What’s On The Menu?

Time to start drawing up the menu and assembling ingredients for your Thanksgiving Day feast.

Jello turkey


Sushi turkey


Meta turkey


Fake ass turkey


Origami turkey


BBF turkey


Turkey for dinner rolls


Chocolate turkey


Wild turkey


I know not everyone eats turkey on Thanksgiving. I’ve always had it and like to hear about other people’s traditions for the day. It’s really about family and togetherness. And football. At least it was in the past. Wonder how many protests we’ll see from the well paid athletes this year? Probably none if you just watch the parade and turn the TV off. Happy Thursday!



  1. Stuffing versus Dressing


  2. Carbs or carbs. Skip it and have pie.

  3. It seems a little early to be talking about Thanksgiving menus but every year I say “Oh yeah, I wish we had made that instead of this”. I have a busy week going on except today and after working most of next week I’m driving down to see my family in MA before returning home for Thanksgiving. I need to plan now dammit!

  4. dressing, and use droppings. stuffing makes dry turkey

  5. probably should put monster turkey in the fridge to thaw soon

  6. droppings?


  7. We still haven’t figured out what we’re doing. Might just have MiL and BiL over for dinner.

  8. Making jowl bacon.

  9. wakey wakey.

    My son isn’t coming for thanksgiving so I’m planning on making a meal that surpasses all meals.

    Because I’m evil like that.

    I saw an oatmeal pumkin pie I’m going to try.

  10. Car in, what’s did they make you do in zumba? Thrusters? Double unders? Dirty sanchezes? Tijuana pile-drivers? The ol’ Number Six?

    I did a little of this.

    And a little of this.

    actually, we did strict shoulder press,and I got it up to 80, which is good for me. I suck at that. Then we did a suck amrap of handstand pushups, pullups, rings dips, and doubleunders .

    It was basically like this.

  11. How much does turkey cost these days? I saw a flyer for 15 lb turkeys at the restaurant supply at 1.19/lb. I don’t know what it is at the grocery.

  12. We’re not doing a turkey if we stay home. Might do cornish hens or just a couple of chickens.

  13. Definitely stuffing wins over dressing. I’ve been trying on roaster chickens for years, but can’t match Mom’s Thanksgiving stuffing. Giblets are required to make a good stuffing.

    Best Thanksgiving dinner I ever had was when my brother made a prime rib about 5 years ago. I’ve been telling him to do it again and again (take the burden off 79 yr old Mom!) but he hasn’t yet.

    Not sure what is in store this year, as Lewis went home from MCV yesterday and hospice is now the order of the day. He is ready, but holding on. I doubt Mom will have the energy to go all out this year after fretting about her oldest daughter.

  14. Last year’s turkey was 93c/lb at my Meijer.

  15. Bacon-cornbread dressing, baked on the side so it gets all the good crispy bits on top. I’ll make two pans because one pan won’t be enough with Rocketboy home. I also promised to show him how to make it.

  16. I just threw away an Aldi’s ad from the mailbox last night. 79¢ per pound. Aldi’s is pretty new in town here and I’ve never been, but I hear they have good quality meat.

  17. Are you still wanting to kidnap a baby, Car in?

    Cuz I can help.

  18. YES. That would definitely pep up my Thanksgiving dinner. I think I have your address …

    Unless you deliver, because I have kid driving to do today …

  19. /dusts baby’s room which has just been … waiting.

  20. Kid driving?

  21. Last year’s turkey was a standing rib roast. Everyone went nuts.

    This year turkey is at a restaurant. All of the kids are going to other family, and HotBride and out friends Val and David don’t feel like cooking.

  22. Dammit, Jam, now we have to comment like mad to get that off screen.

  23. My house is going to smell like turkey and stuffing and pie and there will be brie and shrimp …

    Suck it, bitches.

  24. .

  25. ******

  26. I’m helping

  27. a few years ago turkeys were going for .39 a pound right after Thanksgiving. They got expensive!

