Nobody Told Meme

Dave’s not here, man.


  1. wakey wakey

  2. Seriously?

    The Senate on Oct. 1 confirmed Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, a key leader in the historic humanitarian evacuation from Afghanistan, by voice vote to lead the Pentagon’s global network of mobility assets under U.S. Transportation Command.

  3. Pepe, I’ve read that if you have a few black chickens in your flock the hawks will leave them alone. They hate crows and apparently any black bird will keep them away. Hawks are racist.

    This is not a 100% solution. I have several black hens and still lost 3 birds to a buzzard. Ribbons over their yard will work better if it’s feasible.

  4. So. Much. Good.

  5. I will die for… is kind of brilliant.
    If it’s not running by midnight.
    The brave chihuahua.
    And every other one.

  6. Seriously?

    The Senate on Oct. 1 confirmed Air Force Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, a key leader in the historic humanitarian evacuation from Afghanistan, by voice vote to lead the Pentagon’s global network of mobility assets under U.S. Transportation Command.


    Well, now I’m angry.

  7. Are they really trying to make the Afghanistan cluster*uck a heroic endeavor?

  8. Calm down Mare.

    If your expectation for this administration is that they learn from mistakes and improve you haven’t been paying attention. It’s incompetent fascist liars and shitballs all the way down.

  9. Scratchy Dick’s Big Slut Crab Fuck Shack

  10. A crab restaurant near us has a coupon in the weekly circular for “clam and muscles”. I really hope it was a keyliner who didn’t know better and not someone who’s business is shellfish.

  11. Reminds me of the gummy bear reviews (thread)

  12. “When you hear about mass executions in North Korea, look at the bigger story… they went from 59% of people supporting the supreme leader to 99%.”

    Not mine, but it’s good.

  13. Chickens roam in about 4 acres, Leon. Have to rely on the attack crows.

  14. Dolly Poe is my favorite, but the midnight deadline is a close second.

    I’m talking to my dad, and he is giving me tips on towing a mobile home. I love him, but sometimes I just have to let him talk.

  15. Now he has asked me for the umpteenth time if I got my telescope set up. Dad, the telescope is #179 on my to-do list and falling every day.

    I know there will be a day when there won’t be the usual Saturday morning calls. I need an attitude adjustment. Still “uh huh. mmm hmm.”


  17. I was today years old when I learned that Tom Morello is black.


    His horrible experiences in life. Can you imagine being asked to play Jimmy Hendrix songs? I’m in a rage just thinking about it.

  19. In a rage against the machine, basically.

  20. He ought to be laughing all the way to the bank.

    One of the black moms against CRT said with that kind of thinking, the kids grow up with no hope. The whole world is against you for your skin color, no matter what.

  21. Why would I want to convert my generator from gas to propane?

  22. And here all these years, I’ve looked at him an never once paused to wonder what his race was.

    I guess because I’m not woke enough.

  23. learned that Tom Morello is black


  24. What a wonderful set of memes. My favorite was the processed ham.

  25. I’ve known what his skin tone looks like but never cared what race he is. I do remember reading some review in a guitar magazine about their first album, with the headline something like “hey, it turns out white guys really can rap.”

  26. Imagine the cognitive dissonance of growing up being taught that capitalism is evil, but you have more money than you can ever spend and will never have to work a day in your life, because your dad earned a bunch of money by taking his time and abilities for money, but trading time and abilities for money is evil, but the fact that dad did that means you can buy whatever you want…

  27. That’s a helluva graph.

  28. Why would I want to convert my generator from gas to propane?


    Fuel storage is easier, gasoline deteriorates over time, propane doesn’t. Propane also burns a lot cleaner than gasoline, much less carbon monoxide. A lot of forklifts run propane because of this.


  30. Has anyone seen the new trailer for Dune?

    I’ve never read the book. Should I read the book?

  31. With the right catalysts, you can make propane from animal manure compost (CH4 upconverted to C3H8). Good luck making your own gasoline from pigpoo.

  32. Read the book, read Dune Messiah if you really liked Dune. The rest are too weird and I was done after Messiah. Pretty sure Frank was too but there was money to be made.

    New Chani actress is a vocal bitchy SJW, she’ll never hold a candle to Sean Young.

  33. I never read the books, but I worked in a one screen movie theater when the first Dune movie came out in the late eighties. It may be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen and I was subjected to it 2 times a night, 3 days a week for a long time.

  34. I took a Science Fiction class in my senior year of college and read a lot of the classics including Dune. It was a night school class with adult learners attending it too. I’m glad I took it or I would have missed reading a lot of great books. It got out at 8PM on Thursday night which is, coincidentally, when the campus bar opened up for the evening. Brother Mike’s sold one beverage only, draft beer in red Solo cups.

  35. I just bought that book Nice Deb mentioned in her article. I’m surprised Amazon is selling it at all. Kindle version was half the price of print but I don’t trust Amazon to not fuck with content.

  36. Our generator is a propane one. We had to get a separate tank for it so we have two tanks behind the garage. One feeds the dryer and stove top and one for the genny. It is nice to have in the winter when the furnace really needs to run. I lost power in the winter long before I had it and had to run the wood stove continuously to keep the house warm. Even then it was hit or miss on whether the pipes would freeze.

  37. Still in nyc hell.

  38. My younger brother worked at a 4 screen cinema during high school. Once he had his own car he would hang out with his cow orkers for late night movies after the last official screening on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

  39. Why would I want to convert my generator from gas to propane?
    Fuel storage is easier, gasoline deteriorates over time, propane doesn’t. Propane also burns a lot cleaner than gasoline, much less carbon monoxide. A lot of forklifts run propane because of this

    This is true.

