Hello control cats and magic dogs, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born February 11th, 1997 in Claremore, Oklahoma.  She stands 5’4″ and measures 34G-25-35 and 134 lbs.  Please Marco and say Pollo to Miss Kylie Page (AKA Bonnie Kinz).




  1. I love boobies

  2. Wake up and smell the boobs!

  3. HA! The one where she is “reading” about Hemp is pretty funny.

    *she looks pretty in that pic

  4. Boobs.

    Boobs everywhere….

  5. germ berpeh.

  6. Boobs.

    Boobs everywhere….

    It’s not nice to talk about us behind our backs, man.

  7. She seems nice.

  8. hahahaaahahaaaa

    i checked out part of her interview –

    hoooo doggies! she’ s a beaut!!!!!4

    awesome joob pup!!!!!

  9. wakey wakey

  10. Honestly, the liberal talking points following this mass shooting are so full of fail, it’s almost like it’s been a set-up. From the numerous red flags about this kid that were ignored, to the police having been told several times, to EVERYONE knowing he was a walking time bomb … to now the armed guard sitting on his ass outside doing nothing while he knew what was going on.

  11. Party is supposedly tomorrow, so TODAY IS THE DAY.

  12. did you settle on PANTONE 448 C as the color?

  13. Go Carin! Wreck that party!

  14. Putting up my baby plastic greenhouse tomorrow.

    *hops from foot to foot with excitement*

  15. I’ve actually considered putting up my garden hoop/plastic things up. I’m probably just over excited.

  16. She claims to be from Oklahoma but appears to have all her teeth. Something’s screwy here.

  17. #paint_party

  18. did you settle on PANTONE 448 C as the color?

    No, I’m going with the PARTY WRECKING CHOCOLATE Cocoa. It has hints of “your mom is spying on you” mixed with a dash of “don’t you dare” in it.

  19. I think if Moose stands against the wall, he’ll blend right in, thus he can do covert operations for me.

  20. Kids are making bomb and shooting threats at a dozen schools here in NM.

  21. They want a long weekend.

  22. Honestly, the liberal talking points following this mass shooting are so full of fail…

    There is some win from all the stupid gun grabbing BS. Gun sales are already up, and I’d bet dollars to donuts that NRA membership numbers are going through the roof.

    The idiot Left just doesn’t understand how things work, while more Americans are starting to come around to the reality. Four moar years are virtually guaranteed at this point.

  23. They got school cancelled here in DSM too.

  24. Since we already had the massive shooting scare last year – kids here aren’t gonna play that game. Those kids are all in big shit. They’re trying the “we weren’t serious” angle, but prosecutors aren’t buying it.

  25. With recent events, they should throw the book at them, and make it a public spectacle. Maybe it will deter someone.

  26. A few highly public 20-year sentences would be a nice deterrent.

  27. Shit like this is why we need to bring back the whipping post. Stripped naked and lashed 50 times in public would serve to discourage others from trying to pull the same shit.

  28. So let me get this straight….after the school failed (they all knew), after the social workers failed, after the police failed, after the fucking FBI failed, and after a “School Resource Officer” failed….were going to blame the gun?

    And the fact that this SRO’s behavior is coming to light how many days after the event? The motherfucker was armed and stood outside for FOUR minutes while this kid kept shooting. (I’ve been wondering all along why he stopped shooting. I think its possible the gun malfunctioned due to operator error.)

    Based on all of the above, my official position on changing any gun laws at this point is …..FUCK YOU.

    But maybe some people should ask themselves, “Why do they want to ban these particular guns?”

  29. A high school kid invented a heavy duty door stop that could be in every classroom which would prevent someone from getting inside. Or certainly, make it difficult and slow them down. He’s patenting it. Already have schools ordering it. This is results-oriented. Not BS fake policy oriented. Action not talk.

    He’s enlisting in the army after graduation.

    This is the type of kid we need speaking in front of a camera not some daddy issues girl with a shaved head who appears to be good at one thing, attention whoring.

