Happy Awesome New Year!

I was going to celebrate BHM, but I was informed that would be cultural appropriation. So you get new years again.


  1. Impeachment Outrage predictions were a little premature. Instead we had to wade through the AOC “assault” first. Who cares if it’s a bald faced lie? It’s out there now and nothing you fine people on both sides can do about it except maybe drink bleach or inject it in your veins

  2. wakey wakey

  3. Is there a name for people that put themselves in a place where something big happened, but they were never actually there.

    Like David Hogg, or the millions of people that say they marched with MLK or the billions that say they were at Woodstock?

    Besides liar, of course.

  4. AOC’s the type who would push children aside to get on the lifeboat first.

  5. Survivor™

  6. Members of Congress will have secret service protection by the end of the month.

    Within a few months they’ll have drivers and SUVs to take them places.

    And planes to fly home.

    Because of the insurrection, and storming of the Capital by well armed treasonous traitors with military style hand signals.

  7. I haven’t actually been following this story which makes it all the more funny but the bits and pieces I get are so divorced from reality it’s laughable.

    It’s one of those things that you just can’t take seriously.

  8. a name for people that put themselves in a place where something big happened, but they were never actually there.

  9. Jordan Peterson often asks if the Left can go too when he’s debating Lefties.

    Uniformly, they don’t understand the question. I don’t know whether it’s their ignorance of history or if they don’t understand that Soviet Russia, the great leap forward, etc, are products of Leftist governments.

    He always concedes that we know what happens when the Right goes too far, and mostly his opponents understand that you get Fascism.

    I’m not sure the Left understands what they’re pushing for and what the reaction will be. Their ignorance doesn’t absolve them but it’s pretty obvious.

  10. Yeah, GND was thinking fabulist.

  11. Well … I mean, it’s interesting, because when “conservatives go too far” – turning to fascism is a warping of what’s going on. When either party gets to much power, things go wonky.

    We need to be able to talk about what turns a government into overly controlling/ fascist – and it certainly isn’t an overabundance of “conservative” ideals.

    I think the “national” conversation about this things would be more productive if we used the “freedom” scale of evaluating political ideas.

  12. When the left goes too far it is also called Fascism.

  13. fascism is a form of socialism

  14. I’m furious and afraid of policies put into place by people who stole an election and therefore don’t even have a majority of Americans supporting them. It’s called dictatorship.

  15. The Hogg-Smollett principle:

    When a leftist makes a claim to danger, no such danger ever existed.

  16. Yeah, I was already pushing back on my claim that far right = fascism.

    I think that was wrong. It’s more like ethno nationalism?

    I’m working on the idea that when the left pushes really far toward collectivism, they end up getting factionalism based on groups, which the right then exploits.

  17. $15 min wage is part of the stimulus. I hope they get everything they voted for, this will kill small businesses like restaurants.

    It’s meant to obliterate employment in red states where the cost of living is low enough that $10/hr is enough to get by on when you still live with parents or roommates.

    And I remember when The Right Going Too Far meant the Magna Carta got written and signed by a king afraid for his life.

  18. I’m working on the idea that when the left pushes really far toward collectivism, they end up getting factionalism based on groups, which the right then exploits.

    “Divide and Conquer” is a tactic for all parties in a “51% = lordship over 100%” which is why the Constitution was written as a doctrine of expansive negative rights (“the government may not…”), to constrain the majority from oppressing the minority under color of law.

  19. We’re lost…The idea of America, gone. This election was a fucking farce.

    Joe Biden?

    Joe Biden!

  20. The term for “ethno-nationalism” is “tribalism”.

    Also, “fascism” is an economic model where privately owned entities are doing the bidding of the government.

    Sound familiar?

  21. That last picture is pure evil.

  22. Uninstalled Parler app. Too much drama, ain’t coming back, hadn’t looked at it in months anyway.

  23. I was looking at the chart Car in posted, thank you Car in, and it appears we are fooked.

    The dems are basically at the socialist/fascist stage and the repubs are at the dem position.

