Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born on May 2nd, 1997 in The UK.  She stands 5′ 1″ and measures 422940  and 134 lbs.  Let’s go shopping and get some ice cream for Miss Ruby May.


  1. Ruby Boobie

  2. I don’t always read the categories unless there’s only a few but I did today and it was like a trip down Memory Lane. It also looks like Pupster got tired of looking halfway through the alphabet. We need a Dr Seuss related Category for next year when no one remembers this because of all the other outrages that come after the Seussopilis

  3. L to R

    Time to get up,  Pupster


  4. I try to make some funny in the categories usually. But yah you are right, there are so many that when I get to around H-I-J I lose steam.

  5. Every Ruby I’ve ever known has been crazier than a shithouse rat.

  6. I may need tomorrow to be skinny skank Saturday just as a palate cleanser.

  7. 5/10 would smash

  8. wakey wakey

    Ruby’s gonna get fat.

  9. Yes, she will. She will be glorious and comfy until that happens, though.

  10. gonna?

  11. Seussopilis was the wrong word. I blame Mare and the lack of caffeine.

    Seussopilis is an ancient Greek temple dedicated to Dr. Seuss, yet to be discovered on the island of Lesbos.

    Seuss + apocalypse = Seussocalypse. Can’t decide if a hyphen is useful or needed, as in, Seuss-ocalypse.

  12. Gin Blossoms “Found Out About You” is a good song. Ben heard it playing as he passed through while getting for his in person school day and asked me who it was. For a 17 year old kid that song is like songs from the 60’s were for me.

  13. it’s always fun to find out you’re a prick, and no one wants to work with you, isn’t it?

  14. Well jeezum Jay, that’s never happened to me before in all my years of employment so I can’t relate based on common experience.

    Also, that sucks. I have worked with snowflakes before but fortunately I was on the “boss” end of the employee relationship.

  15. Seussyphilis.

    Phil Collins had a song about it.

  16. The only sincere apologies I’ve had to offer at work in all my years is for excessive vulgarity in the operating room when a member of my team was offended. I’m a repeat offender and I think it’s happened a few times over the years. Luckily the women who were offended called me out to my face and didn’t act like bitches and complain to their managers. Last thing you need on your record is being labelled a “Disruptive Physician”

  17. Did you explain that if everyone else didn’t suck, you wouldn’t be such a prick?

  18. It’s been tried, over and over. I’ll just continue to do other people’s jobs, making everyone’s life easier.

  19. I have no problems with coaching people, and getting them to work. I have issues trying to get others above me to do that.

  20. Comment by Car in on March 5, 2021 7:55 am
    wakey wakey

    Ruby’s gonna get fat.

    Nah, I’ll get her on a diet of steak, eggs, and veggies. It’ll be better for her since I’m gonna keep her preggo for the next decade.

  21. It’s been tried, over and over. I’ll just continue to do other people’s jobs, making everyone’s life easier.

    Don’t. That’s their responsibility, not yours. Just document that you did your job, they didn’t do theirs, and let what happens, happen.

  22. That is the goal, though, CoAlex. Job gets easier that way. And everything is done.

    Win/win, right?

  23. Ruby, don’t take your love to town.

    That’s Kenny Rogers, for all you metal heads in here.

  24. One of my colleagues had to attend anger management classes and counseling for losing his shit too many times in the OR. In his defense there is a level of incompetence that exists in the staff of the OR based on the organization.

    A reasonable expectation would be for the proper equipment to be present for the case you booked days if not weeks in advance and for staff to be aware of how to assist you with its use. It is axiomatic that every case will either be unnecessarily delayed, wrong equipment pulled or available implants will not be what you need.

    I’ve learned to accept this even though I bitched loud and often just to remind people it wasn’t acceptable to give a half ass effort. Some surgeons are under the delusion that they can make the system work the right way. “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown”.