  28. My dressing has sausage in it, along with the crumblies from all the homemade croutons I make throughout the year.

  29. Plus homemade cranberry sauce, from cranberries and orange juice.

  30. Wonder if there’s a Thanksgiving recipe poat at AOS this year. There have been some good ones in the past. I have the word docs from a couple years, iffin anyone wants them.

  31. I’ve done smoked prime rib a couple years for Christmas, most excellent! Plus it’s so easy, cook it to temp, wrap in towels and put it in a cooler, go to candlelight service, come home and serve!

  32. I almost always buy a clearance bird on Black Friday and tuck it in the freezer, but I don’t know if I’ll have room this year.

  33. Laura’s working a double on Thanksgiving, so I’ll be on the couch.

  34. Can you add them to our reh sip pee blog?

  35. Heh, relive a little 538 polling action, what Nate Silver did wrong on 11/8/2016

    Comments will make you weep with joy.

  36. I hope she’s getting crazy overtime Pay the whole shift and not just part of it

  37. I enjoyed watching all the meltdown videos yesterday. It’s like watching old championship games from when your team was doing well. They’ve been doing a repeat segment on UMO’s hockey team from the year they won the national hockey championship

  38. You know who we haven’t heard much from recently?

    Jemele Hill.

    I wonder what they’re serving for Thanksgiving at the Hill household?

  39. AOS Thanksgiving Recipes 2011

    Link on the page. Links are also in the header. Good idea, jimbro!

  40. I hope there’s clearance birds this year. I’m in the mood to fry a couple.

  41. Most years I grab a couple after the big day and freeze them. This year I’ll look for just the breadt portion since the kids never eat normal food and we have too much. The breast only has a weird name like hotel style or something similar

  42. breadt = breast FFS

  43. Heh, I think I still have a few gallons of turkey stock frozen. Might skip rendering the carcass this year.

    Or do the Cooks Illustrated 2 hour model, for mom.

  44. Comment by Jay in Ames on November 9, 2017 9:26 am
    Heh, relive a little 538 polling action, what Nate Silver did wrong on 11/8/2016

    I listened to that last night. I’m not a huge fan of Nate Silver, but I have to agree with what he was saying for the most part. Their model showed a 70% chance of a Hillary win, which is not the same thing as a guarantee that she would win, and that where the model showed Trump wins was due to high rural and white voter turnout combined with underperformance in the cities… which is basically what happened.

  45. Got no problem with finding out what you did wrong. He presents himself as this non-partisan figure, only looking for the truth. In reality he’s a dem shill, and the opening line about them swearing is proof of their bias.

  46. Ugh, I overworked myself doing deadlifts yesterday and tweaked my back. Today is not going to be fun. Tomorrow, when I’ll be traveling for twenty-plus hours will be even less so.

  47. Paladin Press is shutting down. Remaining inventory is deeply discounted: https://www.paladin-press.com/

  48. Soup is cooking, front part of the house is halfway clean. Water break.

  49. Aww, There’s some good kids left out there: Touched by apology note, man hopes to return ‘grass cutting money’ to sender

  50. you missed a spot on the big window, Car in.

  51. erin informed me that DH snapped her the other day. Ba haaa haaa haaaa …

    Remorse, which was inevitable. But did he offer her words of apology for being a dick ? Sweet words or sorrow?

    No. He snapped her a picture of him flexing his muscle.


    two of her guy friends were right there with her and told her DON’T YOU DARE RESPOND. She snapped him back a blank screen.

  52. I didn’t miss a spot. It’s called a streak. And I’m just gonna ignore it.

  53. At least it wasn’t a dick pic.

  54. or was “flexing his muscle” a euphamism?

  55. Ham. Maybe a turkey roast, maybe some ribs.

  56. Hmm, ribs is a great idea. Plus that gives me an excuse to get the smoker moved to mom’s house.

  57. That’s more of a vascular phenomenon Jay

  58. At least that’s what all the Cialis commercials say

  59. It’s a set of muscles that actually relax and restrict blood flow out of the organ.

  60. Another AR-15 mod: Blame Thrower

  61. Aww, There’s some good kids left out there: Touched by apology note, man hopes to return ‘grass cutting money’ to sender

    That kid is going to end up with a new skateboard, playstation, bike and probably an apprenticeship with the contractor next summer.