  24. Chinese New Year is Feb. 12, so it’s still cultural appropriation.

    Now I want dim sum.

  25. Isn’t any person coming to America from a non western country cultural appropriation?

  26. Plan for my b’day is my favorite Thai joint hereabouts. Lunar New Year timing works out nicely!

  27. Tribalism is the natural state of Man. Christ calls us above and beyond that nature, but Those Who Would Rule Us don’t listen to Him anymore, if they ever did.

    St Louis, pray for us.

  28. $10/hr is enough to get by on when you still live with parents or roommates.

    But we don’t live in that reality. We live in the reality where a volunteer worker, sidelining as a librarian, has a 1.5 million budget on House Flippers in CA Where No One Can Afford To Live™ (it’s new)

  29. Saw a 2BR 2Bath shack in Seattle that went for $425k on Unsellable Houses. How do people live like that?

    3Br 2Bath here is 1/4 that price.

  30. Heh:


    Source tells me that roughly half the House GOP conference gave Marjorie Taylor Greene a standing ovation after she rose to speak a few min ago.

    Bet it wasn’t House Leadership standing!

  31. That last picture is pure evil.

    IKR! figured someone would snap on here.

  32. Our 10+ acres of cleared land, house, and 3 outbuildings was $250k. I could make it pay for itself with a few hours of work a day after we get some more hay planted and some fencing.

  33. Glenn Beck had an interesting take on the North, he’s not a winter fan. That made me think.

    I’m a winter fan, I like snow, and cold. That’s why I like Iowa and the North. Why do you people live where you do?

  34. i had to go to therapy after 11ty 5 hours of trying to wipe j’ames pube hair off the screen….

    pure evil –

    iowa is NOT the land of nice

  35. No lizards or scorpions. Fresh water in abundance. Family. Culture, or at least the remnant of it.

  36. Hey! I like lizards!

  37. Yes, no bad news insects either. this is why I live where the air hurts my face.

  38. Wide open spaces, clean water and air, peace, freedom, no traffic, incredible natural beauty, friendly neighbors, more hiking than I could ever tire of in my life.

  39. And when it’s cold i put on another layer and some gloves. I can afford gloves now because I don’t live in California.

  40. I love mountains. I need to go there again. Yellowstone sounds pretty good, gonna get there soon!

  41. Vote was 145-61, secret ballot. fuck them with a pineapple.

  42. I just read the Patrick Byrne account of a meeting in the WH with Trump and his lawyers and an Axios account of the same meeting with anonymous sources and people with direct knowledge.

    It seems like reporting is mostly synthesizing gossip over drinks.

    Needless to say they are vastly different accounts.

  43. Upton voted to keep her, I don’t need to guess. He’s a pile of excrement like the other 143.

  44. So, a friend asked me to officiate at her wedding.

    I’m already nervous.

    Plus, how many Tool references do you think I can sneak in?

  45. does improper english in business emails and messaging drive anyone else crazy? Some of these just don’t make sense, and people get butthurt when you try and figure out what the hell they are talking about.

  46. Don’t mention Stinkfist.

    But I will give you ten dollars if you end the thing by shouting “und keine Eier!”

  47. Why do you people live where you do?

    Six generations on my mom’s side. Four on my dad’s.

  48. Car in, I know you’re not attending church yourself much, but I’m pretty sure that’s one of those excommunicating thingies, as in, participation is you excommunicating yourself.

  49. HTF can you officiate at a wedding?

  50. Also, no is a word.

  51. does improper english in business emails and messaging drive anyone else crazy?
    My medical secretary has awful grammar. She’s nice and has stuck with us for a long time (relative to the others we’ve had) so I try not to let it push me over the edge.

  52. I was on board with all the advice until he said get your COVID vaccine. Of all things, why that one.

  53. I’m the worst racist ever, I’m sure, because I get irritated when I see Engrish in secure emails or hear thick accents on calls where everyone purportedly has a clearance.

    We have no secrets from China nor Iran, none. Bank on it.

  54. you can take online courses to be able to officiate weddings. It’s not a religious thing. Friend of mine does it for a lot of people.

