2019 BBF Championship Semi-Final Round 5

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2019 Championship Semi Final Round 5.





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Contestant #21 – EMMA GLOVER 


Your model for today was born in Essex, England on June 6th, 1987.  She stands 5′ 7″, and measures 30GG – 24 – 34 and 117 lbs.  Please be polite and welcome Miss Emma Glover!




Contestant #22 – MISSY MARIE


Your model for today is an American girl who stands 5′ 3″ and measures 34M with a circumference round the girls an estimated 45″.  From Boobpedia:

By the time she was 18, she was already sporting an I cup. She never had any intention of becoming a boob icon, but the internet decided for her. She was discovered in late 2017 by a forum dedicated to busty women in tops. Soon after the discovery, she started receiving countless messages and Instagram followers. She was not sure whether to delete everything off the internet or just to go with the new attention, but two years and several bra sizes later she decided to create a Patreon. Today Missy happily creates content for her subscribers showing off her 34M breasts, which according to her are still growing.


Please pull yourself together and try not to stare at Miss Missy Marie, AKA Yungfreckz!


Contestant #23 – JOSELYN CANO


Your model for today was born March 14th, 1989 in Lake Elsinore, California. She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 34D-24-34 at 114 lbs. Please calm yourself and welcome Miss JoselyCano!




Contestant #24 – SABRINA NICHOLE


Your model for today was born in Dallas, Texas on January, 30th 1995.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 32F – 25 – 35 and 128 lbs. Please make yourself comfortable and say howdy to Miss Sabrina Nichole!






Contestant #25 – CASSANDRA STARR


Your model for today is from Upstate New York, and currently resides in Venice Beach, California.  She doesn’t have a lot of searchable data but seems like a fun chick.  Please open a private window and say hello to Miss Cassie Becker AKA Cassandra Starr!







  1. This round needs a good pondering before the votes are cast.

  2. Happy Big Boob Black Friday, where boobs are on sale, 2 for 1.

    BOGO Boobs!

  3. The honeyhoney song was okay. I liked this one better


    Another great one


    Roots Rock

  4. She has a great voice.

  5. Donna Estimated Roofie Potential

  6. Pondering done.

    Not pounding you sick fcuks.

    My vote has been cast.

  7. What is this with the off-brand derps? Did someone spring Sean from the derp factory?

  8. Wakye wakey

  9. Lost power on Wednesday, and it took out my modem. Finally figured out how to teather to my phone.

    Thanksgiving went well. Stuffing was a bit meh, but hey – I can only concentrate on so many balls in the air at once.

  10. Hmph. Thanksgiving was great…but the dog I mentioned seems to switch from affectionate to barking at the drop of a hat. Rescue, so God only knows what his early life was like.

  11. Is None Of The Above a choice?

  12. I had a fun, delicious Thanksgiving.

    It’s wonderful having a daughter nearby who likes to host (it’s just the 4 of us) dinners.

  13. OK, pooch just doesn’t like if you’re looking at him too long. I can grok that.

  14. Meskin.

  15. Hot Bride had everyone around the table say what they were thankful for. One guy actually said, “I am thankful for the 2018 elections because the democrats retook the House of Representatives.” There were several boos. It was the only political statement the entire day.

  16. Had Thanksgiving dinner at #1 son’s place. Met some of #1 daughter in law’s family. Evidently she is about half hillbilly. It went well.

  17. Conquest’s Laws claim another organization. Pretty sure Rotary was dying anyhow, this’ll kill it.


  18. “I am thankful for the 2018 elections because the democrats retook the House of Representatives.”


    I don’t care who he is, that’s an asshole right there.

  19. I would have invited him to eat on the porch

  20. Ditto.

  21. My friend’s daughter had her baby this morning, 3 am. Midwife didn’t get there in time (2:15 min labor) so my friend delivered it.

  22. Signed up for the Ragnar trail ultra this morning. THe only black friday shopping I did. $80 off.

  23. In fairness, if the GOP hand lost the House in 2018, Ryan would still be stabbing Trump in the back. And winning in 2018 led the Dems to overplay their hand with impeachment.

