This is a title

Ya take the good

(I might be obsessed with bluegrass and pickers)

Ya take the bad

(I might love anything and everything about aliens…even if it’s corny)

Ya take ’em both and there you have….the facts…

(Vintage stuff rules)

bonus interview with Billy Strings talking about his step-dad’s (he just calls him dad) guitar. You get to see what an absolute doll Billy is.



  1. I could play the guitar like that, I just don’t want to.

    Where is Hotspur? I’m starting to worry that he said eff it and joined Antifa just so he could watch stuff burn.


  3. I like Billy Strings, he is quite talented.

  4. The sex ed film is hilarious.

    Weird that Hotspur was in it but I guess he needed the money. Not sure why they cast him as ‘Future AIDS man.’

  5. Have a great end of week, y’all. And don’t forget to make me laugh. Hard. The kind of laughing that makes you cough and sputter. Like your mom getting money for whiskey.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. Somebody make sure Mare has her Depends on before making her laugh. Last time was embarrassing for everybody.

  8. Laughter-induced urinary incontinence is Not Funny.

    I’ve been told so by an old lady who’d just pissed herself. I laughed as soon as she was out of earshot.

  9. Here I am. I’ve been busy busy. Work plus last week I had to sit for an online proctored professional exam that I had to study my ass off for.

    Thanks for the email Pups.

  10. Glad you’re well. I kind of assumed this was “get it done before the snow” season in your bidness, so I wasn’t too worried.

    But you know these other pants-wetting old ladies around here and how they get.

  11. Mumble grumble bleargh.

    Won’t wast y’alls time with details. Not having a good morning and improvement not likely in sight.

    I grouse enough here. Wish I had something positive to share occasionally.

  12. I got RIF’d this week!

    It’s both a huge relief and a huge let down. I think my foray into private equity is over and it’s time to look for a bit more stability.

    *greases up puppet hand, dusts off Bert & Ernie dolls

  13. What is RIF’d?

  14. Reduction in force. It’s the fancy way to say shitcanned.

  15. It’s both a huge relief and a huge let down. I think my foray into private equity is over and it’s time to look for a bit more stability.

    Back to being a male stripper?

  16. Weather here is fun. Two days ago it was 90. Yesterday I was working cattle and it was foggy/rainy and 40 degrees with winds around 20 mph. 36 degrees and still foggy this morning.

  17. Not having a good morning and improvement not likely in sight.

    Listen to Billy Strings…even if you’re having a rough time, no matter HOW bad it is….putting on some good, upbeat music, will put a little spring in your step. Or go for a run, get some endorphins.

    Back when we were homeless (6 of us squatting in a foreclosed home) and then my ex had a heart attack, we would listen to happy music and dance in the living room.
    Gotta get those brain synapses firing properly

  18. I’m not donating to your OnlyFans, MJ.

    I’ve been there, and honestly I had it coming, but they timed it for a genuine layoff and a drop in factory shifts down to 4 days a week. Wasn’t fun, but I was already on my way out when it happened and accepted a job offer the next day.

  19. Reduction in force. It’s the fancy way to say shitcanned.

    oh dang!! I’m sorry

  20. Looks like MJ started up his drink channel again, but he’s really changed.

  21. Back to being a male stripper?

    OOOOH!!!!!!!!!! I’ve got a dollar right here!!!!!!!!

  22. MJ does a show with an obese black woman under the name, “The Hostess Twins: Cupcake and Twinkie”

  23. Best comment from the cocktail video:

    “She looks like a model but drinks like my uncle”

    Which pretty much sums up the perfect woman.

  24. It’s refreshing to see an Irish person not look inbred. 10 out of 10. I approve that video

  25. It’s refreshing to see an Irish person not look inbred. 10 out of 10. I approve that video

  26. Irish dating killed it.

  27. All the good Irish moved here almost a century ago.

  28. Coincidentally, my Irish gramma is 99.

  29. SNL nailed it.
    My family got off that island long enough ago that we don’t look inbred
    *puts cover over bathroom mirror*

  30. Covid hysteria comes to Halloween makers. You didn’t think they’d leave it unmolested, did you? This was supposed to be the perfect Halloween for horny college students: full moon, setting clocks back to party longer and a Sunday to sleep it off.