  55. So, a fake wedding. Like gay people.

  56. in the eyes of the state, it’s a real wedding. And yes, gay weddings too.

  57. Yea, my friend is not religious. And she doesn’t want someone who doesn’t know her to officiate. So I’m not pretending to be a religious leader.

    I think non religious people can get married too.

  58. Don’t mention Stinkfist.

    But I will give you ten dollars if you end the thing by shouting “und keine Eier!”
    $10 really isn’t much of an incentive.

  59. oh god, there goes Car in.

    Calm down.

  60. Hahaha, Ace has a master’s degree in nicknames:

    But you’re not allowed to make fun of Queen Hysteric. You must show respect to Dollar Store Evita.

  61. Dollar Store Evita is now a 20 something multimillionaire.

    Joke is on us.

  62. BTW Car in, my goal is to run the Mill to Mermaid during Tivoli Fest in Elk Horn this memorial day. 3 miles. Hopefully I’m down a few more pounds.

  63. 3.3 miles to be exact. You are the first person I’ve told. Don’t tell anyone else.

  64. OOOH. How exciting. You following a couch to 5 k program?

  65. I’m doing an 8 k on Saturday.

  66. No, I plan on getting up and trying to run 3.3 miles that day.

  67. I’ve been to Elk Horn. I saw the mermaid. It was in January so it wasn’t very exciting.

  68. Car in, I didn’t want it to be enough of an incentive that you would call me on it.

  69. LOL

  70. Solid plan, J’ames.

  71. Is there a name for people that put themselves in a place where something big happened, but they were never actually there.

    I wish I had a dollar fr every dude I’ve run into in a bar who says he was a SEAL, Green Beret, or Delta.

    There is a name for it. Cunt.

  72. J’ames, you may have to explain to ChiComm chuck. It’s against my vaguebook rules.

  73. Jokes on you, Sobek, the mermaid isn’t in Elk Horn

  74. I just like baiting him. Makes me happier to leave him hanging.

  75. So is Rudy a drunk? I’ve heard rumors forever but never really believed them because they were always printed by lefty rags.

  76. It took a crossfit friend about 8 months.

  77. took them 8 months to run a 5k?

  78. news flash: you don’t have to run the whole time

  79. LOL, no it took her 8 months to figure out my vaguebook thing. She never asked or anything.

  80. I knew that, J’ames. I was just making sure you knew that.

    Kimballton has the mermaid. Elk horn has the Danish flags and the windmill.

  81. I lived 1 mile East of the Mermaid, mom is still there.

    I’m sure HS has been there.

  82. I might have driven right past there, then. You probably know some of the people I talked to. Nice folks all around.

  83. most likely. good to know someone’s been by the home place!

  84. Five Finger Death punch is playing the Iowa state fair.

  85. I’m going, like that group.

  86. now they will say something I hate on twitter.

  87. LOL Dollar Store Evita

    O <—Things that happened


  88. I doubt it. FFDP isn’t very political, but they’ve been pro-police, pro-military.

  89. Trump really should have declared a national emergency and become a dictator. That would have at least been entertaining.

  90. Trump resigns from Screen Actors Guild

    “You’ve done nothing for me”.

  91. I’m going to admit, the more I think, the more I’m shocked that (a) I’ve been able to work from my actual office since May and (b) there are no rumblings of shutting things back down (though with the impact of general conditions on the success of our operations I’m wondering how long that stays true for other reasons).

    Why, if not for the masks and the fact that I don’t have wheels or a place of my own, life is oddly normal for me for now. Feels like a calm before the shitstorm.

    Hoo boy, will I be fucked when that ends.

  92. Enjoy today, Brother Tim.

  93. Brb.. FFDP put out a song that seems very “all of this shit going on is bullshit”…lemme go see if I can find it.

  94. They put that out last year.

  95. On the bright side of things, I have a brand new grand nephew born an hour or so ago.
    Imma link up a picture later when I fire up the computer.

