Welcome to Big Boob Friday. Well, we’ll see if I get booed out of the room for this one or if this gets pushed down like whoever gets in the way of your mom at the all-you-can-eat buffet.
So I saw this video:

(There’s a pretty good metal version of a Britney Spears song that I like better than the original)
And I thought, “Self, those dancers are pretty hot, they gave their Instagram addresses, I bet that would make a decent BBF post.” So here we are.

Veritas Veridian

Probably better for MMM, but here we are.

She teaches classic burlesque.


Makayla Keziah.

I like the darker hair better.

Last, but not least.

On this date:
1818 – earliest date for Easter Sunday, won’t happen again until 2285.
1887 – Chico Marx was born.
1942 – The Royal Navy confronts Italy’s Regia Marina in the Second Battle of Sirte.
1960 – Arthur Leonard Schawlow and Charles Hard Townes receive the first patent for a laser.

And there you have it. Y’all have a good day.


  1. Good job Roamie.

  2. So…is this the 10 year H2 anniversary month? Someone came up with the “…since March 2009” tag line but I see older posts in the dashboard.

  3. Are those H2 or H1 posts? Let’s ask the blog historian.

  4. I can just imagine in 50 years there will be actual jobs in universities as American Blog Historian.

  5. The video is worth it just to hear Batman shred the guitar.

  6. Ig blig blurgle. Another week just about gone.

  7. Wakey wakey.

    This week’s open workout is impossible.

  8. I heard something about thrusters and one other thing

  9. The hero we need:

    I hope he has a crew of Merry Men and a fine piece of noblewoman tail.

  10. Alexandria Donkey-Chompers: When I First Started Going to School, My Teachers Thought I Was a Retard
    —Ace of Spades
    Well… they’re not wrong.

    Ahh, the morning smile. One of the best ones of the day.

  11. The hero we need:

    I’d support a law that says in effect, “if you’re too stupid to have even basic safeguards you deserved to be robbed.”

  12. Comment by Car in on March 22, 2019 7:50 am
    Wakey wakey.

    This week’s open workout is impossible.

    Kettlebell wallballs?
    Handstand double unders?
    Thruster box-jumps?
    Strict pull-ups?

  13. Nice job, Roamie!

  14. I’m shocked they didn’t, you know, google him.

    Strict pull-ups?

    I chuckled.

  15. Kettlebell wafflefries
    Handstand Doublestuff
    Thruster taco jumps
    Extremely strict pull-ups

  16. I’ve been thinking about the various Dem candidates and my theory on Beto is that he reminds upper middle class white women in their late thirties to mid forties of their slacker boyfriend in college. The one who always had a Kerouac book that he was reading, was a musician in a band, and didn’t care about money but was intense about his plans to save the planet.

    I suspect that most men hate him for the exact same reason: he reminds them of their wives’ slacker college boyfriend. He was the guy in the group who kept a Kerouac book because it made him seem intellectual, who was always hitting the rest of the band up for rides and loans and to cover his bar tab, and who could spout a line of bullcrap a mile long to try and impress whatever waitress was serving their table.

  17. Poor little poat… killed while still so young.

  18. Meetings every morning keep me harangued until 11 or so.

  19. I am halfway through that KOMO report of “Seattle Is Dying” and just remembered my friend’s sister is a part of the problem out there. She is an attorney in the prosecutors office, has been for over 20 years. She is a left wing lunatic and I’m sure she feels like letting the offenders skate without consequences is somehow fair.

  20. Happy anniversary to this shithole dump. I’ve been here since November 2009 so not exactly from the beginning, but close.

    Pajama Momma
    Rosetta RIP
    Michael RIP
    Mrs. Peel
    PattyAnn RIP
    Wiserbud and Wiser
    Andy (I think he did a drive-by recently)
    Tattooed Intellectual
    Agile Dog
    Jewstin (anyone know what happened to him?)

    Probably forgetting some, but those are the ones I remember from when I first joined this shithole.

    Poats would go to over 300 regularly, sometimes more than one per day.

