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Your model for today was born on February 15th, 1996 in Pescara, Italy. She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 362233 and 110 lbs. Please be a real boy for Miss Martina Finocchio.


  1. Wakey wakey

  2. Well now I have a little more sympathy for Joy Behar and her fears about her trip to Italy.

  3. Bonjourno!

  4. Happy Graduation! Show us what you learned in college.

    (Imgur video)

  5. It will be interesting to see if he changes the spec like he should or writes a waiver to save face.

    I’m dealing with a consultant/spec writer that doesn’t proofread or cross reference his documents, and it’s a no-win situation for me as a bidder. If I point out the discrepancies in equipment counts pre-bid he gets upset like I’m showing him up and will be a prick through the whole project. If I use the lowest number, my bid is wrong and I get “you should have known”. If I use the right number I’ll be higher priced than all the other bidders.

  6. And another awesome edition of as the tits turn,!!!

  7. Pour some Ragu on that child and ring the dinner bell.

  8. I prefer Prego IYKWIM

  9. Apparently no one gets my allusion to man sauce

  10. Snow today, 4-5 inches predicted

  11. We got about 3″, but it’s puffy. Not shovel-worthy.

  12. 10/10 would smash

  13. Just got back from Driving Erin to the airport. It took forever.

  14. Her last name means ‘fennel.’ I suspect it isn’t her real name.

  15. My guess, Putin will install a Russian loyalist regime rather than swallowing it whole.
    They can maintain a fiction of independence. Just a guess, but the new leaders have been groomed/paid for years.
    Nailed it.

    Wasn’t it something like 10 years ago that this was the situation? I sort of remember maiden square and an orange revolution?

    Dunno. Anyway, back to everyone pretending Ukraine is free even though a bottle of Smirnoff – a literal bottle of vodka is the prime minister.

    As soon as the ‘elite’ are satisfied that the spice will continue to flow this whole thing will be forgotten about.

  16. We got a few inches of heavy sleet/snow mix that Scott calls “heart attack snow”.

  17. “My guess, Putin will install a Russian loyalist regime rather than swallowing it whole.
    They can maintain a fiction of independence. Just a guess, but the new leaders have been groomed/paid for years.”

    So back to the pre-2014 coup conditions. Works for me.

  18. I had someone tell me with a straight face that they’re losing faith in us as a company because they found 6 errors in 30 billion data attributes.

    The same type of personality is in charge of your kid wearing a mask.

  19. got 5 inches of fluffy stuff here too. Cleared 3″ at home with a leaf blower.

  20. Good move, Prather

    You would do well with Chad, Texas.

  21. MS Teams is utter garbage. If your company even thinks about using it, you should consider resignation.

  22. I had someone tell me with a straight face that they’re losing faith in us as a company because they found 6 errors in 30 billion data attributes.

    The firewall will eff up packet data more often than that.

  23. Twitter: Kentaji Brown Jackson is the Supreme Court nominee?

    what do we know about her?

  24. Teams isn’t that bad. I don’t know what you are having trouble with, perhaps it’s linux integration.

  25. The enemy of working well is perfection.

  26. We know she’s a black woman and all you wingers who don’t respect that are pure racists and literal Nazis

  27. It’s all just silliness.

    I almost told him perhaps they should focus on prescribing medication better and you know, not killing a few hundred thousand people a year.

    But I didn’t because IDGAF. Powerless, shallow people will seek power wherever they can find it.

    Now let’s talk about something that matter…Dr Jill’s so hot you guys fishnets!

  28. My part of the Big Ag Corp used to be a different company, and we all have (spit) macs. Prior to the acquisition, they were on Slack. Which, you know, worked. It certainly didn’t just not open windows while also refusing to stop AND restart. After the merger, Teams for all, because Big Pharma Corp that bought Big Ag Corp was a M$ shop.

  29. She hit the tits jackpot. Good thing since it looks like she crapped out on brains.

  30. This chick looks almost exactly like my after college girlfriend.

  31. that I can buy. integration between OS systems is a bear.

  32. Dude, for all you know she could be. The Italy thing could just be made up.

    You did way better with GND.

  33. Heh, hitting the tits jackpot implies the existence of a Tits Lottery which is funny. At least it is to me

  34. Ok – Interviewing for a new job but it’s really just because a friend called and thought it might be a good fit.

    It’s so different when you don’t need a job. I’m asking for crazy shit just to see what they say.

