A Mom Known as Tankette

It really is quite a shame that the kids were so cruel and called good ole whatsherface Tankette.

I mean seriously, she wasn’t that fat.


I saw a mini tank as i was scrolling around the interwebz and thought – hunnnnhn – if i had a few extra bucks i’d buy one of these just because:

I would imaging that XB has done a post or ten on these things but I haven’t seen ’em – so that means it doesn’t exist (at least in my part of the jungle).

Tankette: heh – kinda a funny word.

From wiki world: “A tankette is a tracked armoured fighting vehicle[1] that resembles a small tank, roughly the size of a car. It is mainly intended for light infantry support and scouting.[2][3] Colloquially it may also simply mean a small tank or your mom.”


The Czechs tried to field a few of these – I laughed and didn’t really bother to read too much further into the history because I’m not drunk and I assume it ended poorly.


Here hold my beer!

Now back to the link that I’ve tried to publish a couple times before – it really is a neat summary of a pretty cool piece of engineering:

Check it out


*** Important Message for teh H2-Wimmins***


  1. Tankette



    Tank Jr

  2. I thought I heard the video say the Badger was made in Waterboro, Maine. They like to tinker with stuff like that


    Almost as much as your mom likes to tinker

  3. Always surprises me when I see something like that manufactured here in Maine. Another example I sometimes forget is Windham Weaponry.


    Their story is on the home page. TL/DR: It’s the former Bushmaster Firearms plant. One of their fine products contributes to the tight quarters of my gun safe which, after several purchases over the years, is tighter than your mom.

  4. I imagine the high water mark for mini tanks was on the Japanese held islands during WW2. Mobile platforms fighting primarily straight infantry units with no great anti tank missiles or heavy mortars. We’ll need a real military historian to weigh in on this discussion

  5. “””what is the best way to get vitamin d levels checked?”””
    That was from j’ames yesterday…
    I can’t believe you ppl left him hanging.
    The obvious answer is : by dipstick of course jay.

  6. ^^^
    Not that I’m opposed to this, I believe it should be routine practice all the time. You can’t imagine how much once or twice used equipment is out there in attics, garages and basements. People who get free care don’t give a crap about the cost of this equipment. People who are either self pay or have high deductibles care a lot. Some of our town offices keep gently used crutches/walkers/wheelchairs in a storage room for their residents which is a great idea. I’m sure the fear of a lawsuit drives most of the single use for equipment.

  7. ever buy half and half for your coffee, only to find out its fat free? ugh

  8. Billionaire tax.

    Ok, great. It’s a stupid idea for a lot of reasons but I’m fine with it. It will only affect lefty garbage brains so fuck em.

  9. The obvious answer is : by dipstick of course jay.

    well played

  10. heh you sound like Steve Bannon mj

  11. WOW, Vigano is a hero. Should be hailed as a fighting legend.

  12. Wakey wakey

    Walkers aren’t allowed to be resold in many resale shops here in Michigan. Single use. Its all bullshit.

  13. Ok, great. It’s a stupid idea for a lot of reasons but I’m fine with it. It will only affect lefty garbage brains so fuck em.


    That’s cute you think that. Google camel nose in the tent.

  14. Important post update for the ‘gettes only.

  15. We’re a little sparse on SS signups for this year.

    If you want in, do it soon.

  16. OH, I want in. I forgot.

  17. I’m sympathetic to the idea that it’s a foray into taxing unrealized capital gains (401K, housing, IRA) which will affect regular people.

    What I’m saying is let the democrat billionaires defend themselves. They, both regular democrats with hundreds of millions of dollars ie Pelosi and Obama, and billionaire democrats think that the right will knock this down for them and then they can paint those republicans as fat cat corporate jet billionaires.

    They did it for 25 years and it worked.

    As proof, I offer the SALT tax introduced by Trump that actually affects wealthy people. The democrats are trying desperately to get this repealed.

    Democrats don’t actually want to tax rich people. They want republicans to defend rich people from being taxed.

    So fuck it. Do it yourself.

  18. Me too. I’m in.

  19. I don’t have a good argument against that, MJ.

  20. Any of you have a cheaper version of the DYSON cordless vacuum. We have an old one and can’t get replacement parts and don’t want to shell out $400 for a new one. Or even $300.

