Hello milk drinkers and tiara wearers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born October 24th, 1993 in Stillwater, Minnesota, Canada.  She measures 5’9″, 35-24-35.  Please stop lamenting long enough to welcome, Miss Alex Hanson!


Her tattoo says:

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” ― Bob Marley


  1. Morning.

  2. nice boobs pup

  3. She seems really nice.

  4. wakey waey

  5. KKK took Carin’s “k”

  6. This kid actually looks like she’s got something going for her above the neck. Her eyes look alive. Also, she has nice tits. Good job.

  7. Seconded, pendejo.

    But shouldn’t today’s model be Melania Trump, after all?

  8. Good job, Pups! *tosses a milk bone your way*

  9. Thanks for the post, Pup.

    I planted the mint this morning. Going to work until early afternoon and then do more fence stuff.

  10. I have to plant some tulip bulbs.

  11. What? Bear is driving? How can this be?

    Car full of midgets!

  12. If you normally buy a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving, consider getting it today so you have time to thaw it.

  13. Good boobing.

  14. I am listening to the podcast of our local radio station, from the morning after the election. Radio guy played ‘Ding dong, the witch is dead’, and several hillary clips…”I’m just a grandmother with two eyes and a brain”, in her harpy voice. LOL

    And right now, he’s playing that video MJ posted of the black dude laughing his ass off.

  15. Nothing better than a brother gettin his gloat on.

  16. HotBride is getting a black kitty today.

  17. From Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, “Donald Trump was the only one who heard something other people didn’t.”

    Think about that for a moment.

  18. Poat some pictures of the kitty, Hotspur.

    If I could have a cat, I’d get a siamese.

  19. We had cats as little kids. They went outside to do their business when the neighborhood was mostly woods. When it got developed we went with a mutt who lived a long and happy life.

  20. Isn’t she allergic, Hotspur?

  21. That’s right, I thought she tried having a cat before and that didn’t go too well.

  22. Black Cats Matter

  23. She is allergic, but she loves them so much she wants to try again.

    I want to name it Mooch, but I got overruled.

  24. “JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Republicans have expanded their power in state capitols to their strongest levels in decades, picking up several previously held Democratic governorships while also claiming control of some key legislative chambers.”

  25. What a horrible thing to name a cat. Smack yourself hotsquirt until your wife gets tired.

  26. I name all my pets after German people. Black cat in the barn is named Helga.

  27. Still can’t believe I won the bet, Hotspur.

  28. Iowa went all GOP in all branches too, beasn. Unseated the former dem Senate majority leader too, who’s been a PITA for years.

  29. If I was able to have more babies, I’d name them after guinea pigs.

  30. Siamese cats are crazy.

  31. Stolen from HQ comments:
    From Scientific American:
    Trump Picks Top Climate Skeptic to Lead EPA Transition
    Choosing Myron Ebell means Trump plans to drastically reshape climate policies

    My contribution:

  32. That’s awesome, Jay. Our governor and the senate seat, they projected the democrats taking by double digits. The republicans took those seats like hair hatted hooligans looting a store that sells weave.

  33. Siamese are one of the smartest breeds of cats around.

  34. John Dingell’s trophy wife kept her job, much to my chagrin.

  35. I guess she’s technically a trophy widow now.

  36. Wonder where he got the idea for this?

  37. DIngell is still alive. Just staying. I mean, sorta.

    I’m sure he voted.

  38. Huh, so he is. For some reason I was sure he was dead.

  39. I can’t believe you won either, MJ.

    But I’m glad you did.

  40. The girl is pretty, but that tattoo is a big warning sign.

  41. They make hypoallergenic cats.


  43. Some guy on the radio just said that Trump should pardon Kwame Kilpatrcik – that he “owes” Detroit that for their support.

  44. Car in, what has the reaction been at work?

  45. Man, this bitch’s skin is pulled so tight, you could lay her down and use her face for a trampoline.

  46. I think I’ve found Lauraw’s and Scott’s new avatars….

  47. Heh.

  48. Well, there are lots of conservatives at work, and they’re all content with the election. MOst of the freak out by liberals was done on-line, although I am working with a few more latent lefties tonight, so we’ll see.