  24. #25 may be a dude. That second picture…brrr

  25. The Ragnar should have a baby delivering obstacle and require a member of the team be a 40 weeker.

  26. Agreed.

    I just got back from Mom’s house with all the food I stoled. I stoled it good. Unfortunately my sister was watching me like a hawk while I was stealing Mom’s awesome stuffing. I had to scale back my thievery to polite levels. Horrible. Painful. I hate civilization.

    Fortunately Mom makes 14,587 side dishes so I did okay overall.

    Plus she had extra sausage and hamburger that she didn’t have room for, and I know how to make her stuffing. So I’ll make another pan of it for myself this week. Sis doesn’t really cook so I STILL WIN THE STUFFING THING.

  27. We usually make a turkey here after Thanksgiving for leftovers since we go to Paula’s parents place for dinner. My scheme, which usually works, involves going out early Friday and buying a bargain turkey. Totally effed it up this year when I went to my usual store and spotted a grand total of 2 turkeys in the meat cooler. Of course they were the fresh free range variety and on the larger/pricier side which explains why they were still hanging out looking for some sucker to buy them.

    “Hi, my name is Jim and I pay too much for turkeys”

  28. Sis bought the turkey on Wednesday and it was the fancy pricey kind but marked down very cheap. She did well. The breast was moist.

  29. I don’t ever see bargain turkeys around here.

  30. She said she paid ~$15 for a 19 lb turkey.

  31. Once in a blue moon, the Walmart will have turkeys marked down to .59/lb but waaayy after the holidays.

  32. Hi Jim, I pay too much for turkeys too. I usually like to get Perdue, which are the most pricey in the case, but this year I went with a fresh Honeysuckle – the 2nd most pricey. Store brand was .79/lb but they inject it with gobs more junk/flavoring/whatnot. Don’t like the taste of it.

  33. We picked up 2 turkeys last week at .39 per lb.

    Store brand with junk injected.

  34. Remember the ex-feminist, trans-women are men, Posie Parker interview I linked? The youtubes disappeared it and then reappeared it when users rose up and bitched a fit.

    >>>The reality revealed by this incident is that the big tech giants answer to no one. While there is a formal right of appeal, the tech giants of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube act as judge, jury and executioner. In many cases, the decision is made by automated algorithms and then superficially reviewed by faceless apparatchiks. We weren’t told which aspects of our video were ‘hate speech’ and, beyond throwing around this catch-all term, no justification was offered for taking it down. In essence, YouTube is accountable to no one. The libertarian argument that YouTube is owned by a private company which is entitled to police content as it wishes is no longer sustainable. We live in a digital world in which a handful of big tech companies have seized control of the public square. As I have argued before, we need a First Amendment for the Internet….”


    Saw this linked at althouse. Good arguments over there for why Big Tech should be held to account.

  35. .39/lb? What the heck? I’m going to the local grocery, in a bit, for a couple of things. If they have theirs for that cheap, which I highly doubt, I’ll ignore the chemical content and buy one.

  36. The left and libertarians keep arguing that these are private companies, which misses the key point: the first amendment reflected an underlying idea which was that society benefits from the open exchange of ideas, even controversial ideas. If large segments of society no longer believe that then the first amendment is useless. It doesn’t matter if the government is prevented from censoring you if the powerful friends of government officials can censor you through private channels.

    It may be constitutional, but it’s sure as hell unAmerican.

  37. For Christmas, I used to get a Kretschmar ham. And then I discovered Double G. It’s the only ham I will buy, now. MO butchered and cured.


  38. The commentariat at althouse made very good points.

    1. Gahrie said…
    Under the meaning of the word when the First Amendment was written, freedom of the press did not refer to a group of people (as everyone thinks it does today) but rather the machinery needed to publish your ideas (the printing press). Freedom of the press meant you had the right to own and use a printing press, not that a self selected group of people had special rights.

    One could make an argument that social media sites are the modern day equivalent to a printing press, and therefore everyone should have access to them.

    2. Kevin said…
    The government is already meeting with the tech companies to regulate “hate speech” and “lies”.

    Using the argument that these are private companies enables the government to do what the Constitution prohibits.

