Hello runners and rooster-huggers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.






Your model for today was born August, 14 1990 in San Pedro, CA. 5’5″, 35D-24-35, please endeavour to persevere and say hello to Miss Jaclyn Swedberg!




  1. Two weeks in a row for “Not a beast” models. Excellent!

    *wonders if this is a set up*

  2. wa

  3. wakey wakey.

    Coalex comment last night was too funny. Everyone was dead-on except snowflake. He’s actually much more … average looking than the other boys. All American, clean cut. If he hadn’t been here for six hours – lots of giggling coming from them. I dunno. i put his odds low, but, I’m rooting for him.

  4. The key to happiness is lowering your standards.

  5. pup knows things

  6. 2nd pic is my favorite. I want my hair to look like that.

  7. Naw, that’s not it. Picking someone for their personality and not JUST with your eyes is the goal. he looks … average. If you fall for him, I’m sure that he looks better. I don’t know what’s going on, but Pat approved last night. He seemed a tad nicer. More polite. Pat even made the two of them a dessert (to seal the deal he told me- lol).

    He doesn’t look like a douchebag. He certainly has handsome potential.

  8. My earworm for today:

  9. Hard to believe Roy Moore’s accuser just so happened to wait through all the previous elections and come forward now when the ballot can’t be changed.

  10. I can’t imagine many of his supporters will buy that crap.

    She looks nice.

  11. Yea, so many reasons to discount the accuser.

  12. Hannah came home last night just for dinner. Pat asked her if her boyfriend has proposed yet. She said no, but didn’t say it emphatically.

    She wants to take him on vacation with us. Mind you, we don’t have a vacation currently planned, she just wants to make sure we plan one and include him. Shit’s getting real.

  13. He may make an appearance at Thanksgiving. His family lives closer so they can do both events.

  14. If he’s serious, he’ll talk to Pay before he asks her. Make sure there’s an opportunity.

  15. Well, he may. I doubt many young men today know that they should do that.

  16. I would imagine that they wouldn’t be thinking it so soon. He’s got a year and a half of college left. But I haven’t met him, so I don’t know what his mindset is.

    hannah is a catch. She’s both smart and beautiful.

  17. I have a really nice black suit.

    *waits by mailbox for Lapeer Creek™, The Wedding Special invitation

  18. I need a Nobody poop sign.

  19. Mr. RFH asked me first, asked my dad as part of announcing the engagement. Dad didn’t answer him. Didn’t come to the wedding either.

  20. Damn.

  21. Yeah, houseguests again this weekend! And this time they are the ‘do everything for me’ variety.

    Next time we move I’m not telling anyone.

  22. Your dad didn’t like Mr. Roamy?

  23. I could hold it up at weddings.

  24. Mare, he was a Yankee Catholic without a job. That was three strikes for my Southern Baptist parents. They did not speak to me for a year after the wedding, not even to tell me that my aunt had died. They softened when we bought a house.

  25. My oldest brother did a lot of stupid stuff, but he came to the wedding and caught a lot of shit for it from both my parents and his wife.

    An aunt and uncle walked me down the aisle, and they caught shit for it, too.

  26. Gotcha, Roamy!

    (Wait, why didn’t he have a job? Plus YOU had excellent earning potential with your degree and smarts, that would be hard for us if our girls were serious with guys with no jobs. I do, however, know that Mr. Roamy is a smartie too and had earning potential.)

  27. I lucked out with Mrs. Jay. I didn’t have to talk to the father, he was gone. Not dead, just away. It’s a weird situation.

  28. Wow, that’s pretty harsh, roamy. Hardcore parents.

  29. And Roamy became a Catholic! Mr. Roamy was obviously worth it!

  30. I had a job here, so he had to narrow his search to this area. Aerospace is notorious for boom/bust cycles, which is one reason Rocketboy is double majoring in mechanical engineering. It was 6 months after graduation before Mr. RFH found a part-time job and another 3 months to get a full-time job. Also, white male non-veteran with no experience.

