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Your model for today was born September 26th, 1990 in Tomball, Texas.  She stands 5′ 6″ and measure342435 and 121 lbs.    Please introduce me to Miss Caitlin Arnett.




  1. Tittacular

  2. Love her special ass tat

  3. The Special Ass Tats (or SAT’s for those in the know) are opening for 5FDP at the Iowa State Fair

  4. Comment by lumps on February 4, 2021 9:58 pm

    If you snorted lunar dust on a lark, would anybody know? Besides your personal physician?
    Comment by Pupster on February 4, 2021 10:11 pm

    The lark would know.
    This is why I love our shithole blog

  5. After viewing her BBF portfolio and watching her videos I have reached some firm conclusions

    – she has the narrowest ass of any contestant in recent memory
    – them titties are bought and paid for, NTTAWWT
    – she’s a good Christian girl who won’t be doing OnlyFans in a year when the modeling gigs dry up

  6. Bobcat vs. Rattlesnake!

    If you enter “bobcat vs …” there are an surprising number of animals on the menu

  7. First cup of coffee is down and I want another but there’s a sleeping puppy at my feet and 2 dogs looking at me through barely closed eyes waiting for their breakfast. So me moving for another cup of coffee really means something else entirely

  8. Good UFO song. I saw UFO opening for another band at the old Boston Gahden when I was in high school and had never heard of them before. By chance I saw a cassette (remember those?) of their album called “The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent” which had heavy rotation in my car stereo.

    Listening to it now, it holds up pretty well. If I didn’t have any memory of it as a kid I wouldn’t listen to it. It’s interesting that the version on YouTube has the same skips in the music that I always thought came from my crappy car stereo.

  9. Love the lacy dress.

  10. ba haaa haaaa haaaa

    wakey wakey

  11. I’m surrounded by people who know masks are bullshit.

  12. Meh.

    8/10 would smash

  13. She’s not gross at all!!

    Where am I and what have you done with BBF?

  14. Other than showing they can control us with fear, why are they pushing masks so hard?

  15. Shibboleth, talisman, and it keeps people arguing over stupid shit while they destroy the country.

  16. Vacant eyes, nice but infrequent smile, quality aftermarket gear…a solid mid-field entry, but not an end-of-year contender.

  17. When does everyone think the masks, social distancing, and lockdowns will end?

  18. Unrelated, what month and year do you think the senile old racist will step down?

  19. When does everyone think the masks, social distancing, and lockdowns will end?

    When the economy finally collapses completely and they have no other choice. I expect bread to be $100 a loaf by then.

    Also, not as well known, there’s a rubber shortage right now. We can’t get stall mats at any price, and tires are way up.

  20. Unrelated, what month and year do you think the senile old racist will step down?

    When Kamala gets tired of Jill’s shit. Give it a few months.

  21. I wonder if the repeated stimulus payments to people making under 75K is just a way to usher in UBI for some folks. I’m fairly sure we’re sending quarterly payments – why not just slide it down to 35K and make it monthly?

  22. When the czars finally change their name to The Politburo.

  23. UBI is real. Even Mittens is proposing 3k a kid now.

  24. 11 GOP members voted to strip Greene of her committee assignments. Guess we found the Steve King of this Congress.

    Time to find out who these reps were. I have an idea of who they are, even before starting.

  25. If you have a choice between reading an article from CNN, or one from The Hill, what to choose?

  26. It’s possible they’ll keep lockdown culture around long enough to get universal mail-in voting permanently in place. State’s rights only mattered when the feds had to wash their hands of 2020, those are over now.

  27. 1) Adam Kinzinger (Ill.),
    2) Fred Upton (Mich.)
    3) John Katko (N.Y.).

    The list of defectors featured three Republicans from Florida, the home of a 2018 high school shooting massacre, which Greene has suggested was a hoax. (spit)

    4) Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart,
    5) Carlos Gimenez and
    6) Maria Elvira Salazar.

    In another regional trend, a number of Republicans from New York and its surrounding areas also voted to punish Greene
    (previously mentioned) Katko,
    7) Chris Jacobs (N.Y.),
    8) Nicole Malliotakis (N.Y.)
    9) Chris Smith (N.J.).

    Greene has suggested that the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which partially occurred in New York and effected the tri-state area, were also a hoax.

