Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is from London, England and was born on the 4th of July, 1996.  She stands 5′ 8″ and sports a natural set of 32 double J’s.  Please follow my lead and welcome  Miss Bella Brewer!





  2. English girls have beautiful…skin.

  3. Imagine having to carry those around all day.

    *pictures all the male H2ers being literal and carrying them around*

  4. Too tired after carrying around Deez Nuts all day

  5. I find it hilarious that Brit media are referring to Megan Markle as ‘Yoko’. She broke up the band!
    Paula and I were talking about that yesterday after a segment on them came up on The Five. She really is the biracial version of white trash. The panel’s point on it was they simply could have faded into obscurity like many of the other royals. I mean, other than his recent infamy related to his penchant for barely legal girls, who the fcuk ever heard about Phillip? By making this announcement it is a scream to LOOK AT ME !!! That’s 100% the fault of Harry’s twatfaced wife.

  6. Other than a general admiration for the history and tradition of the monarchy in England I really DGAF about them.

    Queen Elizabeth? Respect for her longevity and willingness to quietly perform her duties

    Princess Diana conspiracy theories? Fertile ground for reading about and ultimately unprovable

    William and Harry? Respect for their service and 50% of their wives

    Prince Charles? The man who will end the monarchy through his well intentioned but sheer incompetent reign

    Mark Steyn, filling in for Rush last week, was going off on this too.

  7. Double J Ranch

    “We have the finest grass fed FUPA’s this side of the Mississippi”

  8. And she’s pretty, too. Too bad she doesn’t have a lot more muffin down below.

  9. The winner of #1 Non-Boob-Related GIF goes to the sloth gif

  10. Jiggly Jugs! Wowsers.

    Much respect to her spine.

  11. Weird/Good music video

    A comment below the video

    Adam Reynolds
    4 months ago

    I sing this song to my dogs all the time. HELLO MY NAME IS HUMAN!

  12. wakey wakey

  13. Oh sure. But when I go see Highly Suspect in concert you guys make fun of me.

    Their new album sucks.

  14. Prince Charles? The man who will end the monarchy through his well intentioned but sheer incompetent reign.


    The sooner the better, IMHO. All countries need their traditions and sacred institutions I suppose… But a monarchy that has no authority at all is really just very expensive and exclusive welfare that, at its best, maybe doesnt have a couple of scandals going on. And it is rarely bat it’s best. Honestly, aside from the “expensive and exclusive” part, you could find the same thing at a trailer park…so maybe Ms. Markle fits right in. These are not nice people by and large. Everything is about protecting their name…

  15. Like most actress, Merckle is most likely an attention whore. She can’t stand being one of the royals/crowd (her husband isn’t even first in line). It was fine when she was dating and then getting married. But fading into the background? Nope not gonna do it.

    I find them irritating. the whole royals actually. I mean, I just really dont’ care what they think or when they get married. And now they’ve become progressives.

  16. Johnny went on and on about how the new album was going to break barriers in rock, bla bla bla. It’s effen rap.

    There are song that don’t even have guitar on them. AND – he’s ruining his voice because he won’t quit smoking, so he’s going to lose that.

  17. 9/10 would smash. Fat chicks need love too.

  18. People are posting a “Justice for Kevin Bacon” thing. @@. because he’s gay. You know, because gays reasons hate crime …

    Kevin was killed by another gay man, and that man is going to die in prison. So … why exactly are we calling for justice?

    Oh right. Virtue signaling.

  19. between virtue signaling and selfies, some days I can’t even.

  20. I know nothing about Megan Merckle so naturally I have an opinion.

    She must have the best pussy of all time.

  21. Hers is the only kind of magic pussy that truly exists: not the one that fixes you and makes you a better man, but the one that fucks up your life and wrecks your family.

  22. That’s what I was saying yesterday. Magic vagina. Harry used to be a manly man sort. Pussy whipped is a pretty unattractive trait. Unless he always was a prog leftie (military history says no) who wanted to abandon his family tradition.

  23. know nothing about Megan Merckle so naturally I have an opinion
    Knowledge is not really a prerequisite for commenting here about anything.

    Right Mare?

  24. Before she used that Magical Vag to charm Harry’s Royal Peen I had never heard of her. She was in a TV series called Suits that I will admit to knowing existed but have never watched. And in the run up to the wedding it was hard to avoid learning she was, like Obama, what our grandparents and Hotspur call, a mulatto.

