Veterans Day

Thank you to all who have served – MCPO, XBrad, Hotspur, CoAlex, BrewFan, Phat, ChrisP, and anyone else I forgot. (Sorry!)

Parade later today here.

And from 250 miles up.

I can believe this. (Pilot’s license helps if you want to be an astronaut.)

Thanks again, and y’all have a good day.


  1. Wife told me she “hates the floor” so there’s a remnant just big enough out in the barn, along with a new vanity. I’m going to have a magical day.

  2. While you’re changing the floor – you may as well switch out the vanity.

  3. Leon?

  4. Have a good Veteran’s Day. I bought my little brother a pizza for Veteran’s Day, yesterday. Inadequate, but it’s what he wanted and he was pretty happy about it.

    Today I’m going food shopping with Houseguest and we’re making meatballs and a big pot of soup. I made a big thing of beef broth yesterday. Some of which needs to get canned.

    Sorry about your honeydew list today, Leon. Hope the work goes smoothly and quickly and looks real nice when you’re done. And that your wife rewards your work with filthy carnal acts. But don’t tell her I said that.

  5. She tried to last night but I fell asleep before the baby did.

  6. That might have been me at Home Depot 10 years ago, but I’m practically a contractor now. Tell the average office drone that you’ve installed a toilet and their eyes get big.

  7. HAAHAHAAA Roamy. That guy reminds me of so many customers I had. One guy was telling me he wanted to put in a floor-to-ceiling tiled shower area, and that he didn’t have to put ditra membrane or a shower pan under it because he was going to use grout sealant.

    Then later in the conversation when it’s obvious I’m getting alarmed by the stupid shit he’s still saying, he confronts me about how I don’t believe he can do the project. Derptastic.

  8. I’m probably doing all the plumbing, demolition, and lifting, she’s going to be doing the floor and caulking, so it’s not alllllll me.

  9. LOLOL, great link, Roamy. His church parking lot rage is hilarious too.

  10. Lauraw, how is it having someone else living in your home? She must be a pretty good friend.

  11. Just got to the hotel. We’re in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully there’s a hardware store or something around where I can pick up an adapter for my computer.

  12. Mare, I don’t know what to tell you about your dream of John McCain, except that he’s like a battered wife who keeps going back to the Dems who heap abuse on him one minute and congratulate him for being such a maverick the next.

  13. She set us up on a blind date, Mare.

  14. Ahhhhhh, so you owe her and rightly so!

  15. Alex, you’re too savvy to forget an adapter while traveling abroad.

  16. No, no I’m not. I told myself I’d pick one up at the airport and then I got sidetracked.

  17. then I got sidetracked.



  18. I’ve got one you can borrow but I won’t be in Frankfurt until Wednesday.

  19. Weenie Convention?


  21. Tree pumpkin fell yesterday. I’d sort of forgotten about it. It was green and a little frostbitten, the chickens are having a blast with it about now.


  23. Goddamn cold water valve doesn’t shut.

  24. Thanks, PG, but I just went to the local hardware store. The cute checkout girl with big tits blushed when I said thank you in English.

  25. Also strange, I have not been dreaming about it but I wake up thinking about how allowing muslim refugees into the country will affect us in a negative, horrible way.

    We’re twins. I woke up thinking about Somalis in Minnesota, our history being erased, and idiots who embrace it.

    A few months ago, I looked up some of the first/second graders I taught so many moons ago, while in MI. One of my kids was academically very bright. So much so, if not for her shyness/painful introvertedness, could have skipped a grade like her older sister had been advanced. Nice, mixed race family.
    Today, the family lives in Minneapolis, and the ‘girls’ work at some food bank/community center. All SJW. Older sister is a lesbian feminist who was working hard to get some muslim woman elected to higher office. Her feed is filled with racialist, feminist, gay/tranny, mindboggling, stupidity. I wondered what the hell happened to them. So much potential….poisoned.

  26. The cute checkout girl with big tits blushed when I said thank you in English.

    Be careful or you might be bringing home a wife. Them foreign chicks would lurve to get their paws on an American husband.

