Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born February 18th, 1962 in Concord, California. She stood 6′ 1″ and measured 4127 – 38 and 137 lbs.  Please take a shot for Miss Julie Strain.  




  1. Angular

  2. When you wear spurs you have to be careful about how low you squat.

    This woman has taken good care of herself.

  3. I wonder how old she is in these pictures? She’s only 2 years younger than me. *cough*

  4. I enjoy Pup’s broad (heh) spectrum of women.

    And by enjoy, I do not mean enjoy.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

    *More coffee!!!*

  5. Heavy Metal 1981 Soundtrack (FULL ALBUM)

    Listening to this now on YT. Pretty sure I had it on cassette and not album format because it was on constant play during HS and college.


    She died earlier this year Mare. “Complications from dementia” from a head injury in her 20’s. There were few descriptions beyond that so I’m not 100% sure of the exact circumstances — not that it matters if I know or not.

    If you look at the movies she acted in, names and numbers, you can see why she was known as “The Queen of B Movies”. She knew what her niche was and embraced it I’m guessing

  7. /pours one out

  8. Statuesque!

  9. 7/10 would smash and grab

  10. L to R: Julie, MJ

  11. Lolol…JIMBRO!!

  12. When I said “enjoy” that was a euphemism for what Alex does with his blow up little house on the prairie wife doll.

  13. wakey wakey

  14. When I said “enjoy” that was a euphemism for what Alex does with his blow up little house on the prairie wife doll.

    Don’t mock the love between my waifu and I. It is pure, clean, beautiful. *grabs the patching kit* Be right back…

  15. Somebody kick me in the ass to get me moving. I drew the short straw and have to cover two tests today, and the gravity storm over the couch this morning is powerful.

  16. *avoids the obvious dick joke from the pinholes in the doll

  17. still working from home, roamy? or do you have to go in?

  18. gravity storm over the couch this morning is powerful.


    Smart people, evidently, describe things with wit and accuracy.

  19. Jay, I have to go in. I’ve been working from home all this week while recooperating from a cortisone shot in my knee on Monday. (That, and there was no point in going anywhere Wednesday with five meetings.) Knee is doing better, but I really, really need to do the strengthening exercises. It just seems like recovery is a lot longer this time.

  20. Haha, I love this idea!

    Since Lori Lightfoot only wants black and brown people to interview her.
    I nominate Candace Owens to shred her in person!!!

  21. Does anyone have any plans this weekend? My kids are supposedly coming up, but the weather is going to point more toward doing inside stuff.

  22. Lightfoot couldn’t handle owens. It would be hilarious.

  23. I thought this had Ted Cruz written all over it, but no

    Daily Wire: Republicans Counter Biden With $928 Billion Plan For ‘Actual Infrastructure’

  24. yeah, supposed to be cool here, too, 60’s. Dropped 20 degrees in 15 mins last night.

    Going to visit mom, stay the weekend for Tivoli Fest in Elk Horn. Was going to Mill-to-Mermaid 3 mile run, but foot was acting up and I don’t think I should run on it just yet. Just have some good Danish food!

  25. no ableskiver eating contest this year, boooo!

  26. Who is ableskiver?

  27. *reminds PG not to eat his vegetables

  28. I don’t know if there is a “hot person” type. Being a waitress/bartender – I’ve seen it all. Urban people tend to like hot food, but also people who are just adventurous. I think it applies more to personality type than to class, ethnicity.

  29. When my wife and I arrived at a car dealership to pick up our car after a service, we were told the keys had been locked in it.
    We went to the service department and found a mechanic working feverishly to unlock the driver’s side door.
    As I watched from the passenger side, I instinctively tried the door handle and discovered that it was unlocked.
    ‘Hey,’ I announced to the technician, ‘its open!’
    His reply, ‘I know. I already did that side.’

  30. Had to post a bit of a crossfit/murph rant on facebook. It has been building for a bit.

  31. When we were discussing having nachos at the bar, the owner was adamant that we only order the mild cheese. “Otherwise no one will buy it!”

    We finally convinced him to get the spicy blend, when we asked the food rep what the sales figures on the different types were. He said that it was 75% spicy to 25% mild, and repeat buys were 90% spicy, 10% mild. So don’t underestimate your customers.

    My family, on the other hand, will NOT eat anything spicier than black pepper. It’s sad.

  32. I remember reading a study some time ago that spicy food caused a desirable hormetic response, including a moderate rise in testosterone.

    Mitt Romney has never eaten Asshole Prolapse salsa and it shows.

  33. I’m sick of people pretending that they are honoring Murphy when they do that workout, when they don’t really mean it. Or perhaps they are just off-track, misguided. Spending all weekend resting, and “fueling” etc … so you do your best – you are “honoring” yourself, not the man. I doubt Murphy made sure he got a good rest day before he did what he did.

  34. TIL Huntsville graft grabbers officials have been chasing a massive elevated boondoggle pedestrial “skybridge” over a busy roadway to connect two downtown areas.

