Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

Hopefully everyone survived the SBBME and the SOTU and the Tax Cut and the Shutdown and Collusion and the Nork Bombs and … Is it my imagination or did stuff like this happen all the years before in my life, just with less fanfare? Even weather events like winter storms  seem to require special names. I blame Obama and Snapchat.


Makes me think of this song

That’s a fancy shittah


Worst outhouse I ever used was at Fort Benning. After running around doing PT at the command of devious Black Hat Instructors we were given a bathroom break. I had to drop an Obama so I ran in and saw about 10 holes in a board on one side facing 10 holes on the other side separated by about 6 feet of concrete floor. At least there were a few rolls of TP to share among the dozen or so of my fellow shitters. I tried finding an image but all I found was this luxury set up. Back to the mooning!


Southern delicacy


A Trip To The Moon





Happy Thursday!




  1. I have never eaten a Moon Pie. Pretty sure there’s an ersatz version they try to pass off as an equivalent to us Yankees. Vague recollections of eating some kind of pastry pie from the grocery store as a kid.

    Your mom’s hair pie on the other hand … memorable, IYKWIM

  2. I like the banana Moon Pies best. They have that imitation banana flavor from candy and popsicles you remember from your childhood.

    I can’t believe they never migrated up north after all these years. I think some people call them Whoopie pies?

  3. Huh. A comment just got shitcanned. Maybe I need coffee before I try to do that href crap…

  4. I like the bananaMoon Pies best. They have that imitation banana flavor from candy and popsicles you remember from your childhood.

    I can’t believe they never migrated up north after all these years. I think some people call them Whoopie pies?

  5. I like the banana Moon Pies best. They have that imitation banana flavor from candy and popsicles you remember from your childhood.

    I can’t believe they never migrated up north after all these years. I think some people call them Whoopie pies?

  6. wakey wakey

  7. This seems like a real niche product

  8. The banana Moon Pies are the best. They have that imitation banana flavor like vacancy or popsicles that you remember from your childhood.

    I can’t believe moon pies haven’t made it up North after all these years. I think some people call them Whoopie pies.

  9. I have to go the office today.

    Le sigh.

    4 hours of sewer smell surrounded by IT idiots. If you’re an IT person, please don’t take offense. If you’re an idiot, same.

  10. Who the F is Bonnaducci? Who let him/her/xe in?

  11. What did I type to get ‘vacancy’ out or the word ‘candy?’
    (adds snort of Kahlua to coffee cup)

  12. I’ve had Moonpie and also Tastykake. Meh. You can’t transfer regional nostalgias.

    But (wrt moonpie) I’ve never been a fan of marshmallow fillings anyway. It should be a creamy filling, but instead it’s a mean spongey thing that fights you. Same thing with that pink hostess snoball thing.

    So, good morning. I’m fullblown sick again and pissed as a hornet. I had shit to do today.

  13. Sorry ’bout that lauraw.

    I’m sure the NE cabal would appreciate a nice salty clam stuffed hostess snowball. Mmmmmmmm. Nice and chewy. I bet Smoked Snowballs™ would fly off the shelves.

  14. Smoked Clam Snoballs .. we may be on to something here

  15. I haven’t had a snoball in over 40 years. Maybe I’ll grab some for our SB party. And since it’ll be just Paula and I watching I’ll get one for sure.

  16. These are the whoopie pies like I see sold around here in nearly every gas station and grocery store

    They’re often made by local women and sold at small independent gas stations. I’m good for a couple a year.

  17. Those look good.

  18. A friend of mine just put up on facebook that instead of presents this year, she’d like donations in her name made to Planned Parenthood for her birthday.

    One less gift I have to buy.

  19. Maybe you could donate a Bible and some Rosary beads, car in?

    I’ve never had a sno ball. They always looked so gross. And that fake coconut – blech.
    I was always more of a Little Debbie snacker, anyway. Is that a regional thing, or just because we were kinda poor?

  20. Heh: “Hillary tried to suicide a whole train”.

    Stolen, of course.

