2020 BBF Champion – Sabrina Lynn

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2020 Championship Victory Celebration.



Here to present the coveted Big Boob Friday Trophy is our very own Mare!




  1. Foist, slackers

  2. Happy 2021, jackwagons!

  3. Woah … what’s that bright light?

  4. Wakey wakey

    Pat thinks the elections was rigged.

    What’s this about john Roberts?

    No one was arrested. We played games all night. People were loud. There was a party downstairs too (I’ll check for beer tree seeds later).

    Lots of healthy food. No pushup contests. I have a pretty fun picture I took during one of the board games.

  5. Everyone took couple pictures in front of my christmas tree. Everyone thinks its fake because its literally perfect.

  6. Pat says 2/10 would not smash.

  7. I see one of Carin’s resolutions was not to stop humble bragging …

  8. I want to see your perfect tree and vote on it like I vote for tits

  9. Tree, not bush

  10. I didn’t grow the tree. I just picked it. so i’m on going to meet you half-way on this.

  11. Gretchen is going to drain your lake.

  12. Pat says 2/10 would not smash.

    What does Pay say? Surely one of them is heterosexual.

  13. BB winner is too young looking. That’s his issue with her.

  14. as is normal in detroit voting… car in voted for pat.
    ‘cuz like leon said – hetrow sehchsual

  15. That’s fair, I guess, we really should get some pics of her mom.

    For research purposes.

  16. While I respect Pay’s opinion on the matter, the people have spoken. It’s time for unity.

  17. Sauerkraut with pork in the slow cooker, extra pork chop simmering on the stovetop with mushrooms.

    2021 is starting out OK.

  18. While I respect Pay’s opinion on the matter, the people have spoken. It’s time for unity.

    Agreed. I voted for her opponent in the primaries but I accept the win and know she’ll serve ably in the role.

  19. Even tho the tit vote 2020 was obviously rigged I’m willing to say she is an apt champion if not truly an exemplar of the standards set by our first Chief Mammarian.

  20. Leon brings up a great point – what does her mom’s boobs look like?

  21. Leon you mizspelt primammaries.

  22. LOL, jam.

  23. In other news – the new drawer slides for my snap poon tool box showed up t’other day.
    Gotta replace them all.
    Pray for Oso.

  24. All the years of Fridays and all the playoffs and all the comments have not yielded the malapropism of “primammaries” until 1/1/21.

    I tip my boat drink to you Sir Monkey!

  25. I’m making the pork with sauerkraut combo later on. I’m glad I shopped early yesterday because I bought 2 of the last 4 bags of kraut in the cold case. Probably would have found cans of kraut but I like to pretend it’s somehow fresher when it’s near the fresh pickles.

  26. Fresh pickles, misted slits, bbfs under 300 stone, drawer slides replaced under warranty… it’s a week of miracles.

  27. Baby Jesus is smiling down on us all

  28. You must be joking.

  29. She ain’t the best……but evidently she’s the best we could do in this ghettodump.

    Happy New Year or whatever.

  30. Good pick for BBF champ tho I meself did not vote. Reminds me of a girl I used to date, Samantha. Although was a bit um larger.. Still smoking hot something about red-heads. As has happened to me twice now, got married within a couple of months of breaking up with me. Apparently I make a good practice husband but not so much for the long term real deal.

    May 2021 bring some positivity, somewhere. Not feeling it at the moment though.

  31. Well for Heaven’s sake she’s absolutely adorable with a killer body. HTF did she win 2020 BBF????

  32. Pendejo!!!! Good to see you.

  33. I wonder if any of these chicks find out they won our esteemed contest. I think that would make them very proud.

  34. for about half a second before they call their lawyer, maybe

  35. All the trophies are still in Pupster’s closet. At some point we’re gonna need mailing addresses to deliver them

  36. **waves at mare**

  37. ** flips a double bird to others**

  38. *gesture that is so filthy it is illegal in seventeen countries*

  39. I wonder if any of these chicks find out they won our esteemed contest. I think that would make them very proud.

    Maybe we should sent them a “Major prize”.