    First-term Rep. Young Kim (Calif.), who represents a competitive swing district, also voted to remove Greene from committees, as did Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, a centrist Pennsylvanian who has criticized Trump vocally in the past.

    10) Young Kim (CA)
    11) Fitzpatrick (PA)

    Diaz-Balart said that he thinks Greene’s comments were “unacceptable,” while calling for some Democrats, including Reps. Ilhan Omar (Minn.) and Maxine Waters (Calif.), to be removed from committees as well for making controversial remarks. (at least he’s attempting a stab at being consistent)

    hmm, no Vidal Sassoon (Mitchell, MI), surprising. Where’s Cheney? Probably voted present.

  28. Great. I was looking to get some stall matts for a home gym, guess that’s not happening now.

  29. In other news, isn’t there some privacy laws surrounding banking information, like there is for health information? What Bank of America did seems illegal.

  30. why not, Therm, and wtf is a stall mat?

  31. Today’s model is very nice.

  32. 3/4″ thick rubber mat for a horse to stand on. They make for a real nice rubber floor for a gym since they are generally cheap.

  33. The dems in my district ran a 38yo gay “christian” communist against Upton last year and Upton won by 15 points, but didn’t get as many votes as Trump. The right candidate could get him out after his 4 decades in congress.

  34. 3/4″ thick rubber mat for a horse to stand on. They make for a real nice rubber floor for a gym since they are generally cheap.

    Right, except now, and I can’t find a straight answer on why, but TSC hasn’t had any in stock for 6 months.

  35. people are hoarding them, like toilet paper

  36. Oh god, I hope it isn’t emerald ash borer bad.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Rubber Gap.

  37. It’s possible they’ll keep lockdown culture around long enough to get universal mail-in voting permanently in place.
    That’s a good point. It basically seals the fraud.

    I think Obama’s goal was automatic registration, mail in voting or vote by internet, and no security or identification of who is voting.

  38. What Bank of America did seems illegal.
    I don’t think it is. If you use their app, I believe you sign away rights to your data.

    Its about to happen with your health information too. The CURES act forces any health company with access to your medical records to produce them within 24 hours when requested. It was sold as a way for patients to get access but any company that you allow to access them – think Facebook, Google, Amazon, insurance companies, auto insurance, gaming apps – you name it, can request your info as well.

    There are companies creating apps for the sole purpose of gaining your permission through the terms and conditions that no one ever reads. They’ll either sell your info or use it to supplement other information that is packaged and sold to companies.

  39. How does that skate around HIPAA laws? There’s a lot of coding around privacy of health information.

  40. Yes, some info is removed. But If you have, say, 3000 other streams of data you can figure out where the records belong in the cube. The health records are deidentified.

  41. I’ve worked on programs that dealt in nothing but metadata. The data (content of packets) is almost irrelevant when your real goal is to profile a network or set of behaviors.

  42. scientists at Ohio State are working with a flowering shrub called guayule and the rubber dandelion


  43. I can grow dandelions like nobody’s bidness. Send me some starts.

  44. Of course, then they become an invasive species, displace the native Gift from God that is the dandelion, and I get financially ruined for being a Trump voter who has illegal plants in a state where recreational cocaine is probably not far off.

  45. I can understand the Florida Repubs giving her the middle finger. But he Californian Korean is dumb. The Stupid Party will pick up seats mostly because the Serfdom Party is going whole hog on this transforming America bullsh!t. He would get a second term, but not a third. Now, he will probably not even make the weird run-off election CA holds

  46. My best buddy in the Navy was from Tomball, TX. Maybe he knows her.

  47. HotBride had me watch a movie last night call 3 Magic Words. Evidently she had just read the book and liked it. She liked the movie too.

    I didn’t tell her that by the end I felt like I lost brain cells.

  48. Honestly I’d rate her higher if she hadn’t gone the bottle blonde route. It’s ridiculously overrated.

  49. I think it becoming more likely Trump starts a third party. Even if he doesn’t he can use the threat of it as a club on the Republicans. However, the Republican leadership has shown itself to be incredibly stupid and probably won’t take the hint.

  50. She’d look much better as a brunette or a fake redhead anyhow.

    I have this perception — that may be entirely in error — that a significant number of southern/rural/blue-collar men have an overwhelming preference for blondes with giant hooters, to the point where they don’t care if ether are real. I’ve never met or known one, though, so I feed like it might be a creation of a media echo-chamber.