    Sorry kids, it’s just not going to happen this year

    Seems like an unnecessary invention but I do like how she handles pipe. A lot of work for something a slingshot could do from an even greater distance.

  31. I could practically see Cocktail Ciara’s liver enlarging under her dress that looked like a bathrobe.

    Anyone who has a designated “cocktail chair” makes me wonder

  32. RIP Diana Rigg

  33. I loved her character in Game of Thrones.

  34. The Post article mentioned that role. I haven’t seen any of the series and only know her as Emma Peel which was slightly before my time. Despite that it’s an iconic role.


  35. Bummer MJ.

  36. oooh, this sounds fun….along with the racism training I already took and the hey if you suspect a kid is being abused, tell someone if you don’t you get 6 months in jail and fined training, and the don’t sexually harass training, and the assisting in suicide prevention training I now get to take this one
    “a JPA notification about a mandatory training labeled, COVID-19 Infection Prevention Training”

  37. ooooh is that where Mrs. Peel got her name?

  38. Wow, she was working right up to the end!

  39. yes peej

  40. Emma Peel and Agent 99.

    The 60’s were a stimulating time.

  41. PJM, you didn’t mention Blood Borne Pathogens training. That’s always a fan favorite.

  42. Watching these assholes come to grips with the fact that they have another four years of Trump will be glorious.

  43. little presumptuous there Will

  44. Never knew that Mrs. Peel was in GOT


  45. Rigg made her professional stage debut in 1957 in the Caucasian Chalk Circle

    They just don’t name them like they used to.

  46. Remake would be Caucasian Cock Circle

  47. Pretty sure those are banned.

  48. I sort of love country club republicans like George Will.

    They have great vocabularies but rarely say anything – kind of like that blue lipped motherfucker.

  49. Imagine all of the time I’ll have to make blog posts!

    Prepare for nonsensical word combinations and sushi. Lots of sushi.

    Unrelated, you know what would be awesome? A bag of sushi all wrapped up like little reese’s peanut butter cups. You open one and BAM – volcano roll piece. Next one BAM – ninja roll piece.

    It might smell kinda bad but whatever.

  50. I’m avoiding MJ’s house this Halloween.

  51. That seems… unwise.

    Did you sign up for a CDL class yet, MJ?

  52. I wish I liked sushi…
    *sad trombone*

  53. Not a huge sushi fan. Fish is ok. I prefer tuna tacos and pink snapper.

  54. That’s the dirtiest sentence I’ve read today.

  55. I can’t hear (or read) any reference to snapper without thinking about UHF.

  56. Not a huge sushi fan.

    Yeah, regular-size sushi is just fine by me.

  57. I can’t hear (or read) any reference to snapper without thinking about UHF.

    Wheel! Of! FISH!

  58. Supplies!

  59. Sorry they sent you down the road talking to yourself, MJ.

    Maybe get a real job this time.

  60. Yeah, regular-size sushi is just fine by me.

    We need more serious answers like this. #approved


    People who unconsciously predict complex patterns are more likely to hold a strong belief in God — a god who creates order in an otherwise chaotic universe — according to research published Wednesday.

  62. Hey asshole. I have a real job.

    Commenter. The pay sucks but the people are ok.

  63. What is CDL? I know what DSL is.

  64. Commercial Driver License.

  65. Oh.

    No thanks. I started looking a few months back knowing the state of the company. Plus some idiot sent me a legal document outlining the separation of the company on accident. One of our lawyers has a similar name. LOL

    I put on a pretty sweet acting gig with HR this morning laying out a case for more severance. We’ll see how that works.

    I started by telling her I was a poor black child…

  66. We’ll see how that works.

  67. I’ve got a playlist of Smallville music videos running in the background as I rush to finish this awful task that has me hating everyone and everything. I can’t believe how sad I still am that Allison Mack turned out to be some sort of weird sex cult member.

