Right Up The Equinox

Apparently there’s a difference between equinoxi and solstici. Who the heck knew that? I do know the difference between shit and Shinola of course.


It’s not like you can win money on Jeopardy with information like that, right?

Ask a druid, they know all about this stuff


It’s right twice a year


Totally believable

Ripley's Believe It or Not! - rp_c151212.tif

Unhand Thor you damn dirty druid!


BTW, I’m not exactly sure of the definitions of solstice and equinoxes but I have learned there’s a difference between them. Happy Thursday planet explorers!


  1. here’s to hoping your equinae find solstice’z’es

  2. i give this post 30 “yur mom’z’ ” for timely topicity

  3. the NYT voted this the “Best Poat of the Day”

  4. Kilt it

  5. Is Roamy around? Wanted to know her post-op lithotripsy experience, especially as regards passing stones/frequency of urination (sorry if that is TMI).

  6. That’s easy. The Equinox is a bland Chevy cute ute. The Solstice was a middling 2-seater convertible.

  7. Drat. I missed the discussion about circumcision? Darn.

    wakey wakey

  8. It’s never too late to talk about circumcision.

  9. Why do lawyers wear neckties?

    To keep the foreskin down.

  10. Is Donna Brazile circumcised?

  11. Now we’re giving money to illegal aliens to finance their defense for a murder:


    I’ll bet this turns into a lot more than $3200. Funny how we don’t hear much about this in Iowa.

  12. Nobody gives a shit about Iowa.

  13. Shut up and eat your corn.

  14. Bwaaa ha ha

  15. Right after I eat your mom.

  16. @ Tifw

    Seeing as how I had four litho’s last year I may have some insight you can use. Post Op discomfort for me was the stent they left in place. Some people are stent ‘adverse” and other exp no problem, its 50/50. In regards to passing debris afterward, they normally do a real good job of flushing during the procedure so I exp minimal amounts of minute granular material. Very little discomfort on urination and that was probably due to the urethra being inflamed.

    Best post op script I got were for toradol (anti inflammatory, cause your urethra will be inflamed as they are running devices through it) and a vicoden level pain mgmt. Discomfort from the procedure only lasted maybe two days, it was the stent that presented me with problems. Then again I had one in for over a month so….if they leave a stent you want it removed as soon as medically advisable, like have the appt for removal set before you leave from the litho.

  17. Seriously, this clown show is going to be 18 months of non-stop stupidity.

  18. I see HS is eating yet another Iowa product.

  19. Wait until she has a corn dog at the state fair. Oh wait, she’s a D, they won’t take pictures of that.

  20. Spinal Tap was a treasure trove of hilarity.

  21. Solstice, night and day mismatch
    One’s long, one’s short–my point you’ll catch
    But equinox? Both last the same–
    Too bad that Styx album was lame!

  22. How long until we get video of Corey Booker doing squats while wearing silkies?

  23. Beto doing yoga.

  24. Do you think the did some kind of poll that showed working out is a kicker for the vote of a certain group? O’Roark’s stupid lifting video was embarrassing.

  25. Beta O’Doarke

  26. https://is.gd/hmQcCu

  27. Upcoming ISU OSU game

  28. HA!!!
    “After losing the election in such a humiliating and disgraceful manner, John really threw himself into windsurfing, and I’m happy to say it paid off,” said Kerry’s longtime adviser and windsurfing coach,”

  29. The Onion becomes more of a documentary, day by day.

  30. Booger
    Wang (uncircumcised)


    *gets popcorn

  31. You forgot Gravel. No name change needed.

  32. And Tank Abrams.

  33. I filled up my tank with 10% Iowa corn squeezins last night. Thankfully the other 90% came from crude.

  34. I don’t know who Gravel is.

    And Tank Abrams has about as much chance to become president as my long gone foreskin.

  35. https://gatesofvienna.net/2016/01/the-alienork-way/

    I dont frequent that website but the story this page contains is worth the read. It ties with your observation on NZ.

  36. How does a cunt like her or a cunt like Beta think they can win a national election when they couldn’t even get elected in their home state?

    The whole thing makes me LOL.

  37. Fraud.

  38. This can’t be right. He can’t really have called his campaign text message list the BetoZone.

    I mean, it can’t be this easy.

  39. It’s this easy.

  40. NZ is celebrating their submission.

  41. Honestly, the fuck ? How stupid. We’re going to show our unity to demonstrate how unhappy we are that a crazy dude killed people . All those crazy dude supporters are on notice.

    It’s like uniting against rape.

