Today’s IB Moment

RIP Leonard Cohen

I first heard about his music with a cover album called “I’m Your Fan”, obviously a play on the song/album “I’m Your Man”. I haven’t listened to it lately, I wonder if it stands the test of time like the originals do.

Because it’s that good:

Have a great weekend everyone. Time to pre-buy stuff for Thanksgiving to avoid the last minute rush. Don’t forget to buy the extra cranberry sauce.

Jellied or Whole Berry?



  1. WTFITS?

  2. I’ll put down Carin as a fan of “Jellied”

  3. Neither.

  4. I’ve made cranberry sauce before from fresh berries and it came out pretty good. If memory serves me right there’s the berries, sugar, zested orange peel and some other stuff. Easy peasy.

  5. Whole berry, but don’t buy them in a fucking can. Buy them in a bag and cook them on the stove top.

    Like the Pilgrims did.

  6. I had big plans for today, big plans, but a brake light is out so I have to tend to that first.

    Light bulbs hate cold weather.

  7. My wife’s cranberry sauce is strictly fresh berries & oranges, but run through a food processor. Then add the sugar and mix it up.


    Also, that gif is epic, Jimbro.

  8. I still kinda want an ipad.

  9. I’ve completely lost my voice.

  10. Which is going to be awesome for my bartending shift.

  11. This is a terrible post. Someone take away Jimbro’s keys.

  12. Shut up MJ.

  13. *puts MJ down for a can of Jellied*

  14. Is the wiser show on today?

  15. It is.

    He actually sent out pre-show prep material so it promises to be be good.

    I didn’t read any of it of course, but if there are notes the show is pretty good.

  16. Jellied. We only eat cranberries with turkey. Mostly because nobody likes turkey very much.

  17. Turkey is passé.

    I’m doing a standing rib roast this year.

    16 people.

  18. Nobody likes turkey.

    Big Turkey had to create a holiday just to get people to eat it.

  19. I’ve become used to chicken served with cranberry since I’ve been with Paula. Served with baked beans and some kid of vegetable. The (hungry) wise man keeps his mouth shut until served dinner.

  20. The title of the post is stolen from Scott and the “gif” (in video form since the gif wouldn’t embed) was stolen from Laura and Tushar who probably stole it from somewhere else.

    “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.”

    -stuff Mark Twain didn’t say

  21. Michael would have posted that.

  22. I’ve got WATR ready, listening to “Wildfire” right now. Following a Trump win/Clinton loss his SES is must-listen radio.

  23. I saw this headline and laughed in disbelief (even my NP who shakes her head at me for being involved with following political news laughed when she saw me open the story):

    At first I thought it was going to be about hysterical libs not wanting to “bring children into a world where Donald Trump is president” but after skimming through it their concern is they’ll be forced to pay for birth control. Either way, less Democrat voters I guess.

  24. I know I am being a heretic, but I actually support abortions.

    Conservatives have babies, liberals have abortions. Win win.

    I would encourage liberals to have one. If you are not having at least three abortions per year, you are not supporting the cause enough.

  25. whole berry – it’s easier to fling

  26. Skanks.

  27. The splody-dope at Bagram killed 2 and wounded 16 US service members. Also killed 2 US contractors…

  28. 12th century POS, Chrispy.

  29. DOA

  30. Afternoon, friends in a box. How goes it?

  31. I need to see a dentist but am broke, and have a final on Monday. Other than that, life is great! How are you? Any chance we’ll get a Drift Compatible podcast covering the election?

  32. That sucks, alex. Still recovering from surgery. Shoulder surgery blows and, of course, my recovery is going “slightly slower than normal.”

    Should be recording a new episode Monday night.

  33. Went out for a smoke this morning, looked up, saw this:

  34. Bee news: I just went out to take the honey super off my hive and discovered I’d left a top board on the hive. Access to the honey super was limited to a 1.5 x 3 inch oval hole rather than the whole honey super. Dammit, no honey this year. Live and learn I guess. I’ve still got last year’s honey so no worries. Only one bee stayed on my bee suit and got angry when I started to take it off in the mud room. It was angry and made me scream like a girl as I tried to get it away from my face. It won’t be down for dinner.