    And that I wasn’t the leader of it.

  68. MJ, how come they didn’t walk your butt out the door as it usually happens.

  69. Mr. B. was on a conference call while I was taking a nap. He heard his mom start hollering. Went down there and she was accusing the help of stealing her money to the cent she found in the helper’s purse while said helper was in the restroom. Yeah, she went thru her purse.

  70. I’ve been skimming through ‘Nourishing Traditions’. Holee crap, I’ve been living a lie and my whole way of eating is killing me. If this book is totally accurate, where on earth do I start to fix it.

  71. And they wonder why some cultures just leave their elders on ice floes…

  72. I made ham and beasn using canned beasn. Canned beasn is a no-no and should be used sparingly. I thought I was eating healthy (‘cept for the devil pig parts I put in). Oops, forgot to add a banana pepper but I can’t get one because i have been banned from checking the healthier plant sitting on you-know-whos patio.


  74. >>>And they wonder why some cultures just leave their elders on ice floes…


  75. It’s like having a very big, very mouthy, toddler.

  76. I’ve been skimming through ‘Nourishing Traditions’. Holee crap, I’ve been living a lie and my whole way of eating is killing me. If this book is totally accurate, where on earth do I start to fix it.

  77. Beasn, pot roast with root vegetables is pretty safe.

  78. Why is China getting our smoke when usually weather systems swirl the other way?

  79. leon, do you brown the roast first? It’s looking like grilling, smoking, browning gives you carcinogens.

  80. And then the whole lacto fermenting angle. Um, no, can’t do the whey. Whey gives my intestines the weepy tsunamis.

  81. I almost never do when I’m crockpotting. I have been eating a crapload of browned, ground meat lately because I’m stressed and lazy and that’s as close as I get to comfort food, but braised/stewed meat is generally best for you as I understand it.

  82. And the roast has to come from organic, grass-fed, certain cows, who have never smoked or done drugs.

  83. I ain’t got no time to raise a cow the proper way and no stomach to kill it when it’s ‘ready’.

  84. You don’t need whey to ferment anything in my experience, that’s just a crutch if yours won’t start. I’ve fermented gallons of sauerkraut and pounds of buckwheat with just whatever’s on it or in the air after a wash and/or soak.

  85. I usually braise all the meats…lots of times I go directly to stew.

  86. If you don’t have whey…the mention just adding another T of salt.

  87. And the roast has to come from organic, grass-fed, certain cows, who have never smoked or done drugs.

    90% of the gain comes from just taking vegetable oils and what are essentially plastics (like margarine) out of your diet. Grass-fed, grass-finished beef is great, but it’s not priority one. No soybean oil, no cottonseed oil, no canola, etc. Any animal fat is better than those, even a pig that ate nothing but GMO corn.

  88. I made ham and beasn using canned beasn. Canned beasn is a no-no and should be used sparingly.

    I’ve heard of throwing yourself into a task but this may be going a bit far.

  89. How does one fry fish in a healthy manner? Husband always coats the filets in tater flakes and fries in canola or vegetable oil. It’s so delicious that way.
    I’m guessing oven bake from now on, eh?

  90. Had some salmon yesterday for dinner. Farm raised. Another no-no. Maybe we should move to Alaska and go off grid. Duke it out with the osos.

  91. I went had got a tattoo today. Its practically a sleeve.

  92. I always look for wild caught fish. In the Midwest I’d go with frozen fish over fresh or just stick with beef or chicken. All our fish made at home is baked. Paula doesn’t like salmon so it’s usually white fish like cod or scrod.

  93. Any pictures?

  94. I went had got a tattoo today. Its practically a sleeve.


  95. It’s in the image gallery. Peej must have used the new editor and I have no idea how to add it to this post.

  96. I added it with my 1337 h@XX0r skillz. Along with vital commentary.

  97. It’s my sister’s actual signature. Her name was Kirby

  98. MJ, how come they didn’t walk your butt out the door as it usually happens.
    Well, I work from home so that would have been pretty tricky.

