1. Bonjour. The weather is going to be sticky-hot and we have a metric shittonne of work to do, and so we will be working through the weekend in our warehouse place that seems to always be cool inside. Curious to see if it stays that way all Summer.

  2. Sup yachting enthusiasts?

  3. Excellent memes. Are the memes understated today or am I just tired?

  4. I sensed a difference too Lumps, didn’t really know “what” was different, just got to the end and had a fleeting thought that disappeared.

  5. After working all weekend I’m gonna ask the boss for a day off so I can plant all my stuff. I need a big planting day. I’m behind.

  6. Saturday memes make Saturday morning.

    Shit Show Earth Lol Murder Hornets
    Wife Discovers Browser History
    Attacked by Wolves Continued to Shop

    I’ll have you know I took the time to scroll up three times to remember my favorites. Because I liked them all and couldn’t remember exactly which ones were best or something.

  7. I’m going to have to go to the replay booth to figure out “understated”.

    My memes are stated as fuck.

  8. Wakey wakey

  9. I sensed a difference too Lumps, didn’t really know “what” was different, just got to the end and had a fleeting thought that disappeared.



    Oh. OH. Yes, I see it. It was the baby moose on the trampoline.

    God Damn it. I knew that one was borderline but I put it in anyway.

  10. I, for one, loved baby moose on the trampoline and may put that on my life bucket list to see. Who knows?

  11. Goodnight, moonlight ladies. Rock a bye, sweet Baby Hippo.

  12. You know who else is in need of a big planting day?

  13. After the grass dries up a little, I’m going to be forking the crap out of my garden and then covering it with a bunch of clippings. I might just grow potatoes this year, but I’ll probably get some tomato and pepper starts too.

  14. Asshole blocks baby is my favorite. Good doggeh

  15. Day 1 of my raw food diet made me LOL.

  16. Showed the raw food one to Mr. RFH, and he bitched again about the time that he bought frozen cookie dough from a co-worker’s fundraiser, and not one of those cookies saw the inside of the oven.

    Hey, that’s one thing about working from home, no more wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, Girl Scout cookies, and other assorted bullshit we don’t need.

  17. I do miss having a set of egg buyers ready to take them off my hands. My eggs used to pay me.

  18. So I’m at work. Packing freight mindlessly until something pulled me right to now. The framed fragment of textile I am packaging is labeled: ‘coptic, 5th century.’ This thing I am holding was woven by a human being like me, 1600 years ago. I can see the warp and weft and how they pushed the pattern tight here and there. Skillful, it’s a tapestry picture of an amphora.
    Just, mind blown.

  19. That’s cool, Lumps.

  20. Don’t let your cigarette ashes fall on it. Twould be a shame.

  21. This thing I am holding was woven by a human being like me, 1600 years ago.

    I call BS. I don’t think there would be two people like you within that short of a timeframe.

  22. *hump turns red*

  23. There are literally no memes or jokes about amphora out there

    At least none I can find

  24. Evabody skeered of that old red hump.

  25. Jinx, you owe me a coke.

  26. only if there’s whiskey in the cola

  27. Big storm blowing through. Luckily I got the world’s best country-style ribs finished before the hail started.

    The wind is blowing the rain sideways but I’m full of bbq so don’t care.

  28. Same rib recipe you made recently?

  29. It rained hard here and ruined my plans for the day.

  30. We came home from work. It’s beastly stickyhot outside, nice and cool indoors…I was up early today…feels like a perfect nap setup.

  31. Jackass.

  32. So, how long before Spongebrain Shitpants mandates Monkeypox vaccination?

  33. We stopped vaccinating for smallpox in part because we were seeing “vaccinia” in children, but I’m sure we’ll just ignore that this time.

  34. How to stop a tantrum instantly.

  35. Perfect Country Style Ribs

  36. Yayyyyy!


    Robert Malone says Monkeypox = “Fearporn”

    The fact we’re dreading what they’re going to do about it and wondering how they’ll fuck us over is the true sign of how badly this Covid hype has distorted our world view.