  27. Twinkle twinkle little………meow

  28. Cute blushing checkout girls with big tits are always a good thing.

    Hey, can any of you good Christians help me out a bit? My sister’s husband Lewis passed early this morning. I’d like to send her a comforting Psalm or verse, but am getting a little lost in my Bible.
    Maybe St Francis’ prayer? Any better ideas? Thank you.

  29. Yeah, marrying a big titled German girl would be awful. 8-P

  30. …and anyone else I forgot. (Sorry!)


  31. *double sigh




  35. Derp. I knew I wasn’t remembering everyone.

  36. No shots for this OSU game, probably for the best.

  37. Chi, Gospel of John, chapter 14 might be what you are looking for.

  38. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14 But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers and sisters, about those who have died, so that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have died.

  39. And sorry about your brother-in-law.

  40. Sorry about your BIL, Chi. You’re looking in the right direction.

  41. Old floor is apparently completely glued down.

    Screw it. New floor goes on top.

  42. Sorry Chi, prayers for the repose of Lewis’s soul. I can only ever think of Psalm 23 at times like this.

  43. Soccer soccer soccer

  44. Leon, as long as the old floor is well adhered, no problem gluing the new floor to it.

  45. 33 degrees for a high today. Coincidentally we made our first wood stove fire and finally took the AC out of the bedroom window.

  46. No good. She found some rot in the subfloor. This has gone exactly as I expected it to. No bathroom at all until I can get floor guy out to help us. Yay.

  47. Old houses suck.

  48. Thank you, hostages. I went with a heartfelt little statement. Ended with Matthew 5:4.

    Leon, wish I was in MI – this is the kind of work I’ve been doing for 15 years or so. Easy peasy.
    Did she come up with an alternative to caulk? Duct tape?

  49. Boooo. If you need any help, let me know.

  50. Is it dead, Jim?

  51. Secret Santa gift for Mare idea

  52. Chi, we have a guy for this, did a great job on the living room floor. We’re just going to let him handle the subfloor and vinyl and the I’ll do the reinstall of toilet and vanity.

    I managed to turn off water to the upstairs, but the cold water still has a small leak that I had to vent into a milk jug. I’ll just have to dump that periodically until we’re done.

  53. Jimbro, you’re assuming there’s something left in the bottle when Mare is done. Not!

  54. Eating window is closing hard

  55. Excellent perspective ‘spur

  56. Watch your fingers Carin

  57. Happy Veterans Day to all the Hostage Vets. Thank you.

  58. Small world tale: My mom likes to get her Christmas shopping done early and, earlier today, asked Paula to find out what I wanted. She always shops online at LL Bean. 80% of what I wear at work is from my Christmas and birthday presents. Anyway, Paula pretended I had circled a few things in one of the dozens of catalogs they’ve mailed me when in reality I went on line and found a casual shirt and let her know the details. Fast forward to 15 minutes ago when my mom texted me and let me know the woman she spoke with at the LL Bean call center is the mother of 2 of my past patients. Crazy …

    Did not find $20 but my mom saved 25% and got free shipping

  59. Last time I got my haircut the lady asked me if I was Dr. Jimbro. When I answered in the affirmative she told me I had fixed her daughter’s forearm years ago. Judging by the pictures framing her mirror, her daughter is an adult with a couple of kids on her own. I didn’t recognize mom in person or the daughter from the pictures so I figured they were happy with my services. Which, TBH, was something I thought about as she used the straight edge razor on my neck.


  61. Last time I got my haircut the lady asked me if I was Dr. Jimbro. When I answered in the affirmative she told me I had fixed her daughter’s forearm years ago. Judging by the pictures framing her mirror, her daughter is an adult with a couple of kids on her own. I didn’t recognize mom in person or the daughter from the pictures so I figured they were happy with my services. Which, TBH, was something I thought about as she used the straight edge razor on my neck.

    I guess my poor doctoring skills are probably what keep getting me cut to ribbons at the barber shop.

