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  1. The “you doing/saying stupid shit” Me…made me lol.

    Killed it again, Pups.

  2. This post is why the internet exists

  3. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of new beginnings that washes over you after installing a brand new toilet seat

  4. Epic, Pups!

  5. Cold again, here. 8 degrees this morning, still have snow on the ground from yesterday. It’s been a rough winter so far. Usually it’s in the 20’s at night and gets to the 50’s during the day. This year it’s been gloomy and overcast with the highs in the 30’s and 40’s. No fun at all.

  6. Today we’re forecast to reach the 40’s, maybe even 50’s. Then overnight the cold returns with freezing rain from about midnight to noon Sunday. Crap weather …

  7. Mare?

  8. drive by Oi!!!

  9. only a few more days till Groundhog Day bishes

  10. make sure you get your tickets to the groundhog ball


  12. later…. gotta go do stuff
    taxes and insurance and shit

  13. Jam!!!!! Doooooooon’t gooooooooo!

    Pepe, yes.

  14. WINTERY STORM. /puts bucket on head and runs around in circles

    wakey wakey

  15. Heh heh … Gobbler’s Knob

  16. Husband said IRan admitted to shooting down the plane. I don’t feel like searching for confirmation on this.

  17. Carin, have the news stations gone to eleventy!1!111!! yet?

  18. I saw the same on the local news this morning. Expect more “Trump made them do it with his needless provocation” reactions

  19. I don’t watch news in the morning. Wrecks my karma. Got a little rock on and I’m heading to crossfit before the whole town shuts down.

  20. Trump: The missile that Iran used to shoot the Ukrainian airplane down was bought with money my predecessor gave them

  21. “Human error at time of crisis caused by US adventurism led to disaster.”

  22. 1st minute running vs 2nd minute running cracked me up pretty good.

    Good morning, hosefuquers.

  23. Yeah, that was a good one. Spoke to me.

  24. Wish I packed critical thinking skills. Y’all seem so happy…


    Made me snort. I have some co-workers I feel like this about, but have never had the words…

    Excellent post

  25. Okay, so wish I *lacked*. FFS … Stupid autocollect…

  26. Just because you’re stupid doesn’t mean you’re not dumb. Remember that.

  27. What the duck does that mean?

  28. “Comment by Car in on January 11, 2020 8:57 am
    ……. Got a little rock on and I’m heading to crossfit …..


    Is that a drug use euphemism? Seems like it would help your workout.

  29. 60 degrees today. I’m gonna go dig some horseradish, if the hill is thawed.

  30. That seems like a line from a Blues song

  31. I’m pretty sure that smile girl I getting dorked in the squeakhole. If course, that just makes the meme more relevant.

  32. Our driveway is a sheet of ice now. No frisbee to burn off energy for Rowan means he’ll be causing mischief.

  33. Let him slide around on the ice. Might wear him out faster.

  34. Iran admitted doing it and is playing victim. I doubt it was an accident. Pretty sure planes don’t look like missiles.
    My cynical self says purposeful ‘collateral damage’ to smear Trump with a la democrat strategy…seeing how there are close ties between Iran and democrats.

  35. Got to 60 degrees yesterday with rain all day…some tornado sirens. Supposed to get down to 21 today with some snow.

  36. Very nice outside. Overcast but bright, warm and windy. Delightful. I dug a couple chunks of horseradish, and pulled up the whole 4′ x 2′ perennial scallion bed and threw it in the compost. The scallions looked nice and healthy, but I think that having year-round onions in there is why I had such a problem with leek maggots this Fall. I had to destroy all my Winter leeks. ;'(

    Also pulled some random garlic sprouts that I must have missed from Summer harvesting. They are crisp and fat, gonna chop them up in something but I don’t know what yet.

    Ate some mache and claytonia greens while I was in there. They’re springing up wild in the beds and are unfazed by Winter. The mache tastes better now than it did in Spring.

    OMG the sun just came out.