    And by we/us/our I mean me

  38. Maine Made

    Hard to smuggle that baby past the missus

  39. Hey Pup, if you’re using a smoker for those ribs, or any other meat, you should take a look at this place for ideas. It’s where I got my brisket and pulled pork recipes.

    amazingribs dot com

  40. This blog discovered Meathead 8 or 9 years ago.

    Pretty sure Wiser interviewed him on his show.

  41. I’m starting a petition to rename Country Style Ribs to Pork Belly Chops.

  42. That sounds about the time I stumbled onto him too, Scott, back when I bought the offset barrel log burner.
    The guy knows what he’s doing.

  43. Thanks Dave, I’ve made some of his recipes.

  44. He’s a wizard.

  45. I picked up a brisket today to put in the Traeger for a 24 hour smoke session next Saturday/ Sunday. Once it’s cut up & frozen I probably won’t need to cook during June.

  46. North Carolina?? I am surprised. But I guess they captured all the schools.

  47. Hey Lumps, did you take a pic of the tapestry fragment? Penelope does weaving and fiber stuff. She’s very interested.

  48. Lumps, textile art is amazing. Pretty cool that you had a piece of history in your hands.

  49. fight fire with fire was cooler when I posted it

  50. 24 hours of brisket? cooking at 200?

  51. “Top 20 Tweets tonight.”

    Lumpy, one of those tweets was from Elon asking for job applications for a litigation team. Should I apply?

  52. Fight fire with fire is even cooler when I post it”

  53. heh sounds like an interesting job

  54. He needs you, Sobek.

  55. Sorry Pepe, I did not take a pic. Damn, that was dumb of me, I hardly ever think of taking pictures unless I’m somewhere different like on a hike.

  56. I saw an ad today that proclaimed “Jumpsuits for any occasion!” It struck me as odd.


  58. Pepe, I vaguely remember Rio Arriba weavers using historical patterns, dyes, and weaves, from Spanish New Mexico. Anglo friend has a loom and her textiles are “Art” and the locals that taught her weaving are “Crafters.” She’s a quilter, as well.

  59. Lumps, on your 9gag link, a bunch of the answers in the comments are too the effect of “they went to school, so they got their questions answered, duh!”

    The problem with that response is it assumes that getting answers doesn’t produce new questions. It can and should.

    I’ve seen proofs that radical 2 is irrational. I believe that it is. I’m convinced. But why is it irrational? I wonder about that kind of thing all the time. I’m very curious, and the older I get and the more I know, the more curious I am.

  60. Everyone in my extended family who has responded says I should go work for Elon. Mrs. Sobek doesn’t want to live in Texas, though, and I think that’s where Tesla HQ is.

  61. Remote work. Elon would understand

  62. I was today years old when I realized I’m jaded enough with the government to apply for Elon Musk’s litigation team on a whim.

  63. Oso, Penelope was a member of Las Aranas for years. She’d demo at the State Fair in the Sheep to Shawl exhibit.

  64. Las Arañas is a great name for a group of weavers.

  65. I have proved the square root of 2 irrational a few different ways, I’ll see if I can find a compact proof tomorrow morning. IIRC, one of the proofs I learned was by refutation, meaning that if it were rational, it would reject some foundational principles of arithmetic, and since a non-complex number is either rational or irrational, it must be therefore irrational.

  66. I should’ve known. Props to Penelope.

  67. Dan has his colonoscopy scheduled. $1500 deductible due to family history. Isn’t supposed to be alone. My time off request was denied. Taking it anyway. 1 pt. True Story. I rarely call out. Don’t accrue points.

  68. “I have proved the square root of 2 irrational a few different ways…”

    Okay, but why? And I don’t mean “because it can’t be rational,” I know that already. I’ve seen the proof by contradiction.

  69. I hope Dan’s poop chute is healthy.

  70. As do we all.

  71. Donnie expressed remorse pitifully.

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