Hello hungry little lambs, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.


CARin listens to this when she deadlifts.



Your model for today is a cosplayer from Canada, I can’t find her demographics but she’s a big one.  Please make yourselves comfortable and say hello to Miss Sofia Sivan.




  1. No acronyms? WTFITS?

  2. Hourglassy

  3. I don’t think she’s real. I think she’s what the Weird Science guys popped out of the machine some while after Kelly LeBrock.

  4. so Phil gave us 6 more weeks huh?

  5. Leon, osos wants us to lay off the confusing acronyms

  6. Bonjour. She’s gross.

  7. Leon, osos wants us to lay off the confusing acronyms


  8. PUP!!!!!!! with another amazing offering to the BBF ethers!!

  9. “You guys need to lose the made up acronyms. Very confusing.”

    now that is some funny stuffs there

  10. The Jessica Rabbit outfit killed it for me. Nothing wrong with a little booty but that’s gross

  11. She’s cartoonishly awful, well done.

  12. WW

  13. It is currently 43 with a projected high today of 57.

    Also, your mom was on her A-game last night.

  14. FTR, I do not listen to that when I deadlift.

  15. It’s back to 1 here. So bite me, Texas.

  16. The Jessica Rabbit outfit killed it for me.

    *jumps up out of chair*

  17. Whole lotta junk in that trunk.

    Probably holds more than a Subaru.

  18. I bet she’d subaru on camera for the right price.


  20. February is looking like a pretty frigid month.

  21. Kind of like your mom.

  22. KOLYM

  23. Must listen!! AFTER wiser’s show, of course.

    Bongino is putting the whole thing together. Amazing.

  24. Speaking of wiser’s show, Hotspur, what do you use for a radio app on your Apple desktop? I tried one of them and ended up with a toolbar so deleted the whole thing. An app that gets WATR preferably.

  25. Aw, I don’t know how to hear the rest of it.

  26. imbroglio, I use a program called VLC.

  27. Well it FRIDAY! Yay. I’ve decided that I’ve going to do diddley squat jack shit this weekend other than upload my taxes.


  28. LOL

    imbroglio = Jimbro

  29. I use VLC, but I’m on Linux.

  30. wiser has a radio show? Huh.

  31. I think they use VLC, imbroglio

  32. yeah, it would be fun to change his name, but that’s too hard to type.

  33. Imbroglio is the current pope’s real name, right?

  34. so hotspur’s been texting the pope? Hmm…

  35. Imbroglio is the current pope’s real name, right?

    If it isn’t, it ought to be.

  36. She’s lumpy.

  37. Here is the entire show.

  38. an hour and 45 mins? wow.

    Is Levin his usual violent and debbie downer self?

  39. Haha, Dannel Malloy is the least popular gov in the country! Congrats, CT!

    HT the wiser show

  40. VLC huh? I’ll check it out.

    I have never used the word imbroglio in a sentence or as an epithet.

    If I had a child I would name it Imbroglio Rasputin Charlemagne Bro

  41. you could axe mrs bro to change her name –
    Mrs. Imbroglio Rasputin Charlemagne Bro, RN

  42. ircb

  43. the green unitard look is ah interesting.

    a chick of her ah magnitude(?) wearing that in pubic definitely would turn heads

  44. The memo will now be known as the Clemo due to its salty flavor.

    Let it be known.

  45. I replaced the tin foil in my hat last night, the old stuff was wearing out……What if… The “memo(s)” show that these people have all been coordinating using something like the “journ0list” of a few years back? What if this is what journ0list 2.0 looks like?

  46. I think I caught imbroglio. I blame Lauraw.

  47. *Sprays blog with Lysol*

  48. (I’m not really sick – imbroglio is a made-up disease so I can sit in my bed all day, drink tea, and can avoid work)

  49. Just got a call from a customer wanting me to help my competition push me out of the account.

    Uhm…no? You are going to pay them for what you are asking me to do for free? You don’t have any of the documentation I sent you to share with my competitor to price check? You want me to help them secure a service contract you are not giving me an opportunity to bid?

    How about no. Does no work for you? Because no.

  50. Hey, I want imbroglio too!

  51. You know the cute, little, red headed, girl’s expression in our header pic? Yes, that is exactly mine right now looking at BBF.

  52. Try GO fuck yourself.

    That’s my personal favorite, Pupster. SHort and to the point.

  53. So it’s entirely Schiff’s assertion?

  54. Yes.

  55. Schiff had sex with a goat before he said that.

  56. Its says she’s from Canada but she looks Slavic to me….and what the FUCK is up with great big wooly worm eyebrows? First it was Big Asses, now its big eyebrows? WTF!!