  62. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a dick pic.

  63. Dick pic killed it


  64. Looks like Roy Moore is going down in flames.

    Why can’t these fucking assholes keep their hands to themselves?

  65. Man who discovered KFC Twitter joke gets epic painting

    Whoever runs KFC’s twitter is a genius.

  66. I’ll wait for proof on that one, HS.

  67. Add me to the “waiting for proof” column on Moore.
    30 more ‘sources??? He’s been too high profile for too long. I just can’t see how this wouldn’t have come out much sooner.
    I am not a supporter, but I sincerely hope this is false. For everyone’s sake.

  68. Jay, proof is no longer a requisite component.

    Plus the woman’s story is corroborated by extemporaneous recollections by friends.

    I’m afraid we’ve come to the point where the accusation is the verdict.

    We all believe Weinstein, Allen, Polanski, Weiner, Clinton, Oreskes, Spacey, etc., all guilty.

    It only follows that it is going to come back on republicans too.

  69. LOL

    That top post at Ace is fucking embarrassing.

  70. Weinstein, Allen, Polanski, Weiner, Clinton, Oreskes, Spacey

    All of whom are known pigs. Moore isn’t, it’s out of character for him.

    This is a 30+ year old story, and it stinks. I’m not saying that just as a Republican, either.

  71. I don’t like what is happening to those idiots listed above, either. Except Weinstein, Allen, Polanski, Weiner, Clinton, and Spacey, who have all pretty much admitted that those accusations are true.

  72. Right, I didn’t buy the NDT accusation either, however little I like the guy. This is bogus.

  73. Unfortunately, it’s the times we live in.

    Feminists harped that accusations needed to be taken seriously. Now most people just believe the accusations.

    Until guys start getting exonerated, we’re in this twilight where the mere accusation causes the guy’s reputation to go down.

    It’s pretty sad, and I hope it never happens to any of us.

  74. Well, except MJ’s muppet thing. We know that’s real.

  75. This “listen and believe” crap started with one of the feminazis/grifters involved in gamergate, it needs to die.

  76. HS, they are getting exonerated. Nobody bothers to report it so everyone thinks the accusation was legit.

    This will not end well, of course.

  77. That video of Trump’s granddaughter singing in Chinese is so cute.

  78. Also, the Moore accuser has credibility and character issues. Plus, if the story was legit, why didn’t it come up during the Ten Commandments monument saga? Or the more recent gay marriage business?

    The whole thing smells like a paper mill built on a huge pile of three day old diapers.

  79. My mom used to tell me to never lie. Everyone will hear the lie, and only a couple of people will hear the truth when it comes out. Once you’ve told the lie, you can never take it back.

  80. Always telling the truth is a lot less work than maintaining falsehoods. That’s how I plan to explain it to Possum, anyhow. Appeal to laziness.

  81. Telling the truth is harder to do, but it is less work. That’s for sure.

  82. Telling the truth is easy if you don’t do anything shameful.

  83. haha, true too. I was referring to when you do something wrong, make a mistake at work, owning it.

  84. I’ve held back this secret long enough, and I’ve been inspired by the bravery of others . So I’m coming forward.

    MJ’s puppet made inappropriate advances on Moose. It was wrong to not come forward. I hate to think of other pets being assaulted because I said nothing.

  85. Moose is a dog-slut who wanted it. Plus, he got treats afterwards so we know what that makes him…

  86. I just hope the pictures never come out. That could be embarrassing.

  87. we have a new contender in the house. He came over to “make snowflakes” with erin, so he’s either gay or wants to date her.

    I mean seriously. @@

  88. We’ll call this one snowflake.

  89. Jeebus, there are more surprise challengers than Wrestlemania XXII.

  90. I’ve had multiple meet-ups with MJ. Not even a hint of impropriety.

    That sonofabitch.