  96. All I can do, Sobek, all I can do.

  97. Gratz beasn! Still good things in this world.

  98. So Romney is backing a 3000 per kid in the stimulus? WTF?
    So all the childless peeps are made to hold their ankles again (my son and tons of others, of course, got nothing from the other stimulus they were forced to pay for).

  99. Heh, leave it to the mormon to put a per-child thing in there.

    I’m okay with this, BTW. The nation is dead. All that’s left is to pick at the carcass.

  100. I really don’t understand why anyone who hasn’t lost their job over this needs stimulus? I know a SHIT ton of people who are actually making more. Either they’re not being truthful about their “reduced hours” and collecting unemployment, or whatever.

    it’s bullshit.

  101. I haven’t missed a day of work other than when I was actually sick, got to help the office-bound newbs adjust to working from home, and haven’t had to travel in 18 months now.

    End the lockdowns and masking and fire me. I’ll take that trade. I can find another job if the world’s not offline for gaslighting purposes.

  102. not a day gone here, either

  103. Haven’t missed but 2 days when I was ill. In the early days of the panic no one was coming to the office but we were there. We’re still getting a lot of no shows.

  104. Honestly as slow as things have been I could just be here three days a week and not fall behind in the slightest.

  105. I’ve been as busy as ever, maybe more so.

  106. I stopped at a different supermarket on my way out of town today and the Covid panic has ramped up since I was there last. Lots of overhead safety announcements and when I was checking out the cashier chastised me for standing 5 feet from the lady in front of me and told me “Actually, you shouldn’t have even put your groceries on the belt until she was done”. I gave my best poker face non-reaction to her and said “Huh” The cashier had purple hair.

  107. Nametag said Karen

  108. President Biden: “I made it clear to President Putin, in a manner very different from my predecessor, that the days of the United States rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressive actions — interfering with our elections, cyber-attacks, poisoning its citizens — are over.”

    They are still lying about it. And getting away with it.

  109. The whole reason I stopped there was the Quest for Sumo Citrus. My usual supermarket hasn’t had any but this one did. I bought 4 @ $2.99/pound and ate one on arrival home.

  110. *still hasn’t seen phantom Sumo oranges

    Probably an elaborate snipe hunt

  111. “Actually, you shouldn’t have even put your groceries on the belt until she was done”.

    These people’s answer to this is another sign. Look for one next time you go.

  112. bebbeh

  113. SJW should = Social Justice Whiner or
    Social Justice Weasel

    Can’t call them “warriors”.

  114. congrats, grandma!

  115. the cashier chastised me

    Is there tape on the floor every six feet? Out Karen the Karen….”Do you have a tape measure? Perhaps your manager does?”

    At our grocery stores, most of the cashiers will wave you over as their last customer is finishing up paying. So you’re loading before they walk away.

  116. https://tinyurl.com/yze5f4zh

  117. congrats, grandma!

    GRAND AUNTY, you FPOS (I really don’t think you are but inserted for dramatic effect).

    *runs out of the room crying*

  118. Sent that photo to my kids. My son responds, “I didn’t know you could hold babies by the back of their neck like puppies.”

    Sounds like something Pepe might say.

  119. We have to put 6 ft stickers throughout the Club. $125 a box. Per mandate. Hiring more Curbside workers. Fewer cashiers. People don’t want us touching their merchandise, you know, the stuff we’re stocking and zoning. Cute baby, Aunty Beasn.

  120. People don’t want us touching their merchandise, you know, the stuff we’re stocking and zoning

    Lol, yep. Covid-free fairies wearing sterile gloves put that merch in the store.

    I am still pointing out absurdities of anti-logic at work and getting dirty looks for it. Don’t care.

  121. LOL

  122. Lauraw, in NM, we’re considered 1st Tier for vaccines. CoWs that have had the Rona, are getting the vaccine. CoWs that have had the Rona, don’t have to be tested in order to work…yet they still have to wear masks and gloves. I am the sign person. We are averaging 70 price increases a day. Mostly in grocery. Mostly.