  21. Single use medical equipment is entirely due to fear of litigation. Unfortunately there’s a sub segment of society that would view a used walker the same way as a winning scratch ticket

  22. Was it Shakespear who said, “kill all the lawyers first?”

  23. Mare, lately I’ve been buying $60-70 vacuums from Walmart. We had two Dysons and after doing routine filter cleaning they never sucked quite as well again. I watched a lot of YouTube videos on Dyson troubleshooting and got nowhere. Now we just toss them when they crap out. We have one in the garage ready for the dump trip because Ollie chewed the cord like the window licker he is

  24. Just looked, it’s a Bissell Powerforce Turbo Rewind with a little paw print near the words which probably means it’s good for pet hair which is why vacuums are important in this house

  25. Check your Vit D levels via a blood test or look down your pants on Fridays, if you’re not light in the loafers.

    My D is low and I’m still investigating a good vegan or Cod liver alternative.

  26. Why does a school district need 6 superintendents?


  27. I’m thinking of trying this quercetin formula. Anyone hear of it? What is OPC?


  28. they have to use up that federal money somehow. Hire teachers? pshaw, who will review their CRT compliance?

  29. Thanks, Jimbro.

  30. I’m down with OPP but not sure about OPC

  31. https://healthofeden.com/opc-extra.html

  32. Thanks for the reminder, leon, sent email, I’m in!

  33. you can all drop out now

  34. When you take a look at school districts you will double-take at the output for students vs the output for administration.

    Anyone who says, schools, teachers (many if not most), the NEA or teacher’s unions are about kids…well…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  35. been trying to decide what quercetin to go with too. Just bought zinc to tide me over for the time being. finding stuff not on amazon is hard, when you got used to using it.

  36. now I need a bigger pill sorter, for all the supplements!

  37. It has become clear to me that every person I know, outside of my wife and you people, is all in on the vaccine. It’s not hard to understand how people become overwhelmed with the decisions they face.

  38. People who get free care don’t give a crap about the cost of this equipment.

    Worked with a gal whose grossly obese husband/adult disabled son were on all kinds of free care. She would only work x number of hours and would not go over for fear their bennies would be cut. Their diet was atrocious, just like their oral health. Hotdogs or fried baloney was a regular main entree. Vegetables = 4 bags of Ore Ida/week. He was in/out of the hospital due to diabetic and heart issues. They gave their adult son the motorized chair, paid for by the taxpayer, to play with out in the yard…where he left it while not in use. The wheelchairs weren’t as fun. Oh, and they rented out a drafty old two story farmhouse…subsidized, as was their heating bill, which she told me was $450/month (they only paid a portion of that.) By comparison, my two-story rarely gets above $150.

    Speaking of wheelchairs, the memory care place “lost” the wheelchair we (BIL bought it) had for my MIL. SIL gets on Mr. B to find it but his brother was there the night they let the help take her up in it and didn’t wait around for them to bring it back down…he paid for it….SIL goes up there more than her own husband does, wtf?

  39. Thank you, Jimbro. Gonna bookmark that in the even I decide to just get straight quercetin. (Which also needs C for better absorption).

    The more I’m reading about Vit D, the more irritated I get with my doctor, who seems to put me off when I tell her I’m low. She has no alternatives for the allergic and not much interest on getting my levels up sooner than later. UL is 4000 IU but I’m reading you can do 10,000 IU for several weeks to get the level up before retesting and going back down for maintaining.

  40. https://www.flemingmethod.com/the-pfizer-vaccine-blood

    Worth your time.

  41. It has become clear to me that every person I know, outside of my wife and you people, is all in on the vaccine.

    We have to just start jabbing all the kids, whom covid doesn’t effect, to see what happens..amiright?

    Who is looking out for the kids? Republicans? Anyone? I would have to guess when 6 year Olds start dropping dead, someone may start paying attention…but then all the info of young men and heart issues is being suffocated.


  42. Angry moms will end this madness.

  43. Mike Gallager who is all in on adults getting the vaccine, played a recording of an FDA agency adviser, Dr. Eric Rubin of Harvard University, saying, “We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.”

    Even Gallagher was outraged.

  44. It’s going to be a disaster.

  45. I had to make a correction so please re-read my last comment. It’s worse than I thought.

  46. That is actually a direct quote from an announcement Rubin gave about vaccinating children.


    If you give your kids this vaccine you’re a fricken lunatic.

