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Fun fact:  Lions don’t live in the jungle.














































  1. Foist! Do da, do da

  2. Drunker than Joe and Troy gave me my first giggle of the day.
    Mutual spaghetti sucking gave me my second, and probably last giggle of the day.

  3. The pony looks like Ricardo Grande if he were fatter and less fabulous.

  4. Been up since 3:30. I stepped out on the back porch in the dark and two things happened almost simultaneously, a mourning dove exploded off her roost on my patio chair right next to the door, and spooked my pet wild rabbit who was been sleeping next to the house, and he jumped blindly and rammed into my trash can with a pretty loud bang. Needless to say I spilled my coffee but did not shit myself so I call it a win.

  5. ^^^^^ Pup’s comment made me laugh as much as his memes.

    Joe and Troy…great wasted screen grab.

    And eff around and find out centuries is rather brilliant.

  6. The one with compound swears got me thinking. I’m a guy who loves creative swearing because it adds humor to someone’s frustrations. At the same time as you want to express empathy at their conditions you’re also stifling a laugh. My lovely wife has the gift of saying shit when she’s mad about something that makes me laugh at the same time I’m trying to keep my poker face on. For her it’s more phrasing than word construction.


    etc etc

  7. http://sweary.com/

    This must be based in the UK because they use a lot of bollock and arse type swear words. And with the “random” generator Trump came up twice in about 20 go arounds.

  8. From a financial newsletter I get:

    “Google announces that it will no longer track individual data: Advertisers use data harvested from people’s browsing across the web to figure out whom to serve an ad to and whether that person then went on to buy the advertised product. Alphabet Inc. announced on Wednesday that its ad tools would no longer support individual tracking of users across websites starting in 2022. The move represents a major shift in how online advertising has evolved, into an industry where many companies rely on tracking and targeting users.”
    I saw this earlier in the week. Still don’t trust them at all. Between the rise of search engines that say they don’t track you, EU lawsuits and the emergence of technology that tracks you other ways I don’t believe the goog is losing anything from this announcement.

  9. The key phrase is “with it’s ad tools”. They own the majority of everything online, they can track anyone in anyway they want. “Oh, we’ll stop tracking you with ad tools next year” meanwhile harvesting your data directly from your device, ISP, their software and servers.

  10. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7680614/#b0165

    Read the abstract and conclusion if you’re interested. I read most of the paper and agree with its conclusions. Mask theater.

  11. Favorites today are Mediocrates, Aladdin parking, and compound swears.

    Had the “keyboard not found” happen several times, can confirm.

    Saved the Bee side for Mr. RFH’s dad joke file. (pretty sure he already has the da Brie one)

  12. The falling squirrel –

  13. The century one got me chuckling.

  14. The joke about the dove the rabbit and the dog is good too.

  15. Nice line up Sir Pupsalot.

  16. wakey wakey

  17. Good article Jimbro

  18. I liked “I Wrecked Your Toilet.” I’ve seen that kind of joke before, but each line was good and by the time I got he the last one I laughed out loud.

    All of them fine memes. Today will be a good day.

  19. Jimbro, thanks for that article link!

  20. Sobek that was the one I laughed out loud to as well.

  21. That reminds me, I’ve got freshly made sauerkraut. I should have some today.

  22. I love this woman now.

  23. Defeat Hitler.

  24. I saw the amount of punnage today, and thought of all the angst it would cause.

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  25. If anyone still questions whether Bill Gates is a genocidal madman, have a look at “Transforms”.

    Comments are turned off any thumbs up/down have all the usual chicanery.

  26. Interesting article, Jimbro. Another thing to annoy my coworkers with. Once again, I had to walk through capital city in order to get something done at work, and I was the only person walking around on the city streets on a sunny, windy day, sans mask. Because this was in the vicinity of a hospital, it looked like half the persons out there were medical personnel. Who should know better.

    Another thing that makes me laugh: Zoom meetings where a group of us are clustered around my boss’s desk. Good thing we’re being safe and we’re not having those dangerous in-person meetings anymore, eh? Lol.

  27. Since you can’t find a copy of the ‘offending’ Seuss books anywhere, I thought to look for downloadable versions. Even f*cking google banned the viewing past page six.

    BUT, found one and have downloaded If I Ran the Zoo. You have to make an account to download. Or I can email you the downloaded copy…let me know.
    These woke fuckers are certifiably, dangerously, insane, ignoramuses.
    1. Seuss was a cartoonist.
    2. He does caricatures.
    3. He imagines all kinds of made up silliness.

    Given that, answer me this you commie f*cks…

    A. Is there really an African Island of Yerka
    Z. Is there really a tizzle topped Tufted Mazurka

    Given that, what is so effing racist about black characters, drawn in caricature, wearing grass skirts, carrying a made-up bird thing. Where does it refer to these characters as even people? It doesn’t. But you assume they are because cartoonist caricatures. Now go look up images of what Africans, in some places, were wearing at the time Seuss was a young man. (Do the same for what CHYnese were wearing around the same time, especially out in the rural areas or even here, in this country, as laborers. I’ll wait.)

    Why do lefties want to cancel African culture? I can’t even.