    Just be aware that there is a decrease in kWh output at max. loads if you go with LP – may or may not be an issue for you.

  40. I’d like a detailed report on everything Kamala Harris *cough* whore *cough* has done to control the border. You know, because she’s in charge and whatnot.

  41. Scratchy Dick’s Big Slut Crab Fuck Shack sounds like an awesome place.

    Anyone know the address?

  42. Hmmmm…everyone must have gone to Scratchy Dick’s Big Slut Crab Fuck Shack.

  43. Spencer Rattler benched in the Land Thieves/Horns down game, freshman leads them to a come from behind win.

    Land Thieves found their QB, now they will improve.

  44. Is Monday Ignorant Savages Day?

  45. Going under the knife, or more accurately the transducer, Monday. Not allowed to eat anything after 3pm tomorrow less the procedure be cancelled. Any recommendations for a dinner served in the afternoon that will stick with you until the following evening?

    There are a few steak houses near the hospital, I really don’t want to walk out of the hospital starving. Have zero balance on my card, I can easily see myself walking into one of those places, “give me that 3” thick porterhouse in the window medium rare with lots of mushrooms and onions”…. next thing I know I have a $400 balance on the card just for me, would also have to buy for the step daughter that’s providing transportation if I don’t want to walk the rest of the way home.

  46. The Dune series is to Science Fiction as Lord of the Rings is to Fantasy.

    God Emperor of Dune was the best of the series. Messiah was the weakest but also the shortest. The entire series was great but alas Frank died before tying it all up. Skip the Brian Herbert cash grab books.

  47. Dave, go to Scratchy Dick’s Big Slut Crab Fuck Shack and order the Mountain Oysters.

  48. Reading Dune was my first foray into SF. The movie sucked so badly I lost brain cells watching it.

  49. When I read the part about the Gom Jabbar I nearly shit my pants.

  50. HS, I’m afraid if I “grabbed” the mountain oysters the ram would kick me in my “oysters”, thus complicating Monday’s procedure. Thanks anyway!


  52. 3″ steak with a side of scalloped ass potatoes and some French-style green beans with those little slivered almonds like grandma used to serve on special occasions

  53. I had an opportunity to spend 3 years doing nothing but reading all day every day.
    If you want a couple sci-fi titles that seriously make you wonder after reading them, not the fantasy novels, here’s two that I found to be thought provoking.
    “The Goldilocks Enigma” by Paul Davies.
    “Who Built The Moon?” by Christopher Knight & Alan Butler.
    Neither has had Hollywood pervert them by putting them on film.

  54. Try Redemption Ark and Revelation Space, both by Alastair Reynolds.

  55. Also Pandora’s Star by Peter F. Hamilton.

  56. Tybee didn’t have Scratchy Dick’s Big Slut Crab Fuck Shack, but the restaurant on the beach had honey blue cheese habanero dipping sauce for the chicken tenders.

  57. Nice recommendations, Hostages. Thanks.

    Also, Boise State is losing horribly to the referees.

  58. I used to SciFi. 50s sci-fi in the 80s. I became a Regency. True Crime. Michael Connelly Fair Warning is worth the read.

  59. supper tonight

    smells great

  60. The Girl Who Ate Everything – story of your mom’s childhood.

  61. I think my fav SciFi novel is Starship Troopers.

    Easy read that made a lot of sense.

  62. Starship Troopers is great. Movie…nah.

  63. Noise State won, no thanks to the refs.

    Starship Troopers…added to the list.

  64. We’re watching Wyoming at AF. Is anyone other than Phat interested? Didn’t think so.

  65. Daves’s not here, prayers for a best outcome.

  66. Boise State

  67. Come on Iowa!

  68. MJ, Starship Troopers made sense back in its day, you had to serve to earn the right to vote. It wouldn’t work now with the u.s. military becomming a service lead by soy boi generals.
    There again is an example of Hollywood fucking up a decent novel with it’s incessant need to coddle sexual deviants within the Hollywood community.

  69. BTW, smoked turkey leg soup was aight.

  70. Old Man’s War by John Scalzi was good. I’ve read the first 3 in the series. Six published so far and I read that his contract with Tor is for 13 books.

  71. I agree with Jimbro, Scalzi has a very good series. He is highly political so I have not read anything of his in a long time.

    I would also recommend David Brin, he has some classics that are must reads. I really enjoyed Kiln People very outside the box. He has turned political too.

  72. Alan west has covid and pneumonia. doesn’t sound like a good combo.

  73. I hope he can get the Z Pac. Early stage success story.

  74. I still can’t believe the hospital was treating COVID, as Melinda’s hubby was dying from bacterial pneumonia. No Vax poster child. I’m still livid.

  75. Come on Iowa!

  76. damn, Trump is in Des Moines right now.

  77. Come on Iowa’s tits!

    Is that better?

  78. supper tomorrow. Roast is in the fridge now drying, smells great!

  79. Evidently the current protocol if covid is suspected is to test, send person home, wait 4 or 5 days for the test, then see if they’re okay. If not, too late to treat the covid, then it’s a matter of treating the pneumonia. DiL’s father is still in the hospital, but improving. Should be released in a day or two. Her mother felt bad for a couple of days, but is okay now. No treatment, no hospital. Her mother is way too heavy, and not in shape at all. I really think there might be a genetic component to the virus, some people seem to be so much more susceptible to it.


  81. Dill enhanced Rhonda’s pierogies.

  82. Hahahahahahah Commas are important!

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