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Your model for today was born on June 8th, 1990 in Barking and Dagenham, London, England.  She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 322234 and 114 lbs.  Please introduce yourself to Miss Amy Childs.





  1. She seems nice

  2. Delayed entry regular phrase

  3. to Roaming Fire Hydrant for using Miss Childs as the easter egg in one of her excellent HHD posts.  

  4. I completely missed this gem

    It’s always something with those fuckers, in’it?

  5. The BATS are BACK BABY!

    Boy2 rolled up to the house this morning to a hundred or so bats swarming around the house trying to get into the roof soffit crack we sealed up last year.

  6. Bat Video on u tooob

  7. Those bats seemed angry

  8. Is there any room for one of these in your yard?

  9. I thought being Batman would feel differently.

  10. Is there any room for one of these in your yard?

    Well, yeah…but I’d need about 50 of them. This is not a small cauldron of bats we are talking about here. It is hard to tell when they are swarming around in the video, but there are a good hundred or so circling over the front yard taking turns banging into the underside of the roof, trying to gain passage.

  11. 7/10 would smash

  12. I had to block a video pushed by youtube today that explains why we should use custom pronouns.

  13. wakey wakey

  14. To clarify, that was on Youtube kids. Aimed at my 3 year old.

    FFS what are we doing as a society?

  15. When you’ve lost Snopes you’ve really gone off the deep end. I searched it mostly to see what the fuck the crazies were thinking.

  16. Nice looking blokette. Are English girls known as blokettes? If not they should be.

  17. I think they are birds, Pendejo.

    We never use YT Kids. Possum has a short list of approved channels and always asks. I need to set her up watching YT through a browser with UBlock Origin rather than the app, though.

  18. He likes a few shows. Peppa Pig. Caitie’s Classroom.

    But there’s just no reason to do that other than pedophilia. Gender discussions with children serve no other purpose.

  19. Those bat houses can accommodate several hundred bats. They are small and don’t mind being close. That can be a problem when they get bat COVID though.

  20. Long article that I mostly skimmed but I found the opening few paragraphs interesting – the origins of Ivermectin. Did not know it was the by-product of a Strep species and the Ivermectin name comes from the developer’s term of “avermectin”

    a “anti”
    verm “worm”
    ectin “thingie”

  21. Religious indoctrination starts early. Make sure the religion your children receive is the one they ought to have.

  22. Bats enjoy being nuts to butts

    Almost as much as I enjoy an opportunity to use that phrase

  23. Even more confusing is the class of drugs:

    where “helminth” = parasitic worm. So “worm” in general is verm or wyrm or what have you, and can mean anything from a dragon to a literal garden variety, but “helminth” means a parasite worm in particular.

  24. it’s a subconscious thing, not outward pedophilia. training their brain to think in a certain way.

  25. For some reason I think of your mom every time I hear nuts to butts. I’m not sure why.

  26. Yeah, that’s why when Ivermectin came up as a treatment I dismissed it, didn’t sound right. Guess I should have looked closer…

  27. That JJ Sefton dude at the HQ is pretty good at hanging nic names on the fools and traitors in DC and elsewhere. I eagerly await to see what he hangs on Jeffrey Toobin or zoom meating fame.

  28. “Toobin” should become a verb for roughing up the suspect on a Zoom call if it hasn’t already.

    “So Karen, I think next quarter’s numbers are going to be..”
    “Jeff, are you toobin!? Can you at least shut off the camera?”

  29. I regret my life choices.

  30. Just to change things up a bit Jimbro, you could substitute rockets to sockets.

  31. But you’d have to be on a boat…

  32. Banglar Party Boat

  33. I have stable gaze. Boating and I aren’t friends.

  34. The Story of… Amy Childs | The Only Way Is Essex

    That’s the first video linked above. About 1/3 of the way through the video she said TOWEI. I wouldn’t have known what she said if it weren’t for the caption on the video. Anyway, TOWEI is a British version of a reality show about Essex I guess. It was actually a nice interview and she seems like a decent person. Not sure what she was talking about vajazzles for but maybe she had one for the show or something.

  35. The pic in the black bikini seems to be her pre-bolt-on period.

    For the life of me I will never understand why women do this. You can spot them as fake from a mile away, and while I’ve never held one in my hand I can’t imagine they feel nice, and somewhere buried in all of that are two lengths of scar tissue.

    It’s all so pointless.

  36. Mare, what is you opinion in this regard?

  37. Lord A’Mighty

    Chuck, you had to be blacked out drunk.

  38. The fake bewbs make her slender hips look weird. At first I thought she had an undersized lower half, but no, it’s the fake tits throwing off her proportions.

