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  1. Any of you want to start posting on Thursdays? This was going to be my Saturday post.

  2. Yeah, I will.

  3. The comments on the Obama kayaking story were hilarious.

    People would not believe that it was Michelle in the kayak. Half of the comments were….’but she looks so good on the cover of magazines! How could this be the same person??? I think its a body double!’

    They couldn’t believe that she’s actually ugly af and airbrushed for every media appearance.

  4. PJ abandoned us in our time of need.

    Also, I’m pretty sure the “opossums are harmless and beneficial!” people are urban millennials who’ve never had to protect a barn cat or horses from them.

    And when I say “urban millennial” you could read that as “fucktards who need to stay in their lane and shut the hell up”.

  5. They couldn’t believe that she’s actually ugly af and airbrushed for every media appearance.

    These are the same people who believe Joe Biden is lucid and socialism works.

    They aren’t smart people.

  6. I used to think Biden wouldn’t make it more than a few months.

    I think he makes it 6 years.

  7. Jingle half way made me LOL.

    I see the plague rat showing “rock”, as in rock, paper, scissors.

    I probably need more coffee.

  8. MJ, no way, not when Biden referred to Harris as president-elect. I’m starting to think he might not make it to Jan. 20.

  9. Blerg, 8 degrees here this morning. Breaking ice, then knife stuff until it warms up, then running the dozer the rest of the day. The fun never stops…….ever.

  10. Pups, I want to high five you so hard (not a euphemism). This made me laugh out loud so many times I couldn’t keep track of my favorites.

    But dog traveling a long way to bite its owner.
    The stupid pope with bubble wrap
    Time to talk about DUI
    Baby monitor

    Oh eff it, I loved them all.

  11. I don’t think you’ll ever really see him. The bureaucracy will just roll on.

    Also, sorry for putting zero in your post. I stand by my decision even though it was really, really, really, gross. The contrast was hilarious.

    All these super ripped dudes and then a flabby old man that we’re supposed to believe it ‘buff’.

    Everything is a bass-o-matic.

  12. It might have been a euphemism.

  13. We played a “meme” game Christmas evening. I was laughing my ass off.

  14. Today’s dumb lib family story: cousin is paying a cool $58K a year for virtual classes and is letting the kid have his own apartment instead of staying at home. Kid has no job, no internship, full leech. At least it’s not a gender studies degree.

  15. Great Jazz hit home. Do. Not. Like.

  16. Mare down calm.

    Mrs. Hedgehog was Beandsesedfddseghjjsjdes bait, in answer to your question Leon from a few days ago, she checked out a three-four weeks ago, and dropped a drive-by comment on Christmas.

  17. Somebody tell Mare to stop using big made up words to make herself look all all smurty smart.

  18. Everything is a bass-o-matic.

    It’s a dessert topping and a floor wax!

    I should see if the classic SNL skit VCR tape will still play and educate Mini-me and MMB.

  19. Comment by Pupster on December 31, 2020 9:54 am
    Mare down calm.


    Yeah, I may have endorphins pumping from my walk.

    And I just accidentally ate a 900 calorie breakfast. D’OH!!

  20. Beasn might have company moving to her state soon. I would very much like to be on the west side of the Mississippi before frisky time gets here.

  21. I think Beasnsnsnssn, like myself and PJM, just need(ed) time away from hearing anything about politics. Even side discussions here. And I’m the worst one on that score.

  22. We have absofuckinglutely no plans for tonight. We’ve spent NYE home by ourselves a couple times in the past. At those times we were just too weary to go out and be stupid. This year our liberal friends invited us over to stand in their backyard around their fire pit.

    Uhhhh…no can do.

  23. Outside, at the beginning of January. In Michigan.

    That’s healthy.

  24. People aren’t allowed in their house.

  25. Of course not. Science, don’tchaknow?

  26. Comment by Hotspur on December 31, 2020 10:16 am
    People aren’t allowed in their house.


    This is so depressing. That people can so easily be manipulated by the media. They can do this lockdown shit to us whenever they want and the sheep will gladly comply. This will be used over and over again.