  91. What is “make snowflakes” the euphemism for?

  92. Jeebus, there are more surprise challengers than Wrestlemania XXII.

    This one usually shows up with squeakhole – who’s been friendzoned, obviously. Snowflakes is making his own move.

  93. They are literally making paper snowflakes. This one is smoooth.

  94. I’ve had multiple meet-ups with MJ. Not even a hint of impropriety.

    That sonofabitch.

    moose had been recently groomed … that might have been what made the difference. He was looking dapper.

  95. You better check his wrists for expressiveness.

  96. Yeah……”Date”….. thats what he wants to do…..”date”….thats the ticket!

    I think MJ should pay for Moose’s Therapy

  97. When I meet jay he tried to goose me…

  98. I was flattered. Is that wrong?

  99. That was the actual goose that did that. I don’t know where you’ve been.

  100. Think he’s a cutter, HS?

  101. Get him to stand on a scale in his loafers.

  102. A USA Today Christmas Story

  103. Physical today. Doc convinced me to get a pneumonia shot. Mother fuck. My left arm is sore.

    Got poked in the scrotum. Got fingered up the ass. Two vials of blood drawn.

    So, generally a good day then.

  104. Did he at least buy dinner?

  105. No, but at least he wasn’t eating a plate of Oreos, like the doc that did my high school football physical.

    “Turn your head and cough.” munch munch “Next.”

  106. Why can’t these fucking assholes keep their hands to themselves?

    Why can’t we have fucking proof when we accuse others of doing something – at the time it supposedly happened? Why wait 30-40 years after the fact to ruin someone’s livelihood? With zero proof? The Clinton accusers came out when he mauled them and they were savaged by Hillary’s goons and the press. These Hollywood sluts go off to a hotel room with a fat ugly fuck and they feign shock when he pulls out his dick, wants a massage, wants to wiggle in the shower for them? Or roofies them. And we’re supposed to give them our sympathy and believe them years later? They wanted the fame and money and tolerated fat, ugly, dicks to get it.

    When the deluge of accusations began I became quite suspicious of the whole business. There is a method behind the madness and it’s getting rather clearer by the day.

    In Moore’s case, he’s been in the public eye how many decades and we hear none of this during all the time? Now all the sudden, when he beats McConnell’s establishment pick for a couple of million to the bazillions they spent, 4 women suddenly appear from 30 years ago. And we’re supposed to believe them. And of course, they count on people having hotspur’s reaction.

    How fucking convenient.

  107. The establishment wants Trump to fail and has no problem losing both houses if that is what it is going to take to punish those who dared try to stop them.

    CBS nightly news was positively giddy with delight at the accusations and how it’s too late for another candidate to step in, making the point his own party has distanced themselves….asking even Luther Strange’s opinion (who seemed rather smug), and reporting the accusations as fact. The only ‘balance’ they gave was saying Moore denies it and mockingly reported him talking about forces of darkness and trying to raise money to defend himself.

  108. Physical today. Doc convinced me to get a pneumonia shot. Mother fuck. My left arm is sore.

    Got poked in the scrotum. Got fingered up the ass. Two vials of blood drawn.

    So, generally a good day then

    Jeez – is your doctor Kevin Spacey? Might I suggest changing HMOs?

  109. And why is C.K. Lewis even in the news?

    Though I did find it rather amusing to see Mariah Carey getting accused of being a slut and a cunt by a former bodyguard.

  110. Beasn, my reaction is that it is bullshit. You know the motivation, I know the motivation, we all know the motivation.

    I’m saying that NOW a man is guilty just by a woman making the allegation.

    This is what feminism wrought.

    Unfortunately, we’re stuck with it until the pendulum swings.

  111. Chi, if your doctor has a better method of checking me for a hernia, and seeing if my prostate is normal, please send me his phone number.

  112. At least it wasn’t two fingers up the ass and a vial of blood drawn.

  113. Oh wait, your guy checks the prostate while reaching around for the hernia check at the same time.

    Modern medical miracles.