  25. I didn’t know who she was and had never heard of the show.

  26. Most of my knowledge of network TV programming comes from the promos that run during football games

  27. Ever heard of “Fran Lung” Carin? Paula did the Fran workout the other day and was coughing afterwards. Said she had Fran lung which she previously dismissed as some kind of BS.

    I found this today

  28. Comment by MJ on January 10, 2020 8:00 am
    I know nothing about Megan Merckle so naturally I have an opinion.


    Works for me!

  29. Jimbro used to be one of my favorites.

  30. This is a lot more readable

    Exercised Induced Interstitial Pulmonary Edema: those words, in combination, tell me all I need to know.

  31. Brilliant combo of an air rifle and a cross bow/bolt gun

  32. Yea, everyone talks about fran lung. We did a pretty similar workout to fran and people were complaining. I have never gotten it, but I think it’s because I run? My natural instinct is to insure I can keep moving so I don’t push myself to that point? I can get my heart rate up pretty high when woding (and running) – yesterday’s wod I was at 176, which is not bad for an old lady like me.

    I have felt that burning, but I just have never had the cough for the rest of the day.

  33. I do like me a good workout where I have to lay on the ground afterward. Yesterday was like that. 800 m run, 30 situps, 15 deadlifts at 165 for women, I min rest, three rounds for time.

  34. For her part of the enjoyment is seeing her performance improve over time. It’s been 2 years and a couple of months since she had her hip done. Some movements/lifts will never improve given the need for safety with a total hip (squats, deadlift, some others) but she’s really killing the upper body stuff. She texted me yesterday that she got several ring muscle ups.

  35. Some night Sean should use a word in the DERP that doesn’t match, and see if any of you cunts even notice.

  36. Yea, if we could combine her and me, we’d have a top flight athlete. My upper body stuff is compromised because of my shoulder. But lower body kills it. I’m gonna dead 300 this year.

  37. More reasons why you should floss everyday.

  38. The model and welcome gif links have my attention. Thanks, Pupster.

  39. Well, that is certainly interesting.

    I wonder how sugar effects bacterial growth in the mouth.

  40. hhahahahaha, One of Pups categories is Taint Tanner.

  41. Not really, Hotspur. May just be a way to increase the chances that this very common bacterium enters the bloodstream. Honestly, if you’re predisposed to it, it seems nearly impossible to prevent without something specific like a vaccine.

  42. Going to see my dad this weekend with Mini-me. Rocketboy and FDIL are off on an Engaged Encounter retreat (required before marrying in the Church), so that leaves Mr. RFH with FDIL’s dog for company.

  43. LOL When HotBride and I went to our “Engaged Encounter” retreat it was at this convent in Fenton. The convent was set up for retreats so it had sleeping rooms for the guests. There were two wings, one for the guys and one for the gals.

    Most of the people at the retreat were in their 20s and 30s. We were 52.

    Anyway, after the nuns went to bed HotBride snuck down to my room way down in the guys’ wing. I had a bottle of wine stashed in my bag.

    We laughed our asses off.

  44. Dr. Al Danenberg talks about mouth health affecting the rest of the body. I don’t remember if he has talked about Alzheimer’s, but he suggests getting rid of mouthwash, stop eating sugar, taking probiotic supplements, and also taking vitamin D and K2 to improve the flora in the mouth, which is supposed to improve overall health.

  45. Rule breakers. you’re probably not really married.

  46. I have felt that burning, but I just have never had the cough for the rest of the day.
    I get it every once in awhile. If I do a HIIT run I often get a cough for the rest of the day.

    Long time ago I ran something like 14 miles and I swear I could taste blood when I took a breath. Someone told me it was the beating I put on my lungs.

  47. Hahahaha, Hotspur, I can totally see Hotbride doing that.

    I just hope it’s a good experience for them.

  48. That reminds me, I need to eat a little of my homemade sauerkraut every day, and start a batch of kimchi.

  49. Oh goody, so my gingivitis will eventually be the death of me.

  50. I got the “bad luck” version of streptococcus mutans so I’ve had dental caries and low-level gum inflammation all my life, sometime managed better, sometimes worse. Add two rounds of gum surgery and there’s basically 0 chance that this isn’t already a problem.

