Stop Meme If You Saw This








  1. The smells good guy looks like a former co-worker’s husband. Hmmm.

    And it’s still winter here. 34.

  2. That last pic is my POV if I were dating in CA.

    Just bought a sausage recipe book on Amazon and it had the 99c add on for Kindle.

    Publishers, please do this more often.

  3. February is prime sap harvesting time.

  4. 33 here, 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow that won’t get shoveled unless I do it in the dark. This the 4-day Guard event for Mrs Caruthers, and I’m not shoveling with Possum strapped to me.

  5. 14 and snowing. I hope the Supurbowl revelers brought their long johns.

  6. Good decision Leon. In my experience when mom falls on the stairs with the kid and they see me for the broken leg everyone feels sorry for poor overworked, stressed out mom. When dad does the same thing everyone in the room (mom and MIL) glares at him and wonders why he is such an oaf.

  7. February is when the squirrel frisbee is soaked with dog spit that freezes it solid. Cray cray cowdog still wants to chase it though.

  8. Warm here this morning.

    Just saw an ad for the 80th anniversary of Snow White. They are promoting it with roman numerals, so it’s Snow White LXXX, which just seems wrong.

  9. Well, the cold weather would do her no favors, and if we have to get out, the truck can do 4WD.

    I’m beyond disinterested in the derision of fools, and care only that my daughter is safe and happy. Anyone treating me as an oaf will get active hostility with the sharpest my tongue can be.

  10. It’s been awhile since possum pics, does she have a snowsuit?

  11. Oafs are big. Oaf is also a funny word.

  12. She does, but I don’t think I can shovel while keeping her entertained if she’s just in the yard next to me, and I can’t wear her while doing the necessary motions. Maybe I can get grandma to come visit tomorrow.

  13. Cray cray cowdog still wants to chase it though.

    Frisbee is life. Nessie has stayed pretty steady at 90 lbs with just a flying fabric and rubber disk and the occasional freakout for fatcrack.

  14. Snow White LXXX

    I saw that years ago.

  15. Or just shovel in the dark tomorrow night. Snow probably won’t finish until then anyhow.

  16. It was a toss up between oaf and lummox. Oaf seems more universal and with lummox there’s always the uncertainty over the spelling and pronunciation.

  17. Mrs. Pupster wants to drive to Ely, MN for mukluks. Been thinking of making it a 2 day trip with a stop here. 

    Someday I’d like to have the fitness to do this.

    A snowmobile trip might be more doable though.

  18. Hey Wiserbud,

    CARin says “Go fuck yourself”,

  19. Where is Carin? Is she awake yet?

    *checks under door for light*

  20. Carin is suffering from imbroglio at the moment.

    Only a steady stream of hot tea will cure her.

  21. Combine the three for a dog sled trip with wolves in the harnesses (while wearing wolf-proof mukluks)

  22. Every so often I think of ordering some moccasins from these guys

    They’re sort of pricey and the idea of ordering something that has a small chance of not fitting properly turns me off from it.

  23. Yah, Mrs. Pupster won’t buy shoes what don’t fit and feel right. Hence the 4.5 hour road trip one way. Where she works, many of the womens wear these things from that place and she’s mukluk curious.

  24. They’re sort of pricey

    Good lord.

  25. Yeah, when you can buy LL Bean moccasins for under $80 it makes spending that much seem ridiculous. There’s a few places in Maine that make hand sewn moccasins for much less. Dexter Shoe Company used to be big and after they closed a few enterprising people set up their own shops. I used to have a nice pair made by a Passamaquoddy Indian that I bought in a little shop by the side of the road Downeast.

  26. >>>>CARin says “Go fuck yourself”,

    So many of you seem so happy to pass this message along to me….

    Bless your hearts.

  27. she’s mukluk curious.

    Most women go through that phase in college.

  28. He forgot to mention that it is also a sex cult.

  29. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on February 3, 2018 1:20 pm
    He forgot to mention that it is also a sex cult.

    Really Matt? REALLY? This is the only thing you could think to write an article about? This is fake news.

  30. That guy gets it.

  31. Pupster prefers to plug his ears to the truth.

  32. Comment by leoncaruthers on February 3, 2018 1:48 pm
    Pupster prefers to plug his ears to the truth.

    Pupster prefers to find a spot in the back of the class during downward facing dog positions.

  33. Stuff like this should be shown to young women.

  34. Really Matt? REALLY? This is the only thing you could think to write an article about? This is fake news.

    In fairness, he made what appears to be an offhand comment and people lost their minds. Hence why he wrote the article.

  35. I shouldn’t judge I guess. It just feels like false outrage after making a controversial click-bait statement that makes Christians look intolerant, on Twitter, and getting the reaction he was hoping for without having to work too hard.

    I write about boobs and post imgur pictures.

  36. Stuff like this should be shown to young women and men.


  37. I write about boobs and post imgur pictures.

    You’re a simple pup, with simple tastes.

