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Alright, that’s enough action for today. Drink some water, stretch out and take the rest of the day off.


  1. I don’t know what to think about the “Crisis Actor” issue at school shootings. On the one hand it’s crazy talk to believe stuff like that exists but we’ve also learned that our government betters have done some sneaky shit in the past. Can’t tell if the rumors are real or the product of awful coincidences being massaged by people who are ready to doubt the “official story”. I count myself among the people who doubt the official story because I’ve seen revisions to several stories over the years.

    I dunno, need more coffee

  2. *wonders why jimmy joe johnson shot the banana*

  3. seems like the waste of a perfectly good fruitzis



  6. bat guano


  8. don’t have your sound turned way up at work for this one… just sayin’


  10. that hasselhof vid is funny

  11. time for work – gotta go to a meeting today; rare event for me cuz imma lergic to meetings, especially ones i’m not getting paid for

  12. this is only for mare & mare only

  13. *leaves chat room hoping that everyone is ok and not all in fected with ebola and in quarantine somewhere

  14. *sprays lysol on the way out

  15. Jam, is so H2 that I just want to kick him in the poon, but in a loving, loving way.

  16. Wakey wakey

    I’ve posted this article everywhere – because a lot of people need to read it. The media is using the shooting to do what they can, but some claims of conspiracy are silly and below us:

  17. Did anyone watch the women’s cross country sprint relay? It was amazing. We were cheering them on in the living room.

  18. Reading news (off Ace and twitter) I believe the age of reason is over.

    On that note, I’d like to mention to anyone here if you want to be inspired for your workout, or at work, or need a push to get something done, or just generally want to see a pretty amazing physical and mental feat, watch the ending to the Women’s cross country relay. The one where America won the Gold medal. I’m still in awe.

  19. Oh, my gosh, Carin, I just refreshed!

    Another bonus about that win. The ladies who won had USA written in face paint on their cheeks and were very humble and cute during the interview.

  20. It was amazing. I recorded it so I could show my kids (who had already gone to bed). The strength, power, determination. Yes, exactly what mare said-

  21. The chick with the bald head and the staged lines and the phony outrage is destined for bitterness, a women’s studies or political science degree (utter bullshit degree because it’s not science) and since being given props for yelling stupidity will continue to do it. Unfortunately, based on her looks, I’m guessing she does not get what she needs to get at home.

    Really a major part of the problem with the girl being used as a prop and the boy shooter, same crap, lost kids.

  22. She should just skip the middle process of the expensive useless college “studies” degree and just go straight to working at Starbucks.

  23. Can you still buy an 80% efficient furnace that lasts for 40 years, or have they effectively been banned by all the incentives?

  24. She should just skip the middle process of the expensive useless college “studies” degree and just go straight to working at Starbucks.

    And my wife wonders why I won’t go there.

  25. I’ll have to check out the cross country vid soon. Love stories like that.

  26. I support raising the age for purchase of a firearm to 21, if, and only if the age to vote is raised accordingly.

  27. I used to think only letting landowners vote was drastic. I’m rethinking.

  28. Leon, we put 80%+ furnaces in when running the intake and exhaust to an exterior wall, such as in cases where basements are entirely finished, and tearing up finished rooms is not desirable. 80%+ is still pretty damned efficient.

  29. Hey Leon, can you link your flamethrower video again please? I was telling my boss about it, he might get promoted to the Executive Management Team and he’ll need this.


  30. It is, and they last forever. The 95% ones appear to have the lifespan of a bulldog. My next replacement will be old school, I think.

  31. Sure thing, guy I don’t even recognize with those funny glasses on.

  32. Haven’t watched any of the olympics. When I was a kid, they were a big deal, but anymore, I just don’t care.

  33. Oh, goody, a presentation to people that won’t say a word, but complain about it afterward.

  34. I still watch the Olympics, but they make it harder to do.

    I like Mike Tirico as the anchor, though.

