2021 BBF Championship – Semi-Final Round 2

Hello, and welcome to The 2021 BBF Championship Semi-Final Round 2.





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Your model for today was born on June 8th, 1990 in Barking and Dagenham, London, England.  She stands 5′ 6″ and measure32 – 22 – 34 and 114 lbs.  Please introduce yourself to Miss AmChilds.




7/10 would smash


She seems nice


Nice looking blokette. Are English girls known as blokettes? If not they should be.





Youmodel for todawas born December 2nd, 199in Houston, Texas.  She stand5‘ 4” and measure35 – 24 – 34 an106 lbs.  Please worship at the altaof the churcof Miss Kaitlyn Siragusa AKA Amouranth.




Yea right


Dos tetas


8/10 would smash

Can’t decide if I like her because she’s a total scam artist or not.





Your model for today was born on May 25th, 1987 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.  She stands 5′ 2″ and measures 39 – 22 – 33 and 102 lbs.  Please get down with Miss Julia Kyoka AKA Julia Oppai, Kaoru Miyako, YURIA, Julia Boin.




8/10, would get a massage


I probably shouldn’t make a joke about playing tune in Tokyo with her.


I’d like to do a little roll playing game where I play the part of Curtis LeMay and she plays the part of Tokyo.






Your model for today was born on May 5th, 1997 in Warren, New Jersey.  She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 40 – 25 – 34 and 135 lbs.  Please fix a drink for Miss Dominique D’Angelo aka Mini Jello / Minijello.




Also, Pup good choice on the model today.


Today’s babe makes my brain go down a single track.


9/10 would smash



Your Vote Matters – Save the Boobs



  1. Always a difficult decision when they’re lined up boob by boob.

  2. https://www.thedefensepost.com/2021/10/06/russia-flame-throwing-systems/

    Flamethrower + Drone Technology = One Hella BBQ

  3. Wakey wakey.

    Ethan’s been posting the graudation stats for hell week. They are not good. lol. He knew that, so …

  4. What happens to the washouts? Summary execution or do they change career paths?

  5. We were in upstate NY yesterday. Some of the hills at elevation there are already at full patchwork. It was gorgeous. We are only seeing a little color here and there in CT. The trees have had a wonderful year, with lots of rain, and the nights haven’t gotten chilly enough to trigger much of a change yet.

  6. My burning bushes are mostly red, and the horse chestnut has dropped all its leaves already, but that’s it so far.

  7. GA is a bit odd. The leaves are falling but the high is still close to 80 everyday.

  8. Julie is the prettiest, but have to go with Beverly D’Angelo, because I love vacation movies.

  9. The leaves are falling but the high is still close to 80 everyday.

    So, like Iowa

  10. we have thank you notes in Next Door to all who have been vaccinated in Ames, so surgery can take place because the hospitals haven’t been overrun.


  11. O’Keefe from Veritas was on Tim Pool last night, good show if you want something to watch/listen to.

  12. Saw a praying mantis on the way out the door this morning. Kinda cool. Being out in the country this past year has had definite plusses.

  13. A guy on Nextdoor here was complaining about the mask mandate and he got thoroughly pigpiled by Karens. I could hear the bitchy sound of hens clucking when I read the comments, lol.

  14. A funny thing, he responded to one of them thusly: “No, I am not a robot.”

  15. Based on the voting gifs alone, gotta go with the Japanese model. She seems pretty comfortable in her own skin, after all.

  16. If you play Stairway to Heaven backwards…

    Let’s go, Brandon!

  17. We’re at about 15 to 20% of peak foliage now (my estimate, not the Professional Foliage Authority). Yeah, the burning bush is all red here too. Days have been absolutely beautiful and I’ve opened windows for the breeze but when the sun sets it gets awful chilly awful fast.

  18. Let’s go, Brandon! *clap clap clappity clap*

  19. I keep a window open in the bedroom with a small fan on low to keep the air moving. We have a little air purifier in the room but I’ll be damned if the room doesn’t smell like a foot in the morning.

    *side eyes stinky dogs*

    We used to leave the door cracked open in the winter but with Ollie and his wandering/chewing ways we’re gonna have to keep it shut. Probably ought to buy a bigger air purifier.

  20. or give your dog a bath

  21. I voted for the real ones.

  22. What happens to the washouts? Summary execution or do they change career paths?

    No, they become Four Stars and Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  23. over/under on how long this meeting goes over the 30 mins scheduled. Bidding starts at 7, since we had a late meeting last night.

