Hello dog whistlers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Our subjects today are naturally attached to a Romanian Glamour Model, born August 17th, 1989.  She towers over MJ at 5’4″, and measures 42F-28-37.  Please stop being aloof long enough to welcome, Miss Luna Amor!











  1. She seems nice like she didn’t hold back on thanksgiving dinner.

    wakey wakey

  2. After action report –

    Everything turned out really. well. The turkey was stellar this year, if I can so say myself. Desserts were of the store-bought variety, so there is always room for improvement (working the night before puts a crimp in that). Enough stuffing. Plenty of gravy. My nephew drove over from Indiana (his dad was working- making a week’s salary in one day), so that was nice. MIL.

    Erin went out black friday shopping (well, whatever it’s called when you do it the night before).

    I work this morning, so super excited about that.

    Moose is at my feet, and the coffee is hot.

  3. Funny story –

    So Moose loves sitting at my feet while I’m wasting time here. Under the desk, it’s super cute.

    Well, yesterday I was online about zero , but every time I’d go look up something on my computer, he’d beeline it under my desk. Then I’d get up and he’d realize we weren’t having our “quality time” and leave.

    Poor thing.

  4. I have now converted two people to the Newfie breed. My bil and my nephew.

  5. She’s totally gross and probably smells like wet dumplings.

    Nice job.

  6. Old school

  7. Tday was pretty good here.

    Big drama as to whether or not GNDs dad would show.

    He did, and behaved himself, although we had to pick him up because he took too many pain pills. Only a few close calls that almost triggered him into a fit of liberal rage.

  8. she’s a good one pup –
    hasn’t missed out on the stuffed cabbage and slivovitz

  9. Hahahaha, she’s old school.

  10. later –
    have a great black friday you racists

  11. This is some old school BBF. Nicely done, Pups. Rosie would have loved her.

    *pours out some gravy on the ground*

  12. I had a lovely TDay. The people who hosted were fun and kind and their million dollar 3700sq condo had a 10 million dollar view. Even the 2 Episcopal priests had zero to say about politics. Politics was NEVER mentioned….thanks again,God! Oh, and chocolate peanut butter pie is fan fricken tastic. I did not eat much and had only one piece of pie, glad because I don’t feel gross this morning!!

  13. I didn’t eat too much, but I’m fasting today as a precautionary step.

  14. By next thanksgiving, I need a BIIIIIG table. I’ve wanted one ever since we moved here , but I’m going to make it happen this year. Rustic, with benches.

  15. Dog whistle gif is hilarious

  16. Luna Amor….hahhhhaaa

  17. When I rolled out of bed this morning I put on sweatpants and the flannel shirt I wore yesterday. Holy raw onions! I smell like the onions used to cook yesterday’s meal!

  18. The only downside to TD away is not having dressing to cram into my pie hole this morning. Oh and sneaky bites of pie with my coffee.

  19. Couple winters ago, Scott bought me a huge sack of awesome shallots and I used them in cooking EVERYTHING. Our house is all closed up in Winter.

    My coat that was hanging in the next room ended up always smelling like sauteed shallots. I had to keep washing it.

    Hate it when I get those particular cooking smells on my stuff. If I go out like that I always think everybody around me is offended too.

  20. We’re making a turkey tomorrow in order to have left over turkey. We had a turkey in the chest freezer that’s been defrosting for a couple of days in the fridge.

  21. The surprising thing for me was that the meal was mostly made when we got there. There was no overwhelming food smell other than “smells like good food”. Paula’s parents live in a big log cabin style house and the kitchen is right next to the living room/dining room. There were onions in a cream sauce which I suspect was the cause.

  22. I just read a column titled “GUEST COLUMN: How to Talk to Your Pansy Marxist Nephew at Thanksgiving”. A little late, yes, but still humorous. He mentioned a cocktail in it, the Rusty Nail. They’re easy to make and I haven’t had one in a while. I may have to remedy that soon!

    *adds Drambuie to shopping list

  23. There is exactly ONE person who drinks rusty nails in Lapeer. I always know when they’re sitting in the dining room.

  24. We’re making a turkey tomorrow in order to have left over turkey.

  25. A 2 ingredient cocktail is definitely my speed. Nothing unusual and both ingredients can be poured from a bottle.

    I meant to have one of these when I was in Boston

    but I had drinks at the conference’s open bar each evening and that was it for me. After 2 drinks I’m done. Too bad since I’ll never make it at home, too many ingredients.

  26. OK, back to my schoolwork. Trying to take some pressure off myself for the last two weeks of Hell.

    Have a great day errybody!