  35. J’ames – they do make it harder. Unless you have $$ and you can pay extra for the entire coverage.

    Which is why the United states is going to fall further and further behind in the medal count.

    Rant ahead:

    The United States has made basically EVERY sport besides Football and basketball expensive. The kids who excel at younger ages (and thus have a leg up to getting on the better teams, etc), are those who come from money. Just about every Olympic athlete (there are a few exceptions) come from $$$$. And excellence in sports doesn’t work that way. Just because you have money, doesn’t mean you can be a world class soccer player or skater or whatever. So … we get our ass kicked. Beaten by countries with a fraction of our population.

    But, hey – let’s also limit what young kids can see, and dream about!!!! Rich, privileged kids can watch ENTIRE events, etc and dream. Everyone else can just watch the highlights .

    This will end well.

    /rant off

  36. Fencing is definitely a rich person’s sport.

  37. Women’s hockey won a gold too. I’ll confess that my first thought when I saw that news was “Great, this will somehow be used to attack Trump”. Never mind the two things have nothing in common, they’ll make it happen.


    This was a thing in Rio. They loved the hijab chick.

  39. Hockey is VERY expensive. Cross country skiing can be done on the cheap (and running). Track/field doesn’t really exist outside of high school sports at lower levels, so we can be competitive there.

    Any activity that has branched out to a “travel” sport … which then entails camps and special training, etc.

  40. They went on and on last night over the Nigerian and Jamaican bobsled teams.

    Which I think is racist.

  41. Hockey is pricy, but there are pro leagues to incentivize it, at least. The only pro fencers are teachers.

  42. Hear about Pro Hijab (?) billboards outside of Chicago bought by a pro muslim group?

    Anyone. ANYONE! Who thinks hijabs are a good thing are straight up jackass, assholes.

  43. Hockey is actually one of the first sports that I got pissy about. my kids played hockey when they were young. My dad was super into it. They were fine, and it was $$, but affordable for a while. But then … the rich kids starting attending all the training camps and special clinics (money on top of money). SO suddenly they pull ahead- which is simply going to happen. So HERE – the rich kids become the strong players, but that simply doesn’t shake out to creating the BEST players. Because you’re eliminating a shit tonne of kids who didn’t have the money.

  44. We used to take care of that sort of behavior by playing outside, against other children. Never went to any camps, played baseball in State tournament twice. Wrestled in districts.

    There were camps available to us, too. Like you said, lot of money that we didn’t have. So we rode our bikes a mile into town and played pickup games.

  45. I was gonna watch the end of that women’s race but i had to take an unexpected dump and I missed it.

  46. Clint, you poopy scamp!

  47. Mare! Smooooochies on you!!!

  48. Thanks.

  49. Nobody has money around here, so we really don’t have much in the way of sports other than schools.

    The Olympics used to be the only time you actually saw most of the sports. They would promote them as US vs. the commies (I’m paraphrasing just a tad.). It was always our amateur athletes having to work 2 jobs and then train against the Russians who “paid their athletes!!!!” so unfair. Then I saw Carl Lewis “amateur athlete” arriving for practice in a Ferrari Testarossa……………

  50. Clint, I’ve missed you and your thoughts on recent movies. Did you see Black Panther?

  51. Welp, gotta go to a funeral. Try not to hit pup on the nose with a newspaper while I’m gone.

  52. I have not seen it, Mare.

  53. I haven’t seen a movie in ages.

  54. Nor I.

  55. “I’ll have to check out the cross country vid soon. Love stories like that.”

    Is there nudity??

  56. Last movie I saw in a theater was the Justice League one last fall. Before that it might have been Anchorman 2 which was ages ago and we only went as chaperones for the teens

  57. We used to take care of that sort of behavior by playing outside, against other children. Never went to any camps, played baseball in State tournament twice. Wrestled in districts.

    My point is that the camps give the rich kids what is most likely a temporary advantage (over more talented kids) – who then get pushed out. The extra advantage is going to plateau at some point – a merely above average player is not going to play for the NHL no matter how many private lessons they get.