  51. My favorite meme lately…

    The pic of Joe Biden staring out the window with the caption:

    When everyone is talking about WWIII and you just want to sniff some kids.

  52. Sniffing kids. The worst.

  53. Rookie mistake, I was googling Maelove (which is a relatively inexpensive skincare line) and got autocorrected and I didn’t notice to melovemealot. Hoo boy.

    I may have to pull a Krugman.

  54. Sure, Mare.

  55. I know. How do I explain the FBI showing up to my husband?

  56. Deflect blame and accuse him instead.

    “The feds are here! What did you do?”

  57. Alex is an idea man.

  58. It appears today’s model has found few meals she didn’t like.

  59. She has no neck. It’s chin and then collarbone.

  60. 15 year anniversary at work, pizza time! Wonder what I’ll get. Got a clock for 10 year.

  61. 10 year: Clock
    15 year: Glock
    20 year: Cock

    Stay for 20.

  62. I use to hear that most people would be taking HGH to stay young.


  63. I had to look up Wallis Simpson

  64. Pocketwatch, FTW!

  65. Palumboism …

    Gross video Mare

  66. Now you need a fancy chain for your watch

  67. included in the box, jimbro.

    Now shopping for a monocle

  68. Pocketwatch

  69. That looks nice, Jay.

  70. Very cool, Jay. Congratulations!

  71. and some studies have shown that people with fewer teeth are more likely to have dementia.

    My in-laws lost all of their teeth to gingivitis. Had dentures since their early 30s. MIL talks about, at times, her teeth were so bad, she was able to pluck a few out herself. Pops mentals were pretty good up until his heart failure started messing with oxygen flow to his brain…his last year. MIL is still pretty sharp, though we’ve noticed, the last few months, some confusion is setting in. She’ll be 91 next month.

    so I’ve had dental caries and low-level gum inflammation all my life, sometime managed better, sometimes worse.

    I’d suggest getting your choppers yanked but there is probably more to do with it all than just mouth stuff. Is there history of alzheimers in your family?

  72. Pocketwatch, FTW!


    So, they got you a smaller clock?

    You think they’ll try to go for a grandfather clock at 20, or some kind of micro-implant time piece?

    Congrats though… That is a nice looking pimp accessory.

  73. I saw my little coon fren on my deck last night. Critters don’t flinch when porch lights pop on..prolly used to motion detectors. I let him know I was there. When he made out my shadow behind the blinds, he got on all fours and puffed up….staring. Next thing I know, he’s coming over to the door, to confirm what he was seeing. I bend over and stare right back. He was probably wanting me to make him a sammich.

  74. Ooh, Bulova…nice! I was into pocket watches for a while several years back, I should get back into carrying them instead of looking at my phone to tell time. It’s lazy.

  75. Penis Watch link sanitized for those at work

  76. What’s weird is…MIL didn’t really start brushing until after her teeth were removed. They didn’t bother much with dental care, back in the day.

  77. My grandfather carried a pocket watch regularly

  78. No one saved it for me

  79. McConnell, on the other hand, had to take only a short break from confirming judges to inform the House that the Senate would treat the impeachment of Donald Trump the same way it treated the impeachment of Bill Clinton — with a rules package that passed 100–0 in 1998. Under the Clinton precedent, the Senate would allow both the House impeachment managers and Trump’s lawyers to make their case, with questions from the Senate to follow.

    Ouch. Somebody get the smelling salts. Down goes Pelosi! Down goes Pelosi!

    Note: not by never trumper Rich Lowery:

  80. I signed up for this guy’s newsletter a while ago

  81. I’d suggest getting your choppers yanked but there is probably more to do with it all than just mouth stuff. Is there history of alzheimers in your family?

    There’s a Y-chromosomal mutation on my dad’s side that causes dementia from excess blood clotting, so any Alzheimer’s symptoms would have been masked by it.

  82. My uncle had it, ran in his family. It was a hard thing watching it progress.

  83. Leon, if you get your teeth pulled you’ll be able to offer safe, comfortable blow jobs.

  84. Is that why you got yours pulled?

  85. Leon, if you get your teeth pulled you’ll be able to offer safe, comfortable blow jobs.
    Seriously, this is what make this shithole dump worth it. Every so often you read something like this that legit makes you laugh your ass off.

  86. Today’s BBF contestant has had way to much Spotted Dick.

    Also, if she makes the semifinals next December then this has been a really shitty year.