  47. Invest in Pfizer and calm down.

  48. Whole lotta gaslit moms are never gonna be grandmothers.

    The horror of it, the sheer enormity of it. Lovecraft isn’t even scary by comparison.

  49. i suppose we’ll find out how much reproductive damage has been done in 10 years when the teen pregnancy rate goes down, because no one can conceive a child, and CRT mandates demonstrative sex education is grade 4.

  50. It’s more than reproduction. Already hospitals are getting cases of people “very sick,” “but we don’t know why.”

    The autoimmune diseases will be awful.

    If a Catholic Bishop gets this, how are stupid ass wine moms not getting it?

  51. That’s what I posted a few comments up from yours, mare….though it can’t be posted enough.

    I don’t know, Scott, there are a lot of pushy Karens who will sacrifice their kids to show what good little soldiers for the cause, they are.
    Kids will need to start dropping dead before anyone buys a clue. And if reproduction is altered, they will blame it on something else. Tens years out does not connect dits.

  52. Seriously, I can’t get over a Harvard Dr. (pffffffffffff) and on the board that voted to vaccinate 5-year-olds would say, we don’t know how safe it is until we start giving it.

    I am actually stunned that people wouldn’t say on camera, “WTF did you just say?”

  53. I’m sorry, Besnsnsnsnsnsns, I was working on it when you posted.

  54. Please stupid moms, children over ideology. Please.

  55. By the way, Covid is losing a lot of steam. Florida is tied with Hawaii for the lowest % of new cases of all the states.

  56. Florida has almost 23 million people. Hawaii has about 1 million. And they are stupid lockdown/vaccine passport nuts.

  57. I’m definitely taking crazy pills, no wondering about it.

  58. The FDA is another agency that needs to be nuked. 17 – 0 them jackholes okayed it for an age group that covid doesn’t effect outside of the obese. Are they all preening for a job with big pharma?

  59. Most big pharma boards of directors are full of former FDA employees.

  60. Mare, I need some of your crazy pills. I can’t even these days.

  61. That incestuous relationship needs to be stopped.

  62. What’s worse is that in Europe, young people are only given one dose whereas our motherfuckers will be pushing two doses on our kids.
    And in your New York Post link, it lied about kids transmitting the virus. They are not vectors.

  63. Nothing wrong with DC a 50MT airburst won’t fix.

  64. “WOW, Vigano is a hero. Should be hailed as a fighting legend.”

    For some reason I read that as Ave Vigoda.

  65. I’d be losing my mind even more were my kids still young. Definitely would begin homeschooling.
    I remember when the HPV shot was being pushed and the doctor’s office offered it…yeah, I don’t think so. My pediatrician didn’t push it….(but he did the meningitis one).

  66. Both my kids said that they would not be getting boosters.

  67. mom said she’s not getting the booster, and she was pretty adamant about getting the vaccine, for all of us. She’s 84 so I get it.

  68. Archbishop Vigano is the Ron DeSantis of Padre Pios.

  69. A significant portion of the vaccinated won’t get the booster. It’s just human nature.

    This will save your life!

    Actually it won’t.

    Take this third shot. It will save your life!

  70. There will be a day when physical therapy will not kick my ass, but today is not that day.

    Leon, I sent an email, please count me in for Secret Santa.

  71. eliminate the first dr.

  72. Seems harsh but ok.

    *fires up dr. eliminator

  73. We’ll need a real military historian to weigh in on this discussion

    Hmmm, I wonder who that could be.

  74. If MJ’s in, I’m in.

    Your mom.

  75. Now we just toss them when they crap out. We have one in the garage ready for the dump trip because Ollie chewed the cord like the window licker he is

    Next time leave it plugged in. It probably won’t ever happen again.

  76. I’m in for Secret Santa. Not for secrete Santa please. Different mailing list.

  77. hehe, watching Garland run out the clock while GOP senators roast him is satisfying and infuriating at the same time.

    Makes me hate Dick Durbin more, so there’s that.

  78. Loved that Ted Cruz video above. He fucking torched Garland.

    That little fucking shitstain almost ended up on the Supreme Court.

  79. I agreed with Ben Sasse for once, amazing

  80. Need emails from Hotspur and MJ, assuming they are in.

    I have an adam&eve 15% off coupon for whoever gets one of them.