    The current proposal is 6,000′ long and S-shaped.

    WTF, Huntsville…I’m not even an engineer and that shit raises a platoon of red flags…

  35. Alabama is getting its own Big Dig!

  36. I used to say Happy Memorial Day, but not anymore. It’s a greeting, not a way of life.

    As chrisp says, so it goes.

  37. ugh, Nebraska made a curved walkway over the Missouri river, but at least that made sense.

  38. twitter: TMZ trying to ambush Clarence Thomas

    Never forget Buyden tried to destroy this kind man. How smart is he?

  39. Anyone suggesting a “stutter” should be forced to watch Zhou Bi Den’s disgraceful performance in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

    Where was the stutter when this racist asshole was dragging Justice Thomas for shit that never happened?


    Was that in the unvaccinated section? Look at the maskers flipping the bird and screaming.


  42. Kamela harris always sounds like she’s three drinks in at a bar.

  43. She’s addressing navel graduates. She’s bringing up the gravest threat – climate change.

  44. She probably drinks something fru-fru, and then starts hitting on younger guys until they get creeped out.

  45. Fuck, we’re doomed.

  46. She just said “Ask any Marine …” hmn … hello idiot …

  47. I really wish we were prepping for a war with hobgoblins. Like, literal very large goblinoids. They are just as real as the threat of climate change, but at least we’d be building weapons and training for, you know, war.

  48. Plus we could draft all the short people as tunnel rats to scour the goblinoids from their mine fortresses.


  50. She said she visited McCain’s grave on the way to the ceremony.

  51. I’d like to visit that someday. With a full bladder.

  52. heh, #metoo

  53. Twitter: Thomas: I’d rather die than withdraw

    This is what courage looks like. Simp Buyden makes an appearance. How’s that taste, Joey Robinette?

  54. heh, surprise surprise car in.

  55. Yea, the conspiracy theory thing is dead on.

  56. Two words:



  57. I had always thought that Olympus Mons (the biggest mountain the solar system yet discovered, on Mars) was, you know, a mountain.

    It’s not. Just saw imagery of it for the first time yesterday. It’s a giant, fluffy pancake sitting on the Martian surface. A huge, circular plateau.

  58. Mons has a different meaning in the Martian language

  59. Does anyone have any plans this weekend?
    Trip to camp was cancelled due to the forecast. It was supposed to be and 3 dogs with a cookout on Sunday with Paula’s friend and her family. Cool and rainy is the forecast and that would be torture. Of course I made a Sam’s run yesterday. The 18 bulkie rolls for pulled pork sandwiches will be repurposed in creative ways and we’ll send Ben to work with the huge container of “Two Bite Brownies”. Everything else will wait until later.

  60. Does anyone have any plans this weekend?

    Going to try to finish this waistcoat project, or at least get a large chunk of it complete. Gym, maybe drive down to Fredericksburg and see if there’s any nightlife, and catch up on some reading.

  61. Launch today not certain due to rain and 43º.

  62. ugh, that would suck, HS.

    Burn a tire, start global warming!

  63. pay for what?

  64. AI-generated meme?


  66. Supposed to rain all day, but I really need to get out and cover my tomatoes. YES I put them in the ground. But the low is supposed to get to 38 tonight, and while that may be ok, I don’t trust it. SO I have to put on some rain gear and get’r done.

  67. BBF, especially this one, is a perfect place to drop this.

  68. No way in hell will Lightfoot allow Candace Owens to interview her.
    There is a latino/black group that requested an interview with her but she declined because they were critical of her in the past.
    She’s a lesbian version of Obama and enjoys a thorough tongue washing only.

  69. Lightfoot is a lesbian version of a puffer fish.

  70. I thought you had to be human to be a lesbian.

  71. it’s 46 freakin degrees out RIGHT NOW!

    stupid weather

  72. When I see “Mayor” Lightfoot all I can think of is this

    or this

  73. 56 degrees currently.

    I wore shorts and a t-shirt today and just had to put a sweatshirt on

  74. In honor of Big Boob Friday


    Still don’t think the left-turn at Fox is on purpose?

  76. they call it a primal for a reason!

  77. 43 here. And raining.

  78. Looks like the GOP sacked up and voted against the January 6th Commission

    I just saw the headline,no idea if Mittens did the predictable muh principles move

  79. My mother had some ridiculous meme about that.

  80. I just skimmed through that prime rib video. She’d be better just modeling her bikini and keeping her meat hole closed

  81. “Any Republican blocking a January 6 investigation is either a perpetrator or an accomplice. Enough of this bullshit. DO you agree?”

    That’s what it said.

    The six GOP senators who backed the bill were: Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Rob Portman of Ohio, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Ben Sasse of Nebraska.

  82. Listening to the Dan Bongino Radio Show for the first time today. He sounds nothing like his Rumble podcast, like they’re using a voice filter for the radio. I seriously thought it was someone else and had to listen for his sign off before a commercial break.

