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Your model for today was born March 30th, 1983 in Kyiv, Druzhkovka, Ukraine. She stands 5′ 4″ and measures 37 – 24 – 36 and 108 lbs. Please defend the motherland for Miss Katie Fey AKA Eugenia Diordiychuk / Jenya D / Evgenia Diordychuk / Katie Fay / Shawnee / Vanesa Gojgik / Yevgenia Diordiychuk / Yevgeniya Diordiychuk.



  1. Wakey wakey

  2. New tablet time I guess. WordPress says nuhuh to my 10 year old IPad mini this morning.

  3. Let me try that again.


  4. Oh hi pups. Didn’t see you there.

  5. 1983?

    Positively ancient for a BBF model

  6. Well preserved for a 38 year old model though

  7. My current iPad is about 6 or 7 years old and seems to be working fine. Pretty sure I’ve sealed its fate with that statement.

  8. Finally, I wouldn’t feel like a cradle robber. Just have to worry about my kidneys and bank account.

  9. You know who the real covid winners are?

    The fine people at FatPeopleHate that prompted the first reddit ban.

    Turns out they were right all along. Morbid obesity is bad for you and can lead to other health issues.

  10. I’m not picking a date because I was terribly wrong with Hillary. I thought with her being tossed into a van, the troubles with stairs, the coughing up chunks, and in general, looking like a Taco Bell shit, that she’d be gone in two years or less.
    Looking like a taco bell shit is a phrase that will enter my lexicon.

    I’m all alone drinking coffee and laughing my ass off.

  11. If you have to save one person after a plane crash, Jenn Psaki, AOC, or Sarah Silverman, I’d choose Silverman.

    AOC is a dullard but also a zealot. It’s the worst combination of genetics and character traits. We all know someone like this and they’re totally insufferable.

    *gently ties plastic bag around AOCs head, kisses forehead

    I don’t know much about Jenn Psaki but in a few weeks time she’d look like a totally different person. Without the perfectly combed and colored hair and makeup she probably looks like the mom from the Goonies. And would she stand a chance in the sun with that fair skin? No way.

    *drags Jenn Psaki onto the sand, ties her down and waits for the tide to come in

    Sarah Silverman is pretty funny, smart, and Jewish. I don’t like her politics and she intends to shock, um, intentionally but I bet she’s a good conversationalist and we all know about Semitic prowess in the sack.

    Congrats SS (irony) you get to live.

  12. 9/10 would smash

  13. I would’t be banging any of them, so I’d pick AOC just to watch her mind snap slowly from the isolation and having to work to eat.

  14. And here I thought this whole plane crash thing had traits of a fantasy.


  15. Oh, it does.

  16. I’m really surprised that masks don’t work. I mean, I’m shocked.

  17. Taco Bell shit.
    There’s a song in there.

  18. Nice tits Pup.

  19. They do work, they protect the ruling class from having to see the faces of the peasantry while creating a new and absurd class of crime for which you can be denied goods and services.

  20. This Evergrande thing is getting wild.

  21. What’s the Evergrande thing?

  22. A real estate holding company in China that’s going tits up. Huge amount of debt that it cannot repay. The big deal is that it’s bigger than Lehman Brothers, and it had tendrils everywhere, and a lot of pensions and a lot of other companies hold its debt. If it implodes, there’s a good chance it takes out a big chunk of the Chinese economy with it.

  23. That’s a really good point. I thought I was being absurd when I hypothesized that the masks would stay as a class marker.

    And yet here we are.

  24. No no, “absurd” is when you posit that they are doing that because they are serving the desires of their lord and master Satan who hates the human face for it is made in the image and likeness of his enemy.

    Holy crap, Alex. I guess literally no one learned anything from 2008 elsewhere either.

  25. Leon, the Chinese economy has been propped up for years by these sorts of deals. To mix metaphors, it’s a paper tiger that they’ve been riding and now can’t get off.

  26. I’m reading Manias, Panics, and Crashes RIGHT NOW.

    Holy cow.

