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Your model for today was born March 20th, 1990 in Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation.  She stands 5′ 9″ and measures 362536 and 125 lbs.  Please save a dance for Miss Olga Katysheva aka Olya Shokolad / Olga Chocolate / Ольга Катышева / Ольга Шоколад / Потешная.



  1. Hallo der. Foist!

  2. omment by lauraw on September 11, 2020 12:35 am

    I’ll notice that you have seventeen goats and your lawn somehow still isn’t fucking mowed
    Not to mention the humongous lawn cock

  3. I kept waiting for a conclusion to the ketchup bottle shaking gif series but, alas, it was not to be.

  4. Apt use of the “Russian Collusion” category

  5. Bob Log III – Bang your Thing at the Ball

    Pupster has apparently been shopping at the same video store as PJM

  6. I kept waiting for a conclusion to the ketchup bottle shaking gif series but, alas, it was not to be.

    If you click on “Olya Shokolad” , the fourth video link, you will have closure.

  7. Bob Log is kind of an interesting character, he’s a one man band playing his own style of delta blues slide electric guitar. His schtick is he does it in a velvet jumpsuit with a full face motorcycle helmet, singing into an old telephone handset embedded in the face shield. He brings an inflatable raft and crowd surfs on it. Bang Your Thing is not my favorite song of his, but it is the best music video.

    Better song:

  8. 10/10 would smash

    Worst song ever

  9. ww

  10. Holy hell, my crazy meter just exploded. Not sure if it’s the music video or the model or both…

  11. She gives off a bit of “girl next door” vibe. If the girl next door had $10K worth of breast augmentation surgery.

    Not MJ’s girl next door…… a generic girl next door.

    Also, that “music” didn’t please my palette. Which is nicer than saying that it sucked all the flop sweat off my taint.

  12. I’m seeing the result of the progression of allowing people to put other people on a pedestal for no reason other than who their ancestors were. This Michelle Obama wannabe is headed for a reckoning when she pulls that shit on the wrong person.

  13. Wow wow wow. We’ll flip the races for the next “ripped from the headline” episode of whatever’s left of Law&Order and/or American Horror Story.

  14. That is one awesome video.

    I love the black supremacy tropes. At least the white supremacists identify themselves better with the color of their Doc Marten laces. Remember that from the 90s?

  15. Never heard that one.

  16. Whoa!!

  17. Pretty interesting interview with Biden’s press secretary:

    They’re going to make the case that GEOTUS should have shut down the country sooner and that raising corporate taxes will get people back to work.

    I’m not sure these are good messages. The first one isn’t bad, it’s always easy to play monday morning it. The second one seem bizarre.

    And I don’t think Biden will be able to lie this easily. He’ll get tripped up and say really dumb shit. He’s a good liar, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not very slick.

  18. Excuse me officerflight attendant person, may I suggest using your nightstick?

  19. That has to be a Farrakhan follower. That’s where all that crap came from.

  20. The last question about Biden using a teleprompter to read answers to ‘questions’ should have some legs. Trump is going to blast him on that and the press guy wasn’t prepared for it.

    That tells me they’re not doing the dirty work to read legit criticism from the right about Biden.

    Biden will bring a spork to a knife fight. He’s just not going to be ready for OMB to drag him into the mud.

  21. Grinning does not a good liar make. It works with small children and the left side of the bell curve, but it’s just a ‘tell’ to anyone paying attention. BJ Clinton wasn’t actually much better at it either, always threw too much intensity into statements he knew were false, but at least he could flip between Angry Eyes and Stupid Grin. Biden just grins like a dipshit Dan Brown character.

  22. Do white supremacists (real ones, not us) have these kind of weird beliefs?

  23. Someone should have asked her about the Joooooos running our media, Laura. She’d have taken that bait and gone full Super-Saiyan.

  24. There’s no limit to what someone with that much seething rage inside would do if they had actual power.

  25. MJ, you can occasionally find some woo-woo about Atlantean diaspora and Nordic Aliens, but I’m never sure how much is 4ch nonsense vs genuine belief. Most of the current sentiment I’ve seen is territorial complaint. As in, everyone who isn’t white can have their own lands and exclude anyone they like for any reason. “White” countries must allow in anyone who gets there, and help them get there, or they are evil Nazi racists.