  27. I may be able to pick puppy up tomorrow. DOn’t know – they left a message. But I work until four.

  28. ANyone else fasting today?

  29. Nope.

  30. What is this crazy talk about challenges to the results in WI, MI and PA?

    Trump is at 306. For Hillary to mount a successful challenge, she will need to win recounts in all three states. WI and PA were won by nearly 75k votes each. If she is succesful in PA and MI, they will be tied at 270 each, and the Congress will vote for Trump.

    They know they can’t win. They are just trying to discredit Trump.

  31. I am until dinner time. Black coffee so far. Vitamin D 500 iu for a snack later.

  32. I’d hate to be behind her in a buffet line.

  33. Pupster, Nessie’s photo as your avatar is awesome, but because it is so small, it is not very clear. Please take another photo against a light background.

  34. Carin, shut up.

  35. car in, iirc you had a pretty good sized table already. (not a euphemism, it’s car in come on!)

  36. I just checked my phone that I put on the charger yesterday around 4 PM. I was included in a 5 person texting group from the 925 area code (California, apparently) wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. They seemed like nice people.

  37. tushar, how big of a revolution would you expect if enough electoral voters changed their vote to hillary?


  39. shouldn’t you be taking a new picture pupster?

  40. It’s not Nessie, but a German Shepherd Dog with a big cat-eating grin I found.

    Too lazy to photoshop it.

  41. Jay, not sure. I don’t have a gun yet.
    If the revolution starts, I hope I can drive into Pennsylvania, buy enough guns and ammo to equip a squad, and join the revolutionaries.

  42. I need a BIGGER table J’ames. That table is kinda yucky anyway.

  43. I’m fasting at least until dinner. I don’t think I could go all day.

  44. Dinner will make it 24 hours though. Give or take a few hours. I think I did have half a piece of cake around 8 pm. We were done with BIG dinner early.

  45. Fasting is for commies.

  46. Commies are on the beet-diet, and they work out to gulag-fit.

  47. In Soviet Union, you fit cross.

  48. We are long overdue for new Hillary photos.

    I bet she’s fly fishing in the next ones.

  49. Skeet shooting with Obama.

  50. Shirtless horseback riding after just killing a bear.

  51. Reading a book to brown children.

  52. elliot doing a lap at the farm. he loves no leash!

  53. Jay that is just great. Little fella is having a ball!

    ps I like your voice

  54. What should I do with this half empty wine box

  55. ISU looking much better today in Orlando. I know, you care.

  56. RIP Florence Henderson

  57. make a Fort, mj!

  58. oops, funnier with mj. otherwise it’s like turning over a laundry basket on the dog.

    which elliot hates, btw. Mrs jay told me.




  62. hahaha, Pups knew I would click!

  63. Everyone must be packing clocks.


  65. Your Mom has a black friday sale every day.

  66. Horrible professor is so horrible.

    I was just reviewing some crap on her course info online. She doesn’t post things under their headings, but just anywhere on any page. She posted stuff for some other class on our board. Then she told us she had posted some video for us but she never did.

    Then she gets bitchy at us for emailing her questions about the course that she ‘answered in an announcement on the site.’



  67. ANyone else fasting today?

    I’ve been having a meal about every ninety minutes. It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Mom’s stuffing. I’m not made of stone.

  68. Plus, stress eating.

  69. Hey Lauraw, when you are done studying…

    Uh, nevermind.


  71. Laura’s anger management doll is shaking in a corner.

  72. Made this today, I left a bunch of meat on the hambone and strained it before adding the rest, turned out really good.

  73. You know who loves getting boned with some ham? Your mom.

  74. For Hillary to mount a successful challenge, she will need to win recounts in all three states.

    Since she already conceded, can she even do that? I’ve read that MI is going to do whatever they have to do on the 28th since their recount or whatever hell they were doing (searching everyone’s trunks/adding votes for Hillary..aka…Franken-style) put Trump 10k ahead.

    WI and PA were won by nearly 75k votes each. If she is succesful in PA and MI, they will be tied at 270 each

    No worries, they’ll find 150k in the districts that went 100% for Cankles. Or clogged up in the electronic voting matrix.

  75. I saw an ox-tail the other day and bought it. It’s in the freezer now but ox-tail soup is on the to do list in the next week or two. Never made it or had it so I’m hoping it wasn’t a mistake.

  76. Pupster, that soup looks really good. *pins it*

  77. Truck battery isn’t charging

    * pouts *

  78. Mini-me saved shotgun shells over the last year and made me a string of shotgun shell Christmas lights. RFH Crap Tree just went to eleventy.

  79. <3 shotgun shell lights!!!!

  80. DAVE!

  81. Happy Thanksgiving ya tuba playing faggots

  82. Luckily I was too freakin busy to eat.

    Fasting accomplished.


