Big Boob Friday

Hello cannonballers. This is a journey into sound…And by sound I mean boobs. Let’s face it (Carly Fiorina), the only reason you’d come here on a Friday is for xBrad’s hilarious jokes and the sweet, sweet sounds of boobs flapping together.


This song will really makes you want to dance. 


Today’s model is famous of something other than having big cans. Kidding! She’s an actress that’s famous for knowing how to read lines while the camera focuses on her really big cans! Anyhoo, her name is Diora Baird and apparently she was in a bunch of slasher flix. Imagine her running through a forest in a tank top screaming. That’s her life’s work. Please stop protesting your nazi poop and welcome wasshername!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!













  1. A couple of those pics are really beautiful. But I don’t think she knows how to play golf, she’s holding the club incorrectly.

  2. I think that’s the proper stance.

  3. How is the hand position on the shaft? Any pointers or tips mare?

  4. I don’t get the point of these posts.

  5. Nice. Loved the Jedi gif.

  6. She has her hand on the base of the shaft which sounds good, however…

  7. She’s gonna need some bondo in a few years….

  8. The point of these posts is to make you feel inferior to her boobage. Duh

  9. Congratulations.

  10. Moar H2 Bebe!

  11. Picture 4 and the last one make her look like Jessica Biel’s sister.

  12. Wonderful news. Congratulations.

  13. I have seen some of her work.

  14. Congrats Will. Prayers for a safe pregnancy.

    Are you showing yet?

  15. I miss Peel, but I’m sure she is an awesome mommy. Maybe she’ll come back when school starts.

  16. There’s too many smart girls around here already!

    *gets out the paste jar

  17. And H2 Babywatch 2016 begins! MJ is off the hook for another year.

  18. And today’s BBF model is quite lovely. She looks warm.

  19. And H2 Babywatch 2016

    Do Not Point That Thing At Me.

    I’m happy for you all, though Will+Peel.

  20. Wow. I’d be happy to pay her $15 an hour…

  21. congrats weel & peel!

  22. Ok. Ahm off to KinderSoccer. Play nice and keep yer feet off the couch.
    Also, I counted the beer and marked the liquor bottles.

    Happy Friday

    Good Job on The Boobs.

  23. Snowing.

  24. Congrats too Will and Mrs. Peel!

  25. Jeez, didn’t know that you were so competitive that you would play soccer with kindergartner kids just so you can win.

  26. We missed the snow in central Iowa, western Iowa got it Wed. though.

  27. Has anyone brought up fitness or recipes? We got weather out of the way.

    Checklists, people!

  28. to

  29. Just cold rain in Dearbornistan.

  30. I’ve had to get back into the appliance repair gig. Gah. Stupid washer is broken. It looks to me like another flaw in engineering.

  31. I’ve got the thing completely taken apart. Gonna order the part today.

  32. I hope I can get it all back together.


  33. “Hello! My name is Car In and I’ll be answering your appliance repair questions today.”

    “I see that we don’t have any callers yet today so I’ll be filling the air time with descriptions of this morning’s crackfat …”

  34. /wonders if Wiser would like to interview me?

    /remembers this would involve telephones

  35. /wonders if Wiser would like to interview me?

    the thought had occurred to me….

    But then I sobered up.

  36. Maybe this will cheer you up a bit, Car in.

  37. oh … I’m not falling for it. UNtil I see tour dates and locations. They’ve gone those fucking mini-tours which don’t come w/in 300 miles of me.

  38. Have you put your hand into the garbage disposal yet to dislodge the avocado pit I put in there.

    You’ll never know if it works unless you turn it on.

  39. *adjusts plumber’s crack

    *give MJ the bird

  40. Check out this craftsmanship on the front of a desk I just picked up.

    The weapon blades are metal

  41. That’s all wood inlay. I can’t imagine how long it took to make that.

  42. The last time I messed with our washer I nearly got electrocuted.

    On a good note, the electric shock fixed my tennis elbow.

  43. You should touch that up a bit, scott.

  44. I won again!

  45. I’ve had to get back into the appliance repair gig. Gah. Stupid washer is broken. It looks to me like another flaw in engineering.

    It’s not broken. It’s not supposed to vibrate.

  46. Love the thingie she is wearing in the fourth picture.

  47. I won again!


  48. You know that clueless twit, who wants the one percent to pay for her expensive choice of school and school debt and $15 minimum wage? And whose parents are stretched thin on public assistance to send her to that expensive school?
    She’s a filthy liar from a wealthy family and daddy is a tranny.