  35. Jellied if on a turkey sammich. Berries as a side. Exhausted. We had people camping outside The Club for our Holiday Event. Over 250 people when we opened the doors at 7. Lots of cheap TVs.

  36. HotBride named her new black kitty Poppy. Her las cat was named Daffodil.🙄

    I’m calling it Mooch.

  37. Poppy/Mooch!

  38. She doesn’t know we refer to the Wookie as Mooch, so she won’t get the reference.

    Even funnier.

    Don’t you jackwagons tell her.

  39. I’m singing 🎶Poppy/Mooch to Bohemian Rhapsody.

  40. Garbage disposal died after 18 years. I’ve been relaying Wiserbud’s Kenmore stories to Dan. We are avoiding anything Kenmore.

  41. OSo!

  42. The top comment on that bear gif is awesome:

    “If i play dead its suposed to leave me alone…omfg why won’t it go away…im going to die I’m going to die…”

  43. Hotspur, we need a post on Poppy.

  44. 😂😂😂 Thanks for getting me to read the comments Tush!!!! Thanks Pups

  45. Will do, Mare. I’ll see it in a bit.

    Still don’t know if it’s boy or girl.

    Maybe it’s LGBTQ.

  46. Oops, belay that.

    Just got a text. Her name is Lupine now.

    Still Mooch as far as I’m circumcised.

  47. Lupine/Mooch doesn’t work as well with Scaramouche🎶 It’ll do, just not as well.

  48. Anecdote isn’t data (DiT) but at today’s event, we not only had more people waiting to shop, but they weren’t just getting door busters and leaving…they were shopping!!!! Filling baskets and flatbeds. SHOPPING!!! I haven’t seen sales like this since 2007. Serial. I know TFG inherited the worst economy EVER! after the 9/18 crash of ’08, but today was weird.

  49. Just got a text. Her name is Lupine now.

    So is she a wolf-y cat or a legume-y cat?

  50. BTW Thanks Bcoch. I usually don’t thank vets, because I know so many in RL and they always tell me to GTFO. On Friday, I decided to thank every vet wearing a VN Vet hat at Sam’s Club. I made two old marines cry. I blamed you

  51. I’ll happily take that blame, oso.

  52. Good! I gave it to you! Native vet was the first to cry. I told him that a friend in FL made it a point to recognize VN vets. He said “Yatahe”. Messican Marine riding an Amigo calls me “Sunny”. I wished him a belated birthday (11/10) and told him I had a friend in FL that wanted to “Thank him for his service”. I added the Welcome Home, because I knew you’d want that

  53. Don’t care, I shorten names, so Hotspur, your kitty is Lupey to me.

  54. I used a chainsaw for the first time ever today. Got it pinched, bent the bar, had to get it serviced. This is part of why I resisted buying one for so long.

    Also the blower in my furnace died today, so I get to buy a new one of those. That plus the new roof plus a new 8′ sliding door make this a pretty spendy year for house crap.

    So I made rum and coke.

  55. Cuba Libre Leon!!!!

  56. My new BernCo DA primo is married to the new Dean of Students at UNM. I want to put a knife through my head reading her SJW posts on the Douche. Their daughter is 8. I’m woke af and I know 8 is the new CheChe

  57. Y’all don’t even know the struggle. Dan doesn’t feel like cooking, so I’m heating freezer egg rolls. We have lousy dipping sauces. He’s cranky. I’m cranky. Sriracha garlic paste, horseradish, and regular mustard. We haz no sweet thai chile sauce or plum sauce!!!!

  58. Coleman’s powdered mustard makes a halfway decent hot mustard sauce.

  59. Oso, prayers.

  60. Halfway? Halfway?

  61. problem all at once

  62. Leon,
    Get Kevlar chaps. You suck at chainsaw…

    Oh, and:

  63. Chris, literally never used one. No one showed me how, and I have to teach myself. I bent the bar because a fucking tree almost fell on me. Learning curves are worse when there’s no teacher, thanks for crapping on me for it.