    It’s not a typical situation either. Companies in private equity are actually pretty close to how the left portrayed Mitt Romney.

    Company gets bought, suits come in, half the people get fired, company is sold for a huge profit but they haven’t really done anything of value. Suits make a shit ton of $$.

    This one got stuck in the sale process and the guys I worked for really fucked it up this time. So they got fired and basically all of their hit men, ie me, got whacked too.

    Oh well. I got sniped. I’m usually the sniper. Can’t win ’em all.

  99. Where you moving to?

  100. Yeah, firing me at this point would be a delicate operation since I have their hardware and they’d have to have the prime and the customer cut my access before they told me.

  101. Well, I work from home

    See? That’s what I mean. Get a real fucking job next time.

  102. Is anyone watching football tonight?

  103. No.

  104. Not a chance in hell.

  105. Probably Mare is.

  106. Perfect time to start a new league.

  107. Lingerie football is the only pure sport left.

  108. Yeet!

  109. I will see if they behave.

    My prediction:
    They stand for the Black National Anthem, and kneel for the National Anthem.

  110. as I rush to finish this awful task that has me hating everyone and everything.

    I totally understand and identify with this. I’m taking a short break right now; I have a telecon with the Japanese in half an hour. I’m praying the primary scientist does not show up on this one – he was talking earlier about blowing up the spacecraft. Twice. I couldn’t quite tell if it was a bad joke caused by stress or if the cheese has completely slipped off his cracker.

  111. long ass tic toc address

  112. Well, that didn’t work. sigh.

  113. Worst comment ever.

  114. Hardly. There have been much worse.

  115. Did car in finally get “big tool fan” tattooed on her lower back?

  116. I am hoping half the fans get up and walk out.

    Then I will turn it off.

  117. LATTA

  118. What Geoff said about the 60s women. ❤️

  119. I love my Tattoo. Her signature was hers alone (obviously – duh) – she had beautiful handwriting (mine is horrid). It just reminds me of her and it just feels like she signed it herself.

    The tattoo artist was really cool. He asked me what I wanted to listen to (Tool – duh), then we talked about Tool concerts, etc.

    My friend dana took me.

  120. My Grammo felt sorry for Dan because I’m Pro-canned pintos. I don’t tattoo. Needles and Diabeetus. I would totes have a MST3K tramp stamp.

  121. I always buy bagged beans when I bother to buy them, which is pretty much never outside of Lent.


  123. Not a big fan of tattoos, but I like ones like yours, Carin, something meaningful and not “pork lo mein” in Chinese characters.

  124. Car in, what do you think of the Deftones? I’m hopelessly in love with about half their albums, but I’m a little skeptical of the new single, Ohms.

  125. Re: the “Cuties” controversy, I’m 100% sure that no one here would offer up their 11-year-old daughter for twerking for the camera, no matter how much money.

    I thought the dance studio here was a one-off, but maybe it’s not. Mini-me took ballet for one year, and we were horrified by the other girls’ “modern dance” routines at the end-of-year show. It was a hootchie mama show, only missing the pole. That was the last time Mini-me went to that studio.

  126. Love deftones. Was supposed to see them in august. First singles aren’t always the best of the album.

  127. I used to teach at a private school. They had a dance instructor who was working on a routine that I didn’t care about even a little bit because it was a dance routine. But one day I was walking to my classroom and I saw these high school girls doing a dress rehearsal, and I thought dude, those outfits are super revealing – no way would I be happy about that if I had a daughter doing this dance. But I didn’t say anything, because I figured if the school was okay and the parents were okay and the girls were okay, then whatever. Then I heard that the parents didn’t know about the outfits and when they saw them, they all got pissed.

    This was in a pretty conservative area, not like Berkley or Manhattan or something. I absolutely do not understand the impulse people have to sexualize little children so blatantly.

    It was nice to be validated, though.

  128. I first heard 7 Words and hated it. Then I heard Change and thought it was okay. Then I didn’t hear anything else from them until Phantom Bride, and it blew my freaking mind. I was like, how have I not been listening to these guys all these years? I still think 7 Words (and everything on Adrenaline) sucks.