  21. Ok, I genuinely want to hear this rant.

    For string theory, check Not Even Wrong or The Trouble With Physics. Lisa Randall is a pretty girl who popularized it to a bunch of nerdy guys who didn’t call her on the bullshit. It’s basically a religion with university grants. No experiments, no way to validate it, just publishing so they don’t perish.

    Dark matter is a giant fudge factor because their math is wrong. They don’t know how it’s wrong, but the current theory is so fucking “elegant” that they won’t go back to the drawing board when the elegant fucking theory says there ought to be a lot more matter than they can see.

  22. The great thing about serving clams to guests is that if you’re sick and you sneeze productively in them, nobody can tell

  23. I kinda liked moonpies when I was a little boy.

  24. What are we going to do all day until the Memo is released?

  25. Let’s just all point at MJ and laugh. He won’t know what the fuck is going on. He never does.

  26. A jewish friend of mine (very liberal, duh) posted something about a friend of hers doing some research and seeking out jews to tell about their “experience”. You know, being Jewish in America. Is that honestly a thing? Gah. Anyway, so … I just want to smack her with the cluebat. You want to talk about a real issue with Jews? Try being Jewish in France. There’s some research for you.

  27. I bet he needs help getting something onto the server.

  28. How often does she go to synagogue?

    I bet she’s less jewish than I am.

  29. Oh she doesn’t. Ever. That’s the new way of being jewish.

  30. I think I persuaded Mom to get me a hostess snoball a couple times as a kid, because I must have been attracted to how they looked. Pink and fluffy. But I don’t think I ever took more than two bites out of one. Because of the horrible fighty marshmallow sponge. So disappointing.

    In other news, my tiny bedside coffee maker makes tea in far less time as the microwave, and saves me a trip downstairs. So I have that going for me. Which is nice. It’s the little things today.

  31. I never, ever, liked snowballs. Gross. Not even as a little boy.

  32. Does Carin talk shit about us behind our backs like she does to her other friends?

    Don’t tell her I said that


  34. You’re lucky you’re not on facedouche, laura. The stories I could tell.

  35. sftp?

  36. No one tell Lauraw what I say on facebook.

    I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

    But seriously, she could “up” her hump maintenance schedule.

  37. I saw SFTP open for APC a few years back.

  38. Question for your “jewish” friend: If you don’t practice the faith, how are you a jew? Jewish is not a race, it’s a religion.

  39. My friend (i’ve mentioned her before) has a doctorate in “dance”. I mean, seriously. That’s just begging to be mocked.

    I think she has some degree in “Jewish dance” too.

  40. Hotspur’s comment is hurtful and probably racist. Or something.

  41. Oh she doesn’t. Ever. That’s the new way of being jewish.

    Ah okay, so she’s even less jewish than I am Irish or German.

  42. I think she has some degree in “Jewish dance” too.


  43. Jew “ish”

  44. Actually it is also an ethnicity, I think. Part of why they don’t really do conversions. You can’t really ‘become’ a member of the tribe without blood relation.

  45. One of our local radio guy’s mom was adopted by a Jewish family. She was told even as a little girl that, sorry, even though they loved her she wasn’t Jewish, it’s just the way it is.

  46. secure FTP, geekspeak

  47. I’ll buy the ethnicity thing, but it’s no different than being French or German. It’s just an accident of birth. Besides the fuckers killed Jesus.

  48. Seems tribalistic. I’m told that’s evil and badthink.

  49. A family friend converted when he married a jewish woman.

  50. I used to update SBCs for HVAC via TFTP.

  51. This acronym shit is going to get out of hand

  52. OOH?


  54. I’m starting to fall out of love with you assholes

  55. you don’t mean that Lauraw.

  56. No, I think she means it.

  57. Still waiting for xbrad to identify these jets for me.

  58. As I’ve had it explained to me, the Jews had to kill Jesus, since he was the once-and-for-all sin offering, and thus could only be offered by the Jewish priests, and only in Jerusalem, and had to be bloodied before the offering (the scourging at the pillar), but his limbs could not be broken before death (as noted in the gospel, he’s determined to be dead before they were about to break his legs and speed the process).