  64. Mare loves Chrispy.

  65. chrispy’s got it right… hahaaahaaa!

  66. I’m serial about the chaps.
    Wanna see where I cut through my left quadriceps?

  67. If you want to make a quick and dirty ersatz plum sauce, it’s pretty simple:

    -combine a box of raisins with a dash or two of cider vinegar, one tsp soy sauce, and two tbsp brown sugar in the food processor
    -pulse , adding a drizzle of water here or there if you desire a thinner consistency
    -put a rock of crack in a crackpipe
    -smoke the crack, being sure to burn your tongue on the pipe
    -now you’re high on crack, and probably not even hungry anymore, but if you are, you can’t taste the horrible sauce
    -go out and get caught stealing your neighbor’s car or prostituting yourself for more crack, go to jail
    -eat the bologna sammich they give you in jail

    Bon appétit!

  68. Wanna see where I cut through my left quadriceps?


    I do.*

    *has nothing to do with my previous comment

  69. Jellied of course :)

  70. Hahahaha, Sean.

  71. Nice recipe, Sean. I just put 3 teaspoons of cherry jam on top of my spicy sriracha beef mini egg rolls from Sam’s Club

  72. I took care of an older teen about 5 years ago who put his chainsaw through his work boot. This was a serious kid, probably working as a forester now. It went right through the boot an gave him the million dollar wound. He took a geometric cut out of the proximal phalanx in the shape of the chainsaw blade but managed to miss the flexor and extensor tendons, the plantar digital nerve and left enough bone that he didn’t fracture it. It took him about 3 months to fill the hole in with granulation tissue and grow new skin. Really nice kid and parents.

  73. Jimbro, are you saying he missed everything major and his foot will look normal? Or are you just talking gibberish?

  74. Today’s problem had nothing to do with armoring my legs, but please keep making me feel like it was a mistake to mention that I had trouble using the tool for the first time. It’s making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  75. The usual chainsaw EMT calls around here are after a wind storm when the ground is saturated(we’re up 10″ of rain over the norm).
    Trees tip out of the ground.
    Folks are cutting limbs and get the tip of the bar against a limb behind the one they are cutting.
    The bar kicks straight up and gets them in the forehead and nose.
    The EMTs hate those calls…

  76. Leon, we love you, why are you acting sensitive about Chrispy/Jimbro’s comments? Chainsaws are scarier than a flamethrower…to me.

  77. I mentioned that my furnace died, right? Me and the wife and kid are without heat until Thursday, but yes, let’s focus on my irrelevant legwear.

  78. Love will keep you warm, Leon. Also, so will extra blankets.

  79. I’m sensitive because it’s not relevant at all to the problem I actually had, which was getting the bar pinched and bending it, and getting advice that would have made no difference whatsoever therewith. The context was “my day sucked”, for all you people know I was wearing plate mail at the time.

  80. …he missed everything major and his foot will look normal
    You can charge more when you say it my way.

  81. I don’t have a recipe for furnace repair. Sorry.

  82. Fhahahahah, excellent, Jimbro.

  83. I dated a logger for 3 years. Nearly married him. Loggers don’t like being called “Lumberjacks”. They tend to lose limbs. SWIDT?

  84. You have to try and visualize the end result of what you are doing when you use a chainsaw, Leon…this comes with experience. And even then, you can hit a knot or a tree can shift or break in a direction you didn’t expect. The key is to make small cuts and go slow, with a plan. The first part of the plan is which way to bail out and get clear. Also, you should not be out there on your own.

    I don’t think Chrispy was trying to make you feel bad about bending the bar. I love sawing and splitting firewood, it’s my favorite exercise.

  85. Leon, left unmentioned in my comment was the fact the kid was wearing every piece of safety gear in the book (not plate mail AFAIK). His father was a woodsman and on site. Despite all that he managed to go through a decent pair of boots.

    Didn’t intend to pile on your crappy day.

  86. Leon,
    I’m not trying to criticize, or make you feel bad.
    I’m urging you to get available safety gear to avoid being unable to walk with crutches or, had I not been quick, cutting the fucking leg off.