    My colleague is a Type A guy who expects perfection. If I needed my knee scoped he’d be my go to guy. Fortunately his private group built a surgical-center and hired their own staff, all of whom were star performers at the big hospital lured away by higher wages and the incentive to go home after the cases were done yet be paid for the whole day.

  25. Embrace it you FPOS. Own it. Be the biggest swingingest face-slapping prickliest prick in the world. It’s quite liberating.

  26. that’s what I need to hear

  27. Pupster is a pretty motivational.

  28. Second listen-through on the new Chevelle.

    I’m digging it. What does everyone else think?

  29. jimbro, that is exactly what happened. lost it. Advice was: better not ever get angry, because people are intimidated.

    Um yeah, that’s the point. Not one swear word was emitted, so I wasn’t totally out of control.

  30. this one is getting a lot of attention :

  31. There are people I avoid at work. The ones who keep secrets or tell lies. I can work with lazy-but-honest people, and have come to prefer them. Lazy people don’t break the production environment and then try to hide it.

  32. “Prick” doesn’t enter into it. A bristly guy who wants to get the work done is an asset to me. Maybe that’s just maturity talking.

    Or maybe these snowflakes need to learn that words don’t actually hurt and they need to stop being such wilting pansies.

  33. If the goal is to get out of doing work, then it’s succeeding for them, since they don’t have to work.

  34. Ethan’s off taking some sort of “mental toughness” test.

  35. Ethan’s off taking some sort of “mental toughness” test.

  36. Heh, my aftershokz are out for delivery.

    Iowa Postal Service > Alabama Postal Service > Michigan Postal Service

  37. heh, now watch it will go back to Kentucky

  38. New Chevelle isn’t unlistenable.

  39. Does the new Chevelle have the 396 cu in four barrel or six they just throw the same old lame ass 327 in it?

  40. Ho did “did” become “six”? Technology is ass hoe.

  41. 327 instead of a 350? you are old.

  42. and the procrastination begins, the delegation of decisions, ah yes, another day in the suck.

  43. Ruby’s had her share of bangers. She thick.

  44. ‘Sup, dickfaces?


    I will vote for a Democrat over him this time.

  46. time to end these GOP backstabbers just sitting there collecting money

  47. Nice to see you’re going back to putting girls with actual BBs on BBF.

  48. Carin, we need the Motor City Battery verdict on this one.

    Pretty sure she’s a hit, but I would like confirmation.

  49. OMG, she has an English Nanny accent.

  50. Ruby popped up on my radar with the gif I used for “Hello”. Sometimes when I’m working on one post I get links and gifs for different models by happy accident.

  51. Born in UK and lives in Australia.

  52. Most of her income (per the video) comes from OnlyFans, so she’s not exactly wife material.

  53. A good man could make a respectable lady of her, I’m sure. It would take work. And lots of bondage.

  54. Comment by leoncaruthers on March 5, 2021 11:17 am
    OMG, she has an English Nanny accent.

    She can fulfill my Mary Poppins fantasies.

  55. A good man could make a respectable lady of her, I’m sure. It would take work. And lots of bondage.

    And a swimming pool full of disinfectant.

  56. She’s been smart enough to avoid tattoos and piercings thus far.


    Firm that designed the Nazi Rune Stage for CPAC gave 98% of donations to democrats, worked with MSNBC and lots of other liberal outfits.

    Matt Schlapp was interviewed by Beck, said this stuff has been in design for months. Doesn’t even think this company knew anything about it. But there it is.

    Cancel culture is confusing.

  58. “How you get so big eating food of this kind?” That’s a lot of alfalfa sprouts to feeds those sweater puppies!

  59. I lost my shit in a meeting once… told a guy to stfu till I finished.
    Not a shining moment in monkeydom.

  60. Pup – this chick is another contendah.

  61. “Ruby’s gonna get fat.”
    I may have guffawed at that

  62. “How you get so big eating food of this kind?”
    Probably sneaks in a lot of sausage on cheat days

  63. FOMJ.

  64. The “orgy of pork” phrase makes me think Senator Kennedy follows BBF.

  65. Pendejo

    Successfully avoiding orgies since 1960.