  42. I’m against rape.

  43. Anyone here see Seattle ABC KOMO’s piece titled “Seattle is Dying”? It is a hour long but worth the watch. And reportedly San Fran is worse with LA nipping at the heels. In Seattle (I did not know this) you can legally have up to 3 grams of ANYTHING. Meth, Heroin, Coke, Fentanyl….doesn’t matter. They don’t arrest, they don’t charge, they don’t confiscate.

  44. Especially if it’s rape rape.

  45. Car in, needs to figure out a “Dem Primary” WOD with exercises based on each candidate.

    Beto is always jumping up in countertops, so he’ll be box jumps.
    Gillibrand did the stupid 20lbs dumbbell presses (2020, see?) so something with a 20 lbs weight.

    What else?

  46. They are broadcasting the call to prayer in NZ nationally on Friday.


  47. This is why I don’t care about the mosque shooting.

  48. I watched the first part of that, TTroy. Psychotic crazy dude just wasn’t getting enough help……

    “The more they spend, the worse the problem gets….” Hmmm…

  49. A friend’s brother lives there. He says it’s crazy. Hobos set up a camp on your property. You call the cops. They can’t “evict” without a court order. This takes a while. Once you get the order, the cops evict them, but you are responsible for storing their shit for 6 months until they can find another place.

    They also take a Winnebago and park it wherever. Then they pull the wheels and this transforms it from a vehicle to a building. Then you can’t have it towed, pretty much permanent at that point. Trash freaking everywhere.

  50. Bernie WOD:


  51. The Matt Bracken story was excellent, Troy, thanks.

  52. Be interesting to see when the defsquadz come to Seattle. Cause they may not realize it yet but this is exactly how you get defsquadz. When you castrate the police, when you provide more support to out n out shitbirds than you do your good tax paying citizens, when the good citizens collectively feel abandoned……matters begin to be solved using old school methods.

    Clean Up on sidewalk Four!

  53. Make Vigilantism Great Again!

  54. NZ banning semi-auto rifles.

    That’ll fix it.

  55. Haha, mikey thinks he’s pwning me. Yet all can see him for the bully he is, Car in.

  56. I found that story somewhat terrifying myself. I’ve read all of Bracken’s works and found all of them to be entertaining. I’ve interacted with him online and he seems like a pretty good guy. Definite old school SEAL type (80’s version) Officer grade without the ring knocker attitude. His last book was the best so far, but the others are very entertaining. I would recommend reading them in order of publish if you have the time and are inclined.

  57. So ——— Carin is thinking about getting circumcised ?

  58. Preview of the next Dem presidential (uncapitalized) debate

    There are some funny bastards on the tittyweb jenkins.

  59. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 21, 2019 12:15 pm
    Preview of the next Dem presidential (uncapitalized) debate



  60. Tittyweb Jenkins is a scam.

  61. Everything’s a scam. The trick is to find the ones you can cash in on.

  62. So ——— Carin is thinking about getting circumcised ?

    Most of us thought she already was.

  63. aha, mikey thinks he’s pwning me. Yet all can see him for the bully he is, Car in.

    Seriously, he must have a micro-penis. A girl at work told me about those. I didn’t really think they existed.

  64. So ——— Carin is thinking about getting circumcised ?

    Most of us thought she already was.

    The parent in the house WITH a penis got the over-riding vote for my boys.

    I’m pretty sure I’m a real female, and not the by-product of a circumcision gone awry.


  66. Camilla Harris WOD:

    30 clean and jerks for time

  67. Followed by a protein shake.

  68. Seriously, he must have a micro-penis. A girl at work told me about those. I didn’t really think they existed.

    They exist. Trust me. Don’t ask me how I know.

  69. I think bipolar is more likely. Dan is just an idiot. Lorraine with ADHD? No surprise. Coreen is a bitch, and Colleen just isn’t very smart. Joe seems to be level headed most of the time, but a follower.

  70. They exist. Trust me. Don’t ask me how I know.

    Some are the result of a botched… you know what nevermind.

  71. The micro-penis my friend saw – the doc would have not only had to have cut off the end – but the diameter. She said it was literally the size of her pinky.

  72. He may claim it was a botched circumcision. I’m sure that would be easier than the reality.

  73. Those people clearly have more money than sense.

  74. Napping is frequently a mistake, but I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open today. It is dark and cold outside, I have the day off, and Scott is doing the cooking for dinner tonight.


  75. careful, it might be spider bite sauce

  76. You could go for a run Lauraw

  77. Anita was at the gym on Monday when she was approached by a young lady.

    YL: I’ve been watching you. You have accomplished a lot.Your strength and flexibility are great.

    Anita: Thanks, I try pretty hard.