  62. As kids we used to go to Jean The Barber on Montello Street. Next door was a butcher which should have been a clue. $3.00 for a haircut. My brothers and I used to joke about Jean’s rusty razor. Every single time at least one of us would get a nick and she’d be using the styptic powder on the wound.

  63. Leon,
    Do you have a water supply line from that lavatory sink handy? If its a ⅜” on both ends, try connecting the cold water supply to hot – you can then skip the drip bucket while work is in progress.

  64. I’ll try that, Chi. I sure hope it doesnt explode overnight.

  65. Something like this, maybe:
    A dishwasher or ice maker supply line works perfectly if you have one laying around.

    If you’re comfortable with plumbing work, now is the time to replace that valve, of course (said Captain Obvious).

  66. Cauterize it with the flame thrower.

  67. Don’t like the comment caption. We need to save the “pig” title for Lena Dunham and politicians.

  68. HahaaaHhaaaaa….Notre Dame.

  69. I have very fond memories of going to the barber as a kid. He would hand Dad a Miller Lite, all the guys would be telling colorful jokes. There was an actual copy of Playboy sitting on the table!
    I felt like I had finally ‘graduated’ from the high & tight cuts I’d grown up getting on base…

  70. 43 days til Christmas.

    Almost time to buy pork belly.

  71. So hot.

  72. Wow.
    Thanks, Jimbro, for bringing back that flood of memories!
    Those were great days. I just remembered – it was a ‘haircut Saturday’ when I first met Gunny Carlos Hathcock. He used to hang out at “The Bait Barn” – a local bait shop nearby. It was his favored hangout. I guess we’d stop by there before/after haircuts?
    (I still have a signed, tattered copy of Marine Sniper and his business card we used as a bookmark)

  73. You met Hathcock? And have a signed copy?

    Pretty cool. At one time my immediate boss was one of the original delta’s. But Hathcock was in his own league….

    I’m envious….

  74. So hot



  75. Yes sir, Troy.
    Of course, I didn’t know how cool it was at the time (I was maybe 10?), but I’m pretty sure he even came to the house a few times to have a beer and tell fish tales. Probably went out on the boat with us a few times, too.
    I remember reading the book, then addressing him as “White Feather” once. He was an imposing man – even in retirement. It’s a pretty cool memory. My brush with greatness, if you will…

  76. In fact, he is interred across the street from me. Maybe 1000 feet from my front porch? I think I’ll walk over tomorrow and take him a flag now that I’m thinking so much about it…
    (I still have a handful of ‘antenna’ flags from when my father was buried at Arlington 45 years ago)

  77. You met Hathcock????

  78. Yes ma’am.
    Not that I feel the need to prove anything, Oso, but I just looked for that book so I could snap a pic for Troy. It wasn’t where I thought it was (meh – bachelor, 3 bedroom house, I’m a mess, I have books everywhere).
    I’ll get a pic of his marker tomorrow if I can find it, though.

  79. Great night in college football.

  80. Had a good game today, ending sucked.

  81. The story where he used a ma duece dialed down to shoot the front forks off a moving bike 1/4 mile away cause he didn’t want to shoot the kid pushing it (the bike was transporting weapons) is my favorite.

  82. Interesting piece by Ryan Leaf. Yeah, that guy.

  83. I like that one a lot. If I remember correctly, the book opens with that story…
    The “shooting the enemy sniper through the scope” story has been used in multiple Hollywood movies.

  84. Hathcock inspired Stephen Hunter and Bob Lee IMHO. I ❤️ Bob Lee.

  85. Heh.
    The Nailer.

  86. Hunter has publicly stated that Hathcock was his inspiration for Swagger.

  87. Thank you, b-rad.

  88. Shooter is a great TV series.

  89. XB has me understanding Leaf. Great link

  90. I have no idea who Ryan Leaf is, but that was a pretty darned good story. Good on him. The Lord works in mysterious ways…

  91. Today was our busiest retail day of the year. I spent half my shift cashiering. Still waiting for illegals to go back to the shadows. Your tax dollars bought $600 in birthday cakes and cupcakes. Just at my register. Thanks🇺🇸👋🏻

  92. I need some cake and cupcakes. Hook me up!

  93. I’m going underground to reassess
    Just what I’ve found
    And all that I can do
    Been blinded by the light
    Now I can go with a derp

  94. ww

  95. Buongiorno ragazzi.

  96. Lazy Sunday, eh? I’ve got my little list lined up and I’m gonna try to knock it all out early. Then chill, work tomorrow.