  27. Wife brought up moving to South Dakota again. She wants Possum to be able to go to school if she wants, just to be around other kids. Schools here remain dystopian nightmares, and even if they roll it back, they’ll do it again. I won’t be able to claw back tuition from a catholic school, and public schools are child abuse.

  28. There’s a local radio guy who is the pastor of a church and they have a daycare and a school there. His school produces kids that test at the top 2% in the state, for tuition that costs about 1/3 the cost of a shitty public school education per child.

    These places are out there, you just have to look.

  29. One of my coworkers told me that her daughter was playing with Barbies and she saw the kid socially distanced them, with verbal admonitions to stay seated apart. She was really disturbed by this. She should be.

  30. Same people stopped by our house the day after Christmas. We have spent nearly every holiday with these people for the past 20 years – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, July 4, birthdays, etc., but not this year. I was sitting in my screen porch having a cigar when they arrived. They stood outside. I asked them if they wanted to come into the Sunroom, which we don’t heat in the winter, but I have a heater I could turn on and open all of the sliding doors. It literally becomes an outdoor room when the doors are open, but nope. She wanted to, but he said, “No, it’s just my thing.” So they stood outside my smoking porch in the snow wearing their masks.

    It indeed truly is sad.

    These have been our best friends since I met my wife. We made a rule early on “No Politics” which we’ve pretty much stuck to. There are so many other things to discuss and share.

    But this year was a tipping point. There’s no going back for them. They’ve crossed over to fervent belief in their leftist religion.

    I’ll say it again, it truly is sad.

  31. Ice cream for breakfast is BACK!! I have a pint of Rebel in my freezer. You can’t even know how happy this makes me.

  32. How do I find a school that won’t bend the knee every time the dem panic/pandemic shit starts up again?

    And even trying to organize or find a homeschool pod that knows kids shouldn’t live like this via the usual routes on facechimp or nextdork is a sure way to get the Stasi called on you.

  33. Protestants seem to be more ornery (as a group) and are not down with that shit the way Catholics are. Catholics around these parts are all pretty much an anti-America commie illegal alien pipeline ready to lie down for anything social media tells them to do. YMMV.

  34. That might have been one of those times when I should have deleted what I typed, but it’s the truth as I see it, here where I live. Sorry.

  35. Sorry about your friends, Hotspur. I hope they regain their sense some day.

  36. And that’s where I’m stuck, because protestants are ultimately wrong, at least on theology, even if they are in the right place politically. The layity I’ve known in both parishes I’ve been a part of have mostly been solid conservatives, and we’re continuously let down by leftist clergy. The only catholic subgroup that seems to have any spine on the matter are the same ones who’ll insist that communion in the hand is blasphemy, women must be veiled and not work outside the home, and that God only wants masses in Latin.

  37. I would take offense to that except

    /sideyes Frankie Goes To Rome

    which makes it REALLY FUCKING HARD to reconcile myself with the Church. Which is probably the point of the profane exercise.

    I may just have a cup of cranberry juice and a captain’s wafer on Sunday mornings, say “Lord, you know what I’m getting at here, at least until people stop being retards”, and be done with it.

  38. I’m so old I can’t wait until it’s 8:00pm to say, “welp, time for me to head upstairs and get ready for bed.” I just get bored and want to read stretched out in bed.

    I’ll never make it to the New Year’s again.


  39. Naw, Lauraw. I want you to be wrong about Catholics but you aren’t.

  40. But I can give a couple of examples (sad but literally a couple) of prominent Catholics who think this is all bullshit and anticatholic to boot.

  41. Also, individual Catholic churches are now run almost entirely by sexually active gay guys. It’s so blindingly obvious when you’re an outsider and you attend an occasional service at a funeral or wedding. I can’t believe what the laity is putting up with or pretending they don’t see. But, they’re good progressives, so. No big deal there, I guess. It’s no problem as long as we don’t verbalize it!

    You guys remember the story of the guy I used to date whose brother was gay? His brother was friends with their local priest, who was also gay. This priest told the brother that at seminary, the old priests would “run through all the rooms at night.” Totally gross. Totally corrupt.

