2021 BBF Championships Semi-Final Round 5

Hello, and welcome to the 2021 BBF Championship Semi-Final Round 5.  




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Your model for today was born on August 4th, 2000 in New York City. She stands 5’3″ and measures 32G – 24 – 35 and weighs not much. Please turn on safe-search and welcome MisAutumn Falls.



She looks kind of stupid.


Just my type. Foist!


Meh. 8/10 would smash





Your model fotoday was born March 30th, 1983 in Kyiv, Druzhkovka, Ukraine. She stands 5′ 4″ and measures 37 – 24 – 36 and 108 lbs. Please defend the motherland for Miss Katie Fey AKA Eugenia Diordiychuk / Jenya D / Evgenia Diordychuk / Katie Fay / Shawnee / Vanesa Gojgik / Yevgenia Diordiychuk / Yevgeniya Diordiychuk.



Nice tits Pup.



Positively ancient for a BBF model


9/10 would smash





Your model for today was born December 16th, 1990 in Preston, Lancashire, England.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 32 – 28 – 38 and undisclosed lbs.  Please welcome Miss Claudia Dean.



Comment by Jimbro on August 20, 2021 5:33 am



Comment by jam2 on August 20, 2021 5:47 am



Comment by MJ on August 20, 2021 7:12 am

10/10 would smash





Your model for today was born February 18th, 1962 in Concord, California. She stoo6′ 1″ and measured 41 – 27 – 38 and 137 lbs.  Pleastake a shot for Miss Julie Strain.  





7/10 would smash and grab


L to R: Julie, MJ






  1. Brunette Week

  2. COVID-19: Science-Based Information

    New site, mentioned on Principia. If you’re looking for more Covid info.


  3. Autumn Falls?? Autumn Falls? Although it is a good stripper name.

    We all know Claudia would be the most fun.

    Miss Julie Strain would have a few of you did to her what you wanted to.

  4. This article is about a week old but still informative


    At some point this whole charade must collapse under the weight of its inconsistencies. We’re just in that awkward phase where people are willing to stab their friends and neighbors in the back for an extra ration

  5. Julie Strain looks like she knew how to wield a strap on

  6. Oh no bad news for MJ!


  7. I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere that the vaccine is not a vaccine.

    It’s a treatment. Is that true?

  8. That would be stretching the definition of treatment if it were used as one. I think of treatment as an “after the fact” method to deal with a problem.

    This jab is given to supposedly decrease symptoms in its recipients who can still sustain, suffer and die from Covid while feeling reassured that they made Dementia Joe and Saint Fauci happy prior to shuffling off this mortal coil.

  9. I’m gonna go with the second one. The first picture is great, the rest are meh at best.

  10. A lot of covid fear and it appears the leaders with the most tyrannical bent are women.

    Not good.

  11. wajet wajet

  12. Youtube sucks so much. Every few mins, and sometimes every 30 seconds I have to listen to some Chad talk about his mud coffee or a sad mom talk about taking my gun because her son was shot a decade ago.

  13. Unrelated, there are literally no good live recordings of Fleetwood Mac.

    There are actually no good digital versions either. The 40 year old LP of Dreams sounds better than anything I can find.

  14. There are actually other sources for music online.

  15. Besides, Fleetwood mac sucks. As in, nothing they do is interesting to me. And Stevie Nicks performance at her induction to the R and R hall of fame was terrible.

  16. MJ, watching ads on YT is for chumps. There are plugins for that.

  17. Skank week?

  18. Autumn looks sorta stupid.

  19. Merriam-Webster literally changed the definition of vaccine so Branch Covidians could claim that’s what they had.

  20. Autumn looks sorta stupid.

    Yes: The glasses, they do nothing!

  21. For Sobek – no one else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScRG40_7zb0

  22. if we renounce our citizenship and stay here illegally, can we jump in on the $450k apiece class action for illegals?

  23. 2, the Biden Administration came in and reversed every single Trump policy. They’re overturning Trump era laws at the moment. Does anyone believe that the GOP would ever do this to Democrat policies and laws?

    From AOS. Of course they wouldn’t! they wouldn’t even reverse an illegal health insurance scam that wrecked the medical industry, and they promised to do that specifically!

    God I hate McConnell, don’t care about all the judges. Ryan can eat a bag of dicks too.

  24. I don’t really like FM that much but Lindsay Buckingham is a very different sort of guitar player.

  25. Vaccine my ass. It suppresses symptoms. With those masked the infected can be unaware they have it. They are no less contagious for that fact.

    The jab doesn’t stop or slow the spread. It ENABLES it.

