And One For Meme

Actually how Dan met Oso Loco

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  1. Mrs. Pupster trying to be quiet while I’m sleeping:

    (Imgur video with sound)

  2. We went from Africa hot to sweater weather in a day. Hopefully that wasn’t it for the year.

  3. 1/3 done with class. Much progress to be made today.

  4. There are still TV shows?

  5. Eat Slip and Die Sliding

  6. 🐻❤️🐶



  9. wakey wakey

  10. *continues silence

  11. I said WAKEY WAKEY

    I slept in until 9 am.

  12. Okay, I’ll break the silence with an Ollie story

    I let them all out at 0430 and when Ollie was out in the shitpen I noticed a string hanging by his mouth. I figured it was hung up on a snaggle tooth. When he came in I grabbed it and started pulling. About 4 feet more came out from his esophagus and maybe stomach for about a 5 foot long string from the blanket he was chewing

  13. Thankfully it wasn’t hung up on the other end of the alimentary canal

  14. that’s crazy.

  15. I might to get more hot mesh fencing. Right now I’m limited to about 1/3 of an acre that I can sweep out from the gate to where Richard and Donatello live. They’ve been rooming with the sheep, but the little shelter is getting tight already, so I’ve got to finish the portable sheep shed, too.

  16. Back-ordered until mid July.

  17. Thankfully Ollie is ok.

  18. Ok, I’ve sat here reading bs long enough. Time to go find something to do.

  19. Thankfully it wasn’t hung up on the other end of the alimentary canal

    You could have turned him inside out! I hate it when they walk around with their ear like that, imagine a whole dog.

  20. Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.

    Nah, it’ll be fine. /drinker

  21. OMG

    That graph is like a gut punch.

    I need to can more meat.

  22. Graphs like that make me want to purchase more precious metals

  23. Ollie is still in the chew everything phase. Every interaction with him eventually ends up with the teeth coming out. My response depends on how much he puts into the bite. Most of the time I just roll his gum onto his teeth but occasionally he gets his snout thwacked and I swear you can see a little light bulb activate in his adolescent ACD brain

  24. BoozBucks is the solution — and solvent — we need.

    Just gotta kill off the fed agencies that’ll insist on a cut because it’s alcohol. They’ll insist that the certificate exchanges are all “sales” and fuck it up.

  25. My tractor is finally getting delivered Tuesday. No backhoe- and he’s loaning us a Blade until our’s comes in. So, I really want the backhoe, but the tractor will be better than nothing.

  26. Ollie is obviously not getting enough cotton and polyester in his diet you monster.

  27. The best dog I ever had wasn’t getting enough fiber glass in his diet so he ate some off the sound insulation of an old dishwasher that I left out on the patio for a couple of hours while I was installing the new one. It didn’t end well.

  28. Question for you furniture refinishers, I have two adirondack chairs made of soft pine that the boys and I assembled and painted when we lived in TN as a mother’s day gift for Mrs. Pupster, 6-7 years ago. They have been moved from TN to OH to MN to NC and need to be tightened up and repainted. I used Rust Oleum paint and primer on the bare wood back in the day.

    I want to hit them with the pressure washer and then repaint with the same stuff, should I use a mold/mildew killer first, and should I sand? What grit? These are outdoor chairs and some of the original paint has worn off, showing gray underneath.

  29. I didn’t know we had furniture refinishers here. gardeners. IT geeks. Runners/crossfitters. Archaic knowledge holders. All yes.

  30. Went into DC To go to a used bookstore, but they were still being mask idiots so that’s three hours wasted.

  31. I raked up 3 wagon loads of grass clippings and mulched the pumpkin patch with them, watered the big horses, dug up another wagon load of spear thistle and dumped it, then ran over to my parents’ house and brought in a delivery for them so it wouldn’t melt in the heat, then took a cold shower. Now I’ve got a big tumbler of ice, brandy, and grapefruit LaCroix and I’m ready to do more python practice.

    3 hours well spent.

  32. 120 grit. Then wipe them down with IPA. IsoPropylAlcohol not beer.
    If they are really scuzzy with mildew you can hose em down before with bleach / water.
    If the screws are loose replace them with a slightly oversized coarse threaded exterior grade screw.
    Put a dab of waterproof glue on them before sending it in. Tite bond 3 is my go to.

  33. “”python practice.””

  34. Sorry about your dog, Pendejo, that sounds awful.

  35. Yeah, it was very sad.

  36. Aggierican is the furniture refinishing guru.

  37. Sorry about your dog, Pendejo.

  38. Former CoW life st 2 Great Danes to fabric eating.

  39. Road work in Indiana. Traffic merging into one lane. I commented to Dan, that I’d never seen cars start merging at the first merging point. 4 cars made a liar out of me. Sped up to the first orange barrels to merge. Truck behind us starts to pull into the open soon to be closed lane. He stopped. He was partially in both lanes blocking the line jumpers. Semi behind him does the same thing. Look over to the southbound lanes. Pickup and semi providing the same blocking tactics. Heroes don’t always wear capes.

  40. Lost. I’m getting a partial comment box so I can no longer proofread. I may seem more coherent

  41. I drove North on 24. Stopped at Aldi to get extra fixens for dinner. Kept driving up 24 and got 4 more bales of hay for my deep mulch garden. Started driving South on 24, and got some flowers and strawberries at a farm. Continued south for my starbuks now I’m home again.