  83. You know who else said he sounded different on the radio? Your mom.

  84. These are the 11 senators who didn’t vote on the bill (formatting issue not my fault, it’s a cut and paste and it looked like that originally)

    Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of TennesseeRepublican Sen. Roy Blunt of MissouriRepublican Sen. Mike Braun of IndianaRepublican Sen. Richard Burr of North CarolinaRepublican Sen. Jim Inhofe of OklahomaDemocratic Sen. Patty Murray of WashingtonRepublican Sen. Mike Rounds of South DakotaRepublican Sen. James Risch of IdahoRepublican Sen. Richard Shelby of AlabamaDemocratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of ArizonaRepublican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

  85. I gave money to the Collins 2020 campaign this year back when I thought the Senate majority was in danger and wanted to keep it Red for Trump’s second term. Well, the steal and Georgia have happened since then and I want a refund.

    Outside interests were absolutely pumping money into Maine for the Dem candidate, Sara Gideon. She’s a more attractive but just as inauthentic version of Elizabeth Warren who thankfully lost

  86. Lightfoot has the Innsmouth look.

  87. I’m less scared of Cthonic halfbreeds.

  88. This is why I think they’ll hold on to Presidentish Biden as long as possible

  89. Fuel cells are a thing that works.

    But lets keep buying solar panels built by slave labor in CHYNA.

  90. Boat’s going in at the moment, but we won’t be there until tomorrow.

    Long weekends are supposed to have warm weather.

    Fucking Biden.

  91. I doubt even Dr. Jill is fucking Biden.

  92. Dr. Jill is fucking Hunter.

  93. Prime rib girl looks like Kristi Noem is she got a boob job.

  94. Prime Rib guy inherited a shitpot full of money. I’ve seen this movie a time or two before.

  95. I made clotted cream last night. It’s divine. Move over, butter!

    I wonder if I could make it with cultured cream…bet the tangy edge would be even more wonderful.

  96. This is great:

  97. Big, meaty, girthy wood is a useful tool in any age.

  98. Your mom is a big fan.

  99. Big Stick Energy

  100. He recently did a series of videos tearing the nunchaku to absolute shreds that are fun if you like that sort of thing.

    “Crippled, dysfunctional sticks”


  102. Chocolate chocolate chip sounds pretty good. Creeping on a little girl in barrettes…mega cringe.

  103. Big Stick Energy would make a fantastic band name.

  104. BSE FTW

  105. I have one more week with a mask. I truly don’t understand CoWs that have had the Rona. Had the jab. They still mask up.

  106. Bad Batch check. Mythic Quest check. Mighty Ducks check.

  107. Got my Aftershokz today. Still trying to figure it out. Dan got rid of my undercounter CD player. Radio. Just found out Bongino got the Rush hour.

  108. My mom weighed in on the family text. She’s going home. She can GAF what the Drs say.

  109. Nothing like 7 Tias and 2 Tios weighing in on an argument I backed out of…in 2003.

  110. Tito’s and Tatas.

    Best day ever!

  111. It was a good day at work, though the place was pretty much deserted after lunch.

  112. My plans for the weekend include bribing Rocketboy and DIL with a sushi dinner to come back to Mass with me, scanning old family photos, and decluttering the guest bedroom enough for Mini-me’s boyfriend. Maybe watch a couple of movies.

  113. That sky bridge is never happening. The outcry for some kind of bridge happens every time some idiot tries to cross the Parkway on foot and gets killed. And yeah, they want to connect to Lowe Mill, but that’s an island in a BAD neighborhood. They’d be fighting to keep the thieves from recycling the rebar on a daily basis.

  114. Roamy – I hope your ka nee gets mawr better toot sweet.

  115. Pup!!! This chick is tittacular!!!!

  116. 7/10….
    MJ is ghey.
    Or mathematically challenged.
    Or both.

  117. Chicks dig big sticks.

  118. I saw it in a documentary film that your mom starred in.

  119. Weekend to do:
    Finish flooring in living room and dining room of new joint.

  120. I had no idea this is awesome!
    I spent money on the album that is not out yet

  121. Makes me miss Texas

  122. one more THC and I will not bother you

  123. hi Jam

  124. blerg. Home again home again.

  125. Memorial day weekend and the NE gets cold and wet while the PNW gets dry and hot. We get 70 tomorrow, then 80, 80 ,80 and zero chance of rain…

  126. Yeah, but it has been unseasonably dry and hot here for a while and we really needed a bit more Spring rain that we were missing. The soil was so dry it was starting to repel water. Getting a good soaker right now.

  127. I found Alton Brown’s clotted cream recipe and it is completely inaccurate and wrong. Not sure what the deal is with that, but it reminds me of when I tried to follow his homemade bacon recipe and it was also totally bad advice. Done with this guy.

  128. don’t follow his brewing advice either.

    wth is clotted cream? leave it out overnight?

  129. Danny enjoyed “Rat Patrol.”

  130. U N Meme

  131. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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