  26. What kind of man breaks up with a gal, and remains in the same band while she writes songs about their relationship?

  27. Especially since he’s the one who got her into the band.

  28. Some good news – it sounds like Mr. RFH’s company will allow unvaxed to work from home and require testing only if they are going on-site and within 72 hours before. I think they saw how many people were going to walk (4 in his group alone, that he knows of, all senior guys with clearances) and blinked.

  29. 2nd model gif made me laugh. Thanks, Pupster!

  30. Lindsay got rich on her singing about the breakup while he played.

    It’s almost but not quite pimp.

  31. Kind of a meh bracket, other than respect for the late Miss Julie.

  32. almost like it was planned, leon. they were ok with the breakup, and decided to capitalize on it.

  33. Thinking about one of these for festive wear around the holidays


    Either that or a kilt

  34. Comment by Jimbro on October 29, 2021 9:06 am
    Thinking about one of these for festive wear around the holidays


    Either that or a kilt


    This is definitely a good way to lure Alex back!

  35. Learned a new word at Carin’s “Trouble in Biden-Harris Land” link



  36. I rate this as true.

  37. I’ve been chatting with two buddies via Signal app this morning. Both x-ray techs. The older one took the jab early on but he’s got a couple of risk factors. The younger guy has been trying to get a religious exemption and has been stonewalled by the administration for weeks until this morning when it was granted. Today is mandate day in Maine.

    I think the administration realized their plans to hire new grads, new hires and travelers was the same plan that every hospital system in the country (if not worldwide) had at the same time.

    This may have been a factor as well:


    The administration also sent out an email informing employees that they could pick up shifts doing “unskilled” jobs (transport, door screener, dietary aide) for their same rate of pay. So, getting nurse pay to hand out meal trays to patients, for example. They’re getting desperate.

  38. In case anyone missed this: https://twitter.com/buitengebieden_/status/1453485297354825730

  39. Only someone who works in government would think mandates are a good idea.

  40. My nurse bestie says the situation is getting pretty bad here in MIchigan. She got the shot early on, but is against the mandate, and will not be allowing her child to be jabbed.

  41. I wonder about the kiddos.

    Our pediatrician enthusiastically endorsed it for our 4 year old. He’s not even in the age group they’re thinking about opening up.

    My guess is that it’ll be required by schools and what not because they’re run by Karens who hate parents and most children.

  42. Your pediatrician is an effing idiot. Get a new one. FFS that’s ridiculous, even the most stupid person can look at stats and see children don’t get sick with covid. Also, if you get vaccinated you can still give covid to others so what’s the effing point?

  43. I wonder about the kiddos.


    You wonder what’s going to happen after most are vaccinated?

  44. Autoimmune disorders, cancer, infertility.

    But it will be practically the entire population, so they’ll blame something else.

  45. You wonder what’s going to happen after most are vaccinated?
    I wonder how many people will line up to get their kids the shot and how much pressure is going to be put on parents.

    I mean, it’s obvious some states will make it mandatory for public schools, regardless of efficacy or risk. The teachers will demand it.

    But in FL and some other states it won’t be.

    My guess is that this is the issue for the next few years. Covid is going to mix with parent’s rights and you’ll get a huge culture war.

    School Boards + Covid

  46. And if to comes down to it, we’ll probably move back to FL.

    I’m sure it’ll be right after our new house is finished LOL.

    You want me to maremail you the new house, mare?

  47. Hell yes!!

  48. Rick Beato is so cool.

  49. Sphinx:

  50. https://beckernews.com/biden-meets-the-pope-and-utters-one-of-the-most-embarrassing-lines-ever-said-by-a-president-42781/

    I think they’re just piling on Dementia Joe here but you have to admit, he is kind of wacky.

  51. That’s one way to deal with the backing tracks

  52. Piling on? I dunno. He was awkward and … lacking deference (although its questionable if the pope deserved it).

    Pile away, I say.

  53. They gave Joe a solo on that one.

  54. No TV cameras or recordings was probably more of a benefit to Joe than he realized. The word was that his team was disappointed they’d have no soundbites to show.

  55. Dis post mustanotta got the double jab. It dead.

  56. Sorry, I was busy with last-day fun.

  57. I’m pretty sure the no-live camera thing was a decision by Jill and company

  58. Why was he talking about Satchel Paige? WTAF?

    It makes no sense unless Satchel Paige was on the challenge coin?

  59. Hell yes!!

  60. I had to go with Ms. Falls this week. Not only does she have the best name, the last picture put her over the top. I’m always hesitant to vote for the Ukraine girls; after about age 35 they get chunky and hairy moles form on their faces.

  61. Piling on? Well, Jimbro is a good fellow who would think such a nice thing.

    Biden and the pope are both jackasses so I’m sure the whole thing looked like a lefty, douche convention.

    Like carin said, pile on.