  38. I’ve read other similar Christian arguments about yoga and they make a lot of sense to me. Yoga has an overt spiritual element. Hindus may not consider it prayer, but the basic concepts and meditative state can definitely be construed as a form of prayer if you are a religious Christian. In that view then, avoiding yoga is not intolerance, it’s just practicing their own faith and avoiding practicing the faith of others.

  39. Five Reasons Yoga is the Portal to Hell

    (number three will shock you)

  40. I do want to start doing yoga in a class one of these days though. I did a couple routines from a CD and its pretty amazing the stretch you get.

  41. Did everyone tell Wiser he could go fuck himself yet?

    I can’t trust you guys with anything.

    I’ve been awake. I went to crossfit, then took erin to work, then went to the gym to run 30 min. Got home, Hannah’s here so I chatted with her for a bit,then broke my 22 hour fast.


  42. I bought a yoga video off PBS a week or so ago. I’m aware of the arguments against but I don’t care. I won’t use it for spirituality. If I do, I’ll be thinking Catholic things and why Francis is a dick. Otherwise, it’s for ‘balance and strength’.

    Mr. Beasn is interested in it too as he sees, through his father, how his body will get if he makes it to old bones. So why not train the body some balance before he gets there.

  43. An ounce of prevention..blah blah

  44. So the H2 is turning into a sex cult blog.

  45. I’ve taken yoga classes in the past, and the whole “the divine in me recognizes the divine in you” schtick got old quick. It would just be nice if there was a way to divorce it from all the spiritual mumbo-jumbo.

  46. lauraw, how is your tendinitis?

    Mine has improved but still has bitchy days. The range of motion in my shoulder is a little better but I’m thinking that’s going to take a lot longer than I’m willing to go to PT, for. Last time I went, the PT tried to push my arm past the point of my foot coming off the table pain. I thought they were supposed to stop at that point of me saying, ‘Okay, you can stop there’. It feels like it’s about to snap.

  47. February is the month I get to be a year older. It is also the month every dipshit in the cosmos notes it happens the day before Valentine’s Day. I don’t tell people to fuck off as much as I ought to in February, really I don’t.

  48. It’s a lot better, Beasn. The pilates helped quite a bit, in stages. I still feel it when I do some dumb things (like sanding plaster walls for three hours, derp) or try to reach backwards/ out to the side too far. But much better. It just takes time and gentle exercise.

    A while back you linked to some shoulder videos. Do you still have those links? I should have bookmarked but never did. 😦

  49. “the divine in me recognizes the divine in you”

    with yoga being a sex cult there is some kind of ipso facto-y fucking yourself going on here…

    where the self-fuckers identify with one another

  50. is that why carin likes yoga?

  51. So the H2 is turning into a sex cult blog.

    It’s been that way ever since you got here.

  52. The snow has been coming down pretty nice all day, just the perfect intensity, little fluffy flakes without too much accumulation, everything looks pretty.

  53. sous vide brats, then gyros. mmmm.

  54. a good snowstorm and cold spell will banish the Super Bowl from the north for generations.

  55. Comment by jam2 on February 3, 2018 3:21 pm
    is that why carin likes yoga?

    Car in likes zumba. Completely different sex cult.

  56. Sous vide brats?

    Have you done this before?

  57. I took a few yoga classes at a yoga center in Worcester when I was a resident. The instructor was an older guy who didn’t push the whole spirituality thing during it. I finally gave up when I realized my classmates couldn’t stand me snoring at the end of the class when we did the corpse pose. What do you want? It was at 8:00 at night and I was up every morning at 4:45 and worked most days to 5 or 6 and up most of the night every third. Laying down in a warm, dark room at close to 9 at night naturally led to falling asleep. (NB: This was before yoga pants were a thing)

  58. This was before yoga pants were a thing

    I guess you looked so great in them you started a trend!

  59. no, I haven’t scott, but Serious Eats had a recipe I wanted to try.

    cooking in beer with added cajun spice.

  60. This could be reheated up at state dart tournament, making for an easy meal. Not a lot of food options there.

  61. Not what I had in mind but points for the funny!

  62. Interesting. I would have never thought of trying that.

  63. Today’s experiment is smoked cod filet.

  64. I’m more concerned that Beasn gave money to PBS.

  65. I give $5 per month to PBS, so HotBride can watch their crap on Apple TV. She deserves it.

  66. I won’t use it for spirituality. If I do, I’ll be thinking Catholic things and why Francis is a dick.

    Me, too. That deal with the Chinese bishops is bullshit, and I don’t like it. Giving special Vatican awards to pro-abortion people is also bullshit. Benedict should have never stepped down.

  67. lauraw, here you go. These guys are legit. My PT has me doing the same things.

  68. Those stretches/exercises are good for tendinitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder.

  69. Smoked cod is not a thing.


  70. That looked pretty good Beasn. I bookmarked it to look for stuff that might be applicable for my patients. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) is the #1 thing I refer kids to PT for.