    I guess we graduated from 4th grade.

  21. wow, that’s a lot of MIA there.

  22. Wiserbud got too good for us, what with being a big-shot radio celebrity nowadays.

  23. When I was interviewing for fellowships she was living in a house in a Seattle suburb (renting a room) that belonged to her boss while she got established. I was on my west coast swing from San Diego, Portland to Seattle and pretty much couch surfing to save money. I landed in Seattle, took the bus to the street, walked around till I found the right house and entered using the key under the mat that she told me about. Since it was 2PM and she was working I just took a nap on the sofa right across from the front door. About an hour later a woman enters the house and asks me who the fuck I was. Apparently she neglected to tell her boss she was having a friend over. After a few heated phone calls between them I was back on the bus downtown to wait for her at the station and ended up staying at one of her friend’s apartments for the time I was there.

  24. I remember most of those names on HS’s list. Some of them from the PoL archive, some from actual comments.

    I’d add Tushar since he’s only a nocturnal drive by at this point.

  25. I like to think that I ran them all off.

  26. Such is the fate of Internet friends. They show up less and less and one day you look around and realize you haven’t heard from them in months, and never do again.

    Internet friends << meatspace friends for that reason. No offense y'all.

    Also probably means I'm screwed, but someday I'll be an MIA too. Such is life.

  27. Bah. I should just knock it off. I’m in a much more morose mood than usual. Something to bring up with the docs I suppose.

  28. We occasionally get refugees from the mothership, but most don’t stick around for long.

  29. I bet if they knew that every thread here is a gardening/gun/gainzzzz thread we’d get more.

  30. Yeah, but the threads here are much more leisurely in pacing. I know it was an adjustment for me, but I kinda like it.

  31. Boatyard forklift operator

  32. Finished watching Seattle film.

    General remark….legalize all the drugs they say. It will hurt noone they say.

    I wonder how many city council members and politicians are owned by the dealers/cartels?

    Execute a few dealers, perhaps this shit would slow down.

  33. So you’re saying Tushar is a nocturnal emission?

  34. I painted three ceilings yesterday. I’m tired. The boyfriend left one and a half doors needing a second coat.

    My daughter informed me yesterday evening that her friend is going to stay the night tonight as she is just returning from Costa Rica and it will be too late for her to drive to southern MO. Wut? Because I’ve been working on the other house, things have gotten a little messy here. Do you think dear daughter will clean that bathroom so her friend won’t think we’re total pigs? *snorts* Little pissed at her right now.

  35. Nah. You’d just create openings for someone else in that environment.

  36. This next week will be turbo paint and trim time. Maybe move half her shit out of here while she’s away on spring break.

  37. I watched that Seattle shit. It isn’t that bad in Ann Arbor, even though we’re a liberal shithole, but it could get that way.

    Panhandling downtown is tolerated by the cops. There are camps under a couple of railroad overpasses.

    And we’re going to build a fucking tunnel this summer under the railroad tracks, which will become an instant encampment, urinal, and excellent place for muggings. But city council isn’t smart enough to figure that out.

  38. Missing:

    They all used to be regulars at IB as well. Plus:






    Lipstick RIP


  39. Also wonders how many prosecutors may be owned by dealers/cartels.

    They should be added to the list.

  40. Seattle is Ann Arbor in 10 years, I suspect, though the constant outflow of debt-slaves* (and inflow of wannabe debt-slaves) might slow that down.

    *My entire undergraduate education at UM cost less than a new F-150 at the time I attended, and I had a super-senior year.

  41. Yesterday:

    Boss: Have you sent a response to the requester?
    Me: No, I still want to do some research and make sure that my numbers are correct and I have until the 27th.
    Boss: No, just use the numbers from X. We just calculated them for S.B. Y! Get it out today.

    Boss: Hey, you forgot to exclude this group from your count.
    Me: It’s pregnant women. Most of them are likely to end up in our final count anyways once they have their kid.
    *Does quick calculation*
    Alright, here.
    Boss: I’m not sure what category pregnant women fall under.
    So now I’m trying to find evidence to convince her that pregnant women receiving Medicaid aren’t split across two different programs.