    That’s why there are so many accents on our NFL teams.

  58. And I will say this from experience, many of the travel hockey boy teams are spoiled brats.

  59. Is there nudity??


  60. (actually, I thought it appeared like the one gal split the back of her spandex)

  61. Mare, did you like Justice League? I haven’t seen that one yet either.

  62. If any of you are going to be all hot and excited about Harry marrying what’s her name, please give a head’s up first. Because I don’t give a shit and can’t understand why anyone in America would care about the marriage of British “royalty.”

    I do not, from the bottom of my heart, believe in royalty. Most have been inbred, insane, assholes and Charles intellectually and morally proves my point almost every day. Elizabeth generally keeps her trap shut which is good. Both boys served in the military which should be the minimum expected from those with their upbringing.

    And WTF would any American bow to British “royalty?”

    We beat your ass, dummies. And saved your ass twice.

  63. Haven’t seen it, Clint.

  64. Bow or curtsy. It’s bullshit. We shake hands.

  65. I hug.

  66. Well, me too.

  67. I’ve read some fairly good defenses of monarchy that have changed my mind on it quite a bit. A good monarchy is preferable to our current, broken system. A bad monarch doesn’t last long, tends to end in assassination. Pure democracy is a complete failure, and republican democracy has a two-century lifespan at best.

    I labor under no delusion that anyone in that family but perhaps the Queen would be anything approaching a good monarch.

  68. Car in, I deleted my one poat on faceass. I looked everywhere for stuff on that one kid and was not finding it. I’ve been skeptical of a lot of conspiracy stuff but after the past couple of years of all the crap and cover-ups by those corrupt PoS in government, who are not held to account, I wouldn’t put anything past the f*cks.

  69. I support raising the age for purchase of a firearm to 21, if, and only if the age to vote is raised accordingly.


  70. If I were Queen, I’d have to borrow leon’s flamethrower.

  71. Children are not allowed to purchase alcohol until they are 21. Most states restrict the driver’s licenses of children until they are 21. Children are allowed to stay on their parents’ health insurance until they are over 21.

    They are children. They should not be allowed to vote. And they should not be allowed to purchase firearms.

    FFS, if we don’t trust them with alcohol, or with a car, how the fuck do we trust them enough to let them buy guns?

  72. We have infantilized our kids. I considered myself an adult at 17, when I left home and began supporting myself.

    How about, if you are not supporting yourself at 18, adult things are off limits to you?

  73. How bout we just secure the fucking schools? The Israeli’s seem to have been able to secure theirs.

  74. I’m full on crazy 2A –
    If you’re not a murderous felon or straight jacket wearing crazy like boomstick, then you should own any weapon you can afford

  75. I’d limit it to parents of 18+ yo children who are not themselves felons.

    I wouldn’t be allowed to vote until I was 58, but that’s okay with me.

  76. F22

  77. M1A1

  78. Brad

  79. Tommy gun

  80. Voting, that is, not gun ownership.

  81. Howitzer

  82. Hand grenade

  83. Phaser


  85. “I support raising the age for purchase of a firearm to 21, if, and only if the age to vote is raised accordingly.”

    When I was 16, and working as a chauffeur for $1/hr, I rode my Honda to “Andy & Bax Surplus”, gave them $76 for a Browning Challenger .22 pistol, put in my backpack, and rode to school. The vice principal thought it was very nice.
    Nobody got shot.

    The country has gone to shit…

  86. Carrier battle group

  87. What if … pushing off all these adult obligations until an older age actually has the opposite desired effect? That it causes people to grow up even SLOWER.

    If you can serve and die for your country, you should be able to drink a beer, drive, vote, and own a gun.

    Then maybe kids would realize that being 18 and saying that you’re an “adult” now actually MEANS something other than you’re able to get a tattoo w/o you’re mom’s permission.

  88. Death Star

  89. Putting off buying your first car. Getting married. Having babies. Paying your own bills.

    That’s how we’ve ended up with those assholes from that Jersey SHore and similar bullshit.

