Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born November 15th, 1992 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.  She stands 5’6″ and measures 342734 and 122 lbs.  Please defend your island for Miss Kym Graham.



  1. Fetching

  2. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on April 1, 2021 11:50 pm

    I want a “No Lives Matter” sign.
    How very nihilist of you!

  3. mostlymistertitz

  4. I think she’s cute! And you know she’s smart because she’s wearing big glasses. I don’t know if she’s a bed duster but she seems the type.

  5. 9/10 would smash

  6. No Lives Matter is actually quite funny.

  7. Interesting question:

    Will big tech censor Biden and all the of the democrats for lying about the Georgia election law?

    Of course not.

  8. An English muffin eminently worthy of buttering.

  9. Nooks and crannies

  10. Crannies not grannies you sick fucks

  11. I’d buy her a farm and put babies in her.

  12. Farm and babies killed it.

  13. Ironic, really.

  14. Part of me really wants to see the rest of the plaid-skirt photo shoot, but I’m resisting.

  15. I have a link.

  16. And them Limey eyes
    They was eying the prize
    That some people call manly footwear.
    They said, you’re from the south
    Cause when you open your mouth
    You always seem to put your foot there.

  17. /stamps “APPROVED”

  18. Pupster’s got the memes and the tiddies that all the kids want.

    They fell off a truck.

  19. Teleconference over a proposed rule change. Kill me nao.

  20. No.

    I am mercifully done with meetings for the day, but that just means I have to study for my exam or write acceptance criteria.

  21. At least it was actual work, even if it was just listening to a bunch of lawyers argue about reg language.

  22. I plan to fuck off for the rest of the day.

  23. I went hunting for the reason I keep running out of space on my hard drive. I found a folder named Fortnite that was 93GB. I remember downloading it ages ago to see what the big deal was but then discovered that it was a multiplayer thing. I had no idea it was such a huge file.

    It’s now as gone as Joe Biden’s acuity.

  24. Think how Biden and Trump would react to this question:

    When is the last time you got laid?

    Who the fuck voted for this ancient grifter anyway?

  25. I was wrong. Program increment retrospective in 4 minutes.

    Remember when Good Friday was a holiday?

  26. Remember when Good Friday was a holiday?

    Yeah, speaking of grifters…

  27. MJ is not.

  28. MJ is not what?

  29. Not a beaner

  30. MJ is no MJ.

    MJ is GND now.
    GND is now MJ.
    It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world

  31. Ummm, what??

  32. I swear this like living in some fucking dystopian Science Fiction nightmare. I figure kick off is the 4th of July.

  33. Why in the FUCK is nobody asking where all these “kids” are coming from and who is organizing and supporting the pipeline through Mexico?

  34. People really think these kids and the 1000000000 of adults are walking here.


  35. Spherical Guatemalans have not walked to the Rio Grande.

  36. Also – that in NY we should give illegals money because they couldn’t work during Covid. Because … ?

  37. WSJ headline

    “U.S. and Iran Agree to Resume Talks on Nuclear Deal”
    —President Biden has said he wants the U.S. to return to the deal that U.S. exited in 2018

    It’s a toss up on whether to learn Mandarin or Farsi as a second language

  38. Spanish.

    We’ll meet up in Argentina just like the real Nazis.

  39. Don’t bother. You’ll be dead. White boy. None would dare call it genocide.

  40. I’m planning for a pretty flat 2020 – 2024.

    Just like the Obama economy.

  41. It’s genocide.

    There, I dared.

  42. Terror!!!! How ya been???

  43. Stupid, effing, autocorrect!!

    Teeroy!!!! Not Terror. At least I don’t think so.

  44. Cool protest over lockdown, in Vancouver. Starts at 3:15, in.

  45. Pepe, I’m having a pretty good day and I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that article you linked because I could actually feel the rage coming on because of all the crazy in that article. WTF????????????

  46. Quebec basically has the whole province on house arrest right now, I believe. I guess Cajuns really are the only French speakers with any balls.

  47. Jimbro, the lefties are nuts. It does mean that Mossad will have to step up their sabotage plans for all Iranian nuclear “power” facilities.

    May John Kerry, Rice and Jarrett rot in hell.

  48. Iran vs Israel is one of the reasons I founded Animosity International.

    Just get it the fuck over with, the rest of us are tired of waiting. It’s like watching 8 seasons of “will they or won’t they” for a couple in a police procedural.

  49. Awesome. The MLB is moving the All Star game out of Atlanta. Other sports thing will follow.

    If we could get a few of the mega corps to leave that would be great. I want them all in blue states ASAP so they can wither and die.

  50. Nice pics today Pup, 9.7/10.2. I may have to go to the bathroom for more “research” then take a nap. Also liked the memes this past week & last weekend. Saved a few for my desktop.

  51. they did it? they are daring me to not watch

  52. I read somewhere this week that the average viewership for pro sports was done about a third (not sure the exact number) because of politics injected into sports. This move by MLB is going to increase that number for sure. The NFL also signed some big contracts with Amazon just recently too. They must be confident that Bubba is coming back to watch the games. This Bubba is far more selective with my NFL viewing these days.