  30. This kid’s behavior was know, his history was know, and it was known he had a gun.

    Honestly, I can’t get past this. He lived with a family, who knew he wasn’t stable and they knew he had a gun. Why did NO ONE do something?

  31. I like the sheer nightgown picture best because ……. nipples!!!!

  32. Our rental car cost us $214 for 7 days with unlimited mileage.

    Fuel savings bring our cost down close to $100.

    I wish I had discovered this a long time ago.

  33. Sadly, this morning as we see companies like the First National Bank, Best Western and Enterprise Rental crap on their customers who happen to be NRA members, the Left’s fear-mongering seems to be working on small-minded and easily intimidated businesses.

    From Twitchy. Haven’t heard about this. Must be another boycott.

  34. Yep:

    Enterprise rent a car, Alamo, first National Bank of Omaha (NRA Credit card). Best Western ended their partnership in 2013, but they are broadcasting that today via Twitter.

  35. “I like the sheer nightgown picture best because ……. nipples!!!!”

    ahhh – a man of discernment with refined taste and an eye for the finer things in life

  36. Radiohead tickets go on sale in 20 minutes

  37. I guess the media never heard of Gun Owners of America? How about the United States Concealed Carry Association?

  38. “…my official position on changing any gun laws at this point is …..FUCK YOU. ”

    *advances TT’s name to potential membership on the Board of Directors at Murica Arms, Dirigibles & Deathstarz™*

    Company slogan: We’re MADD as hell; so yeah… molon labe & fuck you!

  39. Petersen, the coward SRO who made $75k per year, now has SIX armed deputies standing guard outside of his Boynton Beach home. Sickening.

  40. you know the left will use the presence of the SRO as an example of armed teachers will not work.

  41. Radiohead ticket procured. It wasn’t easy. It’s a shitty ticket, but at least I paid face value for it.

  42. That’s creepy, Ca rin!

  43. It’s a shitty ticket,

    I’m shocked.

  44. I know it’s not some bald lesbian performing at the Ark, but I ‘ll enjoy it anyway Hostpur.

  45. Honestly, the liberal talking points following this mass shooting are so full of fail, it’s almost like it’s been a set-up.

    That’s what I’ve been saying. This guy had the same, if not more, red flags as the Sandy Hook weirdo and Loughner.

  46. What’s wrong with bald lesbians?

  47. We should have a bald lesbian.

  48. What’s wrong with bald lesbians?



  49. I qualify.

  50. So a pro-abortion democrat is putting forth a pro-life gun bill here in MO. She wants everyone who buys a firearm, in the state of MO, to sign a pledge that they recognize that every human life matters. As she does nothing in her St. Louis district about the high crime, gun deaths, and fatherless homes.


  51. That can’t be okay. I’ve been assured that only black lives matter.

  52. leon, why is drinking coffee twice a day, good for my health? I understand the wine angle, but coffee? Does it have something to do with keeping the arteries open?

  53. Didn’t some folks get destroyed for claiming “all lives matter”?


  54. “People who were overweight in their 70s lived longer than normal or underweight people did.”

  55. People who live to be 80 have outlived the average lifespan, and are older than people that are 72.


  57. “People who were overweight in their 70s lived longer than normal or underweight people did.”

    This is a confounded factoid, though. “Heavier” with muscle means you can live longer with a wasting disease or atrophy. “Heavier” with a big belly means you’re less likely to live to 70 in the first place.

  58. 3-4 cups, beasn.

    I think it’s the antioxidants.

  59. Soccer mom is teaching her kid a lesson.

  60. Most important, if coffee makes you happy (looking forward to drinking it, while drinking it and the high after drinking it), happy people live longer.

    Not scientific, just observation.

  61. scott, the study says ‘moderate amounts’. Three to four cups seems a bit more than moderate. I have a hard time getting one down (SYWM).

    I don’t like the taste of coffee or beer/wine.