    When I was growing-up, we heated with wood.
    During spring/summer we were out a lot of weekends cutting firewood. At first it was with a “Misery Whip” (
    Then, when I was about 10, we got a used, YUGE, heavy Homelite chainsaw.
    When Anita & I got our first house, we had a Franklin Stove, a VW Bus, and a chainsaw.
    I’ve been using them since i was a “Little Girl” (Thanks Rosetta!), and I still damn-near cut my leg off above the knee!

    I was tired and should have put it away but, just like skiing;
    “Okay, just one more run.”

    Skiing, I ended-up looking like an old man falling down a mountain while being attacked by a lumber yard.

    Woodcutting, I almost lost my leg, and possibly my life.

    Just be careful, aware of the physics involved, and don’t put yourself at risk. Also learn to file a chain. Dull chainsaw are dangerous, as people try to “force” them to cut.
    I just don’t want you to get hurt.


  87. Well, I think the H2 men are very sweet. Huh, I think the women are too.

  88. Glad you’re okay, Leon. I hate it when the bar gets pinched.

  89. The elephant in the room is the loss of Dan’s dad today in 2014. Mi familia had masses said for his dad today. Multiple churches in NM. We were at work when the mass texts started rolling. Dan is pretty close to being Messican by proxy

  90. I haz no link fu. Bing Cielito Lindo, volver volver, and de colores. Messican af

  91. I’m not tired. Both of my snorers are revving up. Going to bed before the noise. More of a rumble, but still to much for me

  92. So I finally get dad to a chiropractor and the xrays say he may have a fractured vertebra.


  93. Sorry BC. Prayers for your dad

  94. I spent a ridiculous amount of money today on a car. It is ridiculously fast though

  95. At least I know why his back’s bugging him so bad. Hopefully it’s just compressed and we don’t have to do the surgery thing.

  96. November 12, 1970.
    The solution to the problem, Oregon DOT decided, was 20 cases of dynamite…
    I remember this with glee. They “Screwed The Pooch”, so bad.
    It made me smile that KATU revisited this.

    Leon, just trying to keep you from being hurt.
    Sorry I offended you…


  98. ^Tell me that’s the whale, Chrispy^

  99. What did you get, Vmax?

  100. Something ridiculous, no doubt.

  101. hellcat?

  102. A Challenger Pups with the big hemi in it

  103. congrats on the fiat, vmax!

  104. yes
    Fix It Again Tony

  105. Noice. My last rental car was a Challenger, but it didn’t seem particularly muscular. It was fun and comfortable to drive though. Congratulations!

  106. Your mom pinched my blade.

  107. Pups
    The 6 cyl that is standard for most rentals has 320 hp. It is peppy but runs out of zest quickly. The 5.7 has 375 hp and is nice.
    The 392 has 485 hp and has noticeably more acceleration than the 5.7
    The Hell Kitty has 707 hp and I have not driven one, but will be an instant collector car. The next car that has the same HP is $350K
    485 isn’t something to sneeze at, but it is not a Corvette 650 hp.

    The King of the hill back in the day was the 426 Hemi with 425 HP at the crank. The new HP ratings are SAE net, I am guessing it is tailshaft of the tranny because rear wheel HP is about 20% less than net.

    485 freaking kicks ass

  108. All across the derp, all across the night
    Everybody’s driving with full headlights
    Black or white, you turn it on, you face the new religion
    Everybody’s sitting ’round watching television

  109. this place smells like a bowel movement…

  110. *sprays lysol and napalm on the way out*

  111. I hate chainsaws. They scare me so much.

    Plus, did you call family heating and cooling? They are the absolute best. They don’t go out this far, but we always used them when we lived in the D.

  112. Wakey wakey

  113. We’ve had many many heating issues through the years. Baking is good for when the heat goes out. Plus we bought one of those propane heaters. They warm up the house pretty well.

    The propane is a TON cheaper to buy at the gas station (you have to buy the right stuff though)

  114. I’m going to wixom today.

    SO excited. Not.

