Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born May 29th, 1990 in Daventry, England. She stands 5‘ 4″ and measures 302435 and 108 lbs. Please say hello to Miss Kelly Hall.



    (Imgur video with sound)

  2. Oy!!

  3. Prime Poon

  4. Miss Daventry is a perky lil thing.

  5. My prediction:
    11 out of 10 leon will smash
    Odds are even on mj cus it depends on wether he identifies as Burt or Ernie today.

  6. Cyn would hit it.

  7. Another GREAT jerb by the Friday crew.

  8. Yes, Ms Hall is an 11 after the height adjustment.

  9. It’s not every woman who can wear a bergen like that.

  10. This one is supercute, and patriotic as well. Noice.

    Good morning!
    Remains dry here, we are in a fire watch/warning type situation. Hoping for some rain this afternoon. Every good rain cloud dries up before it gets to us, lately.
    And my garden is on standby. Cucumbers won’t grow. Rain barrel empty. I hate watering with the house water.

    Come on, rain!

  11. wakey wakey

  12. I doubt there is a Hostage other than yours truly who ever rode in (or saw for that matter) a Desoto.

  13. My Uncle George had one of these.

  14. I’ve probably seen several, my dad having taken me to every car show you can imagine over the years, but because I’m really not a ‘car person’ none of that ever made much impression on me. A few MG-type vehicles, here and there. Old Land Rovers and Triumphs like dad’s. A Kaiser-Darrin I saw recently that was like the one Lucille Ball used to drive. That’s about it. I just go to spend time with dad.

  15. Let’s not list the Hostages who ever rode your mom

  16. Yes, let’s not.

  17. Going over to Mom’s today to help her with a crisis. She’s still self-employed doing bridals. Now she’s ill and can’t do the work (at least for a while). She took on waaaaayyy too much and now she’s in the ditch. She has NINETEEN dresses to work on! Ridiculous, I don’t know how she does this to herself. Total stress situation.

    Anyway. I’m going in this morning to be the bad guy and make all the phone calls and make the brides scream and cry.

    *cracks knuckles*

    I was born for this moment.

  18. /stamps “Approved”

  19. So Vox had an article about how OUTRAGED the gay community is over monkey pox. The government needs to do something and it’s entirely the fault of the medical community/health organizations that this is spreading, and we hate gay people is why its happening.

    So, the spread is largely fueled by the hyper sexualized gay man – excuse me transwomen are included in this as the article points out- but there is no reason why it won’t spread.

    Because an infected person can pass it to someone they are in close contact with. They keep saying that, but it MUST have a much lower risk.

    Regardless – so if this spreads … how is it NOT the fault of the gay community for refusing to slow down the orgies for a bit?

  20. I don’t know if Lumpy fully realizes the hornets nest she’s walking into. Brides these day are OFF THE HOOK CRAZY.

  21. and make the brides scream and cry.

    Tell them you’re doing them a favor – it’s for their own good. They’ll thank you someday.

  22. People should teach their children not to put their dick in other peoples’ rectums.

    It’s for their own good. They’ll thank them for it later.

  23. It’s overcast now but the little weather map only says “Chance of Thunderstorms”. Looking ahead we have three days next week with the rain icon most of the time which we desperately need.

  24. how is it NOT the fault of the gay community for refusing to slow down the orgies for a bit?

    They shouldn’t have to. Orgies are in the constitution.

  25. We had rain for the past two nights which we too desperately needed. Maybe it’s headed your way, Jim.

  26. Yeah, I’ve seen some of the reporting on monkeypox portraying gay people solely as victims of government malfeasance. Failure of vaccine availability and distribution is the major reason for the spread of it … according to that line of reasoning.

    They always highlight the kids who get monkeypox. SEE!!! IT’S NOT JUST BUTT F*&KING!!!

    Monkeypox is a national emergency yet gay raves and bath house buggery stations are not closed down

  27. 9/10 would smash

  28. I’ve had 2 emails from the Maine CDC in the past 2 days about monkeypox. First one was before Brandon read it was a national emergency off the teleprompter and the one yesterday highlighted the increased risks to 4 different groups including kids, seniors and pregnant/breastfeeding women. Oh yeah, gay people too.

    They’re all in on monkeypox

  29. LOL @ breastfeeding women

    Your baby gave you the monkeypox.