  49. JTFC, can’t these liberal assholes shut up. I’m really getting tired of the “I blame Trump for my LGBTLMNOP friend getting beaten up” bullshit. Go sit in a dark room by yourself and “Process” current events and shut the fuck up.

    And now, back to work. :)

  50. Maybe their gay friends got beat up because they were assholes.

  51. Or maybe they’re just fucking lying.

  52. It’s almost always a lie, or a re-telling of a re-telling of someone’s embellished tale.

  53. I think it would be pretty cool if Californicate seceded.

    We could build a wall along that border too, make them pay for it, and deny them the use of our airspace.

  54. That’s how Matt Sheppard the gay rentboy meth dealer becomes Matthew Sheppard the symbol of heterocisnormative oppression.

  55. I want Califexit with 6 months’ warning so all the libs will go there before we wall them in. Then I want to raise the rates on their electricity and water.

  56. I’d support a Calexit as long as there’s a 6 months’ warning so I can move away.

  57. Sounds like a plan, Alex. It gives us the national divorce as cleanly as possible.

    Plus we could sell it back to Mexico and use the money to build the wall.

  58. I need to get my daughter out first. I still can’t believe she earned her masters degree and then chose to live there. Where the fuck did I go wrong?

  59. I just got off the phone with my mom. I can’t talk to her anymore.

    Trump is going to eliminate the EPA, deregulate EVERYTHING, outlaw abortion, and at the same time be impeached within a year.

    Oh, and in his spare time he’s going to start wars.


  60. I’d like to see Diamond and Silk somewhere in Trump’s administration. Advisors.

  61. Trump is going to eliminate the EPA, deregulate EVERYTHING, outlaw abortion, and at the same time be impeached within a year.

    Oh, and in his spare time he’s going to start wars.

    Yes, yes, I pray so, not on your life, and he’ll end at least 3/5.

  62. Single Mother Forced Out of Job by White Real-Estate Developer

  63. The EPA needs to be eliminated, along with the DOE.

    Scott, does your momma know that if Trump gets PP cut off from taxpayer dollars, they’d still be a profitable baby killing factory?

  64. Just saw on Facedouche: “There is no God-Emperor but Trump, and Harambe is his prophet.”

  65. Don’t eliminate the DoE, but definitely reduce it in size and scope.

  66. Captioning Pepe’s Pic:

    Just saw pics of her naked hubby. And threw up in her mouth.

  67. Why does Huma have the booboo face in that picture? Did hillary just break up with her now that she lost.

  68. Actually, Weiner’s body isn’t hideous. It’s his exposing it, his ugly face, his stupid brain, that is hideous.

  69. Supposedly she started weeping after reading a message on her phone.

    I’d laugh my ass off if it turns out Hillary dumped her by text.

  70. Am I friends with you on FB, Co Alex?

  71. Beasn, no.

  72. Are any hostages friends with you on FB or you just like to keep us here as your secret pleasure?

  73. Has Chelsea been seen since The Reckoning?

  74. No hostages on FB. I only have a couple of HQ people, whom I know in real life. I keep my presence on Facedouche limited. I don’t even use my real name.

  75. secret maybe, but pleasure? Now you’re stretching.

  76. Well, google is finally honoring vets this year.

    I like bing’s better.

  77. You’re my secret second family.

  78. She believes all the alarmist BS they pedal.

    All of it. It’s sad. It’s like these kids that honestly believe the planet won’t support life in 30-40 years.

  79. I understand. I use half my name on facedouche and it’s mostly meant for my internets family. Very few meatspace family/friends. Beasnette deleted her account.

  80. Jeb for Department of Energy.

  81. Has she ever heard of the Soviet Union and Pravda? Saul Alinksy? That brand of crap has never gone away. It just puts on a different mask before they gain complete power, where they can pull it off and go ‘BOOO!!”. She’s being played like the stupid kids are being played.