  24. Comment by Brother Tim on October 8, 2021 8:54 am
    Saw a praying mantis on the way out the door this morning. Kinda cool. Being out in the country this past year has had definite plusses.


    Good focus. Lots of studies showing that being out in nature helps everything. Unless you are chased by a bear or mountain lion, then it sucks.

  25. I’m not voting for the gal grabbing her own boobs. She should leave some for you guys.

  26. Wait, this isn’t pupster? This is buffalone? Are they the same person?

  27. I’m not voting for the gal grabbing her own boobs. She should leave some for you guys.

    I’m okay with it, it’s good that we have common interests.

  28. Buffalone is totally not Pupster. Absolutely not the same person, totes some other guy that coincidentally waves at us when Pupster is away.

  29. And is Dave’s not here, Dave from Texas?

    Help me keep up.

  30. Oh, so pupster uses buffalone on the road while working?

    Did I say that too loud?

  31. Good focus. Lots of studies showing that being out in nature helps everything.

    Female mantises bite the heads off their husbands after sex, so it figures that you would take this position.

  32. Whoa, I like men, Hotspur.

  33. Whoa, I like men, Hotspur.


  34. Most men.

  35. Comment by Hotspur on October 8, 2021 9:45 am
    Whoa, I like , Hotspur.


    Well…that’s true.

  36. Buffalone is helping out this year as he had some additional crowd-source polling space in the free trial offer.


  37. In the past washout would return to the fleet in their original mos, but that was yrs ago. It may be the case now where they can drop a tier and enter swcc program and then (if lucky) get another go later in career. This is why it is really a big accomplishment for entry levels to get selected. They are competing for a berth against med recycles, and sailors already in the fleet.

    Doesn’t matter though. He will not quit and he will not fail.

    It is the way

  38. I’m just glad it’s buffalone and not those meddling Russian hackers.

  39. I wonder if the Russian hackers are hiring.

  40. Da, Tovarisch

  41. No trees have lost leaves in my hood. Check back next month.

  42. No trees have been injured in the making of this shithole dump.

  43. If he doesn’t make it? He becomes a cook on a ship? I dunno. LOL. Depends on why he doesn’t make it, etc.

  44. Navy Infantry!

  45. LOL Go Jarheads!

  46. heh, the whistleblower story gets better and better. These people think we’re stupid. and a lot of us are!


  47. Eventually, somebody has to go to jail.


  48. Dave’s Not Here, if this was a flag it would be a winner

  49. Nothing to see, pepe, nothing at all!

  50. And now she’s going to be involved in the Jan 6th bs.

  51. Bongino mentioned how about 20% of her testimony was about unrealistic body image in adolescent girls and young women and the rest was misinformation, primarily by conservatives. So once they start voting on limiting free speech the Dems can claim the GOP wants to encourage unrealistic body images for women when they object to limiting free speech.

  52. jimbro, why do you promote teen suicide?

  53. we should have a pet post. I found a Dogs in carts post on facebook, and can post the pictures. anyone want to send doggeh and khet pics to make a post? you can send to me, and I’ll take care of it.

  54. And is Dave’s not here, Dave from Texas?

    Help me keep up.

    DNH is not DiT

  55. Dave in Texas is actually in Texas, iirc.

  56. That reminds me, our DVD of The Corsican Brothers is still waiting to be watched.

  57. Biden’s cognitive capacity had already been a bus crash, but now it has further deteriorated to the level of not merely a bus crash, but a bus full of circus clowns crashing into a school for blind children and even worse the clowns were doing their “Gasoline Comedy” act that day and now all the blind children are on fire and the clowns are trying to squirt water on them with their stupid lapel-flowers but the flowers are just squirting out more gasoline and the children are crying tears of fire out of their Unseeing Dead Eyes and holy shit a couple of the clowns look like they have boners and they’re chasing around the fiery blind children trying to rub up on them with these bobbling clown-boners with big red bulbs on their tips.
    Classic ace.

  58. New Header Pic?

  59. Calm down, I’m coming back

  60. I love that in that clip he defends “mass firings”.

  61. Grannies Gone Wild


  62. I accidentally applied to a government contractor and didn’t realize it until about 3 minutes before having a 15 minute chat with the guy.

    Watch that be the only offer I get.

  63. I am sorta curious what the Skype status board will look like on Dec 9.

    I probably won’t get to find out.

  64. Leon, I have a bunch of very small immature (4″ diameter or less) jarrahdales out there that I just picked because I know they won’t mature now. Sliced one up like a zucchini and sauteed it in a little ghee. The skin is tender. Decent little zucchini substitute, though lacking some sweetness. Next time I’d tart it up with a little soy sauce or something.