    PS. Go Fuck Yourself is for Mondays. By Friday, the correct response is “I apologize, but I am unable to accommodate your request at this time due to conflicting priorities. Have a great weekend.”

  57. Hey Mare,

    CARin says “Go fuck yourself”.

  58. I’m getting close to hanging up my keyboard and making the wife be my sugar mama.

  59. Gabe is carrying the water about the Memo, isn’t he.

    What happened to him?

  60. Ha! Pups, I thought that at first.

  61. Carin what’s the deal with Gabe and the memo?

  62. What happened to him?

    Obergefell verdict.

  63. Somebody was talking about the altered memo somewhere, I forget where, basically the FBI demanded some words be redacted and then their allies triggered the OMG EDITED MEMO SHENANIGANS!

    They should all go fuck themselves.

  64. Gabe, on Twitter –

  65. Sorry. DIdn’t realize that much would appear.

  66. actually, that’s kind of cool.

  67. IT WASN’T THE STEELE DOSSIER. Wah wah wah.

    I demand it is the way I want it to be.

  68. I wonder which one “suicides” first? I put my money on Strozk.

  69. What was John MCCain’s role in this cluster f?

  70. What happened to him?

    Obergefell verdict.

    If I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, am I thinking with my weiner?

    Because Gabe is thinking with his weiner.

  71. Someone shopped the Pee-pee dossier to McCain who passed it on to DOJ, “it needs to be investigated”, starting the whole cluster of fucks.

  72. If I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, am I thinking with my weiner?

    You must be. No reasonable person of good conscience could possibly oppose gay marriage/polygamy/wtf. It must be bigotry, and bigotry comes solely from the possession of a white penis.

  73. your mom is in possession of a…

  74. Well, white married women are possessed by white penises, that’s why their bigotry made them vote Trump.

    This is approximately the reasoning of the Carin’s Mom crowd.

  75. I totally can’t think for myself.

  76. You can’t. You merely think you are. That’s how un-woke white penis makes you.

  77. Nonsense, white penis wakes women all the time. Usually with slight pressure at the lower back.

  78. Ok, someone explain to me – I see on my Twitter feed a tweet from Adam Schiff. Not a re-tweet. It’s a “promoted” tweet.


    so, twitter can force me to see the DNC talking points? This place is creepy.

  79. Rick Wilson is an idiot.

  80. gabe’s really reaching in his Washington Examiner piece. Nibbling along the edges of importance. Then this – which is the point he kept bring up earlier:

    “The Nunes memo does not answer whether the FISA warrant application was appropriate nor whether the FISA warrant should have been denied.”

    The memo specifically says there would have been NO FISA APPLICATION w/o the Steele Dossier. How come he seems to not want to understand what those words mean?

  81. He then concludes that it’s a dud.

  82. Julian Assange
    ‏ @TheRealJuIian
    2h2 hours ago

    The memo reveals a clear violation of @realDonaldTrump and his campaign personnel’s Constitutional rights, as well as an attempt to use the intelligence community to alter a Presidential election.

    This is high treason and people need to be prosecuted. “

  83. I gotta go to work.

    You guys will have to entertain yourselves for a bit.

  84. You guys will have to entertain yourselves for a bit.

    Farrier’s here, so I’ll be entertaining Possum soon.

  85. I think she’s a little too young to learn how to hunt with hawks, Leon, but whatever, it’s your kid.

  86. you shoeing possum?

  87. No, donkey and horses are getting pedicures. Wife is out holding ankles.

    Farrier, Laura, not harrier.

  88. Well she’s ENTIRELY too young to be put to work making hats! Good God, man.

    Wife is out holding ankles.

    Not riffing on this, is a mighty mighty challenge.

  89. You refuse my gifts, fine.

  90. My daughter is cradling a lime in a kitchen towel as though it were an infant.

  91. Grab a sixer of Corona and find your beach.

  92. Or better yet, TEQUILA SHOTS!

  93. That signals it is time. Baby girl needs to learn how to make caipirinhas.

  94. Wife is out holding ankles.

    L to R

    Pup, Lauraw

  95. I’ll be drinking lime juice later. She drops it a lot when she does this.

  96. Bruising it makes it squeeze better. She’s a natural.

  97. My daughter is cradling a lime in a kitchen towel as though it were an infant.
    She drops it a lot when she does this.

    When that lime grows up, it will fit right in at this place.


  99. hey, all. just strolling by to check in and see whAAAAAA THE FUCK IS THAT THING???!?!?!

  100. Huh. A lime is the topic and look who drops in.

  101. Hold on, lemme see if this works again:


  102. Or perhaps it was the wife holding ankles comment.

    Too close to call.