    YL: I’m pretty sure that *my* grandparents could not do a fraction of what you can do.

    Narrator: And no one has seen the YL since…

  78. If someone tells you the secret to their physical conditioning is regular digging of shallow graves, you should peace out quickly.

  79. This place is weirder than Rosetta when he was going through his latex gas mask phase.

  80. Comment by terribletroy on March 21, 2019 9:40 am
    @ Tifw. Seeing as how I had four litho’s last year I may have some insight you can use.

    FOUR?!?!? Yikes!

    Thanks for your comment – it’s really appreciated 😊

    I don’t have a stent, and thankfully, I am not in much pain.

    My issue is that once I have “gone”, I still have a constant urge to “go” some more. There is just enough left that I can’t ignore it, so I have spent most of the day sitting on the Porcelain Throne with not much to show for it other than thighs with no circulation.

    Apparently this is not an uncommon side effect of the surgery; it seems to be because of stone fragments in the ureter at the bladder wall or something.

    I do have a call in to my urologist; unfortunately, most of the medications that are used for that situation (Flomax, Ditropan, etc.) are absolutely contraindicated in people with Myasthenia 😡

    I’m not worried about my recovery, I am just wondering how long this is going to last, because it sucks!

  81. You had the procedure done already?

  82. I exp the same feeling but it was a “ghost” symptom. Felt like I needed to go or continue but nada….it went away after couple of days…

  83. Having dinner in an old school country cooking family restaurant, sitting through the Muzak version of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me.”

    My life is surreal as fuck.

    *finishes banana pudding*

  84. And as for her name? Spanish surnames are compound names made up from one name from the father, one from the mother. I think the first name of each parent’s last name is used to make the kid’s compound.

    So I guess Alexandria Donkey-Chompers’ dad’s first last name was “Donkey” and her mother’s was “Chompers.”

    This cracked me the fuck up.

  85. Kind of like this, but with an accordian doing the chorus.


  86. Kind of like this…

  87. You had the procedure done already?

    Yep. Yesterday morning. Was fine when I came home, went to bed a little early, and slept pretty well. Until around 4:00 this morning, when all of the urgency started, and it hasn’t let up all day.

    Doctor’s office called about 5:00 and he is calling something in. The nurse also reminded me that my body had been shaken up pretty good yesterday, and the remaining sediment is what is aggravating my bladder.

    Lots of water must be drunk…..

  88. HS, Ace is so funny. I’ve adopted Donkey-Chompers for AOC. I have old Hispanics calling her that, as well.

  89. Chiquita Kruschev is my favorite.

  90. My bad – I can take Flomax. I just have to watch out for abnormal ejaculation.

  91. Retrograde ejaculation, the bluest of balls

  92. Chiquita Kruschev

  93. Kruschev

  94. Retrograde ejaculation is A Thing in Tantra, so you can reabsorb your essence or somesuch. I blame Tushar.

  95. Too cute…


  96. Abnormal could be good.

  97. Abnormal could be good.

  98. Regarding ‘Seattle is Dying’…the people are frustrated and upset. Yelling at the city meeting where the people on the panel smirk.

    Um, aren’t these same people the ones voting for these council members and politicians?

  99. I thought that lady asking the pol if he “thought this was funny” was gonna jack his as. She unconciously postured and everything.

  100. I normally like Kurt Schlichter’s articles, but I think his latest one regarding our chances in a war with China is wrong.

  101. I thought the same ttroy. I would have stood up and cheered had she knocked one of them smug assholes upside the head.

  102. I agree CoAlex, but mostly cause foreign affairs don’t concern me near as much as domestic. I just don’t see what would be in it for China to fuck around with us at this time. Why do you think he’s off?

  103. Seriously, he must have a micro-penis. A girl at work told me about those. I didn’t really think they existed.

    I remember when Pajama Momma linked a pic of one here. NSFW, if you could figure out what it was.

  104. TiFW, check your gmail.

  105. Another day in Trump’s America

    Saw this on Faceplant, had to search hard to find it on Youtube.

  106. I think he vastly overestimates Chinese capabilities while understating ours.

    Apparently the Chinese are going to sink our aircraft carriers with thousands of hypersonic missiles while simultaneously destroying our satellites to cut off out GPS and communications while their diesel electric subs sink our navy as well. Oh, and don’t forget their hackers shutting down our infrastructure.

    This from a nation that can’t make dog food that isn’t poisonous.

  107. If the Chinese take out our satellites, the resulting debris will take out theirs as well. Their one anti-sat test doubled the trackable objects in orbit. If they do that again, they (and we) can forget ever launching anything again.

  108. “Damn eyesore,” Reginald puffed.

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