    Guess I’m screwed. Though, I don’t think my grandmothers drank coffee or booze. One lived to 81, the other 89.

    Read an article about some centenarian, down in the Ozarks. She said her secret was a teaspoon of whiskey every night before she went to bed. No more. Said her granny started giving her a dose when she was a kid.

    So, would a shot of whiskey or rum be as beneficial as a daily glass of vino?

  62. Yeah, make Him look like ISIS. All He is missing is an AK-47.

  63. I drink 12 cups a day, but I make really weak coffee.

    Voltaire supposedly drank two gallons.

  64. My dad’s mom was the one who lived to 89. She probably could have gone on longer but she had a death wish. She developed type 2 diabetes the year before and refused to do anything about it. By the time she was admitted to hospital, her condition was too far gone to save her.
    My mom insists orneriness is what kept her alive. Ornery is not really the word she used, but I’m trying to keep it clean.

  65. Yeah, make Him look like ISIS. All He is missing is an AK-47.

    Brought to you by the same people who want you to believe that ancient Egypt was populated by sub-saharan blacks.

    You want me to believe that ancient Judea was populated entirely by modern Semitic peoples after a century of Roman occupation and constant contact with the Greek peoples, who’s own poetry of the age often refers to “fair-haired Achaeans” or grey eyes?

  66. Most important, if coffee makes you happy (looking forward to drinking it, while drinking it and the high after drinking it), happy people live longer.

    Guinea pigs make me happy. My husband says he doesn’t want anymore guinea pigs. Why doesn’t my husband want me to be happy?

  67. Sort of kidding.

    Looking at diamonds make me happy, too. Husband bought me one a couple of years ago and spent more than he wanted in lieu of the guinea pigs.

    He said either, or. I chose diamond because those don’t die and make me cry.

  68. I have to work tonight.

    Whiskey every night? I really don’t care for the taste of any alcohol (Bailyes Irish cream is more desert than alcohol). I do like both coffee and wine so I’m covered.

  69. So UI’m in charge of an eating competition at the gym. $20, 6 weeks, winner take all. It’s mostly healthy eating, rather than a weight loss concentration, but the aim is that the better you eat, you’ll lose weight if that’s needed.

    Starts tomorrow. I’ll have my ceremonial glass of wine tonight, and then it’s gonna be a cheat.

  70. Guinea pigs make me happy. My husband says he doesn’t want anymore guinea pigs. Why doesn’t my husband want me to be happy?

    Pat and I have different interests, but our love of dogs is equal. The two of us could goad each other on into getting an unhealthy number of dogs.

  71. A British study found benefits were greatest overall at 3-4 cups.

    For certain diseases, the more you drink the better.

    I average about 12 cups a day.

  72. I realistically do about that too. I mean cup – not 8 oz though. My mug is probably 12-16 oz. Two in the morning. Maybe an afternoon one. Sometimes just tea. If I’m closing at work I have a few small cups (tiny work cups)

  73. do you drink with your pinky out? That’s gotta be worth a couple calories right there.

  74. I could start doing that.

  75. It looks cool with those little expresso cups. You need a pinky ring, too.

  76. 35 people coming for a party tonight. The house will be a bit packed.

  77. what flesh are you preparing?

  78. I could start drinking more burnt tree bark if I could have some cookies to offset the taste. But then, those will defeat the whole health benefit purpose.

  79. Car in, if I weren’t allergic, we would probably have a dog and a couple of cats. Siamese, Abyssinian, and maybe a Maine coon. Then my husband will accuse me of collecting those, too. (My five piggies were different breeds.)

  80. I don’t drink very much coffee. Less now that it’s warming up – maybe a few iced coffees here & there.
    But I make up for it with the whiskey. I’ll live to be 140!