  31. This BBF model is really cute with a good body, why is Pupster teasing us like this? You know he will inevitably throw in an eastern European bed duster in the coming weeks.

  32. At one point, he was looking at jobs in the Langley, VA area, and I was going to get a transfer if he found one.

  33. Chi at 7;53 last night

    No problem. I didn’t take any offense.

  34. This chick is nice. I like pics 1 & 3. She shouldn’t tart herself up like in all of the others.

  35. Went and got my eyes examined last week, as I noticed some deterioration in my right eye for distance. It’s always been my dominant eye, so I thought I should get it checked. It seems I have a slight cataract starting. He said he could correct it with new lenses.

    Went to pick up the new glasses yesterday, and the right eye is still a bit blurry – better, but still blurry.

    So I have to go back on Monday to get reexamined. Then it will be another week to try again.

    Cataracts, hernias, prostates, colonoscopies…meh.

  36. So, Trump’s in Vietnam?

  37. Cuddlers

  38. Sorry, testing something. Not like, say, it was top of poat or anything…

    /shoots keyboard

  39. Cuddlers

  40. hahahaaaaa

    html fail

  41. shoots b-cavs keyboard

  42. I asked Ethan what was up with Erin and Snowflake – “they were making snowflakes”.

    For 6 hours?

    “Go and check how snowflakes they made. ”

    There is a small stack. I good number, but now 6 hours worth.

  43. now- not

  44. Lots of deadlifts today. I can already feel it.

  45. Work tonight. Soccer tournament all weekend.

  46. I should go clean up the yard a bit before work, but it’s fuckin freezing out there.

  47. Rooster huggers was pretty far down the list of link text options, but this is a family blerg.

  48. Deadlifts were on Wednesday for me, and I overdid it. Tweaked my back.

    My flight was delayed, so I’d have 12 min to make my connection in San Francisco. No way. I get to drive to LA and deal with that mess instead, but at least the flight is a direct one to Frankfurt.

  49. We did a three rep max (207) and then did lighter ones in the WOD.

    I’m dead.

  50. Cat on shoulder. He has become so needy.

  51. I’m probably not going to make it to soccer after all, Carin. Wife wants to redo the upstairs bathroom floor and vanity. I get to uninstall and reinstall a toilet.

  52. And a sink.

  53. Toilet? Go watch soccer?

    I’d choose the toilet too.

  54. Sounds like fun. I’m sure possum would prefer watching girls play soccer.

  55. I made my first Hostage comment at this time 8 years ago.

  56. I don’t doubt it, but she’s paranoid about where the floor meets the tub being leaky and won’t let me just caulk it.

  57. You don’t grout the tile to tub joint, you caulk it. Caulking that gap is the standard in the trade.

  58. The reason you caulk instead of grout, is because the coefficient of expansion between two dissimilar materials (ceramic vs. cast iron or fiberglas) will cause grout to crack and break out. You need a resilient material, like caulk, to be able to withstand the expansion and contraction.

  59. You can buy caulk in different colors to be a better match to the grout.

  60. It’s linoleum floor. The tub-to-floor caulking is separated. I’d prefer to just re-do it. Maybe I can persuade her.

  61. Tell her to listen to us. We’re professionals.

  62. I really don’t want to go outside. Fack. But it’s my chore for today. Because I don’t want to go outside, I just keep sitting here.

    Ok, I’m giving myself five more minuets. Then I’m going to do it.


    /sets timer


    South Carolina is true.

  64. Fack. Times up.

  65. I made my first Hostage comment at this time 8 years ago.

    Happy H2versary, Hotspur. I had cardiac ablation 7 years ago. **wants to shout “STILL HERE, MOTHERFUCKERS!** to certain cow-orkers.

  66. Yeah, houseguests again this weekend! And this time they are the ‘do everything for me’ variety.

    Grrr, this chaps my ass when there is a brand new baby in the house. My parents visited for a weekend when my son was a week and a half old. (We lived in MI at the time). I’m recovering from a c-section. We had to wait on them.