  81. Some talking head was discussing the outrage of the vaxxed against the unvaxxed, and mused on the eventual incandescent fury of the fourth booster people against the people who won’t go past three boosters.

    It’s going to be like living in a Dr.Seuss story

  82. Yep. The Cat in the Hat Came Back.

  83. Or was it one of the later licensed books?

    The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about: Genocide

  84. Sneetches, and Other Genocides

  85. News from the trenches: Puppies two weeks old literally sleep 24 hours a day.

  86. And ‘awake’ is really minimal amount of activity. It is composed of sniffing and moving like a seal and nursing.

    One pup opened her eyes completely yesterday and the fatty is still just peeking one eye a sliver open. Neither can support their weight.

  87. Guide says walking isn’t until 4th week.

  88. time to get them to crossfit…

  89. Not for secrete Santa please.

    *Puts box of secretions back in the closet*

  90. Where’s the link for the Secrete Satan sign up?

  91. I brought this up late last night but most of you were fantasizing about a threesome with Nancy Pelosi and Anthony Wiener, so I’ll mention it again that Amazon Prime is releasing Wheel of Time next month.

  92. No link, just email an address to my name at the gee mail thingy.

  93. I’ve never heard of Wheel of Time, and I just saw a youtube trailer for it.

    I take it the book was very good?

  94. What, 10 books? 12? I mean, it’s not like the author died before finishing and they had to bring someone in to wrap it up or anything…

  95. Books are pretty good. The author got a bit too into the details and weeds in the middle books. Once he started getting back on track, he came down with a rare blood cancer and died. They finished the series with his notes.

    I’ve got my problems with their casting choices, but that was going to be inevitable. They’ve also expanded and elevated the roles of a couple characters, which I don’t think is really necessary.

  96. I take it the book was very good?

    The first few were, but the story got tedious after that, I quit at around five or six. Jordan milked it for fourteen, so I’m not sure what happened in later years to the characters.

  97. My friends all loved those books. I never read them because I was getting out of fantasy around that time.

  98. Amazon Prime is releasing Wheel of Time next month.
    Its going to be rough. The director or showrunner or whatever continually talks about how woke it is. I’ve seen a few of the trailers and it looks…bad.

    They’re trying to make something awesome like game of thrones but without sex or violence, by their own admission.

    I can’t imagine being that dumb. Less boobs. Less fighting. Jeez.

  99. Thank you, all.

    I can’t believe I’ve never heard of the book series.

  100. The concept of the books were great. Awesome story. But it went wildly wrong in the middle.

    However, he did sell 90M books. His wife and family now have generational wealth.

  101. I re-read the Horn series recently. 4 of the best 90’s action movies set in the 2020’s that never made it onto the screen.

    Great cop humor, too, like the other cops calling the main character a “dinosaur” for carrying a 9mm Glock. In the real world at that time, it was Glock guys making fun of the wheelgunners.

  102. Carin, did you get my hosefuckermail?

  103. Oh, she got it alright. Boy, did she ever.

  104. I’ll check. My email doesn’t work on my desktop so I have to remember to check next time I have my phone in my hand.

  105. I’m gonna go check and see what Trump and that backhoe can do.

  106. Backhoes are the best kind of hoes.

  107. Wait, so we’re not doing Socratic Santa?

  108. What would we be doing differently if we were?

  109. Here’s something that I’ve been noticing for quite some time, and it drives me up the wall.

    The phrase, “With that being said…”

    Jesus Christ, everybody uses it. It’s the modern equivalent of “Ummmm”, “Well….”, and “So….”.

    Try engaging your brain before you put your mouth in gear.

  110. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 28, 2021 2:14 pm
    I re-read the Horn series

    Horn series??

  111. Are we playing the question game?

  112. Who’s asking?

  113. Why would we play the question game?

  114. Cyberpunk cop-revenge series published in the early 90’s, Pepe. The author is “Ben Sloane” who apparently never wrote anything before or since, so I assume it’s a pen name for the sake of the genre.

  115. Can the port situation in Californica get worse?

  116. Why don’t we play this game more often?

  117. how’s everyone doing?