  35. Said girlfriend also hit the tits lottery. She started a solid C but on my 22nd birthday I wished for them to get bigger and they did.

    Ended as a solid D.

  36. Maybe next week we could have Ketanji Brown Jackson. Her tits are pretty big – but only if we want to blow up the blog and never talk to one another again.

  37. You blew your one wish on a pair of jugs?

  38. I met wife #1 when she was 16. A to D before that ended.

  39. I assumed I’d have more wishes.

    No regrets

  40. Fin uno, fin dos, fin tres:
    Fin cuatro, fin cinco. fin seis;
    Fin siete . . . .


  41. Our snow is the texture of sand. Millions of tiny ice BBs. Gross.
    Jay, that is a remarkable letter. I notice they didn’t mention Vax mandates.

  42. they are hoping everyone will just forget about that one

  43. Our snow is still of the light and fluffy variety which hopefully continues as long as snow’s gonna snow

  44. You guys! I only have 83 pages left to go! Can you tell how excited I am?

  45. “Declaring victory over Covid” will be followed by labeling anyone who dares to call out the Dems for their bullshit including masks, lockdowns and mandates as reprobates who don’t want to move on from the pandemic.

  46. I wish it wasn’t 6:30 when i left, or I would have gotten out the leaf blower again. Then everything would be clear when I got home. Now there might be a little ice, from melting.

  47. I think DeSantis should go and greet them personally.

  48. Hopefully he has a spy at the event and chooses a few cringeworthy clips to cut a commercial.

  49. twitter: NY dropping OUTSIDE mask mandate for kids

    crazy asses

  50. Hokel is scum.
    No better than cuomo.

  51. Heh: youtube: Ode to the Chili Mac MRE

  52. Wait, kids (or anyone) had to where masks outside???

    WTF is wrong with New Yorkers?

  53. Two boobs
    One expression
    Hostage BBF

    Burma Shave

  54. Jay, that’s tragic. Thoughts and prayers for Chris.

  55. I got my violin out for Mr Wallace.

  56. It is very nearly impossible to listen to that and not understand the depth of my sadness for dear Chris.

    And by that I mean grin like an Irishman after wee dram.

  57. Everyone must be off playing with their Finocchio

  58. You know what? Seeing pictures of the president of Ukraine and the mayor of Kiev in body armor and camo is really freaking badass.

  59. Imagine Pete buttplug, warren Wilhelmina, lorry lightweight , etc etc etc picking up a weapon and defending our country. ?

  60. Or that pig pecker puffing treaudough.

  61. We should send a note to Chrissy wallass – he should head to ukeville as a behind the lines war correspondent.

  62. I just read a few posts at the daily Kos. Haven’t read it in years.

    It’s so weird…they’re stuck in 2001. Nothing has changed since Boooooosh.

    It’s like a time machine.

  63. What a surprise, Ketanji Jackson has a reputation for getting overturned in her liberal decisions

  64. We were up Carin’s way today, first at a high end appliance place in Auburn Hills with our friends, then when we left about 1:30 we headed up to the White Horse Inn in Metamora right around the bend from Carin.

    On the way back down US-23 south of Flint we ended up in a trucker convoy with U.S. and Gadsden flags streaming all over the place, and overpasses jammed with onlookers and flag wavers. They are all headed to DC to visit Brandon.

  65. Opinions may vary, but ya know, while Putin & the rest of the Kremlin is distracted now would be an opportunity to roll into Moscow with minimal resistance. To my recollection, the Soviets never fought on 2 different fronts successfully. This makes me wonder if Ukrain is a distraction from a bigger internal problem inside Russia.

  66. Alternatively, while the world is watching Ukraine, a swift take down of Taiwan might happen

  67. all headed to DC to visit Brandon
    I think the idea is to arrive for the SOTU

  68. According to urban legend there’s a gigantic sink hole in Flint where Michael Moore stumbled & fell while on a bender. Did you happen to see that, HS?

  69. That’s a myth. If that had happened, he’d still be in the hole.

  70. Very good possibility, Jimbro. This is just the latest, and biggest defining moment of Brandon’s residency. The world views Brandon as weaker than we do, but don’t mention it lest you be brought up on charges of treason.

  71. I suspected that, Leon. The quake would have been felt in my area. May have even triggered the big one that wipes California off the map.

