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Oso mentioned Peter Hurd paintings the other day and I checked him out. Interesting guy who moved to New Mexico and painted the shit out of it. Ever since Mr Chumpo got busy with other stuff and left a giant art-shaped hole in our blog I’ve missed our art posts. AoS and the WSJ have occasional art posts where the painting is discussed in terms of the painter, the times and the symbolism involved with it. I never had to take an art appreciation class in college so a lot of this stuff is over my head. For the most part I know what I like but when I take the time to read about a particular painting or other artwork I often appreciate it far more than I realized on first glance.


His famous paintings were in New Mexico and I’m sure Oso and Pepe recognize the scenery far better than most of us. I’ve been to NM twice in my life. First time was more of a fun trip with lots of green chile, balloon fest, Sandia Mountain views and touristy stuff. Second time was a conference and all I remember was the winds blowing through the square near the convention center that threatened to turn me into a tumbleweed.






He married a Wyeth so I guess there’s a tenuous Maine connection. Happy Thursday. Tomorrow is the beginning of a whole new boob year!






  1. https://tinyurl.com/Where-has-Pups-been ?

  2. I’ve been to NM exactly once, and for about 3 hours when I was bussed from Ft. Bliss TX to White Sands Missile Base to use their rifle ranges. In late winter/early spring I guess the winds are always terrible. Had 40 mile/hour cross winds on the range, with 60 mph gusts. Made reaching out to the farther targets a little dicey. Whatever…. Anyone can hit the targets in their own lane…

    Beautiful area of the country…. Don’t think I’d want to actually live there though

  3. Good to see you, Pups.

  4. His ranch manager


    Ranch manager’s daughter


    (painted on a rare wind free evening in NM that allowed a candle to burn)

  5. Hopefully Pups is putting out fires successfully

  6. New Mexico is beautiful. I was in ABQ for a few days then drove through the desert early one morning. It was snowing and quite beautiful.

    Excellent post. 9/10 would not smash paintings.

  7. Hah. Family knew Peter Hurd. There’s a signed print of the “Eve of St. John” hanging on the wall.

  8. https://tinyurl.com/ry2l9zx

  9. St. Jude, you were in the Army? Thank you for your service. I haven’t been to Ft. Bliss but am told that’s a misnomer.

  10. ww

  11. Actually, still in the reserves. And yes, Ft. Bliss is a misnomer.

  12. Should probably be renamed “Ft. I see my recruiter lied to me”. But they probably can’t fit that on the welcome sign.

  13. I worked on a program that was housed at Ft Lost in the Woods but never got to go there. Mrs C is headed to SANGB this weekend for her last weekend in PA for the foreseeable future.

  14. Our idiot leftist governor is on the radio right now. The lies. The lies. I can’t stand this piece of shit.

  15. Jude, air defender? When were you at Bliss? I was there 2007-2010.

  16. Here’s some muthafuckin art, bitches – coupl’a handsome devils in the ghetto bar.

  17. WATR laura?

  18. Unfortunately, no.

  19. I like the dickbutt on the ceiling. All the classy joints have that.

  20. I didn’t need to hear Ned anyway.

  21. Haha! Good eye Laura!

  22. I sure hope they find who was downloading illegal porn on Krugman’s computer!

  23. I saw some Boston Herald article with the headline of “CT Governor Doesn’t Think Gas Tax Will Work” or something like that. The only NE state rejecting the gas tax at the outset was NH. Taxing gas additionally will not work until the pension funds are fully funded. Which means never

  24. Isn’t that NH’s thing, rejecting taxes?

  25. It used to be, before the Massholes overran it.

  26. Jude, air defender? When were you at Bliss? I was there 2007-2010


    Nope, Civil Affairs. I was there for a few weeks in 17 going through CRC. I love 1st Army. They’re kind of like MPs. If there is a dumber way to do something, they are all over it.

  27. Scott noticed the insignia on Hotspur’s shirt, too, lol.

  28. I can’t remember who put those DBs in there. Prolly chumpo.

  29. I miss Chumpo.

  30. ceiling? Orwell did the background

  31. Odd company logo for Hotspur but he knows his customer base

  32. MIke Lee has lost his effing mind. I’m 100% sure someone has something on that C888! He’s been Mitt Romney’d. And it’s a shit look for him.

  33. Rand Paul was right with him.

  34. I just had a guy demand I provide a link that Iran nationalized it’s oil industry back in 1951.

    Seriously? how stupid are people?