  62. Pius XIII meeting Joe would have been the best 15 seconds of video you’ll never see.

  63. LOL

    Autumn Falls

    Did she think that up herself?

  64. Ms Falls is very incontinent while engaging in adult fun time.

    Leon to explain in 3…2…1

  65. At least it’s not in a shadow box


  66. https://tinyurl.com/579znf9k

  67. awww Adam Kinzinger is leaving Congress.

    Yeah, we know. It’s just early, Adam

  68. awww Adam Kinzinger is leaving Congress.


    How does that bag of dicks taste, Adam?

  69. I’m sure he has a deal with CNN or MSDNC

  70. Maybe he can sit on Jeffrey Toobin’s lap and they can talk about the first thing that pops up.

  71. heh, pop goes the weasel

    well played

  72. God bless Elon Musk.

  73. Howie Carr talking about the $450,000 payment to illegals and raising a lot of great points

    -death payout to US service members KIA: $400,000, illegals get $450,000 just for showing up
    -will they have to pay taxes on the $450,000?
    -most taxpayers in America got a $1200 stimulus check and the child credit payments. Illegals get $450,000 per kid
    -$450,000 and a lifetime of free benefits

  74. Republicans should come out and say they have a plan to give illegals $650,000.

  75. no way the In and Out glass is real.

    but it’s spectacular

  76. Knocking around on twitface and I saw the Dems false flag white supremacist thing at a Youngkin event.

    *tiki torches/khakis/white dress shirt/sunglasses*

    I figured Ace would cover it and he did. Cringeworthy. Bongino’s podcast today mentioned how McAuliffe has already started the “stolen election” process before the, you know, actual election.

  77. unfortunately it will be portrayed differently

  78. I’m pretty sure the no-live camera thing was a decision by Jill and company
    Just like no questions after the once in a blue moon press conferences, etc. Joe is so senile he’ll gleefully spill the beans on himself, just because he finally has someone to talk to, just like old people forced into a retirement home by their kids, and take the rest of the gritters down just because someone is willing to listen to him for 15 minutes.

  79. I’ve seen Let’s Go Brandon ink stamps for currency. It looks like that cup but there’s no way a stamper would be able to do that.

  80. I like Fleetwood Mac, they have a great sound and good songs. Christine was doinking somebody on the side too, the lighting guy IIRC. Stevie had a fling with one of the Eagles, Henley I think. She got preggers and had an abortion. The song “Sara” is about that. Stevie is all kinds of messed up.

  81. Jimbro, I saw that too. Weird. Lefties don’t seem to grasp normal people don’t dress like that. Reminds me of the last Dem governor of Florida taking a stroll on a beach for a photo op, wearing Bermuda shorts, black dress socks & dress shoes. I think his name was Christ or Christi, something like that. Anyhow, I always thought Bozo was a Chicago thing until I saw this stupidity happening everywhere that always votes blue.

  82. Autumn Fall looks like a C.O. that worked at the GEO corrections facility in Plainfield for a couple of weeks until she was fired. I remember we couldn’t shower for a few days until after d.o.c. bleached the shower stall after she got fired.

  83. Charlie Crist. What a remarkable shitsack he was. Switched R to D while in office, got bounced and wound up in Congress, where he oozes to this day.

  84. a plan to give illegals $650,000
    The Conservative Case For Reparations

  85. The incentive to pay the illegals is to record another “stain on Trump’s legacy” so it’s all but assured of passing

  86. BT, retards need jobs too, unfortunately the blue babies want them to work in central government….where they can take advantage of them.

    DNH is now reciting Larry the Cable Guy’s prayer.

  87. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I used to go to the same oyster bar as Crist in downtown St Pete.

    The bartender was adamant that Charlie was a friend of Dorothy. And when the rumors got loud he did what any grifter would do…he got a young rich wife as a beard. Lol.

  88. ” I was under the impression that Paris was informed”
    You go Joe, expose your handlers, make the case for Trump in 2024, you magnificent bastard!

  89. I featured Elise Trouw earlier this year, I think I love her in a totally non-creepy way.

  90. Chist, how can these people hold a straight face spewing this bullshit on world wide tv?
    Liz Cheney: “we have hundreds of people that have already plead regarding 1/6”.
    Could they afford to hire an attorney to defend them in your kangaroo court, Liz?
    Your dad, that funds you, is a billionaire, so nothing came from his shooting a man in the face with a shotgun, anyone else would have faced charges involving the word “reckless”. Go Fuck yourself, bitch. Equal justice or vigilante justice, make a choice or be prepared to get banged with a glowing orange poker. Yeesh, you stupid cunt!