    I’ve had enough of it.

  90. If you can serve and die for your country, you should be able to drink a beer, drive, vote, and own a gun.

    Simple answer. Raise the age to enlist to 21. Goodbye “all volunteer military filled with children who are unfit for military training and service.” Can’t have that now can we?

  91. OH, I saw something funny yesterday. Erin was watching that BULLSHIT “I am Jazz” show (ugh) – and “jazz” (who is now fat) gets a tattoo with her mom’s permission (slip – lol). Dad finds out and he’s mad because he wasn’t apparently in the loop.

    So … dad is ok with his son cutting off his wang (apparently they’re scheduling the surgery now, even though his penis is micro and won’t make a proper pretend vagina) but … a Tattoo? That’s just too much.

    No wonder the kid’s a mess.

  92. Actually, there are a lot of 18 year olds who are fit for military training and service.

    Plenty from my neck of the woods.

    My crossfit friend just proudly posted a picture of the ship her daughter is serving on (it’s a medical aid ship).

  93. The daughter did crossfit too.

  94. “the opposite desired effect? That it causes people to grow up even SLOWER.”
    That’s why carin is frequently the schmaahtist one in teh room –
    No PhD and she fully understands psychological neoteny

  95. Unless she has a PhD –
    Then she’s smarterd than the average PhD

  96. Did you manage to hold on to your pistol Chris?

    Er, I mean, until the infamous canoe incident?

  97. At 18, you can enlist, and be issued a select-fire M4, be sent to Shitcanistan, be shot at, and shoot people.
    When you come home in two years, you can’t be trusted with a gun?
    WTF, O?

    Raising these snowflakes as if they belong to the state, rather than their parents, is pretty damned destructive in the personal responsibility department.
    They never have to grow-up.
    But then, i suppose that’s the object of the exercise. Teach them to be dependent on the government for everything…

  98. No PhD and she fully understands psychological neoteny

    it’s all the dang kids I have. That and all the episodes of Lapeer Creek I’ve watched.

  99. Keep lowering the bar and our lazy little electrons will continue to fall to the lowest energy state.

  100. Comment by mare on February 22, 2018 11:11 am

    Bow or curtsy. It’s bullshit. We shake hands.

    Comment by Hotspur on February 22, 2018 11:18 am

    I hug.

    How quaint. I prefer to grab ’em by the pussy.

  101. We going to extend juvenile criminal law up to 21 also?

  102. “How quaint. I prefer to grab ’em by the pussy.”
    I was gonna post “I hug too but they have to prove their tits aren’t hairy”

  103. I’m germ averse

  104. When I got out of the Navy at 20, I couldn’t drink. It didn’t kill me.

    The whole idea of lowering the legal age so that veterans could “buy a beer” was a clever cover up to lower the voting age, so that kids, so recently brainwashed by their liberal teachers and professors, could become reliable little democrat voters. It worked splendidly. Everyone fell for the “buy a beer” bullshit.

  105. Then they turned right around and raised the drinking age right back to 21.

    Mission Accomplished!

  106. We going to extend juvenile criminal law up to 21 also?

    I’m willing to take make that horse trade.

  107. Hotspur is just playing Devil’s Advocate here, right?

  108. Im not , Im tired of catering to the lowest common denominator. Some whack job goes to a completely undefended place kills people and the solution is to upend the legal system and re-define when a human is legally a mature adult?

  109. Troy,
    The only reason the kid was not ‘in the system’ and was able to buy a rifle, is because his name was Cruz, not Smith;
    I blame obama and holder…

  110. When I was in college, beer/win was 19. That made sense to me. Ease into it.

  111. He’s going to plead insanity. (Which is accurate.) He’s not a mature adult. He’s nuts, and he will go away to the funny farm for a while.

    All of the signs of his mental unfitness were there for the cops, FBI, and his school to see, yet they did nothing, and now we want him to fry because he is insane?

  112. I want him to fry because he shot people.

  113. He shot people because he is insane. The prevention was in the hands of the cops, FBI, and school. They are the ones who should fry.