    “In an interview with MarketWatch, Mullen, who is in her fourth year at Northeastern, said she expects to owe about $150,000 on student loans when she graduates.

    Mullen’s online profile at Shiftgig says she graduated from Francis W. Parker High School in Chicago. According to the Francis W. Parker School website, it offers kindergarten through 12th grade classes for which tuition tops out at $34,560.

    Assessor records show that Mullen’s family has a home on West Wabansia Avenue in Chicago’s north side that carries a value of $989,990. According to BlockShopper, the student’s father, Steven Mullen, paid a little more than $1 million for the home in 2005 for a little more than $1 million………………..

    ………….“Mullen identifies as trans-feminine and “gender-mobile,” prefers “they/them” pronouns, and works to be an ear and an advocate for the wide diversity of student identities at SAIC,” his bio states.

  49. ^^That was the chick whom Neil Cavuto interviewed. ^^

  50. “I hope I can get it all back together.”

    Jeb can fix it.

  51. Scott that desk is cool!!

  52. She’s rich. So is the hunger strike guy and the Yale screamer.

    All of the rich kids are victims.

  53. Looks photoshopped to me…

  54. Whilst running laps around my team mates and scoring at will I’ve come up with a theory about why our New Tiny Tyrants believe they are entitled to every little thing they can imagine. (I’ll leave the flowery language for Leon.)

    They are raised by fuckin’ Nannys, and the closer to upper middle income brackets the parents are the “professional Nannys” that they have to choose from are correspondingly less fit for service. i.e. they don’t give a shit about Missy and Johnny because they know that Mr. and Mrs are going treat them badly and then dump them for the next disposable surrogate mother type figure anyway. Thusly, the children are allowed to be tyrannical little shits by adults (both related and hired) that really do care more abut their respective careers than they do about raising responsible and adaptive human beings.

    I know I’m not breaking new ground here, just sharing what I see every day in Sunny San Diego.

    Blame The Nanny.

  55. “She’s rich.”

    As were the Weather Underground who wanted extermination camps for those who refused to be re-educated.

  56. I’m hoping Cavuto does a follow up on that bitch exposing her for a liar.

  57. I love old furniture like that. A guy in South America bought it for $800, one hell of a bargain in my book.

  58. It’s interesting stuff, and you know it’s one of a kind.

  59. Haha, the onion story on Safe Space, or is it?

  60. from here:


  61. So has the million student march been put on hold? The leader has deleted her twitter account and retreated to a safe space.

    What a dumbass.

  62. I know I’m not your real mom but look at this picture and I dare you to tell me these people aren’t total bullshit artists:

  63. “I’m like so serious about this stuff I’m protesting, I’m going to like take selfies and make sure like I get this awesome protesting stuff on my phone.”

  64. hahahaha…Just saw the post at Ace’s with that picture in it.

  65. One of our last times at DL (Disneyland) the nannies were standing in line with the kids and the mommies were on their phones. Most of the kids were little assholes.

  66. See, chumpo is insightful, after ruining pre-grade school children’s sports self confidence.

  67. Note to future children:

    Protest for dumb shit at college = no money from MJ for college.

  68. Nice job on the bewbage, MJ. She’s a one-drink winner.

  69. It’s been confirmed on twitter?

    MIZZOU’s football coach is resigning after this season.

    “For health reasons.”

    Stay tuned.

  70. Thanks Cyn.

    Maybe there’s a need for people like us to inform very special snowflakes that the world isn’t fair.

    We could rent out wiser or wiserbud to parents who’ve fuxxored their kids to set them straight.

    Or me. Or, god help us all, Hotspur.

  71. Hotspur’s StraightenTheirAssesRightOut Camp for Wayward Yutes

  72. Mare-n-Cyn’s DontMakeMePullThisCarOverOrYoullBeSorry MiniCamp

  73. Parent: Could you please help me unfuck my child?

    MJ: Yes, I think I have just the right person for the job.

    *fuxxored child reports to room 2H2 for unfoxxoring

    Hotspur: You are worthless. You are not special. Everything about you makes me want to load a gun, put it to my head and pull the trigger. There is literally nothing in this world that you are prepared for unless you’d like a long career as a professional dick sucker.

    Pucker up, buttercup.

    MJ: That’ll be $500.

