HHD – Gearing up for the Games

Roamy must be busy, so I’ll throw together an HHD poat for her.

Watching OnDemand shows for NBC (The Brave, WOO HOO!) has exposed me to some cool Winter Olympics ads. Of course I can’t find a link to it, since NBC probably has it locked down (why on earth would you want to release an ad to the public? why, someone might SEE IT!) but take my word for it, coolness.


So I’ll just post up some wintery athletes, to get in the mood for my favorite season of Olympics (since I’m a filthy Scandi Iceback, of course).










Maybe we’ll get news on what the US will be wearing!


Have a Happy Wednesday!



Update- our new sign (at our second store):



  1. First

  2. Please, hold your applause. I know I’m really good at this. Please, sit down!

  3. Going to the Olympics in Carharts and Stetsons was a pretty fucking stupid idea.

  4. Finished the Godless series last night. Pretty good stuff.

  5. So, is Russia really banned or do they know something?

  6. So, now twitter hashtags can become Person of the Year.

    Nucking futs.

  7. I have a feeling that North Korea is going to go dark just before the Olympics.

  8. We liked Godless too, HS.

  9. Not a bad hhd for a dude.

  10. Double secret probation for Kim Jung Fat.

  11. Leon, the solution to bratty behavior in a young woman is a vigorous application of spankings and pregnancies.

  12. So, you don’t believe in Santa?

  13. It’s true, Alex, they are merely craving the pain of childbirth. Best thing for it is to give it to them and soon.

  14. I wouldn’t say that. What they want is the security of a strong figure who can take control, and the responsibility of motherhood to keep them from becoming idle and bored.

  15. That too.

  16. Food safety notification

  17. Your mom put her taint on my beef.

  18. Talked to appraiser a little bit ago. He seemed pessimistic about our anticipated real estate value after construction.

    This may end poorly.

  19. Jay – thanks for fishing my post outta the trash yesterday.

    It’s a true masterpiece so we wouldn’t want it lost to posterity.

  20. Which one of you foul bastards drove roamy off?

  21. Where’s cyn

  22. I see Agamemnon stopped by yesterday.

  23. That was nice

  24. She should stick around.

  25. He seemed pessimistic about our anticipated real estate value after construction.

    ? New house or current?

  26. Talked to appraiser a little bit ago.

    Fuck that guy.

  27. New house. Land was bought at 67k, we’re trying to borrow 190k to build with the land as collateral. The question is how much it will be worth after we finish.

  28. Public service announcement:

    Can I ask everyone a big favor? Those of you who are planning to place Christmas lights in your yards, can you please avoid anything that is red or blue and flashing? Every time I drive by I think it’s the police and get panic attacks. I have to take my foot off the gas, toss my beer, fasten my seat belt, throw my phone on the floor and push my gun under the seat. It’s a big drama!! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  29. If the deal falls apart, I’ll have to figure out what we do over there. Might delay the move, or change the plan entirely.

  30. methinks the guy is undervaluing your property.

  31. Possibly, but that’s his job. I suspect that after the house and barn are up and pastures are fenced that I could sell it for 400k after having spent less than 300k.

  32. Part of the lowballing is that there are businesses nearby.

    That sell, rent, and fix fucking farm equipment. In an A/I zoned area.

    Yep, that brings the value down.

  33. Leon I always throw in a percent for the intangibles such as piece of mind and personal joy of ownership …. not very objective, but it’s difficult to quantify happiness

  34. I repeat, Fuck That Guy.

  35. Leon, the solution to bratty behavior in a young woman is a vigorous application of spankings and pregnancies.


    Probably shouldn’t lead with this on a date, just sayin’…….

  36. I’m planning to watch for a bobcat to go on sale, then drive it home.

  37. Probably shouldn’t lead with this on a date, just sayin’…….

    No way. Start with this, that way you don’t have to pay for dinner if she isn’t DTS*.

    *down to spank

  38. If she’s into it, her online profile will let you know.

  39. Frankly, even HAVING an online profile should be a disqualifier 9 times out of 10…

  40. Nah, nowadays it’s basically mandatory for single folks.

  41. Yeah, there’s almost nowhere left in physical reality to meet eligible members of the opposite sex for a LTR other than church, and even then it isn’t single folks at most of the events.