  51. I’m married to a blond with great hooters. Both are real.

    I would care if they weren’t – not because they themselves matter to me, but because they would say something about her that I wouldn’t like.

  52. My best buddy in the Navy was from Tomball, TX. Maybe he knows her.
    He might have smashed her grandmother

  53. As far as the third party goes I like Rush’s take on it. I don’t know if it’s his own, original thought but he’s the guy I heard saying it over and over. WE don’t need to leave the GOP because of the simps, THEY need to leave. It’s our party, we shouldn’t have to leave it. (I’m obviously paraphrasing him).

    Bongino echoes that sentiment and has repeatedly said third party is a losing proposition for conservatives. While the movement is building steam countless elections will be lost and the Dems cheating their way to victory will be codified into law so it will be too late anyway (if it isn’t already too late)

  54. “Bottle blonde with fake tits” is damn near a stereotype. It’s like a uniform for hollow, shallow women. Automatic turn-off for me, probably not fair in all cases, but it is what it is.

    If you go that far to fake the outside, what can I expect inside, after all?

  55. until we can wrest perceived control from the establishment republicans, it will remain their party. Tea Party started this, but was co-opted.

  56. What is the difference between ten years of (probably futilely) ousting the UniParty folk from the GOP and just going our own way and building from scratch without people and institutions that are compromised to the core?

    I get where they’re coming from, but damn, haven’t we wasted enough time, resources, and energy on that blatantly failed strategy?

    And that’s assuming it even matters–which I am not currently convinced of in any event.

  57. He might have smashed her grandmother

    LOL Touche´

  58. The Proggy playbook was co-option of the dems so they could hold the institutional networks and ballot access. It’s a much less steep climb than a real 3rd party. Want to be an Election Observer so you can watch the counting? It’s D or R. Greens, Libertarians, and Natural Law Party don’t get a seat at that table, and we need a seat at that table.

  59. I would care if they weren’t – not because they themselves matter to me, but because they would say something about her that I wouldn’t like.

    Agreed. I had a lot of respect for the women I followed in “figure” competitions that didn’t get the bolt-ons, but eventually all of them do it or get out of the game. Cara Corey — to her credit — didn’t get fake bewbs. She got a nose job, and I can’t fault her for it. She had Jimmy Duranty’s schnoz. I only stopped following her when I realized I was just looking in the comments for timestamps of her ass facing the camera.

  60. Sorry, Kara.

  61. And in my defense, her ass is like a sculpture. It’s a thing of beauty that she’s worked very hard to build.

  62. I wonder how the building of home gyms may have affected the horse mat situation.

  63. How did your friends react after you got your enhancements, Carin?

  64. also, Car in paid too much for her enhancements. they are hardly noticeable

  65. I posted that one video the other day and now YouTube is serving up loads of g-pig vids.

    …honestly, I shoulda done it sooner.

  66. I just got new friends after the “upgrades” – that way no one knew any different.

  67. Two cars currently stud in the driveway.


    I can’t even with kids now-a-days.

  68. stuck. not stud.

  69. Preview of the democrat plan for deplorable people who won’t get their minds right:

  70. You stud your cars? I guess their racing days are over.

  71. Pupster’s “the lark would know” from yesterday was awesome.

  72. also, Car in paid too much for her enhancements. they are hardly noticeable

    Whoa. Nice knowin’ ya.

  73. Did Pay get the bottom surgery or just bolt ons? I can’t remember.

  74. Hey, Michiganders, WTF are you letting those two bitches, your governor and attorney general, try to disbar lawyers who REPRESENTED clients challenging the election results?

  75. This country is fucked.

  76. We’re not letting them do shit. Everyone who should be stopping them is looking the other way or too busy with everyotherfucking malign thing those bitches do.

    Short of criminal acts that would only end in crackdowns or worse, we have nothing left.

  77. Did I mention that a friend of ours works with the father of the guy who killed that Capital policeman? Did you know that the murderer was black? Did you know he was heavily involved in BLM? Did you know he was there to stir shit up?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  78. I understand Leon. It’s a garbage situation.

  79. Ha! My husband just talked to his friend and the friend asked that the workplace not be mentioned. My husband is writing an email to Dennis Prager. He talked about it on his show and it’s as if nobody has any idea what happened. That is absolutely false. They know everything.

  80. … the guy who killed that Capital policeman?

    it’s as if nobody has any idea what happened.