  114. It’s all just a tactic.
    I smell GOPe all over this one. Same type of shit they pulled Cochran vs. McDaniel. They fight dirty when an outsider tries to unseat one of their corrupt own. They never do it to their fellow traveling democrats compadres. They are part of the Resistance.


    Accuse..accuse, from Mr. Wide-stance (no proof he gayed anyone in a bathroom), to Tom Delay, to Rick Perry, to the Alaskan senator who died in a plane crash. All charges later dropped.
    The media always runs with allegations against republicans and covers up massive democrat crimes.

    Where the fuck is Sessions? Is he part of the resistance?

  115. —-Unfortunately, we’re stuck with it until the pendulum swings.—

    Unfortunately, there are too many guys like McCain and Flake, who are going to piss off the base enough to stay home and it’s going to get a lot worse. As planned.

    CBS was beside themselves with delight at the prospect of the democrat winning in a deep red state making it impossible to get things like tax reform done. They said that. Pretty sure McCain, Graham, Flake, are all wetting the carpet over it too.

  116. If I could afford insurance or a doctor, i’d pay extra not to poke me in the scrotum.

    *it was a fucking joke, btw. Sorry i offended, but don’t get bent.

  117. *getting crabbier by the day over my gimp arm*

    We changed my in-laws doctor to one by us and have been getting their prescriptions refilled since they’ve been here. For the third time, I have had to tell the pharmacy to quit calling their old doctor and call the new one, FFS. Still waiting on a prescription we called in on Monday because the new doctor’s office supposedly is not responding to their faxes. I think it’s because the pharmacy people are morons.

    Has everyone gone pure incompetent?

  118. It’s going to be so aggravating to hear the media and establishment drumbeat for the next however many days to this special election.

    I can’t even, anymore.

  119. Chi, aren’t there any low cost clinics by you?

  120. https://is.gd/VyWccj

  121. The finger up the ass isn’t medically necessary anymore and I won’t allow it. You wanna see my prostate, get a image, you wanna “measure” my prostate, get a image. I’ll trust the image over the “feel” of physician. My urologist doesn’t have a problem with this approach.

  122. https://is.gd/3YbycF

  123. The “image” technique (nsfw)


  124. What about Al Gore’s chakras?

  125. Is it this


    or this

    https://is.gd/aTvOzQ ?

  126. The propaganda tentacles of the democrat party doesn’t care, oso.

  127. “Got poked in the scrotum. Got fingered up the ass”

    You need to find a new dentist.

  128. To detect 1 case of clinically significant prostate cancer not detected by PSA, 1,372 men needed to be screened with DRE.

    Is that 1 not important enough?

    The researchers noted that the exam itself is invasive and subjects a large number of men to discomfort for relatively minimal gain.

    Would a speculum help?

  129. I’ve fingered a doctor.

  130. Like I said, get a image. I don’t want anything internal being digitally manipulated to determine if anything has changed. I want specific conclusive measurable results, not “feel”. I’m weird that way, I admit.

  131. I just saw a Tom Steyer commercial!

    He’s really insane. How cool is that?

  132. “Would a speculum help?”

    *crosses beasn off the list of potential urologists *

  133. I save the speculum for Saturday nights.

  134. Dan would still be waiting to see his urologist if I hadn’t remembered I had a RL friend that was a receptionist for a urologist that turned out to be Dan’s Dr. He’s cancer free. Has two small hernias that were causing the pain and bleeding. Getting old sucks. I consider the alternative.

  135. Roy Moore is a fossil, but the timing stinks. More evidence against the Clenis and Menendez than Moore.

  136. On the other hand, wisdom kicks ass.

  137. What was PJ O’Roarke’s line?

    “Old age and guile beat youth and a bad haircut.”

  138. Snowflake ate dinner over. He was here … oh … I’d say 5 plus hours.

    making snowflakes, though. Don’t you know.

  139. Probably closer to 6.

    Criminy. You think it took him that long to attempt a move?

    Erin’s not talking.