    I’m not far into it but the theory seems to go something like this:

    Crashes come when mania infects regular investors and they buy into markets that they normally wouldn’t. The price is driven up further and more speculators come in using cheap liquidity as a means to finance purchases. Something either happens or the early investors move to take gains and the price falls. Then liquidity dries up and investors who used credit aren’t able to do anything with their worthless investment and can’t pay back the capital. And the spiral continues until the debt is cleared and liquidity returns to normal levels.

    I’m pretty shaky when it comes to econ so this is roughly right, nothing more. With only 300B in outstanding loans, I’m sure China will figure it out. They need a lender and I can imagine there will be a shit ton of non state actors to chip in if China makes a bad call. I just don’t see this getting out of control like Lehman.

  27. Leon, the Chinese economy has been propped up for years by these sorts of deals.

    That much I knew, I just never thought they’d be dumb enough to do it with real-estate and shitty commercial paper. Is there a Chinese Barney Frank, too?

  28. They’ll paper it over with Afghan mining futures.

  29. Forever stamps.

  30. Beenie babies.

  31. MJ, that’s very close to Hyman Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis.

  32. Chinese real estate has lo g been weird. Chinese i.vestors are limited in where they can put money, and there are cultural forces at play as well that lead to a lot of real estate buying. Plus, the government liked nice Shiney new high rise apartments to present to the world as evidence that China was a first world nation now.

  33. The problem is that the Chinese regularly interfere with all the mechanisms that ordinarily regulate the process. I don’t think anyone, even in the CCP itself, knows the truth about the state of the Chinese economy, and won’t until the engine shakes itself to pieces.

  34. MJ, that’s very close to Hyman Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis.
    Well, that’s good because Minsky is chapter 1-3.

  35. I was always told to peel off 25-35% of everything the CCP says.

    GDP is 9%? It’s really 6.

    It’s kind of like baking in an extra 200K votes in PA. You just gotta accept it.

  36. Well, that’s good because Minsky is chapter 1-3.

    There you go.

  37. The problem is that like in the US, the debt is often leveraged by others for their own borrowing. Even if the Chicoms bail out the company, every loan issued based on the supposed cash flow from Evergrande paper will have to be reevaluated, and that causes the spiral.

  38. Ah, thanks for that.

    So a company that has used credit to buy the building materials for the kitchen will get sucked in. And the company that uses credit to buy the fridges for the units. And the company that uses credit to buy the materials for the fridge…and so on?

  39. Yup.

    Say I have some asset, in this case a debt, with a net present value of $10k, which I use as collateral on a $50k loan. The debtor starts missing payments, and eventually the risk is reevaluated and the NPV declines to $1000. All of a sudden my lenders want me to make up the $9k difference. This forces me to sell off productive assets. Do this across the economy, and and the result is a deflationary spiral: everyone is selling assets to cover their losses, but the large-scale selling means asset prices drop, which increases losses and forces more asset sales to cover.

  40. But you can still mail a first class letter anywhere in the US

  41. Only if Kevin Costner can deliver it across the wasteland.

  42. You can mail it. Doesn’t mean it will get there.

  43. Could just end up in a random box of ballots.

  44. so, we’ll get it in 2022? after the midterm variant, of course

  45. so abbott says he’s shutting down the border in TX, then reverses and blames it on Buyden?

    This is why we can’t have nice things. Everyone has to blame someone. Even though Buyden deserves it, Abbott could close it down, couldn’t he?

  46. Chad Prather has been ranting against Abbott for a while, and is running for Gov, along with Allen West

  47. “But shortly after announcing the closure, which only the federal government has the ability to do because ports are federally operated, Abbott reversed course, saying ports would be open.

    “Six hours after the U.S. Customs and Border Protection requested help from Texas to close ports of entry and secure the border, the Biden Administration has now flip-flopped to a different strategy that abandons border security and instead makes it easier for people to cross illegally and for cartels to exploit the border,” Abbott wrote in a statement.”

    So it sounds like the feds asked Texas to help, and then the Biden admin stepped in and overruled the decision to close the border.

  48. It’s like nobody learned anything from the whole derivatives mess.

    I guess learning is rayciss or something.

  49. meanwhile cities ignore immigration law, which is against the law, but we have to sit and listen to Buyden ignore law, while ports in your state remain open? Why don’t we push it once in a while?