  84. Dave! Did you lose your way and end up here?
    I know you have forgotten us completely.

  85. I love the Frosted Faces, Pups! ❤️🐾

  86. Oh man, shotgun shell lights would be so cool.

  87. Back home time to go make da pizzas. Have fun burning down the place!


  89. You can also see my bacon ornament I got from Secret Santa.

  90. So there is talk that Romney will have to publicly apologize to Trump and then he will be appointed SecState.

    If I was Romney, I would say fuck off and stay away.

    If Trump is serious about the deal, that is a bad strategy.
    If he was sincere, a better method is for the two men to stand together, accept that there was bad blood but now they have come together to serve the country.

    If he is just trying to humiliate Romney, and has no intention of making him SecState, them it is the worst strategy. Romney won’t fall for it.

  91. That is awesome.

  92. Greetings, people who are almost done washing dishes.

  93. How was your Thanksgiving, Sean?

  94. It was really good. I had dinner with my parents and my brother, everything went smoothly, the food came out great, and there was really no bickering or argument to speak of. Hell, Riley even behaved himself. How about you, Puppeh?

  95. My goodness… her boobs are big!!

  96. It’s time for reconciliation

  97. What part of BIG Boob Friday didn’t you understand?

  98. Evening Hostages. Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving. We lose anyone to Black Friday crowds?

  99. We did well Sean, just us Pupsters eating ham and watching footballs.

  100. Oh, hey Bcock…

  101. *adds Pupster to The List*

  102. How did you end up here, Peaches?

  103. Pupster…I live in Florida *cough*

  104. I thought you moved to NC

  105. Hahahaha, yes and now I’m moving to Indiana.

  106. The new contractor at work is from Madison, CT.

  107. Peaches! How was your turkey day?

  108. yes and now I’m moving to Indiana.


  109. Pupster…I live in Florida *cough*

    Oh, you’re right Mare. Sorry for all the big words in the gif, here you go:

    Just hit the sign that look like a triangle or two sticks if you need time to process.

  110. Madison is kinda snooty.

  111. Hi Alex. Turkey day was okay. I ate waaay more than I should have but worked it off today. Pupster: I actually have no idea how I ended up here. Just surfing I guess.

  112. Hahahaha, yes and now I’m moving to Indiana.

    Be sure to visit Gary. The Jackson 5 were from there and it’s totally a fun city with lots of interesting people to meet and things to do.*
    *Interesting people may be gang members. Interesting things to do include but are not limited to smoking crack and prostituting yourself for more crack.

  113. Nighty nite folks. :-P

  114. Scott, I had no idea you guys had a line of clothing.
    Very nice designs.

  115. I actually used to go by the Jackson’s house all the time.

  116. Our top seller in Florida

  117. The socks should be white.

  118. He’s not snooty, but he’s still in the “wow, I’m working at NASA” stage. He’s certainly nicer than the woman he has replaced.

  119. ” yes and now I’m moving to Indiana.”
    *wonders why mare moves so much*
    *looks up top ten muzzie terrorists and finds sister love a horse al big booby*
    *doesn’t drop a dime for obvious reasons*

  120. Mare,
    WTF would you move to Indiana?
    Talk about “Climate Change”…
    Texas, Florida, Indian-WTF are we doing???

  121. Mare’s move kilt it.

  122. Castro is dead.

  123. Lots of rum tonight. Weeeee!

  124. How is South Florida taking the news? Media wouldn’t cover that.

  125. Dead! Emigres raucously partying!

  126. With Castro dead some people (okay, so far just me) are asking if Obama will trust his speech writers to create the eulogy he will deliver or just write it himself.

  127. Clever derp Sean

  128. 4 days left for my November beard. I’m going to try thinning it with a beard trimmer (borrowed from your mom). If I mess up I’ll go to a goatee (technically a “Van Dyke”) for a few more days before it all comes off.

  129. ww

  130. Lazy hostages. You guys act like it’s a holiday long weekend.

    I DIDN’T GET ANY DAYS OFF. *grumbles

  131. The lazy millennials I work with needed all sorts of days off. Yesterday three needed off (all bartenders) because it was one’s birthday. And now another one of those three need it off because it’s “Friendsgiving”.

    Seriously? you guys are making up another freakin holiday which is most likely just another excuse to get shit faced.

    I’m really interested, though, in how those meals turn out. I mean, seriously , none of them know how to cook.

  132. Another celebrity death, 2016? Haven’t you taken enough this year? Wait, who? Castro? Well, all righty then.

    (send Obama to the funeral, maybe Cuba will keep him.)

  133. I’ve been… busy. SS poat incoming.

  134. Babalu Blog crashed from the heavy traffic.

  135. MJ is moving to Indiana, therefore I am moving to Indiana.

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