  42. We’re a travelogue blog now?

  43. I was just trying to impress all of you with the efficiency of my errands.

    Are you not entertained?

  44. Hay has seeds, you sure you want that as mulch? Straw would be safer and cheaper.

  45. Oso, I’ve been known to do that too. People are asshoes.

  46. We are mowing 3 acres of hay tomorrow and baling on Wednesday. Should be another 130+ bales.

  47. Carin, you play defense? That is so awesome. In NM, you risk life if you honk. We’re debating if Dan will be “that guy” in NM. I may have to “really ride shotgun IYKWIMAITTYD “

  48. It’s straw. Not hay. But when I think of bales, I just think of hay. so that’s what comes out of me.

  49. Yea, I’m that person.

  50. Straw is to hay as frosted mini wheats is to oatmeal. Or something like that.

  51. Punster, find Aggie on FB or Twitter.

  52. Pupster. Stoopid comment box.

  53. Mostly, Twitter. Mostly.

  54. Straw is grass clippings, hay is grass clippings after the lawn has gone to seed. Just a question of timing.

  55. Yea yea yea. I know. I also heard a guy argue that he uses hay and it’s just fine. Whatever you have on hand.

  56. So … this austin shooting? I assume since they haven’t released any information on the suspect, they’re probably not Asian, right? Or Canadian.

  57. Austin police have arrested one man in connection with an overnight shooting that injured 14 people, officials said. The arrest was made by Austin police and the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force.

    There’s loads of info.

    Police previously said they had zeroed in on two suspects involved in a previous dispute and were rapidly working to arrest them.

    Humn, what kind of dispute? With each other? Or them against another group of people?

    Interim Police Chief Joe Chacon expressed confidence that investigators would soon be able to untangle more details about what prompted the gunfire and that suspects could face a range of charges that include attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

    Well, that’s certainly reassuring – they’re could face charges!

    Then there’s this:

    Authorities say the shooter appears to have fired randomly. Officials said they believe most of the victims, whose injuries ranged from moderate to critical, were innocent bystanders.

    Fired. Randomly. Not at each other. Humn … sounds like … a hate crime to me?

    STAY TUNED FOLKS. Although they probably are going to bury this story as the facts come out. Just a guess.

  58. Chief Barbrady’d

  59. Some people juggle geese…

  60. Others gargle cheese

  61. Emergency sleeping bags are nearly free this time of year.

    Stock up.

  62. That reminds me, time to order another cord of wood. Heating oil is probably going to skyrocket

  63. Air Force museum had two kamikaze planes. Only one had the option to land or change mission and retry. Outside of Dayton, we encountered cicadas. Windshield took the brunt of attacks. I hate crowds. I seat surf. Got my black raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream. Phone in pocket. Took a cicada to the sternum/neck. Never dropped my Graeters. Lapperts is better than Graeters. Need a road trip to test

  64. I can’t post or comment for 7 days on FB. Avenge me

  65. 30 years ago Sixth street in Austin was a cool place to party. Lots of bars, many with live music and touristy souvenir shops where you could get T-shirt’s and buttons with semi nasty and sexually suggestive sayings among other things. I bought Hotspur’s Secret Santa gift on Sixth street, the infamous knitted cock holster.

    The last time I was in Austin for a convention was about six years ago and the hotel we stayed at was on Fourth street so we spent a little bit of time bar hopping. It’s a way different vibe now. Thiggish. Gang type shit. Open drug dealing. Since then they’ve gone all in on coddling the homeless so nothing that comes out of this will surprise me.

  66. It’s amazing what happens when you cater to the lowest common denominator. Shocking. Seriously. This is my shocked face.

  67. Austin forfeited their Texan Card. So surprised the citizens spoke up against the camps.

  68. When I went grocery shopping yesterday morning, they had some great looking peaches. I grabbed some and made peach cobbler.
    It was very good!
    Now, it’s gone…

  69. I can’t post or comment for 7 days on FB. Avenge me

  70. Its frustrating when the time could not be more ripe for cracking down on panhandlers.

    1. They get stimulus checks like everybody else.
    2. Businesses everywhere are hiring and desperately so.

    There is no fucking excuse for being a beggar right now. None.

  71. I’m sure that there’s a picture somewhere of a guy sitting with an “anything helps” sign right below a store window with a “help wanted” sign.

  72. You had to file a tax return to get stimi.

  73. Begging probably started to pay more when the economy took off.

  74. coalex, with a $500 signing bonus too

  75. My wife was in Oklahoma this past week visit with her two sisters. She said one of the news stations out of okc was running a story about some restaurant chain that was advertising a $500 bonus if you were still there after six weeks.

  76. On our tour of the South, there were a bunch of restaurants that only had half the seating open. Not enough staff to handle more.


  78. I guess that out here in rural Pierce County, WA…
    Covid is over, as there is a party 6 blocks north with a live band.
    It sounds like it’s next door.
    Saturday night in the PNW…


  80. Went to a swing dance out in some small town. No masks, people in close proximity dancing for hours. It was great.

  81. Sweet! Sounds like a good time.

  82. Deborah’s employees rarely prospered.

  83. Deborah obviously doesn’t pay $15 an hour

  84. Tell Meme the Truth

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