  123. Awesome news, beasn! Thanks for the baby pic.

  124. Dan and I have been low carving and walking every day. I still want Kung Pao Spaghetti for Lunar New Year.

  125. Oso, my coworkers that had covid and recovered are also getting the shot. One dare not question this.

    I have had so many direct exposures to covid patients and haven’t gotten sick, that I am pretty sure that the lingering crud I had a year ago this month was probably covid. The symptoms didn’t match what we knew then, but they match what we know now.

  126. My usual grocery store is a lot more laid back. They still want the chin diapers and have the marks on the floor but when I check out I keep a carriage between me and the next person in line while unloading my groceries and no one bats an eye.

    No Sumo Citrus there though.

  127. I think I would have mentioned that I was a DOCTOR, jimbro. puch that bitch.

  128. My friend Danelle works on a COVID FLOOR. She wears a respirator in the covid rooms, but is super laid back about it. She’s actually helped covid end of life deals (one). Lady was 99. Gave a good fight, but was tired.

  129. Love the baby pic

  130. People are just getting dumber. It’s the only explanation.

  131. That ran through my mind Carin.

    But it was more like “We’ve reached the point where doctors are getting Covid-lectured by purple haired, middle aged cashiers”

    Be the gray man, don’t stand out but observe

  132. Carbing.

  133. Every now and then the idiots need to be smacked down. They’re getting uppity and think they know what the deal is.

    I’m just the woman to do it. Although I usually can be nice about it.

  134. I only wear my mask at work when we are open and when CoWs get close to me. We have a touch free time clock that senses motion, asks the COVID questions, and takes our temperature. It doesn’t sense my hand wave. If it does, and takes a photo of my badge, it doesn’t recognize my question answers. I have never been able to clock in at the touch free. Mecdes has the same issue that I do.

  135. Our cashiers get lectured by teachers and healthcare providers.

  136. I dare anyone to lecture me.

  137. My parents got the first shot of the Moderna “vaccine” today.

    I’ll miss them, but at least I stand a chance to inherit before the market tanks completely.

  138. Car in, we have been taking 💩from Members since March. Two times since then, we have had security stationed in our Club due to unhinged mask Nazis. We aren’t supposed to engage, but I have a big mouth.

  139. Oh, I know. I mean, we’ve been CLOSED for almost 6 months, but we’ve gotten phone calls and complaints when we’ve been “allowed” to be open. Eating out isn’t a must, so these assholes can just cook their own damn food.

  140. Got my haircut today. Stylist and I had to work out a mask compromise. He didn’t even take my temp. I actually asked for a Pete Rose. He gave me an Ava Crowder.

  141. My barber wears a mask but lets you decide if you want to wear one or not. It’s easier for her to cut your hair if she isn’t trying to dodge your mask and I go without it. I think the “if you want to” is to let the zealots feel comfortable. She’s solo so it works. I bet the group barbershops I’ve gone to in the past in Bangor are worse … too many Karens to risk letting customers going mask free.

  142. My girl has a sign that says ‘I don’t wear a mask due to a respiratory condition.’

    I like Chelsea. Not the best haircut.

  143. 5/10 would smash

  144. Woof. All y’all best reconcile.

  145. We started talking about Governor Wuhan. He had me take off my mask for my haircut. I can’t wear a traditional mask. Told him about my bad haircut 6 months ago when Wuhan first opened up hair cuts. He promised me that I wouldn’t regret my hair cut. I took off my mask at his direction. Ava Crowder Season 6

  146. so Bank of America is searching their financial database of customers for the Fed. for people buying things in DC around “The Event™”.

    invade privacy much?

  147. man, seeing oso’s picture of dinner made me miss potatoes today

  148. Bank of America is where illegals go for bank accounts.

  149. The Leads. Are Weak.

  150. Blerg. Have to go gather bulls tomorrow. A couple of ranches near us got Trich. Trichomoniasis is a reproductive disease. If cows get it, they abort, then flush it out of their system. If bulls get it, they can’t be cured, so off to the sale they go. Neighbors lost 40 bulls. They’ll probably sell for $600 each, and it will cost around $3,500 apiece to replace them. Not fun. Plus testing bulls is dangerous.