  28. CO2 = P * S * E * C


    P = # of people
    S = Services per person
    E = Energy per service
    C = CO2 per unit energy

    We gotta get that to zero by 2050 or the world will be destroyed, mmmkay?

    If you think bringing P down isn’t on the solution list, you’re deluded.

  29. If you think bringing P down isn’t on the solution list, you’re deluded.

    60 million babies and counting.

  30. According a guy I heard on Doctor Doctor yesterday, global population is already in decline.

    No doubt in part thanks to son-of-a-prominent eugenicist Bill Gates’ tireless work in Africa and India.

  31. Someone on facebook said Seuss made them look like monkeys. But if you look close enough, it’s not monkey faces. They’ve got rings in their noses.

  32. I once told a coworker that the vast area of the United States is empty space and got that sideways look. People who live in congested areas have no concept of that and also they are liberals who uncritically swallow all the bullshit about ‘overcrowding.’

    Meanwhile, when you point out the red v. blue counties map of the US, where the blue counties are visually dwarfed by the red. at that moment they will shout, “But that’s just land, not people! It’s all empty space!”

    Derpity derp.

  33. Ugh, used too many hot chilis in my red sauce. Gonna make another batch to try and dilute it to something reasonable…

  34. To address the idea his sketches of orientals was rayciss because slanty eyes and conical hat. Really motherhumpers? Should we ban Suga’s (Min Yoongi of KPop, BTS) rap of days past? (About a quarter of the way in, the two guys who start beating on each other in the street, are his band mates, Jin and Jungkook.)

  35. ^^^He’s Korean, not CHYnese, but oriental all the same ^^^

  36. Sports are a way for middle class families to get their children into better colleges. The “elite” will happily blow it up to protect their own position and privileges.

  37. Mare?


  38. The above video, August D, Daechwita, explained by a Korean American, if you’re interested


  39. Went to Aldi /sans mask. As I checked out the gal had her’s below her nose, so I don’t her I was “done” with all of …. THIS (small town so everyone is familiar with each other). We had a nice conversation and she agreed, talking about the theater of it all, and how it’s causing depression, etc.

    While I was bagging my stuff she came over and thanked me for the conversation, and that it brightened her day.

    /good deed done for day

  40. I come for the bewbs (and the comments), and stay for the memes.
    I still think shitballs rolls off the tongue nicely, even though it doesn’t follow the vowel rule as explained in the meme.
    Good selection as always Pup.

  41. Why is your G-spot radioactive? Too many bullwhips shoved up the hoozit?

  42. I’m probably on listen #8 for new chevelle album.

  43. I think those eastern Oregon counties are going to be looking harder at a move to Idaho.


    What’s yours is mine, sez the governor.

  44. Pepe LePew perpetuates rape culture. NYT sez so

  45. Pepe LePew is appropriating Congressional culture.

  46. JoJo Grabbit pResident culture

  47. Mom won that round.


  49. beasn on March 6, 2021 at 1:56 pm
    Why is your G-spot radioactive? Too many bullwhips shoved up the hoozit?

    No bullwhips (I’m not Hotspur), just radiation. I work at a nuke plant.

  50. If anyone still questions whether Bill Gates is a genocidal madman, have a look at “Transforms”.

    Is that on youtube?

  51. i work at a nuke plant.

    So more than your whatzit glows in the dark. Kewl.

    I knew a kid whose parent worked at a nuke plant. Sweet kid, super smart, and a great sense of humor about having been born with flippers for hands. Think his feet were messed up too but since he got around just fine, he didn’t think about it.. Told jokes about it at any opportunity that presented itself. Surgery released his thumbs and a finger or two. This was 30 years ago.

  52. just had a conversation with someone who sprung a George Bush Jr was awol on me.

    gotta love college towns

  53. Lobo basketball team was on our flight. Dan was as tall or taller than most. I was wearing a Shark tee. Nova Southeastern University tee. The recruiting coach recognized the logo. Dan “Looking at these guys, no wonder we suck”

  54. It was, beasn. Haven’t looked. I watched excerpts on another channel.

  55. Mmmm, barbecued hamburgers for supper.

  56. I think Dan is making ham and asparagus. I don’t know. Greek dealio is pushed to tomorrow. Spanakopita.I had to look it up. If you like Key Lime, M&M has a special spring Key Lime M&Ms. Very Limey.

  57. Wait a second, where the hell has Teeroy been???

  58. I’ve been wondering the same thing Mare. It’s been at least a few weeks.

  59. Cyn is supposed to keep track of the Hostages.

  60. /spaypaints “TeeRoy is a FPOS” on your mom’s backside

    /slinks into the shadows

  61. If you like Bill Burr, F is for Family is awesome.

  62. I find it interesting that my lib family and friends have all been trying to jump the vaccine line.

  63. Wow Oso, you may be the new record holder for poat killing.

  64. My sister is a speech therapist and has to gown, glove, N95 mask, and face shield 8-10 hours per day and she’s slow playing the vaccine as long as they’ll let her. Holding out for Johnson & Johnson Shot. She says it’s based on more established practices or something.

  65. I read “All Quiet on the Western Front” today. That was a powerful book.

  66. Don’t expect roses, Padre.

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