  114. 19 is good. Then 95% can’t drink in high school, but can in college.

    I’m with jam. I should be able to buy an automatic bazooka if I want. Murica!

  115. If the law wasn’t written so no legal guns were allowed on school grounds, then Mr Crazy wouldn’t even think of shooting up a school. Don’t blame this on crazy, it’s always been there. There used to be a deterrent.

  116. WHAT?? WTF are we talking about ages to buy guns? This is an effing mental health issue that was ignored by everyone, especially the FBI. And how in the age of cameras EVERYWHERE did this mental asshole walk on campus with a gun and get as far as he did? That’s another cheapish fix, to know WTF is walking on campus.

    All these mass shooting cases are FBI dick ups. Dana Loesch did a nice job of covering this at her excellent CPAC speech. Prager is covering it now.

  117. And Chrispy’s link, The Broward County Solution cocked it up completely.

  118. The pushback from lefties is about crapping on the NRA. NOTHING ELSE. Why? The NRA is effective.

    And it appears more guns have been sold and more money has gone to the NRA since the lefties have tried their dog and pony show and I love it.

  119. This kid had been crying out for help for months…years even, in the only way he knew how acting out and being creepy.

    And Eff the FBI which are a worthless group of cover your ass douches.

  120. “automatic bazooka if I want. Murica!”
    *Puts jay on board of directors at Merica Arms Dirigibles and DeathStarz*

  121. Gun free zone = killbox.

  122. U

  123. And now we have to hear from this fucking asshole:
    Barack Obama

    Verified account

    3h3 hours ago
    Young people have helped lead all our great movements. How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless students standing up for their right to be safe; marching and organizing to remake the world as it should be. We’ve been waiting for you. And we’ve got your backs.

  124. The NRA gets no tax money. Planned Parenthood, patron saint of the Left gets $500 million.

    1st amendment, NRA gets free speech. PP, not so much, since we pay their bills. Go watch the Prager University snippet from Lila Rose.

  125. “Remake the world as it should be. We’ve been waiting for you.”

    Hey, asshole, I thought your crowd were “we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for”

    And remake the world as it should be??????

    Why don’t you grease up and let Reggie work the stupid out.

  126. If I weren’t in the middle of a real estate deal, I’d be buying my life membership in the NRA right now.

  127. When I said more money has gone, it means more memberships. I know they don’t get government money.


    I’ve been a member for YEARS.

  128. One of the “students” at the free speech thingy with Rubio has quite a past.

    Cameron Kasky

    He wants to punch me. I would let him, if I get to hit him back. It would only take one.

  129. I’m agreeing with you, mare.

  130. Even before I had my own guns.

  131. Hmm, an automatic bazooka on my own dirigible.

  132. Look who Cameron is friends with!

    Fusion GPS Nellie Ohr

    Do you smell something?

  133. All those kids the left trotted out were weirdos, backbenchers who want to have their 15 minutes or more of fame. Shame on everyone involved for working this pathetic angle.

    I bet if we looked into little miss shaved head’s past we would be putting a sign on her back in the hallway that said, “all men! Danger Danger Danger!”

  134. Look who Cameron is friends with!
    Fusion GPS Nellie Ohr


    Good lord.

    Also, Rush is right, politics is prom for ugly people.

  135. Why don’t you grease up and let Reggie work the stupid out.
    Comments like this makes me wonder if Mr Mare sometimes comments under Mare’s handle!

  136. Don’t we have heavier topics to discuss on a Thursday afternoon?
    Like, what are y’all going to sous vide for dinner?

  137. The only topic here is off topic.

    Non sequiturs, tangents, word salad, logorrhea, pies in the sky … it’s all found here

  138. No sous vide tonight, cleaning up leftovers.

    Sous Vide bacon requires additional setup, to refreeze and use. But it’s delicious.

    Going to make Role (sliced beef rolled up with a carrot and bacon). Make a gravy, and it’s AWESOME.