    They know everything.
    So what you’re saying is it’ll remain a mystery so they can peddle the fire extinguisher narrative for years

  81. Well, I for one am very interested in the details Mare. If you see anything more/written up anywhere please pass it along.

    /adjusts bolt ons

  82. Dear Abbey:

    My wife of almost twenty years has become enamored of the Matt Walsh show. She watches it every night.

    Should I be worried?

  83. Carin, basically, he beat him to death. That is what the father was told initially when his son was arrested. He was arrested that night or the next day. The father went to DC to see the son last week and has just returned.

    Our friend is kind of hesitant to ask him what’s going on. I don’t know why, the father is the one who brought it up to our friend. The father apparently is conservative and a good guy. The son has been a problem . My husband wonders if a deal has been made. Hopefully our friend will have the balls to ask for the truth. I’m not counting on it.

  84. And take no offense Michiganders, I was just being dramatic about your POS governor and POS attorney general. I know they are scum.

  85. I’m sick of the lying bullshit. We get enough from our government. On the other hand losing a pension for opening your trap is daunting.

  86. Hotspur, I’ve been listening to some short Walsh podcasts and haven’t disagreed with him (since the election). Weird, right?

  87. hmm, someone was arrested? Or is this the person who killed Ashley Babbit?

  88. Wait, from what even CNN is reporting, the cop who died didn’t have blunt force trauma and noone is sure what exactly he died from. And those building a case for his death don’t even know where to go because I’m guessing they don’t know who did it.
    1. Is there video of it being done?
    2. Because it is BLM, they’re going to cover it up and it all goes down the memory hole?

  89. It is kind of weird.

    When we first met she was definitely pro choice. I once mentioned that close to 30 million babies had been aborted since 1973, and she didn’t really want to discuss it. I assume since she watches Matt Walsh every night now, and he brings the subject up often, that she’s changed her pro choice mind.

    I’ll wait a while longer before I bring it up. She obviously agrees with nearly everything else he says, and she thinks he’s funny.

  90. Once they lost the blunt force trauma game, they pivoted to “He must have had an allergic reaction to pepper spray or bear spray that the insurrectionist were using.”

    Or maybe he died from a rug burn or something.

  91. While the movement is building steam countless elections will be lost and the Dems cheating their way to victory will be codified into law so it will be too late anyway (if it isn’t already

    Countless elections are being lost or stolen now with the aid of Republicans who refuse to fight because RINO. Burn it down.

  92. Re: Bank of America.
    I hear they have to give what the fed wants or be fined/prosecuted. Question is, does the law allow warrantless snooping and sharing of private info of people who are not being investigated or charged with anything?

  93. The cop may have had his head bounced off a marble floor enough to cause an intracranial hemorrhage. Walked away with a headache and slowly died as the blood filled his cranial vault. The “pre-existing condition” I keep seeing mentioned may have been an aneurysm he may or may not have known about or a cardiac condition requiring anti-platelet medication. but yeah, any BLM association will be broomed.

  94. I’m afraid we are headed to a point where if the cops continue to stand down to BLM and antifa, and aggressively police conservatives, I’ll be changing my mind about being happy when they die.

  95. Carin (I was doing dishes), I swear that what I stated here was stated to me by my husband.

    This friend is not a flake.

    Would a black man you work with say it was his son if it wasn’t? That I cannot answer but I do know he went to DC.

  96. Carin, Beasnansns, I know that you two cannot possibly believe what the press/government says to you certainly not any more.

    This, compared to what’s going on is a small cover up.

  97. Also, making Trump supporters out as the bad guys was/is crucial to the lockdown DC narrative. HTF lefties aren’t losing their minds over a military blockade in their nation’s capital is mind numbing. The dumb fuck rhinos needed ammo to stand up and knock Trump and his supporters, the left wants lawlessness to prosecute the wrong thinkers.

    BLM and Anifa showing up and creating havoc was crucial to the after election part of the farce. A fence around the capital?? WTFF? Conservatives and Trump supporters leave every town they’ve ever rallied in cleaner than before.

  98. Remember, that k8nt AOC was shouting for Ted Cruz’s resignation….Ted Cruz!!!

    If she hadn’t been called out for being a lying whore we’d still be listening to this actress shout for Cruz and Harley to get the Nuremberg treatment. But without the lawyers.

  99. Hawley

  100. After reading your comments and appreciating them, rather than giving you a “Calm Down Mare” I’m giving you a RAGE ON MARE !!!