  74. Yep, he’s gone.

    He was diagnosed with lymphoma in May. He supposedly reassessed what he was going to do late October and made his decision to leave then. So one of his last acts as coach was to f*ck up MIZZOU.

    Also….shootings and explosion in Paris.

  75. Mare-n-Cyn’s DontMakeMePullThisCarOverOrYoullBeSorry MiniCamp

    “Make me a vodka martini, and do it correctly or you’re going back into The Box.”

  76. Bad juju in Paris

  77. Beasn-n-Carin’s WoodenSpoonAssWhoopin After School Academy

  78. L to R: Special Snowflake, Hotspur Yute Camp Graduate

  79. Presbyterian terror attack in Paris.

  80. Comment by Cyn on November 13, 2015 4:28 pm
    Mare-n-Cyn’s DontMakeMePullThisCarOverOrYoullBeSorry MiniCamp


    Don’t you know it!!

  81. I just read an article about how bad it’s getting in Sweden. There is so much crime that the police can’t respond to all of the calls. Some people are told to “get a neighbor to help.” Gun sales are brisk.

    At the current rate Swedes will be a minority within 15 years.


  82. The look on this dog’s face is perfect:

  83. That transition wont be a pleasant one.

  84. >>Sweden. There is so much crime that the police can’t respond to all of the calls.

    What’s surprising is that so many are surprised.


  85. Everybody can see how this is going to end, yet they do nothing.

    Liberalism is a disease.

  86. Shit. Television just died.

  87. I want a safe space where I’m not afraid of being butchered by Islamic radicals.

  88. alex – your new home

  89. i’ve got some property in the sticks and am considering building a bunker….

    my wife gives me “the look” if i get too doom and gloomy

  90. Alex, that safe space is known as Alaska.

  91. that paris thing doesn’t look good

  92. i hope that the canaries in europe’s mines are able to give us enough of a warning (as a nation) – but i don’t think so.

  93. time for bball practice – last season as coach

  94. Good luck in the game, Jam.

  95. Yeah, if I could I’d move somewhere remote and build a compound. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

    I expect to die before I’m forty on some foreign battlefield.

  96. Hostages in France are sending texts begging for a raid. They are being killed one by one.

  97. I don’t know how they’re going to blame this on the Jews, just that they will blame it on the Jews.

  98. It could be Bush’s fault.

  99. Someone probably put up a poop mohammed.

  100. It gave me chills when Hollande said that they were closing the borders.

  101. Nice though that 0bama called ’em terrorists. That’s something.

  102. Pauley Perrette, long time homeless advocate, beat to shit by homeless guy.

  103. A liberal who’s been mugged. Wonder what’ll come next. Prayers for her recovery and wisdom.

  104. Apparently the band playing at the Bataclan theater is from SoCal.

  105. Attacks in France?

    We must enact “sensible” gun control in the US.

  106. X – That band is from Palm Desert.

  107. Palm Desert, b-rad.

    And I can’t be the only one whose first thought was “Who drew Mohammed/made a video/wore a short skirt this time?”

  108. Eagles of Death Metal – I Want You So Hard

  109. I’d love to hear some sort of update that there’s no chatter here. Anyone catch this?

  110. I got nothing.

  111. Sorry, Cyn, but no such luck:


  112. Shit

  113. French forces raiding music venue.

  114. Sorry, old news, had TV on pause too long.

  115. Oh no, not Rome and London!

  116. That ended a while ago.

  117. 100 dead in Bataclan, reported by BBC

  118. And, unfortunately, they are going to hit all the wrong targets in DC.

  119. We need to ban Piers Morgan from this country forever.

  120. BBC correspondent in Paris said that they aren’t sure if there are more attackers associated with those killed still at large.

    Umm, yeah, you stupid fuck. There’s millions of them, all over the world.

  121. Include the mall and I think the total is 140 now.

  122. Yeah Merkel, keep bringing all those young angry muslim men in.

    Keeep going.

  123. watching BBC cause I couldn’t take the bullshit from our media.

    They are just as bad. But they have such luverly accents, it makes it almost not as infuriating when they say there’s still no clue as to the motivation of the attackers or whether or not these attacks are related.


  124. I’m impressed with Shep’s stamina.

  125. Add Ezra Klein to the list “This tragedy should make us sympathetic to refugees fleeing murderers, not angry at them”

  126. “It’s very difficult to protect soft targets like concert halls and restaurants.”

