Happy Thanksgiving

Hello assorted Hostages, lurkers, lackeys, hangers-on, cretins and other assorted turkey taints! By now most of the family either has or soon will assemble for one of the most hallowed days of football this year. There’s nothing more heartwarming than Cleveland Browns fans thinking they’re going to the Super Bowl. So grab the clam dip and Ruffles chips and scroll on down to be delighted.








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Time to get deep on y’all for once





Meanwhile, at the Biltmore


Beasn says “Don’t forget the possum pie”

I hope everyone has a great day, gets along with family and friends, enjoys the company, tells some tales, reminisces about the auld lang syne, finds relief by farting/belching/loosening a belt loop and gets a slice of pie a la mode. I’ll leave you with this.







  1. Merry Christmas! Foist!

  2. If anyone ever starts talking about how horrible we are for wiping out indigenous tribes at my Thanksgiving table, that person is going to get a PBJ sammich and a seat outside on the patio.


    This is how sweet Roamy is…I’d tell them to STFU and STFD. Except without saying F8ck because I don’t swear in front of my kids. My kids would never say stupid stuff like that because they’re conservative. THANK GOD.

  3. I’d start in on my thoughts about the No-Wheel People, why there aren’t any more Olmecs and only a faint remnant of Aztecs, and just get the fight nice and hot early

  4. https://tinyurl.com/ux35tlu

  5. We need another Blessed Urban II about now, and instead we have… Francis.

    God guides the Church, He knows what He’s doing, I just wish I knew.

  6. Leon, this quote is for you, then.

    “The Church is like Noah’s ark that was full of both clean and unclean animals. It must have had an unholy smell, and yet it was carrying eight persons to salvation. The world today is tearing up the photographs of a good society, a good family, a happy, individual personal life. But the Church is keeping the negatives. And when the moment comes when the world wants a reprint, we will have them.” (Archbishop Fulton Sheen)

  7. Jordan is a shithole country, and it’s supposed to be one of the better Muslim countries.

  8. https://tinyurl.com/wzqbp8u

  9. Guy is butchering a turkey on Fox News that isn’t cooked enough. Gross with a side of salmonella.

  10. Eww.

  11. There is a chain of chicken joints in Oklahoma named Sam and Ella’s.

  12. Wow, that’s not gonna go over well.


  13. Huh, a rare violation of the militia part of the 2nd Ammendment.

  14. I don’t see how the nation survives 2 Californias. Virginia will either swing back or we’re done.

  15. Well, that law is blatantly unconstitutional as written, but until it is destroyed by the courts it can be used to nail Antifa, right fucking now. They *are* training with weapons now, and they have already been in trouble for setting explosives, right? Their mission could not be more specific in terms of fomenting civil unrest. And I bet your ass and mine that those activities are happening in NOVA.

  16. Comment by Pupster on November 28, 2019 8:25 am


    LOL Pups!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🍽🦃

  18. Happy Thanksgiving! Beasn, that opossum video is hilariously wacky. I love her but she would probably insult me (in a charming way) behind my back and let her opossum touch my pie.

  19. “touched with love!” lol, BITCH!!

  20. but until it is destroyed by the courts it can be used to nail Antifa, right fucking now.

    In the tone of Jim, on ‘According to Jim’…

    Do you really think any democrat in VA will go after their own militia? Do you really, laura?

  21. It sure sounds like it targets shops that teach people how to use their firearms.

  22. YAY! Thank you Jimbro for adding Georgette and her possum, touching their pies with love!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Beasn, that opossum video is hilariously wacky.

    And to you, laura, scott, and all you hostages! Video had me chuckling last night. It has hints of our silly pjmomma.

    And with that, time to get things rolling. Per Georgette and Pearl the Squirrel, don’t get drunk, don’t escape out the bathroom window…and – from me – keep your filthy piehole off the Reddi Wip nozzle.

  23. p.s. – love the doggeh wearing the turkey hat, waiting for his turkeys

  24. p.s.s. –


    check out the calendar

  25. WTFF? Chick-Fil-A gives to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Eff them. What a betrayal.

  26. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  27. happy thanksgiving weight adders!

  28. […] The H2 […]

  29. Question for Mrs. Leon;

    What do you call a selfie at Selfridge?


  30. linkus non workus


    Don’t you have persimmons to pickle?

  32. What do you call a selfie at Selfridge?


  33. Mrs. Leon knows Col. Ward, she says.

  34. Time to go put out the Star Shower.

  35. Much like Carin’s music, that link gives no joy.

  36. Hey Pupster, your link doesn’t work.

  37. Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck not eating like a fatass!

  38. I’m thinking of taking up the venerable old art of mimecraft.

    Allow me to demonstrate the bits I have already learned to do:

    *I’m trapped in an invisible box*

    *walking against a very stiff wind*

    *clicking Pupster’s link but it doesn’t work*

  39. HA! Lauraw!

  40. I weighed myself when I weighed the roast this morning. I’m going to be hopelessly fat what with a trip to New Orleans then Christmas.