  81. Bill for the nursing home came. Hor-y shit.

  82. Maine Coon? Why not just get a mountain lion, or a bobcat?

  83. Hmmm. Why not indeed.

  84. On second thought, Maine coons have a LOT of hair. Savannahs look nice.

  85. Studies show that peiple live longest when they have two to three cups of “shut the fuck up” every night, along with a nice big glass of “get over yourself” and a steaming plate of “no one cares about your personal drama”.

  86. I’m not preparing anything. This is a surprise party for our friend David’s birthday being put on by his wife and HotBride. My job is the music.

  87. aww, they will be disappointed.

  88. Worst party ever.

  89. you should have smoked zebra mussels.

  90. HAHAHA

  91. Flapper music and cake……………….PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Why will they be disappointed?
    Does Hotspur have horrible taste in music, or are the wives bad cook’s?

  93. He usually serves delicious smoked meat.

    They call him Lord Carnivore.

  94. I see said the blind man.
    I need to get my smoker going since the weather is breaking…

    He big question is: Does he sous vide it first?

  95. Comment by Hotspur on February 23, 2018 2:07 pm
    Yeah, make Him look like ISIS. All He is missing is an AK-47.


    I lol’d.

    Holy shit, that is every psycho muslim I’ve ever seen.

  96. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on February 23, 2018 3:16 pm
    Studies show that peiple live longest when they have two to three cups of “shut the fuck up” every night, along with a nice big glass of “get over yourself” and a steaming plate of “no one cares about your personal drama”.



    Mare loves Alex.

  97. My job is the music.

    Let’s hope Hotspur’s taste in music is better than his taste in loose women with big knockers.

  98. I still love the header pic. It kind of sums up the attitude of the H2 boys and girls.

  99. Those are beautiful cats, Beasnsnsnsnsnsns.

    Is Medicare going to pay for the nursing home? And I don’t mean to be insensitive but is your FIL still there?

  100. It being Lent and all, does anyone have a tasty, non-meat dish one can have that does not include dairy?

    I’ve already had eggs for brunch.

  101. There isn’t any reason to think Jesus would look any different. He’s from the Middle East. Meh.

  102. Unless you think the Shroud of Turin is real.

  103. mare, Medicare does not pay for nursing homes. They do pay for Hospice and someone to come in and bathe him, twice a week. When things go downhill, Hospice will come in more frequently. Pops says hospice does a better job at bathing him than the nursing home people.
    He will be there until he passes as he needs 24 hour care…as in two people to move him. He has very little strength left in his legs. Other reasons being…
    1. per both of them, it’s cheaper than bringing in a home nurse 12 hours a day (husband would have done overnight care when needed). They are quite frugal and the bottom line is priority with them.
    2.. My MIL will be 89 on Monday. He was 75% of her daily workload and it was getting harder and harder for her to clean up after him. Both sons believe she should no longer have that stress….which would be compounded by having an outsider in her living space half the day. If we knew for certain he only had a few weeks left, she probably wouldn’t have had a problem with that arrangement.

  104. While she is sad he has ‘to suffer’ (he isn’t at this point), she is very much less stressed.

    Now once his dad passes, and if his mom goes downhill, it is more likely we would hire a nurse to come here since she really really hates hospitals and nursing homes. Her own mother passed a few months past her 90th bday. She stroked out at home and died in hospital, three days later.

  105. 35 people coming for a party tonight. The house will be a bit packed.

    Your mom’s new St. Andrew’s Cross come in?

  106. Well, the people who lived in various continuously invaded/overrun areas 2000 years ago are likely quite different from people today. Due to the aforementioned overrunnings and the resulting genetic mixing and genocides, etc.

    Regardless, anybody who gives a darn what Jesus looked like, whether they are Christian or not, has some kind of personal problem causing them to miss the point. Even if you’re just talking about a non-religious philosopher, you don’t learn anything new about him by fixating on the length of his beard.

  107. I just drank a cup of coffee and now I have to go brush my teeth. Blech.

  108. “Blech”

    That’s how you know it’s working.