  97. Morning H2.

    Going to take Monster out for a spin and a wash. If it starts.

    Going to try that slow cooker bacon chicken chowder someone linked a bit back.

    I wonder if MJ’s house guests brought their dingo?

  98. Hello, Lena Dunham wannabes. What’s shakin? And shit.

  99. It’s mid afternoon here. Gonna relax, take a nap, and read. Beers and schnitzel in a couple of hours.

  100. We got at it early this morning and took down the awning before the rain/snow starts.

  101. Piping cold tap into hot tap was a very bad idea. I’ve got water damage now in the living room ceiling.

  102. Line of caulk next to the tub. That’s all we needed.


  104. Leon?

  105. No, my house was fine until we started trying to “fix” it.

  106. I think my $500 bathroom remodel just turned into a $1000, if I had to guess. All because the damn valves won’t stop the water pressure.

  107. Replace them. It’s a pretty easy fix.

  108. I don’t have the tools to cut an sweat copper pipe, nor do I want the hassle. Redoing the drywall is going to suck plenty.

  109. And, not an.

  110. shut off the main
    cut the pipe(s)
    replace parts with push to connect fittings and pex

  111. Shark bite . it’s awesome stuff. That’s what pat used.

  112. Temporary houseguest is hanging curtains.

  113. Yep. Nobody knows how long those things last. Odds are it wont be your problem when they start to fail.

  114. Make sure there aren’t any potatoes nearby.

  115. I’m not replacing good copper pipes with PVC.

    Looks like there was additional water damage from behind the toilet. The leaking from last night exacerbated the problem and soaked into the drywall, but there us mold near the toilet mount that didn’t appear overnight.

  116. Pups, let us know how that recipe turns out! I’m making it Tuesday.

  117. I tried shutting the valves on my toilet at camp earlier this summer and they were stuck/rusted. That’s when we called the plumber and got a brand new shitter with new valves. I am like the guy at Home Depot depicted in that video yesterday.

  118. I made chicken soup yesterday and it was good enough for a repeat performance today.

  119. I did manage to replace some loose screws on my mud room door. Put some wood glue in to fill the space and used two longer screws. I waited until it was freezing cold before I did it for some reason known only to God.

  120. Pex is good stuff. It’s cheap, flexible, and it wont burst if the pipes freeze.

  121. I’m pretty sure that’s what my mud room floor has in it. It has frozen a couple of times and done just fine after thawing. My contractor added some insulation under the addition when it happened the second time which finally fixed the problem.

  122. We had copper in Detroit. We had a few freezing/burst pipes issues. Then it was all stolen.

    We’ve got pex here.

  123. I’m not likely to do anything with the valves until we’ve pulled out the subfloor and have a sense of how bad things really are.

  124. Had to peel away some bubbled ceiling paint over the stairs. My minimum mitigation now includes drywall mudding before painting.

  125. Aren’t you only cutting off and replacing the short piece before the valve, Leon? Like an inch or two? Just use the push fit/ sharkbite fittings and a new valve. Works fine with copper if you really want copper. Pipe cutter tool is like ten bucks.

  126. Sorry your Sunday got shitty, Leon. Maybe you should go blow some loud farty noises onto Possum’s tum-tum.

  127. Yea, we had an issue with a shower faucet, and it was copper there. pat can sweat pipe but 1) he didn’t want to and 2) he was worried about something else I can’t remember.

    So he used sharkbite. Done and done.

  128. The main valve in the crawlspace leaks in addition to the one that will be under the vanity sink. I could conceivably fix the one under the sink, but I’d need a real plumber to fix the “cold water to the upstairs” pipe.