  82. I’m not sure how my parents voted this go around, but they believed all of obama’s shit right up until obama started poking in things they held dear — the police. Much love was lost and my dad finally got a clue about Soros.

  83. Jeb for Department of Low Energy.


  84. Hillary for ambassador…
    to Libya…

  85. I second that motion.

  86. I’d laugh my ass off if it turns out Hillary dumped her by text.

    “We’re sorry to have to tell you this, but recent and unexpected events have caused a rather significant and negative impact on the ability of our organization to continue generating revenue that we have become to depend on in order to support our efforts.

    Please know that, until recently, we have always considered you to be a critical member of our organization, but based upon our need to reduce expenses dramatically, we unfortunately have no choice but to release you from our employ.

    We wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors and feel free to contact our Human Resources should you require a reference.

    Understand that there is no need for you to clean out your office, as we will have staff take care of that for you and will send your belongings to you along with your final paycheck.


    The Clinton Foundation”

  87. Supposedly she started weeping after reading a message on her phone.

    She just got rejected for a position as Melania’s personal assistant.

  88. I posed the question a few days ago at home, ‘isn’t there anyone that can talk to her and let her know that maybe its time to enjoy life?’

    Then I realized she has no friends. None. Everyone around her is on multiple Clinton payrolls.

  89. Then I realized she has no friends.

    Who would voluntarily enter into a friendship with their screechy, judgmental, smelly, unpleasant, drunken, angry, preachy, obnoxious mother-in-law?

  90. Everyone around her thinks she f*cking insane. They are afraid of her.

  91. I’d become her friend for the pleasure of dropping her.

  92. Realizing that no one in her life actually loves her was one of the few things that actually made me feel pity for Hillary. Praying for those who hate you is hard, but it forces you to think about them differently. I know she has every bad thing coming to her after how she’s behaved in this life, but I’m sad for her pathetic state of existence.

  93. It really doesn’t help that she probably hasn’t ever genuinely loved anyone but herself.

  94. Liberals right now:

  95. Huma Abedin’s whole world changed in the past 30 days. No family, no Hillary, and an uncertain career path. Possibly jail.

    It’s sort of incredible.

  96. It’s so frustrating seeing otherwise decent people, buy into the lies of the left. Just saw another one saying Trump was promoting the beating up of people who didn’t agree with him or his supporters, being threatened with deportation and fractured families (rule of law, hello?) . WTF?

  97. xbrad poated this on faceass

    Last two paragraphs. Scary.

  98. “Fractured family..” Nobody says they can’t all go……

  99. That’s amazing, beasn (and xbrad).

  100. Every person hurt or killed by leftist ‘protestors’ is a casualty that should rightly be blamed on the MSM. If they weren’t lying so hard for the left, no one would be so damned mad right now.

  101. They should go after the people who are paying people to protest and destroy stuff Inciting a riot or something.

  102. Sedition.

  103. Is Soros a US citizen?

  104. Obama or Hillary could stop this if they wanted to.

    They don’t.

  105. Kelly Anne Conway has been calling on them to denounce the protests, because to do otherwise is to implicitly endorse them.

  106. Mostly peaceful water cannons could stop this as well.

  107. Send in the guard with rubber bullets. Do they make rubber bullets in 20mm?

  108. I don’t get what they are protesting. What do they want? They’re not going to get a different President. They do in fact need the fire hoses.

  109. Obama or Hillary could stop this if they wanted to.
    They don’t.


    This a thousand times. All throughout his Presidency the Asshole in Chief could have literally walked the streets encouraging peace, or simply going on TV commiserating and yet encouraging no riots.

  110. You guys. You guys. I have a theory…

    Bill Clinton, we all know, loves him some poontang. Not all of it strictly legal, either. If Hillary won, it would severely curtail some of his activities.

    So, he tanked this for her.

    I don’t think that conversation on the plane with Loretta Lynch was about getting Comey to let her off, it was about reopening the investigation later when it would do the most damage. Hell, I bet he even told them where to find the emails.