    When my in-laws came up the following weekend, my MIL waited on my husband. Made sure he had breakfast, packed his lunch, did his laundry. Yeah. Didn’t lift a finger to help when I nixed the idea of Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner, and wanted something more nourishing. Then she kept bugging me to show her how to work the washing machine in the basement so she could wash my husbands work shirts which didn’t even amount to a full load. Um…not supposed to do stairs for six weeks but did it anyway.

    Had I known they were going to be like that, I would have told them to wait a month or three.

  67. If I ever get a grandbaby, I’m going to do what some Indians do. Move in for 30 days* to take care of the household while the new mama recovers. On the 30th day, have a naming ceremony when the new mom takes over her usual duties.

    *at birth, it is believed the mother breathes a part of her soul into her baby and she needs that time to recover/fix/restore it

  68. And of course, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children started kicking ass on this day in 1775.

  69. It’s linoleum floor. The tub-to-floor caulking is separated. I’d prefer to just re-do it. Maybe I can persuade her.

    I don’t know what other option you have, honestly. Just use a high-end caulk for longer lasting seal.
    My solution would be to tell her “do it yourself then since you know better” – of course, that may be why I’m single at 50.

    And HS is 100% correct. Grout will always crack eventually at that joint. Usually pretty quickly.

  70. They did not speak to me for a year after the wedding, not even to tell me that my aunt had died. They softened when we bought a house.

    Eesh. Family can be the debil. But I’m glad your brother, aunt, and uncle stepped up for you. And glad your parents finally came around.

  71. I love to get my inspiration from truly meaningful phrases said by really excellent men and women like “God is not willing to do everything, and thus take away our free will and that share of glory which belongs to us”, do you know where I am able to find thematic compiltaions of those?

  72. I think Jasonhyday wandered into the wrong asylum.

  73. Jason, how many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass right now?

  74. And what does your workout entail? How much can you squat?

  75. Can you cook? Please submit six recipes, in triplicate, by sundown.

  76. Garden bragging is a must as well.

  77. I mentioned this on twitter last night. Whether the Moore allegations are true or not, I strongly suspect there’s a Fusion GPS fingerprint somewhere in the WaPo story.

  78. Lace wigs?

  79. Did you hear the 7th grader on Rush’s show?

    She called to thank him for his books, because she loves american history and she hasn’t been taught any.


    So far she has only been exposed to the history of muslims, islam, and africa.

  80. Happy H2versary, Hotspur. I had cardiac ablation 7 years ago. **wants to shout “STILL HERE, MOTHERFUCKERS!** to certain cow-orkers.



    Mare loves Roamy!

  81. BTW, since you’re here, beasn – Thank You for the chicken pot pie recipe. I might try that next time.

    I have two in the oven now. I just use frozen pie crusts, though. Topped with a pastry dough ‘cover’.
    One is a basic chix, potatoes, onion, carrots, peas & the other is chix, potatoes onions, BACON and chunks of cheese. Both with a simple chix gravy.
    I’ll be tired of chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot pie by Monday…

  82. Cow orkers are assholes!

  83. Chi, you’re going to make someone a wonderful wife!

  84. what hour is that, scott?

  85. Ha!
    I don’t shave my legs or pits, though. I bet most hostages would reject me.

    *I love to cook, but it’s just me and the minpin, so a couple neighbors usually get the fruits of my labor. Tucker isn’t allowed to eat my cooking until it goes in the trash and I leave for the day – then he considers it fair game.

  86. The remainder of my turnip crop appears to have been bitten by the frost and is unharvestable for humans (i.e. me). I guess the chickens might like them.

  87. Oh good, listening to “Olivia” now, thanks scott!

  88. why can’t you harvest? should just get the tops frosted right?

  89. If I remember it right it was towards the end of the 2nd hour.

  90. * refresh *

  91. I didn’t bury the seeds at all, Jay, they basically grew on the surface, so the frost got half or more of the tuber.

  92. i got spoiltted this year with such amazing weather…..

    now it seems part of the bill has come due –

    low 20’s heading into the teens this evening

    i think i already froze a nutsticle off….