  71. Yay! Thanks Beasn!

  72. I smoke fish like whitefish, salmon, trout, and steelhead (rainbow trout that lives in the big lakes) because I really don’t care much for the flavor. I love cod, so I would never smoke it.

  73. I need to do my knee PT again. I let it slide for a while, and I’m having issues with stairs again.

  74. I’m having issues with you mom again.

  75. LOL, did she rate her rates again?

  76. Roamy – have you tried Voodoo floss? I don’t have the best knee, and I’ve found using it really helps. You basically wrap up the knee (that’s what I do) and then do some light flexing and stretching for maybe 15 min. I swear it’s amazing. Rogue sells it but they have off brands on Amazon.

  77. So Hannah came home and has announced she thinks I have ADD. She actually thinks me, erin, and Ian all have it. Ranking from worst is Erin (bad grades), me (?), and then Ian.

  78. Yeah it was a worthy thing to try, but now I need to figure out something else to do with the other two filets. I could flake them into a potato-cheese gratin, I think the smoky flavor would be good in there.

    Or maybe a rice casserole with shrooms and cream.

  79. I dunno. I just looked at a checklist, and I say no to me. I’m fine.

    ADD can GF itself.

  80. Yeah, that ‘channel’ is pretty good for every part of your body.

  81. ADD and ADHD are total bullshit psychobabble. Whenever people bring it up I laugh.

    Yeah, give your son ritalin so you don’t have to participate in properly turning him into a man.

    You go.

  82. FIL may be coming home tonight but not sure because the hospital sucks at communicating. They tell him stuff but not us and he has a hard time passing on the info. WTF.

  83. Eh. Ritalin isn’t what I’m talking about here. It isn’t about kids acting out, it’s about kids being unable to concentrate in school.

    But Erin has been a horrible student and she’s … well, it’s just not good. At this point it’s really almost too late, but it’s worth a try.

    As for turning any boys into men, Ian is a man already. He’s not interesting in taking anything, it’s just really more of a topic of conversation in regards to him.

  84. Hospitals rarely release on Saturdays. Just saying. And this late? my dad would hear what he wanted to hear from the docs and usually it wasn’t true.

  85. Relative to people before the internet, we all have ADD. Millenials have it worse, and glow kids worst of all.

  86. I don’t have ADD. What were we talking about?

  87. and glow kids worst of all

    Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling?

  88. 1st kid = me 20 years ago

    2nd kid = me 10 years ago

    Today? Not a chance.

  89. If you only watch one golf tournament a year you should watch this one.

    It is a riot.

  90. I’m still 1st kid. Heights make me happy.

  91. Although if one of those boards was creaky-cracky I might poop my pants

  92. Walking across that bridge isn’t brave.
    Trying to eat the piece of Sheppard’s pie I just found in the freezer is brave.
    (When did I make that, anyway?)

  93. Merry Super Bowl Eve, everybody! Are you going to be rooting for that one team everyone hates or that one other team everyone else hates?

  94. I was going to support The Eagles until I heard the horror stories of how their fans treated the visiting team two weeks ago, now I’m rooting for SMOD.

  95. I’m rooting for low ratings.

  96. I heard they were giving Minnesota fans free beer.

  97. Welcome to the Dark Side

  98. Who’s even doing the halftime show this year? This is the first time in a long time where I can’t remember hearing about that.

  99. I have a bad feeling about this one.

  100. I’ve avoided any SB coverage today which was difficult. I ended up watching a show about a crew that rebuilds Maine camps and cabins and the original Planet Of The Apes until I finally just shut the TV off. Just play the frickin’ game already.

    “Doctor Zaius, would an ape make a human doll that TALKS?”

  101. Same here. All I’ve imagined is Brady getting hit in the pocket and someone on the Eagles making a helmet catch.

  102. I am having Joe Theismann flashbacks.

  103. You probably shouldn’t have dropped so much Joe Theismann back in college, scott.

  104. So much? I could have done more.

  105. I saw Joe Theisman Flashbacks open for My Chemical Romance at Burning Man In ’02.

  106. I heard they were giving Minnesota fans free beer.

    Cans and bottles. Players wives and kids.

  107. Who’s even doing the halftime show this year?

    Cat Stevens and Joe Cocker.

  108. Special Guest Appearance by Sinead O’Connor

  109. Well, since it’s dead in here, I may as well mention that I’ve stuck with the intermittent fasting thing for more than a month now. I’ve lost a bit of weight–gone from usually ranging between 180-184 down to 175-178–and I’m getting used to the schedule. I also figured I would try to eat better, so I’ve been laying off processed food as much as possible and am instead eating a lot of rotisserie chicken, veggies, nuts, Tide Pods, salads and the like.