  42. That said, when I first showed up at church, I got asked if was single a half-dozen times by the womenfolk who’d be a little younger than my mom’s age, all hoping to play matchmaker I expect.

  43. Colorado Springs had a Catholic Singles group that met for dinner on Sundays. I was already on my way out for grad school when I realized that one of the women likely had a crush on me.

    I’ve found nothing around Ventura or Santa Barbara.

  44. MJ on December 6, 2017 at 8:17 am
    Pretty sure I’ll be a full time hostage after this morning’s meetings

    MJ, you’re young and you got your health. What do you want with a job?

    *½ pint of chocolate milk to the first one that gets the reference.

  45. Bedrooms are on the second floor, kitchen on the first. Spreading dirty stuff on the beds is reserved for wet towels, dirty skivvies and clothes left on the bathroom floor after showers.

  46. I should go over there and rent an excavator and start digging canals.

  47. Paula and I do the dishes. They do such a half ass job on them one of us would need to supervise them the whole time. Their role is really that of stepnfetchit for laundry, sweeping dog hair, feeding dogs, vacuuming, trash bags, firewood, getting the mail, etc. When the older boy moves out we’ll start cracking down on the junior boy who sort of slides by based on his older brother’s demonstrated incompetence.

  48. Leon, if building a house isn’t feasible, you can always go with a yurt.

  49. A gal from work is getting married on friday to a man she met on “plenty of fish” or some stupid thing. She’s really nice, and he’s a great guy – it was just a lark. Matt met his girlfriend online too. I know many, many people who have met serious people online.

    Kids today just don’t have the dating thing set up correctly. It’s broken. These “fixes” hopefully are just temporary, until people realizing that dating the old fashioned way is better.

    Erin -for her faults -at least understands that you don’t just jump from relationship to relationship. And she truly isn’t so silly to feel that she HAS to have a boyfriend. After the NB disaster … she’s taking it pretty slow. Snowflake got friendzoned. The other guy too.

  50. If financing can’t happen, other options are on the table. We could build a hill, add a slab, and buy a used trailer, then do the 10-year drainage-by-crop plan. We could lease it out for farming for a few years and then sell it to the neighbors who weren’t in a good state to buy the whole thing. I could borrow the difference between what they will lend us and what we need to build from my parents, but I’m reticent to do that. I could liquidate the 401k and pay cash, but I’m even more reticent to do that.

  51. gotta leave that 401k alone, to work that money.

  52. Are they going to make a maniac out of you?
    I dont’ believe so, but I’ve never been termed before. Its an odd situation. My boss spent about $24M over 4 years on ‘transformational’ projects but none of them ever really went anywhere. We just spent 18 months setting up one such software package only to roll it back within 72 hours. This forced her retirement, and the dissolution of my team. I didn’t work on teh project much but I’m one of the casualties.
    Hoping to negotiate a year of severance but 6 months is likely.
    I was going to bail in April anyway so its really decent timing. Whole job was a classic mismatch. They think they wanted someone with my background but really wanted a yes man. I thought I just wanted a paycheck but really wanted meaningful work in addition.

  53. My 401k has to sit for another 23 years, Jay. I’m nervous as heck that the government will screw me over on that money in the intervening years. If I cash out and spend it on physical infrastructure, that’s a lot harder to take away, and the value of the land could increase dramatically. It’s a gamble, but might be the right call, especially if I can make the land pay for property taxes and feed the family.

  54. I could liquidate the 401k and pay cash, but I’m even more reticent to do that.
    Please, I beg of you, don’t do that. You’ll be ‘borrowing’ from yourself at a rate of 38% plus compounded returns for eternity.

  55. MJ, we could probably use a dishwaher at my work. You know, if you’re looking.

    (seriously, that sucks but hopefully it just means your quicker onward to better things)

  56. I likely won’t, MJ, but the thought has crossed my mind. I’ll regret not doing it if President Chelsea nationalizes 401ks in 2031.

  57. The Last American Dishwasher

  58. I’m confused. They said I’d be reporting to a different person, and group (IT), with new job responsibilities and a team of 8 reporting directly to me. New office in a new building with possibly more pay.