  111. Is Michigan still in the Trump column?

  112. Last I checked, MI was still in the Trump column by 13k votes or so.

  113. Sean, the theory of horndog wanting to spay the bitch is sound.
    But what did he offer to Loretta Lynch to win her agreement?

  114. Guy’s probably not hurting for cash, Tush.

    Or, she did say that they talked about their grandkids. He’s probably not above taking hostages.

  115. But it was Comey, not her, who ‘re-opened’ the investigation.

    And democrat voters simply did not care or thought she was being picked on because she was female.

  116. Does Michigan even have a timetable? Will they be done before the 2018 midterms?

  117. But it was Comey, not her, who ‘re-opened’ the investigation.

    That’s the genius part. She’s his boss and it looks at the start like the fix is in. Trump voters get pissed and become even more motivated. Then, she tells Comey (who’s in on it, too, natch) to reopen the investigation and looks all butthurt about it in public. Nobody suspects her or Teh Clenis.

    I probably shouldn’t even be writing this. They have spies EVERYWHERE.

  118. Relax, Sean. At this point, they are toothless. Worst case, they have a few thugs on their payroll. But they will be on the defense from now on.

  119. This is the DEEP STATE we’re talking about here, Tush. You think just because of an election, we’re rid of these people? It’s a cancer–there’s remission, but there is no cure.

    Wait, you’re not…one of them?

    Oh, God.

  120. Watching the MEX@USA soccer match. Assholes didn’t take off their sombreros during our national anthem. GRRRRR FS1 sucks!!!! Hi guys! ~Waves~

  121. Oso, why aren’t you watching sports?

  122. I interviewed this woman once. She struck me as reasonably even -handed and a rather sensible person.

    Well, she’s never coming back.

    In a week where some have questioned their behavior and that of the media, this loon doubles-down and whines about the result of her denigration of Trump voters.

    fucking idiots publicly exposing themselves as fucking idiots has been so helpful

  123. Hey guys, sorry I’ve been gone for a bit.

    My brother is being moved out of ICU tomorrow, so that’s a very good thing. They started him on solids today.

    I have to go to Denver in the AM for ‘Landings Class’ on on Sunday. That will suck balls.

    My fault since I have not landed the 767 in the last three months.

    I’m hoping to hop a jumpseat on a southwest flight after I finish my sim and head down to Dallas.

    We’ll see how it all shakes out.

  124. ’25 years of evil propaganda dropped in our collective brains’

    Thank you Wiser! Keep it coming.

  125. Glad to hear phatbro is improving. How are you and the rest of the family holding up?

  126. “She lives in Enfield with her wife and her cats.”


  127. Phat, still praying for all y’all

  128. The comments are pretty good.

    She’s a nut.

    I put the over/under on cats at 6.

  129. “She lives in Enfield with her wife and her cats.”

    I’ve always loved that line.

    Plus, keep in mind, she chose that picture. That’s what she considers her best look.


  130. She’s a nut.

    She used to be pretty reasonable, although left-leaning.

    Now I know why Suzanne Bates no longer writes columns for that site.

    I guess they decided to just go full-out leftard.

    Comments are awesome though. They really throw her BS back in her face.

  131. ?My brother is being moved out of ICU tomorrow, so that’s a very good thing. They started him on solids today.

    I apologize for being so sparse here lately that I don’t know what’s happening, but best thoughts for your and your family in what sounds like a very difficult time.

  132. TDS is going to be a lot worse than BDS.

  133. Was it because we are racist? Oh, yes. No one can deny it now, that white America is overwhelmingly so.

    Yup. AmeriKKKa is so irredeemably racist that we forgot that Hillary Clinton is a rich, old white lady.

  134. TDS is going to be a lot worse than BDS.

    We’re going to look back at the stuff they hurled at Bush and laugh and laugh.

  135. This is going to be fun to watch.

    Fuck the media.

  136. CoAl in exile and soon to be Calexit, NCAAM basketball is now on, so no more soccer tonight. AZ v MSU. Rooting for the Spartans.

