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Lets face it. No matter how tough things get, we can always be thankful for something. 2016 has been marked by a lot of disappointing news but on Election Day we were greeted with wonderful news. Regardless of your feelings about DJT, the fact that Hillary Clinton will not be POTUS is something I, for one, will be giving thanks for on this day.

The feast comes in many forms. Traditional turkey, jazzed up turkey (deep fried, turducken, smoked, spatchcocked, turkey salad, turkey in a Jello mold) or something less conventional such as ham, standing rib roast, prime rib or fish sticks. Hillary supporters will be dining on tofurkey with tears for gravy.


Side dishes spawn great discussion. The primary controversy is whether to call it stuffing or dressing. Despite its common regional dialect, I had to be past the age of 30 before I heard anyone refer to stuffing as dressing. As a kid the stuffing was always in the bird and it tasted good. No one died from stuffing in the bird in my extended family. But someone somewhere fell ill after eating stuffing in the bird or some pointy-headed scientist did a bacterial culture on a commercial turkey left out on the counter all day and it grew salmonella and, BOOM, stuffing is no longer in the bird.

My nephew is a mountain of a man, still in college, but easily 6 foot 5 inches and 300 pounds. My mother is helping my sister with her cooking and she asked him what he’d like special. His reply was “A turkey, with stuffing in its ass like it’s supposed to be”. In defiance of the FDA my mother, in spite of his anatomical ignorance, is preparing this contraband item for him.

Stuffing or dressing, mashed potatoes, peas and/or carrots are the classics. Sweet potato casserole involving mini marshmallows and green beans with those fried onions from a can were exotic fare that we only saw at potluck suppers when we were in the Cub Scouts.

We’ve already covered the whole versus jellied cranberry controversy here. Adding another layer of complexity is homemade versus in the can.

Smoking the peace pipe

This label got the Mad magazine folding cover treatment back in grade school

Turducken is one of those mythical beasts that probably sound better than they taste

Piecaken on the other hand sounds like diabeetus in a pan

They must sell 95% of these between now and New Year’s Day.

I was making fun of the casserole but this looks like it might be good. Or “interesting”


Psalm 100

100 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.

Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.

Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

I couldn’t find the strip I was looking for which had a different saying but this is good too








  1. Dogs don’t sleep in on Thanksgiving

  2. Left on left.

  3. Re Roamy’s link: when you participate and accept crazy, you get more crazy. You are not normal or healthy if you want to be the opposite sex.

    I’d like to know how those fingernails make pulling a gun more efficient.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, good people!

  5. Stuffing if it’s in the turkey, Dressing if it’s cooked separately in a pan. Simple.

    Just Penelope and I this Thanksgiving. I think she’s going to a ttempt to spatchcock a chicken. Hoping to finish up a project for a friend before the football games start.

  6. wakey wakey.

    I’m not caffeinated enough to start.

  7. My attempts at spatchcocking have been to cook half chickens in the PBC. It begins the same way but at some point you need to cut through the sternum to make an actual half chicken. And it always seems to be a 53-47 or 56-44 chicken…no easy way to cut it perfectly even.

  8. This column gets reprinted every year. If you ever played HS football it’s a good one. We used to play on Thanksgiving and our traditional rival was a school larger than ours which guaranteed embarrassing defeats.

  9. stuffing makes the turkey take longer, and dries it out.

    /restaurant 101

  10. I cut out the backbone with a scissors, then it’s easy to cut the breast with a kitchen knife.

    I would imagine Dr Jimbro’s technique is less barbaric than mine.

  11. Mare, I thought it was both hilarious and sad that they wouldn’t let her attend her own event.

  12. Kind of like the gay pride parade where they invited BLM, and they refused because of the extra police security.

  13. I stuffed your mom.

  14. Jimbro, this is an outstanding post.

    Roamy, the leftists are so full of hate toward law enforcement and so cozy with the scum of society that they are *thees* close to flat out denying the existence of all crime that isn’t political. There will be a social excuse for everything.

    Refusing to bake a cake for somebody will still require a firing squad, though.

  15. First five of eleven loaves of artsy crunchy bread in the oven now.

  16. Cornbread for dressing is done, turkey is in the oven.
    Going to also have baked sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. Maybe plain peas if Rocketboy won’t eat the green beans. Maybe deviled eggs if I feel better. Still wiped out from the asthma attack yesterday. I took a Claritin with plenty of time for it to kick in, and it didn’t help much.

  17. Other than hostess gifts I have not bought or prepared anything for thanksgiving. Very strange feeling.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving, hostage peoples!

    Sweet potatoes – blech. Too sweet already and then putting marshmallows on them…gak.

  19. I have a pie in the oven. When it’s done, we’re packing up and going to the in-law’s.

  20. Happy Thanksgiving, Hostages!

  21. I made turkey, warming now. Simon and Garfunkel rub with butter and olive oil. stock mTXade last year. wondering if I should make bread.