    I’m also still abstaining from that other thing. The one leon doesn’t do, either. You know. As a result, I have more free time, so I’ve started learning to play the harpsichord, am going to the gym more, took up conversational Swahili, painted and sold six Rembrandt forgeries, wrote an opera about the life of Edsel Ford, started making my own selvedge-denim jeans (selling like hotcakes in Japan!), and solved the mystery of Smuggler’s Cove–it was Old Man Johansen all along!

  110. The one leon doesn’t do, either.

    Wash his hands after going to the toilet?

  111. I always wash my hands after using the toilet. Gross.

  112. Special Guest Appearance by Sinead O’Connor

    Every time I see or hear her name, all I can think of is the SNL skit where someone called xer Shinehead O’Connor.
    I can’t find a clip – was it the McLaughlin Group skit or a Frank Sinatra skit?

  113. Doesn’t Swahili only have like 300 words?

    EZ mode.

  114. Players wives and kids?

    I had no idea.

    Up there with Boston and Cleveland fans.

  115. I don’t know Swahili, but the Hawaiian alphabet only has 13 letters.

  116. Good jerb, sean!!

  117. When I was a resident Arthur Pappas was still the Red Sox team doctor. We could get tickets through his secretary for face value. They were in a section labelled “Players’ Wives”. I always felt awkward when the usher ripped my ticket and pointed the way to my seat.



  120. Where do the players’ kids’ mothers sit?

  121. FIL is back home after waiting 6 f*cking hours for the paperwork to get processed to be discharged. The hospital should thank it’s stars that it was my husband they were dealing with and not me.

    The days ahead will be interesting. He’s incredibly weak. No way will my MIL want outside help in her space. Drove her nuts when home health came to check o him a couple of times a week when he had a picc line. We’re going to have to discuss the possibility of assisted living.

  122. Ugh. I’m sorry to hear that, beasn. This situation doesn’t sound like it has any easy solutions.

  123. Justin Timberlake is the halftime entertainment. Anniversary of wardrobe malfunction. I think it would be funny if 50 year old new mom Janet Jackson came out during his performance. I wouldn’t be watching, still funny.

  124. Beasn, my mom gets home health three times a week and an assistant that takes her shopping and helps with cleaning and laundry three times a week.

  125. My Club is in Albuquerque. Borders Rio Rancho. Rio Rancho is the 3rd largest city in NM. Sandoval County. Albuquerque is the capital of Bernalillo County. Bernalillo is the capital of Sandoval County. Guys were in the Club getting signatures on a petition to get a family member on a ballot. For Bernalillo, not BernCo. Asked if I would sign. I’m not a Democrat. I don’t live in Sandoval County. I did help them get signatures. (Steals $20 from Sean)

  126. oso, my MIL can still do her cleaning and laundry. I think it’s what is keeping her going. She plans out her day before getting up, does her work in the morning, and vegges the afternoon. It’s harder for her to cook, so she likes to buy frozen dinners….which I hate. I’ve already shared a couple of homecooked meals with her this past week.

    My FIL is much weaker and needs assistance standing up and going to the toilet. Mr. B doesn’t have a problem helping him out. The hospital took him off antibiotics as they think it wasn’t pneumonia, but fluid build-up (due to his shitty valve). It may be better that he needs assistance now because they also put him on blood thinners. (They found 3 deep vein clots in his leg. Oy.) High fall risk + blood thinners = disaster.

  127. Penelope and I are watching Broadchurch on Netflix. It’s really well done. Good acting and a lot less dialogue than in normal shows. We’re partway through season 2.

  128. Just saw an ad for “Bombas” socks. “For every pair you buy, we donate a pair to the homeless.”

    Why would that be a selling point for these socks? Obviously they are charging you twice what they should. If you’re eating at a restaurant and you buy a meal and they give a free one to the next table, you might get irked. You buy a new car and they give somebody else one, people are going to say WTF……

  129. Our gas attendant was clipped by a car today. Guy cut the line at the pumps and hit Tyson. He was ok. No one thought to get license plate number and asshole took off after fueling.

  130. Our gas attendant was clipped by a car today. Guy cut the line at the pumps and hit Tyson. He was ok. No one thought to get license plate number and asshole took off after fueling

    You must have cameras out there. Have security review and save the ‘tape’ before it gets recorded over.
    That asshole needs to be prosecuted.

  131. I’ve been in the forge on saturdays for the past four weeks. I finished the project that I’ve been working on. I’m glad it’s done even if it is rough looking. Next weekend I’m taking a break…

  132. Pepe, I really liked Broadchurch too. I wanted to mention it here but didn’t know how to explain it. But it’s really good.

  133. Cameras caught clip. NM has rear license plate only. Didn’t get plate.

  134. Just saw an ad for “Bombas” socks. “For every pair you buy, we donate a pair to the homeless.”

    Why would that be a selling point for these socks?

    My guess is that the people who buy them are the kind of smug assholes who like to claim they do things for the less fortunate without ever getting their hands dirty.