  137. The biggest difference between BDS and TDS is that Trump will call those fuckers out!

  138. Kellyanne is amazeballs. Challenging TFG and Grammy BCUF to call off the rioters. Ball is in your court now MFers!!!!

  139. Like I said the other day, circumspection is not these peoples’ strong suit.

    On that note, if I haven’t said it before, let me say it here clearly right now: I didn’t think Trump would win. I was obviously badly mistaken. I overestimated the sway that negative news coverage of him would hold over average voters who aren’t political junkies from either side, and I underestimated how fed up people were with that same media coverage. Among other things.

    I don’t regret my decision not to vote for Trump, and I still don’t think he’s going to be a very good president. Let’s hope I’m wrong about that last part, too.

  140. You’re not alone with your hopes for his success Sean. Hillary getting 2 or 3 supreme court justices in line was always my biggest concern. A lot of bad stuff and come and go in a 4 or 8 year term but a life time appointment can be brutal as far as the decisions they make.

  141. They overplayed the race card.

    Over and over again. Riots based on lies.

    I knew that would come back to bite them in the ass.

  142. Sean, you have your WS win. SMOD once again disappointed. 2016 continues to suck. What if TTUN beats the Buckeyes this year? What then? Chaos!!!

  143. Proper response to TDS “LOL, Go fuck yourself!” or maybe the ever popular My Cousin Vinny “Are you on druuuuugs?”


  145. Laura, that was the best clip! TrumpDawg denying the bitch access to the WH trampoline!

  146. Another response is ” how many cats do you have?”

  147. That is fucking awesome, laura.

  148. Anybody else vote for the “SMOD – Harambe 2016” ticket?

  149. Kenmore freezer died tonight.

    3rd Kenmore appliance to die in a year. All of them no more than 5 years old, max.

    I keep hearing that Sears is going out of business’s


  150. You got a virus.

  151. Guys, if you would indulge me for a second, I will put away my ‘proud American’ badge away just for a few minutes, and talk about Trump’s victory from the perspective of India, my home country. Please realize that while I am an avowed American (you have known me for years. You know I am intensely loyal), it does not fully erase my fondness for that dusty, dirty, brown sub continent.

    President Trump and Prime Ministerr Modi will open up a new chapter in US-India friendship. We had a lot of past baggage, when India kinda sided with the Soviets, but now that is a thing of the past. India is in a unique position where it has solid bridges with the russkies and the West. But the real historic chapters will be written in the next few years.

    US and India has a common worry that looms large – China. The US-India closeness will be fuelled by this worry. Already, US has offered a lot of technological knowhow to India. India’s homegrown light fighter-interceptors re powered by GE-414 engines. India’s maritime borders are being surveilled by P8 poseidons. India is using C-17 and C-130J for transport. US has already offered f-16 and f-18, with an offer to make f-16s exclusively in India. One step further, F-35 are on the table.

    More importantly, US has started talks to offer India with help on their homwgrown aircraft carriers, and cutting edge technologies like the EMALS launch systems that replaces steam catapults on the Ford class.

    I expect the cooperation between US, India, Japan and China to grow. And I expect Trump and Modi to drive that cooperation.

    We have had a lot of fun squashing domestic enemies like Hillary. But we have bigger fish to fry and dragons to slay.

    In my drunken state, I raise my glass to an enduring friendship between the two countries most dear to my heart.

    TLDR: Tushar is fucking drunk again. Why did we allow that brown asshole to come on this blog?

  152. >>>>You got a virus.

    It’s called Kenmore

  153. TLDR: Tushar is fucking drunk again. Why did we allow that brown asshole to come on this blog?

    Cheap tech support?

  154. Fuck! I meant cooperation between US, India Japan and australia. China is the common enemy, no one of the partners!

  155. >>Cheap tech support?

    You needd to replace your RAM chip!
    That will be $39.99

    Thank you come again.

  156. Trump should introduce Kenmore to Iran.

  157. >>Trump should introduce Kenmore to Iran

    US does not export terrorism and violate basic human rights.