  129. You should share the video you took and see if I validate you too, Sobek.

  130. I could listen to White Pony, Deftones, Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan on a repeating loop for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.

  131. Nice try, Pups.


  132. Steph Carpenter has nine strings on his guitar now. He should just admit he wants to play the harp and stop lying to himself.

  133. I’m pretty sure everyone involved in the production of Cuties needs to be horsewhipped and then impaled in Wallachian fashion.

  134. Leon speaks truth.

  135. Beasn, fry fish in avocado oil. More expensive but worth it. For frying other things like potatoes or eggs, you can start making your own beef tallow to fry with. Its almost free if you make it out of accumulated fat trimmings. I freeze it until I have enough to make a batch.

  136. and I thought dude, those outfits are super revealing

    Some of the idiocy at the dance studio was ordering outfits months ahead of time, for girls in their growing years. A lot of tight outfits with ass hanging out, because, well, it would have fit her perfectly four, five months ago.

  137. Leon has the correct solution.

  138. I like the defense of Cuties that it’s somehow satirizing or criticizing the pornification of children. Like if you get busted for possession of heroin and you say, “but officer, I only have it ironically.”

  139. Adrenaline just sounds like crap. It’s so weird that they hired the producer who just did a Pantera album and said “but we don’t want to sound like Pantera at all.” Around the Fur sounds much improved, and White Pony is ear heaven.

  140. Canceled my Netflix subscription after over 20 years of membership.

  141. Where you moving to?

    Not sure yet. I hear the moon is nice this time of year.

  142. South Dakota is still America, I’ve heard.

  143. the cheese has completely slipped off his cracker.
    OMG, this is easily the funniest thing I’ve read on this blog in a long time.


    RFH wins the internet.

  144. I just want to hear Digital Bath live

  145. South Dakota has the prettiest Governor.

  146. It’s very pretty. But cold af.

  147. I want to hear all of it live. But I’ve heard that Chino won’t play Battle Axe anymore, and that’s one of their best songs.

    Digital Bath is amazing.

  148. South Dakota has a lot going for it. At least the western part of the state. I don’t know the eastern part at all.

  149. South Dakota was awesome. Western NE was beautiful. Scott’s Bluff. We’re going back. Not ready to move, yet.

  150. I’ve got 16th row. Next aug. GOJIRA too. Super excited

  151. I had a dream that I came into work and told everyone I got a transfer to Shawmut, Nebraska (not a real place – I checked – but in my dream it was in the northeastern part of Nebraska and right next to Arkansas). Then I realized with horror that I was moving to Nebraska, and had to figure out if it was too late to cancel the transfer. I was afraid my wife wouldn’t move with me. Glad that was just a dream.

  152. Nothing against Nebraska, but if I ever move there from Montana, it will mean I’ve made a terrible decision in life.

  153. I don’t know anything by Gojira.

  154. Car in, I got another complement on my gojira shirt today. Burrito place, cashier wanted to discuss music. I just want my burrito, dude.

  155. We were freaked out by how awesome Western NE was. SD was FREEDOM. Cold, snowy, freedom.

  156. I’ve got 16th row. Next aug. GOJIRA too. Super excited

    Cancelled by COVID20.


  157. Coolinsworth is horrible, had to turn him off.

  158. ugh western Nebraska. Sandhills and loneliness

  159. There is always time to discuss music

  160. J’ames, we are currently researching NE as a bugout place. WE NE.

  161. Not watching football tonight. Ordinarily I’d watch at least the first half and go to bed after that. Haven’t been reading the Boston Herald Patriots coverage at all other than the headlines. I’ve unsubscribed from Sports Illustrated and the NFL newsletters. Between Covid bullshit and faux activism I’m just not into it this year. The fact that my sports loving wife said she’s finished with millionaire athletes bitching on company time and has zero desire to watch them either is another big factor.