  72. There IS a sunken garden in Huntington, Indiana. Huntington is somewhat of a college town for those that swing from the opposite side of the plate. I’ll have to look into if Michael ever visited that burg.

  73. * opposite side of the plate. Not sure about that. Perhaps unnatural side would be a better way of saying that. Or the dogs side of the plate. Dogs really get into that shit! Gotta throw a bucket of water on them to separate them.
    I’ll go with dogs in the future.

  74. I’ve seen greenhouses set up like that, dug into hills usually. Helps moderate the soil temp.

  75. 👋🏻

  76. On the news at this moment, pipedreams about starting the keystone pileline project again.
    Not gonna happen. The creators & investors had enough of the On & off again bullshit a few months ago and gave up. It’s not gonna happen, especially with a limp dicked excuse for a leader like Brandon residing in the glorious house named after the supremacist boogeymen in our society.

  77. Strange. Bureacrats can eliminate 7-10 years of vigorous testing & release a questionable vaccine on the public, but when it comes to energy a few cattails, frogs & mosquitos take priority over humans.
    Christ, I really should be in prison. That kind of shit makes me want to kill idiots that are wasting our oxygen.

  78. The sunken garden in Huntington is natural. Something to do with the limestone under the soil & the river that runs through Huntington, it’s name escapes me, meeting the Wabash river a few miles down stream these days.
    There’s a dam in Huntington that I’ve seen a ~40# catfish reeled in from below its spillway. A few miles down the Wabash I’ve taken quite a few Walleye at the confluence of the Salamonie & Wabash back in the day.

  79. Sounds like a cenote, almost.

  80. NM can expect rolling brown outs this Summer. Solar and Wind aren’t on track to handle our electricity requirements before San Juan goes offline. I keep telling La Raza that Drats are after their wood/gas stoves. No more tortillas. No more tamales.

  81. 16 year old kid shot outside of a WESTSIDE High School in the Q. Any bets it was gang related?

  82. LOL. I see where this is going!
    On the news, Tx sheriff, 220,000 illegal immigrants per month came into this country since October. Send them to Ukraine to earn their right to be here, or find their new homeland. I might be on board with that idea.

  83. Oso, mother nature is a fickle bitch ruling over her realm. That’s why I live in the sticks coexisting with nature, as a felon that may or may not be armed.

  84. I’ll go with dogs in the future.

    The fuck you will.


    B B F Candidate


  86. I feel like we’ve seen the cenote one recently. Maybe I saw it somewhere else. Interesting regardless.

  87. Probably me, it’s one of my favorites (and Possum’s), and not everyone knows they exist.


  89. Oh good, Adam Kinzinger wants a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Awesome!

    I’ve been reading and watching stuff about Ukraine all day, and there’s some really inspiring stuff happening. I really hope Ukraine kicks Russia’s butt so hard that Putin is jailed and then executed by his own people. But I can’t think of a single reason why this suddenly became America’s war.

  90. Busy day at work. I would have lost the bet – the expert capitulated and is working to fix the spec. Miracles never cease. Drawback is that I have to work tomorrow.

  91. Going to ask the boss for time off for Ash Wednesday and First Friday in exchange for the overtime. Might have to explain those to him, not sure what religion he is. Previous boss was Catholic.

  92. I read a little about helicopters being shot down, tanks destroyed and Russian troops captured. Also read radiation levels are spiking near Cherrnobyl. Hard to know what’s real with the fog of war and propaganda from both sides.

  93. Also read radiation levels are spiking near Cherrnobyl.

    Years ago, there was a photojournalist that rode her motorcycle around Chernobyl. She carried a Geiger counter and showed the radiation levels in different places. The roads seemed to be okay, but once you got off the roads and into the grass, the radiation levels went way up. Absorption of the fallout? I don’t remember, but there wasn’t going to be any farming for some time. I wonder if they churned all that up.

  94. Roamy, Iwatched Chernobyl on HBO. We’re currently off on Wednesday. First time for ashes in forever. Our Archdiocese is still pretty closed.

  95. I’m not rooting for the side that pays graft to the bidens and the clintons. This is a civil war and none of our business. NATO is a dinosaur. The EU can handle its own problems. They want air cap? The EU nations have planes and pilots.