  30. Isn’t the correct term chestfeeders?

  31. Ya know, as I typed my comment above, I was trying to recall the exact terms they used. I know breastfeeding was there, that stuck in my head because my sort of grandson is getting breast milk from his mom and I paid close attention to see if they recommended a jab for them. As far as I could tell the answer was no. Now I want to find the email and read it from the perspective of woke terminology

  32. They shouldn’t have to. Orgies are in the constitution.

    I just can’t muster the forks to care about it, but perhaps we should follow the covid protocol except orgies are just fine.

    Everyone wear a mask before you let 15-20 random men use your body like a piece of meat.

  33. 30-24-35??????

    Those are the biggest .30 cals I’ve ever seen.

    Nice job, Pupster!

  34. And for the record, you can’t possibly imagine the debauchery of gay men.

    Not all, but the middle of the road kinky straight dude is a puritan compared to your average gay man.

  35. If they were a mask while they have buttsex with 6 random guys they just met, they’ll be fine.

  36. “US CDC Update for Clinicians on Monkeypox in People with HIV, Children and Adolescents, and People who are Pregnant or Breastfeeding”

    They use the people word, not women. They got the body part right so I guess that counts as a win?

    Here’s the CDC section on monkeypox for your education and amusement

  37. Reading that twitter thread last week gave me an idea.

    How do these people do anything else in their life? How have they become ever-stuck in the hormonal state of a teenager?

    A friend of mine is always letting me know when she has sex – it’s sort of annoying. the other day it was 11 am and she informed me that they’d just had sex for a third time. It was all i could do to keep my mouth shut.

    And no, I’m not sending any of you her number.

  38. Carin just hates fun things and doesn’t want me to have fun things.

  39. She’s told me stories from the past … which honestly shock me. But yes- she’s wired like a gay man.

  40. Although 3 times by 11am seems like it would chafe.

  41. Yea, Leon. I get it. But there is a thing called satiation. Ironically my friend also has a HUGE problem with overeating. Mostly sweets. She works out a ton, and watches what she eats, because if she doesn’t (when she doesn’t) she is out of control. She’s told me what she eats when she goes to a movie theater – huge box of popcorn, big soda, two things of candy …

    She usually throws up on the way home. She’s called me from the grocery store upset because she had 10 oreos while shopping.

    I think these things are related.

  42. 3 times by 11 is what you do when you have teenage hormones. While on vacation. And have nothing else to do/responsibilities.

  43. Yeah, sounds like she has a pretty serious hormone disregulation.

  44. Don’t let that chick near your meth or crack stash

  45. Ain’t no one getting to my meth stash.

  46. Oh man, I love the pronoun thing.

    You can be anything you want…from this approved list.

    LOL – it’s all so dumb. White teenaged girls have taken over the world.

  47. >>LOL – it’s all so dumb. White teenaged girls have taken over the world.

    You can deny reality for some time. Sometimes for a long time. But it reappears with a vengeance.

  48. Still in the Apu voice, yet Apu has been cancelled.

    I rate Tushar’s comment as true.

  49. 😆😆

  50. I read that a few days ago. For those of you who don’t know, Michael Anton wrote the famous Flight 93 Election essay in 2015.

    I still can’t believe people think this whole 1/6 thing is real. The far left absolutely loves it. It’s like they’re binge watching GoT. Everyday is a cliffhanger ending and now the 1/6 committee has Alex Jones cell phone! Squeeee!

    I don’t even understand how anything is related and neither do they but everyone is sure that Donald Trump is going to jail.

    Again. Again they are convinced Donald Trump will be behind bars this time for sure.

  51. I rate Trump as more likely to personally invade and conquer Cuba than to do any hard time.

  52. Trump facing “consequences” for anything is really beside the point. It is the theater surrounding it all that gets their job done. It is controlling the minds of the left and the Never Trumpers. I went down a rabbit hole of articles that were just depressing this morning. But Glenn has it right here (beginning of a longer essay):

    That the liberal belief in and fear of a Trump-led fascist dictatorship and violent coup is actually a fantasy — a longing, a desire, a craving — has long been obvious.

    The Democrats’ own actions proved that they never believed their own melodramatic and self-glorifying rhetoric about Trump as The New Hitler — from their leaders joining with the GOP to increase The Fascist Dictator’s domestic spying powers and military spending to their (correct) belief that the way to oust The Neo-Nazi Tyrant was through a peaceful and lawfully conducted democratic election in which vote totals and, if necessary, duly constituted courts would determine the next president.

    The motives for concocting this Wagnerian fantasy about coups, dictatorship, concentration camps and civil war are numerous. Politics is boring, and your life unspectacular, if it’s dedicated to a goal as banal and uninspiring as empowering a septuagenarian career-politician — the centrist-authoritarian author of the 1994 Crime Bill, the credit card industry’s most loyal servant, and key Iraq War advocate — along with his tough-on-crime prosecutor-running-mate who always seems as if she just left a meeting of the Aetna Board of Directors where massive hikes in deductibles were approved.