    Hmm, Australia is a nuclear power? Interesting.

  51. Because that’s Not Who We Are.

    Find out more by subscribing to my newsletter and booking a cabin on the next conservative cruise to the Caribbean.


    It is to laugh.

  53. I’ve been listening to too much Jesse Kelly, Dan Bongino, and Steve Deace.

  54. So Ford treated India like a more populated US, and was surprised when no one wanted huge gas guzzlers, when lots of people there make a lot less than Americans? Let me go find my shocked face…

  55. Alex,

    I thought Evergrande was just one of several holding companies. There are even bigger ones that could collapse too.

  56. Thermadin, that’s my understanding as well. The discussion seems to be that this is just the first and most blatant one. The others are probably not too far behind, and the shock from Evergrande’s fall could take them out as well.

  57. Ford should have side-channeled. Get in as a Tata supplier via their spinoffs like Visteon.

  58. No one wanted gas guzzling SUVs because you can only fit five inside and a dozen on the roof.

  59. So Evergrande won’t be ever grand?

  60. Here is the key line from an article I was reading.

    “As Bloomberg notes, much hinges on how big the real-world impact winds up being on the wider property sector, where some 70% of Chinese household net worth is parked. A crisis there would inevitably lead to a Chinese depression.”

  61. I have been instructed that the 5 pound statue block of fat is only 2 pounds. My mistake.

    Richard Simmonds out front should have told ya.

  62. Third prize is a Richard Simmons face mask.

  63. so if Buyden lives I win?

  64. If you don’t play, you can’t win.

    And, we’re not picking the date of his demise. We’re picking the date that the jig is up. He steps down, is put in a “home”, etc.

  65. Correctumundo – date of departure from office. Now, he could die in office by slipping in a puddle of jizm that dripped down Kamala’s leg, so the two dates would coincide, but the Fat Prize is for date he leaves office.

  66. January 20, 2024, when his successor of Meat Puppet of the Politburo of the Union of Soviet Socialist States is “sworn in”.

  67. 2025. Derp. Like it matters, they could go 3 years, or 13, as if it matters now.

  68. More vax issues from a guy who runs a big testing lab

  69. that isn’t the contest I read, it was when the toe tag was attached

  70. Jay, you paid the entry fee. It’s non-refundable.

  71. Just remember, this guy got pegged by Sarah Silverman and you haven’t (yet)

  72. My mom has had shingles for TWO months.

  73. The snowfall pic at the HQ reminds me of something. There was a similar blizzard in ’81 here, I think. I remember walking to school next to snowbanks way over my head, and that sort of set my expectation for what a normal winter was like. I was in my 30s before I realized it hadn’t been 25+ years of really light winters since then, just normal winters after one especially bad one when I was still a daily foot commuter who was barely 3′ tall at the time.

  74. I wonder if the “Quick Sip Rule” applies to penis sipping?

  75. I remember winters like that. had a couple in MI in the 70s too.

  76. cover and sip, I’d ask if they were serious, but I’ve been here for the last 20+ months.

  77. SCIENCE!

  78. Shit like that is how you get unions.


    There’s basically no chance this isn’t AMZN, but not one will admit it. This will end in destruction to an otherwise-healthy local economy.

  80. Build your own Amazon

  81. I watched a video about cats and went to smash that like button, and now my phone is broken.

  82. Because I smashed it.

  83. See, the joke is, I interpreted the word ‘smash’ too literally, and applied to much force to the screen on my phone. So much so that the screen broke in the part that I was applying the force to.

  84. Because I’m dumb. See, that’s the real point of the joke. I’m making fun of myself by implying I’m too dumb to understand the metaphoric meaning of the phrase “smash that like button” and that misunderstanding had wacky real-world consequences. The joke isn’t really about the phone, but about the person telling the joke.