  93. Sounds like our forecast, at least is should bring the rest of the leaves down.

  94. because she loves american history and she hasn’t been taught any.

    Mini-me said as much, that she learned more from the places we visited on fall break (Missouri Capitol, Frontier Trails Museum, Harry Truman Museum, WW1 Museum, Strategic Air Command Museum, Iowa Capitol, Rock Island Armory, the Confederate cemetery at Rock Island, and Lincoln Museum). Not sure if she likes history as much as I do, but maybe the Rush books would be a good idea. If nothing else, she hates the “America sucks” undercurrent in the history class book.

    Which reminds me, I still owe XBrad some poats over at his blog.

  95. xbrad has a blog?


    One of Roy Moore’s accusers is working for the rival campaign.

    All out of shocked faces.

  97. Is xbradtc’s new blog site linked here? I know his old one is…a no go.

  98. I hope I fixed xbrad’s link (Bring the Heat)


  100. Heh, it’s blocked at work, suspicious site.


  102. xbrads blog is de sketchy….now if it would only be updated on a regular basis….

    *commences evasive manuevering….hard to port, hard to starboard, drops smoke screen

  103. She is pretty Pups

  104. I had jury duty this week, which sucked up more time than I would have liked.

  105. Just busting chops xbrad. Did you catch a case? I had duty last year as a alternate. Sat and listened but was dismissed when they went into deliberations. Bambulance drivers dropped a dude in the midst of a heart attack out of the vehicle upon arrival at hospital and fucked his back up. They didnt use proper procedure to lock the legs on the gurney. On one hand they were expediting the patient, on the other, they didn’t use proper procedure. Ptetty sure the bambulance folks lost.

  106. No, I came this>.<close to being seated on a jury for an illegal alien accused of oral sex with a minor under 10.

  107. That would be an easy one to get out of,

  108. Thank You for the chicken pot pie recipe. I might try that next time.

    Chi, you better. Did you use any thyme in yours? It’s not pot pie without thyme.

  109. That would be an easy one to get out of,

    No shit. They’d probably escort me out after I’m like, ‘ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Why is he still breathing?

  110. I wouldn’t want to have bugged out on that case. I would rather sit on the jutlry on that one.
    Sometimes, karma needs a little help.

  111. Greetings, people whose sexual misconduct allegations have yet to surface.

  112. “”””””No, I came this>.<close to being seated on a jury for an illegal alien accused of oral sex with a minor under 10."""""""



  113. Not really. I’d be pissed he’s illegal but then I’d like to hear the evidence.

  114. I’ll never make it to the jury.

    I can’t afford to work for $10 a day.

  115. Did you hear the 7th grader on Rush’s show?

    That is heartbreaking but has been going on for a lonnng time. We moved to the city of St. Louis when I was in the third grade. We learned some American history in the 7th and 8th grade. Mostly 20th century stuff I remember. And almost zilch in high school. By that time, many of the good teachers were bailing because they got wind of forced busing coming down the pike.
    My high school only required 1 year of math, 1 year of science, 2 years of English, 1 year of history/soc. studies (did learn the about the holocaust, FDR was nearly a ‘saint’, but no whitey hate).

    My kids’ high school required 4 years math, science, and English/literature, 3 of history/soc. studies/west civ., of which I glimpsed one of the books and objected to some of the content, to one of their teachers. He told me he doesn’t really stick to the book due to it’s faults.

  116. Last two times I was sent notice to show up for jury selection, it was canceled.


  118. I was the foreman on a jury a year or two before I quite drinking. It was a marijuana DUI case. I didn’t even realize the slight irony there until I was about a year sober.


  120. Jury of your peers.

  121. We (it was 11 women and me) found the girl not guilty. The prosecutor didn’t do a great job of proving that she was legally impaired when she was arrested.