  139. After the town hall meeting last night someone in the audience as she was leaving yelled to Dana Loesch, “BURN HER!”

    Yeah, we need our guns, but thanks for trying.

  140. The next school shooting

  141. LOL

    beasn ❤ mare

  142. Mj, Car in, I need a recipe for a new drink: the Montecito Mudslide.

  143. The whole idea of lowering the legal age……so that kids, so recently brainwashed by their liberal teachers and professors, could become reliable little democrat voters. It worked splendidly.

    I didn’t listen to my parents and lib teachers. Any lib teachers were just weird and lacked common sense.

  144. mudslide usually means Kahlua or Creme de Cacao and chocolate syrup. what else?

  145. Rush has to learn to pronounce Dana Loesch’s name. Says it “loash”. It’s “lash” right?

  146. I’m with Hotspur. The kid isn’t right in the head. I’d rather see this gal fry:

    Probably because I’m racist.

  147. Ice cream Bailey Kahlua. in the mudslide.

  148. It seems wrong to name one after an actual mudslide.

  149. Rush has to learn to pronounce Dana Loesch’s name. Says it “loash”. It’s “lash” right?

    Pretty sure you’re correct on that. It’s how I say it in my head whenever I read it.

  150. RE: Kasky stooge

    Appears our commies, once again (DACA), are using the young to further their agenda. If anyone tries to take on such obvious snots and criticize, they can beat them over the head. HOW DARE YOU ATTACK A SUFFERING CHILD WHO HAS BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH!!

    Just like metoo. – MISOGYNIST!
    Just like illegals – HEARTLESS RACISTS!
    Just like blacks – RAYCISS!
    Just like gay – HOMOPHOBE!
    Just like trannies – TRANSPHOBE!

    Did I miss any of the tools of the left?

  151. I keep saying low-sh. But I do know it’s Lash. I don’t know how I know that.

  152. Anyone want to take bets that the Cruz ‘kid’ was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? He has the look. His history tells the same story.

  153. It is pronounced ‘Lash’.

  154. He was Beasn. I read that.

  155. Did I miss any of the tools of the left?

    Abortion fanatics?

  156. I mean, I looked it up.

  157. He and his brother both had FAS.

  158. Hmm, seems to be sign #1 that could be considered in a background check.

    Oh wait, it’s not TOLERANNNNNNT! is it?

  159. Beasn,
    How did we forget muslims?

  160. Do we know how this kid bought guns? They’re expensive. Did he have insurance money from his mother’s death?

  161. Car in, the media was reporting he was some form of autistic. I told Mr. B. that ain’t autistic. That kid was harmed in utero.

  162. Maybe autistic is also a condition for background checks? I don’t know enough about that to judge. Could be used against a lot of people though.

  163. I hear he was set to inherit a lot of money, too.

  164. Btw, the bullshit disciplinary plan the obama administration pushed on public schools, who willingly went with that effed up idea and put all their teachers and innocent students, at risk because RAYCISS for disciplining blacks/hispanics for acting out, disrupting/assaulting….schools all over are erupting.

    Althouse put up a post about three Madison highschools erupting in chaos. Of course they don’t mention the demographic of the troupe of Lord of the Flies running the joints. Shit that used to get one expelled or arrested, gets nada but terrorizing other kids.

    “Bad enough for the cop on duty to call for reinforcements. Police responded to melees at Madison West, Madison Memorial, and Madison East high schools. From what we can determine, the misbehaving students were not peacefully protesting for gun control, social justice, or better cafeteria food. They were just fighting.”

    Read it. Especially the letter from the unnamed parent. The students are getting PTSD from the shitshow.

  165. “My son said this was a very loud and aggressive happening involving a subset of the student population that he cannot help but notice and comment has also coincidentally been involved in all other altercations (including not just “verbal altercations” but also actual physical assaults and various melees including ones with torn-off hair strewn on the floor and a vast crowd of students teeming at the edges, filled with adrenaline, watching and getting thrills from the witnessing thereof).