    Just shoot me now.

  42. It would be interesting to see some kind of depiction of blog migration. Between both lists, I see names that I rec from from back in 07.

  43. General remark….legalize all the drugs they say. It will hurt noone they say.

    You can’t have a civilization full of drug addicts and feral children.

  44. I see a few HQ folks on other sites, like Insty.

    Despite the size of the internet, it’s a surprisingly small place. A lot of the same people drive the comments.

  45. Just shoot me now.

    No. You’re too valuable.

  46. Between both lists, I see names that I rec from from back in 07.

    Many came from AoSHQ, where we were all commenting like crazy in the 2004 – 2006 timeframe. Before WordPress and BlogSpot came out and made setting up a blog easy.

  47. Hotspur, city council is smart enough, they just don’t give any f*cks.

    We have a friend who just retired from his job as EMS — near Seattle. So many drugs. So many overdoses. Same people over and over. Precious resources spent on neverending bullsh*t. He had to leave because he didn’t care anymore. He became of the mind, after the second OD, let Darwin have his trophy.

    He was a very liberal guy – as in of the left – but his job beat reality into him. He hates the dope..hates the idea of people pushing to legalize any of it, even weed. It’s killing him that his kid smokes it regularly and his wife enables. He finally got his wife to agree to kick the kid out on the condition they help her with the rent until a roommate could be found. Don’t know if he has kicked her off their insurance yet, which he threatened.

  48. Thrusters and chest to bar.

    33, 27, 21, 15, 9

    20 min cap.

    I cheered/judged a friend this morning. Pretty sure she hated me for a little bit. lol

  49. I helped her get a good time.

  50. Yay Car in!!

    *feels like a weenie*

  51. Just watched a Cinnabon video. If I have time, maybe I’ll drive to the only Cinnabon shop in the St. Louis area and get the girls a couple.

    I’d cut a bish to have one myself.

  52. Thanks Geoff. All good remembrances.

  53. Cyn exists somewhere, I’d reckon.

  54. Should’ve mentioned Cranky (RIP), of course.

  55. So what is the narrative going to be from the Mueller report?

    I’ve been trying to dumb myself down all morning to figure out what all of the talking heads will say.

    1. The Russians have gotten to Mueller
    2. We need more investigations
    3. Trump is still unfit to be president
    4. Trump is racist
    5. It’s only cuz he be president. Afterward he’s going to jail!

  56. I miss El Chumpo
    Funny lad.

  57. Paulitics

  58. Mesa

  59. I feel pretty bad about Cyn. She was our blog mom, and always looked after us.

    It’s your fault MJ. She just couldn’t take you anymore.

  60. Morning wood left after Aggie stopped hanging around

  61. Coincidence?

  62. I think Jewstin got scared off when we tried to track him down in Cheyenne.

  63. I’ve been trying to learn Russian on Duolingo, so I now read Cyn as Суп.

  64. Add me to the list of those from Emperor Misha’s joint, though I went by “DarkLord” back then. (My current nic came from a sock accident at the HQ. It’s less overwrought and generally an upgrade. I was a twerp back then.)

  65. I came from the HQ. I found the HQ I think through Insty or one of the other blogs I read back then.

  66. Big thanks to RFH for putting up BBF.

    Your regular pig ogling will resume next week.

  67. I love pig ogling!!!

  68. I especially love pig ogling, bed dusters!!


    I wish I could say that the worst thing about John Hickenlooper’s CNN town hall on Wednesday night was the part where he talked about watching Deep Throat with his mom. The former governor of Colorado, who is one of roughly 173 declared candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, explained that the porno-with-mom thing was not an accident. He said he knew that the movie was “naughty” but thought his mother might enjoy getting out of the house. Apparently after the infamous X-rated flick began she was “mortified.” That poor woman.

  70. Mr. Chumpo wasn’t here back then, but I do miss him. Paulitics was a good catch. I mentioned Mesa.

    Thank God your mom is still around.