  42. I take no offense to it, the Church of Nice (as in niceness, not the French city) ushered in by modern Jesuits and Jorge Bergoglio types is a satanic inversion of what the institution is supposed to be. I prefer the Ordinary Form (what Trads derogate as “Novus Ordo”) and I don’t see anything wrong with communion in the hand.

    At the same time, clergy literally have One Job: Get people to Heaven, first and foremost by ensuring broadest possible access to the sacraments. Laying prostrate before secular governments under any pretense is cowardice, and cowards don’t get into Heaven, and they sure as hell don’t lead anyone else there. I was counting on Catholic schooling to be at least some protection against Woke and CRT in the classroom, but that’s gone now.

  43. /sideyes Frankie Goes To Rome

    I saw where his home country Argentina literally celebrated legalizing abortion. Way to go there Jorge.

  44. Ice cream for breakfast is BACK!! I have a pint of Rebel in my freezer. You can’t even know how happy this makes me.
    I don’t know what Rebel is but assume it’s some form of frozen confection. I ran out early for a grocery run since Paula is working until 7 tonight. At the last part of the frozen food aisle I opted for a pint of Gifford’s Moose Tracks ice cream. That will be our NYE celebration before 9PM with bedtime coming soon after.

  45. But I can give a couple of examples (sad but literally a couple) of prominent Catholics who think this is all bullshit and anticatholic to boot.

    I’m aware of a lot of them, but many fall into the “Trad” or “Rad Trad” category I was just talking about. Even Fr James Altman (“you can’t be Catholic and a Democrat”) refers to Ordinary Form as “Novus Ordo” and considers it an inferior rite, then has the audacity to claim that disagreement is part of an inferiority complex about ones personal holiness.

  46. I’ll be leaving work about twelve hours from now. There’s half a bottle of red wine in the fridge. That will be my champagne for when I get home and watch the ball drop.

  47. This is so depressing. That people can so easily be manipulated by the media. They can do this lockdown shit to us whenever they want and the sheep will gladly comply. This will be used over and over again.
    What I find sort of funny is that people will not only comply, they will attempt to enforce laws that don’t exist.

  48. I assembled my split pea soup this morning and was kicking myself for not having any carrots. I was just at the damn store too! Now, on the balance, I don’t know exactly how much of a unique flavor a couple of carrots add to a big crockpot of split pea soup but they do provide a contrast to the overwhelming greenness of the soup.

    (I’ve used the word greenness before but this is the first time I’ve written it down and was surprised I actually got it right AND it is a real word)

  49. I’m doing cannellini and greens, stewed with a smoked turkey leg. The beans are soaked and waiting in the fridge. All will go in the crockpot tomorrow morning. Getting a three day weekend and boy howdy do I need it.

  50. Caring for psych patients is the least appealing part of Paula’s job. Because of her experience she is often the charge nurse and the psych patients fall on the charge’s responsibility. They often have psych patients there for days and even weeks awaiting transfer to an inpatient facility. As you might imagine, anyone kept in the same room would go a little stir crazy. They had one guy attack the staff the other night with an IV pole and they stood aside as he “escaped”. (Their security is of the Barney Fife variety). By the time the real po po arrived the guy was long gone. He turned up a few days later in MA driving a stolen car.

  51. for when I get home and watch the ball drop.

    Things That Sound Dirty But Aren’t

  52. Of course greenness is a word. Redness is a word. Ask your mom about that rash she can’t seem to get rid of.


    I have never heard of superfetation.

    Sounds like a superhero who goes around drilling holes in the heads of abortionists.

  54. Lol, last night I admitted a guy to our quarantine section that was very odd. The quarantine section is blocked off by a locked door from the rest of the unit. Not as easy to get into when there is a psych emergency and I need staff to rush the area. I told the nurse that will be charge tonight that I could manage all the patients back there today with just me and one tech. Another nurse who is ten+ years seasoned took me aside and told me that I need two staff back there with me tonight, not just one. She spoke slowly and carefully and made eye contact. I paid attention and will be making that request this evening.

  55. Re. the stimulus bill:

    “The sooner the government can send the aid overseas, the sooner the recipients can funnel some of it back to the sons, daughters and friends of those who just spent our grandchildren’s money.”