    I was talking to a vet last year. A place he works for had to replace 400 bulls due to trich, they ended up with a 30% calf crop. All because one fence washed out and a neighbor’s bull infected a few cows. They end up selling the infected bulls for $250K and buy replacements for $1.4 million!

    We’ll see how it goes, might be a disaster. Agriculture, doesn’t it sound fun?

  151. They were the best French fries EVER. Biker bar. I didn’t take a pic of my salad. Best patio dining.

  152. sounds awful, hope it turns out ok!

  153. they sure looked good, along with the chicken fried steak looking thing

  154. Ava Crowder Season 6

    Meh. Seen worse.


  155. mmm ava

  156. Now Facedouche keeps deleting comments in my knife group. I make a model called the Slim Utility. Nicknamed the “Slut”. If you type that in, they nuke the comment. We have no control. Assholes.

  157. The Bulls should wear masks.

    Sorry Pepe, good luck with Pamplona.

  158. Bummer about the bulls. Seems like domestic cattle are picking up a lot of new diseases these last few years. Fallout from globalism or are these really novel infections?

  159. Sorry, Pepe. My Ava has more gray and more Messican blonde than white people blonde. Great cut, though.

  160. Oh no Pepe! But yiu don’t have reason to believe your bills are infected do you?

  161. No idea, Carin. All we can do is check. All it takes is for one cow or bull to get in the wrong pasture. Fences are just a suggestion for cattle. They can get across if they want. I saw a 1,700 pound bull jump a 5 1/2 to 6 foot tall pipe corral.

    The tests aren’t very expensive, it’s just difficult and dangerous working bulls. If you’ve never been around them, it’s hard to understand how powerful they are.

  162. Good luck pepe.

  163. I’ve been busy the last few days. Just catching up – wth was with the lyric riff thing yesterday?

  164. I was walking through the parking lot at work today, and someone called my name. He was masked and far enough away that I didn’t recognize who he was, and it must have shown on my unmasked face because he very briefly lowered his mask. I walked closer to talk to him, and the fucker actually started backing up when I got within 10 feet of him. In a parking lot. He’s in his early 30’s, no health issues other than he’s obviously been listening to the panic pron too much.

    At least he was working on base, we’ve got several that are too scared to not telework.

    Other than that, I had a good day, playing in the lab and working with lunar dust.

  165. If you snorted lunar dust on a lark, would anybody know? Besides your personal physician?

  166. The lark would know.

  167. *rolls up magazine*

  168. Well due to Binden’s mask executive order we now have to wear mask almost all the time. Used to be you didn’t need to wear one if you were working alone or in your office. The only time now you are allowed to not wear one is in your office if you have a door and it must be closed.

  169. It would hurt like heck, it’s very abrasive.

    Fessing up, it is fake lunar dust. JSC-1A for the nerds out there. Still fun to mess with.

    Also for the nerds out there, the Mars rover Perseverance is going to be landing in two weeks.

  170. Thermadin, same here. I am so grateful to be in an old building and not a cube farm.

  171. Roamy,

    I a guy who has an office down the hall from me hasn’t been in to work since last March. He’s terrified of the rona. Lots of younger people are the same way and wearing the damn mask in the parking lots. Educated idiots with no understanding of risk.

  172. Roamy, I’m the same. I’m in an old build with real offices too. There are good percentage that think it’s all bullshit, but we are getting paid to follow the stupid rules. I’m beginning to think we may never get to not wear a mask. In labs with closed doors and sane coworkers the mask come off often. It’s miserable to work in them.

  173. Accordion cloth medical mask, or form fitted N95?

  174. I feel like I missed a boat. All the garden seed sites are swamped again. It’s absolutely crazy. I’m not having a garden this year. Wondering if this was a mistake. We’ll see, I guess.

  175. I use a clean room mask because those are readily available and I’m used to them for hours at a time. Most of my co-workers have either cloth masks or gaiters. A few have these weird looking ones with vents that I think are N95 rated.

  176. I just use a Jack-o-lantern with a hole in the bottom.

  177. Dirk’s expressions rankled Phil.

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