  71. *ears perk up*

    I love piggies!

  72. Interesting, AOC is already starting to look worn and shitty:

  73. DId any of you notice wickedpinto made a couple of weird comments at Ace’s the other day?

  74. Remember Krow???, who left when he got thrown into the psych ward?

  75. AOC shouldn’t give bjs. That’s too risky with her enormous teeth

  76. We’ve had a few straight up psychos, pepe.

  77. “Don’t stick your dick in crazy” was always about AOC, we just didn’t know it until now.

  78. Dan Crenshaw is a fucking disappointment.

  79. wait what? Because of the McCain comments?

  80. Yes. And I follow him rather closely on twitter. I guarantee you he’s going to crap out on conservatives. Got that feeling. Haven’t been wrong yet.

  81. McCain is a fucking disgrace and was instrumental in an active coup. Dead or alive he should be called out and shamed.

  82. And Dan can kiss my ass if he doesn’t like it. By the way, little ol’ Dan may be too young (I’m a lot older than him) to remember most of McCain’s complete backstabbing bullshit over the years.

  83. Oh, and do you know what McCain has cost the taxpayers with this bullshit special council deal with Meuller? Fucking millions.

  84. I agree with you on Crenshaw Mare. He trips my spidey sense and has since he appeared on the radar. Sumthin not right bout dat boy….

  85. Da blog ate my comment!

  86. Well I’ve bought my last Sam Adams beer.

  87. The real tragedy of the Mueller report is how much I wish I’d lost my bet with MJ.

  88. I wonder why Chris Evans (Captain America) was in Dan Crenshaw’s rep office?

    Sniffing celebrity ass is never a good look.

  89. What was the original bet, Leon?

  90. Basically that the tumor wouldn’t kill McCain fast enough to do us any good. MJ thought that he’d shed his mortal coil before the vote that stopped the 0-care repeal. I knew he’d fuck us over one more time.

  91. Leon, what did Sam Adams do?

  92. If you think about it, we all won though didn’t we?

    McCain is crashing the big jet in the sky.

  93. Interesting

  94. Sam Adams is putting out a Ruth Bader-Meinhoff-Ginsburg themed beer.


    Guess I’ll have to plant some yarrow.

  96. Didn’t crenshaw just say that Trump should stop talking about McLame? Which, I’m 100% on with . 1) he’s dead and 2) his family is perfectly happy dragging his corpse around to make Trump look bad.

    It’s a distraction. Yes, it’s all true. Yes, most of us know it. No, it isn’t doing any good to continue on about it.

  97. And honestly, I can’t stand the stupid memes my mom keeps posting about McCain. He was bad enough alive. He’s insufferable dead.

  98. 2 Comment(s) must be stuck in spam or sumthing.

    Good news, get to leave early today. Bad News, I have to go watch a couple of 2-3 yr olds for a hour or so till their mums arrive. I figure 5 mins to get em to enter the closet to play hide n seek and 50 mins of them locked in the closet till mom arrives outta get me through it….Hows my strategery sound?

  99. McCain is crashing the big jet in the sky.


    LOL mare loves MJ.

  100. I think it’s doing a great deal of good, running his rotting corpse through the mud, which it deserves. And Trump who had a 3 effing year investigation to impeach him has every RIGHT to call the prick out.

  101. Doesn’t matter how long Woodrow Wilson or WR Hearst have been dead, not enough bad things have been said about them.

    Ditto for FDR.

  102. More dems declare run for 2020!

  103. I still don’t get how the same city that houses Notre Dame has

    1) a gay mayor named Butt-gig
    2) a gay mayor named Butt-pig who has a quixotic desire to be prezzie
    3) not been destroyed by fire and brimstone

  104. Jay, if Michelle ran would it be Holder-Weiner?

  105. Where was the Seattle thing?

  106. Over at the H3.

  107. Read a long article this morning about how McLame was involved with actively suppressing the investigation of prisoners left behind in Vietnam.