  101. Jimbro, thank you.

    In fact, I’d like to calm down. When I look at what’s happening and by a guy who couldn’t fill a room on the campaign trail and I see what this bodes for the future, I get…oh I don’t know, enraged? Even my husband who is the coolest, calmest person I know is sick over what’s happening.

    Hawaii was a priceless respite but this reality is icky.

  102. To all those who say professional wrestling is all fake, I steer you to this article!

  103. I want to believe.

    we aren’t allowed to believe, and we are actively encouraged not to believe.

    If we can’t just take it at face value, imagine how hard it would be for someone who believes all of us on the right are the same thing as SS guards in Bergen Belsen to accept evidence that a BLM member carried out that crime, not a Nazi insurrectionist.

    The lie makes them feel better.

  104. Oh, and then there’s this COVID nonsense.

    Says on repeat:
    I’m in my happy place. I’m in my happy place.
    (Really, I’m not.)

  105. While I’m ranting,

    My new phone has as its first emojis a bunch of unicorn crap, my old phone didn’t so I continually press as habit a stupid unicorn for my rolls eyes emoji. Very different sentiment.

    My hip is really bothering me.

    I’m not drinking to drop a couple pounds and that may be a big mistake.

    My neighbor stands outside and watches her dog crap on our lawn. I’m ready to throw some shit on a patio. Not a euphemism.

    Our neighbor who gave us the gay Christmas card is now flying the gay rainbow flag below the American flag (small favors)and every time I leave or return I have to see it.*
    *When I got home from Hawaii my husband said, “there’s something I don’t think you’re going to be happy about” sheesh, he’s right but I thought he bought a boat or spilled ink on our carpet.

  106. Watching the Food Network. Some chick met a guy in Mexico, married him, they have a restaurant in Indiana…a tamale restaurant. NM tamales are way better than the 💩 they’re selling to Hoosiers.

  107. Everything we’ve been saying about 11/3, they are gloating about at Time magazine.

  108. Enrage your tits, Mare.

  109. Good luck pillow biter!

  110. LOL

    I thought we were done with that cum guzzler.

  111. That will be fun to watch.

    He’s going to burn through millions of dollars and end up with nothing.

  112. Big news in The Hartford Courant today, 6500 republicans changed voter registration since election day.

    In two years they will wonder why so many democrats voted with republicans.

  113. I make a pretty good tamale. have to do that again

  114. Long time lurker, first time poster. Since I have terminal cancer at the moment and probably won’t be able to vote in the BBF finals at the end of the year, this post is my vote for this beauty to be BBF Girl of the Year (it would have to be some spectacular femme fatale to beat this entry, so I feel safe is throwing my vote in for her).

    Hopefully I’ll still be kicking when the end of the year comes up, but after 11+ years of fighting the C-monster, my body is finally getting to the point that it is just going to give out. I think it’s hilarious that I more concerned with my vote, than I am for something else. Talk about priorities 😀

  115. All in favor of skipping the bullwhip question for Royster?

  116. I’m sure Pupster can add a vote for you come December, 2021.

    Wait a minute, are you a relative of Caitlin or an employee of Hostages Inc.? Because that might disqualify you.

  117. Royster, you are in our Prayers and you are officially an Hostage.

  118. J’ames, My tamale job is limited due to allergies and OCD. I wash the husks, I load the steamer, I dry the tamales on the racks before ziplocking for the freezer

  119. Oso, it would shock you what the average Hoosier thinks is “spicy”.

    My wife says I’m rayciss when I describe things as “white people hot”.

  120. I’m not even J’ames hot.

  121. One of our favorite jokes is from a FL baseball trip, where we got the pickled jalapeños on our nachos. People in line were all “They got the peppers”

  122. When I order spicy food in an Indian restaurant I have to specify that I mean real spicy, not white people spicy. I still think they give me white people spicy because profiling.

  123. We get white people spicy until second visit. I hate speaking Mandarin. I will speak with my Taiwan accent as long as We get spicy hot entree.

  124. Sobek: It’s funny you say that about curry. I got some from the local tandoori place. I thought it was pretty spicy and paid for it the next day. They told me that they made a mixup and gave me the one meant for a “real desi”

    Which was racist, insulting and funny as hell

  125. White People Spicy is the baseline you racist dickholes.

    *puts catsup on taco*

  126. Royster, and I mean this with all sincerity, your Mom is white people spicy.

  127. What really happened…

    Officer Danish was just tucking into a mega burrito from El Capitan, the local Mexican joint. He likes El Capitan because they don’t charge him when he asks for extra cheese and double guac.