  115. Still no voice.
    It was super fun bartending w/o a voice.

  116. *sneaks in*

    *secretly replaces Carin’s fucked up voicebox with a kazoo*

    *waits for the hilarity*

  117. *wishes Lauraw had found her old vuvuzela horn instead*

  118. I hope you feel moar bettah CARin.


  120. LW, I just heard the happy news about your and Scott’s former cow-orker, please pass on my congratulations!


    *walks around the house quaking

  122. Xbrad:

  123. This old western style short movie is very well executed.

  124. I was lucky, Pups. Four years as a recruiter before I joined the civilian workforce meant I had mostly banished “Fuck” from my daytime vocabulary.

    *walks around the house quaking

    Maybe one of your kids walked off with it?

  126. Car in’s regular voice is next to the phone charger cables.


  128. I’d normally be happy that Rowan was laying on the floor next to me but he has been letting the worst dog farts out an grossing even me out.

  129. Heh.



  130. Dishes done. Hanging out with the space heaters the furnace guy left us until install. Today is garden leaf mulching and installing the new hot wire.

    Found 5 more pumpkins while I was clearing brush yesterday. I should bake one of the ones that’s been curing.

  131. Leon, happy that you all are at least a bit warm. Yesterday was not good for you. Today and tomorrow will be better.

    I am also glad that Chris and you did not throw a hissy fit and storm off forever. We have had too many of those. I forbid those anymore.

    I know a few dot Indian hexes and curses that would fuck your shit up if you do. And I am not afraid to use them.

  132. I’m not going anywhere, just waiting for someone to tell me to unplug the fence before I work on it :)

  133. Here is a thought : Trump’s victory was greatly achieved by the seeds planted by Andrew Breitbart years ago. If there is one worthy successor to him, it is Milo. I must have seen 12-13 hours of videos of him talking. The guy slices like a hammer. He hits them where it hurts, and they can’t hit back, because he is too fabulous.

    The political war can only be won by winning the culture war. And we cannot win it without Field Marshal Milo Yiannopolous.

  134. Leon? Fence not working? Did you try plugging it in?

  135. After watching Milo, I realized that I was not put off by the girlish, fabulous demeanor of gays. Their left sanctimoniousness was the thing that was getting my goat. Replace left smugness with rightwing fervor, and them damn faggots are downright charming.

    As Ann Coulter says, our gays are manlier than your straight guys.

  136. unplug the fence before I work on it :)

    If you time it right, you don’t have to.

  137. It hasn’t been plugged in for days, parts of it are still on the ground, even. We aren’t even sure what happened. We think the new horse got tangled in a loose part of the wire and then dragged a bunch of it down trying to get out of it.

  138. Enough with the fuckin manikin challenges.


  139. One of my jerbs when I was a little girl was keeping the electric fence going, and repairing the gates and barbed wire fencing. I think it was mostly deer that knocked it down, they’d jump over the barbed wire and land on the electric.

    Our first horse was a palomino, he was handsome but not very smart. When we brought him into our pasture, we had little white flags on the electric fence to make sure he knew what was up, as it was his first exposure to that type of fence.

    I watched him his first day slowly walk up to one of the little flags and give it a sniff, then he put his nose on the wire and BZZZT!. He jerked back, shook his head, put his ears back and tried to bite the wire in half. BZZZZZZZZZZT!

    Needless to say I spent a lot of time re-posting that stretch that day. He didn’t develop a fear of fences, but would freak out if he saw any little piece of white fabric flapping in the breeze.


  141. Our neighbor’s cows used to just blunder through the electric (and barbed wire) fence fairly often.

  142. Scottish people are the best. Warning: profanity.



  145. Found another rotten post while rounding up the loose wire. Replaced that, saw that I’m all out of wire hanging thingies for posts, and decided my hands deserve the rest of the day off.

  146. Tushar…HAHAHA…*adds ‘wank-stain’ to list*

  147. Mr. beasn replaced the lights outside the garage.

    Me: Did you turn off the power? (as in at the electrical box)
    Him: The switch is off. (as in the switch on the wall is in the down position)
    Me: If I smell chicken burning….


  149. did leon turn off the power?