    Since this is the actual, apparent media narrative (Trump is evil for wanting a wall and checks at the border! Swedes who want rapists incarcerated are just ethnocentrists!), I fear the sentiment will continue to gain ground, especially in the Scandinavian countries bulging with “refugees”.

  26. White supremacists “pounced” on the Rotherham rape gang case when basically no one involved went to jail, or got slaps on the wrist. That was practically an Aryan Nation recruiting op. Someone on the fence who’s already lost a job or a neighborhood to people now raping all the neighborhood daughters with impunity is an easy “get” for White Nationalism, if not exactly for Supremacy. Did rapes happen before? Doesn’t matter, these did and justice was denied.

    Before the invention of “white people” in the US, the same sentiments used to circulate around Italian and Irish neighborhoods here.

  27. Some of that crazy long predates 4chan, though it probably did amplify it as per GIFT and/or 4chan’s peculiar sense of humor.

    Used to be screaming any sort of shit like that in public was a fine way to get your ass beat all the way to the ER. Better days, I’d say.

  28. 19 years ago at about this time, Tower 1 was already coming down or down.

  29. We live in profoundly uncivilized times, Tim.

  30. For those wondering about GIFT, it’s the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory:

  31. I love the GIFT.

  32. Reply All is a work of Satan.

  33. I woke up to a phone call from my mom. “Happy birthday, turn on the TV.” I was still half asleep and turned on the TV to see that the second plane had just hit the towers.

  34. Happy birthday, CoAlex and Oso.

  35. Talk about your shitty birthdays.

    I heard news on radio about the first impact on my way to work. Like a lot of folks with the context to know I thought it was like that bomber that hit the Empire State Building back then. Thought it was a horrible accident and heads would roll.

    Then news came in about the other tower getting hit. No mistaking it then.

    My NY brother had entered his current profession in financial services a few years before and had occasional business in Manhattan. When mom called me literally the first words out of my mouth were “please tell me he’s not in NYC”. He was, and a few blocks away, but got out OK.

    The only period in my life since that seemed near as fucked up as those weeks after were…well, March and April of this year.

  36. oh joy, project managers scheduling hour long “planning” meetings over lunch, virtual, guaranteeing I don’t get a break, to discuss things I have 0 say over, and I already have to eat a big shit sandwich for.

  37. I already have to eat a big shit sandwich for.

    At least lunch is provided.

  38. The whole Cuties debacle reminds me of the Spinal Tap quote, “there’s a fine line between clever and stupid.”



  41. Yous guys births are what made the day special. Beasnette would have joined you but I gave her a talking to when she gave me a new stretchmark and asked if she could come out early. She, ever the good girl, obliged. (She came 2 weeks early and wound up being over 10 lbs on her 9-11 due date/2 week check-up)
    It’s a good day to have and enjoy some cake!

    While still remembering.

  42. Olga is pretty.

  43. Happy birthday, birthday people.

  44. Happy birthday, CoAlex and Osita. And Michael.

  45. Biden will bring a spork to a knife fight.

    Stealing this.

  46. Look, I know “luciferase” is just a bioluminescent enzyme, I get that.

    But why is it in the Wuhan Flu vaccine?

    It’s gotta be a plot to stop Christians from going outside, to school, or engaging in commerce of any kind.

  47. I love the ‘cheese slipped off his cracker’, roamy.
    It’s what happened to MIL.

    We may have some good news in our situation. Will see how the weekend goes first.

  48. Comment by beasn on September 11, 2020 10:16 am

    Comment by beasn on September 11, 2020 10:18 am

    Yeah, from me too!

  49. It’s a plot to stop everyone from going outside, etc., leon.
    I’m convinced ChYna did it on purpose because Hong Kong and OrangeMan won Trade Chicken. Pretty sure they’re in the background with that evil troll nazi sympathizer and the DNC, fomenting our riots because election year.

  50. You have to pause before, and after, saying …CHI-NAH… really fast.

  51. well happy birthday every the one!!