  118. How would you be doing with 1 day left in a 20+ year career in government contract work?

  119. Can I identify as an illegal alien?

  120. I just ate some dicey chicken. I’m sitting here waiting for the consequences of my actions to take place.

  121. Comment by Car in on October 28, 2021 3:40 pm
    Why don’t we play this game more often?


    Because it’s a shit for brains game?

  122. How’s your appetite for beans Mitchell?

  123. Did your chicken have an off odor, appearance, smell or taste?

  124. El pollo astinko.

  125. How many beans you got Jimbro?

  126. With that being said, I don’t have a question.

  127. mix the El Pollo astinko with beans, for a delicious apertif!

  128. I question your commitment to the question game Jay.

  129. What type of beans do you think I have?

  130. magic beans.

  131. How can I miss the Bongino radio show when I mostly listen to his podcast only?

  132. My mom got a blister on her foot at rehab. She is the worst Type II, EVER. She currently can’t put weight on her foot. I’m currently wearing all of my jewelry from our safety deposit box with my tiara. Waiting for my wedding band and engagement ring to be finished. Dan picked up his new glasses today. Have any of you guys watched “Falling Down”?

  133. Just read Ace’s post on payments to illegal immigrants, and I think I’m going to be physically ill.

  134. I’ve only heard good things about falling down, but never saw it?

  135. The question game is really not very difficult?

  136. It’s your duty as an oppressed worker to steal from your exploiter?

  137. Hopefully pinto beans?

  138. This country will not survive the Seneschal of Senility and Stupidity.

  139. black beans are better. With that being said, I also like pinto beans.

  140. Watching Red Oaks. I asked Dan about Country Club life? Blue Collar guy. Equivalent of me going to an O Club. He went to Beaumont with his BFF at the time. Dan was very uncomfortable being served by Black Country Club staff.

  141. I’m going to make pinto beans & cornbread this weekend. Hopefully I can get a ham bone from Honey Baked Hams. I couldn’t last time and had to go with ham hocks instead.

    When I was a kid we’d go out to a nice Messican restaurant from time to time and they had the best black bean soup I’ve ever had. I’m sure the rest of their food was great too, but I only remember the soup now.

  142. Navy beans and cornbread. Pinto beans are garbage. I’m Mexican and I won’t eat pintos.

  143. As a Mexican, black beans weren’t a thing until the PR, DR, and Cubans started fucking with the Latinx cuisine.

  144. One of these days I have to make a small amount of different kinds of beans all prepared exactly the same, and do the blindfold taste test and see if I can really tell the difference in flavor.

  145. Not a fan of naval beans. We’re an Air Force family. Don’t care for lima nor great northern beans. Kidneys are OK for chili. Pintos are my jam.

  146. Lumps, my Mexican Family argues about the difference between “Old” beans, and fresh beans. They are Bean sommeliers.

  147. It’s not just taste, it’s size and texture too.

  148. I don’t think I can tell the difference. Any time I get a burrito at Chipotle and they ask about black or point, I think to myself that it makes no difference whatsoever.

  149. Frijoles negros.

  150. Isn’t the thrill of the question game merely that it is tradition?

  151. Doesn’t everyone choose their bean type by color that goes best in the dish?

  152. Pinto beans all the way. Hate black beans.

  153. I H8 pintos. Dan makes a 15 bean soup. I h8 soup.

  154. Color and texture, but no. Beaners are racist

  155. Who knew beans were a hot topic for a debate?

  156. Dan made stir fry. No bamboo shoots. No water chestnuts. Cabbage, bell pepper, tomato, and celery. I can’t afford to piss off the cook. Steak was non existent. Worst stir fry EVER.

  157. Mitchell, mi familia and hundreds of Mexicans that don’t by bagged beans.

  158. Buy. 50# bags from Moriarty.

  159. Pink skins on fresh pintos v old pintos from stores. Fresh flour tortillas v tortillas with bacon grease.

  160. Morty has good beans, eh? I’ll have to look him up some time. I don’t need 50 pounds of beans tho. Does he sell them in smaller quantities?

  161. If they pay $450K per head to illegals, “pitchforks” will come out.

  162. Seriously, I can’t get over a Harvard Dr. (pffffffffffff) and on the board that voted to vaccinate 5-year-olds would say, we don’t know how safe it is until we start giving it.
    Nothing new. Liberals don’t know what’s in the congressional bills they create until after they vote for them. The stupidity of the “enlightened” knows no bounds.