  56. spoke slowly and carefully and made eye contact
    I’ve been on both sides of that type of exchange. Every now and then we have to let parents know how things work or will happen if they’re not aware and we use that technique. Not everyone gets what you’re laying down but most do.

  57. Do. Not. Post. Pictures. Of. Obama’s. Melting. Body.

    Someone just left me a this voicemail. Weird.

  58. money laundering.

  59. moose tracks is my favorite ice cream too.

  60. I just made no-bake cookies. That will be our champagne all day long.

  61. How are you feeling, Pupster?

    P.S. I have a half-assed poat in the queue for Saturday since you used this one. I hope to improve it today and tomorrow, place your bets.

  62. I had a stupid video to post, forgot to schedule it

  63. Moose Tracks is so good I can’t buy it. Even for my husband. Boundaries are forgotten.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  64. When someone speaks slowly to me and makes eye contact I listen…

    because I’m stupid and all people talk to me like that.

  65. I bought toilet paper and I felt like I was giving in to the hysteria. But I needed some toilet paper.

  66. Oh, 3 ladies of color were chatting in Walmart and one called our town St. Ghettosburg.

    Interesting. She was miffed when she asked a Walmart worker (at another St Petersburg Walmart) why they don’t stock this or that, the worker (who I got the impression was black) said, “look around at our customers.” Her comment to another lady, “Just because we live in St. Ghettosburg, doesn’t mean I want to shop in a broke down store.”

    Huh. Can black people be racist?

    Yes, yes they can.

  67. When I park in the Walmart parking lot, every, single, time, I smell weed. And not just a whiff, someone opens their door and out it comes. Never had an exception. yikes.

    Also, when some people walk by I could get a contact high. They reek and I mean REEK of it. They also look like that is all they do all day. yikes.

    Can white people be judgmental?

    Yes, yes they can.

  68. Well, I’ve said enough stupid stuff for one day.

    I sincerely hope that every single Hostage has a great 2021. I will pray that we get over this mask bullshit, the Covid will kill us all bullshit, the everyone needs a vaccine to travel and work bullshit and just the regular bullshit that gets on my nerves.

  69. I’m feeling pretty good. I had to do the Dayquil/Nyquil thing for about 3 days but none for the last day. Energy level is still low, some background congestion but all in all I feel OK.

    Mrs. Pupster has been more incapacitated than me, she has a had a horrible headache for the last 4 days and sleeps 15-20 hours a day but today she is feeling a little better. I’m guessing we will both be back to normal in a couple of days.

    My office manager told me via email I can’t return to the office without a negative test so I have to get that figured out, maybe on Saturday I’ll get another schawabbing. I was exposed one week ago today, symptoms started 2-3 days later.

  70. Comment by mare on December 31, 2020 1:06 pm
    Well, I’ve said enough stupid stuff for one day.


    That doesn’t mean I won’t say more.

    I do what I want.

  71. Do you know how you were exposed, Pups?

    And has anyone with any actual science experience determined whether or not asymptomatic people can pass it on.

    The latest research said, no. But who knows.

  72. Your office manager is uninformed. You can shed viral particles that might produce a false positive for months after you actually are over covid and can’t transmit it anymore. When our patients get over it, we don’t retest them anymore. We let them out of isolation after two weeks of the last symptoms or two weeks after a positive test if they are asymptomatic.

  73. Scratch that. I was exposed on the 17th, symptoms started on the 20th, tested positive on the 23rd. It’s been two weeks.

  74. There are 3 different kinds of COVID tests and Hawaii only allows 2 and they must be from their accredited list of “partners.”

    There is also an antibody test.

  75. I bought toilet paper and I felt like I was giving in to the hysteria. But I needed some toilet paper.

    me too. I buy the block at sams. I get it when I’m almost out, but now you attract stares. recently its all gone so I don’t have to worry about those either.

  76. Get one of the “at-home” tests. Swap a sterilized coffee mug, send it back.

    Modern problems require modern solutions.

  77. You can shed viral particles that might produce a false positive for months after you actually are over covid and can’t transmit it anymore.


    This is what I’m worried about with regard to flying to Hawaii. I get a positive hit, I don’t go. Or, I’m in quarantine for 10 days. And they don’t play around.