  35. Seriously??? At this particular juncture, you’re not going to take your problems privately to the President??

    Effing Utah and their stupid voting block.

  36. Is it my FIL, Car in.

    Cuz he’s dumb and a drug addict.

  37. I don’t give two effs if Soliemani was giving charity to cancer-ridden children at the time of the bombing. That effer should have died when Bush (the total limp dick globalist) was President.

    My only complaint would be that they should continue to do this but quietly. Keep killing the big players and just side-eye to Israel when the international community starts asking questions.

  38. When Mare was in fifth grade.

  39. The more I hear about Soliemani the more I realize what worthless assholes Bush and Obama were during their Presidency.

    Obama liked to puff his girlish chest when speaking of Killing Bin Ladin but Soliemani was a serious maniac also, maybe even more dangerous and deranged.

  40. Sounds like the claim that Soliemani had an “imminent threat” against us was BS. The attack was for the embassy storming.

  41. Me, this morning.

  42. The attack was for the embassy storming.


    Of course it was.

  43. And it worked, didn’t it.

  44. Business as usual has been an actual death toll disaster.

  45. We don’t’ need to know what any imminent threat may have been. Releasing information put assets in danger. If they want to back off to save contacts and info – we don’ t need to know that shit.

  46. https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js


    Hotspur, do not click on the widget link. Only dumb people keep doing it.

  47. mare is full of sass today

  48. Comment by Car in on January 9, 2020 10:56 am
    We don’t’ need to know what any imminent threat may have been. Releasing information put assets in danger. If they want to back off to save contacts and info – we don’ t need to know that shit.


    Absolutely. Common sense tells us that. Politics tells us something else. Shut up Mike Lee, Rand and the Democrats.

  49. That’s why it was in a private briefing, car in. There has to be accountability, too.

  50. I’m stalling because I have a lot to do before a trip and I don’t want to do it. My coffee high has worn off and now I’m just running on human power.

  51. picking fights on H2 is a good wake up. Well done!

  52. That’s why it was in a private briefing,


    Lee and Rand, didn’t get the memo.

    “There has to be accountability, too.”

    This made me LOL. Yes, now, for this one President we need accountability over killing a maniac, who was engineering a violent protest at our SOVEREIGN embassy. Which is an act of war. Trump kept this from escalating and we have to hear those little bitches Lee and Rand give their thoughts. They should shut up and take notes.

  53. Picking a fight??

    What? Rand and Lee read this blog?

  54. Every president has to. Even the ones we like.

  55. The admin said it was because of imminent threats, not because of the embassy attacks. Stupid, IMHO. Now they have to protect that claim, and it isn’t going well.

    Tell the truth, and the people will back you.

  56. Yikes, Pelosi is drunk and speaking in front of cameras. Wait, maybe she’s got dementia. Something is not right.

  57. Aren’t the embassy attacks an imminent threat?

  58. Embassies are sovereign ground. You attack an embassy, you attack the US.

    How is this hard?

  59. HA! I just went on Twitter and this is the first thing I saw:


    Hotspur, do not click the widget link.

  60. Imminent means going to happen in the future, not something in the past.

  61. Hotspur, do not click the widget link.

    This is going to make me raff every time.

  62. yep car in, that one will not get old.

  63. Then I’m just glad that generally, the people think this was a win for Trump (even some dem politicos think so) and will not see Lee and Rand give their opinion on our blowing up Soliemani and some other insane, 12th-century nut.

  64. Why Trump Struck: Right Angle

  65. I agree, Lee and Rand are having difficulty with the reasons given, not the actual attack. Procedural arguments, but that’s what congress is all about.

  66. I don’t like the Royals*…any of them. But I understand they are “celebrities” and people get some excitement out of that. Like Pups once said, “the heart wants what the heart wants.” But I’m in the camp of, “Didn’t we fight a war so we don’t have to give a shit about the royals and what they think or say anymore?”

    *Full disclosure, I watched Diana’s and Charles’s wedding from start to finish like a crack addict. Not my proudest memory. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Diana and certainly think Charles is a boring, idiot.

  67. Don’t click this.

  68. Lee and Paul can suck it. The guy was orchestrating all sorts of terrorism against us for years. How many more Americans need to die because of him before Lee and Paul think it’s enough?

  69. I’m pretty sure that if you got them drunk they’d admit that they don’t think we should have embassies in other countries. At least, that’s the impression I get about a lot of isolationists these days.