  135. I’d rather buy cheap socks and donate cash to the shelters.

  136. Yeah, but then you don’t get to show off your Virtue Sox to anybody at Whole Foods.

  137. I’d rather buy two pair of socks for myself.
    Those things are made in a Chinese sweatshop just like the ones I buy anyway.

  138. WTF is wrong with Gabe Malor?

    He sounds crazy partisan.

  139. Where are you seeing Gabe, mare?

  140. Virtue Sox came and sat on my lap for a bit today.

  141. Did he go back behind the SafeSpace Couch after that?

  142. He watched the birds for a while first, but yeah, in fact, he did!

  143. Tell him I said hello.

  144. If he ever comes out behind the couch, I sure will.

    Had to drive through Brea tonight. Sorry I didn’t have a chance to stop and say hello.

  145. No worries. I was at work anyway.

  146. Pull me close and let me derp you in
    Give me the deeper understanding of who I am
    Yeah, I’m moving back again, I’m waiting, yeah

  147. Spring is coming. And she’s PISSED

  148. Spring seems to have lost her way here. Snow again today. It’s a light snow but I’m getting sick of this shit. When I looked at WU last night it said rain for tonight and tomorrow.

  149. Eh, days are getting longer so it’s only a matter of time. As a kid in MA I remember St. Patty’s Day as the warm up with spring well underway. Up in Maine all of March is suspect.

  150. I’ve seen those commie Bombas sock ads too. No way. BTW, workers at Whole Foods are not happy. I read an article in the WSJ that their new inventory system and evaluation format is leading to unhappiness among the rank and file workers … but you knew it would after amazon bought it.

    My favorite sock brands:

    They cost more but last longer. I’ve given up on cheap socks. I think I’ve arrived at a point in my life where I may have enough socks to last me for the duration of my living years. Maybe I should specify which pair of socks I’d like to be buried in with my will.

  151. Snow today. It’s supposed to be big, but so far it’s pretty light.

  152. -5 right now. Rumor has it the security lines to get into the Supurb Owl are 2+ hours, going to have some folks in need of hot cocoa.

    Taking Boy1 to work in a few minutes, first early morning shift ever. He has been having an issue with getting along with some of his cow orkers, If they are not as dedicated as him he narks them out and then there is workplace drama. His world is completely black and white, you are either a good person or a piece of shit, no middle ground. This will be the second time he has been accommodated in his request to not be scheduled with a particular person, so now his work day will start at 0800 instead of the usual 1600.

    Making hors de vor when I get back, we will be snacking all day.

  153. Spring is still a distant wish. February is always our heaviest snowfall month.

    Once in the 80s, we got two feet in one day. People went into Scope (giant city concert/sports venue) for the Ringlin Bros circus, and tried to come out only to find 20″ came down in a few hours. Norfolk isnt prepared to hande that. Can you imagine being snowed in overnight at the circus? Oh, the smells…

  154. I have to work at 4. It’s a dead day for us, and for some reason they fully staffed us.

    Add in snow …

  155. yeah, but you might be able to hook up with a contortionist…

  156. I have a lot to do today, but I’m procrastinating. Friends are coming over for dinner tonight, so that’s nice. Found out from friend’s email that Mr. RFH is playing D&D next weekend. I hate that.

  157. This pope has rocks in his head. Better luck next pope.

    I just pulled up a pic of John Paul II and felt such a rush of nostalgia. What a man.

  158. I have a chicken stuck underneath the coop. She’s afraid of the snow and won’t come out. @@

  159. I miss the political deftness the Borgias brought to the table.

  160. “I have a chicken stuck underneath the coop.”
    Worst euphemism ever.

  161. “I have a chicken stuck underneath the coop.”
    Worst euphemism ever

    Thanks for taking that low hanging fruit so I didn’t have to.

  162. My MIL says the stupidest sh*t.

    Husband went down again this morning to see if Pops needed anything ’cause he wanted to take a nap. She looks at him and says, “You’re not going to send me away are you? I do my work and keep things clean.”
    What a goofy woman. If we wanted to send her away, we would have never brought them here.

    Husband thinks that she’s thinking if we have to put Pops somewhere for round-the-clock care, she’s got to go too. Swabian to the bone.

  163. Is she not completely all there?

  164. They have some CUTE coops at tractor supply store. They are a little too small for my needs – for now. If they made them just a little bit bigger, I’d switch. They have features that make them really easy to clean.

  165. Here at The Happy Icefloe Assisted Living Center, we create a warm and welcoming environment for your burdensome family members. In our unique “companionship suites”, they’ll never worry about being alone, since they’ll share a dormatory room with eleven roommates. Arts and Crafts time will keep their minds sharp for ten hours a day, making wallets, purses, and counterfeit jewelry. We not only keep their minds active, we keep their bodies active, through a variety of fun, yet gentle activities such as sweeping, mopping, doing dishes, or working shifts in our full-service car wash. Finally, our chefs are on hand to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner of a nutritious, delicious gruel. Yes, The Happy Icefloe is truly the hottest new Assisted Living Center in town, with everything for today’s seniors.