  39. I’ll just leave this this here.

  40. “Anthony! Get your pants off and suck my dick!!!!”

  41. Big boobs without hips to match is unbalanced and aesthetically wrong.

  42. Chuck has someone(s) on the side. Has to.

    A real investigative journalist could tell us, but those are extinct.

  43. Paula has had an augmentation. The difference with her is that they’re not comically large and they’re not hard saline bags. Unless you see her on her back in a skimpy top or butt naked you’d never know. And she is not prone to do either of those activities for an audience of more than her husband.

  44. A friend had a boob job done by a very good surgeon in LA, and hers look very natural.

    Another friend had the bolt-on surgery and hers always looked and felt a bit weird. Too firm.

  45. I think the worst thing I can say about this week’s offering is that she seems, well, bland. Standard issue fake redhead–check. Standard issue bolt-ons–check. Standard issue swimwear–check. Standard issue dresses–check.

    She literally only stands out in her standardness.

  46. A cousin of mine had hers done after kid #3, but it was mainly a lift and restoration after 5+ years of total breastfeeding had left her feeling a little deflated. They looked proportional and enough like my memory of her pre-baby body that I didn’t know until she told me.

  47. I’m not going to point fingers at the significant others of people, since I’m not a prize, and probably getting fingers pointed at me.

  48. Tim, my first thought was similar, “she looks like a lot of standard lower-class British girls who have just enough looks to be considered attractive.”

  49. That’s true, Jay.

  50. LOL

    Sexton just referred to Rancida as Semtex-tits.

    Jeebus, I hope she reads that.

  51. “she looks like a lot of standard lower-class British girls who have just enough looks to be considered attractive.”

    Ah, a chav or possibly a roastie, then, rather than a bird.

  52. My best friend’s wife had hers done about 8 years ago. She’s 5’ and weighs about 95 lbs, former gymnast. I asked her about 6 months after she did it if it was worth it and she said yes that it made her feel more womanly. But just last weekend she told me that if lshe had it all to do again, she wouldn’t.

    I saw one of them one night about 5 years ago when I was over at their house and she was wearing one of her husband’s T-shirt’s with the sleeves cut out. It looked like a skin colored balloon. Not really all that attractive.

  53. I tend to think of Billie Piper (Doctor Who, Penny Dreadful) as being in the same category, but an especially fine specimen of same.

  54. Twenty years ago yesterday, I proposed to HotBride in this exact spot.

  55. well you certainly can pick a spot!

  56. I wonder how the reconstruction is going.

  57. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 11, 2021 10:45 am
    I wonder how the reconstruction is going.

    The plans are already approved to to rebuild it, after removing the idolatrous images and constructing the minarets so that the calls to prayer may be heard far and wide.

  58. See, thing is I wouldn’t hold the base of what she’s working with against her if she did something a little creative with it, showed some individuality. Instead it’s all cookie cutter. Even the smile seems forced and calculated.

    Look, she may actually be a great person to know, I have no idea. I’m judging by the standards of what I’m presented with, and on the aesthetics she’s a C+/B-. If the personality behind it is great, that can add a letter grade easily, but I’ve got nothing to go on for that.

  59. My initial plan was to do it at the top of the Eiffel Tower, but it was closed for elevator maintenance, and I was really pissed. HotBride didn’t know that was my plan, so she couldn’t understand why it was so upsetting to me.

    Later in the day, I came up with the plan to do it the next day after Mass at the top of the cathedral instead.

    Good times.

  60. This whole charade that Heels-Up is hiding behind is a total farce.

    When are you going to the border?
    “I’m first going to go find out why people are going to the border. Until we fix that, people will still flee to the border.”

    Bullshit. We don’t give a fuck why they are fleeing to the border. Arrest them, put them on Greyhounds and drive their asses right back where they came from. Do it as often as necessary.

    They will quit coming without us having to pay vigorish to corrupt politicians and cartels.

  61. Groundhogs come into my barn for the free food and shelter.

    There’s a lesson here.

  62. When groundhogs come into my yard they get a 22Short in the left ear, right ear, or forehead, whichever faces my upstairs bedroom window.

    Then I throw them over into the neighbor’s yard where they came from.

  63. I’ve got live traps, but that’s just in case I get a cat by mistake.

  64. I don’t recall ever asking my wife to get married. After dating a couple of years I think we just conceded that we were stuck with each other. Now if that ain’t romance novel material then you can kiss my hiney.

  65. There are stripper titties and then there are “enhanced” breasts. In my (absolutely positively not the least bit humble) opinion.