  70. I don’t care about “imminent threats” in this context. His prior resume was more than enough reason to take him out.

  71. Watch this and then tell me she’s not either drunk or nuts.


    Hotspur, you know the drill.

  72. Ho-lee-shit there are so many truly nutty/deranged/dementia’d people in politics. Our Country is holding on by a thread.

  73. Jose was my Uncle Felix’s Dad. Daughter in Eve of St John is Dorotea. My Uncle Felix was painted in front of his truck. I used to think it was weird that this old adobe in San Patricio with old cars in the yard had Peter Hurd originals on the walls. Peter Hurd sketched my Grammo making tortillas. He signed the sketch and prints were made.

  74. She’s just propping up her position. It’s a crappy one.

  75. Which is worse, the deranged idiots in politics, or the deranged idiots who are clearly voting for them?

  76. Oops. Was I not supposed to push that button?

  77. Comment by Jay in Ames on January 9, 2020 12:29 pm
    She’s just propping up her position. It’s a crappy one.


    Jay, you don’t think she’s rambling, not making complete sentences, saying nonsense? She actually sounds drunk or drugged.

    Forget what she’s trying to say, focus on the insane way she’s trying to say it.

  78. hahahahahahhhh…Carin.

  79. I’m past the point of caring why Salami was droned.

    The point is…we got away with it.

  80. mmmm salami

  81. I never cared why.

  82. the only reason I care is for argument’s sake. The right says he deserved it, the left says the reason given isn’t good enough. As usual, arguing 2 different points on the same topic, and to a certain degree, both are right.

  83. Me too, Carin.

    Guess whose productivity went into the toilet today? GUESS!!!

  84. mine?

  85. So, Iran blew up thee Ukranian flight. I thought that from the start.

    Religion of Peace

  86. Religion of Peace.

    Like The Audacity of Hope.

    What a shit title. Ayers, I’m looking at you.

  87. Okay, I’m not getting back on the computer until bathroom number 1 is scrubbed from top to bottom.


  88. Hotspur, it was the first thought through most of our minds, but since we’re not idiots we waited until there was *some* confirmation.

    Pretty sure Iran cancelled ww3 because they blew up a plane on accident. Maybe they realized how incompetent they are?

  89. Embarrassing:

  90. My understanding is that the guy has had a target on his back for decades but nobody got around to pulling the trigger yet. Israel was prevented from taking him out in 2015 by Obama, who threatened the Israelis not to try it, and also warned Iran that Israel was tracking Soleimani. It’s stupid that this dick was still walking around and breathing air for so long.

  91. Mare?

  92. Comment by lauraw on January 9, 2020 2:11 pm
    My understanding is that the guy has had a target on his back for decades but nobody got around to pulling the trigger yet. Israel was prevented from taking him out in 2015 by Obama, who threatened the Israelis not to try it, and also warned Iran that Israel was tracking Soleimani. It’s stupid that this dick was still walking around and breathing air for so long.


    This is exactly how I’ve read/heard things.

  93. I work like a lion. Which actually means I can goof off all day, in the shade, looking at things. But when that zebra presents itself I go all out like Rosie O’Donnel on a box of Krispy Kremes.

    I will get more done in a short period of time than anyone I know. After dinner, watch out, that kitchen will be cleaned and closed before you can put your napkin down.

  94. I don’t know who Steve Schmidt is, but he’s an embarrassment to news contributors everywhere.

    That was political wish casting pure and simple.

  95. Pretty sure Iran cancelled ww3 because they blew up a plane on accident.

    I still remember seeing “The Bedford Incident” as a teenager (on some obscure channel and time slot, back before cable), and it scared the stuffing out of me.

    I “knew” that it was just a “what if” extreme scenario meant as a warning to the viewer to stop and think things through before acting rashly, but that didn’t stop the premise from being heart-stoppingly terrifying.

  96. Steve Schmidt is the asshole on McCain’s staff who – along with Nicole Wallace – tanked Sarah Palin.

    He has gotten fatter and softer since those days.

  97. Thanks, Teresa. He’s a joke.

  98. Mare moves pretty quick for a fat chick.

  99. That bathroom better be clean.

  100. Found it


    I’m shocked he found a tax proposal unappealing

  101. In Bathroom:

    Complete toilet inside and surround scrubbed (even used a pumice stone for slight hard water build-up)
    Mirror cleaned
    all pictures dusted front, top and edges
    sink, countertop and hardware scrubbed
    swept, vacuumed and wet swiffered the floor
    Used long-handled 360 Swiffer to make sure no cobwebs or dust on light fixture or corners of room

    Protip: Dollar tree Totally Awesome window cleaner is excellent. As is the Totally Awesome stain remover. So great for one buck.