    If any of that had been different, his death on the cross would not be the fulfilment of the Old Covenant as Isaiah had prophesied. This was what God’s Chosen People had meant all along. Chosen to birth the Messiah, chosen to kill the Messiah, and in doing so provide a path to salvation for all mankind.

  59. Huh, the water just cut out here.

  60. Maybe it’s happening. We’re cutting California off.

  61. I think they may have been F-15s.

  62. Ok, it appears to be back on.

  63. Sorry Alex. The EPA found a new frog at the reservoir that they like better than people.

  64. *refresh, dammit…

  65. I think they may have been F-15s.

    They were pointy.

  66. F-15s are a scam.

  67. Hole e phuck.

    I recorded the Maxine Waters thing last night, but that wasn’t the worst. The worst is listening to these black “intellectuals” talk about the issues.

  68. They are so delusional.

  69. Was the base in CT.? There is a Air Force Reserve base in CT. They have a Fighter wing with F-16’s. Could you tell if they were single engine or double engine? ( The 16 is single engine and 15 was double )

  70. Mass. We were close to Westover AFB.

  71. Wiki says that Westover has F-15s &16s, F-22s, and F-35s. All of which are kinds ‘pointy’

  72. Maybe they were ICBM’s? Were they North Korean? Were they red?

  73. missed another educational opportunity, because people won’t fix their shit.

    Getting really tired of fixing everyone’s shit.

  74. I respectfully submit that the 22’s and 35’s (Stealth designs) are more pointy and dark colored than the 16’s and 15’s, but I bet big money (my lotto ticket for today) that Scott knows the difference in the two types of aircraft.

  75. I know you guys get sick of this but I may kill Erin.

  76. Most likely F-15 Eagles from the Mass. Air National Guard.


  78. you shouldn’t murder her (that whole big 10 thing and all), we keep telling you to sell her and recoop some of your losses

  79. Since we were talking snack cakes, Hostess is jumping on the Armageddon bandwagon. Crumbs, indeed.

  80. This will solve any rodent problem

    might create a whole new set of problems once it’s fired though

  81. IMKE

  82. After a trip to Bangor this morning I went in the grocery store on the way home to shop for a few things Paula said we needed. I was in the bread aisle and after all our bullshitting about dessert cakes I totally did not even think to look to see if they had Snoballs. Pretty sure that was God telling me to cut that shit out.

  83. “I totally did not even think to look to see if they had Snoballs.”

    You have obviously lost all sense of priorities… must be having a mental lapse, seek medical assistance immediately, you may have had a stroke. People dont “just forget” to look for snoballs.

  84. What did she do now?

  85. You don’t buy snoballs to eat them, you buy them to see the look on Paula’s face when she finds them.

    Jimbro is anti-Science.

  86. I did pick up a whoopie pie though and had that awkward conversation with myself about how I’d rather have a beer than eat a whoopie pie. Besides, I had one a couple of months ago. No need to go full fatass!

  87. She’d think I was losing my shit if I bought Snoballs for us.

  88. We were out of bread and jelly for the kids’ PB+J sandwiches which was my main purchase. She also wanted stuff for a dip she has made once before. It’s one of her childhood memories so I got the goods. It did involve buying Velveeta which made me cringe a little bit.

  89. My grandfather used to take the government cheese that they gave out at the elderly high rise he used to live in. He’d give it to my mom for us kids. We also got #10 cans of peanut butter once in a while and a few other things but I forget what they were at this point.

  90. Velveeta and Rotel dip rocks.
    For extra tastiness, add in some ground breakfast sausage. (I prefer Gunnoe’s hot) Mmmmm.


    I never knew the politics behind it. Pretty funny.

  92. find a good chorizo, that’ll do.

  93. Best Macaroni n Cheese I ever had was made from gov cheese at PS 121 on 123rd St & Amsterdam Ave in NYC circa 1970.

  94. lunch ladies –
    lots of jokes about them.
    the ones i had growing up knew us all and actually gave a shit about us. (some of my friends moms worked there)
    i almost never ate school lunch but i remember the food wasn’t bad at all and the nice ladies gave you all you wanted

    they made a pretty good mac & cheese too

  95. btw – when did j’ames mouse cousin start commenting?