  65. Wait…nevermind. Weird aftertaste.


  67. Green pumpkins are only marginally edible. Chickens eat them, I don’t.

  68. Tarting Up Mini Pumpkins Since 2009

  69. Roofs were white this morning when I headed out to Safeway. That’s about three weeks early. Looks like it did not freeze hard enough to kill the green beans though…

  70. I should get forklift certified and get a fake fake ID and start going by Julio.

  71. Not a very productive day at work. Spent most of the day listening to Led Zepplin 4 played backwards.
    Page, Plant, Bonham & Jones all must be descedants of Nostradamus.

  72. Leaves are turning in the Bosque. Very few up here on the Mesa.

  73. Yeesh, another evening down pour, need to fire the weather persons at the local stations. Those strip steaks I thawed for the grill tonight are going to have yo wait for tomorrow. So much rain this week I have a mulberry tree with limbs weighed down with so muck water they’re just inches from the ground. Normally they’re 8 – 10 feet off the ground.

  74. Aren’t Amouranths knockers fake? I CALL SHENANIGANS

  75. If only 20% of the population is not vaccinated shouldn’t they be thrilled and STFU about the rest of us getting the vaccine?

    I don’t think it’s 20%.

  76. Mare, 13% and less of the population coerce the government to act in manners the majority disapproves of. There seems to be a fear within the government of the minority in this case. It probably involves campaign finances and which groups are willing to stalk congress critters in an effort to achieve their desires.
    Really, can we cut the bullshit & call stalkers by what they really are, they’re not “raising awareness” they’re stalking like predators to achieve their goals.

  77. Aren’t Amouranths knockers fake? I CALL SHENANIGANS

    Big is Big.

  78. Her ass is pretty spectacular, and it’s probably real.

  79. Hey y’all, guess what the Germans are doing.


  80. Pup, I’m with Leon on this one. #4 is clearly the most attractive, but that also means least likely to be looking for a pearl necklace. #3 seems a bit too eager to get one. #1, she’s a Brit, might be great in the sack but probably only knows how to cook entrails. It only leaves #2 with the super pooper.

  81. ^ there’s probably a flow chart in there.

  82. No, I think the unvaccinated % is much, much higher. They need to control a lot more people.

  83. Kaitlyn was one of my favorites this year because there are hundreds of gifs from her job as an internet tease. Dominique just destroyed me with her cuteness, total girl next door but vivacious. Tough choices this week but they are only going to get tougher each round.

  84. The end date for anyone billing a .gov contract is Dec 8. Watch for things to get spicy right before then or right after, as major programs start to fail or the agencies walk it back so they don’t fail.

  85. F. U. C. K. E. M.
    B. U. R. N.

  86. No doubt it’s a lot higher, the lie is part of the coersion via peer pressure.
    Why vaccinate the only group the virus has no effect on, k-12? Government is paying pharma for the free vaccines. Pharma took profit from all the willing stooges, now the vaccine doesn’t live up to promises, so, boosters & we need to vaccinate those that can readily fend of the virus. Oh, and the unvaccinated are infecting the vaccinated, so mandates and more boosters.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn 10 years from now via a FOI request these vaccines were nothing but R/O water.

  87. Mandates in a lot of hospitals are hitting in the month of October. It was 10/1 for us but it got pushed back a few weeks for them to intimidate more employees into bending the knee and to hire more gypsy staff nurses.

  88. Staffing shortages due to people leaving, taking early retirement or just burning out from stress will be disguised as the hospital being overrun with Covid patients.

  89. At the start of this week I figured it would be about 3 weeks before we start seeing returns on this vax shit. And by returns I mean look for stuff to having outages and the first rallies. Antifa will try to attack, and there will be blood. You don’t fuck with humans and their livelihoods and not recieve a violent response. Add the supply situation and the 60k illegal immigrants marching north (last I checked) along with censorship and targeting of parents group and I’d say we’re well on the way being Venezuela. Just like they want.


  90. Saw a big red-tailed hawk flying around scoping out the chickens. Pretty sure he was figuring on a chicken dinner. Then the crows (actually ravens) that hang around came out and ran the hawk off. Hopefully they’ll keep an eye out for him.

  91. Pepe, I’ve read that if you have a few black chickens in your flock the hawks will leave them alone. They hate crows and apparently any black bird will keep them away. Hawks are racist.

  92. Discreetly, Edward removed papers.

  93. Chilly this morning

  94. Nobody Told Meme

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