    But my job isn’t changing so they aren’t offering severance. Either I take the same job that is totally new or I can quit.

    These are good problems to have but fuck these people sideways.

    I just wanted to get out with severance.

  59. We have the technology, we can rebuild… it.

  60. Maybe it will be good?

  61. I thought I just wanted a paycheck but really wanted meaningful work in addition.


    *wipes away tear*

    Good one.

  62. If I was your dishwasher I’d be smashing half the staff.

  63. I just wanted to get out with severance.

    IME, this never works. You have to desperately want to keep your job to get severance.

  64. If I was your dishwasher I’d be smashing half the staff.

    What would the ladies do, then?

  65. f I was your dishwasher I’d be smashing half the staff.

    I think the walk-in cooler is the hot spot. Or perhaps out behind the dumpters?

  66. Dumpsters. I like the smell of ass and garbage.

  67. He’ll be so stoned the walk in freezer or dumpster will seem like Shangri La

  68. First batch of christmas cards done. There really is no need to put any updates in ’em, because so many are on facebook.

  69. Christmas carbs are often delicious

  70. Erin’s friends are cute. Tell them to come by the restaurant after my shift.

    I have drugs. Also, I’ll need a place to stay. Can I stay in your basement?

  71. Erin’s room is opening up after secret santa.

  72. It’s not a basement. It’s the “lower level”.

  73. Mare got arrested

  74. Don’t let MJ stay in your basement. It’ll smell of weed and you’ll trip over his drum equipment.

  75. Kinda dead in here.

  76. I’m in meetings until 5pm.

  77. I was arguing with someone who was wrong on facedouche.

  78. Question for the working Hostages: Is it unusual for it to seem as of nothing ever gets put to bed where you work? Or is it normal to continually have to revisit the same issues to the exclusion of other work with deadlines?

    Because it seems like my working life is just rehashing and relitigating things ad infinitum.

  79. it’s that way everywhere.

  80. I occasionally get to deliver something, but I’m Cassandra at this point.

    Leon in June: “This change breaks our security model, here’s what we need to do to correct that.” No one wants to do that work and I have no time.

    Today at 230, fearful leader: “Pentesters say our security model is borked! WTF do we do!?”
    Leon: “we punt, because no one seems to care about actually winning this game but me”

  81. Mixed bag for me Brother C. On the clinical side, most of the time things end well and I never see the patient again after things are treated. A small portion of people never get better from lifelong conditions and an even smaller number have it in their head that they’ll never improve. Those are the ones I wrack my brain over and eventually figure out I’m not part of the solution.

    The above is what I like about my job. The business side of it? Same shit, different uniforms. Doctors have been bitching about the same things since I first started listening to them back in college. I change what I can but mostly just tune it out now.

  82. Of course. Because Trump.


  83. I think CoAlex is about as close to the wildfires as anyone I know (and I don’t know you well at all).
    Meanwhile, lefties are dancing in the streets over the fact that Murdoch’s estate is burning down – along with all his neighbor’s – and Chelsea Handler is excoriating Trump for ‘literally’ starting the fire himself. I wouldn’t wish that kind of devastation on my worst enemy (and innocent family members).
    Add to that the Dems in The House trying to file articles of impeachment – if the Left really doesn’t want Trump again in 2020, they sure are going about it in an odd way.

  84. Updated this bitch with a picture of our new sign.

    So … what should the little electronic thing say? Funny/clever things: GO

  85. I’ve kinda got baby fever. I hope my secret santa gets me a baby.

  86. Because that’s what I want.

  87. Let’s get bumper to bumper.

  88. Valentine’s Day: Jump start my heart.

  89. Any other ideas? Anyone?

  90. 😦

  91. I’ve kinda got baby fever. I hope my secret santa gets me a baby.

    Talk to Pay.

  92. Will Peel came up with the “we’ll get you started”. Pat remembered and just reminded me. Apparently it lights up in all sorts of weird ways, and the black part is actually some HD thing.

  93. “We also sell cables and nipple clamps”

  94. “Motor City: We’ll get you started”

    On bringing down the house – finishing the job is up to you.