  96. Cenotes.
    Like a hunnert dollas?

  97. Putin being executed like a czar would be kind of apropos

  98. Had to work all day – came home to a disaster of and ice mess on the driveway. I’ll be all day cleaning that crap up tomorrow.

  99. Oi.

  100. Pray for oso.

  101. Never go full oso.

  102. They’re trying to wag the dog.

  103. ^^Chapter 9 is when the Geiger counter is clicking pretty good.

  104. Wear

  105. “I’m not rooting for the side that pays graft to the bidens and the clintons.”

    I totally understand that. But my heart breaks for the Ukrainians who are standing in line to get rifles to defend their country.


    I’m too tired to look for the video, but there was one press conference with Trump, Fauci, Birx, etc. where after the event ended, Jim Acosta said something to Fauci, Fauci grinned like an idiot and nodded back at him. There was something about the exchange that made me think, what the hell was that? Whose side are you on? In that same way, Elena here picked up on the vibe that something wasn’t right, that these were lying cocksuckers who had lied before and gotten away with it. I am glad there are others who refused the jab, seems like too many people are all in. Young co-worker got his booster, even though he admits he thinks it’s worthless, because he thinks he will need it to travel.

  107. Went back through old comments and was amused by both Beasn and Mare calling out Fauci in March 2020. Hostages are the best.

  108. Oh, and Hotspur called Fauci a cunt. Good call.

  109. Interesting thread, wish XBrad or CoAlex would chime in their opinion.

  110. I still can’t believe that a majority of Americans ran to get a medication that was tested on humans for just three months. And now they are lining their children up.

  111. I know, standing in line sucks right? That’s why I got my own rifle. I hate lines.

  112. *sends the flying monkeys*


    *armors the flying monkeys*
    *sends the flying monkeys*

    You’re gonna need to take the family coach on three trips through the carwash. They been eating a lot of beans.

  113. I met Kinzinger several years ago when he came through Scott AFB on a tour as new congresscritter.

    I remember thinking, ‘Cool we got an Illinois Republican who’s an AF pilot ( he was a tanker pilot in the Guard)’. Then I met him, total douche. A couple of guys went over to shake hands with him and chat.

    They all walked away shaking their heads and muttering a variation of, ‘what a tool bag’.

  114. What did he say to make you think that?

  115. It was the total lack of engagement he had with his fellow pilots. He just nodded and barely made eye contact, could tell he wanted to move on. A real pilot likes talking flying with other pilots, especially a group like us, all Guard/Reserve pilots.

    He seemed very fake to me, and it turns out I was right!

  116. Yup. That sounds like an authentic douchetool.

  117. I read the thread Roamie posted. Some decent points, but seemed like an awful lot of wishcasting. I think maybe the Ukies have the will to fight a short term conflict. I just can’t speculate on how much Russia is willing to commit to this.

    I think maybe the pundits and Trump are premature in giving Putin’s rationality the benefit of doubt. I see no point in taking Kiev via conventional warfare and boots on the ground. I am only a poor retired Lt Col, but some parts of this just aren’t making sense to me.

  118. “I see no point in taking Kiev via conventional warfare and boots on the ground.”

    None of this makes sense to me, either. First of all, Putin said he was going to send in troops to secure peace for separatist groups (an obvious fiction, but whatever, he just needs the fig leaf) but then he stampedes as fast as possible towards Kiev, which completely undermines that fig leaf. Maybe he’s trying to force a settlement? Who knows.

  119. Mare posted a link yesterday (4:08 pm) talking about biolabs in Ukraine. I forwarded it to another non-vaxer, and he came back with another link that basically said Fauci’s sand flea torture of beagles was also tied to bioweapons development. It would not surprise me if Putin invaded to stop/steal the next bioweapon being developed. Three of those labs are in Kiev.

  120. I feel like that wide-eyed guy with all the red lines and papers on the board.

  121. I hear you Roamy. The amount of crazy is getting out of hand. We’ve been conditioned for the last year where all the crazy conspiracy theories turned out to be true. However, we have to remember people lie and the crazies are not always on to something. I think we all feel like the burning times are right around the corner and it’s put us all on edge. We are being manipulated to think this way too. When we trust no one, we have no one to rally around. I do think we are at a turning point where things will change drastically, but how it all plays out is up for grabs. The old Chinese curse of “may you live in interesting times” is upon us.

  122. Desperately, Edwin repeated prayers.

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