  66. Perfect way to sabotage the right.

    1. Design a stage for their event evocative of an obscure nazi symbol.
    2. Hope they don’t notice it.
    3. Once it’s built, leak to BuzzFeed that the stage looks like a nazi symbol.
    4. Sit back and congratulate yourself on how super smart you are.

  67. Ugh, mandatory online harassment training. First scenario is a tranny.

  68. And, of course, the villain is an old white guy.

  69. “Protected classes: Age (if forty or over)”

    *Makes the 50-something white guy the bigot.*

  70. No, the villain is the management that hired a mentally-ill man in a dress.

  71. Does the tranny peg the old guy? I think that’s the answer.

  72. We can help you with this test/training thing.

  73. Ok, now the bad guy is a black dude mocking an older black woman.

  74. oooo curve balls!

  75. Oh wait, they brought in a young white dude to laugh along with the black dude’s joke. Obviously the white dude corrupted the black dude and made him into a monster.

  76. The black dude is fine. He’s doing nothing wrong. The older black woman probably deserves. it.

    Next question.

  77. The white dude should be arrested immediately though.

  78. Now Female Boss is telling young male subordinate how he’s done so well on the project and that he’s being considered for a big promotion. YMS is asking what else he can do to stand out…

  79. I mean, seriously if you’re going to go with the cliche’d “female boss wants you to earn you promotion” you could at least hire Brandi Love or Jodi West for the role. At least then there’d be a momentary element of suspense.

  80. Obviously he should drop his trousers. I mean, if he’s packing.

  81. Sean’s Penis agrees.

  82. Ooh, we’re back to creepy white beardo sexually harassing his asian cow orker.

  83. And she’s saved by the Sikh in the ugly sweater!

  84. He’ll rape her later when no one is around.

  85. Pretty sure asian girl wanted it. that was a trick question

  86. She love him long time.

  87. Commentator: …he gives the lecherous leer, now into the look-up-and-down combination, seems to be rushing things a bit, he has to fill in a whole program and OH CHRIST he did the ball-sack-juggle with EYE CONTACT power closing move in a mid-harassment time period, a most unconventional routine, let’s see what the judges say.

    *imagines Alex holding up a scorecard like judges at the Olympics*

  88. Now Female Boss is telling young male subordinate how he’s done so well on the project and that he’s being considered for a big promotion. YMS is asking what else he can do to stand out…

    I’ve seen this movie. It’s a classic.

  89. They should do one where a an elected official has an affair with a (younger) foreign national who turns out to be a spy.

  90. This Babylon Bee headline is channeling MJ’s mojo

    “Congressional Republicans Make Deal: Democrats Get Everything They Want, But Mr. Potato Head Will Stay Male”

  91. Joe Rogan and Norm McDonald talking about the lyrics to Ruby, Coward of the County, and Kenny Rogers.

  92. Joe Rogan killed it.

  93. Coward of the County is a good song.

  94. CoAl, yes he did. Yes it is. Music Man is my fav KR song.

  95. Everyone must still be reading the article on three-ways.

  96. That chick is really, really fucked in the head.

  97. At one point, Oliver and I had sex while Isabella watched—actively. She was a “cuckqueen,” which is a woman who enjoys role-playing “humiliation” this way. Many aspects of the encounter were pleasurable and fun, but the most engrossing sensation was feeling Oliver’s palpable love for Isabella flow through me. There was no doubt that his desire to fulfill her was the deeper motivation for filling me.

    I’m laughing my ass off. This is such crap.

  98. She cannot possibly believe that last sentence. If she does she’s the stupidest person able to use a keyboard.

  99. I’d rather dissect the lyrics to Ruby and Coward than fall into the “Daddy” pit of Rudy’s kid. The fat kid, Andrew, served in the Trump WH.