  140. Who is Snowflake?

  141. Criminy. You think it took him that long to attempt a move?

    He was trying to find the right time to whip his dick out and masturbate?

    Do you happen to own a ficus?

  142. Would I be a bad mom* if I asked my kid to come home to clean my bathrooms? I asked the husband if he could clean the tub and he still hasn’t gotten around to it. It’s sprouting orange.
    If I do it, it will irritate my tendons and he’s not going to like me if my tendons get irritated.

    *maybe I’ll do what I can with the less wonky arm while I shower*

    *feels like I’ve failed as a parent*

  143. Have I told anyone lately how much I hate TurtleTurtle McConnell?

  144. We’re doing Thanksgiving at my BIL’s.
    Probably won’t be putting up the main Christmas tree because arm and lazy kids who don’t care about their mother.

  145. Someone with video editing skills needs to do a Lapeer Creek intro video parodying the Dawson’s Creek intro. Paula Cole singing “I don’t want to wait” while images flash up of the various characters

    “Starring Erin”
    “Car in”
    “And introducing… Snowflake”
    With… Moose, and Oschi.

  146. CoAlEx FTW

  147. Beasn!!!! I’m lobbying for a Capriotti’s style Thanksgiving sammich. Already making my Black Friday movie list. John Wick 2, GOTG2, Deadpool, Spy, Wonder Woman, and Star Trek Beyond.

  148. Who has the best chicken chicken pot pie recipe?
    All that pi talk yesterday gave me a craving.

  149. Real recipe or Marie Callender’s?

  150. Oh, RL WTF and Hollywood…check out latest pics of Eleven/Jane from Stranger Things.

  151. Oso, link?

  152. I’ve got a chicken pot pie recipe. My son really likes it even though I switch it up a little with no dairy. I gotsta look and see where I got it.

  153. CrazyDaysandNights.net. Random pics

  154. –Capriotti’s style–

    What is that? Regarding movies, since we’ll be at my BiL’s, no movies for us. SIL wants everyone to chitchat and does not like the teevee being on. Meh.

  155. Real recipe.
    I just baked off ½ dozen chicken legs, boiled a few potatoes & carrots.
    I can do my normal, bland pie, bit was looking for something better…

  156. I still have no idea what you’re talking about.

  157. Sammich place. We had a Thanksgiving Sammich there. It was so good.

  158. I’m a buyer not a streamer. I like owning.

  159. The actress that plays Eleven has parents more like Haim than Wood. She is getting lots of magazine photo ops and party invites stressing sexy 13 year old

  160. Ah, ok. Yeah, I saw a picture of her and she definitely looks different, and a little more “adult” than a 13 year old should be.

  161. I absolutely love Thanksgiving leftover sammiches. Turkey, stuffing & cranberry sauce. From the can.
    My older brother (lives with Mom) is a damned good cook and insists on making the cranberry sauce from scratch. He hates that every year I bring a can with me for dinner – it’s freaking tradition, man! It’s what I grew up on, so it’s a must.

  162. Chi, I use this basic recipe and alter it a little. Instead of peas, I throw in chopped broccoli a few minutes before I take it off the stove to serve it. I also skip the putting it in the oven part. Not really necessary.

    You can switch it up and use regular pie crust if you prefer. Puff pastry is easier if you cut it into small strips while it’s semi-frozen, then bake it.

    Ladle it in a bowl and throw a few strips of puff pastry on top. Voila!


  163. Oh, and I slice up a cooked tater and throw that in, too.

  164. Canned jellied cranberry or homemade with oranges blah blah blah? Canned jelly you can cut along the can seams for sammich perfection

  165. CoAlEx, blind item at site has her seeking emancipation. Parents getting 75K for her appearance, she gets 100$

  166. Latest pics I saw of her, she was wearing leather. 13.

  167. Emancipation at 13 strikes me as a bad idea.

  168. Once the door swings open into space,
    And I’m already waiting in disguise.
    Is it just a thorn between my eyes?
    Waiting in our boats to set sail.
    Sea of derp.

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