niratias – too new for me to really decide, but Remember when was an early favorite.

    La Gargola: Choking Game

    Hats off to the Bull : Pinata

  78. Comment by Car in on May 19, 2022 3:54 pm
    This Type of thinking – Get some.

    Vena Sera – I get it is SO good. Well enough alone though. Love the harmony

    Wonder what’s Next: Forfeit

    North Corridor : Young Wicked

    Sci-Fi Crimes – shameful metaphors

    Niratias – too new for me to really decide, but Remember when was an early favorite.

    La Gargola: Choking Game

    Hats off to the Bull : Pinata


    I literally did not follow one word of this comment.


  79. Sobek and I are talking about the band Chevelle and fav songs off of each album.

  80. Oh good. I was worried it was a stroke.

  81. That’s silly. If I have stroke I’ll just disappear and you guys will left wondering what happened.

  82. Wow, Car in, not a single one. Closest we came was I Get It.

  83. The later in their catalogue we go, the harder it is to pick a favorite song, but I think Jawbreaker wins for La Gargola:

  84. Man, as soon as Jawbreaker starts up I get so PUMPED! Put on your stompy boots, it’s time to break stuff!

  85. Leon, I’ve gotten to the part in Faust. The title character doesn’t summon the devil to try to make a bargain with him. Instead, Faust is in despair because all of his learning has left him unsatisfied, so when Mephistopheles shows up, the devil offers the bargain and Faust accepts it.

  86. Really – aside from a few it’s a toss of the dice for me and more depends upon my mood.

  87. And it was one of my most favorite concerts.

  88. Dagen McDowel “get a hat that says ‘Clean Up On Aisle 46’ “.

    I’m down with that, make it a red truckers hat.

  89. JP has a song called “Jaw Breaker” that I think I like better, just my personal tastes. Halford’s vocal range was awesome.

  90. Smiling even after having 2 homers off him
    The baseball equivalent of a huge defensive lineman picking off a pass and running with it. My favorite of that genre:

  91. Vince Wilfork is a big fella.

  92. Today I learned things about Aaron Lewis.

  93. New Whitehouse spokesdyke can’t answer questions without reading scripted responses, watch her eyes when she answers questions. She’s same as Brandon, a puppet collecting a paycheck telling lies and has no control over her job. So, who is the puppet master? And fuck off if you’re answer is so lame you name Soros, he’s the financial backer, not the manipulator. There’s someone above him.

  94. Also that he gave his resignation at work after his vaccine exemption extension was rejected. He was the first guy who got one at the hospital and was a ringleader in the effort. He’s an x-ray tech, young guy in his 30’s, married with a couple of kids.

    Don’t even know him but my heart is hurting to hear this. So terrible. I hope he’s got a backstop.

    And I hope the hospital administrators that arranged this treachery get what they deserve someday.

  95. somewhat philosophical question.
    Does the new Top Gun movie suck so badly that Applebee’s needs to give away tickets to see it, or does Applebee’s suck so badly Top Gun needs to convince us to eat there?

  96. Whatever Chris Gore says about Top Gun is true.

    I don’t know what he’s said, if anything, but he’s never lied to me.

  97. I don’t know who Chris Gore is. Perhaps Al’s brother, kid, or nephew? Either way, I wouldn’t trust him, because Gore, global warming & Wal*Mars censoring music. Nothing good ever came from a Gore.

  98. I need to walk that back a bit. It was priceless watching Frank Zappa testify before congress and mention Tipper and “bondage” in the same sentence.

  99. Strange how the left went from say anything to don’t say anything that might offend me and it’s on you to figure it out while my diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain runs rampant.

  100. You didn’t know Aaron Lewis did country? He did a tour and everything.

    I prefer his metal. I mean his voice is always excellent. But Staind was amazing in concert. SO good. Aaron Lewis is a brave man.

  101. Lumps, Gas Buddy guy predicts at $5 we revolt forcing Brandon’s hand. I’m inclined to believe Gas Buddy guy, $150 per week to just go to & from work to generate income taxes for the fed 2 months before an election isn’t gonna fly with me at the poll. But I’m a strange cat to them, I can draw a pension any time I want now, not enough to live on but I can go semi-retired and flip burgers at McDonalds, or something for a little over half of what I earn now on a part time basis if health insurance is there.

  102. It’s really a sad display of where we are when the older, most talented in society are begging for youngsters to step up and learn how to take over to keep the legacy that was created for them and they ignore it. They’re gonna be lost when we’re gone, lost with no guidance. Basically fucked.
    But you know what? When I’m gone, I’m not going to give 1 shit about them, much less 2.

  103. DNH killed the blerg again, sorry about that. I’ll strive to do better.

  104. I wouldn’t be surprised at the “fix” for high gas prices being more stimmy checks to cover “Putin’s Price Hike”.

    The real goal is destroying the country, recall.

  105. You can’t rebuild a society without prior knowledge. I’m getting old and have learned to not give a f*** about indoctrinated kids futures. I seriously don’t care about them, but making fun of them trips my trigger. Did I mention I don’t care about their futures?

  106. ^ should be “personally care”….

  107. when my days are over, that will be when God & the Lord Jesus both say “DNH, you’ve been through enough, come home & be with V, asshole”. I won’t look back, it’s been a shit show.

  108. Oi

  109. Fat guys pickin’ the ball and trundling down field is the best!!!

  110. HEH, just noticed some clown changed the comment box header.
    I won’t out you and your mom, daddy.

  111. It’s funny when the little guys have to dog pile to bring them down. And by little I’m mean the petite 6’3” 220 lb guys that can only bench about 285.

  112. That new spokesscrunt is quite the piece of work.
    She seems actually stupid.
    At least the redhead was a mentally agile lying pos.

  113. The crash will be epic.

  114. Fat guys pickin’ the ball and trundling down field is the best!!!
    you just described the NFL and exactly why Colon Kapearnik can’t find a job!

  115. No useful skills. Unemployable.
    Has that ever resonated in the hood?
    It’s why they hate Asians more than Jews and white people.
    Democrats agree, vote for them or you’ll be back in chains.

  116. Brandon’s words.


  118. Interesting month:
    An EOP Supreme Court justice elevated , the dumbest one to date; and an ignoramus spokes dunce whose only qualifications are race, gender , and rug munching status.
    The weirdest part of this is the total lack of apparent embarrassment by the lefties.
    They may actually be more cognitively challenged than I surmised.

  119. Hannity is swallowing the spew from a big black one on Fox tonight. Why am I watching the douche nozzle?

  120. The new press secretary is so incompetent it is almost shocking. It really looks like she doesn’t know anything about the subjects being raised. If she doesn’t get the hook, and soon, it is only because of her intersectionality stack.

  121. I loved the part where they said the new Minitru wasn’t going to actually have power to do anything, it wasn’t about censorship, bla bla blah.

    UM. There’s zoom video of this woman stating that she needs to have the ability to edit other people’s tweets, as if its the most sensible thing in the world. Which, by the way, is where I think even average leftist monsters realized she had gone off the fucking rails.

  122. Taylor Lorenz is really outraged at the shoddy treatment of Scary Poppins

  123. The fuckers don’t want us to rebuild. They want us ruined and prostrate, divided up into fiefdoms for them to play their stupid games.

    I do not believe they will get what they are after. Though they will certainly get what they are making.

    Gonna get nasty either way.

  124. Diarists enjoy recording phenomena.

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