    The Happy Icefloe: Nice enough to assuage your guilty conscience for leaving them here.

  166. Well, shoot. Had to cancel dinner – I must have picked up a bug at church last night.

    Friend’s 13-year-old son needs prayers – he is in the hospital with the flu, complicated by his cystic fibrosis.

  167. Sorry, Sean. Didn’t see comment until this morning. On Twitter.

  168. 😦 I hope the 13 does better.

  169. Happy Icefloe sounds like a nice place. Do they take the politically insane? I’m asking for a friend, not for my mom.

  170. The Happy Icefloe accepts all. We’ve partnered with a local orphanage to take care of all your “teenager drama” problems as well. Next week is “leave a kid, take a newfie” week.

  171. COOL. I’m getting two more newfies.

  172. I’ve had to banish the wonder dog to the master bedroom, the snacks I am making make her lose her mind and manners. I’ve tripped over her 3 times this morning but no amount of cussing will get her out from under my feet. Bacon wrapped little smokies.

  173. Is she not completely all there?

    She’s all there. She just gets weepy/depressed, and likes to think the worst of any situation.
    I wish she would do arts and crafts or crossword puzzles. A place like Happy Icefloe would drive her nuts. She would hate to live with a bunch of other people.

  174. I bet big packs of chicken wings are dirt cheap tomorrow.

  175. Grandpa talks about getting grandma to do some watercolors to help combat dementia. I don’t know if he’s set up everything yet.

  176. Leon bait.

  177. When I was a kid East Bridgewater was a nice semi-rural town, complete with a few dairy farms, located right next to my crappy city. People moved there to get the hell out of Brockton, I know a few of my friends did.

    We need more voodoo-practicing Haitians, right?

  178. We need more voodoo-practicing Haitians, right?

    They’re doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.

    Also, it’s oppressive white privilege to deny them entry into the U.S.

    Also, something something LIBERTY!

  179. Something something shithole country

  180. Just read an article about Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA retaining the mascot of Crusaders.

    “While we acknowledge that the Crusades were among the darkest periods in Church history, we choose to associate ourselves with the modern definition of the word crusader, one which is representative of our Catholic, Jesuit identity and our mission and values as an institution and community,” Holy Cross President the Rev. Philip L. Boroughs and Board Chair John J. Mahoney wrote yesterday in an email to students, staff, faculty and alumni.

    That really means all the alumni said they were pulling funds from them.

  181. Just read another article in the sidebar of the voodoo story, about a school canceling a father/daughter dance because it wasn’t ‘inclusive’. Pretty sure where that school is located, any activity a child can have with his/her father, should be promoted and made a big deal to encourage that bond. MOAR fathers = MOAR stable communities even for the gay and confused.

  182. US citizenship is a basic human right.

    The autonomous vehicle article was making too big of a deal out of CA miles driven, then admits it’s not a useful metric (Ford barely drove there, mostly demonstrations for CalTrans). That said, I think the real tell that the party is ending is a lot of division spinoffs. GM is the only one of the Big 3 still doing the work internally. I havent heard of Toyota has left the field just yet, but if it does, party’s over for sure. Driver assist on freeways and limited access roads is all most consumers want. “Transportation as a service” is already handled by Uber, Lyft, and taxi services, plus all the grocers teaming with home delivery services.

  183. While we acknowledge that the Crusades were among the darkest periods in Church history…

    This is utter bullshit. The Crusades were push-back by Christians against the abuses committed by muslim conquerors against Christians. They should be considered a point of pride.

  184. Oooo, two stories in the trending bar at faceass:

    1. Israel begins telling African migrants to leave.

    2. Macerata, Italy – Gunman opens fire on African migrants in horrific drive-by shooting.

    From what I’m hearing, Africans are destroying parts of southern Italy, and abusing the natives. Entitled shits from shithole countries.

  185. With a few notable exceptions, the Crusades are a dark time only to those ignorant of history. Jesuits ought to know better.

    Car nap. Trapped in a parking lot.

  186. Good grief. The picture they have accompanying the story on Israel shows African slaves in chains with duct tape on their mouths.

    *chants…don’t read the comments..don’t read the comments*

  187. Driver assist on freeways and limited access roads is all most consumers want.

    I’m honestly surprised that autodrive for truckers on the freeway isn’t already a thing. You’d think that it would be the easier part, especially if you can convince local governments to make some changes to infrastructure to accommodate it.

  188. Also, I wonder if the autonomous vehicle stuff is being driven mostly by urban types who don’t often take long trips on the highway.

  189. Michael Flynn needs to finish his series of blog posts on the Crusades. His series on Galileo was excellent.

  190. Annnnd I read the comments.

    *head explodes*

  191. Beasn, if you dumped a jigsaw puzzle on her coffee table, would she work on it or just pack it up and neatly put it away?

  192. I just cannot seem to accept the fact that I have to go to work. Like … NOW. I need to change and be AT work in 40 mins.