  66. Agree TeeRoy. I have the same thoughts that Hotspur mentioned earlier when I see huge disproportionate globes stuck on a woman’s chest. Don’t get me started on fake butts.

  67. Don’t get me started on fake butts.

    An affront and insult to all that is Good, True, and Beautiful.

  68. Preach it Brother Leon!


  70. That’s the thing in a nutshell. A great rack is something a woman is either born with or has to purchase or simply do without. A non-crippled woman can build a butt same as a man can build big arms.

    Literally no one respects a man with bicep implants.

  71. Air Force museum is pretty cool. We focused on AF1,Space,WWII,and WWI.

  72. I don’t recall ever asking my wife to get married. After dating a couple of years I think we just conceded that we were stuck with each other. Now if that ain’t romance novel material then you can kiss my hiney.



  73. Did you skip the Civil War exhibit?

  74. Well, I read where AOC is criticising POTUS for playing nice with the R’s. The gall of a person barely out of their 20’s to think they better know how to run shit than their elders do. I fervently hope that she has her Joseph McCarthy moment where the members of her own party realize that they can no longer tolerate her and work together to put her to pasture. I’m not even to big of a person to wish McCarthy’s final fate on her stupid ass.

  75. Nice of Mare to show up for one sylable. **waves**

  76. Yah, but she cut and pasted a whole paragraph.

    That takes dedication.

  77. Northern air power was a key factor in the Civil War.

  78. Abe Lincoln used his engineering skills to lift Jefferson Davis’ riverboat out of the water. He then boarded with his personal retinue of axe-soldiers and chokeslammed the rebel leader personally.

  79. I saw an older black lady inside the gas station from the back and side, she had really skinny legs and was wearing what looked like a maternity blouse, she was all out of proportion around her waist like 8 months pregnant with triplets. She was clearly in her 60s but she was just shaped all wrong…I didn’t stare but it was really weird looking. The top was so loose but stuck out in front of her skinny legs like she was smuggling a beanbag chair. As I was leaving in my car she came out of the store and I got a look from the front, turns out she just has MASSIVE BOOBS and no bra, and those girls were down below her navel. Mystery solved.

  80. Ironclads were kinda cool

  81. I just wrote a one-line function to test whether a string has all letters of the alphabet at least once.

    I know you’re all impressed.


    I thought I remembered balloons in the Civil War but I had to make sure it wasn’t a fictional story I read somewhere along the way

  83. Did both sides use balloons during the Civil War?

    Both sides used balloons,although the Union aeronautical program was far more successful and better organized.

    Never doubt me.

  84. Did balloons kill it or is werdpuss choking?

  85. Balloons killed it.

    Just like Johnny Reb.

  86. You homos that are down grading this fine example of high quality boob 2 o evidently have forgotten rule number 1 of boob club…..

  87. Today was the memorial service for house guest’s little brother.

    He was 47.

    Lots of emotions were spent.

  88. Oh my god, that is young. What happened?

    I found out the other day that the gentleman who helped me get in at Ford had passed. Only 61. No cause given in the obit.

  89. impressive leon

  90. ugh lots of bad news

  91. He was diabetic and didn’t take care of himself.

    *glances at Oso*

  92. No cause given in the obit.

    OD’d while with a tranny hooker.

  93. Died doing what he loved.

  94. Meth and ladyboys.

  95. He was pretty heavyset and no stranger to a good meal or drink, but I doubt he was keen to try meth. Probably just a grabber.

  96. “Dinosaurs” did not go extinct. Big dinosaurs went extinct.

    Like all the ones that couldn’t walk, fly, or hold their heads up on the planet as we know it.

  97. The heaviest modern flying animal tops out at a max of like 35 lb. The smallest adult pterosaur was supposedly like 10x that, some estimates put the biggest at 550 lb or more. Anything about that seem suspicious to anyone else?

  98. Obviously gravity has evolved which completely explains it

  99. Something about oxygen content in the atmosphere, I think.

    Also, two details of my bullshit earlier had foundations in reality. Guess which two?

  100. There’s a theory that the mesozoic atmosphere was hella thick, and the cosmic impact that ended the bid dino era also knocked away a lot of our air. I think that’s more plausible than gravity changing, and more oxygen in the mix with otherwise STP isn’t enough to support the extra size.

  101. Or, you know, dinosaurs might be a scam.

  102. Probably just a much thicker atmosphere, though.

  103. If there was 2% more Oxygen in the air, forest fires would never go out. Things that rust would rust *much* faster, and life would be quite different…

  104. See, this is what kills late night threads.

  105. Sorry…


  107. Dudley’s enemies regained power.

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