    It was a different one but this covers the same ground. I’m wishing citizen reporting was more widespread earlier in my life so this would have had wider exposure.

  108. Search “Seattle Is Dying” KOMO. It’s an hour long, no commercials. Worth the time to watch it.

  109. Youtube: Seattle is Dying

  110. I’ve had a bunch of email notices through work and personal email addresses from the Maine CDC about a rabid bat that was hanging around outside one of Bangor’s homeless shelters for 2 days. Numerous individuals handled the bat so everyone is on rabies watch I guess. The weather is warming up and I’m sure a lot of the clientele will be heading for their tent camps and away from surveillance. That’s a problem.

    “The time between the bite and the appearance of symptoms is called the incubation period and it may last for weeks to months.”

    Yep, problem

  111. That is really good, Seattle is Dying. One reason the War On Drugs isn’t a total lost cause.

  112. WooHoo! New gun is cute. Hoping for range time next Thursday. ❤️Romacita.

  113. Thanks.

    Providence is a nice city, and a fun day trip.

  114. Mansplaining to beasn on the construction site

    Well durr. I moved the seahorses out of the master bedroom into the living area so we can move beasnette’s shit in there and out of my diningroom.

  115. McCain is an egotistical shitweasel who is still f*cking us over from the grave.

    I can understand his wife’s drug addiction. It probably saved him from her killing him.

  116. Can the American Taxpayers sue the McCain Estate for the cost of the Mueller Investigation?

  117. That documentary, Seattle is Dying is really good.

  118. Question….if one is in their later 20s and one didn’t want a long engagement but still wanted to be married in the church, do you think the church (Catholic, which usually asks for at least 6 months) would work with them to git ‘er done in less time?

  119. The documentary Seattle is Dying kind of danced around who was killing it. And it isn’t the hobos.

  120. Beasn, you probably have to parish shop. My cousin was trying to plan his wedding while deployed. Monsignor who gave him the Sacraments and knew him as a child, wouldn’t marry him at his home parish. He wasn’t a resident/parishioner for a year. My parish, married him in 3 months. My parish is a poor, urban parish.

  121. Beasnsnsnsnsns, The couple has a meeting with the parish priest or deacon. After that, they encourage or insist on Engaged Encounter. Most churches offer Engaged Encounter which is a Friday evening and a full day Saturday almost every month. Depending on what type of service they want and how far the church is scheduled out you may get something sooner.

    Which brilliant New Testament figure said, “It is better to marry than to burn?” They are correct and the church needs to get in line on this.

    Beassnsnsnsns, our dear friend’s daughter got married in a Catholic Church but it was not a Mass. It was a blessing and the marriage ceremony that happens within a Mass. My daughter is looking into that as we speak.

  122. Thanks oso. I will tell the persons they may need to do that. The priest at the parish we were to be married let us speed up the marriage class thing because we lived in different states…though we had almost a year’s engagement.

  123. Beasn, you probably have to parish shop. My cousin was trying to plan his wedding while deployed. Monsignor who gave him the Sacraments and knew him as a child, wouldn’t marry him at his home parish. He wasn’t a resident/parishioner for a year. My parish, married him in 3 months. My parish is a poor, urban parish.


    Unfortunately, this is also true. PISSES ME OFF. I prefer my daughter get married in her parish but if they give her any shit, I’ll give them a piece of my mind and move on.

    I do, however, understand if the priest or church is simply scheduled out for months which can happen. Priests are often at seminars or orgies (whatever) and the parish hall can be booked which makes parking for the church impractical.

  124. The Catholic Blessing ceremony took about 10-15 minutes. I’d never seen it before but liked it.

  125. mare, the persons in question do not want a long engagement and probably would want it done before a job situation begins in the fall. They do not want a big wedding or anything fancy. Just a blessing in the church where they had received all their previous sacraments.

  126. Then the Blessing ceremony I mentioned would be perfect. My daughter is interested in exactly the same deal as your “persons.”

    But the church may still insist on Engaged Encouter.