  100. The comments over at Althouse are funny.

    The high-mileage road to losing that new-car smell.
    “I’m a bowling ball, Daddy! I’m a bowling ball!”
    “Daddy, I told you never to call me on Spit-Roast Thursday!”

  101. Looks like CoAlex got the same dog and pony show my organization uses.

  102. Ace using the term BlueAnon to describe the twitter people telling us about the QAnon events that never happen is good

  103. We gotta keep the #siege idea secret so they staff the interior with pantifa after the Nat’l Guard troops all say eff it and go home.

    Better to have them all in one place.

  104. We have over 200 associates. Only 30 of us are still being tested. I have Cows that have had the COVID, have had the vaccine, still wearing masks and demanding tests.

  105. Our recent results are back. Negative. Dan is willing to take a vaccine for travel purposes. He is threatening to go to HI without me. Dan is asshoe

  106. Today was spent getting a bunch of little, piddlin’ tasks off my to-do list followed by shoveling out the inbox. Among the emails was a black history month interview with a former co-worker. I used to respect her until I read that she admires Stacey Abrams so much “because she made such a difference in the election.” Well, now I know you approve of cheating, playing the race card, and lying your ass off, and I won’t be working with you again if I can ever help it because I am a raaaacist bitch that way.

  107. Fist bump with the RFH

  108. I played a game on FB. My mom is ghosting me. Dan won’t allow me to engage. So far, none of my Moron friends have attacked her. I usually enjoy a Moron Horde attack

  109. time to end these GOP backstabbers just sitting there collecting money

    Do you think Grassley is going to live long enough to see another election? Him and the turtle look ready to fall over any minute.

  110. Trump needs to sue Swalwell, right back, for harassment….and treason.

  111. Ok Carin. I agree the new Chevelle is pretty good. I’m surprised since often your songs suggestions make me wonder if you suffer from hearing loss. Really like Mars Simula

  112. As a country we need to collectively, for the children, to save the planet – grow a set of nuts and bitch slap the effete scum who have hijacked our nation.
    And I’m not talking figuratively. They need to be verbally, and if the situation dictates, physically chastised.
    This path is so incredibly dangerous to freedom that I’m having a difficult time wrapping my mind around it
    Turtle McConnell , John boehner, that howdy doodie scumbag from the Midwest Paul Ryan, the mealy mouthed Dick from California And sadly grassley need to be physically brought to task.
    The untold harm that’s been done by them is unconscionable.
    They have been instrumental in ushering in a time of trial.

  113. Clean house.

  114. Completely.

  115. It’s time to git to gittin’

  116. One other thing that really frustrated me today was the latest global warming scam, declaring that last year was the warmest year on record. Well, then, since we kicked the economy in the nuts and it didn’t change anything in regard to warming, why should we kick it again?

  117. Good things for today: went to First Friday Mass, heard a good homily, heard from Mini-me, deleted over 300 emails, Mr. RFH helped me make a yummy dinner (scrambled eggs with onion, pepper, mushrooms, and cheese, broiled zucchini with everything but the bagel spice), finished all the tax stuff except final review.

  118. I am selling garbage on eBay.

    All is well.

  119. I drove over 1,500 miles since Wednesday. Someone else should have done it, but I kept running into incompetence and inexplicable delays, so I said screw it, I’ll get it done. And now it is done. Almost home.

  120. That’s nuts, Sobek, and a lotta miles. So, Sirius XM, changing through the local radio stations, or music on disc or drive?

  121. Hopefully he listened to the new Chevelle.

  122. Incompetence is too strong a word. It was a lack of communication. Someone needed to take the bull by the horns, and that someone was me.

    Roamy, I love Sirius but don’t have it in my work truck. I listened to a couple CDs, some radio, and some youtube music. A little Chevelle, but not the new CD because the phone speakers are no good for hearing a song for the first time. I re-listened to Point #1 through Vena Sera to get pumped for the new album.

  123. Verrückt is a strong opener. Great tone on that guitar.

  124. Donna’s ears repeatedly popped.

  125. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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