  78. so how many of those false positives are fueling the current surge in positives? this is so stupid. more people aren’t dying of covid, they die with it.

  79. Of course, I’m just parroting the stuff we are told when we have to react to all these new rules. Which change almost daily. So, grain of salt, people. This current ‘knowledge’ is almost certainly subject to change.

  80. Yeah well I can “work” from home I guess. My boss hardly ever comes in the office, but the last time I saw him was on the 17th, I learned through a 3rd party that he had tested positive on the 22nd, that’s when I went and got tested, took one sick day, used a floating holiday for Christmas Eve, and I had week of PTO already scheduled for this week.

  81. I haven’t seen my boss since 2018.

  82. The Walgreens has ‘drive through’ testing, they hand you the scwab and then take it back to the lab. The website says it’s $136 but they didn’t charge Mrs. Pupster or Boy2 when they did it. You have to sign up for an appointment on the website, I got halfway through the forms and said “fuck this” I’ll do it tomorrow.

  83. We let them out of isolation after two weeks of the last symptoms or two weeks after a positive test if they are asymptomatic.

    That was the case with Mini-me, two weeks after the last day of fever.

  84. I just reread my email, I don’t need a negative test, just a Dr.’s note saying I can return. I’ve already got one that says I can unquarantine after 10 days from a positive test and 2 days with no symptoms. We’ll see if that will fly.

  85. I some guys with doctorates who’d be happy to write you a note.

  86. Boy2 had a fever but tested negative. Neither Mrs. Pupster or I had a fever but tested positive.

  87. I never had much of a fever. I felt like I did, and checked a few times, but it was never much over 100 F. Just chills and terrible fatigue.

  88. American deaths in 2019
    (no Covid): 2,854,838

    American deaths in 2020
    (with Covid): 2,835,533

    CDC site.

    cough*covid panic is bullshit* cough


  90. Lol, I knew that would happen.

  91. I’m not sure how to link it, but I saw a chart of America, and it had flu levels for each state in a color depicting the severity. Dark red being the states with most cases. Other colors as medium so to speak and yellow and light green the least amount of cases.

    2019 was typical for any year. Some dark red some in between and some yellow and green.

    This year for flu all the states are either yellow or green.

    Sure, Jan.

  92. been preparing for my super spreader event all day.

  93. I’m making oatmeal-date cookies soon.

    Because raisins are for plebs and commies.

  94. HEY CARIN GUESS WHAT (Imgur Video)

  95. Is that you John Wayne?

    (Imgur Video with sound)

  96. I thought we were all in agreement that no one got pregnant on the ski weekend?

  97. I had Mascne. Then Mask Mouth. Now, I have MADE. Mask Associated Dry Eye. I have eye drops. I have to use hot compresses and massage my eyelids twice a day. Sleep with an humidifier. New prescription.

  98. Get a lawyer and sue Wally World for an unsafe work environment.

  99. Got home after my grocery store trip and as I prepped the split pea soup began hearing a beeping fire detector. I had Ben track down which one it was and when he found it discovered we were down to our last 9v battery. If we were out I would have had to cut a bitch. We don’t change the batteries when we reset our clocks twice a year. It may be safer but I think it’s a scam run by Big Battery. They last over a year.

    Yeah, I can see the meme now with the firefighters gathered around the smoldering ruins of my house saying “Well, at least he saved money on batteries!”

  100. Started reading my book on the history of explosives. It should surprise no one that a lot of the early explosive industry was plagued by, well, unplanned product tests, including one that killed Alfred Nobel’s brother.

  101. Leon, we had to sign off on COVID and mask BS back in April. I’m just waiting for the mandatory vaccine. One of my friends is refusing to test to work. He works for Wally not Sam’s. He is on his 3rd paid LOA for refusing to test. My CoW that refused to test, caved last week.

  102. You can’t sign away your rights unless it’s a contract with the US armed services. Sue, sue like the wind!

  103. Date-oatmeal cookies came out perfect. Possum won’t even try them because they aren’t on the List of Seven Things.

  104. Leon, that’s what I said! Dan is too happy with the bonusing and the wage raise. He’s just trying to hang on until we can move to TX, NE, or KS.