  95. All Michael Moore fan club members get 75% off on the fifth Monday of each month!!

  96. Free batteries tomorrow.

  97. “Baby drop off in back. No questions asked.”

  98. Bitches love batteries!

  99. 178th customer wins a free ham!

  100. Offer not valid if you’re stalking my daughter.

  101. We’ll Get You Started…

    …She’ll have To Finish You

  102. “Erin’s not here. Go away.”

  103. This kind of battery won’t get you arrested.

  104. … where you go after that is your problem.

  105. I’m spooked. I’m thinking about hiring a civil engineer to tell me if I’m a fool for trying to build on that land.

  106. I’m spooked. I’m thinking about hiring a civil engineer to tell me if I’m a fool for trying to build on that land.

    Wait – this is a set-up, isn’t it?

  107. No, I legit want someone with no financial interest in the answer to say “you’d be dumb to build here” if it really would be dumb to build there. I know I can make it safe with time and the right flora and some drainage dug, but I would like some expert opinion on just how hard it’s likely going to be.

  108. don’t work yourself up too much my friend –
    all the houses (and hotels) that i’ve stayed in in the netherlands seem to hold up fine

  109. drive piles (heh) deep enough it’ll all work out

  110. Secret Santa gift ordered

  111. Leon, why not bounce this off of Vmax.

  112. I can’t help but wonder if post & pier construction may be an alternative…

  113. Beat to the punch by jam.

  114. Dump trucks full of gravel. Ponds dug, drains dug. Best I can do.

  115. a Frank Lloyd Wright style gravel footer system (modified to accommodate whatever fucked code requirements you have ) would also work

  116. I could chop down an acre of red pines and sink a raft under the foundation.

  117. i looked into these for one of my projects

  118. Wait, you didn’t have an engineer check it beforehand to be sure?

  119. we don’t need no stinkin’ engineers

  120. They have Solutions in their name, so you know they are top notch.

  121. Seriously, Vmax might be able point you in the right direction.

  122. No, Cavil, there are structures everywhere around it, including a house built on the same parcel about 300′ away from where we want to build. Our location is actually higher than that, but it’s been farmed for 50 years and it’s a lot of clay at this point.

  123. Vmax never visits, though. He was my first thought.

  124. The builders are convinced it’s feasible, but they have an interest in saying so.

  125. I am sure he would be happy to help.

    I’ve got his email somewhere.

  126. I’ll talk to V in just a minute.

  127. Dead battery? Get it tested. NO CHARGE!

  128. Leon,
    The crack-head convict that used to live next-door was gonna build a dirt-bike track on the 5 acres there. We advised him that he would need to bring in dirt to build jumps, as digging a hole was ‘digging a pond’. He scoffed and said;
    I will dig drainage ditches!”
    He dug 3′ wide 4′ deep ditches around the property, which filled from the bottom. He did not grok that a “Drainage Ditch” needs someplace to drain to! It was a closed-loop!
    He is dead now, from a crowbar to the face

  129. I’m aware, Chris. Ponds will be needed, hills will be needed, perennials will be needed. The question is how much will be enough, or should I just plant a pear orchard and sell it in 5 years when they’re fruiting.

  130. Leon,
    The ‘ponds thing’. I don’t know how it works there, but keep in mind the guy in Wyoming? that dug a stock pond and was being fined $75,000/day by the Obama EPA for ‘entrapping navigable waters’ or some such bullshit.
    In Oregon, rain barrels are illegal, as the water belongs to the state.
    Government is power, not reason, and it will hurt you if it can.

    Here, though we are hundreds of feet above the Orting Valley, because of the aquifers and soil-type, in November through March, the “surface water” is actually at the surface. If you put a shovel in the ground and lift-out the dirt, the hole will fill with water, and there will be visible ripples from the current.
    The planet is weird, and amazing…

  131. Rain barrels are illegal? Rainwater belongs to the state? I’m just um, flabbergasted.

  132. Anyone make cranberry juice from scratch? Looks like about 4 lbs a gallon. Sound right?

  133. Digging a pond here in agricultural land is no problem. You only get in trouble here for filling in a drain that the county or township has jurisdiction over. Digging your own is fine.

  134. Thank you, Jay, for the poat.

    Anyone here bought the Meathead cookbook or do you just look up stuff online?