  103. Maybe it’s not just one thing, but the package.

  104. Corona


  105. after the last two BBFs, anyone else thinking that Pupster has lost interest and wants out?

  106. I think he enjoys our squeals of pain.

  107. But if he’s tired of it, we could switch off more often. I’ll volunteer for next week.

  108. Hey, c’mon! Last weeks model was fantastic.

  109. Hey, c’mon! Last weeks model was fantastic.

    yah… no.

    I’ll volunteer for next week.

    uhhhhh.. never mind. Forget I said anything……

  110. Last week’s model was very very nice for a 40 something Canadian.

  111. Last week’s model was very very nice for a 40 something Canadian.

    I’m sure her grandkids are very proud of her for having achieved BBF status.

  112. Ha ha ha haa

    It’s true, I can’t be trusted. But that’s what makes it fun.

  113. But that’s what makes it fun.




  115. The abuse heaped upon those people kinda hurt my feelings. Nobody in my family knows anything about football, or most sports either. 😦

    Just one of those things.

  116. Wiser, I’m fairly certain she’s childless, based on her, ahem, career path.

  117. Wiser, I’m fairly certain she’s childless, based on her, ahem, career path.

    …which, based on the pics that pupster used, is laying around in bed a lot, I assume.

  118. Geoff’s latest chart update. Trump’s data indicated in gold bars.

  119. is laying around in bed a lot

    Well, you are partially right.

    Seriously, when I pick a model everybody likes it does not generate as many comments, picking an occasional beast or fetish-friendly BBF generates a lot more banter.

    Also, CARin says “Go Fuck Yourself.”

  120. Surely you’ve picked up some football knowledge via Scott through osmosis!

  121. As, I believe Geoff said, it’s Big Boob Friday, not Scintillating Conversationalist Friday or Summa Cum Laude Friday or something like that.

  122. Greetings, hoggers of ground.

  123. *twitches*

  124. Lively Eyes Friday

  125. Tasteful Makeup Friday

  126. Professional Photography Staging Friday

  127. Sparkling Personality Friday

  128. High Moral Character Friday

  129. Lumpy, bumpy Friday

  130. 50 lbs of potatoes in a 10-lb sack Friday

  131. Tasteful Lingerie Friday

  132. Vacant Expression Friday

  133. Gainfully Employed Friday

  134. Whorish Mouf Friday

  135. Productive Member of Society Friday

  136. Carpet Matching the Drapes Friday

  137. Silicone Free Friday

  138. Applied Physics Grad Student Friday.

  139. I’m not really clear on what we’re doing

  140. Also, CARin says “Go Fuck Yourself.”

    Awww.. how sweet.

    Bless her heart

  141. Would Introduce Her To Your Mother Friday

  142. STD-Free Friday

  143. No Daddy Issue sFriday

  144. Was considering joining a convent Friday.

  145. Cunning Linguist Friday

  146. 50 lbs of potatoes in a 10-lb sack Friday

    I think he tried that one today.

  147. Modestly-Attired Friday

  148. Marriage Material Friday

  149. Responsible Roomate Friday

  150. Wearing White on Her Wedding Day Friday

  151. Just wants to settle down with a nice man, a bunch of kids, and a minivan Friday.

  152. Drinks the Occasional Glass of Wine Friday

  153. Lumpy lady Friday.

  154. For some reason my calf muscle has started twitching.

  155. I’m not really clear on what we’re doing

    Quick Witted Friday

  156. Chunky Cosplay Friday

  157. Hasn’t Ever Done Anything on Video She Hopes Her Parents Will Never See Friday

  158. Good Cook Friday

  159. Colex probably needs a Magnesium supplement Friday

  160. Naïve But Curious Friday

  161. Had a Normal Office Job to Pay for School Friday

  162. Chubby, but she has a great personality Friday.

  163. I still vote for Tight Tush Tuesday.

  164. Colex Eats a Banana Friday

  165. Fine Fanny Friday.

  166. Your Mom’s Film Debut Friday

  167. Fat Feminist Friday is a no go.

  168. It’s probably his prostate.

  169. Won’t Have to Someday Resign from Her Teaching Job Friday

  170. Thinks tattoos are whorish and aweful and would never get one Friday.

  171. Weeping Pus Bucket Friday

  172. Never Sweated the Results of a Blood Test Friday

  173. Pour Me A Zima Friday

  174. I still vote for Tight Tush Tuesday
    Fine Fanny Friday

    This is something I could get behind.