  91. https://tinyurl.com/2xcx26af


  93. I don’t get the tiki torch thing.

  94. Charlottesville both sides BS. Nazis that later endorsed Biden, carried lit Tiki Torches to protest the Robert E Lee Richmond statue.

  95. Richard not Robert Spencer

  96. Holy shit. Just watched a clip on FOX where the dude being interviewed talked so flippin’ fast he sounded like the legal disclaimers in commercial advertising. WTF have we become?

  97. Yeah, I’m pretty sure your post is where I saw her Pups. Thought she was worth another link since she did a cover of a FM song. She is an extremely well put-together young lady.

  98. ^ and by “we” I don’t mean me, I’m a late boomer. You clueless fucks created this. Fix it.

  99. I posted that I loved/was watching Dodgeball on FB last night. My post and any/all comments were removed for violating community standards. Dodgeball.

  100. Dodgeball is a dangerously violent “game”. Probably also racist. They were right to shut you down, Oso. Be Better.

  101. Car ins Lad is scheduled to commence the selection process this upcoming week yes? (And this is the initial formal prep school to get ready for the full service school)

    Go Tadpole Go

  102. Pup. The Klan (democrat carpet baggers) carried torches, when they gathered at night. Appatently it spooked the dominate black population from voting after they were upped to a 1:1 vote and out numbered their former ” employers”, democrats.

  103. Dodge ball IS a violent sport. I remember 8th grade gym. I hurled a ball at a kid, the entire length of the best basket ball court & it nicked him. He was called out & started crying. He has MS now. How could we have known?……it’s my fault..
    .very evil grin!

  104. My only gym class injury other than sprained ankles was a broken nose. A skinny kid went to hurl a basketball full court and I tried to tap the ball from his hand a second too late. His opposite elbow collided directly with my nose which was attached to my head and still moving forward. The sum of the forces resulted in me seeing stars and my nose gushing blood like a faucet. I had two black eyes and a swollen nose for a few weeks after that.

  105. It was a good day at work today. I have had a difficult time finding motivation to work hard for someone who’s trying to fire me, but the DC judge ruling and the good news from Mr. RFH’s company cheered me immensely. That and the technician yelling at the Ph.D., “Why don’t you just wave your magic pecker over it!” made for a good day. Gotta keep the overeducated in their place.

  106. ❤️ I hope Mrs Peel is enjoying this kind of success.

  107. I would hide behind taller students to avoid dodgeball injury. I was a small, skinny kid targeted by Red Rover.

  108. Dave’s not here caused a kid to get MS from dodgeball years earlier…you monster!

  109. Dan made a stir fry that featured cabbage, peppers, and asparagus. No bamboo shoot. No water chestnuts. The most Anglo stir fry ever conceived by a white guy. Pepper oil and garlic paste can’t save this whypipo excuse of a stir fry. I don’t cook. I’m faking it like Rob Reiner’s mom in When Harry Met Sally.

  110. You should cook.


  111. Heh, the vax mandate in NYC applies to the garbagemen, too, and guess who isn’t motivated either.

  112. Spaceweather is predicting auroras for the northern states tomorrow.

  113. Yes, Pre-cook school starts Monday. He’s excited.

    I hope they start with something easy. I mean, an Alfredo sauce right off the bat can mess with your head.

    Just keep stirring. That’s what I always told him.

  114. Anita got to have an adventure today. Back when that 50′ piece of Cottonwood blew across the road and knocked all three phases of power lines off our pole, dropped into our yard and exploded, we were out picking up limbs and sticks and using our hand held Stihl leaf blower to blow shit towards the road. Our neighbor, Scott, came over with his Stihl backpack blower and said; “Lets move some shit!”
    It was pretty impressive!
    We’ve been having rain and wind (Atmospheric River) for a few days. The Oak leaves are deep all over the yard. When the rain stopped, Anita got to take her first flight with her new Stilh ‘BR 600’ (Toolman Tim would have used the “Binford 5000”). It’s pretty impressive. It makes great winds. If you fill the tank, it’s over 30 pounds and will run longer than you can…

  115. Darren’s earnings resumed posthumously.

  116. https://rumble.com/vofcn7-who-did-this.html

  117. From a WSJ article about Minneapolis:

    “Ballot Question 2 would amend its city charter to “remove the Police Department” and replace it with a Department of Public Safety. The measure is backed by the state ACLU, the Sierra Club and local unions, and polling suggests the vote may be close.

    The measure claims the new Department of Public Safety would employ “a comprehensive public health approach to the delivery of functions,” whatever that means. A future ordinance would set the new functions and rules.”
    I hope it passes. I feel bad for the citizens affected adversely but the wingnuts pushing this bullshit need to be exposed by having their policies enacted and experienced good and hard

  118. Hammemer Time

  119. Memes

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