  52. CHI-NAH

    I thought it was more of a gina sound
    Yuge Gina

  53. Son-in-law’s grandmother is in the later stages of dementia, in a nursing home. His mom got word yesterday that 1. she’s not doing well, you better come say your goodbyes, and 2. she’s positive with covid (asymptomatic).
    Son-in-law is going to send her off too…, more quarantining from daughter.

  54. Gina Carano was not amused

  55. Well, it is infected and stinky and has given us nothing but trouble…

  56. I’m not getting the vaccine….my anxiety filled hyper liberal drives me crazy friend will be the first to line up for that shit
    and why would you take anything that had THAT type of name for the enzyme. Holy shit

  57. “Lucifer” just Latin for “bringer of light”. That’s it. It shows up in the Roman liturgy in reference to Jesus. It’s not the devil’s name, and more than Jehovah is God’s name, it’s a situational title like Adonai (which sounds like a name but isn’t, it’s just old Hebrew for “Lord most High” or “Lord of All”). But it’d take an idiot not to see how many people think it’s a direct reference to the accuser.

    Luciferase is used a lot in organic chemistry because the stuff it binds to lights up, making it easier to separate or ID.

  58. Indeed, Jay. As well as Hillary being tossed in a van like a sack of potatoes when she seized.

  59. Happy birthday to our birthday folks, don’t let anything dampen the day!

  60. Thanks Jay. I saved that picture.
    Killary is an evil git.

  61. I’m still chucking about cheese slid off the cracker.

  62. “like a sack of potatoes” is a phrase that always makes me think of my dad hauling around his giggling son Jimbro saying it with his Irish brogue

    Then after that pleasant memory I think of Hillary being loaded in the Scooby Van like an inanimate object. Think of all the fawning praise of her we’ve been spared in the last 4 years

  63. All the objective journalists covering her 2020 reelection efforts would be reminiscing about the first one and telling Americans how lucky they were to have a second helping of the best, most qualified president in the history of our republic

  64. I think the trending phrase at the time was “like a side of beef”.

  65. Second image in DDG when searching “like a side of beef”:

  66. Ok. I think I love that Rageaholic dude

  67. Bahrain and Israel just agreed to normalize relations.

    Someone should ask Obama is all these peace agreements merit Trump for the Nobel.

  68. Beasn!!! I sent you a crochet pattern by email

  69. I won’t be getting a PS5, I don’t think. Still debating on the Re-Reckoning that just came out for ps4.

  70. Like a sack of rancid, used Depends…more like.

  71. Console wars killed it.

  72. PJ, it is adorable, thank you!
    I’m already thinking how I could make the sections of the pumpkin head bigger like….a pumpkin.

  73. do all project managers see how many buzzwords they can use in a meeting?

  74. It’s not deliberate, their brains are broken by all the meetings they attend where they don’t know WTF is going on.

  75. haha, I’m trying to feel sorry for them

    Trying so hard

    so hard

    giving up

  76. *fires up the Intellivision

  77. Sea Battle was amazing. Lock ‘n’ Chase too.

    I should build an emulator and get some ROMs.

  78. You should ask them how much actual project managing they do in a work week.

  79. If your primary deliverable is Outlook invites, you don’t have a real job.

  80. their actual managing involves costing me time on the weekend, cuz they can’t plan ahead and deploy something that’s been ready for a week.

  81. Happy Birthday, CoAl. Thanks, everyone.

  82. When you’re involved in a dickaround just tell the people to go fuck themselves.

    That’s what MJ did.

  83. hey!!! In fun what’s going on at pj’s house
    All the workers walked off the job today at my house
    framer said “fuck this guy, I’m out” and left
    no one knows where the electrician went
    drywallers tried to get us to pay and we’re like nah, we already paid you 3 grand to do the kids’ bedroom and bathroom GTFO of here with that
    so they left

  84. Are you close enough to the wildfires to fix the problem?

  85. Happy Birthday, Oso and CoAlex!

  86. Thanks, everyone. I bought myself a birthday “present” of a new laptop because I need a computer while I’m traveling (I have a desktop at home). I’m annoyed because $800 was the cheapest one I could find.