    I’m gonna go check out the front bed now.

  37. On the other hand…..

    Larry Elder
    11 hrs ·
    ‪Iran’s skittish military, fearing a fierce U.S. response after their attacks on Iraqi bases, accidentally shoots down a Ukrainian jetliner, that took off from Tehran, full of Iranian and Canadian passengers. ‬


  38. Windy, cold-but-not-quite-freezing rain. Poor horses.

  39. I’m pretty sure that smile girl I getting dorked in the squeakhole. If course, that just makes the meme more relevant.

    Leave it to you to besmirch and besmear a perfectly uplifting and innocent meme with your filthy, one-handed typing innuendo.

  40. Ate some mache and claytonia greens while I was in there.

    You are making shit up again. We’ve gone through this. Nobody believes in your imaginary vegetables.

  41. *rolls up newspaper and swats Pupster on the snout*

    BAD. BAD. GO TO YOUR CRATE. *points*

  42. Rain. 33. I better go check the battery on the generator.

  43. We’re good to go. Ready for the inevitable power loss.

  44. I sent the wine one to my cousin, who runs a winery, and is pastor at church.

    That one had him written ALLLL over it.

  45. 16 in the Q this AM. I was wearing sandals because I knew we’d be in PHX. CT and PHX are both in the 60s? Lo Lo’s Chicken and Waffles are amazing. Better than Roscoe’s. Penguin hockey tomorrow. We still don’t know if Crosby is playing. Made the trip, but didn’t skate yesterday.

  46. I love chicken and waffles. I hope you have a great trip Oso, it sounds like fun.

  47. How does their chicken and waffles compare to KFC?

  48. Just saw the newest Biden ad. He’s showing Charlottesville footage of “white nationalists” and talking about Trump transforming america. I’m really sick of being called a racist.

  49. Thanks, Pups. J’ames, I was wary of chicken and waffles after fast food C&W. Roscoe’s and Lo Lo’s have seasoned waffles. I think I smell cinnamon. They aren’t like regular waffles. I have to give the edge to Lo Lo’s. Their hot sauce is amazing and they have a tomato based gravy that is awesome.

  50. J’ames, I’m really getting tired of explaining the very fine people BS. Too bad Trump can’t sue the MFM. So, Schiff for Brains was able to get his BS about the phone call into the Congressional Record. Asshats really believe Trump asked Zelensky to dig up dirt on the Biden’s. He released the transcript and yet “Journalists” still ran with Schiffs take. Everyone expected Trump to respond to the attacks on bases in Iraq. He didn’t. Iran shoots down a civilian airline. Media still runs with “Crossfire” story…there was no fucking Crossfire. OrangeManBad Americans believe this shit.

  51. I try to get people to watch Prager U explain it, but they won’t, cuz “white supremecist”. Except Prager is a practicing Jew. Idiots.

  52. Half inch of sleet on the ground. Now it’s snowing in chunks, quickly covering the birdseed I threw out.

  53. Scott Adams explains it every time it comes up. I remember when he became a Trump supporter in 2016. It was after HRC came out in favor of the wealth tax.

  54. Beasn feeds the birds? That’s socialism. 🤣🤣🤣👋🏻

  55. … snowing in chunks, quickly covering the birdseed …
    Think of it as a time capsule for future birds

  56. Our ice storm starts at midnight

  57. Self-driving cars are a thing here. Our Club has a self-driving floor machine. It’s weird seeing cars without drivers.

  58. We’ve had a week of members filming our self-driving floor cleaner.

  59. “Scott Adams explains it every time it comes up.”

    I heard an interview with him and he said politically he’s to the left of Bernie Sanders. He just finds Trump fascinating. How he plays with the media and the Dems and how he persuades people. He was complimentary about Trump and was of course punished. His income is down 35%.

  60. Self driving amigos will hunt Oso down after hours.

  61. Dominos Pizza is using a Black Pistol Fire song in it’s comercial.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled Vikings Playoffs Loss.