  109. Due to the aforementioned overrunnings and the resulting genetic mixing and genocides, etc.


    Some of the muftis of N. Africa loved breeding their blackest slaves with their white ones. i.e. Sultan Moulay Ismail of Morocco. (18th century)

  110. I personally prefer to think of St Peter as looking like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

  111. Oh, one more thing mare re: medicare/nursing homes. You have to become financially destitute before Medicare will pay for one. But, it is my understanding that they can’t take your assets (house). I guess in the event you get out of the nursing home, you won’t be cast out on the street.

  112. Besnsnsnsnsnsns, I’ve been through what you’re going through. It’s tough. They want things, you want things and when the moment comes when everyone realizes, “we can’t do this here” it can be very hard (and expensive) but also a relief.

  113. That pic Hotspur linked looks very much like one of the paleo men they found of a certain era. And, ummmm, Jesus to many is more than a “philosopher.”

  114. I have an NRA credit card. Guess it’s time to bail on First Nat’l Bank of Omaha if they bail on the NRA.

  115. That stupid move by those companies end relationships with the NRA is going to backfire bigly.
    I’m willing to bet that 95% of the harpies “boycotting” (or threatening) the NRA partners have never, do not and never would have used the services of ANY of them.

    But, these social do-gooder corporations are willing to jump on this week’s bandwagon and throw away 5 million + known customers. Not to mention people like me who are not NRA members that will never patronize their businesses again.
    Thanks for providing us the handy list of whom not to give our money to!




  119. Broward Co. sheriff needs to resign. The lying, Hillary loving, gun control PoS.

    “When Coral Springs police officers arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 in the midst of the school shooting crisis, many officers were surprised to find not only that Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, the armed school resource officer, had not entered the building, but that three other Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were also outside the school and had not entered, Coral Springs sources tell CNN. The deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles, the sources said, and not one of them had gone into the school.”

  120. hain’t followed shit re: olympics

    curling pants…. heh

  121. that broward county thing is despicable

  122. I fixed my clumsy comment, Mare. I didn’t call Jesus a philosopher, or didn’t mean to, anyway.

  123. Sickening, isn’t it beasn?
    Wait until the Coaral Springs Police Chief starts doing media interviews – he’s had the decency to stand down for now, but an email to his officers has been put out there.

  124. Could it get any worse for the Browser County Sheriff’s Dept?
    Why yes, yes it can.

  125. Frying up a canned salmon patty. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  126. Skating BBFer

    in action

  127. Suddenly I like figure skating

  128. Okay. Not bad.

    Small can of salmon.
    1 T – mayo
    chopped green onion
    1 egg
    bread crumbs
    pinch of pepper and salt

    Side of homemade slaw.

  129. Too bad about dairy, Beasn. D and I are snot monsters. Tomato Bisque and grilled cheese for us. We were supposed to be at a family get together tonight…but sick.

  130. My Club has a police substation up the street. 3 minute walk away. Serial. We have been getting an uptick of meth heads, heroin users, and panhandlers after the bus hub was built. Whatevs. Downtown goes Westside. One guy was shooting up in our restroom. Took 3 cops to run him out a few weeks ago. He comes in this AM. Clothing under his arm. Cops called as he walks in. He bathes in the sink. Changes clothes. Walks the Club a few times to stay warm. 45 minutes later the cops show up. Junkie had already headed to Kohl’s. Aggressive panhandling is a thing. $20

  131. Were overpopulated.

  132. Interesting contract from yesterday, almost like the government is building a “Camp”…

    RQ Construction LLC, Carlsbad, California, is being awarded a $23,164,000 firm-fixed-price contract for the construction of the Contingency Mass Migration Complex at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. The project will include site shaping for tents, concrete pads for camp headquarters, galleys and dumpsters, perimeter and service roads, and a mass notification system. Supporting facilities include utility systems (electrical, water, and sanitary sewer), exterior lighting, information systems to include fiber optic cable service, utility infrastructure expansion, vehicle parking area, storm drainage, and removal of two family housing trailer units. The contract also contains 10 unexercised options, which if exercised would increase cumulative contract value to $27,117,000. Work will be performed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and is expected to be completed by December 2019. Fiscal 2014 and 2017 military construction (Army) contract funds in the amount of $23,164,000 are obligated on this award and will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was competitively procured via the Federal Business Opportunities website, with five proposals received. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southeast, Jacksonville, Florida, is the contracting activity (N69450-18-C-1308).