    Glory is available only if one can convincingly herald oneself as a front-line warrior risking it all to courageously battle unprecedented evil and a Nazi-like menace. But working to do nothing more than elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the rest of the painfully ordinary and mediocre corporatist and imperialist Democratic Party politicians through a standard American election? There’s no glory residing in that, no courage needed for it, to put it mildly.

    Posturing as a courageous soldier in an existential battle for freedom, democracy and the survival of the marginalized against Nazi despotism is far more exciting and psychologically satisfying (and financially profitable) than being an obedient liberal drone marching in perfect tune to the dreary, McKinsey-scripted musical theater produced by Tom Perez and the DNC. That is therefore the delusional storyline adopted by many.

  53. This one – depressing. And you try to tell folks, and you either get “i just don’t pay attention to politics anymore” or they think you’re a crazy person. This all doesn’t end will, and there will be no joy in “I told you so’s”. Only when it is too late will people start asking what they can do.

  54. Ben is selling his Jeep to a woman at his former place of employment. I gave him an interest free loan for it that he’s been paying me $400/month on. His survivor’s benefit from his dad just ended and with school approaching he wanted to sell it. Paula has a Jeep and a car which he has been using a lot because of the gas prices. Anyway, I was thinking of a few options for the close to 20 grand coming my way until Paula, on her way out the door said, “ Well this will pay for Ben’s tuition”.

    Let my voice join the chorus of those who said KIDS ARE EXPENSIVE

  55. double heh:

    Can we start a gofundme to get Shaun King a 23andMe test?

  56. I hate you people so very much.

  57. I was making lunch and now I’m in a meeting, I do what I can here.

  58. Well, it’s not enough.

  59. Pretty soon I have to text the guy at the auger company and let him know that I’m not coming to work there. That’s semi-exciting.

  60. I have to work at 4, so that’s probably when everyone will start telling stories and sharing links.


    Maybe, just maybe, next time I have a juicy Sean’s penis story … I won’t tell you people.

  61. Sean’s Juicy Penis.

  62. Just how Shep would describe it.

  63. I mean, I could just share a made-up story. Not like any of you would know.

    …well you might twig to it when I bring up the kaiju.

    Y’know just forget I said anything.

  64. Don’t watch after eating anything spicy

    It’ll burn on the way up

  65. Okay, Carin is gone so it’s story time

    Rowan has been showing his age over the last few weeks in terms of moving slower, eating his treats slower, less active overall or so we thought. He’s an 8 year old red heeler. We were a little surprised but he was otherwise fine until a few days ago. At night he usually hangs out with me until I go to bed upstairs and always goes out for a last pee before bed. He didn’t go and was slow up the stairs. On Wednesday morning he needed a lot of coaxing to come down stairs and was lethargic all day. After watching for any improvement and not seeing it we brought him to the Vet yesterday. Lyme test was negative and they drew a CBC and metabolic panel. He came home with pain meds and doxycycline. I’m happy to report he’s made at least an 80% recovery and wants to eat, drink, poop and play again. We held off on fetch today, still needs a little more recovery time.

    We’re not sure what is going on but hoping the antibiotics clear up whatever he had going on. He really is my #1 dog of a lifetime of dogs.

  66. Now I know how Carin feels …

  67. “” Now I know how Carin feels … “”
    Sad you can’t share your juicy penis stories ?

  68. Your mom has lots of those.

  69. Withholding juicy penis stories is a form of collective punishment for not entertaining her sufficiently

  70. Found a nice low-key Thai restaurant nearby, food is good and reasonably priced. Took Boy2 there tonight and had a nice time, with good father-son conversation stuff, I feel like we made some headway in this topsy-turvy world.

    A story is told about a 19th century gambler who was gambling in a small town. A friend told him that the game was rigged, but the gambler remarked, “I know it’s crooked, but it’s the only game in town.”

  71. Big hugs for Rowan. Getting St Francis on it.

  72. Not sure if it’s national news or not, but wrong way driver at Intertribal Parade in Gallup…drunk native. 14 injured.

  73. BITD a car headed wrong way at an event in Reno, was taken out by LEO. Drunk illegal in that case.

  74. We got nada. Parts of Albuquerque had flooding. We live 2 miles from work. Flooding at Sam’s. Nada.

  75. I saw a quick hit news story about Gallup but it was short on details.

  76. This morning the weather app showed a 40% chance of rain late in the day as scattered popup storms. This afternoon it changed to 70% chance, with some storms already starting to cross the state. I was so happy. My area showed lots of rain coming. Two hours later I was wondering where they were.