  175. That Nice Girl from Human Resources Friday

  176. Pig Boob Friday is tradition.

  177. Couldn’t Tell You the Meaning of the Word “Bukake” if Her Life Depended on it Friday

  178. Thinks The Kardashians are Really Stupid and Icky Friday

  179. Knows What Dictation Really Means Friday

  180. good to see you around jefe

  181. Has actually read Anna Karenina Friday.

  182. Come And See Me In The Champagne Room Friday

  183. >>>good to see you around jefe

    Fanks. It’s been a totally crazy year. I’m finally able to get a good night’s sleep even if I don’rT have a full show scheduled. Starting to feel more confident in my shoes.

    Used to over-prepare like a maniac. Always ended up with tons more material than I could ever use in a month, then tossing it because it became dated. I’ve learned that fewer topics but more depth is better. And easier.

    Today, a caller complimented me on how far ahead of the “big guys” I always seem to be. I thought that was really a great compliment.

    My time here has suffered, but I also credit our conversations here and elsewhere for helping me focus on what’s important in a story, as opposed to the shiny object.

  184. In a Stable and Loving Monogamous Relationship Friday

  185. “Knows What Dictation Really Means Friday”
    Your mom puts the “dic” in dictation……

  186. “….. more depth is better.”
    Funny, that’s what your sister said, too.

  187. Can Recite the Alphabet Without Help Friday

  188. >>>Funny, that’s what your sister said, too.

    Look, we bathed together often enough when we were young. She knew what she was getting.

  189. Would Never Send That Last Comment to the Station Manager Friday

  190. >>>>Would Never Send That Last Comment to the Station Manager Friday

    I’m still laughing at my own joke here…..

  191. Really Grateful That Her Mom Met a Great Guy Like Her Stepdad Friday

  192. Btw, while we’re all joking around…..

  193. I thought that this would fit in here…

  194. And… Jack just won the internet. Shut it down.

    Can you imagine being the soldier that receives that letter?

  195. I hardly ever go over to the HQ anymore, so I honestly didn’t notice this until the last week or two–when did Ace and Allahpundit stop being pals? Was it before or after the 2016 election?

  196. Great post, ChrisP. 🙂

  197. Sean,
    I’m the same way (barely go there anymore).
    Someone here told me that it was about election time. Before or after? Not sure .
    AllahP became a NeverTrumper, and ace got wise, guess.
    He’s been on a real tear about AllahP & the Russian bot thing, apparently?

  198. It has been surreal watching how some people have gone bat shit crazy since Trump got elected. Granted a lot of those people were always a little iffy but you have to be brain damaged to not realize Trump is better than the old hag. Makes you wonder did they every believe the things they wrote before or was it just some con.

  199. Kinda figured that was it. I’ve just basically checked out of the news. Helps to keep me sane.

    (To some degree.)

  200. I had no idea being gay made you more lefty sensitive. Interesting. F U Gabe.

  201. Walk into a nightclub
    All your friends are in there
    Is that really derp hair?
    Why don’t you play fair,
    You could be in Mayfair?

  202. I am glad our brave US soldiers are over there killing the goat fuckers

  203. I think some of the conservative bloggers doubted/ridiculed Trump early on and for purposes of integrity, whatever that means, doubled down on their “resistance” to him as his candidacy and presidency progressed. They see themselves as true to principle whereas anyone who supports Trump has compromised their integrity. As occasional visitor Thermadin puts it above “you have to be brain damaged to not realize Trump is better than the old hag.” When you realize most politicians are corrupt and the ones with good reputations just haven’t been caught yet, it’s easier to just focus on the sausage and not how it gets made.

  204. Why am I up at 0625 and on my second cup of coffee already?
    Paula is working 7-7 today and that’s just how it goes.

  205. 80’s flashback

  206. Hotspur if he’d been a priest

  207. Good one, Laura.

  208. “Hotspur if he’d been a priest”

    Just that sentence right there is funny without the link

  209. I vaguely remember that song and the group Level 42. Watching that video is like a time capsule. I wonder if teens today would have the same feeling we did when watching stuff from the 50’s if they watched that?

    They’re on tour in Europe this fall if you want to catch them Laura!

  210. Mystery solved!

    This is what Ginger Kennedy had on his lips the other night

  211. WW. I have no clue where everyone is this morning. I thought Hannah was coming home, but no car.

  212. Can’t admit you were wrong = Never Trump

  213. This is a great encapsulation. I thought this blog was like just a conspiracy site, but there was actually a conspiracy, so.

  214. Eagles players have the flu.

    Belichick is being blamed.

  215. Great article, Laura. It ceases to be “conspiracy theory” when the evidence is obvious like this.

  216. Yikes!

    At least someone DID something before the shooting started.

  217. I read somewhere yesterday that one of the Patriots’ DB’s has an “illness”. He was probably the Typhoid Mary for Belichick.

  218. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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