  135. Got a signed copy for Christmas. Good book. You can find a lot of it on Amazingribs.com

  136. A gallon of water is 8#, so how do you get a gallon of juice from 4# of cranberries?

  137. My dad’s birthday is coming up, and I’m trying to decide what to get him. I think he might like Meathead.

  138. I have to figure out my SS gift, something for wife (apparently the mini donkey does NOT count), and something for my parents, sister, and brother-in-law.

  139. You have to add water to get to a gallon. Plus sugar.

  140. I haven’t heard anyone that didn’t like that book, roamy. I know I like it.

    I think he’s on wiser’s show on Friday. Maybe giving away some copies.

  141. Ah, okay, I thought you wanted pure juice. I’d guess you have the right ratio for something like the stuff you’d find on a store shelf. Probably 2 cups of sugar, more if you want it syrupy.

  142. Leon,
    Not sure what you are asking but east of the Mississippi you do not have as much to worry about as Chris does out west. Digging a pond isn’t necessarily a big deal, but it could be classified as a wetland after being dug. That might put a damper on future projects. That said (I am not an environmental engineer) I think you need a few things before being classified as a wetland and it is mostly wetland plant life.

    Clay is not all bad, there are different kinds of clay. The first thing I would is hire a geotech if you are worried about the soil. That might run some money, and with anything varies on what they do.

    Prior to that the Ag extension office in your county has good general soil maps of the area. It would be worth a trip to take a look at a map and maybe set an appointment with an agent to talk about what it all means. (often you can just talk to one, but people are busy)

    That will be free an should answer a few questions. If you want most of the information is from the USGS and while I have not looked in years is probably available online. Interpretation would be harder. I mean who can tell the difference between sandy clay and clayey sand, or loam? what the heck is loamy sand?

  143. Probably butting into a convo uninvited here, but Meathead isn’t related to Ace’s is he?
    I know there was Meatlocker, and of course Meatball (was that Gabe or Brandon?) – but who is Meathead?

  144. I was wrong, USDA not USGS, Ag office should have been clue #1

  145. Thanks Vmax. The county actually has a really good GIS that overlays aquifers and soil types on parcel boundaries. The soil surrounding my land is grassy with some low-lying areas, but none of it has been on the corn-soybean treadmill for so long. The neighboring areas seem to have a lot less clay, which I suspect is most of the problem. I think trucking in a lot of sand and gravel will help a lot, plus some thirsty trees near the house, but not too near the house.

  146. Meatball was Brandon.

  147. What are you worried about Leon?
    Other than spending a bunch of money, I would worry about that too.

  148. Money and subsidence, primarily.

  149. Thanks, VMax.
    Apparently, this guy is not only a professor at Boston U, but holds a PHD from Harvard & has over 100 patents to his name – I’ll have to check out the Meathead book. Rave reviews from the little I read.

  150. Imma gonna ferment it, so that sugar is turning into alcohol, in the first phase.

  151. I have put fresh cranberries through a juicer. You cannot drink the juice straight. It is acidic enough to burn the inside of your mouth. You must dilute it quite a lot.

  152. Subsidence is not in my wheelhouse. It may cost a couple of grand, but if you hire a geotech and have them do a couple of test bores that should be definitive. You will want to do a bore at the home site, and maybe the pond, that way you know if there are any good or bad soils there and can relocate them to the best possible use, however listen to their recommendations on how many bores are needed, I usually see them spread over several hundred acres, not a small parcel.

    They will also include recommendations on how to stabilize the foundation properly for the given soils as well as how best to dig the pond.

    Soils reports can put you to sleep in a minute but have a ton of information. How many pounds of flyash and lime to use per yard is riveting stuff to someone, maybe but it is very useful for putting in roads.

  153. It may look to the untrained eye,
    I’m sitting on my arse all day.
    I’m biding time until I take you all on.
    My Lords and Ladies,
    I will prevail,
    I cannot fail.
    ‘Cause I derp.

  154. We’ll go downtown, stop at the first bar we see
    Yeah, we can throw ’em down
    Oh baby, just you and me, we’ll shoot the lights out
    So no one else can see
    Yeah, we’ll close our eyes and wish it was like it used to be

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