  162. No Racism

  163. “There is always time to discuss music”


  164. ItTakes All Of Us.

  165. /places finger to nose and bows in gratitude

    The person that’s for knows what it’s about.

  166. My Chefs finally won a Super Bowl. I’m so stoked. SB 1. I won the sitting with dad in recliner BS. Only reason I remember SBI. FF. Single guys would attend events with families. Guy from Nebraska was a huge Chiefs fan. Navy Seal. Big Turtle. Nebraska. I sat on his lap for two championships

  167. I loved football. Then with all the games blacked out in our area, social justice bs, and officials blatantly evening up games, I quit watching.

  168. Someone should hack a copy of Madden ’17 to run with no players and stream it on Twitch during NFL airtime.

  169. northeastern part of Nebraska and right next to Arkansas

    That dream where Arkansas put on its Iowa mask and took its place.

  170. I’m not convinced Nebraska is real.

  171. Sobek

  172. I’ve got this idea that vast swaths of commercial real estate are about to be worth next to nothing soon, and will be a worthwhile investment to convert to residential use in areas where it makes sense.

    As always, I have no way to monetize this great idea.

  173. Laura, I had the same idea with residential property in Las Vegas in 2008, after the crash. These huge, brand new homes in new areas were cheaper than dirt. It was clear that the market was at the very bottom. If i had a million dollars in cash i could have bought ten of them, and they’d be with double that now.

    But instead I had no cash, got laid off, and started a new career that took me to the mother freaking San Francisco bay area where a tiny little shoebox full of mold that was built out of seaweed and snot went on the market for $750,000 and sold in three days. I hate SF so very much.

    But now I live in an awesome place and my property values have improved greatly since i bought a house.

    I still think about Vegas, though, and how cool it would have been to have that million in cash…

  174. I’m nine seconds into Gojira. Cool reverb, nice foreboding sound.

  175. Forty seconds in. Is it just the two of them? That’s a really huge sound for a duo, but I only see two people (not counting the dude in there corner who isn’t doing anything).

  176. One minute and eleven seconds in. There’s the bass and singer. That makes a lot more sense.

  177. We need to make a hostages compound!!!
    I’m serial, we buy like enough acreage that we can all have a minimum of 1 or 2 acres each……….because I mean come on, we don’t want to accidentally see each other. And good Internet so we can continue to be stupid at the Hostages…but we need a compound

  178. One thing I’ve learned about living in close proximity with a friend is don’t do that.

  179. ok 15 acres…like I said, it needs to be big enough so we don’t even accidentally see each other

  180. We can take over like, yellowstone or something
    they won’t even notice

  181. I’ll notice that you have seventeen goats and your lawn somehow still isn’t fucking mowed

  182. ok yeah…that might…might be a thing.
    suuuuuuuuuuuuuch a nag

  183. I feel stifled ……..and suffocated. Thank the lord tomorrow is bbf so we can have something else to think about

  184. Obvs, I’m not communal compound material. Maybe check out Colex, instead. He can be the blacksmith.

  185. lw’s just not looking on the upside. Like getting to take pot shots at your neighbors. TPing their houses. Leaving flaming bags of poo…

  186. I’ve never lived anywhere that I didn’t do all those things. I’ve lived a lot of places, too. Not for very long each time, but whatever.

  187. I’ve never lived anywhere that I didn’t do all those things.

    …but you weren’t living next to a Hostage.

  188. Hostages are inventive and hold grudges. The retribution pranks would escalate to a legendary…okay, I’m in.

  189. I can’t remember what I ate this morning! You think I can remember to hold a grudge?
    plus, I have never gotten to toilet paper a house…we lived in too rural of an area growing up.
    I am sooooo excited at the thought
    Geoff, you are now my sensai

  190. South Dakota probably has some acreage for sale.

  191. Cool atmosphere on that song. I’m not sure why the bass player thinks he needs a pick at that tempo, but I’m not some anti-pick snob.

    Am I the only person who thinks the Telecaster has an ugly body shape?

  192. We’re Hostages. TP will be flung from trebuchets.

  193. Dobermans enjoy raw poultry.

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