    Checked the past radar loop; it showed the eastward marching precipitation all drying up and vanishing before it got to this area again. “X% Chance of rain” verbiage was eliminated from the forecast entirely.

    We remain under fire warning, etc. and still in the 90’s this coming week. BAH. If we get nada for precip tomorrow I’m watering the garden with the hose again.

  77. Lumps, our monsoon season has been a wash at our Condo. Jimbro, the story was slow rolled. Everyone was hoping it wasn’t a drunk Indian, but an hate crime.

  78. I was singing Beaners and Mexican Americans from Cheech and Chong. Only one Hispanic CoW understood the reference. Had to Ososplain to 5 youngsters. We were talking about the FLOTUS calling us Breakfast Tacos.

  79. Mount Shasta is an inter-dimensional portal powered by water you guys. I love Ancient Aliens.

  80. Ancient Aliens is just a psy op to hide the reptoids.

  81. Forget the Reptoids. It’s the Mantises and Arcturians you gotta worry about.

  82. Dan is watching Jeopardy and I am screaming at the TV like my dad and his bros.

  83. They can’t hear you.

  84. The Nordics and Greys gave up on our sorry asses.

  85. Greys are still here, but you have to take heroic doses of DMT before they’ll talk to you. It’s not dimensional shifting or anything, they just get lulz from talking to humans who are tripping ballz.

  86. Nordics yes, Greys no. Eisenhower rejected the Nordics because they insisted we give up nukes for their help. Greys are still very active and enjoy the abductions and probing. Ike signed an agreement with them allowing this. I suspect they are contract workers for Arcturians. Mantises operate on the California coast and are also abduction and probe enthusiasts.

  87. So…Mantis Pox it is then…

  88. 5% of those probed enjoy it.

  89. REP

  90. And here’s what the reptoids want us all to eat, so we’re more palatable for them:

  91. Ooo, AA is going into the Reptoids now. This will be interesting.

  92. Reptoids monkeyed with monkeys to make humans.

  93. It’ll all be disinfo. AA works for them!

  94. Looking at you Sobek. You’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

  95. The alligator turtle was wandering through the new ‘Bama homestead of my favorite gardening guy. He doesn’t normally talk like that. He’s basically one of us but a better musician and has like ten kids.

  96. Funny thread. I read it out loud to Mr. RFH, and he laughed. We both know people who do stuff like this but not necessarily write well enough about it.

  97. What about the vicar who managed to get a whole potato shoved up his ass? Did he consider himself a scientist?

  98. Interesting – the Reptoids are the most ancient of AA influence of human DNA. But they had wars with the Greys and Nordics and forced under ground. But now Reptoid-Human Hybrids are ruling us.

  99. I’m home now. No Sean’s penis stories. Or maybe I have them and don’t want to tell you.

  100. did anyone shit their pants tonight?

  101. “” Reptoids monkeyed with monkeys to make humans. “”

    not cool mitch…. not… cool…

  102. I did not shit my pants.

  103. What about the vicar who managed to get a whole potato shoved up his ass? Did he consider himself a scientist?

    It’s science if you take notes while you’re doing, otherwise you’re just screwing around.

  104. Y’all needing rain need to wash your cars, that always summons a good storm for me. Or start the construction of something where you need a week without rain in order to get the foundation poured. That got me three months of rain every three days like clockwork.

  105. **Comment by Jimbro on August 5, 2022 3:54 pm**

    they can’t help themselves.

  106. Roamy what if one has an assistant that takes the notes and films it while said one handles the technical aspects?
    Principal Researcher?

  107. Dammit, Dave, you made me cry.

    Today’s memory on Facedouche was a pic taken by a co-worker of me in a clean room suit assembling flight hardware in 2014. DiT had commented “Ebola prep?” Miss you, ya goober.

  108. Jam, I’m sure there’s an NEA grant in there somewhere.

  109. Hey, Dick Cheney, you’re the coward, how many men and women are you responsible for maiming or killing over your bullshit wars? Trump’s administration was bringing some peace to the Middle East and making headway with North Korea. Also, DICK, you damn well know if Trump was president the Ukraine money laundering scheme would never have left the ground. I wonder how much you profited? And your fat, bitter daughter?

    Kiss my ass.

  110. Ohai.

  111. Damon eventually remembered passwords.

  112. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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