    3. Angle-Dyne, Samurai Buzzard said…
    What’s the difference between government forcing private businesses to not discriminate by race and government forcing private businesses to not discriminate against deplorable political opinion? Who among the Ayn Rand fanboiz here are consistent on this point? (Honest question, I know some of you are indeed consistent.)

    How about private businesses like MasterCard, PayPal, etc. being able to deny financial services to people with non-woke attitudes? They’re private businesses, after all. Would getting the government involved in the problem of people being cut off from functioning in a modern economy just make things worse? Joe Schmo can just start his own globally honored financial transaction system if he wants to to start a business or just buy stuff online, right?

  39. As to #3, it’s already happening to those with wrongthink. Look what happened to Sabo. Paypal suspended him – no good reason given -and has a hold on his money. Don’t know if that has been settled. Also those who sell/market firearms.

  40. Social media puts themselves out there as a place to share diverse ideas/speech. To censor the speech the little fascist shits don’t like, is fraud.

  41. >>It may be constitutional, but it’s sure as hell unAmerican.

    If they are meeting with each other and donating to specific campaigns in exchange for getting some sort of government favor …i.e. tax breaks, etc, pretty sure it is no longer constitutional.

  42. This was my favorite moment of yesterdays football coverage.

    Players mocking that jackass Ezekiel Elliott https://tinyurl.com/qnyc6c6

  43. Beasn, those turkeys were a good deal, but; 1) there was a minimum $25 purchase of other nonsale items in order to get the deal, and 2) it’s the most expensive grocery store in town. I only go there on emergencies (it’s closest to my house).

    I always grind my teeth when I have to shop there for some reason or other. A deal like this, I feel like I’m only getting back part of what I overpaid the rest of the year.

  44. Emma Glover is kicking alltheotherboobs’ asses.

    In a just world Sabrina would be queen.

  45. #25 may be a dude. That second picture…brrr

    YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW MISSY or the hamster gets it.


  46. We got a good deal Turkey from Aldi and it was super moist.

    You hear me? MOIST

  47. Who voted for Cassandra’s peen?

  48. This was my favorite moment of yesterdays football coverage.
    Missed that but I love it. He did that shit 4 days earlier vs the Patriots and I was laughing every time he got stuffed by the linebackers or D-line for no gain after that. I don’t think Bill likes it when his players ad lib for the camera. He probably secretly laughed at that though.

  49. Looks like I got snow tires just in time.

    Significant snow on Monday.

  50. Another Black Friday under my belt. Tomorrow is going to be a bitch of a recovery. I work for idiots.

  51. https://tinyurl.com/v5ky6sr

  52. https://tinyurl.com/Why-did-you-leave-the-Navy again Hotspur?

  53. DiT is suspended on Twitface. I’m over here waiting for Crap Tree. Technically, Crap Tree is IB propiatery.

  54. Lol, what did he say to get suspended?

  55. I missed it. Came in after the fact.

  56. Only post I see that is objectionable is in favor of Brussels Sprouts.

  57. Brussels sprouts? When did Dave turn communist?

  58. Nailed it!


  59. Interesting


  60. This is too long, but the disease parts are interesting. I never knew this about Amish types


  61. I thought that the problem of inbreeding amongst the Amish was well known.

  62. Pepe, your grandson is ADORABLE!!!
    Is that #1 son holding him? He could be a HHD model.

  63. Beasn


  64. Yeah, that’s #1 son.

  65. L to R: Pepe, me


  66. There’s a lot of inbreeding in muslim communities too.

  67. https://twitchy.com/dougp-3137/2019/11/29/nowthisnews-zero-waste-vegan-chef-explain-why-you-should-make-less-food-this-holiday-season-introduction-to-concept-of-leftovers-ensues/

    Idiot. Plus you’re not allowed to donate cooked food to most shelters. Our parish priest figured a way to donate the leftovers from parish suppers to one of the local shelters by having the church kitchen inspected by the health dept.

  68. I did know one person who never kept leftovers. She hated cleaning out the fridge so much that she always tossed any leftover food.

  69. I could watch this all day. Satisfying.

  70. Did everyone remain placid?

  71. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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