  96. Velveeta is the nectar of the white-trash gods. I love that stuff. We used to buy it in the the long box, I’d make grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches with it every sunday after church when I was a kid.

    When they came out with the individually wrapped single slices it was THE BEST DAY EVER!

  97. mouse wha?

  98. I don’t eve know you people.

  99. someone get ca rin a nice aged brie

  100. Listen potential daughter murderer, nobody is going to take you seriously if you have no follow-through.

  101. shredded chi – chi-zz, i fished your shit outta teh spam bucket

  102. Good link Laura. I suppose I heard about that before but have forgotten about it. I did recall it was surplus cheese bought by the dot gov to rig the markets but the farm act of 1981 was news to me.

    And the dip involves a block of pasteurized processed cheese food aka Velveeta, a can of Rotel and a pound of hamburger. I’d prefer the chorizo myself but Paula is a Maine girl and doesn’t do spicy.

  103. the pr0n spammers like hhd…. go figure

  104. Heh . I’ve seen that gif before. A chick I work with goes to a “boot camp” – which, fine. Whatever. I’ve tried it and didn’t find it rigorous enough- especially for the $$. But she was bragging about deadlifting 90 pounds.

    My tongue is still bleeding from biting it so hard.

  105. I love brie.

  106. that dairy subsidies killed the small dairy farms in nys –
    there used to be tons of them.
    the gov paid them to kill their cows and mothball operations

  107. I’ve never knowingly eaten velveeta.

  108. I deadlift over 90 just bending over

  109. Thanks, jam2.0
    Wasn’t important (nothing I say is), but thanks.

  110. I’ve been working on the same damn spreadsheet for a week, everytime the PM has a conference call with the client they make changes, I can’t finalize the pricing until the project is set, but every change they make they ask “how much?” I swear to dog I’m going to go on a 57 state killing spree if I have to create another revision.

  111. A friend of mine just put up on facebook that instead of presents this year, she’d like donations in her name made to Planned Parenthood for her birthday.
    That’s just sick.

  112. Let’s just all point at MJ and laugh. He won’t know what the fuck is going on. He never does.
    *points at MJ and laughs, tries to blend in

  113. A birthday present for all those people who never get to have one.

    Moloch smiles.

  114. The spreadsheet should calculate how many grilled velveeta and bacon sandwiches the client needs. Whatever it actually does, it should throw out a number of sandwiches at the end too. And how much bread, cheese, and bacon they will need to get it done.

  115. Besides the fuckers killed Jesus.
    Meh. He could have saved himself.

  116. Round to the nearest clam snoball, pupster.

  117. RTTNCS

  118. LOL.

    I’m going to start using that at work. I only have about a month left, so you know, I’m just rounding to the nearest clam snoball.

  119. Never had a snoball either.

  120. Velveeta is the nectar of the white-trash gods. I love that stuff.


  121. OMG.

    What about a velveeta filled snoball? Would pupster eat it?

  122. Would a dog eat a coconut and marshmallow covered piece of cheese? fuhgeddaboutit

  123. Or a Velveeta filled Moon Pie.

  124. Dogs eat shit. I think they’ll eat anything.

  125. My dogs will eat anything with cheese. So yes.

  126. Do they eat shit?

  127. DTES

  128. Elliot would eat it. Especially if you covered it with peanut butter.

    His favorite flavor is rabbit shit.

  129. Shit, their own vomit, dead rodents – no cheese necessary.
    Tucker will eat anything but my ex’s cooking. A snoball would probably give him an orgasm.

  130. HFFIRS

  131. HCIAC.

  132. Good ole HFFIRS.

  133. She certainly is, xbrad.

  134. (Sigh)….. I have just been informed that MY SON requires a come to Jesus meeting (give yer heart to Jesus cause yer ass belongs to me) for failure to play nice with his Mommy…….Not what I wanted to do this evening. Now I get to have a 20 minute conversation (that should really only last 5 tops) with a 18 yr old who has disengaged his brain housing group cause he got a wiff of split tail, replete with asinine justifications and pouty lips….He’s almost there…..right on the cusp of being fully functional…I hope not to have to have anymore of these “conversations” after this one….