  123. Neither Dan nor I have ever been summoned for Jury Duty. Illegals and D-Rats I know have served multiple times.

  124. Punster, I’m not falling for your silly Superman earworm

  125. Jury duty is a scam.

  126. Scott, I’ll never know! Uncle is AUSA and cousin is DA.

  127. I have a good jury duty story.
    What do they use these days, anyway? I used to think it was voter rolls, but I’ve heard that they use DMV lists now … Does anyone know for sure?

  128. I just got home to Erin and snowflake on the couch watching a movie. They are as close as can be. There are other kids here but they are in the kitchen. Go snowflake!

    Or should it be “Team Snowflake”?

  129. Meh. Screw the Snowflake. I’m still upset that the last kid was cut from the show./I was in his corner (not squeaky or Cole – what was his name? NKOTB…)

  130. Can’t get enough of this, lib melt-downs:

  131. Is there, like, a podcast where I can catch up on the latest Lapeer Creek stuff? I miss a lot during the week.

  132. Dark Horse is still in the wings.

  133. Call MJ. I try to keep him current.

  134. Crap. They’re calling for temps in the 20’s overnight. It was 80° just a few days ago. I love autumn, but give me a little warning, man. I will throat punch AL Gore & Bill Nye upon a first meeting.

  135. I just checked. They’re closer.

  136. Chi, supposed to be a combo of voters and motor voters.

  137. Team snowflake is here by himself.

    You gotta admire his gumption.

  138. Please tell me Car in doesn’t choose the Lapeer Creek soundtrack. Please.

  139. Of course I pick it.

  140. Needs moar (Crap, I don’t know tween music) xbrad

  141. 🐷 oink.

  142. Silhouettes and shadows
    Watch the revolution
    No more free steps to heaven
    It’s no derp

  143. I’m in Frankfurt. The fight wasn’t too bad. A couple benadryl and I was knocked out for most of the way.

  144. Holy shit. Google is actually observing Veterans Day. I would have lost that bet.

  145. Safe travels, CoAlex.

  146. I’m in Frankfurt. The fight wasn’t too bad. A couple benadryl and I was knocked out for most of the way.

    I’m pretty sure that this was Randall ‘Tex’ Cobb’s motto throughout most of his career.

  147. not sure how you’re gonna pick up a stewardess if’n you’re asleep….

  148. unless you pass out with your zipper down…

  149. Trolling for Stewardesses®
    a novel by Colex

  150. 14 degrees on the back porch….

  151. Wakey wakey

  152. 26F here. I haven’t been wearing anything heavier than a sweatshirt in an attempt to cold-adapt.

  153. 7 hours of driving today –
    taking mil’s ashes down to new jersey to bury them at her family’s plot…


  154. 64 and clear here, high today of 80. And I’m not talking Hotspur high.

  155. COld here, but I have an indoor soccer tournament today. All day.

  156. Makin’ snowflakes

  157. Right before I woke up I had a dream I was face to face with John McCain and I was telling him why is legacy is shot, how his bitterness is only hurting the American people and making him look like an ass and if he was serious about helping anyone he would have voted to repeal Obamacare. I was so angry in the dream I had tears running down my face and I wondered if he wasn’t taking me seriously because of it. Oh, there was also another senator there and I was surprised at how fit they both were.

    Then I woke up and was irritated he seeped into my usually happy, fun dreams.

  158. “Makin’ snowflakes”
    no 2 are alike

  159. later

  160. Also strange, I have not been dreaming about it but I wake up thinking about how allowing muslim refugees into the country will affect us in a negative, horrible way. Just wake up with it on my mind with this not good feeling.

  161. I think Snowflake is our winner. Pat likes this one. No flippy hair. Doesn’t vape. Has a truck v muscle car (up here, it’s one or the other). He runs. He’s a tad geeky looking, and given all the guys after her it must mean something that he won… she’s always saying he’s really nice/ she loves him (as a friend).

    They’ve been friends a long time. He kept showing up all while she dated DH.

  162. Be safe, Jam!

  163. I dreamed I could just knock out pull-ups as if they were nothing.


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