  158. Oh, did I mention Chinooks? India is buying motherfucking Chinooks.

  159. India still hasn’t apologized for the nehru jacket.

  160. That’s what your mom said.

  161. ColAlex, on behalf of the old country, I offer a profuse and grovelling apology for that abomination called Nehru Jacket. It is truly hideous.

    I prefer the much more elegant Jodhpur suit.

  162. Fun fact about the current production model CH-47F Chinook.

    They’re all actually rebuilt CH-47Ds from the 1980s.

    And most of the D models are actually rebuilt CH-47A/B/C models from the first half of the 1960s.

    Yes, the very cutting edge in medium/heavy lift helicopters were built before most of us were born.

  163. XBrad, the cynical asshole who quashes our dreams.

    Keep your sobering reality to yourself, you cynical old codger.

  164. I prefer the much more elegant Jodhpur suit.

    Liberace’s ghost just appeared to me and croaked, “That’s a bit much.”

  165. Heh, Tush.

    At this point, those Chinooks are kinda like the hatchet that George Washington used to chop down the cherry tree.

    Two new heads and three new handles, but it’s the same hatchet.

  166. Sean, Westerners may have given up their traditional dressing style, but the Indians still cling to the past.

    Admit it. What Washington and Jefferson wore was quite gay by today’s standards

  167. XBrad, if you have anything better in mind for heavy lift, I am all ears.

  168. Heavy lift? The Shithook is medium lift.

  169. India has been operating MI-26 for years. They are not bad. Motherfuckers can almost lift a tank.

  170. Suck fuel like the Clintons sucking on donor cash though

  171. India is also buying AH-64 Apaches. These will serve as low altitude attack helicopters. India is also inducting homegrown light combat helicopters that can fight in the high Himalayan altitudes. It seems no one else has helis that can climb so high and fight.

  172. Older styles weren’t bad. Hell, when the Army was trying to figure out the new class A uniform, I was in favor of Revolutionary War stylings.

  173. Mike Rowe on the election.
    You gotta like that guy…

  174. I totes thought chinook was a mountain wind as opposed to a sirocco

  175. I’m on the iPad. Dan isn’t commenting

  176. Awwww… Look at my L8 Gingy

  177. Sure, Dan.


  178. We should just call them “Doso”.

  179. I kind of like being Doso

  180. BBF. What if Dan realizes I’m commenting as him? He lurks the boobs

  181. D’ohso!

  182. Doso Gorto

  183. Funny guys. Freakin comedians.

  184. I was helping greeter at exit door today. Middle aged female: Wow, why is it so busy today? Oso: Federal holiday, kids out of school. MAF:😧

  185. MAF: Holiday? Oso: Veterans Day. Schools closed. State and Fed closed. Every 11/11

  186. Blergh. Tomorrow is our one day VIP event. My boss effed up and scheduled me off. His boss wants me in at 5AM. The 19th is another food event. I have cook books. Scheduled off. And….scheduled

  187. Deny
    You’re such a liar
    You won’t know the derp if it hits you in the eye
    You’re such a liar
    You’re selling your no-no all the time

  188. Good Mike Rowe link Chrispy.

  189. I’m enjoying the relatively mild fall weather but it feels like we could use some well timed freezing rain or sleet to dampen the enthusiasm for the anti-Trump rallys. Just not when I’m on the road.

  190. Good morning….

    Lets check the news….

    Hillary Clinton still isn’t President!


    The Supreme picks were my second concern Jimbro, I think evil cunt bitch would’ve gotten us in a war with Russia before the picks came into play.

  191. Suicide bomber at Bagram this morning during the Veteran’s Day 5K run. Fucking animals.

  192. This is why I voted for Trump, I don’t want any more of these 12th century animals in this country. Build the f’ing wall.

  193. wakey wakey.

    I may be sick.

  194. In case this has not been posted already.

    Click on it. It is safe and fun. Not freaky.

  195. New post mare

  196. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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