  133. ChrisP, will this camp be for Swamp denizens or CNN reporters? 😜

  134. Chrispy, what do you think this about?

  135. Mueller, Comey, Yates, and Huma.

  136. If Trump starts shipping illegals to Guantanamo Bay, I’ll send him porn stars myself.

  137. Gitmo is too good for illegals.

  138. I was shipped from Gitmo to the mainland. Do I get to pick out my pornstar?

  139. Cuba News Network.


  140. Dan isn’t Even Steven but he has his days. Sandia Casino has great food specials. I worked yesterday. Dan was off. He lied and told me he watched Black Panther. Ass. He went to Sandia for cheap and greasy cheeseburger. Played a dollar machine to pass time and…won $400. Bought me a $4.97 tee shirt at Wal-Mart. Stitch. I ❤️ Stitch. Stitch lives on Kauai. I’m going to Kauai this Fall.

  141. i hear firearm sales are brisk again.
    i’m thinking it’s time to make an ammo run. haint done that in a while. haven’t practiced in a bit either… tsk tsk

  142. i won 16 bucks on a river boat once

  143. i was very intoxicated and the not so nice lady at the craps table kept yelling at me

  144. That company seems to deal almost exclusively with Naval facilities. They have a bunch of announcements at the following link, but I couldn’t find anything about Crispy’s project:

  145. Tushar status:

    current condition: slightly drunk.
    current aspiration: another drink
    current career and life status: Texas is becoming more serious by the day. This excites and frightens me.
    Current emotional state: trepidation and wistfulness.

    Long term condition: hoping to stay alive and happy.
    Long term aspirations: to stay alive and happy.
    Long term career and life status: no fucking clue
    Long term emotional state: FUCK SALT!

  146. The part about the contract (that Crispy mentions) that intrigues me the most is the last four thousand dollars. On a 23 million dollar contract, what does the residual four thousand mean, exactly?
    I just did some renovations to my dump recently, and I am paying my contractor $4100.

  147. 1) get drunk
    2) move to Texas
    c) profit


  148. Gitmo is where they stash the Hatians when they have a boat people exodus.

  149. Scott, that looks like a sound plan.

  150. beasnson drove in again this weekend. His officemate’s wife just had their second baby. Looking for some flannel Dr. Who fabric to make them a receiving blanket. Spoonflower has some cute patterns but no fleece. Meh.
    May have to just order it in the basic cotton and add some light batting and a white back…tie it together.

    Choice 1….

  151. 20 million dollars can buy a lot of tents.

  152. Tushar,
    Some of those multi-million dollar contracts are stipulated right to the dollar, as in: $17,267,403…

    They come from here:

  153. Intensity in tent cities.

  154. Is that camp for incoming or outgoing? Projected to be finished by the end of next year…..righhhht.

  155. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just send them back to where they came from?

    Or is someone planning another war.

  156. Or are they rebuilding Gitmo because gubmint likes to spend whether they need something or not.

  157. Or a couple dozen hammers and a few toilet seats.

  158. DJT is facing multiple fronts. SWAMP. CARTEL. MB/CAIR/ISIS

  159. We had an acid attack in NYC and crickets. At least 5 car on sidewalk aloha Snackbar…crickets. We can’t plan on the FBI. We can’t rely on the LEOs. We need cute unis with rainbows and flying unicorns

  160. DJT needs to replace Sessions with a honey badger.

  161. >>DJT is facing multiple fronts. SWAMP. CARTEL. MB/CAIR/ISIS

    He will win. On all fronts.
    I have seen a lot of politicians who can bend and twist and weasel their way forward.
    I have never seen anyone like Trump who just goes on like an unrelenting bulldozer.
    Have faith in him.