  150. someone should tell him to turn off the power

  151. Leon

  152. Still no voice.

    Who needs to talk? I’ve got you guys. You don’t care if I ever say a word.

  153. AND, I’ve got a great new excuse for not answering the phone.

    I’m failing to see the downside of this.


  155. *calls car in

  156. Dan was going to talk me through green chile lasagna for his birthday. Decided he’d just have me make corn dogs. Packaging on corn dogs has ketchup not mustard as dipping sauce. I was like WHA?????

  157. *calls car in

    Ask to speak with Moose.

  158. So, smacking around idiots and their feelings is so. much. fun.


  160. Oh hell. I have Hostages and Morons smacking someone around on my Facebook page. *chuckles*


  162. Pumpkin roasted, seeds roasted, waiting for pulled beef to get a little more tender, then it breakfast time.

  163. I ate a couple of fried eggs and that’s it. I might have some salmon in a bit. Then mass and dancing tonight.


  165. Don’t disparage the corny dog

  166. Pups, I was kind of on board when that guy pulled her skirt loose but after that it was assault.

  167. but after that it was assault.

    Right???? I mean she smacked the shit out of him. I’d press charges.


  169. Hahaha, yes they do because everyone says, “shit, it’s the cops!”

  170. What do you mean “they”?

  171. Horses are dumb. Dumber than cows. Police horses are just as dumb as regular dumb horses. Pigs are smart, but in the long run dumb because BACON!!! They fucked up and went all Muslim/Jew prohibition and forgot Christians were all about the bacon/pancake breafas.

  172. That was a reenactment of a very very old joke where a guy on a bus gently tugs a skirt out of a lady’s crack, and she turns around and whacks him with her purse. Chastened, he pushes the skirt back in.

    There’s no forceful, two-handed dive in this old joke. That’s pure China, I think.

  173. Oh, I have a great idea…let’s interview Richard Sherman for 10 minutes during the pre-game.


  174. That’s racist, pupster.

  175. Don’t disparage the corny dog

  176. That’s racist, pupster.

  177. Best movie of all time.


  179. Re: Pupsters instructional video.

    We had a neighbor who farmed two places over from us when I was a kid. He was a beer drinking fool. He claimed that his wife hated it when he pissed off of the porch onto her flowers. So he started standing in her flower bed and pissing up on to the porch. H claimed she didn’t like that either. You just can’t please some women.

  180. Pupster, you mean the guy that wrote those delightful songs for Disney movies like Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks? Maybe a different Richard Sherman…

  181. *Expecting musical number during Seahawks/Patriots game…*

  182. I always found Richard Sherman to be a bit too flamboyant.

  183. I made mashed potatoes for the first time ever tonight. I’ve made just about every other type of potato but never had the occasion to make them before now.

  184. Do they not celebrate Thanksgiving up in your neck of the woods?

  185. I always found Richard Sherman to be a bit too flamboyant.

  186. Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving!

    I’ve eaten lots of mashed taters over the years. Just never made them myself.

  187. I always found Richard Sherman to be a bit too flamboyant.

    Really? I guess I don’t see it.

  188. Sherman? Flamboyant?

  189. I thought he was great with Mr. Peabody!

  190. Bing:
    “stop trump up to 1500”

    Scroll down the list of hits and look at the cities these craigslist ads are running in. Some even pay mileage.

    “Grass Roots Protests” my little pink butt…

  191. Sean, they was referring to horses. YMMV.

  192. Want to relive it again?

  193. Saw a great concert tonight, Brian Setzer Orchestra. Highly recommended if you get a chance to see them.

  194. Sean, they was referring to horses. YMMV.

    And you are? You’re a…?

    Come on, now. This isn’t difficult.

  195. They offered me the office, offered me the shop
    They said I’d better derp anything they’d got
    Do you wanna make tea at the BBC?
    Do you wanna be, do you really wanna be a cop?

  196. Jays clip ( which started with John Oliver screaming do it, do it).

    It gave me a schadenboner something fierce

  197. I’ve got no where to wakey wakey

  198. Sorry, moving slower than usual today. Gimme 10 minutes.

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