    Well, as long as you continue to turn a blind eye to posed by angry Muslims and pretend everything is awesome, yeah, it’s kind of hard to protect innocent people from murderous fucking scum.

  127. “I just don’t understand how my neighborhood is full of diseased, feral cats when all I keep doing is putting out saucers of milk for the nice ones!”

  128. Add Ezra Klein to the list “This tragedy should make us sympathetic to refugees fleeing murderers, not angry at them”

    dear lord. What a fucking asshole.

    Listening to Obama’s earlier comments. he actually fucking had to look at his notes to remember the line about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


  129. Of course, if you allowed people to carry concealed firearms, then they could defend themselves in soft targets…

  130. on a side note, when will “”citizen journalists” learn to turn their cameras to landscape?!!??!?!!?!?

  131. “deadliest violence in Paris since WWII.”

    get the hint yet, Europe?

  132. But remember, the REAL offense we all face are shit-swastikas and hypothetical Halloween costumes


  133. They are just as bad. But they have such luverly accents

    Fuck that. I’ve worked with Englishmen.

    English accent = world class assdouche is talking. There are exceptions, but it’s a good rule.

  134. TFG has been inviting thousands of these fucks to the US. I was recently reading about Somalis bitching about their accomodations in freaking Maine. Maine. WTF are Somalis getting resettled in Maine?

  135. Scott, that desk is beautiful, and such a steal. It’ll cost more to ship, si?

  136. This morning Obama said the “we’ve got ISIS contained.”

  137. Hahaha Leon. My uncle H8S prosecuting Brits. Always at least one female on the jury that won’t convict the lovely accent. Messican accent…not so much. BTW all Latinx have a Messican accent.

  138. Scott, that and only that is what got TFG in front of cameras tonight. Racists are laughing at him….

  139. It’s going to be close, Lipstick.

  140. “Contained”

  141. “JV”

  142. Yannow what would stop this shit immediately?

    a good hashtag.

  143. #JeSuisParis

  144. #NotAllMuslims

  145. #BringBackOurBaguettes

  146. Leon the jury foreman:

    Leon: “We find the defendant guilty as fuck and reprehensible to boot, your honor. We’d like to proceed directly to sentencing him to life in a pounded-in-the-ass federal penitentiary.”

    Judge: “You realize that this was a civil case and that the defendant is accused of misrepresenting antiques in an online ad, right?”

    Leon: “Yes. And if he didn’t sound like Pierce-my-sphincter Morgan, I might have felt more lenient, but listening to him talk for the last 38 days of this insufferable trial have made all of us want to re-fight the American Revolution, and the only thing that will sate our wrath is the egregious punishment of this twatwaffle dickhole. For the good of US-UK relations, it must be thus.”

    Judge: “Well, I’m convinced. Defendant is guilty and sentenced to a lifetime of compulsory buggery. I hear you people like that sort of thing anyhow.”

  147. Ha! My uncle H8S to lose. Old Hispanic man would cut up picnic tables and benches from Federal Parks for firewood. Juries kept siding with old Hispanic. Now, picnic tables and benches are recycled plastic.

  148. Did I just hear martial law?

  149. One of the guys in Eagles of Death Metal is Josh Homme from QOTSA. They just said he was okay on the local news.

  150. This was all done by 4 people?

    Imagine how many lives would have been saved if only 10% of the people in the Bataclan were armed.

  151. In France, yes. Trying to contain the situation. See also Boston Strong and Shelter In Place.

  152. Thanks.

    Caught back up.

  153. The Other CharlieThe other Charlie.

  154. Today is Dan’s birthday. Am I petty enough to say “Your birthday sucks, too”?

  155. Cyn, saw where Calais Camps may have been set on fire. Not sure yet, if France has gone all Sweden on the refugees.

  156. HB, Dan

  157. Xbrad – I don’t get “The Other Charlie”. Essplane plx.

  158. Charlie?

  159. It’s going to be close, Lipstick.

    Still worth it. Any info on origin, age?

  160. My cousin, Carla, has been living in Paris this year. Job contract. Her mom has been inviting everyone to France for Christmas to visit Carla. Pretty sure she’s safe. Haven’t had the all clear text. Hoping this is a Madrid wknd.

  161. #MoarMuzzieImmigration

    Jeb! will get it done

  162. Wow, this makes me just fucking nauseous

  163. #OpenBorders

  164. Cyn, Summer of the Shark didn’t get all pouty after 9/11. Poor Mizzou.

  165. It’s from Italy, 1800’s. The buyer is restoring it

    You should be able to enlarge this one

  166. Cyn, I’ve seen 3-4 tweets along the same lines.

    I’ve flung poo at all of them.