  87. Dan is making Wagyu. We’re going to WDW in November. I’m getting my present then. Blah blah blah You aren’t getting ANOTHER tiara

  88. Happy Birthday Oso! these

  89. Happy Birthday Alex!


  91. brakes

  92. ok I’m ready for a diet. what should I go with?

    sick of a sore heel, and i know weight is one of the issues. cant do much exercise with a sore heel, so I need to lose before getting back to exercise

  93. Thank you so much, Pupster. I love Stitch

  94. PJ needs to fly that guy out west.

  95. I think I prefer Scott’s funny kids getting plowed videos to whatever that was

  96. J’ames, I can’t help, Keto has great results, but not recommended for diabetics. The fasting diet, is also not recommended for diabetics. Leon’s wheelhouse.

  97. The diabeetus establishment wants to keep you on insulin and test strips forever. They are asshoe.

    They’ve effectively outlawed the recommendation of Keto for it via suing the shit out of anyone who does so for practicing medicine without a license or some shit.

  98. I think you should eat a lot of beans.

  99. Last guard weekend at SANGB.

  100. Leon, is there a diabetic Keto/Fast that you would recommend?

  101. Walk on your hands. A mile a day should help.

  102. Pendejo, I can’t do that. Spaz

  103. Jay, the Geezers told me they lost 25# apiece by not having breakfast, aka, “intermittent fasting”. Choose an 8 hour eating window. 11-7 or 12-8 are popular and easy. Do not diet. Eat normally. But not outside those hours. Its a pretty painless way to drop poundage steadily.

  104. I’m in the keto + IF camp. Walk when you can, but don’t get hurt doing it. Consider cycling if the heel takes a while to improve.

  105. I dropped a bunch of weight, like almost 20 pounds, this past summer, by eating the exact same stuff but in a bit smaller portions, and then I got an about workout app. No impact on my feet.

  106. I don’t eat until I am done working for the day.

    Food is for closers.

  107. Final bill for my surgery from just the hospital – $60K. Of that, I paid $1,200.

    Lotsa drugs on the bill, including fentanyl, ketorolac, vecuronium and propofol. No clue why famotidine (Pepcid) would be included. $388 worth, ouch.

  108. If what you have is plantar fasciitis, get some rigid sports tape and tape the sole of your foot to give it a hard “skin” before you get out of bed in the morning. It prevents you from ripping the tendon again every Damn day. There are taping schemes available on the internet. I got rid of my plantar pain and healed up in a couple months this way. If you do the stupid boot at night you will get shit for sleep and reinjure the fascia every morning when you stand up out of bed.

  109. I need to tape my foot. I’ve had heel pain for the whole of lockdown, as I’ve been running/walking more often.

  110. mine is on the outside of the heel, not the bottom of the foot. just wont go away. wear the boot to get it to settle down. I’ve worn regular shoes twice this month

  111. breakfast is a couple eggs and a glass of juice. nothing else til 1130. kinda need that to start the brain activity in the am

  112. When I moved to Denver I was to far away to go home for lunch, and being on salary they wanted me to bill more than 40 hours a week.
    I normally skip breakfast, and I worked through lunch to keep the billing hours up, so I ate 1 meal a day. I did drink black coffee in the am, but I ate what I wanted for my evening meal including as many carbs as I wanted.

    Long story short I lost 50# and 2 pant sizes in 6 months. during the kung flue quarantine I gained it back, but I am trying to replicate it now that I am working again.

    On a car note, I see W12 Volkswagen’s are pushing $10k. I want to get one because why not? Have you driven a W engine configuration? I have not. How many people do you know with a W12 in their garage?

  113. never heard of a W12, interesting. Looks like the italian supercars

  114. Your mom preferred the D12.

  115. Foot issues – I love talking foot issues.

    Outside the foot – both or just one? Sounds like you need to strengthen up your foot.

    As for weight loss – well, I think if I’ve learned one thing – it is that everyone is different. I think tracking what you eat is probably the best thing. It keeps you honest. There are lots of easy phone apps to help you with that.

    IF fucks with my workouts, so I can’t really do that. Plus, it ruins my sleep.