  62. CoAl, I’ve been run over twice by Amigos. Pinned to a fixture by an old person driving an Amigo. Old guy in an Amigo was playing chicken with the self-driving floor cleaner. Cleaner stopped and sent photo to MOD.

  63. I thought they had a chance in the first half. Second half not so much

  64. Ben had to do a clean up of a turd on the bathroom floor of CFA today. He had to use something like a “Biological Contaminant Clean Up Kit”. When he dumped it in the dumpster, just as he heaved the bag in, the wind blew the steel door on the dumpster shack and locked him in. Luckily he had his phone to call for help. I’m sure his cow orkers won’t let him forget either event.

  65. 🤣🤣🤣🤣Code Brown.

  66. Went snowmobiling today, which was fun. Went for pizza afterwards, which was good. There was a police shooting which has now closed the interstate and the frontage road between us and home. My life is awesome and I’m the luckiest man alive.

  67. 1917 is awsome

  68. Ravens just got punched in the mouth.

  69. Somebody forgot to tell the Titans that Baltimore is the best team in the league and also that their quarterback is a black guy.

  70. Yeah, I had the same thought.

    Go Titans!

  71. I’ve got the 1917 blu ray in my amazon cart. Ben went to see it tonight. I may actually step foot in a theater to see it if he’s up for going again.

  72. We’ve already lost to the Titans once this year. I hope we can beat the Texans tomorrow.

  73. PJ is getting married 10/10.

  74. Jackson is throwing a lot of ducks.

    I am only pre med, but I think he has the yips.

  75. Tornado front went through, no problem other than power flickering a few times. (BroCav, please check in.) 80 degrees in the house. That ain’t right for January, even in south Alabama. It’s supposed to drop to the 50’s overnight.

    Hope CoAlex’s roadblock clears up soon.

    Dad is watching a movie with Toshiro Mifune and Charles Bronson. Man bun jokes were made.

  76. Dad put the TV on the Western movie channel because Mini-me is here, and they promptly had a scene with a whorehouse.

  77. We’re moving, if slowly. We spent thirty minutes stuck behind a Amazon truck whose driver seemed to have fallen asleep waiting for traffic to clear.

  78. Wow. Jackson is destined to be a headcase.

    A modern day Jim Kelly.

  79. Finally home. Three hours to go ten miles. The frontage road traffic was slowed by a drunk driver who tried to pass everyone and ended up colliding head on with another car, and two other vehicles which stalled.

  80. Glad you made it, CoAlex.

  81. Saturday night. All the Stupids are out.

  82. So, 1917 huh. I can sneak that in before the KC game tomorrow.

  83. Devin’s enemies remained pugnacious.

  84. I’ve got the Ravens-Titans game on replay now for enjoyment. Titans are my new favorite team, wonder if they’ll make it past next weekend. After playing for the Dolphins and being defined by his play there it’s kind of fun to see Tannehill redeemed. If Derrick Henry gets injured or has a bad game they’re screwed

  85. wakey wakey


  87. Checking in. Yeah, I know, but the storm knocked out Internet for a while somehow after power flickered. Other than that, wind, and rain, very much a nothingburger where I am. Elsewhere, still a mess.

  88. Ice storm here, and the horses feed troughs were blocked from draining at some point and are full of ice water, so I’ve got some bailing to do after my dad gets here to watch daughter for a bit.

  89. Titans had 15 1st downs vs 29 for Baltimore.

    Titans had 300 total yards vs 530 for Baltimore.

  90. Did the blog freeze?

    Maybe everyone went to see 1917.

    I’m going to have to see it in theaters again. I *NEVER* do that.

  91. There was a war. Some people died.

    Just saved you ten bucks.

  92. Shut it hotspur. It was what movie making should be.

  93. Mrs. Pupster and Boy1 are back in OH, me and Boy2 are bacheloring it for a couple of days. He works second shift, and even on the weekends likes to stay up late and sleep in until late afternoon. I’m just rattling around the house being bored.