  85. In this case, the person writing the joke. I didn’t say any of that out loud while I was typing it.

  86. How are you commenting?

  87. Sobek – Rolling stone just came out with their new and improved top 500 songs. Here’s the top 10:

    10 Outkast – “Hey Ya”
    9 Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”
    8 Missy Elliot “Get your freak on”
    7 The Beatles “Strawberry Fields”
    6 Marvin Gaye “What’s Going on”
    5 Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
    4 Bob Dylan “Like a Rolling Stone”
    3 Sam Cooke “A Change is Gonna Come”
    2 Public Enemy “Fight the Power
    1 Aretha Franklin “Respect”

  88. Impressive list, no?


  89. That list is shit. It doesn’t have this:

  90. No

  91. #1 obviously

  92. It is a ridiculous list. But white males only compromise two of the artists.
    But I’m sure that’s neither here nor there.

  93. Or this:

    Really, the list is utter garbage.

  94. Beatles and Nirvana were both white male 4-man bands, no?

    I mean, they sucked, but they were white guys.

  95. Half of Fleetwood Mac, too.

  96. That list looks pretty racist to me. No Japanese songs? No Arabic songs? Bunch of Brits and Americans? Completely racist.

  97. The list is preposterous, but so is the idea of the list. Best songs of any genre? How on earth do you compare the best country song to the best rap song? How do you compare Schubert’s Erlkönig to Strawberry Fields and decide one is better than the other? Dumb.

    Also they are racist.

  98. Oldest ally of the US pulls back ambassador.

    I’m sure it’s fine.

  99. Nicki Minaj is doxxing reporters who are harassing her familiy in Trinidad.

    Yass, Slay Kween

  100. Add my favorite Japanese power punk band to the list: Ellegarden.

  101. In light of today’s Friday ‘bad news dump’ I’m tempted to move up my Deadpool entry to Monday.

  102. Ya. I wanna see the progs piss off the gangstas. The progs severely underestimate the gangsta music influence on the black community. Go ahead Jimmy fuck around with those island people, I dare ya.

  103. Ah, I see the dumbasses have admitted the obviously retaliatory drone strike killed innocent civilians and zero bad guys. Im not sure how we can survive 3 more years of this nonsense.

  104. I said tomorrow, but I expect to be wrong.

  105. 1.4 billion Chinese people, and not one of them can write a song good enough to make that list? Rolling Stone is racist.

  106. Chinese songwriters are very talented, but they insist on including gongs in every tune. The ghost of Chuck Barris runs on stage and pulls the band off with a giant hook each time they get to the gong solo.

  107. It would have been interesting to put Barris and Andy Kaufman in the same room. Dont know why yer comment made me think that.

  108. Aluminum foil prices went up today. I laughed for you guys as I put up the signs. Arirang is a Korean folk song that we had to sing on Taiwan. Friends say that they had to learn it in Japan and Okinawa.

  109. New York strip steaks were $16.99 per lb at the grocery store today.

  110. Costco bacon, four 1-lb. packages together was $13 last year, $19 earlier this week.

  111. Nastygram from management today. It’s not vaxxed by Nov. 22, it’s vaxxed plus two weeks for the shot to kick in by Nov. 22, so JJ or 2nd mRNA shot by Nov. 8. Promise of disciplinary action including removal for not submitting to it. This includes everyone except postal workers, even the ones teleworking from home full time. That will go over like a lead balloon.

    Immediate boss expressed her concern. I said I wasn’t doing anything yet. I could try to get a doctor’s excuse, but I’m going to wait until the lawsuits kick in. No point in expending any more energy on it than necessary.

  112. Man, I wish they hadn’t taken down the retirements and separations list. I bet there’s a stampede for the exit.

  113. Something hit Jupiter.

  114. I’ve got a meeting this coming Tuesday on what is described as my “Leave Of Absence”

  115. I’m still pissed that I have to mask after taking the J&J. No science. No VAERS. All about the Karen’s. Mask Nazi is off Fri/Sat.

  116. Speaking of Chuck Barris, one of the craziest, best movies I’ve seen was ‘confessions of a dangerous mind’.

    Highly recommended. Be at least 4 Indians, though.

  117. Great book.

  118. In one of the Dachshund groups on FB, a guy is appealing to Dachshund owners. His wife was given full custody of their Dachshund in the divorce. She sold him. He is willing to pay bank to get his buddy back. What kind of a Next Tuesday does this? I’m so over illegitimate judges in our country.

  119. Roamy, that Jupiter video was awesome.

    At some point I’m going to have to upload a proof of vaccination card into a work system. I am very seriously considering writing “Fuck You” in sharpie on an index card and uploading it.