  127. If the Encounter is a weekend thing, there may be a work conflict but surely something can be worked out.

  128. I’m sure if a priest knows them well the EE deal can be either waived or “postponed” and become Marriage Encounter.

  129. Priests are often at seminars or orgies (whatever)

    Made me snorfle. Beasn ❤ Mare.

  130. No, because of college and various jobs moving them around, they do not know the priests. They haven’t been around anywhere long enough. They are now ready to put down some roots.

  131. Um, congrats to beasnette?

  132. Pre-Cana for us was a 4 hr Saturday and once a week for a month. Focus was on our different approach to money. Cousin took test and had chaplain while deployed supervise his Pre-Cana. His wife took test at home and Monsignor supervised her Pre-Cana. 💰works at most parishes.

  133. Mare, WP married T and lives in Australia. He shows up rando on FB and the HQ

  134. M Eric Cano, Peel, Will.

  135. Oso, who is T?

  136. I totally get it. We’ve moved around a lot and the last time we were entrenched with a parish I was part of 4 couples who sued the diocese. So, ahh, yeah, I’m not above shopping for a priest who I don’t hate.

  137. She was a fixture at H1 before WP had his meltdown.

  138. I think Beasn keeps in touch with TI.

  139. Some of the blasts from the past are on Twitter or Facedouche.

  140. Wait, tattooed intellectual???????

    Whoa. I don’t see them as a fit. Had no idea they were a thing. I was at H1.

  141. She seems very smart and measured. He…does not.

  142. Not TI. T. His GF from Oki.

  143. Hey, J’ames…🏀.

  144. Hmmm…I tink there maybe a comment in spam. No worries, I thought I sent it hrs ago, but maybe human errored..

  145. Freed 3 of yours TTroy.

  146. Oh, okay, that makes a lot more sense. How did he get into Australia?

  147. *ignores CoAlex’ remark for the time being*

  148. “Comment by beasn on March 22, 2019 5:47 pm
    mare, the persons in question do not want a long engagement and probably would want it done before a job situation begins in the fall. ”


    Sounds like Beasn painted boyfriend into a corner………

  149. He married T and moved there. He has mostly been silent. Mostly. Mesa moved to Montana and posts great pics. On FB. Mare, if you are on FB, we have a hostage page.

  150. I hope WP is okay, sober, and doing well, wherever he is.

  151. I wasn’t trying to be snarky. Your comment the other day sounded like there might be movement on that front, but I wasn’t sure.

  152. Leon, he claims to be sober. He seems to be doing ok, and then he goes all WP on different forums.

  153. Just ran across this dental hygiene gel called “socket!”. This shit puts ambesol to shame in it’s effectiveness. FDA approved and all natural. The dentist didn’t tell the better half what it was, just used it at the office on her and sent her home with a tube and some vicoden (she’s been dealing with a dry socket and exposed nerve for bout 3 wks). She said it is very very effective. I figured since some of y’all are into the homeo shit, I’d share. Probably not for kids, has a bad taste. I read some of the manufacturer advertising literature for the dentist’s. Seems like very cool stuff.

    *Thanks for the bail jimbro

  154. *jumps from behind a rock, throws a bag over Pepe’s head, and ties him to a cactus*

    *finds CoAlex and does the same for thinking I thought he was being snarky*

    Look, if I told yous anything RIGHT NOW, I’m gonna have to kill you and I lurves you too much to do that.

  155. And yes, I still have contact with Tattoo. She’s doing well and working muchly. She posts some great pictures because where she lives and what she does.

  156. Oh, and her adorable doggeh.

  157. I’m happy to hear Tattoo is doing well.

  158. Mare, if you were on Facedouche, you could’ve supported Beasn and Me on a DiT post. Moses blah blah blah WB and Sean are doggie besos people. J’ames posts Elliot bath pics…no bandanas.

  159. If the Chinese take out our satellites, the resulting debris will take out theirs as well. Their one anti-sat test doubled the trackable objects in orbit. If they do that again, they (and we) can forget ever launching anything again.

    I just saw this and wanted to respond.