  94. Go see 1917. I need someone to discuss it with.

  95. Penelope’s grandmother is fading pretty fast. Penelope just left to go see her. She’s 102, so it’s not unexpected. She’s been in great shape until recently, then it has been a series of little things over the last few weeks.

  96. Sorry to hear that, Pepe. 102 is a pretty good run. Safe travels to your wife and peaceful travels to grandmother.

  97. Beasn feeds the birds? That’s socialism.

    Is not either. I put it out there of my own free will. They pay me back by entertaining me.
    Except cowbirds. Those are democrats of the bird world.

  98. 63 degrees here and sunny. Crazy for January. I cleaned out my truck and watered the plants overwintering on the porch. Still need to pull in the hardy rosemary off the back patio and back into the porch. Feels amazing out there. It’s a crying shame I have to go to work today, but at least I got a little taste of this midwinter thaw.

    Pepe, to have a grandmother at our age is an unbelievable blessing. She got to know her great-grandkids as adults too? That’s a good run indeed.

  99. Speaking of movies…..which y’all were. The bride and I went to see Braveheart last night. 25th anniversary of its opening. It must’ve been a directors cut or something because there was a lot of shit in there that I don’t remember from seeing it in 95. Plus it was about 3 hours long. Still, it was very good. Disappointing crowd.

  100. 102? 102? She kicked ages ass!

  101. Cool

  102. I WANT ONE

    That would make the floor plan of my home so much opener. And I can see that if you put some kind of an interior lock on it, it would make whatever room it goes to a safe room. You could seal off all your upstairs bedrooms and make it nearly impossible for someone to get up there if you didn’t want them to.

  103. Leaving Dad’s place shortly. Should have planned a meatup with BroCav, dang it. I got bound up with Dad’s needs and wedding plans, sorry.

  104. Got my packing done just in time for kickoff.

    Jambalaya in the oven.

    Life is good.

  105. How many imaginary vegetables are in it?

    I talked Boy2 into ordering Jersey Mike’s subs.


  106. Chiefs are still on their bye week

  107. Meat Lover’s Jambalaya


  109. Man, I keep trying to find a live stream of the game with the sound feed, but they all stop after a couple of minutes.

  110. You could seal off all your upstairs bedrooms and make it nearly impossible for someone to get up there if you didn’t want them to.


    Scott: “Laura, we’ve got company!”

    Laura: *whrrrrrrrrrrclick*

  111. Scott: “Laura, you agreed to help me with deliveries today !”

    Laura: *whrrrrrrckick*

  112. Gotta love Dad humor…..

  113. ?

  114. This game is cray cray.

  115. I always hate having to stop with a trailer load of cattle. I can just imagine some asshole opening the gate and letting everything out. Cattle and horses on slick pavement is a recipe for disaster and broken bones.

  116. Finally home. Time to do laundry and maybe go hop on the treadmill for an hour or so.

  117. That stupid fake punt could be the difference in this game.

  118. Yup.

  119. LOL

    I showed Hotbride the video of the kid dummy being tossed over the railing.

    She kicked me and said “That isn’t funny.”

  120. 1917 was pretty good but I wouldn’t call it great

  121. QOTSA soundtrack?

  122. Really? I thought it was amazing.

  123. the POV camera work, long shots … it was just amazing. Visually stunning. but then had a story and acting to back it up.

  124. Reviews back my view. Just saying.

  125. “The cinematography in “1917” is so breathtaking, and the editing is so surreal that it’s easy to lose oneself in the ethereal experience. While Deakins’ elegant work ultimately doesn’t detract from the storytelling in “1917,” it’s also undeniable that the film’s story isn’t nearly as compelling as the cinematography. But it’s remarkable that a film can lose an audience so completely in its illusion.”


    But I thought the simplicity of the story was a strong one.