    Anyway, Officer Danish, hot sauce dripping from his goatee, got the call that protestors had just been let into the Cap building. He sprung from his chair, promptly pulled a hamstring, but managed to limp to his locker and wrestle on a bullet proof vest. I covered from the bottom of his sternum to his fourth chin and damn near strangled him.

    A quick 15 min ride in a golf cart and Officer Danish was approaching the mayhem. Just then, the golf cart died and he had to cover the remaining 200 yards on foot. Huffing and puffing, he trotted up to the protestors and asked them if they knew it wasn’t a good idea to get all crazy up in the ol’ Cap building. He chatted, took down a few notes in a memo pad that was sticking out horizontally from his vest, and walked back to his office.

    Later that night, Officer Danish had a heart attack and died on the terlet. The end.

  128. Nice fiction, MJ

  129. It’s as true as the fire extinguisher story.

  130. I’ve got nothing ready to go for the weekend posts. If one or more of y’all got something please post it. Sorry. I’ve got a big project that is taking up all my fucking off time this week.

  131. I’m a single parent in about 15 minutes.

  132. I’ve got a big project that is taking up all my fucking off time this week

  133. Laura, I thought that link was pretty funny until I read the first paragraph. Then it was really funny.

  134. heh heh

  135. Revamped GOP or new party, either way, quit trying to fundraise with spam. I was deleting 20 emails a day, not exaggerating.

  136. I buy that brand for my dogs through amazon. Looks like you can buy direct from them. Two less items on my subscribe and save list … excellent

  137. (((squishy hugs Royster)))

    Re: spicy – one of my favorite lines from Rosetta was him talking about Thai food and “make it like you hate me”. Both my kids like spicy food, and that line comes up every now and then.

    Pupster, I have some memes for a Saturday/weekend poat.

  138. I got ya, Pups

  139. used to go to this one bar to play darts. Mrs. Jay knew the cook. He shopped at the asian market, where they hide the really hot stuff. He would experiment a bit with us.

    Once he made a batch, and they were pretty good. Someone asked how hot they were, and we all went “meh, we’ve had hotter”. Evidently he heard us.

    Jebus. the next batch damn near melted the ceramic plate.

  140. Royster, may your remaining time with us be enjoyable.

    Probably will be if you don’t listen to us.

  141. Ok, there’s a poat in draft, can be published whenever.

  142. Today at work sucked, except that I was introduced to the new physicist, and she’s nice, seems to be intelligent, didn’t give me her pronouns, and has her shit together.

  143. Thanks for allowing me to eat a bull penis in peace.

    *crunch crunch*

  144. Somebody gave Penelope some hot pepper seasoning. They were waiting for her to have a reaction because it would burn her mouth. Major disappointment, we’re from New Mexico, this barely bumps the needle.

  145. When I tell my Indian acquaintances that I am good with ‘sriracha-hot’ and they look surprised and say, “that’s pretty hot.” I know I’m gonna be okay with whatever they try to feed me, because I actually am good with much hotter than sriracha hot.

  146. OK so I made a couple little kimchi pancakes with very sour dosa batter. This is a pre-packaged dosa powder of rice flour and white lentil flour and a little ground fenugreek seed, mixed with water and allowed to ferment at room temp for a couple days. I moved it to the fridge and let it get really super fermented and sour for about a week.

    Tonight I mixed the batter with some very sour homemade kimchi, crunchy cabbage, heavy on the ginger, and a healthy squirt of sriracha. Fried this in a nonstick skillet with some oil, as a thin pancake, well browned on both sides.

    Just…so yummy.
    Tangy, salty, crispy, juicy. The most wonderful fried pickle. You absolutely must try this.

  147. Laura equals equite and shit

  148. roamy’s poaty poo is set to go in the morning

  149. *lurks to high five Sean*

  150. * misses – smacks royster in the forehead*

  151. ooppps!

  152. welcome on board royster – don’t worry about the vote – i’ll cover you – but keep in mind there’s a LOT of voting irregularities that go on around here – i think someone has been working on dominion v 2.11ty style tallying .

  153. Disputes erupted regarding Peru.

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