    A friend used to work for Ball and Geoeye and the way she put it was, “Anything smaller than a pebble isn’t a problem. Larger than a marble, it is.”

    Personally, I don’t trust the idea of getting rid of manned aircraft in favor or drones precisely because of the satellite issue. Entirely autonomous drones are a long way in the future, IMHO, and relying on drones which require a pretty sophisticated communications network is a baaaaaad idea…

  160. There’s a Hostages FB group? WTH?

  161. Have there been any upsets in the NCAA BB tournament?

  162. Mostly 7s. Upset. CoAl…si. We average one post a month.

  163. Yes there is, Coalex but there isn’t a ton of activity.

  164. I see someone already brought you over.

  165. I just sent him an invite

  166. There isn’t a lot of activity because FacdDouche is a fucking cesspool.

  167. Mare and Hotspur are simpatico.

    Screw Zuckerburg, hard.

  168. I don’t even have other FIFs, let alone some slimy facedouche groups.

  169. I blew away my fb account in August of 2016. The election bullshit people were posting was getting so deep I had to roll up my pants legs – it was too late to save my shoes.

    I haven’ missed any part of it. Unlike Carin and Jay, I don’t debate with idiots. It kills brain cells.

  170. I’m barely holding on to twitter. No rational reason to, my days are always better without it, however, today (with the Meuller report) twitter has its hilarious moments. But on the whole, I need to sever my ties with twitter.

  171. I’m just there for the pictures.

  172. I never figured out how to make twitter any kind of meaningful contribution to my life.

  173. G’night. I’m getting too old for 4AM shifts.

  174. It’s not meaningful, it’s horrible and stupid and therefore the shame involved with my sticking with it. At least I can say it’s an occasional deal. But, yes, ties must be severed eventually.

  175. Oops. I have to cook 🐥🐥 for the diva

  176. Texas Jew is only on Twitter.

  177. I like the way Trump uses titter because he bypasses the drive by fake news cunts.

    It just isn’t a useful tool for me.

  178. Ditching twitter is wonderful.

    It only hurts for a little while.

  179. Not kidding, I go weeks without opening twitter and then some deal happens and I’m curious. TWITTER CURIOUS. Like today with the Meuller deal.


  181. I’ve never left the plastic on!!!! Cardboard was 1.5 times.

  182. I was listening to National Pukeface Radio this afternoon. The commentators were so crestfallen. Then they would say things like, “Well, there wasn’t evidence that Mueller could indict on, but it just means he realized he couldn’t prove something, not that something didn’t happen.”

    It’s so infantile to see them cry like a fucking baby.

  183. 2020 is going to be a freaking blast.

  184. I am sad that Hillary wont be losing again.

  185. Good day at work, except the chatty people with nothing better to do than to camp out in my office. I finished a good chunk of a task I was dreading. Mini-me made me a cup of tea when I got home.

  186. They’re going to go crazy in 2020. They can’t help it.

  187. All they have to do is not be crazy, and they can’t do it.

  188. “Governor Hickenlooper, Sen. Sanders has written that women fantasize about being raped. In all your sexual experience, did you ever find that to be the case?”

  189. Hey, Oso, what new toy did you get?

  190. …I am sad that Hillary wont be losing again…..

  191. Comment Diamond and Silk has with that gif….

    “Don Lemon is looking like a sour lemon tonight. Remind us of the 2016 election night. #MAGA”

  192. I saw a gif of Rachel Maddow crying.

  193. Dutifully, Elmer restored Packards.

  194. How do you like your tea Roamy? I’m a tea with honey person myself. I grew up drinking it with milk and sugar with my dad.

  195. So funny to remember drinking tea and coffee as a kid. Pretty sure I started on the tea in elementary school with the Old Man after dinner. My cousin was a cop and we’d visit them often and drink coffee there. That was junior high school. Our kids have zero interest in drinking tea or coffee.


    “I wasn’t ovulating,” she said in the video. “I was basically anemic and my thyroid levels were low. It was really bad, but it was borderline.”