    … These altercations are seen as the NORM because students engaging in them are coddled and the peaceful majority of students are the real victims— living in constant awareness that for reasons unknown to them and that can and will never make sense to them — West High and the District are engaging in experimental, ill-advised, and dangerous tactics to essentially bend over backwards to not “offend” the OFFENDERS.

    My son is also aware of and afraid, as are most students, that at any given moment, the PARENTS of the violent pupils can and HAVE enjoined the fray themselves, coming upon school grounds….”

  166. Where did I read that that Laughner guy who shot Gifford, was schizo and caused lots of problems at the schools he attended, but his mother worked for the police department and did what she could to hide his record?

  167. Hahaha, Snerdley just corrected Rush on Dana Loesch’s name. Rush said it on the air.

  168. Okay, I can’t deal with this onslaught of crap from the media and politicians with their heads up their arses anymore, this afternoon.

    Imma go to Hobby Lobby and touch some yarn. Later, my taters.

  169. Just ordered a new Smith & Wesson M&P 15. BFYTW

    No step snek

  170. Shoot, Beasnsnsnssnsn are these “subsets of students” black? Latino? Muslim?

  171. Nice, Troy.

  172. Xbradtc, you retweeted someone angry the NRA didn’t comment on the Castillo shooting. What happened and why should they have commented?

  173. “I’ve been a member for YEARS.”


  174. “Maybe autistic is also a condition for background checks? I don’t know enough about that to judge. Could be used against a lot of people though.”

    half or more of the ppl here are somewhere on the spectrum………

  175. corse the only one that goes around shootin’ shit up is ur mom

  176. the H2 – Coming for the laughs, staying because Autism… since March 200
    SQUIRREL!! 9

  177. “Lovily Johnson, 22, was arraigned Monday on charges of felony murder”


  178. hmmm

  179. Air and Space Annex was great.
    ENOLA GAY is there.

    Then we said hello to Chi’s dad.

    With luck we’ll be home by 10.

  180. Your mom says I have a …

  181. No one tell Jay

  182. FFS. The circuit attorney just indicted our governor for invasion of privacy. He supposedly sent a picture of someone (the woman he had an affair with, IDK) via the internet without their consent. He said he never blackmailed the woman and never took any pictures.

    They’ve been beating the drum that he tried to blackmail the woman per the still mad ex-husband’s words. I guess that didn’t pan out and this gal had to come up with something else. It remains to be seen that there are any pictures. Surely there must be some if they indict, right?

    The circuit attorney ran unopposed in St. Louis. She’s as brilliant as that gal that charged those six cops in Baltimore.

    Process is the punishment. They are pissed Greitens made MO a Right to Work state and they are frantic he not try to fix the tax credit business that many make their living off of in this state.

  183. His lawyer says he’s never seen anything like this and will ask for the charges to be dismissed.

    We will see if Greitens is the shitweasel or the circuit attorney.

  184. The charge of that kind of invasion of privacy can either be a misdemeanor or felony. The lesser charge can get him a year in jail.

    While hillary and obama are still not even being investigated.

  185. half or more of the ppl here are somewhere on the spectrum………

    I’m not owning up to that. Hannah says I have ADD, and I’m iffy on that.

  186. My phone thimg is something completely different.

  187. Castile was shot by a cop while legally carrying a concealed weapon, and the NRA never said boo about it.

  188. Is the NRA supposed to say something about every shooting?

  189. Asked a cop friend what is up with the circuit attorney and it is as I expected. She lets felons walk every day and is out to get her some whitey.
    This is all a dog and pony show.



    Golf is hard.

  191. linky doth stinky

  192. beasnz
    i saw that mo gov thing…
    innocent or guilty he’s phuxxor’d

    look what they did to mcdonald(?) in virgin i a
    it took the scotus to straighten it out

    if MO has the death penalty, i assume he’ll be fast tracked

  193. A lot of below average police officers in Minneapolis, but they are super diverse by decree.

  194. I am terrified of the woman(?) with the kewpie doll hairdo lifting a barbell in the Nike ad that’s aired a million times during the Olympics.