  41. BTW, the roast is 14 lbs.

  42. I’m going to be hopelessly fat what with a trip to New Orleans then Christmas.

    I hear that a perfectly tanned taint is ‘slimming.’

  43. My taint is going to stay cracker ass, homie.

  44. Ensconced with family, food, football, and a friendly dog. At least for today, life is good.

  45. Top post at IB right now has a nifty video about nuclear power.

  46. Go Loins!

  47. https://strategypage.com/military_photos/military_photos_20191125194628.aspx

    I think by using Duckduckgo as my search engine, it sets up proxy links that stop translating correctly after a certain time, or for so many users or something. I obviously don’t want to publish dead links on this day of being appreciative of those who love us and wish us well.

  48. Bloomberg ads are running,

  49. If you like your large soft drinks……

  50. Successfullish dinner was had, now the napping. It’s too bad I can’t leave the TV audio on while I don’t watch football, the commercials are all so horrid.

  51. i hope you tanned turkey taint tasters are having a marvy day!

  52. Dinner was good. Could nap but it’s too late in the day. Should have bought a bigger turkey. It was a nearly 14 lb. turkey for 9 people, and there might be enough for soup. Might.

  53. Scott, Bloomberg and Steyer during the Cowboy game.

  54. Roamy, you even followed Food Network Math.

  55. Jam, what have you been up to?

  56. Dan shoveled the walk. Cleaned snow off the car. Getting ready for work tomorrow. Plow cleared the incline. Going to JC Penney before work to shop. Pray for Oso. (Already bought John Wick 3)

  57. Loving this game.

    Jason Garrett is going to get canned,

  58. Josh Allen is a baller.

  59. Food Network didn’t account for Rocketboy and nearly-teenage-boy guest.

  60. I was able to sit in the sun and feel warm today, shorts and hawaiian shirt. Sorry you are getting snowed on Oso.

  61. That was dumb.

  62. At the farm. Foolsball is on. I haven’t watched this shit in years. I just luv watching supposedly grown men act like fucking juveniles every time they perform successfully at a job they get paid obscene amounts of money. Add the utterly horrific sappy tug at your heartstrings commercials and I’m looking forward to never seeing this shit again. This year I’m thankful I don’t have to see this garbage on a daily basis.

  63. For the next few months the only time I’ll be able to wear shorts is when the wood stove is glowing red. And I’ll be wearing a flannel shirt and a hoodie, maybe a wool cap.

  64. Jason Garrett is going to get canned,
    The only question is whether it’ll happen during the season or on the Monday morning after the last game.

  65. The Bills are contenders this year. Patriots were lucky to win the first time around. Round 2 is in 2 or 3 weeks.

  66. I think it will be tomorrow.

    He should have been canned after losing to the Jets.

  67. I think I just completed digestion of the portion of my stomach contents that were pressing on my lower esophageal sphincter because for the first time since around 2:30 I feel comfortable when taking a deep breath.

  68. hey pupster that link worked

  69. The Day of Digestion starts now.

  70. Happy conquest of indigenous peoples day.

  71. #winning is our culture.

  72. Funny that the Cowboys always play on Thanksgiving.

    Not so for the Redskins or Chiefs.

  73. NFL wanted to have Thanksgiving games. Dallas and Detroit were the only teams that would agree to play them every year.

  74. I apologize. Im grumpy. Didnt sleep well last nite due to cramps in my legs every freaking time I would drift off. I got cramps in the back of my thighs (something thats never happened before) and in my calf’s.The frequency of the events was unsettling and of course painful. Please pass the cheese, it’ll go with my whine.

    Back in the day it was all about Dallas and the Skins in my AO. It was always normally a good game and I would root for the Skins unless they went out of contention (Super Bowl wise) and then root for Dallas. All the others licked pale taint….(tangenting…”pale taint” sounds like a name for a micro brewed Ale…) anyway, especially despised were the cheap shot Raiders….bunch of cheatin fags….with the Steelers and Eagles vying for #2 on the hate list.

  75. Pick up a bottle of Slow Mag Tee Roy.

    That will kill the cramps.

    Car in should listen to this on her next run, she’ll shave off a ton of time https://tinyurl.com/wkg7dbj

  76. I saw them a bunch of times. Once I ended up in their hotel in Providence for an after party. Me and my ex made a run for it at about 4 AM because I thought things were headed south.

    I remember leaving.

    About 4 hours later I woke up and said “where are we and how long have I been driving.”

    I had been driving for hours and we were in New Hampshire.

  77. Pretty sure Hotspur can use this


  78. Happy Thanksgiving, snausages, best wishes for you and yours…

  79. Ole Miss is now Ole Piss. Just when you think they couldn’t be any more stupid…

  80. Have I wished the Hostages a Happy Thanksgiving? Hope it was a good one for everyone.

  81. There’s a big old cast iron radiator for sale on craigslist for $100 and I have this crazy idea about an outdoor rocket stove, a copper coil, a pile of brass fittings, and heating our porch for free with a little firewood. Talk me out of this project.

  82. Daryl’s eating ripped pants

  83. Darryl must be hungry

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