  120. Sobek, I hope you are able to do that. Without repercussions. We have 10 more years of work.

  121. I imagine there would be repercussions. That’s why I’m hesitant to do anything.

    I also considered making a fake card, written in crayon, and uploading that.

  122. In DC tonight. Not seeing a lot of potential insurrectionists out on the street, but it’s early.

  123. Guessing this ‘far-right protest’ will be about a dozen FBI informers and a handful of goobers they roped into coming along in exchange for a 12 pack of Natty Light.

  124. Sobek,

    You can upload mine, just photoshop out the name.

  125. Or don’t. See if they notice.

  126. In red crayon:

    “Totes Vaccinated 4 All The Things”

  127. My mom has had shingles for TWO months.

    There is a vaccine for that.


  128. Phat, thanks for the offer but that’s not the point. I actually got the jab. I’m just passed off at the tyrant who exempts his praetorian guard from his unconstitutional mandates.

  129. There’s a very good chance no one would ever notice. Probably they just want a computer ping that says “dude uploaded something.”

  130. If you watch the dashcam video, you can hear the .45 rounds coming right at you. It’s terrifying.

  131. … that’s not the point. I actually got the jab.
    Same with more than a few people I know who have had it and are sick of the BS mandates

  132. Anecdotes about the hospital staffing shortages that are coming

    – Paula got a text from the ER she hasn’t worked for in over 3 years seeing if she’d be willing to pick up a shift.

    – One of her co-workers gave his notice. He’s doing a travel nurse gig in Oregon. Free room & board and $6000/week for ER nursing

    – Sign on bonus for new nurses is up to $10,000. I’m sure that will make the nurses that are already there wonder when their money is coming

    – Our system reports 200 staff out for quarantine purposes. Since they claim 90% of our staff is vaccinated and masking at work is required that doesn’t speak well for the effectiveness of either one of them

    – Our OR is limiting cases because the hospital is full. Why is the hospital full? Not because of Covid. It’s because the rehab places, SNF’s and psych hospitals can’t take patients because they’re short staffed.

    – They’ll be letting more staff go when the mandates go into effect in mid to late October (originally it was 10/1). If the delay was to hire more traveling nurses to work in ME and nurses from ME are traveling out of state for more money I think they’re fucked.

  133. 1st pursuit driver was amazing.

    2nd one, not so much.

  134. Love Schubert.

  135. What Jimbro had to say.

  136. I love sherbet.

  137. MMmm…sorbet

  138. Pick your sorbet. Pick your booze. Vodka, Tequila, or Coconut Rum.

  139. Lemon. I don’t drink anymore, but if I did it would be rum.

  140. No scurvy for me.

  141. Worst sorbet ever – snot.

  142. One guess what’s MJ’s favorite sorbet.

  143. “Waiter, there’s a pubic hair in my sorbet.”

    “Oh, sorry, that sorbet was for Anita Hill’s table.”

  144. Hard to believe that whole thing was thirty years ago.

  145. Grapefruit sorbet is amazing.

    How’s the man-butter sorbet, hotspur?

  146. Too rich.

  147. Monica Lewinski sorbet

  148. Leon has tomorrow in the ☠️ pool.

    I hope he’s right. That would be totally hilarious.

  149. Grapefruit sorbet?

    Is there anything gayer?

  150. Member when cankles spit up some ungodly shit at a debate and we were all certain she was going to die?

    That ungodly shit sorbet.

  151. Taco Bell shit sorbet

  152. Is there anything gayer?
    Cum on a mustache is gayer.

  153. Richard Simmons sorbet

  154. Exorcist sorbet

  155. MJ has a mustache?

  156. Elton John sorbet.

  157. Big Mike lactation sorbet.

  158. That’s Sir Elton John to you.

  159. Hospital Fruit sorbet

  160. Gross

  161. Big Mike’s Skidmark sorbet

  162. So it’s going to be a while before I have sorbet again.

  163. I like orange sherbet.

  164. Lime sherbet is pretty good too.

  165. I should make some lime-mint sherbert.

  166. Daniel’s enterprises reportedly prospered.

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