  195. Like Beasnsnsnsnsns, I wonder, is the NRA required to make a statement on every shooting? I hope not. And they shouldn’t. They are only forced to make a statement when others use them as a political target.

    I think citizens (or the community) need to speak up about cops shooting other citizens legally carrying and doing nothing other than being spotted with a gun on them.

  196. Castile was not a simple thing, but all the BLM activity around here made jumpy cops even jumpier. Pro tip, don’t reach for anything without permission if you’ve just admitted to being armed, legal or not.

  197. Pretty sure I need to replace the vapor barrier in my crawlspace. Seasonal water table came trough it in a couple of spots.

  198. Last Sunday, we had a good guy with a gun (Uber driver) take out a bad guy with a gun. Hardly any coverage.

  199. innocent or guilty he’s phuxxor’d

    They’ve been pushing to get him for blackmail, with no proof, the past few months. And now they pivot on something less, on an obscure charge.

    The media, his opponents, and everyone in the Capital, knew all about the affair, the accusation of blackmail, before the election but noone said anything about it because nothing could be corroborated.

    Then all the sudden, the ex-husband is bleating again, the local a-hole channel leaks it all and accuses him of blackmail and this circuit attorney bish decides to ‘investigate’ the blackmail aspect of it.

    People were ignoring it, for the most part. Until today when she pulled the charge out of her arse.

  200. Targeted prosecutions

  201. Hey Pups, what about the Somali cop killing the chick? How is that investigation going?

  202. That’s fuckin’ awesome Scott! TYVM. Just in time for his birthday, too. Was it everything you expected?
    Hope y’all had a great little vacation. If you go back down to D.C. in court weeks or so, you can catch the Cherry Blossum Festival.
    Nice backdrop to a rotten place.

  203. Pizza MRE doesn’t sound very good. Like ketchup on hard tack.

  204. Pretty amazing place.

    We have a photo we can send when we are less tired and stupid.

  205. Pizza MRE has been around for a long time.

    If it’s not delivered in 30 minutes it’s free.

  206. It’s only taken them 30 years to develop MRE pizza.

  207. Thx. No hurry. Chillax for a bit (and get warm now that you’re back in the cold). I’m sure we’re all interested in seeing any pics from your trip you may want to share publicly, tho.

    Side note gripe: dammit! I started the dishwasher ½ hour ago, and I just walked in to find a giant puddle of water on the floor. It’s not coming from the door gasket, either…

  208. I read the pizza MRE article earlier. Apparently, it was the #1 request to bring back. They pulled it a couple years ago because the rosemary in the sauce caused the pizza to turn ugly brown.
    They solved the problem with rosemary extract.
    They can’t be any worse than your average grocery dozen cardboard pizzas.

  209. I’m allergic to rosemary!!!!


  211. That’s Rosemarie😜

  212. Now that was funny.

  213. I’m not owning up to that. Hannah says I have ADD, and I’m iffy on that.

    Mom once told me, “I think you might be on the spectrum, very slightly.”

    I mentioned it to a friend, and she replied, “Yeah, we’ve all thought that for a while…”

  214. I was called a “Social Retard” my whole life. Eating disorder therapist thought I was an Aspie back in the mid 80s. One of my nicknames was “Rainman” because of my Stoopid memory.

  215. Produce took a couple of potato bins back to Claims. I noticed loose potatoes. Let’s call them “Ass” potatoes. Which I could not and did not say. I H8 being PC

  216. I think ass potatoes and fromunda cheese is how Waffle House makes their smothered & covered hash browns.

  217. Try to be more assured, try to be more right there
    Try to be less uptight, try to be more aware
    Whatever you want from me, is what I want to do for you
    Sweeter than a drop of derp from a sugarcube

  218. Hey Pups, what about the Somali cop killing the chick? How is that investigation going?

    Last I heard nobody is talking, looks like a cover-up.

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