  129. I think he should try some crossfit. that always cheers me up.

    my back is sore. i’m going to hope on the bike and then Pat’s going to take me to see Thor.

  130. That old floor is looking better and better.

  131. I can’t get anyone to run the turkey trot with me and I’m super sad about it.

  132. And, again, these are now the least of my problems. I have no idea what caused the water damage/mold near the toilet, or how much I will need to fix now before I can sell the house. The pipe is a tertiary concern compared to all that. If I could get the sink reattached the leak wouldn’t matter.

  133. The old floor was hiding a slow water problem, Pupster, that I made worse with the leak getting loose overnight after I piped cold pipe to hot pipe.

    I might never have noticed if we hadn’t done this, but then, maybe the home inspector wouldn’t have either.

  134. Car in, you obviously need to drop hints to Erin’s suitors that it would earn them bonus points.

  135. Turkey Trot always makes me think you’re talking about an intestinal problem.

  136. Pat’s going to take me to see Thor.

    Great euphemism. But this is your private business and you should keep it off the blog.

  137. Same with comments about doing the turkey trot. TMI

  138. I’m baking sassage quiches for a church potluck.

  139. Pups, let us know how that recipe turns out!

    Will do Mare. This is the first time I’ve ever cooked with shallots and leek. It smells great right now, will be ready in a few hours.

  140. Shallots make everything better.


  142. Shallot burgers are a thing here.

  143. Like, meat mixed with shallots or shallots instead of onions on the burger?

  144. Chop them up, brown them in a frying pan and mix it in with the meat.

  145. We’re having leftover gumbo from our Friday night party.

  146. Although shallots are such a pain to peel, I’m roasting them right in their wrappers now instead of going through the trouble of sauteeing them.

    Cut them in half, drizzle with oil, place them cut side down in a foil pouch, and bake in the toaster oven for about an hour at 400 degrees. They get roasted nicely, and they squirt right out of their papers just like roasted garlic does. Then just mash them up and put them in all the things. Make sure to scrape up the brown bits on the foil.

  147. Chowder Update:

    Rich, tastes pretty good, too salty for me…I’d dump the extra salt unless you are using uncured bacon. Family likes it so it’s a win.

  148. “Rich tastes pretty good, too salty for me…”

  149. heh

  150. OMG Thanks to pupster, Dan is the chowder guy. See shrimp dude in Forrest Gump.

  151. Is it Monday yet?

  152. When Gingy died, MA started stealing bears and hiding them in her doghouse. A few months later she started to evict them. We have been missing a bear since August. Horatio’s namesake was stolen from our hotel room in Kona. Horatio has been missing since July. We’ve checked her doghouse and under the bed.

  153. CoAlEx CDAN was a Patty Ann dealio. CDAN=

  154. Star steals shoes and laundry and skulks away to her crate with her prizes. Once in a while she plays the wild card and hides a TV remote or leash or some other random object.

  155. Jimbro…😂😂😂

  156. We know he is somewhere in the condo. Still can’t find Horatio.

  157. Doggies are funny

  158. So are gorillas

  159. So, is everyone still boycotting the NFL?

  160. I am still watching.

  161. I’m in too. Brady and Belichick are too good to pass up.

  162. I still watch out of habit, and it gives me something to talk about at work.

  163. I must admit I care less and less about it though.

  164. Still boycotting all television.

  165. I watch the Chiefs, and no other games. Caught up on other netflix shows.

  166. I just had to explain to the kids here why I couldn’t leave and go home with them. They seemed unconvinced of my need for a job.

  167. I’ll do the derp later, but while I’m thinking of it, someone please make sure MJ sees this tomorrow. Thanks.

  168. We stood there in the courthouse room so close but far apart
    You brought along the lawyer and I brought a broken heart
    The derp pronounced the words the way you wanted him to do
    You changed your name from Brown to Jones and mine from Brown to Blue

  169. Aww we. That’s a sad little derp.

  170. 10, maybe 15 minutes.

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