  53. I am a HUGE baseball fan, always have been. this is very difficult for me

  54. J’ames, I already have my Rockies tickets for May, and Dbacks for June. MLB network for this season.

  55. I hope they move it to a state with a steep income tax.

  56. You may love baseball, but apparently baseball hates YOU.

  57. I already knew Manfred hated me. He used COVID to destroy Minor League baseball.

  58. Scott, that would be awesome.

  59. I’ve had this as an open tab for days and finally read it.

    Takes a while to get through but if you’re undisturbed it’s worth the time. I don’t necessarily agree with everything in it but it’s an interesting thought experiment. The comments bring in a few other perspectives.

  60. Welp, Lockheed screwed up Paul’s retirement medical insurance, so the back surgery which was scheduled for Monday has been pushed to the 14th.

    He. Is. Pissed.


  62. Comment by scott on April 2, 2021 4:57 pm
    I hope they move it to a state with a steep income tax.

    Given how quickly this decision was made – seriously, don’t they plan these things a couple of years in advance? – I’m guessing this was already in the works. They just needed an excuse to pull the trigger.

    In their shriveled litte hearts, if it hurts conservatives, so much the better.

    Too bad all of those black folks who were going to be working at the stadium won’t be getting the extra money they were counting on.

    Where are they going to hold it?

  63. With regard to Pence considering a run for President in 2024.

    I think the world of you all (except Hotspur and MJ) but if you support Pence, you are effing dead to me. DEAD.

    I will shun your ass and the rest of you.

  64. We’re actually still having the same discussion that we had in 2015.

    Will it be left wing or right wing populism? The only reason Biden paused the discussion is the combination of the fake pandemic and cheating.

    The discussion will pick up again when he dies, steps down, or 2022 rolls around. Our elites think they’ve wrested back control but they haven’t.

    Our elites are shit and have been my entire adult life. They sold out the US. The destroyed the middle class. And as Alex said last night they’re trying every short term strategy to stay afloat.

    But it’ll just be right wing or left wing populism because our elites aren’t worthy of their status.

  65. Also Pence can GDIAF.

  66. Pepe’s dancing chickens reminds me of 7th grade band. I was one of 4 trumpet players and our band leader was Mr Sajdyk. Since we were 13 and 14 years old he was ancient but really a single guy in his 30’s in the Disco Era. We played, among other songs, “The Hustle”, as in “Do the Hustle”. We never rehearsed saying Do the Hustle but the sheet music had it written in a few places. One day we did a concert at a middle school and he wanted us to shout it 3 times during the concert. First everyone, then just the brass and finally just the trumpets. At the last minute he changed his mind on the last one. Space Cadet Jimbro played flawlessly until he jumped up by himself and shouted “DO THE Hus … HAHAHA”. Mr Sajdyk was not as amused as I and my fellow trumpeters were about the whole incident.

  67. Eh, Pence served his proper role as a governor and VP.

    POTUS is a stretch but I’d rather have a GOP squish than Dementia Joe

  68. currently I mean

  69. Pence might be just raising funds to cash in, and doesn’t really intend to run.

  70. Joey Marbles.

  71. We’ll see how Pence plays it. I think it’s too early because I think that Trump’s decision to run or not will drastically shape the race. If he’s in, he’s likely the candidate. If not, then it’s a free-for-all but his shadow will still loom over it.

    If Pence does want to have a shot, he needs to spend the next four years developing a Trumpian populist message.

  72. Isn’t the MLB’s decision the exact kind of thing Gov. Noem was talking about? If she’d signed the bill as it was, then she’d hand the NCAA the excuse they need to fuck over SD by cutting ties, which would fuck over not just the university, but a whole lot of businesses who rely on the increased income from home games and the like?

  73. The discussion will pick up again when he dies, steps down, or 2022 rolls around. Our elites think they’ve wrested back control but they haven’t.

    Our elites are shit and have been my entire adult life. They sold out the US. The destroyed the middle class. And as Alex said last night they’re trying every short term strategy to stay afloat.

    But it’ll just be right wing or left wing populism because our elites aren’t worthy of their status.

    Kumslut ain’t going to play well with the Dem base. The progressives won’t like her, and the blue-collar Dems will see right through her. There’s going to be an opening for a young, populist Dem to challenge her in 2024.

  74. * places $50 on Herschel Walker for 2024 *

  75. Look, it doesn’t matter who runs or doesn’t, or their platform. You’re going to get the predetermined winner and there isn’t a thing youre going to do about it. So while I’ll agree that interpreting the meaning of the kabuki political dancers various routines does have a certain amount of entertainment value, i will not agree they have any real bearing at the end of the play.

    If you think that after the last election there is a path to a non fradulent future election, id like to hear the reasoning for that position.

  76. 2024 will be Gavin Newsom vs Jeb Bush.

  77. Chelsea!

  78. insanity…

  79. Grandpa collapsed. He wasn’t breathing and his heart was stopped. The paramedics got him going again and are taking him to the hospital, but it doesn’t look good. Aunt called mom, who immediately called me. It’s midnight here, I live on the opposite side of the country. There’s nothing I can do. Am I the asshole for telling her to not call me again tonight but that I’d call her and find out in the morning?

  80. Cool Mars ‘Selfie”.

  81. Prayers up for your Grandpa, CoAlex.

  82. No, you’re not the a-hole. It’s okay.

    That selfie is amazing.

  83. Get some sleep Alex, you are not an asshole.

  84. Dusseldorf enjoyed renewed prominence.

  85. Cry Meme a River

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