  22. I’ll be making a turkey just for us either tomorrow or Saturday. That way the kids can have some leftovers to take home.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving Hostages!!!

  24. I read Geert Wilders’ whole speech. This part jumped out at me:

    “Mr. President, Members of the Court, I conclude.

    A worldwide movement is emerging that puts an end to the politically correct doctrines of the elites and the media that are subordinate to them.

    That has been proven by Brexit.
    That has been proven by the US elections.
    That is about to be proven in Austria and Italy.
    That will be proven next year in France, Germany, and The Netherlands.

    The course of things is about to take a different turn. Citizens no longer tolerate it.

    And I tell you, the battle of the elite against the people will be won by the people. Here, too, you will not be able to stop this, but rather accelerate it. We will win, the Dutch people will win, and it will be remembered well who was on the right side of history.

    Common sense will prevail over politically correct arrogance. Because everywhere in the West, we are witnessing the same phenomenon.”

    Hope he’s right. I’m delighted that Trump’s win is giving heart to our political confreres across the pond, the same way that Brexit uplifted ours. Who’d a thunk it?

  25. H2 wishing a happy Thanksgiving to IB:

  26. Hilarious AND useful for all of you at dinner today!

  27. Lauraw, Nigel Farage? Can you hear the people sing?

  28. Happy Thanksgiving, Hostages! Thankful for you, my friends.

  29. Happy Thanksgiving, Hostages and Hostagettes.

    I’m thankful you reprobates are in my life.

  30. I am thankful for my family, the hostages, my meatspace friends, my job and my US citizenship.

    I am grateful for the US military, cops and firemen.

    I am also enormously grateful that pretty soon, I will be using the term ‘President Trump’ regularly.

  31. Beasn, I just make plain baked sweet potatoes. My mom made the marshmallow thing, Mr. RFH’s mom made this gross casserole with syrup, coconut, and nuts. This is our compromise. Besides, there’s pumpkin pie if anyone wants something sweet.

  32. Kind of amused at all the people complaining that Trump is going to make a profit off the Presidency. Not that it’s right, but what did they think Hillary was going to do? Leave the White House “dead broke” again?

  33. I’m thankful for whiskey, waltzes, redheads and cigars.

    Also, for all you jackwagons, as well as my meatspace friends.

  34. Eggs are boiling for deviled eggs, but I’m only making 8 instead of a dozen.

  35. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fake internet friends, and Hotspur, I guess. ;)


  37. but I’m only making 8 instead of a dozen.

    Oh no, is Rocketboy okay?

  38. Hillary will never be president.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  39. Happy Thanksgiving!

  40. off to the family gathering… dessert coma awaits

  41. I like to think it was tushar’s immigrant vote that turned the tide.

  42. Jay, I wish that was the case. All I contributed was reduce Hillary’s margin by 2 in NJ. The Mrs voted for the Trumpster too.
    Also, there were a few Indian origin employees in the office who would sneak up to me and tell me they are voting for Trump too.
    All hush hush.

  43. Happy Thanksgiving, assorted weirdos. Won’t you join with me in singing this traditional hymn?

  44. Rocketboy is fine. I just declared a limit to what I was going to do. Dinner was good, time for a nap while the football game is on. First NFL game I’ve seen this season, but I’m not watching the other crap on TV. I have Act of Valor on Netflix disc, but no one else seems interested.

  45. Dinner and dessert done before 4 PM.

    tap tap tap … so, when’s the next meal?

  46. Who wants to come over and finish making dinner for me?

  47. Ham turned out well, stuffing, taters, corn, rolls all good.

    Pie suffered from sharing the oven with the ham, too runny to eat on a plate.


    Pie soup.



  50. One holiday down, one to go.


  52. Scott loves the holidays.

  53. Yule Tide!



  56. Classic.

  57. downstream from seans link:

  58. btw – nice job on virginia dare’s cotillion photo jimbro

  59. Happy Thanksgiving Hostages!

  60. Happy Thanksgiving, VMax.

  61. How is Mr Lp this evening?

  62. Happy Piesgiving, everyone!

  63. dog head on foot, I see what car in means.

  64. Happy Thanksgiving, hostages!

  65. Happy Thanksgiving hostages.

  66. I just realized that Dan didn’t make dressing or bread. All my carbs were tater! Not even enough to raise my blood glucose!!!

  67. **Groan**

    I guess I will put up Christmas decorations tomorrow and get it over with.

  68. evil dan

  69. Everything turned out yummy here. Bedtime

  70. Guy shooting granny free throws for Florida . he’s 6-7 though.

  71. Happy Thanksgiving, Hostsges!!!

  72. I’m stuffed.

  73. Happy Thanksgiving. Just squeaked it in. Go Buckeyes (I am sad that Michael isn’t around to take up for the skunk weasels).

  74. Actually, what I meant to say was, I stuffed your mom.

  75. Didn’t eat reasonable portions.

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