  167. Mare-n-Cyn’s DontMakeMePullThisCarOverOrYoullBeSorry MiniCamp

    **subscribes to newsletter**

    I got shanghaied into helping with one of Mini-me’s old school’s activities, manning (womaning?) a game where you throw at targets and win cheap Chinese crap for prizes. One of the kids asked me for one of the prizes. I said you have to play the game, 2 tickets please. Then he started whining, I want it!!!! I gave him my standard answer, I can’t hear you when you’re whining. He looked at me in disbelief and cranked up the tears. I said Next! I think he was stunned that he didn’t get what he wanted.

    **adds on lesson in QuitCryingOrIWillGiveYouSomethingToCryAbout**

  168. I understand RL is taking place. Totes get it. Dan is watching Taken 3. He knows that Liam’s wig bugs me as much as a Nic Cage wig. Why is he taunting me? WHYYYYY???? Kerrigan’d

  169. What a stunning piece of furniture, Scott.

  170. Yay, Roamy!

  171. I’m reading elsewhere that Paris discussions are being censored on Facemonkey.

    *grabs tinfoil

  172. A 200-year old piece of furniture like that, heavy, and full of hundreds of hours of artwork = $800 at auction these days. If you can ever see the market for antique furniture rebound, and you have the space, it is the time to buy.

  173. That thing is about five feet tall and solid, too.

  174. *thinks about filling barn with antique furniture*

    Too risky. Temperature variations are huge.

  175. I am drinking French vodka tonight

  176. Too heavy.

  177. Cyn, facedouche censors always. RL German friend doesn’t understand the attacks. RL Belgian friend and I were discussing EU immigration in June and our mutual hippie friends thought we were being dramatic. (Code for rayciss in the group I’m tagging)

  178. What I really need is a new couch. Are they auctioning off recliners?

  179. Glad Lauraw is here and not studying. The Latinz blah blah blah at the HQ once again added the Portugee to the Hispanic!!!! No Latinx for you

  180. Too heavy.


  181. Roamy, we have auctions at The Club.

  182. What a stunning piece of furniture, Scott.

    Best. Euphemism. EVAR.

  183. In Club prices are good too

  184. Sultan Knish hits it outa the park…


  186. This is what it sounds like…when the phone dies🎶Prince’d/

  187. 4U

    Been working too hard, I read that as a 4-unit CubeSat and had to go back and read it again.

  188. German “Welcome Refugees” party goes horribly wrong:

    I’m Shocked, shocked, I tell you…

  189. Oops,

  190. Been working too hard, I read that as a 4-unit CubeSat and had to go back and read it again.

    Did Prince work for NASA back in the day?

  191. I was told Tillamook ice cream was as good as Blue Bell. It’s meh

  192. Megyn Kelly now has a “May I Speak With The Manager” haircut.


  193. I was thinking about getting the Manager Wedge but I remembered how much I H8 people. Going with the Pete Rose.

  194. Look who came out of hiding:


  195. I watched the vid of the stadium peeps being all Casablanca.

  196. Cyn, L’autre Charlie:

  197. Holy Crap, that desk is so gorgeous I gasped. What an absolute steal.

    *thinking about the two storage spaces that have extra room that I’m renting while living for free in friends’ apartment*

    Wow, this makes me just fucking nauseous


  198. Presented without comment:

  199. Love the Lipster!!!

  200. Oh yeah, ChrisP, female volunteers at the centers giving out free food are called “western whore” and they refuse food from them because they are “unclean”. Fuck them, the policy should be that they can go hungry then. Better yet, instantly grab and deport them as they can’t adjust to German values.

  201. friday drink update:

    i like bourbon – is there a problem here?

  202. Dan and I were in DC with a bunch of Katrina refugees. Buses took them from the armory to the mall. They didn’t take advantage of free museums or baseball at RFK. They sat on benches and steps and watched tourists. FSA didn’t know how to FS. It was weird. Eyes were empty. Like the eyes of first responders that were at WDW in Oct of 2001. Nothing there. Empty

  203. she’s got a kick ass t shirt too – btw

  204. Scott, that’s a beautiful piece of furniture.

  205. Osita Mia!

  206. FYI, tomorrow’s guest: Lee Stranahan

  207. Lippy, you are on my mind always. Yinzer babe

  208. Did anybody pretend that they didn’t hear anybody else outside in the cold for a good hour or so after locking them out of the house today?