    Eat a cheeseburger dear

  197. Heating oil delivery.

    Rowan is on FULL ALERT and concerned that I’m remaining calm

  198. Early on, tea with cream n sugar was ok….around 8 or 9 one was somewhat expected to dispense with the cream and only one sugar per cup. (Afternoon tea with Grandma). Coffee was ok’d at early age, I loved me some coffee ice cream from Baskin Robbins. My 19 yr old is just now starting to drink coffee although he is familiar with “energy” drinks.

  199. Depends on the flavor of tea, Jimbro. Masala chai – milk, a little sugar, and cinnamon. Regular black tea – honey. Fruit tea or rooibos tea – nothing.

    I got to try a lot of different teas in the UK and Israel. I got seriously hooked on some of the Israel Wissotzky brand teas. The only one I didn’t like was the mint, it tasted like bitter grass clippings.

    Mini-me made the rooibos tea for me. It’s caffeine-free and is supposed to be good for your heart.

  200. Every now and then I’ll buy coffee ice cream to foil the kids who devour the ice cream in one evening. After one bowl they learn it looks like chocolate but doesn’t taste like chocolate (Beto tried that out on his wife apparently).

    As kids we had coffee milk too. Kind of a RI thing that trickled into SE Massachusetts where I grew up.

  201. I’m drinking coffee with half a scoop of MCT powder and a splash of heavy whipping cream. I used to drink it with sugar.

  202. I’ve had rooibos before, it’s pretty good. I like English or Irish Breakfast tea, Earl Gray and Chai. I used to drink more green tea but the grass clipping flavor of some brands ruined it for me.

  203. Comment by Jimbro on March 23, 2019 8:15 am


    Interesting. Most interesting? Ahhhhhh, you’re not ovulating, you’re hiding what you actually eat, you’re a mess and your diet is responsible. Maybe it’s garbage and the 2 MILLION subscribers you have are willing, stupid, sheep.

  204. It’s hard to pin down but these youtube accounts, once you get a certain amount of subscribers and therefore you usually get so many views a video, you can make great money. Anyone know how much.

    2 million people followed this huckster. She’s like Freelee.

  205. I’m sure a small percentage of social media “stars” make money off of their efforts but as a large group, to me anyway, it seems like a MLM scam with lots of hangers-on desperate for attention and views.

  206. Eat a cheeseburger dear

    We’ve passed Peak Vegan, I think. Every week now 1 or 2 of the big-name vegan yootoobers walks away from it publicly. The question is how many of those whose livelihoods depend on staying vegan are just frauds like this chick.

  207. PewDiePie makes like 50k a month, but he has 82M subs. Most of the homestead vloggers with 70k-130k or so subs and G-rated content make a modest amount on it, like 30-50k a year. Documenting your practices can increase interest in your CSA or in your visits to farmers markets, though, so there’s some feed forward to that. Gaming channels with a lot of subs get early access to games, and freebies, some will sell the games they like a lot through affiliate links to get a small percentage.

  208. I’ve found that the Bigelow brand chai with heavy cream has an almost caramel taste. No sugar needed.

  209. For a small farmer, that’s a nice, modest supplementary income, maybe even a sufficient primary income, but you’re spending a few hours a day documenting… your day. And you have to be on camera and engaging/informative.

  210. The twitch streamers can make good money, but it’s work. They’re playing for 12-16 hours a day, and the good ones have figured out how much they lose every hour they’re away from the screen. It’s not great for social life and family relationships. I remember reading about one who basically said, “yeah, I’m doing this non-stop for the next five years, and then I’ll have enough money to retire and try to rebuild my relationship with everyone…”

  211. Neu poat.

  212. I follow a cop in Ohio who plays almost exclusively survival games, he uploads a few times a week and his stories about police work while he’s playing are entertaining as heck (especially when he took a detour and played Thief Simulator). Pretty sure he makes enough to cover his gaming rig and not have to work as many overtime shifts as he used to.


    Nothing to see here folks, move along!

    No identification of the attacker in the article. Muzzie until proven otherwise.

  214. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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