    However, I DO appreciate the effort put forth on these weekly poats.

  87. I don’t think this wagon will make the semifinals.

  88. Nice pocket watch, Jay. Congratulations!

  89. I wonder if I get another pin for 35 years or if I have to wait for 40.

  90. I have to wait for 20 year pin to get that 4th week of vacation.

  91. MJ is going to be in his 70’s before he gets a 15 year pocketwatch

  92. Lovely watch, Jay!

  93. Last year, Paul got his 35-year award (they have a catalog of items to choose from).

    He’s planning on retiring this summer, so no more awards for him….

  94. Ugh, Neal Peart passed away.

  95. Congrats, Jay! 20 years! Now that’s someone you can count on.

  96. Mare, it’s 15. Do you even read?

  97. Peart had been ailing a while, but 67, that’s still kinda young. RIP.

  98. Marianne Williamson dropped out.

    Who the fuck is Marianne Williamson?

  99. She still loves you, HS.

    Are we talking about mare, or Marianne Williamson?


  100. She was the New Age Crazy Lady candidate.

  101. By Democrat standards, “Mostly Harmless”. It’s a bell curve thing.

  102. She was the New Age Crazy Lady candidate.

    Again, are we talking about mare, or Marianne Williamson?

  103. And another Guard weekend begins. Going to try and take her to Fresh Thyme market in a few because she’s out of bread and I’m almost out of eggs.

  104. Damn, I meant 15!!

    Hotspur, you’re an assface.

  105. Hotspur, you’re an assface.


    Yeah, but an assface who can, y’know… read

  106. Congrats on the watch, J’Ames. I work for my wife, so no watch, no vacations, no days off. I’m just lucky if she doesn’t beat me…..

  107. That’s a big girl there..and she isnt going to do anything but get bigger…..

    Nice Watch.

    Those are some pretty big titties too….

    Neal Peart?? Super Bummer, 2112 was one of my first albums, All the Worlds a Stage got wore out …filed under shit that make me feel old

    I mean those are some big titties….

    I have no experience with toothless blowjobs so I’ll refrain from commenting except to mention that I have no experience on the subject

    Those really do qualify as BIG titties….

    America has forgotten about the impeachment already

    Did I mention those were some big titties?…..

  108. I love you guys. Headed to PHX for Penguins at Coyotes.

  109. Pepe! Did you see Socorro is getting Lou Ferrigno as a deputy?

  110. Taco Bell is going to pay store managers $100,000 a year.

  111. Years ago on a road trip with a girl I was dating, we stopped at McDonald’s. She was shocked by the hiring announcement how well their managers were paid.

    If you are capable and smart you can do very well.


  113. Hey Pepe and Oso, I gotta question for ya. Elisa Martinez have any kind of shot at the senate? I’ve got a friend who lives between Grady and San Jon who is pimping her big on his facefuck page. She’s a good looking kid.

  114. Oso, I don’t get news, so no idea about Lou Ferrigno.

  115. I was kind of following Elisa Martinez, until Ronchetti entered the race. Local weather guy has name recognition and strong 2A.

  116. Pepe, didn’t see it on the news. Socorro Lotaburger posted on FB.

  117. Ok. It would be kinda neat to have a real Indian woman in the senate. Sit her next to Elizabeth Warpaint at photo ops.

  118. She is pro-life. I may still vote for her in the Primary. DNC has pressured all opposition to Ben Gay away.

  119. We dropped MA off at the Pet Paradise. Staff really loves her. She has a Senior Release. DNR for dogs. We have to go over Senior Protocol every time we drop her off.

  120. I wonder if this poat has a DNR.

  121. It does. Also known as Cali Sean Derp.

  122. Taking Possum to a birthday party for a 5yo girl tomorrow all by my lonesome.

    Pray for oso.

  123. My weighted blanket is awesome. Recommend.

  124. Bring beer and be the cool dad.

  125. It’s a birthday party for her Catholic pre-school class in Notre Dame’s back yard.

    I was thinking whiskey.

  126. Scott, Elliot has not graduated. He is still going to class, and will be for a while. He’s doing pretty well.

    He does not like the shock collar, or the prong collar. But he knows when it’s time to “work”.


  128. Dustin’s Eldorado remains pristine.

  129. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

  130. Heading to the range with Deadeye.

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