  135. SIWWIHE



  136. I hope not to have to have anymore of these “conversations” after this one….

    Only if you kill him as the exclamation point of your last sentence. Or better yet, get CARin to do it, she needs the practice.

  137. I’m ready.

    Put me in coach.

  138. Ace is on fire today.

  139. PMIC

  140. So the Pope is going to roll over and approve the Chinese government approved bishops. Lovely.


  142. I don’t even know who the Pope is. The queer from Brazil?

  143. We were due for disappointing pontiff.

    His successor is likely to be a significant counterswing.

    *prays for the enduring health of Cardinal Sarah*

  144. Ar-hen-teena, Emjay.

  145. Hi MJ,

    Did you catch the IT nerds making fun of you behind your back?


  147. I have hardly left the bed today. Just repositioning, taking naps, eating, making tea, blowing my nose raw. I’ve had a ripping headache from time to time.

    This feels like a mancold. Make it stop! I’m a coward!

  148. cowards are people too and we have needs

  149. It didn’t qualify as a mancold until you started bitchin’ about it. Just sayin’.

  150. *dials 911*

  151. Nah, Pupster. They’re just you’re typical IT dorks.

    You know, like some people we’re acquainted with.

  152. Do I need to put Lauraw out of her misery?


  153. *flops around dramatically*


  154. Somebody hold Laura’s hand. I think she’ll come around.


  156. Are you able to make sandwiches despite the cold?

  157. No. First of all, my germophobe husband would never eat a sangweetch prepared by a snotmonster.

    Second, this second bedroom is the warmest room in the house and I have a tea bar and all the things I need here. When I go to the cooler downstairs, unless I bundle up in my fuzzy robe, I start feeling chilled and shitty in minutes.

    Scott got me a rotisserie chicken and side dishes from the store for dinner. It was heaven. But I just made a plate and scampered back to my compound. I’m sure he used lysol wipes everywhere that was contaminated with my presence, lol.

  158. Germs are a scam.

  159. I like the In Room Tea Service concept. Sort of like the hotel room set ups where I get to spill water from the bathroom across the carpet to the coffee pot.

  160. Exactly like that.

  161. Has the memo gotten drunk, taken a picture of his nuts, and texted it to a friend at work only to frantically try to recall the text in the morning?

  162. Borderline germophobe.

    I am not crazy.

  163. Sort of like the hotel room set ups where I get to spill water from the bathroom across the carpet to the coffee pot.

    Aren’t you all hoity toity.
    The hotels I stay in have the coffee pot right there in the bathroom beside the sink. Talk about germs!

  164. Lauraw,
    If this gets into your lungs, see a doc.
    Jane D’oh! at the mother ship, talked about a guy
    she saw at church on Sunday, who was NOT sick.
    On Tuesday, he was in hospital dead of pneumonia…

  165. Pioneer Woman’s 7-can soup’s secret ingredient is Velveeta. I do not care how white trash it is, it is good, especially when Mini-me makes it.

    My dad’s secretary at the paper mill was named Velveeta. They had a contract with Kraft at the time, too.

  166. I miss sammiches.

  167. Morning radio show I had on for background noise cited a study that Man-flu is real. Testosterone actually works against immune systems and estrogen lessens the severity of symptoms. I missed the University. I missed which country funded the study. I started paying attention too late. (Grabs 20$ from Sean)

  168. You guys need to lose the made up acronyms. Very confusing.

  169. Those aren’t acronyms. People are just spilling alphabet soup, as far as I can see. The only one I remotely got was HCIAC.

  170. And she is.

  171. They lost me on most of them, too. But some were just using previous comments. Took me a while to catch on, but then it wasn’t worth trying so I just made a drink and watched Blue Bloods reruns.
    For instance, Put Me In Coach.
    and, Do They Eat Shit.

  172. All I need is what you’ve got
    All I’ll tell is what you’re not
    All you derp is what you hear
    I get this way when you come near

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