    This is just cray cray

  193. Lauraw, she would take more joy in getting it off her table. I don’t think she has ever put one together. I just asked her son and he says the same.

  194. Oh, and they don’t have a coffee table. They didn’t have one in the family room they spent much of their time in before Pop’s health went downhill….not to mention it now being a fall risk.

  195. That generation rarely had actual hobbies outside of their daily workload. Maybe you could give her a silver set to polish.

  196. Gross.

  197. Music, painting, knitting, crochet, tatting lace, sewing, gardening, reading, pressing flowers….there’s gotta be something she likes to do.

  198. She likes to dust and keep her floors clean.

    We were thinking of getting her a subscription to some gossip rag as she used to like reading the ones her sister passed off to her…but then we’d be giving our money to some gossip rag.

  199. When our kids were little, she used to tell me and my sister-in-law how she would put her kids in a playpen so she could get her work done. We just looked at each other and our eyes said, ‘Ah, hell no’. We preferred playing with the kids. The dusting could get done when they went off to school.

  200. Adult coloring books.

    OK, I said that jokingly, but my 55 yr old sister absolutely loves them. Among other grown children i know. This planet is doomed.

  201. In retrospect, we should have trained the kids to do the cleaning when they were babies.

  202. HEY!!
    *shakes box of Crayolas at Chi*

    I don’t think she has ever colored either.

  203. my 55 yr old sister absolutely loves them. Among other grown children i know. This planet is doomed.

    I don’t begrudge people, especially women, who like them. It feeds an artistic side, which is always good.

  204. These guys are warming up over my neighborhood right now, I can’t see them very well but it sounds pretty awesome.

  205. It feeds an artistic side, which is always good.

    Ed Zachary. I found a Pop Manga one by Camilla d’Errico. Love her work. Colored pencils, maybe some markers, shading, highlights….you can give the subject dimension.

    And I like regular ol’ cheapo ones. Loved them as a kid, loved them with my kids.

  206. My wife’s coloring book is available on Amazon.

  207. Unicorn Fantasy Coloring Book: A coloring book for adults and children of all ages

    And this one is nice too.

  208. Awww, no gossip rags? Maybe some other kind of interesting magazine or collections of short stories would be to her liking.

  209. Do they let you take out mags at the library?

  210. I never would have thought so many of y’all were fans of letting your inner child express themselves.
    And Leon likes unicorns. I learned TWO things today.

  211. My MIL is a lot like Beasns. She cleaned and prayed. That’s it. Assisted living/dementia couldn’t keep her engaged. My mom crochets, cooks, latch hook, word search, plays bingo, bugs her kids. I had my bro’s GF set up a FB account for my mom so she could see family pics. My mom comments on everything. She calls me to ask questions about family. “Is Tammy gay?” “How many children does Stevie have?”

  212. Beasn…CDAN on line!

  213. You ought to send a copy to Greg Gutfeld. He has a unicorn mug on his desk on The Five. If it got a mention it might goose sales.

  214. I care very little for unicorns, but that book made $60 net last year, so I can’t hate them.

  215. It’s not letting your inner child play, it’s having an outlet for creative expression.

  216. Leon’s Secret Santa needs to get him this for Christmas.

  217. Do they let you take out mags at the library?

    Ooo, thanks for reminding me. Yes, yes you can.

  218. Watching Altered Carbon on Netflix. /oso

  219. Oh hey! I’m not crazy about unicorns but that book looks nice. Surely I know someone who will enjoy one.

    How about possums? Your wife should do a book of possums.

  220. So, who does everyone hate less in this game?

  221. I ❤️ Mike Trout. He’s at the game. 🦅

  222. You don’t want to see what happens to the possum at the end of the coloring book.

  223. Had I known Mrs. Leon liked unicorns, I woulda crocheted Possum one of those instead of the possum.

  224. Hybrid possum unicorn. One for peej. RL friend has a hedgehog. I needs it

  225. WoOT!! I had 8 cardinals on my deck. 4 boys/4 girls

    They’re funny. They are good with all the other little birds out there but they peck at each other.

  226. In the Pop Manga book I mentioned above, there is a hybrid guinea pig unicorn.

  227. Teddy the Porcupine picked the Patriots to win.

  228. “Teddy the Porcupine picked the Patriots”
    i hear porky-pines are tasty

  229. i made a variant of this:

    it’s pretty good

  230. we should do a porcupine round-up and bbq at the next meat-up

  231. Cardinal is the VA state bird – I get them in the yard practically every day of the year. Still one of my favorites.
    I love to see the males take one seed at a time, fly over to a branch and feed it to the ladybird. I guess that’s their version of courting?

  232. I knew a guy who tried porcupine. Said it was tough as hell and tasted like pine pitch. Really bad. You don’t see porkies much, either.

  233. My old cattle dog used to find them about one a year. One time he had too many quills for me to pull so he went to the Vet. $100+ IIRC.