  209. Does any one find it suspicious that the Paris attacks are happening during the Global ManMade Climate Conference? ManBearPig is in Paris and ready to pontificate.

  210. RL friends in Israel have been praying for weeks. Still really tense.

  211. That’s a good get, Wiser.

  212. Good night my loves. Early sales event in the AM

  213. Good night Osita and sleep tight. muah!

  214. Good night, Western Whore!

  215. hah

  216. Every time I derp down on this timeless town
    Whether blue or gray be her skies
    Whether loud be her cheers or whether soft be her tears
    More and more do I realize

    That I love Paris in the spring time
    I love Paris in the fall
    I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles
    I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles

    I love Paris every moment
    Every moment of the year
    I love Paris, why oh, why do I love Paris?
    Because my love is near

  217. oy!!!


  219. for TiFW

  220. for leon

  221. Second look at The Crusades?

  222. mare’s last math quiz


  224. Heh, need that one!

  225. Second look at The Crusades?

    Here’s an excellent first look:

    And I’ve been saying for a couple of years now that we’re ready for the second coming of Vlad Tepes. Sadly all we have is Vlad Putin.

  226. It’ll take a lot more of these types of incidents, sadly, before we realize that we’re going to have to kill them all.

  227. What’s the best brand of coffee? Need to send some to a friend, and I don’t drink it.

  228. Illy

  229. Speaking of coffee, I’m going to put up a Secret Santa post after I have some.

  230. What’s the best brand of coffee? Need to send some to a friend, and I don’t drink it.

    As a gift or just something to drink while visiting? If it’s a gift I’m at a loss. If they are coming to visit and will want coffee, 8 o’clock is perfectly good coffee if you can find it. The bagged Dunkin’ Donuts coffee isn’t bad either but costs a bit more. Avoid flavored coffees in either case, they all suck.

  231. It’ll take a lot more of these types of incidents, sadly, before we realize that we’re going to have to kill them all.

    Europe — Sweden in particular — is basically there. An anti-Muslim Hitler or Napoleon is around the corner. My worry is that we’ll get dragged into that war on the Muslim side if a Dem is at the helm, and that really will get us a civil war here.

  232. I’m headed to Lowe’s and Home Depot to see if I can get any clearance deals on garden stuff. Be good to each other while I’m gone.

  233. Gevalia is a good gift coffee. Anything Kona.

  234. The fancy stuff that is gifted? Nobody drinks it.

    Maxwell House.

  235. “annow what would stop this shit immediately?

    a good hashtag.”

    I haven’t seen what’s trending on Facedouch for this.

  236. I just mentioned good coffees. If someone gave me a pound of Kona – I’d be pretty darn happy.

  237. Of course – everyone was going on as if nothing had happened at work and I’m in media blackout so I didn’t find out about this (as with my son’s near death experience last weekend) until my shift was over.

    How can so many people (I mean all the folks eating out) she carry on as if nothing were happening?

    Mind blown.

  238. Because it isn’t happening to them.

    Keep Calm and Party On.

  239. I guess last night’s shift was a prime example of why we’re in the situation we’re in. People are basically oblivious. Or don’t care.

  240. I love Mystic Monk.

    I hate Chock Full O’ Nuts.

  241. Chock Full O’Crack

    Too much caffeine

  242. Avoid flavored coffees in either case, they all suck.

    Some are good, but they are rare, and a lot of people don’t like them.

    The lady who runs the coffee pot brought in hazelnut coffee. It smelled great, tasted terrible.

  243. THE best coffee is 100% Kona Coffee. *High 5’s Carin.*

  244. Lowe’s in this area dispensed with all the (discountable) garden stuff over a month ago. They have been selling fake Christmas trees & decorations for weeks. The garden center cleared away most of its plant shelves. The only shelves left have little potted evergreen shrubs on them that people will decorate for Christmas. In the rest of the area they made bays for holding the loads of cut live Christmas trees. I hear that the live Christmas trees will start coming in tomorrow.

  245. Time to get ready for vierk. Have a nice day. Be good to each other. Except Sean.

  246. I’m mostly looking for bagged soil/mulch/compost. I also gotta get some shelves and bins for the barn.

  247. Pick up all the brown bags of leaves left by the road.

  248. It’s that time… New Poat:

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