  162. Having faith in any politician is a sure recipe for heartbreak. I’m not even saying that as a Trump critic.

  163. Sean, as I have said umpteen times, I am not particularly impressed by Trump as a person.
    I see him as a blunt tool to achieve the objectives I care about: breaking the deep state and give the power back to the people.
    And I have the same respect for him that a demolition worker has for a pneumatic sledgehammer.
    I know he will disappoint me in some ways, but I will be happy what he does before he does so.

  164. I voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary, but I expected a liberal Republican. Everything since the election has been gravy.

  165. If I were Jake Tapper or Jeff Zucker, I would be so embarrassed right now.
    That asshole sheriff of Broward county completely steamrolled CNN in that townhall meeting, and CNN has shit on it’s face now.
    But those two are beyond embarrassment.

  166. Alright, I have had my fill of alcohol, and I can be a bit candid.

    I have been missing from this place for a while. I am being put through the wringer at work. And the challenges on the home front are not insignificant. When you have a kid on autism spectrum, your life pretty much revolves around trying to help him along.

    But that does not mean I don’t remember and miss all you folks.
    I freaking love you all. Even you, XBrad, even you.

  167. Love you too, Tush. Take care that you don’t drink too much too often as an escape from your troubles. I know many people who started down a bad road that way.

  168. Sean, thanks, brother.
    I won’t be a true friend if I didn’t listen to you.
    Once a month, that’s all. I know my limits, and I won’t cross them.
    I have seen an uncle utterly destroy himself. and then redeem himself.
    I promise you, I won’t let you down.

  169. Your love is not unrequited, Tushar. Take care of yourself.

  170. Thanks, XBrad, we are going to meet again. On our next meatup. In Texas. At my place.

  171. We’re here for you Tushar. Love you!


  172. Car in, I hope you see this. Miami Dade/Broward Co. are worse than you may have thought, but not a surprise to any of us paying attention.

    “5. The motive was simple. The school system administrators wanted to “improve their statistics” and gain state and federal grant money for improvements therein.
    6. So police officials, the very highest officials of law enforcement (Sheriff and Police Chiefs), entered into a plan….

    10. Initially the police were excusing misdemeanor behaviors. However, it didn’t take long until felonies, even violent felonies (armed robberies, assaults and worse) were being excused.
    11. The need to continue lowering the arrests year-over-year meant that increasingly more severe unlawful behavior had to be ignored. Over time even the most severe of unlawful conduct was being filtered by responding police.
    12. We found out about it, when six cops blew the whistle on severe criminal conduct they were being instructed to hide. The sheriff and police Chiefs were telling street cops and school cops to ignore ever worsening criminal conduct.”

    They were covering up crimes, falsifying reports, hiding evidence. Internal investigation was done and buried, with the help of the media.

    Links to affidavits of sworn police testimony at the end. When you click on them, scroll down almost halfway.

  173. Tip to the FBI. Mentions he’s into ISIS. Unbelievable they would ignore it.

    Click to access fbi-transcript.pdf

  174. Seems the DNC and some Broward Co Sheriff and deputies lurve them some elbow rubbing with homo hating imams.

    Lots of Jews in Parkland. Five of the dead were Jews.

  175. Big, squishy, Texas-sized {{{hugs}}} to you, Tushar. We will be a better place when you and your family decide to move here 😊

    Same goes for Scott and Laura!

  176. When I feel blue in the night
    And I need you to hold me tight
    Whenever I want you, all I have to do is

  177. Worst and worse beasn. I saw it yesterday


  178. You bishes sleeping in today? Arise, Arise! Lets us be thankful for the day and the opportunities it presents.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis

  179. Didn’t Jam have a poat get stomped this week? ‘Ang on…

  180. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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