  234. i used to see a few a year in the woods –
    don’t see them much over the last decade or so

    they’re funny creatures; they lumber around seemingly without a care in the world

  235. ichthyosis hystrix gravior

  236. Fiona picked the Eagles. Her first SB. She’s cute and all, but really? Really?

  237. Top 3 Supraspinatus Tendonitis Treatments & Exercise

    Includes cross-fiber friction massage (breaks up scar tissue). <– That works for the supraspinatus and the other tendons that can go wonky up near the shoulder.

  238. Heh. Whatshisface, the announcer, just called Mike Trout “the great California Angel.” I wish they still called the team that.

  239. Pupster?

  240. My favorite commercial so far.

  241. Gyros and brats in the sous vide. Gonna freeze them, and cook them at the tournament.

  242. I liked that one too, Sean.

    I could hear advertisers screaming in the night air.

  243. I thought NE was gonna spot Philly 20 this year, too.

  244. Last comercial break here in northern canada was thirty seconds of black screen with no audio.

    Someone’s getting fired.

  245. So I guess it wasn’t just here then.

    Lots of people are getting fired.

  246. Russian hack.

  247. *mumbles it felt like thirty seconds*

  248. I think it was somewhere between 20 and 30 seconds, Puppeh.

  249. Am I the only one getting Spanish close captioning?
    No, I didn’t hit the button on my remote – it’s only NBC.

  250. Altered Carbon is tittyriffic.



  252. was thinking of watching that, alex. Watching The Ranch instead.

  253. Heh, Albert the bull is very close to my home. That’s our home address, Audubon.

  254. That big blue building in the Scientology commercial used to be the hospital where I was born.

  255. Am I the only one who heard Al Michaels call the cut on Tom’s hand a “massive gash”?

  256. Are you sure he wasn’t just referring to Brady in general?

  257. LOL Sean.

  258. Diversity is our strength, apparently.

  259. Tom “Massive Gash” Brady.

    I like it.

  260. Stomach finally settled down. I decided to watch the “Monk” marathon.

  261. Going down to the wire again. Brady territory.

  262. Heh, I miss Monk. Shaloub was great in that.

  263. Go for 2? Might as well, will only be up 6 with 1.

  264. no way they can overturn that.

  265. I tried watching “The Ranch”, but I couldn’t get into it.

    Altered Carbon is interested. Tittyriffic, and now they’re pulling out Dune philosophy.

  266. I love the sound of the rain on the roof. Goodnight errybody

  267. Monk was one of my all-time favorite shows. I wish one of the rabbit wlear channels would run the shows again.

  268. Amazing, they lose their all pro QB, and win it with their backup.

  269. The Ranch starts slow, but stick with it. Sam Elliot’s character is great, and Debra Winger looks great too. Ashton Kutcher isn’t completely annoying either.

  270. Congrats to MCPO and the Iggles. I hope those light poles are greased up real good.

  271. Tough break, SMOD.

    That was the best superb owl I’ve ever seen.

  272. So that means we’ll see that many more Iggle fans next year.

  273. And congrats to Africa on all the “Patriots Super Bowl LII Champions” shirts!


  274. Great summary of the whole “Goat Fuck” by Mark S:


  275. This series really should be called “Naked Carbon”.

  276. Alex,

    I thought it was pretty good overall and that Latin gal is smoking. I watched the whole series over Friday night and Saturday.

  277. Oh, it’s good. And yes, she is smoking. It’s almost painful.

  278. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

  279. In case you don’t follow the link, the parents donated his organs. Made me think of TiFW, which made me cry all over again.

  280. Man, I don’t remember a flu season this deadly. That’s terrible, roamy.

  281. the parents donated his organs
    How can you donate organs that are presumably infected with a contagious disease?

  282. XBrad, I don’t know. His lungs certainly would not have been donated unless it was to a medical school or something research-related.

  283. Well, I hope they can do some good. Such a terrible thing.

  284. Huh. They edited the article to remove the organ donation part. He’d been declared brain dead but was still on life support awaiting…something. Whether that was organ donation or allowing the family time to gather, now I’m not sure.

    I didn’t go up to the hospital since I was sick today, so all my info is secondhand at best.


  286. Dominant Eagles represent Philly.

  287. That’s terrible, Roamy. So sorry for the parents and the community (you).

  288. CF makes any illness so much more dangerous. I hope its one of those disorders that is being targeted by new gene therapies.


  290. *scritches Pups behind the ears* Good one

  291. Lauraw, the last breakthrough I remember reading about was the hypertonic saline inhalant. Dean Barnett (who used to fill in for Hugh Hewitt) mentioned it as the reason he was able to get off the lung transplant list. Someone noticed that avid surfers had better lung function, and it went from there.

  292. CF is exactly the type of pre-existing condition that you do not want for this flu season. That’s really sad. I was friends with a gal (and her brother) who BOTH had CF when I was in college.

  293. Apparently “schedule” don’t mean shit to werdpuss no more.

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