  105. Selling my soul for $15 an hour and over $6000 in bonuses.

  106. Super spreader event starts in 30 minutes. Have you guys taken up bail money yet?

  107. I bought Boy1 a weighted blanket for Christmas, but so far he refuses to try it. I just put it on Mrs. Pupster and she said something like yass..oh, ysss and that’s all she wrote folks.

  108. I have a weighted blanket. It lays on my feet/legs most nights. It barks.

  109. Seriously, why does she sleep on my legs? It can’t be comfortable.

  110. What’s the point of all that working out stuff if you are not going to fight the cops? Just spray yourself with cooking oil and leave a window open.


    They have to catch you to cuff you.

  111. Hahahaha, we all knew Justice Roberts was being blackmailed when his terrible decision about Obamacare was a head scratcher. Especially concerning the law. Its a terrible decision. We knew there was a John Roberts on Epstein’s plane, now we know it was dumbass Roberts.

  112. Lin Wood has been going all in on the Justice Roberts stuff. Seems unwise if he’s just blowing smoke so I have to believe it’s real.

  113. Roberts tied with Epstein would explain a lot. Wonder if he knows the Dominion secret too.

  114. Animals get comfy weird. Also, they like any spot that smells like their favorite humans. Including, naturally…

  115. Blerg, just got back from running the dozer all afternoon. Amazing machine. So easy to run.

  116. I love my #15 weighted blanket. Buying an 8# throw at WalMart #15 is too heavy for TV watching.

  117. I bought everyone a MyPillow for Christmas. My niece loves hers. Everyone else probably tossed theirs in a corner. If so, they can suck it.
    Not getting a weighted blanket until the waves of heat subside a touch more.

    Roberts is a cucking funt.

  118. Is that goober Swalwell still married?

  119. Do they make a 40# weighted blanket that I could turn into a poncho?

  120. Beasn!

  121. Awww, that is too cute, Scott! Thank you for the smile.


  123. A 40 lb poncho would be nice to swing around in a room full of Karens.

  124. HAHA, too funny pups! I would so do that if I had a bird. It kinda works with a guinea pig.
    I’d link up some cuteness back to you guys but I’m still larnin’ my new Samsung galaxy (and my computer is about to shit the bed)…so no can do.

  125. A 40 lb poncho would be nice to swing around in a room full of Karens.

    I’m thinking there’s a product opportunity for a Battle Poncho here. Concealed chain or washer-mail plus strategically-placed whapping weights in the arm flaps.

  126. 2021 and no flying car.

    I was promised a flying car.

  127. Any car will fly if you drive it wrong enough.

  128. This car flies, if you only watch 9 seconds of it watch from 5:18-5:27. People die on this race but Ken Block hot dogs it

  129. Made it home without catching any stray gunfire whilst driving through our lovely capital city.

    Pink fluffy bathrobe on. Glass of red wine perched. Homemade frozen burrito in the meecrowave.


  130. If you could only see how classy this scene is over here

  131. Counting down by computer clock. Because I actually hate my TV.

  132. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  133. *single quick toot on a kazoo*

  134. Some folks are popping fireworks here and there, far off. Nothing at all like a normal year.

  135. Happy New year!

  136. HNY!

    Firecrackers going off by the dock, no firearms

  137. oy!!

  138. wow, someone is still up?

  139. 24 minutes of 2020 suckage left to go here. Somebody’s have been partying since 9:30ish. Every now and again sounds like a cannon was set off. Pretty sure shits gonna get lit in 20 minutes.
    My county isn’t commie. Yet.

    HNY y’all.

  140. *hi five to Jay*

    *immediately drops into a deep, dreamless sleep*

  141. Happy New Central Year!

  142. WOOOOOO!!!!

  143. *wonders how game night is going, and if it moved to Lapeer PD.

  144. Yep, lots of pyros out there. Almost sounds like the 4th of July. Almost.

  145. Happy New Year, Hostages!

  146. Happy New Year, everyone!

  147. This wish for all my Hostage pals to have a happy and healthy 2021 in lieu of customary silly word.

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