  102. My toilet is so clean you could kiss it but don’t because I put my bottom there and I don’t know where your mouth has been.

  103. Unfortunately, I have 4 other things to super clean/tidy up today. I have a daily list until I leave on Monday.

  104. Where can I get a pumice stone?

  105. your mom uses one

  106. At the hardware store, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart. Wet them first (SYWM) then rub them wherever you have any hardwater build-up or stains.

  107. That last comment sounded dirty.

  108. it’s a magic eraser, right?

  109. We get our pumice stone in the swimming pool section of stores. Great for cleaning swimming pool tiles.

  110. What about the shower and tub?

  111. This was a main floor bathroom no shower or tub, those are upstairs.

    On my list for tomorrow.

  112. Pumice stone?

    Hump scraper!

  113. TY

  114. The Hondo Valley is beautiful. If you like living where Roswell is the shopping destination.

  115. I’m sorry Elliot is cray cray and bit you. He’s a beautiful bae bae.

  116. If you guys watch Ant-Man, you’d call me Luis like Dan does. Scott would call me “Luis” if he watched MCU. I have lots of cousins.

  117. Hondo sounds like a character in a 70’s blaxploitation film

  118. Supposed to be in the 60’s this weekend.

    See what happens when you buy a snow blower?

  119. I knew people named after the John Wayne movie Hondo. 1953. They would steal the road sign.

  120. Scott, see also buying a generator. Not this year, but SOON

  121. Hondo is the name of the Texas town where Mr. TiFW’s dad grew up. It’s about 30 miles west of San Antonio.

  122. Old cat sleeping in my lap. Can’t get up, ‘cuz she’s comfy….

  123. TiFW, YAH. Texas always has the “We were 1st” moment.

  124. RL friend has a bug out place in NE NM. I like Scott’s idea of the Gila. Dan and I are still shopping. SE CO looking good.

  125. Our generator is 9 years old we’ve never used it.

  126. I’ve made this recipe two times now, and it is Mrs. Pupster’s new favorite chicken ever.


    I’m not a curry fan but the coconut sweetness balances it out.

  127. Our generator runs weekly as a scheduled maintenance thing. We average losing power for part of the day at least 2 or 3 times a year. Every couple of years we have a multi day loss.

  128. We got the generator after losing power for about 3 weeks in one year.

    October snow storm
    Storm Sandy

  129. How is Elliot? Did he graduate?

  130. Tickled pink that I knew the answer to a Jeopardy clue that the three big winners didn’t know.

  131. Was the question about chaps?

  132. DING – What is assless

  133. LOL.

    Category is same first and last letter, clue is the word for synopsis of a screenplay. Treatment.

    I hope I didn’t incur the wrath of Sean for that. At least it’s not the final Jeopardy question.

    Hostage category would be pretty funny, but 60% of the answers would be “your mom”.

  134. Whoops, I mean “Who is your mom?”

  135. DING – What is Dees Nuts?

  136. Yeah, I got tagged with this.


  137. DING – What is try plugging it in?

  138. I find it hilarious that Brit media are referring to Megan Markle as ‘Yoko’. She broke up the band!

    We have used our generator quite a bit. Power out for three, four, or five days. We are a bit ‘Rural'(CoAlex can testify to that).
    It’s big enough to run the well, lights, fan in the gas-log, water-heater (tank-less-propane), and the computers. It’s getting to the point that I can’t ‘pull-start’ it anymore.
    If we don’t ‘down-size’ pretty soon, I will buy a battery-start generator.

  139. We have a generator here, too. It saved most of the food when the power was out for a week with the tornadoes.

    I am watching the opening ceremony for the youth Olympics on the Olympics channel. Just as goofy as the real Olympics, but still fun to watch. They have about 20 guys playing Alpine horns.

  140. Meghan Markle is kind of like another Wallis Simpson. Divorced, tacky, lacking in manners, and going to get herself banished.

  141. And her husband, if he’s not careful.

  142. Some of the folks deployed at the same base with Harry said he was a ‘regular guy’ as an AH-64 pilot. Markle destroyed him…

  143. Harry would likely have been happy to just be a soldier.

  144. CoAlex,
    Exactly, if some ‘newsie’ had not dropped a dime on him and made him a target, he might still be there…

  145. “Drive eastward,” Raymond proclaimed.

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