  126. Update on the shooting event in lapeer:

    “Police have learned through the course of the investigation that Arthur Lee Kohn III approached the shooter’s vehicle with a crowbar in his hand.

    “All I can confirm right now is there was a confrontation at the entrance of that gas station,” said Gormley.

    Police ID man killed in shooting outside Lapeer gas station

    Kohn pulled the passenger door open and was shot twice — once in the arm and once in the chest — by a 34-year-old Lapeer man with a .38-caliber revolver, according to Gormley.”

  127. He didn’t just come after the guy. He opened his car door.

  128. I hate you guys so much.

  129. I liked the story especially the twist at the end in the credits

  130. 8

  131. shut it j’ames.

  132. The more the movie has sat with me, the more I like it. There have been fun movies, but honestly, this is the best movie I’ve seen in years. Hacksaw ridge was a good movie, but as an art form this was better.

  133. J’ames is so completely wrong about this. It was great.

  134. It’s no star wars movie, of course. @@

  135. 6

  136. you are saying you like the camera work. I think the stark sets contributed to the story. just imagine what no man’s land would look like. Mendes did that well

  137. stars wars went downhill since empire

  138. I liked the camera work, I like the sets, I liked the acting, I liked the story. The stark sets were PART of the cake baking.

    I’m sick of 6 second quick cuts. I’m sick of frantic, epilepsy inducing scenes. Slow, mature storytelling.

  139. It takes a good movie/movie maker/story to not include all the crazy stuff.

  140. Effen football watchers. The lot of ye.

  141. the acting was a bit underdone. there wasn’t a standout, even in the chase scene.

  142. No, its the effen movie watchers.

  143. watch the Seahawks pull this out.

  144. Pete Carroll is evil.

    He must be defeated.

  145. I agree, but he’s a pretty good coach, for a 9/11 truther.

  146. Everybody home. Rocketboy and FDIL must have passed the test. Tornado touched down near the retreat, so I’m very thankful everyone is okay.

  147. You know who you are

  148. We watched the first two quarters of the Chefs at the bar. 1st Qtr…guy at bar takes off his Mahomes jersey. Texan fans were whooping and hollering. 2nd Qtr…everything changed. We had to head to hockey arena. Y’all need to check out the Penguin/Coyotes game.

  149. Daisuke eats ramen prodigiously.

  150. Ugh, project manager was sending out emails at 3 AM. Never a good sign.

  151. good luck roamy!

  152. slow start today

  153. Another Mike Bloomberg ad. I guess it’s creating name recognition but doesn’t look like it’s gaining him any votes.

  154. Got my first work-related text at 6:53, so you have me beat.

  155. I had to put my boots on at 2 am and go get Moose from outside. The coyote pups were doing that weird yip yip thing. He was not happy and had to defend us.

    Then he climbed up in bed with us.

  156. They now BOTH like to sleep on the bed, but if Stella gets up first, Moose will sleep on the floor. If Moose gets up first, she’ll just climb up anyway and lay on my feet. She’ll actually choose my feet over the other, empty side of the bed if Pat’s already up and gone.

  157. Went to bed last night at 6 and was asleep before half time of the Pack/Hawks game. I’ve got a man cold big time. I took Tylenol/aspirin and a snort of nasal spray in order to be able to breath through my nose. I’m already feeling better as far as my head and energy go but I’ll be dealing with mucous management for the rest of the week I’m afraid.

  158. Today is Rowan’s last day as a solo dog if the trial of a new dog works out. Paula’s friend has a few dogs and a few cats. Two of the dogs are big goofy labs and one is a 2 year old blue heeler. Her friend is about a month away from delivering a baby and is nervous about having the heeler around the house because, get this … just because it killed one of their cats when they were out. Imagine that! (I actually completely understand … babies and small kids don’t mix well with ACD’s). Anyway, Lola, the blue heeler is coming tomorrow and if she and Rowan manage to get along after 4 or 5 days it’s a permanent move for L-O-L-A-Lola.

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