  40. Just watched “Ready Player One”, pretty good flick.

    Mrs. Pupster is having a lot more trouble kicking this virus than I did, I’m pretty much back to me but she is still down with the sickness.

    Boy1 is in denial but I think he’s got a mild case, Boy2 is back to normal.

  41. I have read from researchers online and others that I trust that vitamin D plays a major role in fighting/not getting/severity of COVID.

    Since that cat is out of the bag. Lots of Vitamin D and I personally think Vitamin C could be helpful for unknown reasons. But I only play a Dr. when Jimbro isn’t around.

  42. Jimbro, that little video of the Biden’s is pathetic.

  43. *looks for limbs to lop off for profit*

  44. Mom, Mare is creating Trannies again!!!!!

  45. “Limb”? We ain’t all Paolo, Pendejo.

  46. Read something about melatonin and sleep is helpful re: chYna plague. Something to do with the virus f*cking up nerves, etc. circadian rhythm.
    If that’s the case, I’m screwed on all levels…can’t megadose on D (shut it) and my sleep is so messed up, it’s making the depression worse. Not sure if melatonin would work.

  47. *grabs pendejo’s double salute and stuffs them up his nostrils*

  48. double salute and stuffs

    I read that as Double Stuff and imagined Oreo cookies up Pendejo’s schnoz

  49. Happy 2021

  50. You motherfuckers are getting vicious. I think I’ll go get back in the closet with my paste collection for a month or two.

  51. I’ve been mega dosing D and C along with Zinc. Mrs. Pupster takes melatonin but it makes me have bad dreams. Not like nightmares, just very vivid detailed WTF was that type dreams and I don’t take it.

  52. Night terrors still exist. I decided to sleep with Dan last night. Happy 2021. I hit him. I slapped him. I kicked him. He decided to couch the New Year. I still don’t remember.

  53. Zinc and D give me mega gas. Crop dusting

  54. That’s what I’m afraid of, pups. I’m already plagued with disturbing nightmares…when I am able to sleep/dream.

  55. How is stuffing your fingers up your nose, vicious, when it is your favorite past time?

  56. You need to quit chewing through the restraints.

  57. Canyon, TX. Hereford.

  58. Checked my bank account. Printed monies from Uncle Sugar has been deposited.

  59. I take Vitamin D, C and zinc but not every day, maybe 4-5 days out of 7. I figure my system has enough in it so I can skip a few days.

    This is the dosing plan of a guy who doesn’t change his fire detector batteries until they chirp at him, usually at 2 AM

  60. So if I claim to suffer from night terrors, I can beat hell out if Mr. B? Not sure how it will go over since he snores in the guest room but I’m willing to give it the old college try.

  61. Beasn, I’ve been beating Dan in my sleep for 30 years. He hates mi familia more than I do. He loves my weighted blanket. I guess I was in a bad place last night. He grabbed my blanket. Covered me. Fled to the couch. (Low hanging beating fruit)

  62. I’m supposed to MADE 3 times a day. I’m worse about eyedrops than Diabeetus

  63. MADE = Milk A Damn Elephant

  64. I’m supposed to MADE 3 times a day.

    How is Dan supposed to get in the mood if you keep kicking his ass? He’s not a machine, Oso.

  65. MADE= Muffle A Deadly Explosion

    stop eating beans

  66. 🤪 He is worse about eye drops than blood glucose

  67. I’m the Messican that doesn’t eat beans

  68. Season 9 of Letterkenny

  69. Pitter-patter.

  70. Justified and Letterkenny. Pitter patter.

  71. Meh. I’ll just have to read books.

  72. Comment by osoloco11 on January 1, 2021 5:05 pm
    Canyon, TX. Hereford

    WTF is this about?

  73. Changing back to regular gravatar – Happy New Year, everyone!

  74. Daniel’s engine released pollutants.

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