  163. I made homemade refried beans the other day for veggie burritos for my vegan niece and they were clearly superior to canned refried beans. I liked leaving it a little chunky and spicing it the way I wanted. I used small red beans.

  164. I don’t think I’ve ever had fresh beans. We always got the dried ones from the grocery store.

  165. I love pintos and cornbread, especially with pepper relish or chow chow.

    But I’m making chicken bacon chowdah for dinner tonight.

  166. I listened to a seminar on leaving the gov’t when you’re not eligible to retire. Very enlightening. Will, if Mrs. Peel is leaving, tell her to make a copy of her entire online personnel file now because she won’t be able to get it later. Best news is that they can’t take away my Thrift Savings Plan (gov’t 401K) or my pension, that was all scare tactics bullshit. Mr. RFH can get survivor’s benefits if I croak. I’ll lose my sick leave, which makes me think I should start taking some now.

  167. Lauraw – I’m going to let the seeds get a little dryer in the house before I mail. It’s been pretty rainy here, so they’re … MOIST.

  168. Who isn’t?

  169. In this locale you can only get fresh shelly beans if you grow them yourself. Never have seen them at a farm stand. And they are wonderful. I cooked some of my fresh ‘bosnian’ green/ shell bean seed while they were still moist and plump a few weeks ago and they cooked up fast and so nice and velvety. I dried the rest for trading in Spring. Turns out, it’s a rare seed and the lady I bought mine from passed away. Each seed is worth .25 to .50.

  170. All the beans you could ever need.


    Three on the left for baked beans and the one on the right for chili con carne

  171. Forget about Bitcoin, make your fortune with Beancoin

  172. Black beans are my favorite. They are like the least “beany” bean.

  173. Probably intoxicated and passed out.

  174. I’m guessing he was post call and was finishing up cases from the night before. Residents do a lot of the cases in teaching hospitals but the attending should be in the OR when they’re happening. So leaving the OR was the first big no no and the rest are just adding on to his original sin.

  175. My first year in practice I was at a teaching hospital with a chief resident as part of the team. I’d scrub a few cases with them and if they knew their way around the case I’d give them more leeway by discussing the plan and waiting in the OR lounge 50 feet away from the room. It was very boring to let them do all the cases which is a big reason I bailed after a year.

  176. So ready to go home. Just spent the entire day copying numbers from one app to another and back. All for a graph the Wiggers of Maximum Biggers will look at for 5 seconds on Monday. I really don’t like this job anymore.

  177. Woke Twix

  178. Pintos plus pork belly chunks plus jalapeno slices plus Julio’s seasoing salt, plus garlic powder equals a fucking meal or six.

  179. I’m not a beaner. I feel sorry for Mitchell.

  180. Dad can’t handle any level of spiciness at all. The other night he accused the tater tots of being a little “spicy”. He doesn’t like garlic much either. He can be a little hard to cook for.

  181. Pork belly chunks are awesome. True Story. Mexican market on Old Coors.

  182. My whole family is like that, Mitchell. I’m the only one with a taste for heat, and I deliberately developed it.

  183. Aw, don’t feel sorry for me. I’m just a very burned out, sole care-giver for my nearly blind father who has to get rid of my cat because she bit him. Everything is going swimmingly.

  184. But we got new splash-guards in urinals here at the office, so I’ve got that going for me which is nice.

  185. DeathSantis is helping you Roamicita

  186. Mitchell is trying to out shitstorm the Oso. I respect the Taserface.

  187. Under males in lingerie giving lap dances to adult men in a school assembly. How are there not charges filed?


  188. “Underage”

  189. The NY Post version of that article showed a very fit girl in a bikini with her face blurred out. It’s Kentucky, they get a pass

  190. Is it any wonder you’re all so full of hot air?

  191. Whatthehellisgoingonhere??!?

  192. Keep your eyes out for the newest catchphrase for the New World Order’s desire to reduce us to eating subsistence rations: “Meat is a treat.” In other words, something you only get to consume occasionally, at special times. Maybe.

  193. Kamala dancing to LGB

  194. This is a (NSFW) cheap shot, so I’m here for it.

  195. That’s very funny Roamy. Who ever put the video together is very talented.

  196. Do elves repair pumps?

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