  116. The smoke here is incredible. The sun was just a red dot. If you go outside, your eyes burn. I had the scanner on and there are really no new fire calls(other than burn complaints from fools burning yard debris in the driest time of the year).
    They just laid the second layer of asphalt on the road in front of our house. We stood out there and watched it. Incredibly precise ballet between dump-trucks and paving machines and rollers. It was very cool. They were supposed to be off the road by 1600, but they could see the end, so went for it. They were done at 1850.

  117. heh
    PD brings it,
    wow chrisp

  118. oil patch guys like PD prolly bought and sold W cars a dozen years ago. I think they retailed for $70-80k

  119. Happy birthday, CoAlex and Oso.

  120. Another long ranch day. Left the house at 7:30 when the dog lifted enough to see. Gathered cattle, then separated the calves and hauled them off. Got home at 9:30.

  121. the “fog”

  122. Jay, if you can’t forgo breakfast, then start by eliminating sugar. That’s a good place to start. And juice is sugar, just as bad as soda pop.

  123. That musta been a real big dog

  124. What I was promised for kitchen cabinets…

  125. What arrived at my house today….

  126. I actually cried today.
    Leon, I’m sooo close to the fires, if only the wind would pick up a little

  127. . And juice is sugar, just as bad as soda pop.

    oh heck yeah…I might as well eat a candy bar if I’m going to have a glass of orange juice. Drinking juice tanks my sugar levels so low I start to hallucinate and get blurry vision

  128. It’s time to accept that your money is gone and to call the cops. I guess he’s gonna lose his brother’s license now, too. How did this POS get you to hire him?

  129. jebus, no fruit?

  130. people suck, sorry you have to go through this

  131. You are correct Laura. We’re done. I’m exhausted and I cannot fight this battle any longer. Coincidentally, not sure if I shared this part (probably totally did) Graham’s boss at Domino’s had been complaining about her contractor for a year………..turns out, it’s the same contractor. If only I’d known.

  132. You’re better off eating a whole fruit. You get the fiber, pectin, etc. and you’re not sucking down the sugar content of four or five of them at one time and spiking your blood sugar, followed by the insulin spike which is what makes you gain weight. Insulin is a storage hormone. The bigger the sugar spike, the bigger insulin response. The more of that sugar gets repackaged as fat.

  133. insulin is dumb
    I hate it

  134. ok, I can do that. Meaning to eat more grapefruit anyway, love that stuff.

  135. I told my kids that the real name for a steam roller is “rolly squishy.” Now we all like that way better.

    PJ, that sucks, and I’m sorry you’re going through that.

  136. The realization that some of the Hostages have skipped over every single health and nutrition convo we’ve had since March 2009

  137. Grapefruit is awesome.

  138. Gary Gulman isn’t a big fan of grapefruit:

    But with all due respect, he’s wrong.

  139. Grapefruit used to be very different when I was a kid. Now it’s this big sweet juicy thing. They used to be quite bracing. The juice came in tiny tins with pull-off foil tabs, and you’d have to strap yourself into a stout doorway if you were foolhardy enough to swig it straight, or you’d fall to your knees with your face all puckered and collapsed. And we were grateful to have it

  140. Luxury! What we would have given to have a stout doorway!

    Gary Gulman is a very funny man. I’m pretty sure the best thing he’s done is the JCC basketball star:

  141. I dumped a gallon of sugar on my grapefruit..had no idea it could be sour

  142. Meh, sorry I’m all whiny. It could be worse.
    My head could fall off.
    I’d sure hate that, boy howdy.
    I sure hope that doesn’t happen…gosh dang. Nope

  143. OK I needed Gary tonight. Thank you!

  144. The juice came in tiny tins with pull-off foil tabs, and you’d have to strap yourself into a stout doorway if you were foolhardy enough to swig it straight, or you’d fall to your knees with your face all puckered and collapsed.

    Donald Duck brand juice. Man, that’s a good memory. That and Mom cutting all the little sections of half a grapefruit so it was easy to eat. No grapefruit spoons in our house. First time eating one in a restaurant was a surprise.

  145. Donald Duck brand juice

    oooh right. That stuff was awful

  146. I liked it, but I like the sour candies, too, and I would drink straight lemon juice on a dare.

  147. Declan enthusiastically rode ponies.

  148. Coleman was it? I remember that stuff. Had it at school when I was a wee one. Foul stuff.

  149. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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